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REVIEWS OF Dale's Southern Grill IN Alabama

Cody Johnson

It's ok, the ribeye someone else ordered had a good flavor when I tried theirs, my food was marginal country fried steak, mashed potatoes, and fries. Fries were soggy on the greasy side.

Judie Green

Absolutely wonderful servers, Jayla was excellent! I had the best piece of grouper I've ever had. Love Dale's.

Clarence Jones

Love it, Mr. Marvis is the best!

Ingrid Herrera

We went there for a Monday Family special and the pot roast was gross. It was supposed to come with vegetables but they were non- existent. Nothing tasted good, not even the corn bread. The Burgers on Thursday special are decent. We will never go back on a Monday.


All good. Southern style cuisine.

Carol Lowe

We love to eat here. Good food. Interior has been remodeled. Only neg is their booths sit high so us short people have dangling legs that by the time we are done eating our legs are asleep. Love the new stainless tables and modern update. The food was as always great.

Dean Shepherd

Great service and food was just right. Try them.

Cyndi LaFond

Food was great, kids want to go back.

Bob Cofield

This has been our favorite place to eat for years!

Alesia Carter

Always get the liver and onions. They have not failed me yet!!

John Hendrix

Eat there lots of Times today the food was awful. Nearly made me sick. I will not be going back

Ron Greer

Have been eating dt Dales for as long as the place has been open an one of the nicest people u would want to no an as a single dad he has raised his children with a lot of hard work with running his restaurant an i also keep up his flowers for the front of his business for he likes to make his entrance looking nice an i normally eat his goog selection of veggies

Edna Sloan

Fresh and delicious food. Excellent customer service!

Alexis Brown

Love this place. Never had a bad experience

Kenneth Wilkerson

The service was great n the food was mouth watering good my first time n i will be returning asap really good food guys

J Lang

Good food and friendly atmosphere.

Rhonda Bass

A little bit slow. But excellent food. Nice wait staff......

dawn lawson

Great food. I would suggest the service to kick it up a notch. Little slow when you have children

Joshua Shaw

Just discovered this place and love it. Food is amazing and price is good. I've had the steak, chicken fried chicken and hamburger steak at this point and would recommend any of those.

Tim Nelson

Just passing through. Great place to eat!

Melanie Taylor - Coleman

We were shocked that we were the youngest people in the restaurant. Normally when you are in your 40’s , this never happens. We were seated quickly. A waitress was over within 10 to 12 minutes. We got the fried green tomatoes as our appetizer. They were not the best or worst. When it came to our meals, we were both satisfied. The food is great and so are the prices. The reason for a four star is due to our waitress. She was very young and very forgetful. She really acted like she was miserable there. Al. The one other waitresses and waiters at nearby tables seemed to be doing an outstanding job. I definitely go back . The menu will please everyone. If you are looking for comfort food, this is your spot.

Richard Griffith

Love the food here. Great Southern classic comfort food. We have never been disappointed.

dustin moore

Came in Saturday around 12:30-1:00 we were immediately greeted by our server Jessica although she was very busy with several other tables she treated us like we were her only table. We come in here once a week and now we definitely will continue coming. Thank you to jessica she went above and beyond what any waitress has before. Food A++ Keep up the good work

Jules Green

My grandmother took me here a couple of years ago for the first time and I immediately loved the place. Since then I’ve taken my other grandparents, my parents, and other family members. For a while I was eating at Dales at least once a week and the only reason that has stopped is because I’ve been out of town. Excellent food and super fast service. Definitely a great place

Merrilyn Cook

Dale's has very good prices, a huge menu, and good veggies. I like it for lunch, especially when it is my big meal of the day. They have fresh made and frozen dishes for take home which is really nice for a quick meal.

JeremeyandMichelle Loper

Never a bad meal. Tried lots of things from the menu and always fresh and delicious

Gabriel Hastings

I love coming here for lunch. Great food and it isn't all just fried and covered in gravy.

Keyani McNeil

My sister invited me to dinner here and I can say this place did not disappoint. I can't remember our waitress name but she was very knowledgeable of the menu and provided excellent customer service. The food here reminds me of my grandma's cooking and she was a great cook. Thanks Dale's for the delightful experience. I will be back.

Linda Britnell

Great food! Awesome service by Mr. Marvis.

Coach Coach57

Have been going to Dale's for last 5 years.Good selection and price has always been one of my favorite places for my wife and I to have a good meal.Service is excellent also.

Angelia Bowdre

Oh Boy!! So where have I been over the last past 12 years?? Certainly not hanging out on hwy 31 pass the galleria mall.

Frederick Abbott

I had the country fried steak which was ok, the potion was small as was the sides. The cost was a little high for the potions received.

Cori Fitts

Food is good and they have friendly service. Need a little work on the online ordering system. But dining in is great.

Sherette Godfrey

The waiter was good and the yeast rolls were the best thing served. While the food looks good, it lacked seasoning and the sweet tea was so disappointing.

rina witherspoon

Food was delicious serve was great...I had the shrimp and grits with two sides.

Chris Clark

I'm a meat and three traveling connoisseur. Dale's is on my A+ list.

Wendy D

So wished we had a meat and three in South Florida! Never Know What You Got Till It's Gone. This was my first time at Dales and I really liked the food. Our server was prompt and friendly. A really nice selection of daily specials, reg menu items and desserts. The prices are very reasonable. I had the chicken tetrazzini, cabbage and fried okra. You get an option of which type of bread you would like and the portions are generous for the entree. It's not 100% Southern flavor, seemed almost like a little bit of a greek-style seasoning to some of the food.( Or maybe I just haven't had southern food in so long I forgot what it taste like.) Either way it was really good and I insisted on going back one more time. This time I had the cucumber salad, baked potato and country fried steak- which was really delicious. Great job! I'll be back the next time I'm in town.

Jerri Beck

I eat at Dale's fairly regularly for lunch. The food is Southern, well prepared, and the prices are reasonable. The folks who work there are super nice and pleasant.

ira lucas

The staff that was that was very friendly and helpful. And the food was very good. The catering manager came out and greeted me and talk to me and my friend and the waitress was very kind and helped us in choosing what was on the menu. The food came out on this very tasty. Heads up to Mark Isbell the catering manager there

Craig Winn

Great southern food. Large variety on their menu. Daily specials look tasty. I had the country fried steak. Lots of vegetables and meats. I would not call it a meat and three since it is not buffet style. Staff was awesome and the food came out quick. Cost was very reasonable.

Evan Glass

Love love loved the food here. Great selection of southern comfort foods with one of the widest selection of sides I have seen in a long time with many things you just dont see in most places. Prices were very good and the service was even better.

J. Terry McCombs

A vast selection of Southern comfort food favorites. Try the carrot souffle - I think you'll be surprised

Ceridwyn Matchen

Couldn't even get a seat. The booths are too small for larger people, and when we tried to found a table, the waiter said it would be a half hour wait. Never even got to try the food; we just left.

C McEachern

Great food every time.

Febra McGuire

Blackberry cobbler & Cream

Andrew Farrow

Great southern soul food diner to eat at. Food is delicious! It was a little crowded the couple of times I have gone, but understandably so with how good the food is. I would definitely recommend trying this place.

gunner sabot

Fist time eating there, price was good other than that , here's where they failed. First off, upon ordering my drink I got a remark about her dislike on that flavor. Then upon receiving my drink, she placed a 16 oz. Bottle of my desired soda inside a glass full of ice.Then handed me the whole bottle and glass with her hand touching the rim of the glass.When our food arrived, she handed another patron in our party their food over my head causing me to duck down so not to have hot food spilled on me.The food I ordered was drowned in gravy and tasted burnt.My fried green tomatoes were cut thinly with lots of breading.Thus I will not be comming again for the lack of attention to detail.

Skylar T.

Always good food, decent pricing, fantastic service, and just recently renovated!

Victoria Leemonre

Our whole family came in Saturday we were expecting a wait but got sat immediately Jessica was excellent in answering questions we had explaining the specials. She definitely left us with having a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Dale's if you are looking for great southern food, and the service we received was by far the best. Jessica Thank You for being so kind and polite to our family as well as my son. Thank you also to the people in the kitchen who prepare and make the food. I feel like you all always get left out

Fetchie .

Went to celebrate my mother's 50th birthday here..turned out very badly..Food was cold. It was good once before but this past time was just horrible. Won't be going back.

Thomas mcfadden

Great service and food

Valerie Garner

I like the remodel and the service was pleasant. The food was surprisingly dissatisfying. Compared to other reviews I' ve read. I wanted to try Dale's. Just to become disappointed. Maybe its southern grill was not what I'm use to.

Conrad Whitten

Good food good service can't get any better

Pamela Cartright

Enjoyed the vegetable plate. Great selection of main dishes and the staff are excellent.

JoAnna McClellan

Good food, great service. A great place my 91 year old dad and I can easily agree on

The Joker

Outstanding. Great catfish and great service.

Teddie Stull

I was looking for a restaurant in Hoover and just happened to come across Dale's it had great reviews and a good health rating I decided to try it. We went two weeks ago and haven't stopped thinking about it since we had the best waiter, Ben! I am allergic to peanuts and shellfish, when I was checking on the menu items he made sure everything I ordered was safe for me to eat. He even came back to make sure I wasn't allergic to other nuts. I've never had a more attentive waiter. I ordered the rosemary pork chop with roasted potatoes and fried okra; for dessert I had the pecan pie. The pork chop was cooked perfectly still very juicy the roasted potatoes and fried okra was all seasoned perfect and the pecan pie you could tell was homemade, it was the best I've ever eaten. I have told everyone about this restaurant honestly after eating I was ready to camp out front. From the decor, the staff, the food it honestly couldn't do any better. 10/10

Don Miles

Food is pretty good, but happy hour drink prices are laughable. $3.49 domestic pibts.

zoe smith

I visited Dales on March 6th during lunch. The restaurant was very busy so, there was a little wait to be seated. Once seated, there was about a five minute wait before the server even came to the table, but she had passed and saw us several times. I knew exactly what I wanted because I frequent this restaurant so, there was no need to ponder over the menu. When she finally decided to grace us with her presence, I ordered the apple cobbler and asked for that to be brought out first. I then proceeded to order the calf liver with double mashed potatoes and gravy. No real complaints on the food except the liver was a little tougher than usual, but no biggie. When the server Jay Jay came back with my cobbler, she sort of threw it on the table and walked off. I'll tell you I was not imagining this because a lady at the the table next to me noticed as well and asked me "what is her problem?". I mean she was rude the entire time! The service was awful and I will never return and I do not recommend it because management condones the servers behavior. My guest and I reached out to Logan and he never apologized for her behavior, in fact he defended her. The only positive is that the apple cobble is delicious!

C Barber

Super place to eat. Dale's has a complete Southern menu. I had the trout almandine. Delicious!!! They even have favorites on reserve for quick take-out in the front cooler for a complete meal pick-up, with desserts, yum!!!!


I've always like Dale's. But the last few times I've been in there the service has gone downhill. The same hostess 3 times, didn't greet me. Why do I have to speak first when I obviously walked in to be seated, She just stares at me....duh. Isn't the proper training and polite way to act as hostess, to ask the CUSTOMER how many are in your party??? Then lately the food has been too peppery. Let me add my own salt and pepper. Then the bowls....Chef Ramsey would have a meltdown with the vegetable plates coming in individual bowls. I feel sorry for the dishwasher whether man/woman or manmade. You can put it all on the same plate folks - it all goes to one place. I don't think I'll be back though, hostess is not friendly; even when there are 3 of them standing what do we say......

Scott Owen

First time. It was clean, the atmosphere was welcoming and the food was really good. I had friend chicken tenders, that were 2x what you get at the fast food ones. Mac/Cheese and fried green tomatoes as a side, and they were every bit comfort style as you imagine. My co-diner had the vegetable plate which were all just as good and flavroful. I definitely will go back.

Ashley Wilson

Great food!! Crab cake and squash casserole was so good! Ben is an amazing server!! Being a Culinary Manager that means so much to me!

Josh Putman

Always the best food and service in the area. Country fried steak is a great choice!

Rebecca Carr

Delicious food - honestly some of the best ribs in town. Generous portions and great staff.

Lydia Slezak

Fun restaurant! Great food and great atmosphere! Really nice and delicious!

Meredith Burgett

This place never fails food is always amazing and the service is great

jarvis Jenkins

Awesome food a little slow to take your order

Tia Harding

The food and service is pretty good here. I always go for lunch. Not everything on the menu is good so you have to pick and choose what you get. The last time I came I got the grilled lemon butter salmon with broccoli and cheese casserole, dressing, and a year roll. I was satisfied with this meal.

Bill Allen

Great variety of southern flavors and favorites.

Dae Clark

Food was amazing. Might wanna order an extra side though

Dan Dismuke

Great new look and menu. Delicious food as always.

Shannon Strieter

Looking for southern food on our trip to Alabama and we found Dale’s. We wanted to try it all & did try lots of it! Everything was great & Willie was the best! Great Southern experience.

Eric Schreiber

Went here on a Monday for lunch. The kitchen seemed to be having some issues, so our food was slow to arrive. However, it was all delicious when we got it, and our server Patti took excellent care of us, despite having to deal with the kitchen issues.

Sheckles Athletics

Everything is good here. Service is good

Tabietha Wilson

Favorite place to go to for home cooking away from home

Tammy Coffman

Overall great spot for southern quisene. Could improve on the squash casserole. (Way too spicy)

Gottfried Kibelka

We had reservations for a group of 12 and at arrival were seated in the "private dining room". A nice concept but nobody had found time to move the cardboard boxes with ready-to-warm Dale's food items out of the room creating a bit of a warehouse atmosphere and destroying all hope for freshly prepared food. The "vegetable plate", a combination that lets you pick 4 sides, was the only vegetarian offering. The sides had no explanations or markings about content and although I am a big fan of greens and beans, I assumed that they were cooked with bacon and lard. The deep fried okra were good, the carrot souffle was very dense and overly sweet, the fries were OK but the frying oil had been abused frying other foods, the fried green tomatoes were limp and greasy, probably sat under a heating lamp for way too long, and the jalapeno cornbread tasted like bacon. Yes, I know many southerners use bacon or at least some bacon grease in the skillet and this is probably the correct way, but why would anybody order a "vegetable plate" to also order bacon grease? I can go to BBQ joints that are more vegetarian friendly.

Eva Cartwright

The food is ok. Management is difficult to work with, coming from a previous employee. They are not upfront/ down right untruthful about your pay. "Tip share" is not accurate or ethical. It is a shame too, because if they would treat their employees better, then their retention would increase and their customer service would improve.

Ramona Norris

Have a fish I used to crave. Finally had opportunity to visit, fish was over done, salad was out of bag, and baked potato was brown and cold. Liked new decor but booths are horribly uncomfortable. .

Marcus Houston

Great food and service was fast and friendly. We had a large group and everyone enjoyed it.


Overall good food; however, they do seem to be having trouble deciding on a theme.

Dianne Jones

Great food. Excellent service.


I love this place and the food so much! My favorite thing to get is the delicious Southern Crab Cakes they have. Also there are so many amazing sides to choose from! The prices and very reasonable and waiters are also very nice. I would definitely come here more often if I could.

Devin Matthews

I love the food here, dont get me wrong. The service is so lackluster I don't want to return. I can't see waiting 30 to 35 minutes for someone to take payment. I think they need to hire more people. No one even seems to care how long you wait for service. I wish that the service was as good as the food. Maybe to go is a better option. Every week I come in just hoping that it gets better. It gets worse. I don't blame the server. I just think the management needs to staff better and they need to work as a team more for a better quality of service. I know bad days happen, they do, but the consistent disregard for service is really offsetting and keeps me from wanting to come in here. The bad part is that management seems un aware. I am sure this review will not carry much gravity, but hope it will inform the owner of the disconnect between awareness and service. Also, one of the kitchen staff went to the restroom and did not wash his hands... That is pretty bad for a food service worker.

Jessie Poole

This was my first time coming but it want be my last. Everything was the delicious the staff was awesome especially the manager. Thank you

Stephen Bryant

I’ve been going to Dales for many years. It’s been a family goto spot when all of the family is back in town. Recently a friend of mine said that they had a bad experience when all of their food came and it was cold. I also had a similar experience when all of the food was cold except for the meat. I probably won’t be going back, being that the portions were small and it was room temperature when served.

Teresa Smith

Love their food! I have never had a bad meal and have been several times over the years. I would and have recommended it to multiple people.

Debbie Carter

I did not go to this restaurant. I went to shonos next door and the food was great tha ks

Landon Graffeo

Great place for a fine dining experience without the fine dining price. Lots of menu options with something for everyone.

JoAnn Taylor

FANTASTIC...service was

Glass man Glassman

Big selection, love the fried green tomatoes with the bowl of LA Caviar. Everything I get is great.

Sandra Suber

Great bbq. Visit everytime I am in town.

Lynn McCay

Looked at the online menu and decided to give it a try. The minute we walked in, we we taken back by a horrible odor either like dirty mop water or a nursing home. We asked what the smell was and the manager said he didn't smell anything so we covered our nose and ordered. We would have left but we were hungry and decided to suck it up. Hind site, we should have left. We were served vegetables that was purred like for a nursing home and each vegetable (we order 4 each) was served in individual bowls that looked like what is used in a nursing home. Portions were small but that was ok because it was not edible. Only thing that was decent was the yeast roll. Only reason this is a 2 star is the food was hot.

Faireca Anderson

It was good. Our server, Ashton, was great! I need to come back with family and try more menu items.

kristi caffee

Great food and great service

Jennifer Tubbs

I really like this place. Glad I found it. The food runner mixed up mine and my friends fish and walk away without a word, or I would be giving 5 stars. The man who took our order was very informative, friendly, and polite. Great fish for lunch! Awesome in-house made muffins and jalapeno corn bread. Was thrilled to find carrot salad and squash casserole. It was very clean, up to date and neat. I got all of this and tea for less than $15 (including fair tip for the lady who refilled drinks).

Karen -Beazley

Love Dale's....with 38 can you go wrong??

Ryan Lantaff

Really Great food, service, and prices. I was very impressed

Judy Brown

Danid was a great server and the food was good to the last drop!

Brylaine Zimmerman

The carrot souffle is to die for. Great restaurant for family meals.

Betty Rayburn

Recently remodeled. Food was excellent and you get plenty. Oatmeal raisin muffin was as good as ever. We will go back in a few weeks.

Patrice Williams

This place is always great! Great for family or an intimate dinner with that special someone. The food is delicious!

Pratik Jangale

Nice and cozy southern grill. Plenty of space to seat good number of people, so never feels crowded. Servers are courteous and give a homely feel to the place. Food does come quick. Very reasonable prices. Tastes good too. Definitely a good place to try southern soul food.

Jaison Kuruvilla

One of the best places for southern food. Delicious food and the service was excellent.

Robin Ferguson

We love the varied selections at Dale's. Good service too.

James Taylor

Great food! Great service!

Karen Shelton

Moderately priced home cooking. Pretty good, and a decent selection. Great service!

Gary Gentile

Great menu. Lots of good stuff to eat! Service very good. Very relaxing atmosphere. Priced Right for lunch and dinner.

Robert Paulin

Great food. Great servive. Great prices

Steven Adams

The food was great I had the two piece catfish even Mr Dale is walking around working too so is Mark TJ is a hard-working also great place to have lunch or dinner my wife loved it

Susan Lyman

So many choices! The food was served quickly & hot, a little surprising since we ate a pretty late lunch. My mom & I both had veggie plates - we were full as ticks when we finished. I could eat there every day for a month & still not try everything on the menu. Highly recommend.

Chris Parker

Great menu, food and service

Michael Vanhook

A favorite with a wide menu an options for everyone.

Eunice Spitzley

This once delicious place is not good anymore. The service was slow. The food was not good. Won't go back.

Richard Allen

Great food at reasonable prices.

Kimeisha Crum

The food is ALWAYS great and very reasonable and the staff is very good. James the bartender/server is THE greatest staple in this restaurant. He has been there forever and is a jewel. He knows what his customers want and is the nicest guy. Dale is blessed to have him on the staff. Every since my days visiting the one on 280 he has been there making it happen for this restaurant!


Service was excellent and on point, but the food was lacking. My mahi mahi was overcooked and dry. The fried green tomatoes were good enough but average and the broccoli casserole was edible but nothing special. The others I was with felt the same about their entrees and sides. One persons steak was overcooked, another had too much pepper in one of her sides, etc. We did have a large group that they were able to accommodate and the staff were great. There are too many better choices around to return to Dale's or to recommend it.

Joe Glazier

Good food and great service!

Cynthia Davis

Excellent. Staff was really nice. We enjoyed having the owner son. He was awesome.

Ania T

I love the fact it’s southern food made right and that you don’t have to wait certain days to purchase certain foods . It’s affordable as well .

Sean McKim

Very good food in a great atmosphere.

Micah Reezer

Ordered fried shrimp, cabbages, and brocolli cheese rice. Everything was great the server checked back frequently and kept my glass filled with tea. The service was wonderful. Very clean surroundings. Can't remember the server name but she was excellent.

Maxine Bailey

Southern comfort good- great! Excellent Broccoli slaw.


Nice family restaurant. We were seated quickly. Our server Ben did a fine job, he was very attentive. Our meal was tasty and well priced.

Jack Kawell

I've been here a couple times, once for lunch and once for dinner, and was impressed both times! The food is excellent and the staff are kind and attentive. Great southern style cooking with an old fashioned atmosphere. I'll definitely be returning again. (I particularly recommend the meatloaf, it's fantastic)

Patricia Abbott

This place is a legit southern experience! From the time you walk in to the time you leave, it’s awesome! Food is true southern cooking from the appetizers to dessert! The fried green tomatoes are perfectly cooked and the best I’ve tasted! Service was above and beyond any expectations! Absolutely love this place and will definitely become a regular! Highly recommend it! Amazing family restaurant!!

Matt R

Found was ok, nothing special. Large portions. Our waitress was miserable, to the point of being rude. She told us when we were leaving she sat in traffic for 2 hours that morning so we chalked it up to her having a bad day.

Danny Sharpe

The food and customer service was amazing. I will definitely revisit.

G. Brown

The food was very good. The portion rec'd was a bit smaller than expected. The cashier was in need of a bit more customer service training in my opinion. She never asked how was everything after giving us our food and more were we suggested to consider dessert.

Jamie Clemmons

Good food. Good service.

Clarence Bibbs

The food is always good.

Caitlyn Cody

Kind waitstaff and excellent southern cooking! Loved the shrimp and grits. The carrot soufflé is a must try!

Bettyjo Deslauries

Small lunch portion but don't go on Sunday after church becuz u will wait hours before u can get a booth to eat

Noah White

Did a family reunion in the private dining room. My cousins from Atlanta loved the food service and atmosphere.

Cathy Storey

The service is great. The food is even better.

Carrie Fountain

The food has no taste the service is awful and you have to enter a tip in front of the server so its awkward

doGnation1 .

Service was great but food was mediocre... So many items.on menu makes it hard to stand out...except for peach cobbler, it was awesome!

jan mollette

Great food, portions and prices. Everyone was so nice. Will definitely come again. There are so many food options.

Julie Rowe

Trout almandine and all the fixins. Really enjoyed our visit.

Vicki Leithauser

Food was great. Got shrimp and grits and was excellent. Our waitress did a great job

Brandon Goulet

This place was amazing! My waitress, Tamara, was fantastic. The food was perfect. I had a ribeye that was juicy and flavorful. My fried okra and baked potato were cooked perfectly. All of the staff were friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere feels like a southern diner but more warm and inviting. The owner/manager was a very friendly person. The next time I'm in the area, I will definitely come back here.

kevin whitt

Ordered three appetizers: chicken fingers, deviled eggs and rolls. The chicken was over-cooked and dry, there were 5 in stead of 6 eggs and the rolls were great. Why was the chicken released? Surely the cook saw that it was dry when it went in the box? Also, I called 20 minutes out and the lady said 10 minutes. We arrived and had to wait an additional 10 minutes for our food.....come on, guys, you are better than this.

K Ammons

Good southern down home cooking. Excellent carrot souffle, fried okra, and lasagna. Service was good and atmosphere charming. Wonderful selection of vegtables. I would go back soon.

Johnny Narcoleptic

Daily specials are legit. Gouda shrimp and grits is the bomb. Friend green tomatoes are cornmeal dredged and fantastic.

Raynal 52

The food and service was great.


We ordered a large Thanksgiving meal online For my wife daughter myself and family through this website .wife and daughter went to pick it up spent Well over a $150. just got home To look at the food that we purchased and realized they forgot the Turkey and other items that people normally eat on Thanksgiving Day .Truly unbelievable. My wife is trying to contact them now to get this figured out being that we don't live anywhere close to this place. Every other time we've gotten food from here it has been great however this is not great happy Thanksgiving

Angie Roger

Great food, great service...good home cooked meals...the Mahi Mahi was heaven in my mouth!! Best fish ever!!!

Terry Miller

I came here for the third time because we were celebrating Mother's day. I will speak to my food only. I had (what I thought) a rather simple dish...turkey and dressing. The dressing was so salty it was unedible. The turkey (what little there was) was straight off the slicer from a precooked turkey breast (probably sliced at Walmart). The mac and cheese tasted out of the can (not restaurant quality at all, and the beans were warmed probably from a can of flavorless beans on the local supermarket shelf. The food here was not on par with any of the real restaurants around town. Go to Morrison's for better quality. This was by far my least favorite place. If my family ever suggest we eat here again, I'll take out a loan from the bank to foot the bill for dinner ANYWHERE else! I will never return! Get a Krystal burger if you're hungry before eating here!!

Hunter McKelvey

Fun family owned restaurant. Good food and excellent service. Lots of choices on the menu. Prices are fair and portions leave you well satisfied. Atmosphere is quaint and quiet, yet the restaurant stays fairly busy.

Pam Hurst

Goo, southern food but a notch more refined. Their latest redecoration is a wonderful bonus

Checkmate Raye

Great home style southern cooking!!!! Nuff said

Gail Boothe

This was my first time to visit and to eat there and it was so good !! Ben the waiter was awesome ! Very nice man ! And everyone in the front wad also great to !

Bargainomics Lady

You can usually be sure of two things when you visit Dale's: good food and fairly slow service. Not a place you want to eat if you're in a rush or expect a lot of timely drink refills, but if you aren't pushed for time, I highly recommend it.

Francious Thomas

Such a great atmosphere, staff is very timely and sufficient. Food was awesome. Such a great day to close out the evening.


Great food and service! Ben was our waiter and he was every bit of professional!

ItsQueen B

Food always delicious.

Chelsey Jones

Service qas great, food even better

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Alabama Coastal Catering
Alabama Coastal Catering
Catering - Alabama

Catering food and drink supplier

Char-House Foods
Char-House Foods
Catering - Alabama


Atlanta Bread Dothan
Atlanta Bread Dothan
Catering - Alabama


Dale's Southern Grill
Dale's Southern Grill
Catering - Alabama

Southern restaurant (US)