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REVIEWS OF Arcadia Farms Cafe IN Arizona

Maria Alvarez

Fabulous very nice place

Neil Devgon

Ate here numerous times..great place for lunch..sitting in the back outdoor area is nice & the bakery they have next door has great happy hour deals

Serena Uible

Great lunch. I had the goat cheese wild mushroom tart which has a nice sized excellent squad on the side. Both are very good. The desserts looked fantastic. My restaurant neighbors had a great chocolate dessert that they raved about ..... But I resisted ..... Barely. Wonderful atmosphere. Place for ladies who lunch is a great description. Yes, there are men here, but not many. Reminds me of The Ivy restaurant in Hollywood. Cheaper, warmer and not star-studded, but similar. Service is excellent.

Barnet Jacobs

This is another local venue tucked away in Old Town Scottsdale. Been around for years and is still a great place for breakfast/brunch. Menu is varied and food is excellent.

Beth Hommel

Closest thing to the ivy in LA

Kyle Blackmore

Very delicious place to eat. Very reasonably priced. Another highly recommend visiting this area and looking for a good breakfast.

Evangelina Rosas

I love Arcadia farms !! Can I please take Misty Meekers-Oxburrow reservation? I do understand that Arcadia Farms can not make everyone happy! I sure appreciate all your hard work and wonderful services!

Richard Dawson

I came here for brunch and left wondering how this place is still in business. When we arrived at 11am, more than half of the tables were empty. We were told to expect a 25 minute wait and that there was one party of 3 ahead of us. I thought that seemed a bit odd, but we decided to wait anyway. 30 minutes went by and a couple who arrived shortly after us walked up to the desk to see how long it would be. They ended up leaving. I walked up to the desk and asked how much longer we had to wait and the hostess said they wouldn't seat us until lunch which was over 20 minutes away. I told her this was unacceptable as we had already waited for 30 minutes and had been told to expect 25. She then said that whoever put our name on the list had made a mistake, even though it had been her who wrote our names on the list... She grudgingly agreed to seat us but only if we ordered quickly because they were switching their menu over to lunch. We sat down and soon after our waitress approached and prodded us to hurry up and order. I was surprised to see that we were surrounded by empty tables, only a few of which had a reservation sign on them. The hostess said that they were expecting a lot of reservations to show up at noon, but I took all of these photos at 12:30 and the majority of these tables had been empty since we arrived at 11:00am. How can they afford to keep so many empty tables during prime brunch hours with so many people waiting to be seated outside? Every customer who walks away is lost revenue, meanwhile they have empty tables just sitting there for 90 minutes! A short while after we ordered, an employee approached and asked us if we had ordered. She then asked us what we had ordered. My wife and I looked at each other, wondering what was going on behind the scenes. Fortunately, our order hadn't been lost, and our food arrived soon after. I had hoped that the food would make up for the poor service, but it didn't. I ordered the smoked salmon dish and found it to be flavorless and served on nearly stale bread. The salad was completely bland and a touch wilted. My wife enjoyed her meal more than I did. She thought the eggs were cooked well, and the bacon was as crispy as she likes. We both thought the orange juice was good and fresh. I won't be back. If you decide to eat here, make a reservation. I am surprised they have as many positive reviews as they do, but I suppose that may have to do with the fact that Acadia Farms actually operates several storefronts at this market and some are run better than others.

Marsha Mulcahy

Unique and delicious cuisine, enjoyed by all in our party of 6. Great service by gracious staff. To celebrate my birthday the waitress brought me a delicious cupcake with a candle. Good place to celebrate!

Dustin Kennedy

Seems really overpriced. For $20, the omelette should be amazing. It's not. I'd be hard pressed to differentiate between the Arcadia Farms omelette and one from Denny's down the street. The pastry basket, fresh fruit and champagne were nice (included with brunch) but I'd rather spend my money on good food than have those extras. Ambiance is nice and parking was surprisingly easy.

Barb James

Lovely place to eat small little rooms for parties

Erica Trittschuh Armitage

Cute cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. Reservations likely needed for weekend breakfast tables inside, but we were able to get a table outside at 9:15am without problem. Delicious breakfast pastries. Coffee, panini and strada were all good. Everything tasted freshly made.

Susan Sharp

Wonderful little place for breakfast or lunch. Cute indoor decor as well as beautiful patio dining. Lunch crepes scrumptious.

Mike B

Get the spread. Great small place for brunch

Candice Smith

Fast and friendly service. The food was delicious! I recommend the santa Fe omllete!

Keith Reddig

Excellent country feeling venue with some of the best patio space in Scottsdale. The coffee and cake were spot on.

Barbara Zuczek

The food and atmosphere is wonderful. The service is perfect. The only thing I would say is an issue is the price of food. I can go to any other restaurant and pay half that price. I would go more often because it's a special place but it's very expensive.

Sara Adams

The service was great and the food even better! We weren't rushed at all which was greatly appreciated at a busy lunch time. The crab cakes were an excellent added side we got. We went next door and got dessert which was just as delicious.

Skyler Carlson

Really good ham sandwich, and incredible iced tea. Definitely want to come back for breakfast.

V M.

Service was not good. At all. Took 10 minutes to get acknowledged after by server, or any of the servers. My moms egg came out without the muffin and was cold which also took another 10 minutes to come out, after the egg She was not happy! My omelette was fine but just average. Their potatoes are delicious but not worth the aggravation ok n th er re Such an adorable place but will not recommend anymore because of the way the servers are. Sad because this is a landmark. Outside patio is beautiful but was too funny, no umbrellas were up and so understaffed on that Sunday that they never put them up.

Jamie Fairman

Great food, fresh ingredients, exceptional service

T Barnsley

Love the decor, atmosphere and of course the food! Visited from Maryland for the first time in Aug. 2018, while moving my daughter out for college. Came out again in January and had to return!

Caleb Naugle

Listen, this isn't my typical vibe, but you seriously can't go wrong here, everything we had was sincerely delicious. This is a mature, classy ambiance and there is a decadence to their dishes that impresses the most sophisticated of palates. We sat in the back room and you forget you're even in Arizona, but a French boutique just relaxing and enjoying the foods from the local farmers around you. Definitely worth the visit, and be sure to visit their market next door for great local coffee that you'll need after those indulgent brunches! Have fun!

Colin White

My wife and I went to Arcadia Farms Cafe for breakfast and we loved it. The baked goods were excellent. I had the special which was a pulled pork hash and it was delicious. Would recommend!

Sherrie Bellamy

I love this place. Great breakfast.

Robert mueller

Great service. The orange cranberry muffin was delicious, and so was the iced caramel latte.

Chris Buja

Savory local food with an attentive cheerful team.

paul olson

Friendly nice place. Good food

Christey Tuff

The ambiance is upscale classy while being very inviting. Plenty of shade for outside eating, and inside dining is offered as well. Customer service was decent and the food was good, my favorite was the scones...yummy. Great place for a chic brunch with the girls.

Lisa R

I love this place, but it just seems like I usually get seated in an awkward spot. But that could just be since there are quite a few tables in such a small area. But the food never disappoints!

Winter Blackmore

Amazing food, great atmosphere. Also met Joanna Gaines and her family here so that topped it off.

Nora Lindquist

It was just "ok"....I had the breakfast panini which wasnt a panini at all....which to me is very disappointing because what is better than a grilled sandwich? Not much...and this is not a grilled sandwich so I would advise to either change the name to just "breakfast sandwich" or get a panini grill

Matthew White

I’ll be honest for a $300 tab the service is terrible. They do have a good kitchen but the server had the worst attitude, the food took forever to come out. It didn’t seem that management was present to even notice that all their hard work to create a nice environment and hire good chefs is being spoiled by a bad wait staff and poor organization. If you’re looking to have a great meal and spend heavily go to one of the other restaurants in the area.

Paula Denis

I do hate to give a bad review to businesses when you know the owner and employees that are doing there best and one issue affects the whole business and other employees. Came for breakfast and was sat outside. We sat there for 30 minutes before going to hostess and letting her know no one had come to table ...but looking around other customers were be served . Waiter came out and said he was stuck in back . Lack of refills on drinks and checking in makes me give a low star rating. Food was fine but had a hard time getting past the service.

Cathleen Hargreaves

Delicious! Everything freshly made!

Erin Mackey

Wonderful service and food. Our group of 8 loved all the dishes and drinks ordered. Excellent atmosphere out on the patio for a special occasion brunch. The complementary strawberry scone to start was a wonderful touch. Our favourite meal in Scottsdale.

Elsa Estrada

Great food and great Service! I love, love this place! My girlfriend's and I had lunch. Two of us had the ham sandwich, and it was delicious!

Ken Chernock

Cozy, casual, fun place to dine. The staff were friendly and helpful. I wouldve had the salad with my sandwich, but the potato salad was recommended.. best potato salad Ive ever had!!

Tarey Allen

I've eaten here many times in past years and always enjoyed the food and service but, this time was mediocre at best. The restaurant wasn't busy, yet, the service was unusally slow and inattentive, not to mention the host was curt and impolite at times. As for the food, it didn't live up to past experiences. My friends and I came away disapppointed, although the coffee was still great.

Simin Amini

Didn't care much for the food or the service, and on weekends it's hard to find parking

William Daniel

Up and down here. Homemade made preserves? They sucked. Some baked goods are excellent some suck. For example their pies are usually not very good in my experience. The food at the restaurant, almost uniformly excellent especially breakfast. Go figure. Maybe they're trying to do too much?

Katherine Wijenaike-Bogle

Great food and service in a charming indoor/outdoor seating. A shout-out to our server Brian, who was amazing and very patient with our group! We would recommend some of the baked goods, as well as omelettes and quesadillas. Good for a relaxed, slow paced brunch. Dogs are welcome outside.

Ben Schuh

If you don't look like you have money then don't come here. Came to the restaurant on a Friday morning where a minimal amount of tables were occupied. Waited for about 15 minutes until we finally just got up and left because not a single waiter/waitress approached us. They noticed us several times and didn't even ask if we wanted drinks. The food sounded good but not worth the atmosphere of the employees obviously not wanting us there.

Barbara Cenalmor

Lovely lunch/brunch place. Makes me feel like I'm in some country village in England. And the food is always fresh, plenty of veggies and healthy. Service always fantastic.

Lisa Whitaker

A great find. Food is locally sources And delicious. Pasties are amazing! Atmosphere is shabby chic - darling!

Kimberly Urquhart

Amazing! Love the atmosphere, the food, and the service. If you're a coffee fanatic like my husband and I, the coffee here is some of the best coffee I've ever had! They surprise you with complimentary baked goods, we had strawberry scones. They were delicious! Everything we tasted made our taste buds happy!

Cheri Sullivan

Sorry that I did not do a pic but this was the best Salmon Salad ever.... I will be back. The food was delicious, staff was perfection and the atmosphere was spot on.

Michael Bailey

Great decor, great place for brunch. The almond croissants are amazing. The coffee is not great.

Jonathan Coffey

We came here Sunday for brunch without a reservation and fortunately didn't have to wait very long. It was a little unusual because there were so many available tables inside and out however we still had to wait. It seemed as though some of the wait staff didn't show up for work that day and they were running a little behind. we tried the salmon platter and croque madame crepes both were underwhelming. While the ingredients were fresh in the presentation salad it lacked a certain special element. When recreating classic dishes and taking a risk you want to make sure you knock it out of the park and in this case they came up a little short. If you do decide to get the Crepes make sure you push them for the fresh fruit side... It is included.

Lauren Laux

Ate here today for Easter brunch with my family and I will never do that again. It was overly crowded and they had a pre fixed menu which was not explained to us when we made our reservation. The prefixed menu options were mostly salads. So, salad followed by salad. Our waitress tried very hard to make the situation better, to her credit, but they were sold out of our choices. Additionally, it took us 3 hours to eat lunch. Disappointing for a Scottadale Institution.

Mark Dolan

The atmosphere was very nice. The seating was cramped. The restaurant is obviously successful as they've expanded but the place is a little disjointed. Our server was wonderful. I feel like I expected more of a farm to table feel and the food seemed pretty predictable

Danielle Crudele

Wonderful food, cute decor and great ambiance.

Jan Prieb

Lovely setting, iffy service.

Steph Sitton

Amazing food! Service was great. Love the quaint house and atmosphere.

Amy Bouschart

Brian you made my incredibly hard day brighter! Thank you! It was the first birthday since my dad passed! I hoped to get him a tiny cake yet arrived too late after closing a bit. Brian stayed open to gift me a cake as the registers closed and asking me only to tip! He didn’t even know that my husband at 57 has a Degenerative brain disease and cancer making it even harder. Simple kindness and fabulous service! I’m grateful

Dorothy McGuinness

We had a lovely lunch for a birthday party with an assortment of sandwiches and quiche, followed by a 3 layer stack of individual desserts. The food was tasty, and having our own room made for a fun party! The servers were on top of the food and drinks without being invasive.

Jeff Dupree

Over priced food. Hard to find parking. Had to pay a valet to park. Staff were friendly

Vicki Porell

A lovely place to chat with a friend over a delicious lunch. Fresh quality ingredients and attentive service make this an ideal spot for ladies who lunch.

Elizabeth Stephenson

Possibly the best pastries I've ever had! Cinnamon pecan roll, Lemon blueberry muffin. Passion fruit iced tea. Yum. With a super cool vibe. Loved it!!!

Steven Cluxton

Nice cafe with decent coffee. Only had a traditional breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast. The natural strawberry jelly was good.

Lindsey McInnis

Great place for brunch or lunch. Atmosphere and food is awesome. We attended an event in the garden that was just beautiful.

Meg Burley

Love Arcadia Farms Cafe! Beautiful patio, wonderful people, great food!

Lisa Pods

Arcadia Farms catered our holiday office party, from start to finish it was flawless...a HUGE shout out to Roseann, she went above and beyond to ensure our gathering would be delightful and memorable, she did not disappoint!!! The food was fantastic, thank you!! We will be using you regularly!

Robert Allen

Good food but pretty basic menu

AnGVids1 .

We visited for breakfast during a stay in Scottsdale. We decided to sit outside as inside seemed a bit formal for breakfast – nice but not what we expected for somewhere with ‘farm’ in its name. Outside was comfortable and relaxing. The food was very good and the staff gave good service. Would visit again.

Jerri Erdmann

Lovely place in old town Scottsdale. Wonderful for brunch or lunch. A "ladies who lunch" place that is a cut above the rest.

Haley Segui

Amazing staff and service! Had po ur wedding reception here and we were so happy with it!


First time here, 5 starts all around. Came here and we were greeted with beautiful smile seated in seconds. Our waiter Tom was very attentive and helpful. My mom had just came in from CA we wanted a nice sit down breakfast we decided to sit out side and it was perfect not loud, or hot they have plenty of shaded areas. My mom ordered an egg sandwich, my daughter french toast, and I ordered spinach tomato omelette amazing taste. Would definitely be back. My mom likes going to a different place and was a bit apprehensive about trying a new place, after eating here this has become her #1 spot for breakfast.

Trish Don Francesco

What a disappointing experiance First of all you are in the room across the steet with the charm of hotel room. Noisy and lacking of any charm... Between the tiny scones with whip cream not even Devonshire. and a little fresh strawberry and the tarts straight out of a box to the tea bags that right tea bags. they use for the tea...This is definitely a pass... ... great service but really awful food . Pick the English tea room in cave creek they have a 100% better experiance.

Maree Combs

Took my husband for his birthday and after ordering our food & waiting 30 minutes our waitress told us another waitress had taken our food to someone else & we would have to wait for a new order she had to place. She offered to buy our dessert. We walked out, & the waitress told us to tell the hostess what happened. The hostess said she was sorry. They both offered us a cookie or danish or cake for his birthday before we left. Very disappointing service. I was looking forward to taking my husband to a nice lunch.

Marina Gamez

Came with a friend to have breakfast after working out. We were in gym clothes on a Saturday morning. As soon as we got to the desk to check in, the hostess doesn't even greet us and proceeded to tell us it would be an hour wait and that we should go next door instead! I told her no, we'll wait. She's looked shocked and I asked her again to put my name down, which she did. We walked around for a bit and came back to see how much longer since we didn't want to miss our name being called. I asked the hostess what time should we be back and she said 1pm! Which was more than a 2 hour wait! I said, excuse me? My name is already on the list. She apologized and said 30 more minutes. We waited outside and within a few minutes were seated. Our waitress was a whole nother story, this old bag (excuse my language) approaches our table and asks if we wanted a drink, we said water would be just fine. She then said, are you ready to order? To which we responded no and she took off in a hurry even though we were wanting to ask questions about the menu. She gave terrible service, checked on us once. We had to have a different server help us. She took my plate without even asking if I was finished. She was so nice to the other tables and helpful and informative. When someone else dropped off our check we had, had it. The only difference between us and the other guests were that we are Hispanic! I've been here several times with other non Hispanic friends and have never been treated this way here or ever! I will never spend a nickel here again.

Randi Strauss

Cute place with great brunch.

Darlene Zybura

Baby Cakes are awesome!

James and Molly McVey

My sandwich and potato salad were generous portions and very tasty. Fun ambiance, relaxed but chic at the same time. I sat on the back patio and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Ann Turpin Thayer

Great ambiance, good food and fairly good service - it's busy.

Mary Stirnaman

Great food, atmosphere and service! A wonderful little taste of the French, utilizing local suppliers. Will definitely come again!

Trisha Page

Amazing food. It was very busy when we were there for Sunday brunch but the food was well worth the wait.

Hugo Quezada

Wait was about 45 min but their sandwiches and cookies were delicious! Definitely recommended for brunch or lunch! The hostess was very apologetic for the wait but we didn't have reservations so it was not a problem with us! Make a reservation if you can! We were taken to the adjacent room in the back and despite not being in the main room we were impressed with the room, service, and friendliness of everyone.

Teresa Zappulla

Excellent food, great little shop.

Sophia Siao

I'm writing this review as a cautionary tale to all that dine at this restaurant with food allergies. I emailed this incident directly to the restaurant and did not receive a response. On 6/28/2019 I dined in this restaurant with 2 of my friends when I was visiting. I used to frequent Arcadia Farms whenever I was in town--I'm sad to write this review as I used to love this restaurant. We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by the manager, Brian. We ordered our food and I notified my server of my peanut allergy. She acknowledged it, wrote it down and said she would let the kitchen know. I ordered a Cobb salad. When our food arrived, I poured the dressing on my salad and after a few bites started to feel swollen and realized I was tasting peanuts. My friends both tried the dressing and agreed they tasted peanuts in the dressing. I immediately had to run out of the restaurant to find medication as I didn't have it with me. Thankfully I did not go in to anaphylactic shock. On our way out we asked if anyone had any Benadryl because I was having an allergic reaction to peanuts and our server heard us from behind the host stand and exclaimed "I told them and wrote the allergy on the ticket!" My friend that remained at Arcadia Farms after we left said she waited at the table for a several minutes before the manager, Brian, came over and continuously told her the cutting board was clean and there was no cross contamination. She repeatedly told him it was the dressing. He said they did not know what was in the dressing and had to email the head chef. He was frantic, and kept asking if I was okay, said he would cover the bill, and reimburse us for the Benadryl (they did cover the bill, but we were not reimbursed for the Benadryl nor were we asked for our information). When my friend left the restaurant she finally was told that they made a mistake, my salad had the wrong dressing on it. Our trip has was cut short because of this incident and we lost money spent on plans we made and on our hotel. I felt the staff handled this in a frantic and unprofessional way. I hope Arcadia Farms resolves whatever missing process led to this mistake, and they do not put any more of their customers' lives at risk.

Sandi Martin

Great hidden charm. Perfect for a "girls lunch " The waitresses were very attentive We recommend you go soon.

Misty Meeker-Oxborrow

This place is unbelievable! I’ve always enjoyed the food; however as pretentious as staff and management have become, I will not be back, nor will the other six members in my party. DO NOT try to add ONE more person to your reservation with a three day notice, because apparently they do not have one more chair!! (Which they do, in their event space) A restaurant can have great food, and be ruined by their lack of customer service and snobbishness. Sadly, this is the case with Arcadia Farms. Do your self a favor, and dine somewhere your patronage is appreciated. It’s not here.

Mary Kossik

Best breakfast and lunch place ever. The bakery/coffeehouse next door is also fabulous with excellent food.

William Wells

Great food and outdoor space!

Justin H.

Great breakfast and wonderful service. The Coffee cake is perfect, even with the blueberry addition. Granola Parfait was a good serving, and a variety of crepes and other breakfast items. Wish I could have tried it all.

Danny Licursi

Great farm fresh ingredients

David W

Lots of outdoor seating with pleanty of shade. Food was outstanding; the champagne cocktails were delicious. The best, however, where the baby cakes for dessert. My wife and I feasted on the carrot cake and it was outstanding! We saw the devil's food cake and the confetti cake which both look equally scrumptious. My only very slight reservation is that vast majority of the diners are geriatric or older.

Marie. Orea

I was visiting from Houston, and happened to notice this on Google maps as I wandered around the area with a friend. The waitress was lovely - I wish I could remember her name ! - and the food was great. A bit pricey for my budget but it was worth it, and the portions were a good size for the price. I loved the cozy interior of the restaurant also, but of course enjoyed the fact the outdoor seating was available. Will definitely be coming here again when I revisit Arizona .

ariana lauren

Delicious pastries and food. Not my favorite service however. The food though... yes!

Anna Smirnova

Was excited to visit this place as apparently it’s one of the best cafes/brunch spots in Phoenix. Food is beyond basic. 99% of everything’s is pre cooked cubed chicken added to various dishes and a salad mix from a bag. Nothing on the menu is very appealing or different to any basic sandwich shop. Their crab cakes dish is basically a salad with two tiny crab cakes which were full of little shells. The vibe is 65+. One star is for the service, they were very friendly and attentive.

Gary Lesko

One of our favorite restaurants for brunch

Susan Dessaint

Wonderful lunch, lovely atmosphere and great service

John Fuery

Party of 5 -August 10th at noon . Three adults and two children. The male host asked us if our kids were well behaved because they had regulars that they didn't want to be disturbed. He then said they look well behaved when he realized that is comment was inappropriate. After being sat, we decided to leave because that comment consumed us. We decided to spend our money elsewhere. Hope you can continue to count on your regulars because my friends and I will not be returning. From the misfits, Good Day Sir


Amazing food! I hat the Mediterranean sandwich and it was to die for! The bread was so fresh and the roasted veggies were so flavorful! The restaurant was very crowded and quite noisy however which is a downfall. Plus it seemed that there was only one restroom (which they sat us next to) because there was a constant line of people just standing by us. Either way, the food was amazing!

Luz Ornelas

Delicious Sunday brunch. I had the ham and cheese crepe and my husband ate the new charcuterie board which he very much enjoyed. Also had a complementary glass of prosecco. Would definitely recommend.

Ted Frederick

I don't know why we have a kitchen at home. We eat here several times a week and can't get enough of it! Food and wine is great, service is awesome and everybody is happy 24/7. As for the service-level, we happened to leave some real-estate paperwork and a notepad at our table one afternoon. Most places would just toss it, but the next time we arrived a few days later they reminded us we left paperwork at our table and saved it in the back office. Awesome.

Frank Papovich

Pleasant outdoor seating. Nice selection of salads and sandwiches. The pesto shrimp salad was very good, though a few more shrimp would've made it great. The desert offerings are special, especially the "signature baby cakes."

Jacqueline Young

Great food but the A.C. was not cool enough and it was very warm inside. Valet parking costs $3 . Brought us a beautiful mini cake for a birthday celebration. Because A.C. is so important in Arizona I gave only 4 stars.

Jan Balius

Great breakfast lunch place. Quite patio for a weekend breakfast

Marge Fedorchak


Chris Fischer

What a cool place! Great atmosphere, service, and food!

IV390 RTO2-

The outdoor setting is gorgeous! It's very lovely to just sit outside have some coffee and dessert and enjoy the day. I totally recommend this spot.

p e g g y Steinbach

Perfection every time. I just hosted a three day team event will a large group. Rave reviews from all my guests on the food, the staff, the location and atmosphere. They loved the options, the presentation, I just can't say enough. We had breakfast, lunch and snack breaks. The variety, taste and selection was amazing. Staff was attentive and top notch. We as a team will be back and I will definitely add this to my personal list of favorites. Thank you Carolyn and your staff!! You made me look like a super star.

Tina Melum

Love their salads but the wait can be long and seating can be off putting at certain outside 2 seater tables. Slow service last time but still tasty food.

Logan Breton

Food was good. The service was verry poor. Could have just been us. Beautiful atmosphere though

Melissa Harsnett

Great breakfast. Nice atmosphere!

Michael Torbert

We really wanted to like this place, as it advertises fresh, farm-to-table ingredients. However, I think this may not be the case, as they were unable to leave out an ingredient in the crepes due to them being pre-made. Additionally, the “wild mushrooms” seemed to be simply white button mushrooms. Staff was polite, but the service was extremely slow considering the food is pre-made. They get three stars instead of one because of the polite staff and delicious bread. The hummus was delicious as well.

Fran Kelly

Excellent Tamale selection. Would suggest others to try!

Melissa Pottebaum

The stupidity of this restaurant mystifies me! Why would you not have the same menu on Saturdays as you do during the week? Most people that I know (myself included) work Monday through Friday and cannot come here for the normal menu. I don't know why you couldn't continue the same menu on the weekend. BIG MISTAKE!!! Stupidity at it's finest. I told the hostesses that we came 40 miles away for the food we saw on the menu online, and that's what we want, they just shrugged their shoulders and could care less. I guess they are just too lazy to make the same menu items on the weekend and that's pretty sad. It's a shame that they are not accommodating to what the patron wants. We used to come here 5 years ago with all of our family and friends and it was a completely different (positive) experience and the staff was actually pleasant and accommodating. That is no more!!!!! I can't even begin to describe the disrespect and rudeness the hostesses showed 6 Army members just wanting to be seated for lunch. It was 11:30am, the restaurant was pretty empty, they were made to wait outside in their full fatigues in the 112 degree sweltering AZ heat. The hostesses wouldn't seat them immediately inside. After 10 minutes they walked away and I was so done with this restaurant at that point. I work for a large corporation and will tell EVERYBODY not to come here not only because you can't get the weekday menu but that they disrespect military and patrons!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Jason Tayles

Excellent food set in a quaint atmosphere that includes indoor and outdoor seating.

K Humble

Really cute cafe. Food was delicious and staff were all very pleasant. I will definitely be going back again!

taryn boisvert

What a gem! Arcadia Farms is wonderful! The food is so delicious, the staff is so friendly and the ambiance is lovely! Will definitely return!!

Lauren Buxton

Food was great however the service was very poor. Would have liked to order dessert but had to wait 30 min to even get someone to clear our plates and get a check. I doubt we'll be back as there are many other delicious places to eat in the area.

Laura McClenahan

Awesome service eggs and coffee.

Jan Martin

Extremely pleasant surroundings with great food and service. Who could ask for more? The patio is amazing.

Gina Van Arden

Staff very friendly and professional, good and service great. Would recommend and go back.

Alyssa Hom

This place is so cute! They have many great and healthy breakfast/brunch and lunch options. We came for lunch and I got the turkey and brie sandwich with a side salad and it was excellent! The portions are a nice size and the desserts are very rich. Wonderful atmosphere. It was hard to find parking during lunch time, but right across the street from Arcadia Farms is a valet service.

Lupperz Senior

I have now been here a few times, you'd think i would learn my lesson but I do like the place and the menu. The service really sucks and the hostess is a real you-know-what. "Oh, you don't have a reservation?" And the place was half empty with a number of tables unoccupied. No reason the service should have been so slow but the server took ages to come get our order and even longer to bring the food. I will not be going back here again and for sure I do not recommend it to anyone.

Susan Perez

It was awesome! It would be even better if they gave Grant's Produce a try, for really fresh local produce!

Christy Balch

What a beautiful bistro! Wonderful, whimsical little place with a great wine list! The crepes were so delicious we had to finish! Thank you for a lovely lunch!

Cindy Herskowitz

We had Saturday brunch which was very yummy. 3 of us had crab cakes which were delish with very little breading. We also had chicken strawberry salad and ham tart. Everyone enjoyed their dishes.

John Pierce

Toni&Guy recommended Arcadia Cafe for lunch while I was in between appointments. I was pleasantly surprised by the menu and the selections of fresh food which are in keeping with my dietary preferences. Well the decor is something my mother or grandmother would have preferred I did enjoy my meal the service was extremely attentive and fast understanding that I did have another appointment and I was overall very satisfied. Thank you very much.

Roz Scoggins

Love the spot, it was very busy and we had to eat outside, but no worries they made the experience very good. Food was good. Great location.

Bridget Bartlett

This place is really cute. The restaurant and cafe offer a hometown feel. The food was just-- ok. The cakes from the bakery were ok as well.

Tobias Ruth

This place is a hidden gem in Scottsdale! Great atmosphere, delicious foods and a quaint marketplace next door make for a delightful Sunday morning breakfast with your sweetheart. I highly recommend this place and can't wait to go back for lunch.

Christina Middagh

Great food and pastries but cramped seating

Tanayia White

Come early to beat the heat, traffic, and crowds. So scrumptious!

Brianna Green

Amazing!!! Super cute spot. Love the decor!! The food is fantastic!! Definitely will be coming back.

Peter James O'Connor

Make reservations! I’ve had brunch a number of times at Arcadia Farms and never had a bad experience. Food is delicious. The experience can be on the pricier end but not outrageous. There are several rooms and patios making up the restaurant so be sure to ask for the type of space you prefer when you make reservations. If you don’t make reservations, you likely won’t get a table on a Saturday or Sunday morning; if you get a table it will likely be one less appealing. The restaurant is busy winter and summer. The restaurant’s bakery next door is fantastic! I like to stop in for pastry or deserts “to go.”

Robynn Turley

Delicious food in a charming and elegant setting. We celebrated my daughter's birthday there and had a wonderful time! Highly recommend.

ArtOfPlacement FengShui

Great place for lunch with your girlfriend

Jamie Herzog

Great food and service! Ambience is delightful.

raymond antonino

The food is so good. You will not be sorry for stopping by to eat. And the scones are the best.

J Cook

Absolutely one of my favorite places. Love the patio area, but inside is quaint and gorgeous. Great menu.

Lu Cr

Whenever you’re in Old Town Scottsdale, Arcadia Farms Cafe is a must. Menu is a great combination of new American and comfort food dishes. If you’re around for breakfast and don’t want to dine in, visit the Marketplace next door as the pastries are second to none. Be sure to try some of the Strawberry Scones. They’re outstanding! Getting all hungry over here....

eric oxborrow

Disappointed to say the least! I made a reservation almost a week prior to Saturday morning for 6 family members. Just found out our daughter was flying in to surprise her mom, for Mother's Day, so I called today, 3 days prior to the reservation, and was told they couldn't add an additional chair to accommodate and my only choice was to cancel the reservation! Unbelievable!

Colleen Vazquez

Good food and nice atmosphere. Will be walking here often.:)

Jeff Johnson

Standard American breakfast food with a French twist. Mini Strawberry scones were a huge hit that everyone loved. Kids liked the yogurt and fruit options. Fresh baked muffins from next door bakery

Rtistic .

Peaceful, quiet great place for a breakfast date or bff .. omelette was a little overdone however potatoes were delish

Jess Gibbons

I was so excited to go here as my mother in law has been raving about it for years. While the entrees and sangria were top notch, as usual, the service ruined the entire experience. Even though we had a reservation, it took 15 minutes to get our table and there was just one group ahead of us. It took over 20 minutes to get our drinks, had to ask for water 4 times before receiving any (which is not good for the desert around lunchtime)! They over charged us (added an extra glass of sangria) so we had to wait an additional 15 minutes for them to change the bill. No apology. We were there for a birthday with our 90 year old grandma and they didn't offer anything to celebrate after we were obviously frustrated with the server. Tip for management: If you're going to charge top prices for top food, please reinvest in the quality of service or you will lose your loyal customers. Thanks.

Suzi Rickerson

Quaint and inviting restaurant. Great service and the Coconut cake was literally amazing!

Lexi Montana

Love this place and the energy it has and vibes plus the service is great and the food is delicious

Lisa Swift

Nice place to have a brunch, the atmosphere is quaint. An old house transformed a cafe. Different rooms and patio to enjoy your dining. Service was excellent, food was ok.

Cynthia Jones

Tasteful decor, exceptionally welcoming staff and lots of variety in the menu. This is a lovely respite from typical dining locations. I go often.

Betsy Billue

Wonderful salad - Grilled chicken, Strawberries, Raspberries on greens with Poppyseed Dressing. Yummy. Enjoyed my late lunch sitting outside on the patio and appreciating a glorious fall Scottsdale afternoon. So nice. Post lunch coffee and cookie were tasty also.

Carl Lunden

Wonderful! Great food! Great menu!

Dean Henthorn

Smallish selection of lunch foods and more deserts. Trendy design and nice staff. Women will love this place.

Doug Macy

Good food, quaint atmosphere and friendly staff.

Aaron Snell

Excellent food and great ambiance! Trendy and hip. Phenomenal food!

Christine Everett

Go here for breakfast everytime I'm in town. The food is fresh and real. Their bakery items make you want to buy all of them on the case...they look amazing and taste delicious. You cannot go wrong.

Ciara Schmalfeld

My favorite thing here besides the strawberry scones is the wild mushroom omelette. I mean both are superb! The spot is cozy and cute with a French country feel. It helps to have reservations!

Roberta Chrobak

Luscious food. Simply luscious. And the environment is joyful.

Dag Grudem

Love it. Best pastries in town.

Elizabeth Enright

As always the food and service were excellent.

Sandi Lansing

Really, really good food. Intriguing menu. Relaxed, welcoming, charming, and cozy atmosphere in an older, refurbished house. Lots of indoor and patio seating. Located right in the heart of downtown Scottsdale. Within walking distance of world class shopping of all kinds.

Erik Ortiz

Delicious !!! Love this place... great options, not over price, perfect for alfresco brunch!!!

Mario Wolf

Eggs a bit undercooked and didn't impress for farm fresh eggs. Place was not busy but yet waitress couldn't wait to deliver the check.

Ashley G

First time visiting here from out of town with my family. The menu and food is very good which is why I gave it 3 stars. I certainly recommend a reservation here. Two big points of complaint- our waitress only checked on us once- at the end of our meal. Also, the shared dishes are not enough for one person much less something to share(I ordered the trio buchetta). I wanted to order a salad however, because our waitress never checked on us, I wasn’t able to. Luckily my family shared some of their lunches with me otherwise I would have been hungry. I would come back but would order more food and be prepared for long waits on service.

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