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REVIEWS OF Chili's Grill & Bar IN Alaska

Trucker PEMBI

This place is great. They have the nicest waiters and waitresses I've ever experienced and the food is great.

wendy hallback

Had an awesome server named Mariah. Food was their standard good quality.

Andrew Thickstun

Disappointed. Seated fast on a Sunday at 6 pm should have said something! Service was pretty good. Nachos decent. Rice and beans with my chicken enchiladas was great: the enchiladas came on tough but soggy tortillas. Lots of cheese, but taste was absent. (Come on, you serve Mexican style food and the only condiment on the table is CATSUP??!!) My wife ordered Cajun pasta. The pasta was rubbery as if it was old. The shrimp had good texture but were as lacking in flavor as my enchiladas were. Anyway, I eat at Chili's in other cities and this wasn't what I was used to or expected.


Food was fast yet so juicy and lots of flavor. Service is the best we have had in a while. Worth driving out there. Never had a bad experience with this place.

Vanor Blake

Food was good fast service. Meal was a little slow to come out. Server was on top of it..lunch special Monday thru Friday ..

Teresa Richards

Love the food!

Christopher Langdon

Good drinks and great service! Friendly staff and good view of games on TVs

Addison Rowlan

Its ok but there are toilets in the juul room

McKinley Shipley

Horrid experience! No greeting when standing there waiting for someone to seat us. When finally seated waitor was horriable!! Would stare at us and not say a word. I ordered a beer that came after all other drinks? Ordered chips and salsa that he forgot about. Seen him take a break to eat while we were waiting for our chips and salsa. Finally came to the table and just sat there so my 15 year old asked if he could get a refill on his water. So they brang back a watered down lemonade. Someone else’s

Christopher .Jordan

Great place for a quick bite. Very nice service and staff.

Don Payton

Awesome service even when busy!! Chris is the best server and we will be back frequently!!!!!

Nicole Jacobs

Good food. The quesadillas were pretty darn good

ema averitt

Food was delicious and service was great

Thomas Simmonds III

Great Place to eat

Thomas Jackman

Great food the waitress Brittney was awesome.Give that girl a raise. She made us feel like family. Thank you.

Jacqueline Libby

Very dirty and unpleasant place to be in. My family and I felt uncomfortable walking in it was so dirty. We ended up leaving and going to Olive Garden next door.

Andrew DiRoma

It's Chili's in a mall never had a problem with the food. Service the bars pretty good. But I have yet been there when they're busy.

Madline Lassiter

Good service. Good food.

HippyChicClean Boom

The service was top notch! The food was great! It didn't take long to get our food and all the staff was friendly throughout our visit

Stephanie Aguilar

Great service and great food

Kahdija Imari

My waitress (the bartender) was very nice and friendly. My order was placed quickly and the food can out quickly as well. I tried the mango classic margarita with sugar and the chicken ranchero tacos. Both hit the spot for me!

Gloria Trefon

They are sure we had everything. Made sure our drink where full. It's a good place to eat.

Toni Young

Our server was FANTASTIC. I think her name was Esther.

Trina Schmidt

Awesome boneless wings!! Every time

Amber Anderson

I did not know they had a lunch special in Alaska. But my pizza was soggy and my server only came to check on me one time. I will never go back

Cole Hanlon

Wow the employees are actually being very respectful to my raging autistic son Paul. EDIT: Wait, they just kicked us out.

Matt Brewer

Great Chili's location. Probably a better choice than the adjacent Olive Garden. Definitely a better choice than the local TGI FRIDAYS.

LeeAnna Bohnert

Great food, fast service, waitress was very nice and the price was just right! One of our favorite restaurants!

Cindy Richards

Food was not up to par. Waiter tho was great

Antone Johnson

Great food with service

James Cowen

Always loved this place, good food and GREAT service!

Brice Wilbanks

Good service and food. Lunch combos are reasonable prices. Definitely go with loaded potato soup. Very delicious. The sliders were mediocre at best. Fries were primo. Has a fantastic waitress named Nicole. Definitely made the lunch with her kindness and fun nature. Music was a little loud. Restraint layout was quite good and design was on point. Overall good experience.


doesn't serve streamers, they really don't know customer service!

John Howell

Fantastic food, decently priced and a clean positive environment. They're margarita mixes a really good, and the gets put to you pretty fast. Good to go for a couple date, a group or for family.

Linda Malutin

Rude customer service... Have been going there for a long time. Yesterday we were treated very poorly. Enough to get up and walk out.

Linda Friend

I had the chicken casidea it was ok. But the CHEESE BERGERS are the best thing on the menu

George Constantino

It’s nice to slip into a comfortable sports bar while family and friends are shopping. I also liked the high rise booths and tables. The service was quick & friendly and the draft beer ice cold. All in all a pod experience.

Melissa Cookie

Ordered my order to go and watched it sit on the counter for about 20 minutes and they were not even busy. I usually have something positive to say but I'm literally shaking my head please chilis work on it, I still believe in you.

Rudy Kunishige

It was good food. Got the spicy shrimp tacos. Took awhile to get my food but still good service

Bob Bobby

Rude customer service. Went to pick up my food from the bartender and she had attitude, tossed the pen rudely in front of me to sign the receipt, and tossed my food on the counter (my chili spilled in the bag). I understand people have bad days!! But everytime i come to this place this girl ALWAYS HAVING A BAD DAY. teach your employees basic customer service skills. please.


Food was ok at best. Service also ok, not terrible but not good. A few people in our group didn't get their change that paid cash ($10 in change for two $20 tickets) a few misplaced orders. Soggy lettuce and over cooked pasta. Water for salsa that came with chips.

colin harrington

Always good food an amazing fast service I especially enjoyed the chips and salsa.

Jodee Kuzakin

Took 45 mins after we ordered to get our meals and it wasn't even busy/crowded. Plus they changed their menu, limited selection

Trevor Conger

Terrible service. CX IN THE CHAT

Tre Morning

Food was great. Service was good.

Estrella Vargas

I love margaritas here! Plus food u wonderful. Great customer service!

anneem123 .

So many issues. First, the ribs were tough. Yes, that's what I said. How can that be? Unknown. Next, the service was poor. I was rushed by the server, and when she decided I needed to leave, she stopped refilling my tea. She pointed at the box, and said, "to pay". Then the pay box wouldn't take my gift card. The red light on top lit up, and I watched for her to come help. I tried several more times. Apparently I was undeserving. Those are, of course, the main issues. Now the issues I would not bring up if the food and service weren't poor: the restaurant was so cold that I was uncomfortable, even with my coat on. There were only 2 handicapped spaces for both Chili's and Olive Garden. Two. The rain meant there were no close spaces for any other mobility impaired persons. They were seating people as close to the door as possible. With many, many seats available, they made us sit in tight groups, near the bar, by the door, with lots of foot traffic. All in all, I felt like we were not valued as customers and were served bad food. Oh, and I asked for a comment card, and the hostess said she didn't know if they have any. So here you are, owner. I would have liked to talk to you privately to resolve issues rather than just gripe. But one good thing: the place was clean.

Craig Kingsbury

Food ok prices bit high

Chris Holland

Not even a good airport restaurant let alone a mall one. Service is really slow, don't plan on going there unless you have two hours to kill.

Sarah Corneilla

Great food service

Kaleb Deedrick

Had the boss burger. Was very good. Lots of meat to satisfy the soul. Our server was very nice always kept our water full and earned her tips. She was willing to answer any questions we had in a speedy manner. Only flaw was that the silverware was very nasty. Looked like it had been run through a dirty dish machine with old water. Had white water Mark's on it. Waitress apologized and took care of it quickly.

M Tauf

Service was really good and helpful. Food was OK the southwestern burger was really greasy. The fries were ok.

Mike Scherback

Great service and food!

Tom M

Good service, decent food.

Ronnie Woodard

The taste of the food is not good!! Need better chefs!!

David Pestrikoff

Liked Chili's restaurant very much, food ordered is memorable.

Kara Solsvig

Yatnna was amazing. We the best service that any of us have ever had at any restaurant. She brought refills on soda way before we had to ask for them and checked on us regularly. Thank you, Yatnna for everything. Next time we come back, we will be requesting your section.


Great food great drinks got service fast

Marsha Riley

Great fast service.. friendly & know when to assure we filled to kindly ask if we need more

Mark Kilmer

The food was tasty but I ordered chicken nachos and counted exactly 12 chips on the plate each covered with toppings. The ratio was a bit off...


They kicked out my autistic son for making rapid arm movements and apparently scaring other customers, 1 star.


The veggie fajitas are just delicious perfect for vegetarians

Martin Moody

Good food, terrible service. Waited 35 minutes last night before the bar tender even bothered to ask if I wanted something to eat.


Had the Nachos with the Steak as a meat, very chewy and not that great. The cheese tasted like government cheese and phony. The Boss Burger wasn’t that great either actually, just was super greasy and piled with low grade meats. The waitress was really kind though so I left her a tip. Will not return there again.

Jason Pollock

Nice people, okay food... Chili's

Ginger Hutcherson

We've been here before and really liked it but today the service wasn't so great. We have the sandwich that we always like but today the pork tasted like leftovers.

Brady Kuenning

Love the home made chips.

Kathy Hammock

Nicest waitress ever and food was good and hot.

Vishnu Thankachan

The best in town

billion questions

You really have to know what you want to eat. Otherwise you might not like the food.

Jim Davis

Always excellent..great food and service

Anthony Kennedy

Quick to get you refills. Food was good

jackie reinstedler

Fantastic server!! Great food

Josh W

Found a hair inside the cheese cake baked in still haven’t heard back from management hopefully they pulled the ones associated with the one we got

Don Krupski

Disappointed with the smokehouse combo meal, that was not a brisket portion, hardly two bites, very dry. Not certain what they were doing with the corn, it was boiled most likely and put briefly on the grill, soggy and the sauce and cilantro was a bit much. Overall food tasted like it was done the day before. Appetizer and drinks were the best part of the meal, which is sad. Will not be back. Server was good but unresponsive to our complaint on the food.

James Rollins

Good food great prices

Randal O'Neill

Got a to go order on Friday. Got the same exact to go order on Wednesday and the price was different . Showed manager the price on the phone app she said no that’s not our price when it’s clearly on the phone app didn’t take a second look just said nope that’s Not what we charge and I told her I didn’t pay this on Friday she just said sorry. I won’t be back.

Marvin Bartchlett

Great place, great atmosphere great people

Ahmed Badri

Delicious food as always. And very friendly staff.

Pendletin .

Good foo, good service

Larry Apalatea

Service was exceptional today the waitress refilled our drinks before we even asked. Checked on our table frequently to see how we were doing. Food as always was hot and delicious. Enjoyed the visit today. Definitely will be going back and will be recommending Chili's to all.

Jason Pickens

Food was good but Not exactly as advertised by the menu. Kids menu is simple. They seemed like they were in a hurry for me to pay and leave but it wasn't busy at all.

Benjamin Franklin

Bad environment to eat. this is my first time in alaska and i would not recommend eating here, lots of 'native andy's" (bums) walking around threatening people. while i was eating i was being recorded by a strange man that appeared to be homeless rambling about being famous and climbing mountains. i did not expect this type of lazy staff from a chili's, most of the waitresses acted as they did not care and do not value you as a costumer. most of them stayed glued to their phones while me and many other customers waited to be greeted and served. from the looks of it management does not care as i heard multiple phone calls (possible customers) being ignored. 0/10 please avoid this chili's at all cost.

Heather Hamilton

Went here a couple months ago and waited over 20 minutes just to place our order... food was only so-so. Decided to never go back. Was in the mall and decided to give in another try. Very similar story- waiter brought our drinks but didn't take our order for 25 minutes (yes with menus closed and piled up on the table). Food was lukewarm, kids portions were tiny (even for my scrawny 7 year old), had the chili- their 'namesake' and it tasted no better than a fast food place. Didn't have forks on the table and finally had to walk up to another waiter to ask for them since nobody came by our table for a while and we were tired of staring at what we couldn't eat. Guess I learned my lesson....

Muad's S550

Can never go wrong with steak fajitas. I was there with a few friends. We all were happy with food and service

Blake Irwin

It's been so long. Love grabbing a drink here

Rakshanda Visave

It's one of my favourite place in Anchorage. Specifically there Alaskan Salman and now also corn cob

Alice Frankson

Food is very very amazing!! Kids love their eat free days!!

Kat Miztyk

Their long island ice tea seemed to be just the sour mixer and when we brought it up to servers attention he stated " that means its good" what a joke. The meals and price were on point .except the price 10 each for sour juice.

Ken Die

We got wrong food brought to are table twice. The fajitas came out hot and sizzling looked great but they were the wrong ones mine were warm and not sizzling. Food not great but edible. Staff was nice and bought us dessert. Wouldn't go out of my way to eat there but might stop in if in the neighborhood.

Margaret R

Always love the quick service

samuel harris

Really nice place the food was really good and good service the price was very high I was thinking

Susan VanWingerden

Great food and fabulous service

Wesley Anaruk Jr

Waitress judge me because I was native American and she thought I couldn't pay for a $25 steak

Josh Faustman

Good food, maybe a little too expensive. The alcohol was fairly strong, with good portions on the food.

David Huntley

Perfect sandwich again from Chili's..

Leonardo Wassilie

Horrible service. During lunch, I stood around waiting to be seated, not one other person was in line. All while the four servers wandered around looking busy but not doing a thing for the five customers in the restaurant. How do they stay in business if they can't serve even as many customers unless they have a server for each one

Lavera Dela Cruz

Serving size was way too small and I was still hungry

Randall Danes

Sat at the bar with a friend. Enjoyed the ambience. Busy bartender.

Jason G

Friendly staff and friendliner staff

Abby B

The volcano cake was my absolute favorite, and the next favorite is the Virgin margarita I had

Pink Anderson

A bit pricey, but love the many options in food.

Stan Vollenweider

Great food !

Mr. Brett Kirk

Food took awhile and was just decent. Enjoyed the beer but service was slow this day. Overall 3 stars for performance.

Rob Moriarty

Chicken and waffles are delish! Staff has always been kind and bubbly. Mary was great!

Lauren Howard

Got the cheese and chicken enchiladas this visit, pretty good! I will always return for the southwestern egg rolls, they are my favorite!

Andy InAk

Chili's is a nice place to have a beer and a snack while the family shops. Or while waiting for a movie etc. I recommend it.

Aolani Silva

my fav place to go for their salads.... and mango iced tea. service is always awesome

Matthew W

Delicious as any other Chili's. Drinks are great.

Roy Buckalew

Good place to eat

John Hill

As always service was great and The Chipotle chicken and waffles were amazing.

Deborah Childress

Pretty good, ordered the chicken quesadilla salad they brought it and it had the wrong dressing on it.

Bill Sutter

Excellent food with excellent atmosphere

Brian Hughes

Standard Chili's food which is good, customer service was good, but the layout of the booths and tables is not family friendly

Alec W

Horrible dining experience, I was appaled by the short mexican manager and how racist he was to my autistic child

gil-ly gil

Service is unreasonably slow; though servers are friendly they're not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and not the most helpful. This place is rarely busy, but service is always slow. Food is pretty much what you would expect from a Chili's

Vincent C

Cook doesn’t know how to cook meat, ordered medium rare, received medium well, I didn’t complain but when the server asked if it was good I just mentioned it was over cooked, and he took it back, less than a minute and the general manager was at our table on the defensive, they brought me back a more appropriately cooked steak but the cut of meat was all fat and gristle. Fairly certain it was at her direction that that cut go to me. I ate it anyway and would have ate the original if it I had known it was such an inconvenience to expect to get what I ordered.


I had the fajita taco. Very much Nasty, the beef was very chewy and the chicken was rubbery.

Michael Schectman


Stacie Workman

Horrible customer service! We walked in the wrong door so they made us sit there more than 10 mins then we asked for services after 5 servers and a manager walked by our table giving us the stink-eye. We did not see a sign stating “please go to the front door to be seated,” We were coming in the opposite side of the mall entrance. Very sad they do not want customers to pay their bills; not sure why they are even working? Looked like a fun time working at Chili’s rather than serving customers. Eventually we walked out!

breck Rumley

The usual awesome menu and service!


Super chill @ Chilis

Mariah Pestriakov

Great burger, cooked to perfection. Had a great server to

Kiara Seal

Pretty packed but good service

Lee Darling

Was nice and clean and great service

Adrien Romero

The food is great. The service was a little on the slow side but not bad. Go somewhere else if you are in a hurry otherwise, enjoy. I will definitely eat here again.

Tanner Jerz

Idk what everyone giving one stars are complaining about.. I'm 3 for 3 on excellent service and food. Maybe it's you who's rude


Ordered pickup online waited 20min after the time it was supposed to be placed. Food was cold and not fresh. Bartender who gave order never apologized for the wait didnt even offer me a water. Wish I could take my tip back. Not going back anymore and I will tell my friends about the poor service I received.

Natalya Mason

Great experience my server was really kind and gave me a ample amount of time to choose my meal without feeling like I was being pressured to pick the whole staff spoke to me while passing I really felt welcomed

David Cwodzinski

After looking at menu and the prices we walked out and went to Olive Garden for a much much less expensive meal.

Ada Ejike-Maduakor

Great food great prices lots of nice selections and all delish!

Ryan Libby

Very dirty inside. Floors look like they haven't been cleaned in days. We walked out

Ben Frost

Frozen Margs aren't as good as the lower 48. Food is good and on par with most other Chili's. Service was good. No complaints.

Alicia Jones

Service awesome. Made sure drinks were always filled and the shrimp tacos were great.

Elthon Montes

Nighttime has better service

Kelley Merrill

I think the picture of our appetizer says it all. We paid $16 or more for that! Our server was great though. She laughed at my really stupid joke as much as I did. Honestly the service is the only reason I give this place 2 stars instead of 1.

Theresa Jacot

Service was very slow an they never did bring our water. The food was OK for taste but to high price.

robert williams

Grate place for pre workout drinks....

wayne johnson

Chili's is literally the worst restaurant food I have ever had! I had to give it one star or it wouldn't let me post! The service is terrible and it seems their employees just want to get through their day and collect a paycheck! They obviously do not understand where their paycheck comes from! I have eaten there 5 times. 4 times I was invited by friends, and even though the food was free because of the invite, I couldn't eat much of it!

Niki Scott

Horrible experience. From delayed service from staff to delay in our food getting to our table. Then to top it off, they prepared one of the meals incorrectly. That added another 20 minutes to a 45 minute wait. The manager tried to rectify it by giving a 5% discount. WTH Seriously?! Not good enough. Needless to say I won't be visiting this place ever again.

방타니 RULE

Too long of a wait to order and receive food

Melody Hall

Delicious and our server Dijone was amazing!

Matt McCarter

We’ve been here several times and always had good service. Food is good, way better than other chain restaurants.

Pooh Bear

Very helpful. Asked for a quiet area. (Deaf hubby) they placed us in a great spot. Friendly staff, great food.

DiAnna Evans

Food was good. It was just pricey and my server was not really taking care of us. Another server brought our food and another server refilled our drinks.

Desy P

The service here is poor and the food is mediocre. If you go there stay as far away from Micheal’s service area as he will completely avoid helping you.

Rand Price

Wait staff was friendly and attentive for drinks and napkins. I had the Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowl that was awesome. Large enough portion that I took home a to go bag. Had 1 margaritta, very good but a little spendy....$13. All good. I will go back.

Jasmine H

Fast service. Tried the chicken honey waffles with bacon woth blackberry tea. Pretty good the waffles were sweet. Even on t.v they have the 3 for 10 deal

West tv

The best place to eat in anchorage

Clayton Gottschalk

Great service food a bit greasy and mostly chicken.

Bebob Kiz

Love it. You know what to expect.

Elizabeth Buckel

Chicken and waffles are not only delicious they actually look like they do in the picture on the menu! Reccomend Chili's specifically for this dish!

GenHazard .

I do love the sizzling fajitas. Also good service and friendly staff.

Martin P

Great tasting food everything was great! Thanks chili’s

Tri Hard

The managers are complete retards. They violated the Americans with Disabilities act because they wouldn't serve my autistic son. He is such a good boy and climbs mountains they don't understand.

Freedom Baker

Great food and service

Candace Di

Staff is great, food is served at a still hot and burgers are a bit greasy but delicious!! Kids menu is pretty decent too!

Steven Miller

Great food not the best services

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