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REVIEWS OF Olive Garden Italian Restaurant IN Alabama

Caleb Walls

Quickly seated. Great service.

Laura Jones

The food was amazing and the service was excellent

Raven McQuiston

Normally have a good time at this location but today was not the best. It took 44 minutes for them to even get the menus off the table as we were eating. They were stingy on breadsticks, only bringing 2 at a time and it was hard to get cheese, straws or even refills on our drinks and salad. Definitely not the best, but think it was the server so we will give another chance in the future.

Jennifer York

Fantastic food great service .

Jon Edgren

fun with friends

Josh Magosh

Great restaurant. Served the world famous Alaskan Mountaineer Paul Denino. Unfortunately the waitress referred to him as a "greasy autistic goblin". Not the kind of service I expected, cx in the chat boys.

Nathan Capien

I had a proposal idea for this restaurant and it turned out amazing

Mario Quezada

Good place to eat. Wetter is slow or forgetfld and preddest.


Good food. Good service. Friendly staff

Thomas Williams

Go if you like salad

B Humphrey

Love the food. Great family setting

Diane Williams

Always good food

Christopher Langdon

Great food! Great service!

Betsy Moore

Had a new dish, called Zoodles. It was so yummy. The Basil sauce was "FANTASTIC ". Zucchini, carrots, broccoli, red bell peppers, mushrooms & chicken. The salad is always good & breadsticks.

Blaine Tharpe

Very good service. Good was good , just too much.

Sammy Money

Very good food and service


Upon arriving at 9:03pm was not at all greeted by the hostess, all 4 employees that where standing at the hostess stand gave us a very unwelcoming look.It almost felt like they didn’t like we had arrived 1 hour before closing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt to maybe myself not hearing them say anything. I walked up and mentioned it was a party of 4. All they did was look at each other and proceed to comunícate with their ear piece asking for a table without saying anything to us. We didn’t wait for long before getting a table. Our waiter Adrianne was quick and helpful with getting our drinks and food out within a timely matter. And even though was busy at times always sending someone to check on us. No complaints with her service. Now upon asking for the check to pay I noticed that there was a table game charge of 1.99 to our bill after I had already given my card. I asked the waitress (not Adrianne) to why I was charge. She said “the game was on , I’ll check if the MANAGER can refund YOU the dollar back . Now I at no time was rude to this waitress. I once also was a waitress and know how hard and overwhelming it can be at time but there is no need answer like that. It might sound like I might be a penny pincher but I wouldn’t want to pay for something we didn’t use. A few minutes after Adrianne came out apologizing and saying that the money would be refunded back within the next business days. Making this’s bad experience for us.

Robert Gadson

Food was delicious! Compliments to the Chief! The staff was friendly, my wallet was awesome and knowledgeable about the selective. Olive Garden had reinvented themselves. If you like a Sweet Red wine, my suggestion... Rosacto

Walter O'Hayer

Fast service and consistent Olive Garden quality.

chris bailey

The service from start to finish was amazing, let's start there. Tristan L, was our server and he is amazing, attentive, patient an very helpful in every way. Everyone had a smile on their face and the environment was very welcoming made us feel like part of the olive garden family. As for the food, listen it is Olive Garden. If you do not enjoy the food something is terribly wrong with said person. That baked ziti, chicken parmigiana, and chicken alfredo was good an hot an delicious along side that amazing salad an bread sticks. Great birthday dinner for the little lady

Scarly Ramsay

The special was delicious, our server was fast, solicitous, and cheerful. Drink was full of great tequila and lip smacking good.

Sean Gunning

I know Olive gardens are a dime a dozen these days and let's face it, only slightly Italian. What differentiated this one from all the others was the service. Our server was always attentive, refilled our beverages and breadsticks without us having to ask. And super friendly. It turned an average olive garden meal into a treat for weary travelers. If you're on the fence about picking this Olive Garden over another, pick this one. It's worth your time.

Brandi Quick

I love olive Garden! Bread sticks are delicious! Great place for family's or Date night!

Kayla Morris

The food was okay. The service however was awful. We had to wait 15 minutes just for someone to come take our order. We both ordered some version of a “never ending” meal and we had to wait 20 minutes after the first one for our waitress to show up and take our second. The restaurant was almost empty and at one point we got up to go to the hostess station to see if they could find our waitress, she was up front chatting with the other girls while us and another table had been sitting for 25 minutes just to ask for some more breadsticks. I’ve never sat in a restaurant for some long without any food on the table ever. Won’t be coming back.

Randy Renner

My favorite great place love it no negatives..all AAA plus

ema averitt

Love there food

Travona Vines

My sister and I truly enjoyed ourselves! Thank you for your gracious hospitality!

Rebecca Ellis

We came during a shift change. The waitress who started us out was on top of things to the end of her shift, and I'm sure she used great communication skills with the waiter who took over for her. It was an easy transfer for us. The food was piping hot, with every ingredient cooked to perfection. We had a trio appetizer with Fried mazzarella Cheese, Stuffed Mushrooms, And calamary. The pasta, salad, and soup was amazing, there was so much food, our table ended up sharing a desert. I definitely suggest trying it, it was the lasagna cake... the waiter even cut it in 1/4 for us. In short, good service with great food at a decent price.

James Schmitz

I've never seen a franchise restaurant so packed for lunch! Food was great! We ordered take out and the wait was 10 minutes to get my large order. I had ordered for 8 people. The staff were extremely courteous and polite. I'll be back again!

Ru Tec

the food's good and customer service is good also. a little spendy but not to bad thou.

Kahdija Imari

Delicious food as always. I received very pleasant service at the bar.

Caden Jordan

Such a nice setting and the food was amazing

Lisa Wilson

Service was wasn't as good as I expected for price I paid

Katrina Love

Family friendly, good food and service

Susan Grande

The food was great as always. The server was horrible. She was slow. 1/2of us got our orders first and by the time the other half got theirs we were halfway through.

Trina Schmidt

Great Food , friendly people and the black tie mousse cake is The Best!!

Keith Kniegge

Like the all you can eat soup and salad.

Robert C

Great Olive garden and in a good area. Seems too run a little smoother and you get better service than other locations. I would definitely eat here again!

Susan Culberson

This restaurant is getting a lil worn out, it's becoming the McDonald's of restaurants. Owners real should get some Italians in that kitchen.

meals & millimeter

Deb was great! Very friendly and made us feel like were home. Help us and checked on us. She was phenomenal. Service was outstanding. The food was Great and fresh. This local exceeded my expectations at everything.

ernest howard

Love their food but it's not exactly diabetic friendly so it's not something i can do as often as I would like.

Kizzy Brown

A bit slow, a lot of upsaling(more than necessary) and forgot to bring our take home order. Had to run back in with the receipt to get it. Than disappointed cause just spaghetti and meat sauce and very cold. The buy one bring one home is not worth the extra $2-$3 it costs. But other than that it was okay. Server was friendly. Just really tried upscaling just about everything we got.


Was crazy hungry and decided on here, Was an excellent choice. Salad, spinach dip and steak with alfredo hit the spot. Plus, they have a $5 take home plate deal going on right now.

Ken Williams

Just shy of 5 stars. U really need to try the watermelon Moscato if you like a sweet wine. And their lasagna is almost as good as mine [brag, but true, I get raves on my Lasagna] We get it as takeout sometimes and it usually makes three portions, although last time it seemed smaller... Only real gripe is they don't serve vermicelli as a pasta choice. It's my favorite, being thinner than spaghetti [it's even called thin spaghetti sometimes.] I don't like regular spaghetti but angel hair is TOO thin!

Mark Netteler

Food was delicious, and the service was great.

Damian Scott

I never had a bad experience and the food is always delicious.

Hope Monzulla this place Best price

David Fison

Breadsticks of course are out of this world. My favorite is a really spicy chicken appetizer. And if you're in the heat the shuffle spicy up even more for you. Yum

Squid 15 MEH

Auburn, Alabama location food was great! Service was even better!

Emily Lahr

Service was good and fast. There had just been a tornado hit the area about an hour beforehand, and the restaurant was packed full. My friend and I were seated immediately, and our food did not take long to be made. The manager that touched the table was extremely nice and a great listener. I'd go back again.

Charley Andreasen

Great food and great service

Lisa Villano

Great food and atmosphere!

Sandra Hinton

Very good. Waitress very helpful and pleasant. Food good. My son got his braces off yesterday and Olive Garden was his choice of restaurants to go and celebrate. We were all very happy with his choice.

Justin Howard

Service was good , my girlfriend found hair in her food. Took care of ot no questions asked. They then apologized and gave us free dessert for our troubles and also did not charge us for her meal

Rozanne Robinson

Love Olive Garden! Food was good and server was exceptional.

Andrea Smith

Service was very slow. Food was amazing as usual.

Sarah Barker

Delicious drinks, the stuffed mushrooms and lasagna is to die for!

Brian Lu

Always been good every time I stop in.

Renee Waters

We had an excellent waitress. The food was delicious and the bread sticks were yummy.

Maha Aj

As always taste. I love the MUSHROOM RAVIOLI WITH CHEESE it's so good.every thing yummy :)

Brianna Brooks

I always have a bad experience with this location, but this wasn’t my place of choosing. Upon arrival, our party has already waited 20 minutes (when told a 25 minute wait time), but concern wasn’t questioned until parties of the same size that arrived after us got seated before us. The father of the graduate (whom we were celebrating) made a comment “our buzzard must be broken). Come to find out, it was actually “broken”. We were told they believed our party had left and had taken our name off the list. This seems hard to believe when everyone sat by the hostess stand (me and the graduate never sat upon arrival). Once at the table and our waitress shows we order drinks and food immediately being that we already waited so long. She brings back the wrong drink for the infant in our party. We don’t complain, but drink what was given. About 20 mins go by and we have to ask for breadsticks and salad and refills on our waters. The waitress would pass our table and look down and never ask if we needed anything. We had to ask other waitresses and hostesses for refills, napkins, etc. Even the marinara for my eggplant Parmesan tasted old. Once we were ready to leave she took an extended amount of time getting our to go boxes, we had to ask for bags upon which she only ended up giving one, the graduate asked for the dessert to be separated since we had already been there long enough and she didn’t want her ice cream to melt, even that wasn’t done. From start to finish the customer service was horrendous. I wouldn’t recommend eating at this location to my left big toe. I was so disappointed by everything I experienced. I will never be back and I hope people choose to read and know the kind of service they are getting here. I gave two stars for the kind waiters and waitresses that stepped up to help her.

Richard Kovach

The waitress Constance was unbelievable, very friendly, very polite and always had a smile. We will come back to see her.

CandyCorn Covers

I loved it :D I got to eat the best cheese sticks ever and I was full before i could even eat half my spaghetti ❤ the waitress was kind and very fast to bring out our food. It never got to loud,my family and I had a nice time.

Valencia Gilbert

Very good, food and service

Tamala Murray

It was great I enjoyed having dinner with my husband. Great service and wonderful atmosphere. Loved it.

Katie Blossoms

Had a party of 8, the waitress forgot to serve half of our table our soups. She also was too busy to refill our all you can eat salad, We spent over an hour just waiting for our dinner to come. Then, the cook handed out rancid food... the waitress offered us complimentary desserts, but then took forever to give it to us, when we explained that we were in a hurry and just wanted to leave. Normally this place is great... this time, not so much.

G; Wayne Graydon

Christmas Eve dinner after church service. Waiter left us for a larger party and told us he was going to; drinks to be refilled took quite sometime, got our own to go boxes. We left a nice tip even though the service was not top notch.

Ga Bre

Good atmosphere and the food was great.

Samantha George

Food is a hit or miss, Service is a hit or miss as well. Always have some kind of issue when we eat there. The deserts suck.

Regan Botes

The service is ok/ good but nothing can change the fact that the food socks at all olive gardens. I ordered egg plant par with soup. The mall was covered in can tomato sauce and cheese and disgusting. They are not real Italian food yet expensive for what they try to

Ron Jones

We LOVE the Olive Garden on Peoria and I-17. The food and service is always GREAT!

kayleen norris

The waiter was nice and did a decent job we were disappointed in the quality of the food. The so called endless salad was very small and we were never asked if we wanted more. We sat without breadsticks and had to ask for more. The food was more bland then we remember and our pasta sauce was runny. We ordered dishes with shrimp and the tails were still on. For a “fine” restaurant there should not be tails on the shrimp. We also thought the price of food had gone up since last time. It was $22 for lasagna! I think next time we want something fancy we will choose to go to a local place where the food is fresh and made with care.

Steven Bulin

I know it's not authentic Italian food, but, it sure does taste good! Good service, too.

cissy odom

No wait clean neat and friendly the food was excellent!!!

Marco Martinez

Our waiter, Andre, was wonderful. He was very nice and had great service. The food was also extremely good. 很好吃!!

Sherry Loghry

Love this place! The apple moscato sangria is wonderful

Karen Mcknight

Our waitress was wonderful. Food is always good busy or not

Raven Harris

Comfort food game is strong! Love it!

Rudy Kunishige

Food was deliciouse. Everything came pretty fast. Our server Morgan was amazing. So kind. I will definitely bring my family back here again.

Chelsea Johns

Shout out to Mike, best server ever on the bar side. Works Wednesday's and Fridays.

Zachery Patterson

Walked into the place and I can’t express how smelly it was in there smelled like a bathroom. The smell was so bad I had to leave. My gf is from Prescott and this is her favorite place but I can’t bring her to this location because it smells so bad.

Sean Harrison

Always the fastest service!

Dan A

Bread and salad and Italian food everywhere. Atmosphere is descent and lighting is good. Sometimes the wait can get annoying. I’ve always liked their food, hits the spot every time. My new favorite desert is the donuts you dip in their sauce, good stuff, and I don’t normally like the puffy donut thing.

Thomas Sharpe

Food was good as usual but our waiter was absolutely great.wish I could remember his name worth asking for

Deanna Hughes

Lobster and shrimp mac and cheese was wonderful! Watermelon sangria was excellent and our servers at the bar....awesomr! Out family had a very enjoyable meal with great servuce!

Anthony Card

Bartender Tristan was horrible! I felt like he may have done something to my food.

Jason A

Not sure why we went here, but the service was good. Plate was dirty, pasta is terrible, and the kids did not finish there food.


As usual, the food and service was good. This time, my wife said the ladies room was discusting. She notified our server.

Whitney brown

8/29/19 @5:30 If you are the HOT waiter who served me earlier today please reply to this review//I AM SEARCHING FOR U!!

Syncere Murillo

It was amazing! We had an awesome waiter. His name was Sal and he was fantastic. I suggest when you guys go there you guys find a guy name Sal.

Elizabeth Taylor

Had lunch there, and had enough left over for supper.

Patricia Lynn Smith

One of my favorite places. Love sitting near the fireplace at Tigertown.

boy toledo

Rarely do i have olive garden but whenever i do it is soooo amazing

Marion Austin

Love the food sometimes service needs improvement

Lorinda Saner

I was pleasantly surprised! I normally don't like Olive Garden, but I had a gift card for them so I went. I went to the Metro Center restaurant, found out they moved. Very nice inside decor. Our waiter was Marcus, great waiter, very personable. He went above and beyond. The menu has changed and to my surprise if was really good. We got the all you can eat pasta dishes. It was so good I took some home. I will be more than happy to go back.

Lonny Cruff

Such friendly service! Food was awesome too...

Lyda Komsa

It was great. Was my birthday I had a great time. Great service. Thank you

Sarah Dalarah

The manager here is amazing. We had them cater to our wedding and everything went off without a hitch! All the food was fresh and hot. We had everything you could think of. Lemons, cheese, croutons, we didn't need a thing they provided everything. And the presentation for everything was very clean and extremely well put together. Nothing was messy.. We had SO much food, everyone pigged out! So happy we decided on them to cater, everything was such a breeze and made my wedding more perfect. Thank you everyone at Olive Garden!

Will Gardner

They're consistent at what they do. The good and the service is always great. I've never had a bad time here.

Ryan ODee

Came here for a meal after a long day on the road. The food tasted great and was an amazing value. Our server Ivy was a delight and gave us Canadians a warm southern welcome.

Tara Hudson

I ordered the all you can eat pasta bowl as well as a guest for $10.00 each which didn't include the topping. if any was ordered.However my guest didn't order any toppings.We didn't order any appetizers or desserts and our bill was $40 I never received an itemized bill. Our server was new, and a bit nervous therefore obviously something wasn't ring in right... and every server should know you never take a bill to the customer without having the itemized bill

Yolanda Sams

I love eating there the people was very friendly

Kyrstn Knudson

Very good and fast but often busy

Kayla Andregg

The only problem I have with this place is that they sometimes get the order wrong. I get that they're super busy, but I don't change my order other than the way I want the steak cooked. Otherwise, great service staff, wait isn't terrible, fast paced. A little crowded for me but that's not their fault.

Rhonda Ouellette

Fast hot food I love the lasagna & the chocolate fudge lasagna desert

sergio avechuco

Food came out fast but the check took a bit too long other than that food was very good

Craig Kingsbury

Good food bit on high side price wise

Nikki W

Went back today haven't been there in over some months ...the food was beyond good..the drinks were a hit also

Anna Tidwell

The service was awful the waitress was rude the manager was even worse

Chris & Samantha Drews

One of our favorite places to eat

Nataliya Tarbert

Love the food and customer service!

Colin McCammon

This was by far the best Olive Garden that I’ve ever been to! I had a very pleasant experience here! Our server Cameo definitely knows how to do her job, (A+)! I don’t think I’ve seen any waitress to better! Other than that, the food was very good as well! Thank you Olive Garden Opelika!

Aris Drayton-Vaughan

Very friendly staff who actually seemed to enjoy their job. Super fresh salad, and my Zoodles Primavera was delicious!

Melanie Manera

The food and service was fine. The people seated around us were not so fine. First we had the loud gal on the date stolen from her sister and the information got worse the louder she became. Then there was the youngish Latino family that was seated behind me and her Dad telling her telling her to be careful about white people. She was actually scared I was going to take her crayons and coloring book. He did try to back pedal what he'd said when he saw me standing how he missed me when he was seated I don't know they walked right by me.

James Christian

Great food for a reasonable price

McKena Fox

They are super nice. I had a short wait and the staff is super helpful. My food was brought out quickly and was hot. The quality is some of the best I’ve had from a chain restaurant like Olive Garden and if you have questions about the menu they almost always answer it. I get my salad with extra peppers and they were super nice to put that in for me. They are just all around good people there.

Dottie Holdren

Great service, great egg plant parm.

L. LaVonne Scott

Great Service, delicious food.

John Kennedy

I always get exceptional service and the food is always great at this establishment!

Shaquilla Edwards

Great place to eat! Great deals!

jacob korshak

It was a great time and the people are really friendly.

Young Buck

Food was very DELICIOUS and fresh

Kent Scruggs

Was ridiculously busy on a Sunday at 8pm but it didn’t take too long to be seated. The food took about 40 minutes to come out and was pretty good. Nothing crazy good, but it was a little better than adequate which is why I’m rating this location 4 stars

Karissa Thompson

Good food, but don't love the prices. Aside from the endless soup salad and breadstick lunch. I can make Italian at home for less.

Carl Eady

Sherry and the staff were great accommodating the 35 of us the last minute, all the kids ordered something different. On a Saturday night. They were awesome. Bus driver

Jess Stone

Kinda disappointed in the service that my family and I received. I came for my 18th birthday only to pay over $160 and receive only free $3 dessert; the Dolce. They were also out of my mother's favorite wine selection. The waiter should have let me pick out my dessert and not have chosen for me. Don't worry about it though Olive Garden because my family and I won't ever plan on coming back again for any future birthday's.

Sue Miller

The night we ate here we had the best waitress we've had there in a really long time I think her name was Katarina. She gave us excellent service

Hilda Redfox-clark

Tried a lil different meal this time and came out very dtuffed

A John

Taste of Italy to go Delicious foods

Kayla Peavy

Came in for the soup, salad, and breadstick lunch. Service was prompt. Our waitress (Felicia) was great, quick, and energetic. Great experience all around.

Lynn Buckalew

Our party of 5 were told there would be at least a 10 minute wait and they were very rude about it. That wouldn't have bothered me if the place had been busy but it was basically empty. Now I see why there were no customers. No worries about us ever stopping there again.


I was so glad to learn there are vegan options at Olive Garden! The food was fresh, the service was great and the tableware and table were clean.

Sylvester Evans

Roman our server was. Stupendous!!...What a great way to celebrate my one year anniversary!.. Awesome staff!!

Sarah Foster

Super fabulous service- ask for Joelle!! And try their special chicken parmesan entree! Very good for the price and two people can share one meal!

Bob La Brash

Nice place, great waitress, lots of leftovers!

Frances Martin

Food was great. Definitely try this again

Don Rosenberger

Always consistent and good service.

Rob Dunn

The food was great! It was prom night so they wait was 20 minutes once we were seated it took a while to get food. The noise level was high and the waitress passes our plates to us and told me that my plate was hot but handed it to me.

Marco Villalpando

Total let down. Chicken alfredo had 5 pieces of chicken. The menu boasts that its 50% more chicken now. The steak we ordered medium well came in medium rare at best. The steak was overly salty as well. The waitress forgot what we requested because she was at the bartender's window swiping through her smart watch. When asked about these issues she simply replied. I dont know. The bread sticks where just dipped in a gel of salt lol it was unbearable.

Katie Sellman

The food and service were very good. Server was attentive and food was so delicious I could cry. I reccomend the 5 cheese pasta dish.

Candy Protz

I wish I remember our waitresses name. She was the best. Lots of personality. It was our anniversary and we got a slice of cake to go. I opened the next day to find a sweet note inside.

Philip Glassmeyer

As good as any Olive garden experience should be!! The wait staff was much friendlier than I'm used to at most restaurants so that was a plus. If I had to find something the critique, the bread sticks were dryer than usual and that kinda stunk.


Waitress was great. Asked me if I wanted my leftover food boxed up (minestrone soup, and the salad, and BlackBerry pineapple iced tea) and even got me extra breadsticks to go.

Dionne Lowe

My baby wanted to come for her 22nd birthday. She had her favorite wine then took over my frozen strawberry mango Margarita. We loved it.

Gene Garrett

Best service in Anchorage at a good price

Charlie Barton

Great food as always, good service.

Lauren Stewart

The prices have gone up but the quality and service have not

jose garcia

Alfredo was outstanding with with the most family felt dinner service he provide. The food was prepared fast n delicious like always. The quality of the food is ecellent an and the price wonderful. Overall if all the restaurants had a server like Alfredo and the host wonderful welcome we received it would would 100 percent to die for successful. I give olive garden 1000 points. Thank you

Lorraine Anderson

Thanks Trasin!( I know that not the way you spell it) Wonderful customer service because it was my mom Birthday. You was very attentive to us!

timothy allen

Good food and best posum

Deona Peterson

Always Good food at the Olive garden. And our server Nicole was the BEST! Very friendly and informative and gave us lots of attention. Would highly recommend it. Once again Nicole was awesome and could have asked for anything more from her.

Donna Vaughan

Everything was great. The waitress and waiter were very friendly and very attentive with all of our needs. 5 stars

Arden Mccroskey

We had a phenomenal experience here. The food was great, but our waitress, Gypsy, was the absolute best. We were there to celebrate our daughters birthday and she went above and beyond to make her day spectacular.

Kyle Kidd

The lady and I love Olive Garden. This one is just like many others around the nation. Experienced no issues whatsoever and plan to have them cater our upcoming wedding. Prices are higher than what you'd pay in the lower 48, but that is the same story for just about everything in Anchorage.


I'm writing this review in DISGUST about 4 days after this event occurred, it was that BAD. I had the extreme displeasure to speak with a manager, Sherry. I was trying to get help from her since another manager, Patrick, recommended I call her at a certain hour the next day so she can help me. Wow...just wow. I have never in my life been so talked down to in my life. I'm definitely not someone who demands the utmost respect but this manager was just downright awful. She repeatedly kept telling me the same information multiple times like I was 5 years old all while not listening to what I have to say AND talking over me. By the end of the call my problem was NOT solved and she hung up the call on me (I was being extremely patient, unlike her). It took me awhile to believe that what actually happened...happened.

Patti Scalf

Good food good service. Pearl was very nice.

julio Franco

Plane tasting pasta. Not the olive garden I remember from years ago. The server was great, very nice guy.

Juliana Wilson

Staff was amazing. Accommodated our food allergies. Food was delicious!

Kathy Hammock

This being one of my favorite place to eat and take my family was rather disappointing today, I ordered my favorite dish and ended up chewing some glass which took my appetite and of course I didn't order anything else. So sad this happened because Olive Garden was one of my favorite places.

Linda Thomas

Was in a large group. Good friendly and fast service. Good food and plenty of it for the price.


Abby was a great server! Very quick and professional. Very attentive. Our food was served promptly and everything tasted great. Will definitely come here again in the future.

Kellie Smith

Never had a bad experience here. Food is always good and fresh.

Brennan Fulkerson

I cannot deny the service at most olive gardens is impecable, but honestly if I wasn't broke all of the time I'd have dropped a %10 on the order. Great decision of you have the money for it!

ken evola

Love the food here. Wish they had delivery.

Jesse P. Szmyd .

Horrible service, some of the worst wait satff I've ever been around. Food came out cold and by the time the wait staff came by everyone else was done eating their food. Never going back to this place ever. If i could give a 0 star rating I would.

Rock Reed

Always enjoy Olive Garden. The service is always friendly and accommodating, the food is great. Love the gnocchi soup, and anything with tortellini in it!

Faye Foxworth

Food and service were great. Waiter was attentive and patient even with our large party of mostly children.

Leslie Rodriguez

Our waiter was very friendly and even though he was new, he did a very good job overall. The food was pretty good. The only issue we had were the mushrooms in the sampler plate. They were overcooked but, they replaced them and cooked them just right. Other than that it was pretty good overall.

Rick Hanas

Everytime me and my wife go there. There Is always somerhingnnew to love about this place

Tom and Roberta Hurt

Very good service.

Ed Cunningham

Food and service was good. The bill was higher than expected due to the menu being misleading.

Alan Kichler

Olive garden is always good reliable food. I could live on the bread sticks and soup alone.


Good food, friendly service

Gina Smith

Loved the food and the staff was friendly. It was my birthday and we had a big group we had a great time

Sherry Kinnard

Great staff great atmosphere and great food what else could you


Love the service and food. Enjoyed our evening out

Michael Peterson

Great service. Good food reasonably priced.


I love this restaurant, Good for family and friends.

Rebecca Strianese

Server was fast and friendly, definitely go there again

Eddie Mares

Enjoyed the food. We took our good to go. Value to food was ok. The cashier that took the order was NOT that polite.

Michelle Petrisko

Always great service and delicious food.

Randall Ferguson

Everything was great, but don't use the keyos for games. They will charge for it. If there is notification I didn't see it so it's not obvious!!!!

Lea Gnasal

Love Thier salad ! Amazing food and service !

Susan Orr

Always great food, Cookie is a wonderful waitress, and food came out quickly. Their lunch menu is awesome. I got unlimited salad and breadsticks and a bowl of spaghetti for about $7.

Taylor Lowery

Service was awesome and food was delicious

Robert Hillman

Called in a to go order for 10 people and was quoted around a 30 wait time. I arrived there 10 minutes later and said I'd just wait there for it so they asked me what order I'm waiting for. Turns out they didn't have it. This is no big deal, so I tell them what I want again. They tell me it'll be 7 minutes, which is pretty crazy fast for 10 people's worth of food. She comes up to me and hands me one order of pasta rather than the 10 I asked for. I'm not going to throw the specific person under the bus, but seriously how do you mess the order up twice?

Roland 0311

Good food and fast service. The steak was cooked correctly which is always nice. There are a lot of restaurants in this town but this one is one of the better ones. A-

Sarah Woolworth

The server we had was incredibly sweet and attentive. The food was delicious. Only thing was one of our forks hadn't been washed properly,but the server made sure to take it away and replace it with a clean one. Overall great place to go for lunch.

Cheryl Feik

Great food soooo good

Kelly Sharpe

I have always loved this place and their food. Our server was very nice and polite towards us, so was the rest of the staff. Me my parents really enjoyed the never-ending stuffed pasta when we went. The price was really nice for the three of us and was worth it. I do recommend this place for almost anyone and I think Olive Garden would be a great place for events as well.

Eva Cornelius

Our visit with this Olive Garden was way better than the Columbus Georgia location and our waitress Katie was 150% great!!

shawna messer

Service was great. Food was delicious and well cooked. Prices were good for quality of food.

Teresa Owens

We had a great experience Saturday night the food was awesome our waitress Felicia was a awesome waitress was very sweet and friendly great smile we will be asking for her again when we come back .. thank you again Felicia


We're originally not from Alaska were from hawaii so eatting here is such a treat we had an awesome waitress Morgan thank you for amazing customer service thank u for also being patient with our keikis (Kids)

Bettina Williford

Even though it was Mother's Day, there wasn't a long wait for appetizers or our meals. The food was delicious.

Crystal Girves

Wait time was nothing but me my husband and our two kids went out for a nice quit dinner but when we arrived we were sat next to 4 kids and it kinda through off the whole mood! So we moved and then while we got settled we sat there and listen to one server get onto the other server for having sat in his section. What a great time.

Belinda Siggers

I love to eat at Olive Garden. Had the experience of "over the top" service tonight. Really! No less than 5 stopped at our table of 2 just to chat us up. Kinda fun but could not eat for talking.

Tata Ray

It's a good place to eat with the wife and enjoy each other

Claudia C

Great service and staff friendly. Food was great too portions were fair to price paid for.

James Smith

Bar staff were great, but used the online reservation system, got to the restaurant and had to wait equally as long as those walking up for a normal reservation.

Todd Reaves

Wonderful food and great service. Managed very well. Always have a good experience there.

Chelsea Worrell

Really good food and I love the fire going. Great menu for the kids and adults. Friendly and efficient staff.

David Pochopien

we were seated and waited over 10 minutes and our server never came to our table. the restaurant was not busy. she never even came by to say she would come to our table.

Jackie McMillan

Sunday afternoon we were served by the lovely Alyssa. She was super busy but still had time to make me and my bestie feel taken care of. She was prompt and professional. The food was delicious and hot. The bathroom was super clean which is an important detail to observe while dining. I gave them 5 stars because this was my 4th trip to this specific Olive Garden and EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat here the food, service and bathroom is on point.

Julie Davis

The guy was so nice, and kind i was so impressed... God wad yummy,

Natalie Knight

Good salad and great sharing time with my brother. <3

Leslie Smith

Fantastic food and prompt service, even on Valentine's Day, one of the most hectic nights for OG I'm sure. The shrimp scampi paired with a glass of pinot grigio us absolutely divine. Finish with a chocolate brownie lasagna for an absolutely delightful dinner.

Roger Nelson

Good food and good friendly service.

Duayne Bellew

The food is pretty good. I think like anywhere else though, the prices are not reasonable. The service was great and the ice tea was too.

Raymond Jenkins

I came in tonight @ 22:55 and I screwed up my order. Well, I told them what i screwed up and they let me fix my order and these two very nice ladies named Krystal the ToGo specialist and Julie the manager of that shift on November 25 2018 was amazing on serving me. Thank you olive garden.

Sara Richards-Oliver

Food was good as always, but the service was a little rushed. Our entrees arrived before our drinks, salad and breadsticks. They started cleaning the dining room before I got my first breadstick. We were there for a birthday celebration and kind of wanted to linger over our food and conversation, but got the distinct impression they wanted us out as quickly as possible even though they werent supposed to close for another hour and a half. The server was very friendly, but the overall impression we got was very unwelcoming. I'll still go back, but maybe more at lunchtime than dinnertime when the staff isn't rearing to go home.

Annamarie Opel

It's nice and cozy! Food was fantastic! Our waitress was phenomenal! We had a great time.

Matthew Hood

Should be called stouffers Italian frozen food that is over priced. Will never eat here again $30 dinner waste

Daniel Gomez

Very tasty ordered the shrimp chicken corbano included with roasted red peppers. Tasty more than what I can handle was served a complimentary sample of rose wine very tasty not much of a wine drinker always have enough to take home.

Vlad Shimansky

Surprisingly decent lunch options. The sandwiches are served on a bread stick, but that's fine.

Carol Roberts

We dined at this Olive Garden for lunch recently while we were waiting for our phone to be ready at the Verizon store nearby. The food was fine, the standard consistent Olive Garden food. The service was just weird. Our waitress was very odd, saying things like "I'll be with you several minutes" and giving us instructions ending with "please and thank you." That aside, her big mistake was when we presented her with a military ID to ask about their discount she shooed it away quickly with a "uh uh, nope, uh uh." No apology, no thanks for your service, just plain old rude.

Sarah Bridgman

I would rate it a 10 but it's only 5 here nice employees that take your order

Mckenna Ware

We've had the same server the last 2 times we've been in and she's extremely nice. My plate came out wrong and she got it fixed in a snap. They also didn't have the stuff to make our drinks and it took a while to bring them out so the manager gave us our appetizers for free. Always willing to make things right with customers.

Barbara Hrubes

I meet my granddaughter at olive garden for lunch. We both love to have lunch there. The salad is always cold and crisp. And its not just lettuce and a slice of tomato like some places I have eaten. It has onion, tomato, lettuce, black olives green peppers ECT. Really taste. Hot bread. I also had the soup Which is always good. Its clean and the service is pretty good. Helpful.

Jim Miller

Went on Christmas Eve 2 hours before closing. House was packed. Crew did excellent job in this madhouse and food was as good as usual. Can't beat that.

Willie Woodard

The chicken alfredo was....MEH!!!!

Margaret R

Love! Fast service,super friendly waiter

Michael Brown

Obviously they have new employees. Much better than when visited previous dining experience. Last time, we were seated and where never waited on (we walked out after waiting 25 minutes, stopping to let the manager know how displeased we were and did not get an apology). This time, we could not have had a better experience.

david smith

Went to the Olive Garden for dinner. The meal was descent, and the service was excellent. Brian was our server, and the young man was courteous and friendly above and beyond what was expected. He made our trip there more than enjoyable. The man deserves a raise.

Thunder Lizard

Good food, price is a bit high.

Kelly Meacham

Very nice and clean. Service is great food is awesome.

Paola Zambrano

Service tonight was. TOP NOTCH

Pamela Anderson

The shrimp alfredo 4 cheese lasagna was delish! Service was perfect.

Larry Reed

Great food and service!

Markk Poirier

My favorite Italian restaurant, the chicken alfredo was superb and all you can eat salad is a plus, make it your place too.

Michelle Pegues

The food is so good we used their catering service.

David Huntley

Good food, loved it our waiter was really nice. Daughter got the Tour of Italy, I got the buy one take one for my wife and kid at home. I just filled up on the soup and bread sticks. You can never go wrong with that...

Michelle Dodds

Great food and service

Melissa Echols

1. Olive Garden My Favorite Restaurant 2. The service was superb 3.I Love the Food

Jaredisbeast 907

I had a great experience with Nick!! He was a great server and was very attentive!! When I see older servers they are usually slower at getting stuff, not nick still act like he's 20 and he's awesome!! Thanks for always having great service been here many times!!

James Cobb

Food was delicious. I got calamari appetizer, was cood perfect not chewy very good. Main course was chicken alfredo, lots of chicken, sauce was great,was very filling. Staff was great did have to wait a bit for drinks but that was the only downside to the service. Manager was nice enough to take our picture in front of the fire place. Definitely an a plus chain spot.

Austin Levy

What do you expect it's an Olive garden. Friendly staff decent food

Rose Rhythm

Amazing food. Amazing service staff.

J Miner

The food was not what we ordered again. This location tends to make what they want with little disregard for the customers wish. Also the chicken parmesan was raw and fettuccini alfredo sauce was mostly water and very runny . And the noodles were undercooked by at least 6 minutes. Avoid this location. On the positive side the servers were very polite and professional. So at.least a small silver lining, on an already terrible spot from a food quality and accuracy standpoint. But the Vodka was.fresh at least haha. Fl

Leonardo Wassilie

Nice thing about being in the mall is you have choices, and after no service in Chili's, I was greeted with a hello and walked to my seat in Olive Garden. Food was excellent and service was good. I recommend the Shrimp Scampi

Martha Mendez

It was my b-day I had fun with my lil sisters

Terps Madison

Good service and endless stuffed pasta with salad and bread sticks. Not to mention a delicious strawberry mango margarita.

cindy chapman

Had a wonderful time. Our waiter was excellent. Was there with 2 of my best friends. Food was delicious.


Very nice place and not expensive.

Jessica Whited

The food was delicious. However, service was subpar. I felt rushed and on my first date night in a while I don't want to feel rushed (I dont remember the last time I went out without my kid.) They didnt offer more salad or bread sticks. It took forever for our waiter to actually take our orders. And then wait time for our food was ridiculous. When we finally got our food, less than 5 minutes later we were asked about dessert and to go boxes. I will not be returning.

Michael Pawloski

Always love this place. We had a last minute add in to our party which put us at 7 people and they were very accommodating. They informed us that we may have more time but he explained what he can do to make it work. He looked at the tables and judged who might leave soon based on the time they've spent there and gave us a proper estimate. It felt good to hear a little bit of research go into the answer. No matter how small the question

Anissa Sandoval

This is a very nice place to go for a birthday dinner or a special occasion. There are vegetarian options available here, but I'm not so sure about vegan options. There are separations between the booths so you dont really get other people's business. I've have gone here since I was really young and every time I have been satisfied, especially by the mint chocolate at the end of dinner.

In Jin Lee

Not the best food was cold and well one of the waiters were well not that nice and closed. Wish food was a bit better

taha young

Very delicious food

Trudy Johnson

This is a good Olive Garden. There was a big crowd waiting and we had a party of six. We were told it would be 25 to 30 minutes but it was only 15. We were seated then waited on in a timely manner. Crystal did an excellent job as our server. Soup salad and breadsticks were great. We also had some decaf coffee and it was delicious.

Amanda Osborn

Awesome food,the bar tender didn't talk much. But other than that everything else was amazing

Tom Jones

The worst olive garden in Anchorage, waited over an hour at the dimond location and then had to change our order, NEVER again in my life for the dimond location, the Tikahtnu is the place to be, fast, friendly, and has the food you ordered with a professional team and good management.

Scarlett Johnston

This review is solely on the staff. My friend and I had just sat down, roughly an hour before closing. We then got a call and had to leave the restaurant so we told the staff we would be back to just pick everything up after we checked into our hotel. The staff went out of their way to set us up with extra EVERYTHING. Bread sticks, salad the whole 9... regardless of us showing up right after closing! Exceptional customer service, don't see that much around Anchorage anymore.

Jillian Howe

I came in to get food to-go. I oldered a create your own. When I ordered I added grilled chicken to my pasta and it was $4.59 extra if I remember correctly. My food was brought out to be about 15 minutes later. When I got home I took out my food and found that there were 3 very small slices of chicken on my pasta. Don’t you think that for almost $5 there would be at least half a chick breast on here??

Alisa Granger

I waited 40 minutes for a table that was supposed to take 20-25. Never got sat. A party that was there after us got sat before we did and they had about 16 people compared to our 7. I understand sometimes it could take longer but thats ridiculous. Period. We left and went next door to buffalo wild wings where its cheaper and there wasnt a wait.

Ebenezer Nana Banyin Harrison

It's by far one of my favorite restaurants. They have very friendly staff, super delicious food and a welcoming ambience. I highly recommend if you haven't tried yet. It's value for the money, I would say.

Martin Stockert

Did the 4 course meal which was very tasty. The Brownie dessert was the best! Our server was slow, but sweet.

Annette Oldham

Most excellent food and good service

Robert and Sarah Key

My granddaughter had a very enjoyable time at lunch before she heads back to college in a few days. Good was delicious, as always and Roman, our server, was very attentive!

rosie cisneros

Our server was the greatest! Super sweet and quick. I'd go back just for her if I didn't already love the food

Edith Jo

I did not have anything wrong! Food was hot when arrived waiter was very attentive.they even acknowledged Bill's 65th birthday awesome.salad and breadsticks were awesome Thankyou for making our special birthday lunch.

randy gentry

Good food it's been awhile

Okuku Ochieng

It's such a laid back place with absolutely good food and service!!!


Excellent food, fast service

Dorothy Carpenter

Wonderful eatery for family....

Mark Ellington

Poor service and server went out of her way to make our party of 9 feel like a complete inconvenience! Food always cold! Boo on poor management.

Misty Smart


Steven Sorrell

My wife and I eat here often. For the most part, we usually have incredible service and very good food. In my last visit however, my food was barely lukewarm. I had the Shrimp and Lobster Mac and Cheese. I had had it before and I LOVED it. This time, besides being nearly cold, there was hardly any cheese sauce and I had to ask for more. the last time it was superb. I don't know what happened...but every restaurant can have an off night. Don't worry...I'll be back, but I won't order the mac and cheese again. LOL

Larry Lundy

Olive Garden corporate take notice we had dinner tonight at Diamond Mall Olive Garden, we have been eating at olive gardens for over two decades. Kameko a rookie server offered the best service I've had in dining for quite awhile, this even in comparison to the likes of establishments like Sullivan's, Seven Glaciers, and the Crows Nest. He encompasses what the whole dining experience is about. Five star service at a no star price.

Steamin Brockoli

We were seated, served, and out the door in 30 minutes! Our waitress was extremely friendly, and very prompt. We not once had to ask for anything other than to-go plates. It was, without doubt, the best experience we've had from any of the locations we've been to!

Tammy Miller

Service good. Had not eaten there in a few year. The food was just ok. Not the greatest quality.

Rachel Chamberlain

Mediocre at best, but I do love those breadsticks

Fernando Gloria

Great food! Great service! Thank you Natalia for taking good care of my Family.

Shannon Edmondson

This is actually my favorite restaurant in the area but surprisingly, we had a few issues on our last visit. First of all, everyone at the table agreed that our server had the worst attitude. She was mad when she greeted us! We tried to kill her with kindness but it didn't work. Secondly, it took an unreasonable amount of time just to get salad and breadsticks on the table. Lastly, the chicken and gnocchi that I had bragged on to our guests-- I'll just say, fortunately, they all like clam chowder because for some unknown reason, it tasted just like that. We tipped regardless but we did write a couple notes to our server that simply said "smile

Carol Simpson

Good food, good service.

Lori Salyers

Great food and service.

Stephanie Catrone Tucker

I hadn't been to an Olive Garden in probably 20 years. I got the baked ziti and it was so good. I really can't complain about anything. They were really busy but we were seated quickly and our drinks order taken right away. Food took maybe 30 min but it was hot and delicious

Rhodney Staniforth

Great service good food and we enjoyed it very much the bread sticks and salads are the best .

Angela C

Food was good but our server was mediocre. If you dont know anything about wine and a customer wants more info maybe you should get someone who does know instead of just saying uhh I dont drink wine so I dont know anything about wine. That was his answer.

Anne Tomasso

Olive Garden is a typical chain restaurant. It was clean and the service was good. The food is consistently mediocre. Good enough.

Mohammadnaser Ansari

I like the food here. The service is quite good with kind staff. I tried the carbonara which aside from being extremely high in fat content (because of its nature) was good. The eggplant parmesan was also delicious.

Aaron Spraggins

Offers gluten free options despite being very limited. Had a very experienced server.

Raymon Holt

Adequate Italian food. I tried the new stuffed ziti fritta and it tasted good. The mouth feel was like eating mini cheese enchilada cereal with Italian meat sauce instead of Mexican chili sauce.

Dualkarnain Siyah-Chal

Decent prices and food.

Keegan Ryden

Great italian food.

Kevin Delvalle

We were treated to the tour of Italy selection and chicken giardino. Both plates were delicious and were huge servings so we took home a portion for tomorrow’s lunch. The unlimited salad and soup and breadsticks came quickly to the table. Our server checked back several times to make sure everything was alright. It was a busy evening but we were able to choose a table away from the noisy crowd. This restaurant never disappoints!


One of my favorite restaurantd. I eat here for my Birthday every year. Always great fresh food. Staff knows the menu well and always happy to serve you. I recommend that if you've never eat at the Olive Garden that you do so immediately. You don't know what you are missing.

Marilyn Griffin

It was a very nice experience service was excellent and the atmosphere was awesome time waiting was ok not as long as bfore but overall I enjoyed

Ina Washington

Great customer service! Never disappointed!

Carla Anderson

Usually I love Olive Garden. However yesterday was a sad exception. We waited 20 minutes to be seated even though the restaurant was half empty. After we ordered it was over 15 minutes after salad and soup before 2 people in our party got their entrees. The rest of us waited another 15 minutes. I had ordered the light checked dish that was supposed to have fresh vegetables and a light lemon herb sauce. It was lukewarm, had almost no sauce and the vegetables were so over cooked that they were almost mush. The peas looked like they were out of a can. The only thing edible on the plate was the chicken. I was so disappointed. If you cannot make this dish better than this take it off the menu

Matt M

Love this place! I've had some great good and experienced here. Highly recommended!

Sue Hart

The olive garden in Auburn al was exceptional! My husband had the shrimp with cheese ravioli. All u can eat. The bread sticks taste wonderful, and the salad was great. We couldn't be happier. Had to send back the loaded chips. And the manager took care of that for me, otherwise I recommend the olive garden of auburn!

Kimb Armstrong

Normally Olive Garden has good service, I was surprised at the lack of it. Very disappointed at my experience this time around. The waiter never came around to check on us. Not happy I chose to come here. Will think next time.

Kaleigh Pannone

We ordered very simple things (sliders, chicken strips) and our order took an hour an half to arrive and the kitchen "didn't see" my husband's meal. The food was clearly prefrozen, over priced, and took forever. The waitstaff was kind and helpful but slow and we often had to wait for 10-15 minutes before we even had an opportunity to ask for anything. We had decided to try locals again after avoiding it for a few years due to similar issues. Dinner was $120, subpar, slow, and the entire family agreed, never again!

Joanna R

Very friendly staff. The food is delicious. Would definitely come back again!

Joshua Pittman

Excellent service as always. I’ve never had a bad experience at this location. Food is always hot, fresh, and full of flavor. Service is fantastic.

Mel dawn

I’ve been here before and usually my visit is Phenomenal but this time we were seated in a corner of the open wait staff area and as 5 different waiters and waitresses passed us and I understand sometimes it can get busy and someone can get overlooked but we sat there for 15 minutes waiting to even meet our server and put our drink orders in finally someone noticed us and asked if we had been help and proceeded to get us water and take our order then as another 20 minutes roll by we still hadn’t seen our appetizers or breadsticks finally when we decided to leave after being there for almost 45 minutes as we decided to leave we finally got to meet a waiter from a different section who asked if he could help us Named Bryan. Out of the entire wait staff he was very kind and very professional apologizing profusely For the terrible service we had received

Shawn Tu

Staff was super friendly and hustled. The food was great but it was the staff that made the experience awesome.

Orita Mine

Not the big deal others made it out to be. Food was fine but our server was lackluster once he found we would be using a gift card to pay part of our ticket. It's like he couldn't be bothered because we weren't "paying" which unfortunately for him resulted in a small tip (in cash)

Tom Hatcher

Moved away for three years and just returned..was very happy with the service and staff but amazed how much the food quality declined. We couldn't eat more than a few bites of any of our entrees. The salad and bread sticks were amazing as always though.

Matty Barz

It certainly at Olive garden and you'll know what you're getting decent food at a mid-tier price point however the reason I'm writing this five stars is because of the excellent service we got from our waitress. Very attentive and personable I would go to this location again.

Cristy Cannon

Love Olive Garden. .wonderful Birthday Dinner celebration for Tiffany, delicious Apple Titos Martini!!

Mary Faircloth

I love to eat here it's a wonderful place

robin herring

Food was amazing and Laci was an awesome server!!!

Cory Rivers

Great food great service

Cathleen Engers

Man I don't know what happened to this Olive Garden but our dinner was sub-standard at best. I was looking forward to a nice Sunday dinner with my son all day. We decided on Olive garden and we ordered curbside takeout so we can eat at home and watch a movie. My son got the spaghetti and meatballs. Let me tell you they "drizzled" the meat sauce across the top. So little that one meatball didn't even have sauce at all. Not appetizing at all. $11.99. I had what used to be the steak Gorgonzola, only now, it's pot- roast Gorgonzola. (No joke) $18.89. 4 bite size pieces of meat. And it tasted like they put sugar on it. Weird. My salad was definitely not fresh, the peppers were shriveled up and the onion slices we're dried up as well.the only good thing was the soup. What a solid drag, as this mom doesn't go out for a nice dinner often. Next time I'm taking my hard earned money to Black Angus. Disappointed is an understatement.

James Ernst

Friendly staff, pretty waitress who are helpful. Good enough food.

Cliff Hamilton

Service was good,........but.....they did not have enough vegetarian food to choose from.

Lorena Hendricks

I ordered food to go. It was ready on time and tasted delicious. We had the Tour of Italy which includes the fettuccine, lasagna and chicken parmigiana. For an appetizer we had the lasagna fritta and fried mozzarella.

Brian Booth

Always good food and service. Highly recommend

Timothy Reed

Good quick lunch at a good price

Tom Bennett

Excellent, had chicken parmesan and spaghetti with a big salad on the 3-5 pm menu, brought half home, extra peppers too; we both got sick shortly after eating here, our systems emptied

Carl Schurtz

Have not been to an Olive Garden in years and stopped by for dinner. So impressed! Food was genuinely delicious. I had the make your own special. The minestrone soup had real taste, not watered down been simmering for days flavor. My fettuccine with cream sauce and shrimp was tasty. So good I purchased the ziti dish to bring home. Server and hostess was warm and friendly.

DR7651 Drew

Horrible service and food! The coffee was COLD!!

Joy Johnson

Do not order anything containing pasta. They don't know how to cook it. You can't go wrong with soup and salad.

Brandy Sawyer

Great service. Great food!

isabel valencia

I cant even express how bad the odor was when we walked into this place. It smelled like bad body odor mixed with rotten meat. The waitress was nice but not very attentive. Our table was full of dirty dishes most of our meal. The tea tastes like mold. I asked for lemons and never got any for my moldy tasting tea. Silverware had dried food on it. I do not reccomend this restaurant. Try another olive garden

Kati Tunnell

The food was good and came out pretty fast, but the waitress didn't check our table often enough, meaning our drinks were often empty, even though the restaurant was almost empty.

David Cwodzinski

Always a good place to get all you can eat soup cheaply.

Deborah McCord

Great food and great service.

Soledad Rodriguez

Excellent customer service on Saturday night, I very nice gentlemen service us,

Larry Correll

Good food for the price

Tricia Thomas

No matter where I live I can always count on Olive Garden to be the same. The restaurant was clean, the staff was friendly and my meal came out just right.

Lila W

I ate here with a friend a few weeks ago and we had the best time. I asked my hostess to change seats as a table nearby was going on a political rant and she gave me no problems at all. Our server was nice and attentive. Her and two other servers all pitched in to help us. They made sure we were satisfied and even gave us free dessert because the food took a bit long to come. I wish I could remember there names but will def be back!!


Ive had repeated trouble with this location over the years. The food coming out tasteless/bland or undercooked became common so we started going less and less. The bathrooms are also a mess. I will say that they go above and beyond to apologize when things aren't right which was very refreshing. Ive eaten at many olive gardens in the US and they didnt have the issues that this one carries. I have high hopes that management will improve it someday!

Bob Chan

Great experience! We came in on Black Friday expecting there to be a long line, however they sat us down immediately. Our waitress came to us very quickly and took our order. We received our breadsticks and salad in a prompt and timely fashion . Almost as soon as we were done eating the appetizers we were greeted with our main dishes

Chhay Thon

I come here a lot. Love the atmosphere and great service.

Lorena Runyan

Awesome experience. Service was excellence. The server Brandon L was very attentive and seem to love his job. He made our experience very pleasurable. The food was excellence very tasty. We went to celebrate our 23rd anniversary along with Valentine's day.

Alicia Jones

Food was great and service was really good until towards the end. They slightly forgot about us.

Barbara Robinson

Very pleasant

Linda Owusu

Love their food and Anchorage olive garden is the best so far for me and my family. Will definitely go there again

Nathan Ortilla

The food was so good and the portions were perfect.

Jani Phillips

Absolutely superior experience compared to other restaurants. The girl up front was very polite and friendly. She gave us her full undivided attention and took care of our order quickly. She made us feel like she genuinely cared about our experience. I was only picking up a take out order but I will go out of my way to patronize this particular location in the future. Would definitely recommend. Fantastic service!

April Thompson

Very good food. Was told during a busy day it would be a 45 minute wait for a table for 7 ended up waiting only 20 minutes. Server was very nice. Food came out quick.

Benson Tedd

I love Olive Garden and especially this one. Staff is super nice and the food. And the bread sticks! Holy cow!

Tajnea Foster

Very personable and friendly staff that is very attentive to the needs of each of their tables. I also saw them cleaning tables and they do so very thoroughly. I saw a customer drop half a bread stick on the ground and leave it and one of the staff members saw it and picked it up within minutes. So they clearly hire good people and train well!

Baby baby

I love the soup with kale a d that's what I mainly go there for amazing

Stefani Rhett

Food was amazing and so was the service.

Kate Fitzpatrick

It's okay not great not awful just okay

Alina Miles

We had exceptional service. Personally from the manager as well as the server. I Have been going to olive gardens for almost 20 years Wow

Randy Rogers

The host sat my wife and I down at a table for 6. There were booths open but he insisted we sit at the table for 6. The waitress come over to take our order and never introduced herself. I think the quality of help they are hiring had gone down hill bad. There were waitresses sitting in a couple of the booths that the host said we could not sit at.

Kat Raveling

I had a great time. I had a server that way beyond my expectations and surprised me in a good way. He was a great server and was extremely kind and understanding. If you go to the metro center Olive Garden restaurant. Ask for Josh as your server he was great.

Crystal Fontes

Service was awesome food was excellent

Rita Trinidad

Wait staff was great, we had a huge dinner party for our daughters who just enlisted into the Navy. We had a great time and dinner was amazing.

Patricia Livingston

Not much sauce on fettuccini not very hot but tasted great love all you offer pasta fazolie soup wonderful. I get it every time i go there

Sean Foster

It's just like every other Olive Garden. I was disappointed they took the mozzarella fonduta off the menu.

Victoria Jameson

I don't know why this place is always packed EVERYTIME I go lol! Either expand the seating or reservation only!! I LOVE THE FOOD, servers, hosts, cooks but it's just so LOUD AND PACKED. NOT GOOD for a quiet dinner date.

Ale Coulter

Great stop for lunch to Olive Garden, pur waitress was so upbeat and friendly. I believe she made it the best experience I have had at an Olive Garden yet!


We had a very nice lunch here with a larger group. The food was properly prepared and the server was patient and professional. The front of house was clearly understaffed, there were not enough servers, and they all were clearly rushed and stressed.

Imaara Drama

Gypsy is amazing! Best waitress I have had in several years of eating out in restaurants all over the USA. I wish I could have taken her with me.

Stacey Rayburn

Great. Busy on the weekends but service is faster than you'd expect

Danny Lloyd

The bread sticks and salid are wonderful

Foster White

The server Mr Brody was great witch he always does he makes you feel welcome .The food is great.

Andrew Robinson

Always a positive experience at a local Olive Garden. Super nice servers with really good food I just wish they had a better on tap beer selection. Many of the meals would go great with a better selection of draft beer.

Stella Francis

Our server was amazing, older gentlemen with a good personality, excellent customer service. I'm not so impressed with other little things. My friend found 2 hairs in her soup, and the second server that had brought the food didn't really seem to friendly, I wasn't impressed with her customer service. Gross the 2 hairs in my friends food though gross........

Shirley Johnson

I had a great lunch there today. Barbara was the best waitress ever!! Ask for her and you will have the best experience ever!! Food was delicious, I tried the Shrimp Scampi with pasta, tomatoes and asparagus!! Compliments to the Chef!!! And don't forget the cocktails...I'll definitely return again...Auburn.....ROLL TIDE ROLL

Shelia Cole

Food was good and our waiter was fabulous!!!

leandro antonio

Good service and good food even though we came into the restaurant 30 minutes from closing. I was surprised to that none of the workers had an attitude. I've been to other restaurants when it was close to closing and you can hear the workers talking underneath their breath.

Amos Snoddy

Good food & service

Melissa Bruno

Friendly and attentive staff, clean restaurant. The bread sticks are always my favorite but the food is good as well. I would caution to be aware of your surroundings, particularly in the evening as Metro is still not the best area but overall our dinner was very good.

Blanca Jimenez

Good services and very good food

Ticci Toby

It was awesome. #thebest#ilovedit

rhonda king

The best......they need to send me coupons.i love they chicken and shrimp cabanaro

Ricky Folds

Awesome food and Awesome service way to go Lydia, for the service you gave us.....

Michelle Turner

Love the fact that they give you a free dessert on your birthday!!!

Rene Smith

Our waitress April was absolutely amazing. Probably the best service I have ever had at a restaurant.

Maria Calderon

The girl who took care of us was really friendly and nice.

Diane Peterson

Great service and dependable good food!

NaTaShA ScOgIn

Such good food and usually they have some sort of special going on that makes it affordable.

Darryl Rodgers

Great food an excellent service

Samantha Ninos

Our server Deb was absolutely amazing! She really knows how to take care of her costumers. When we go back, we definitely want her! Oh and might I add the food was absolutely delicious as well. Thank you!

Shelley Best

This reveiw is the Opelika Alabama location on Saturday night at dinner time in January. My fiance and I were celebrating his new job. We wanted a nice meal and drinks. The cocktails we're good but too expensive for the size. I was surprised at what a let down the food was. I got Hoodwinked by hype and was very disappointed with the taste and quality of our entrees. I ordered what was advertising everywhere and it was awful, I ate less than half. I didn't want to take it home even though it was a higher priced entree.

Cynthia Wolters

Food was delicious and hot. Staff was very professional and friendly . Clean restaurant and bathroom, but portions are becoming smaller and prices are still staying the same.

Heidi White

Food was great with awesome service!

Mallory McDaniel

My friend had a hair and half of a meatball in her vegetarian dish. The manager came over and asked a bunch of questions like we were lying, because who the hell doesn't want to almost eat hair? He reluctantly offered to comp the meal, which we accepted mostly out of irritation at the way he handled the matter. That said, our waitress was lovely and *my* food was fine.

Edward Napper

My first experience at Olive garden and it was just ok for me....I waited a little while for a table the hostess explained there was not enough servers...after paying my bill I asked for water to go and ordered bread to eat later with the extra food I didn't eat...was never brought a Togo water are bread so I left...

West tv

The best food in anchorage

Kainoa Ladines

Great food and service. No reservations, brought my family there last minute on a busy Black Friday evening. Waiting for a table was only a quick 10 min. And it was a full house of people there as well. Also every time I have been to this chain, my wife and I have learned to trust their wine suggestions. It’s awesome!

Adam Odell

This my families go to place to eat. Good food and good service.

Karen Conner

Food was wonderful and our waitress was so friendly and very good at her job. All in all a very pleasant dinner. A+++

Michelle Frary

Always good food, good service.

Carla Marshall

The service was great, and the food was hot and it wasn't long at all.

GenHazard .

I throughly enjoyed olive garden. I mean...endless pasta bowls!!! And delicious to boot, forget about it. Sold!!!!

Solomon M

Food was excellent and cooked to specification. Waitress was excellent as well.

Michele Heeder

Service was excellent, Zia was our server. Had Chicken Picatta....very salty and chicken tasted like a frozen dinner.....weird texture.

Octavius Tolbert

Great food clean environment

S.A Stapley

They pasta was good, but the day old breadsticks left much to be desired.

David Rigg

Friendly staff great food atmosphere peaceful


Food was very good and the service was excellent.

Dean Barnes

Good is ok, services was ok

Chey Vlogs

For many years we’ve never had a problem until this year me and my family had gone here in January of 2019 and they messed up our order, starting with my moms sauce. She asked for no mushrooms because she’s allergic to and she asked with out it. They still but it on her plate and that same day they messed up my order. I’m vegetarian so I asked for just a fettuccine Alfredo and they did chicken Alfredo by this time we paid for a $70 meal without a tip and not eating that night because it was 9pm and we were tired all day. This time I’m writing this it’s April 14th 2019 and my mom asked for the same thing knowing last time was just a mistake and she’s always gotten it for 2 years and so they can’t get mad at us. They came back and told us they don’t do that anymore and my mom didn’t eat. The next thing we know they had told the manager and had gotten him into this. By this time we’re kinda mad it shouldn’t been in a adult way and between us and our server vary unprofessional. Don’t thing we’ll be coming back for a vary long time

Free Subscriptions

Horrible first time ordering to go. Just got back from a long vacation with my family. Needed something easy to feed the kids. Ordered 6 pastas. 3 of them were cold. When I asked why they were cold answer I got was “ just microwave them” really?! They didn’t even have the courtesy to heat them up. Horrible service horrible first time experience. Would not recommend to go or this location again.


Off the chains. Chicken Alfredo worth the wait..add in excellent service

jhwygirl .

Typical Olive Garden, but I have to note that the service was great. Great waitress, and fast service - I needed to get in and out of there for lunch & waitress saw to it that I was able to do that. Salad & Italian nachos were great.

Leia Fuson

Great service and great food! Long wait tho. They were slammed

John Casseus

Good food. Server was professional.

Travis B

Love the food And the place and the people. So good

Michael Dangeli

Fast and super friendly service for a decent price.

Ghingher Erickson

Great Food, Great Service (Courtney), Atmosphere too! Definitely going back!

Peter Bell

Got there right at open. Had a good lunch. Skylar was our server, she was amazing. Very friendly, enjoyed sharing her story, and has a great demeanor about herself.

heather wood

Excellent service and friendly staff

April Carson Carson

Everything was soo fresh and tastes so good.

Debbie Dietsch

Absolutely wonderful. Great appetizers!

Steven Miller

All you can eat bread sticks and salad how can you go wrong..

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