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220 W Carlson St, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States

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REVIEWS OF Magic Car Wash IN Wyoming

Shane Hansen


Patrick Kitchens

Crystal Compton

Kaylee Martin

Kristina Hecht

Tacy West

Excellent car wash

Stacey Ramirez

Chester Barkell

Great place to get your vehicles washed.

Josh Dodge

Great equipment to wash your car.

Chris payan

I've seen better but I've seen worse too

Sam Baker

Very convenient.

Austin F

I always go here to wash my truck at least once a week, often times more than that. Compared to other car washes around town, this one seems to have the most soap come out of the brush and the nozzle. The only down side is it does seem a little run down with potholes in the bays. If they ever fix the potholes, this place would be a 5 star car wash

Robert Valle

It takes credit card so good place. Keep in mind depending on the day it gets really busy.

Josh Crips

The self service car wash is where it's at. The self service has foam, soap and takes cards! The automated one does a pretty crumby job of cleaning my car.

jordan allen

Bhuvan Eshwar

Reasonable rates, quick wash.

Steve Bayless

I go there often - car wash self service equipment seems to work ok, automatic drive-through doesn't always do a good job of cleaning my vehicle. Self service bays concrete floors badly deteriorated however.

michael pantalone

Tired of the old guy with glasses giving dirty looks and shaking his head Everytime you got to wash the mud off your truck. Has happened multiple times.What does he expect it's a carwash? Maybe he should go into another line of work. On top of that the water pressure sucks and the water is cold. Will never go there again. Will spend the extra time to go across town. Much better car washes anyways

Gregg McDonald

New drive through is awesome! And it is fast!

Curtis Langer

Patrick Dumas

No brush wash won't scratch paint

Evan N Rachael Wetzel

Leaky hoses make this a place you don't want to use on your lunch hour. Unreliable water pressure is the only other complaint

Chip t

Love the credit card payment method. Everything works and usually clean.

James Kapptie

Love free vacuums

Debbie Bott

It is the only automated "touch free" car wash that we have found in town.

Social Photography

Charles Hayes

Multi choices for washing and rinsing at reasonable prices. Door closes to manage inclement weather.


This is a fine car wash.. i had no problems in and out.. it is consistently busy so i didn't want to hold any one up to take pics- :-(. .

Scott Hull

Normally wouldn't give this type of rating but what more can be asked of a car wash ?

Jon Wade

Sarah Meyer

I use to like going to this car wash, but lately it has been a HORRIBLE experience. I went to vacuum out my car, and the suction on their vacuum wouldn't even pick up the big rocks. Then I took my other car there to wash it, the arm that the wand attaches to was leaking soap out the middle, (so it did not do any good to try and rinse my car) and the car stall had giant pot holes and was full of dirt and antifreeze..... THIS CAR WASH IS SHOWING LACK OF MAINTENANCE!!!!!!!!

Al Layne

Brenda Fanning

Christine Brown

A hot water car wash!!!??? Yes please!! This car wash has doors to block the wind from soaking you in water, warm water to get the ice and dirt off...its AWESOME! The warmed sprayer even kept my hands warm while I took a long time and got every bug, dirt speck, and salt grain off my suv from a cross-country trip the day before. I do wish the scrub brush want frozen, but it was very cold out and I cant fault them for that. Its nice they have an auto wash too, if i were in a hurry. It got pretty busy on a saturday, so Id kinda reccommend a day or time that isnt a "peek errand time" like morning to mid saturday or right after work. I like that it doesnt use the the big turning paddle brushes like another popular car wash- the few times ive used those they never get the car actually clean so i end up baby wiping all the dingeyness off. With a good spray wash and/or a spraying only auto-wash, this is a perfect car wash in my book. Btw- they do take cards and not just cash/coins. :)

Jacob Sulzle

Other then there lot being a bit cramped. There was a gentleman on staff who, when i told him about a bit of a mess in the lot responded quickly to addressing the issue. Thank you for your great service much recommend.

Rhiannon Leinius

Carl Olsen

They do have an automatic car wash but I prefer the self-use pressure wash stations, which take credit cards or debit cards and charge you by the amount of time that you use with a minimal base charge of $2 (at this time, 6/14/17). If you have a average height (or lower) car, use caution pulling in and out. The street access seems more like it's for trucks and ATVs than cars. Maneuvering around the car wash is a bit awkward due to placement of bays and vacuums as well as a building. The carwash itself seems to lack sufficient regular maintenance but still works. There is a serious lack of self-use car washes in Cheyenne and I believe this is now the only one available on the North side of town.

Queen Wizard

Great place to wash and clean out your car. One of mine and my husbands favorite places to make our vehicle dapper.

Jerry Hargraves

It's ok

David Piroutek

I mainly use this place for a quick vacuum and hand wash. The automatic wash is okay but will occasionally take loosely fitting attachments off.


Owner is a complete jerk. He was mad that we came in to wash just the salt off the bottom of the car. He called us nasty names and was completely out of line. I will never go back, and I will let everyone i know what kind of experience I had there. FYI, I wash all 3 of my vehicles weekly.

Rachel Leger

Great wash and great service

Teresa Teppert

Janine Kozak

Need some upgrades

Art Torkelson

Autum Smith

John Boguski

Convenience. All equipment worked as it should. I was able to take my time

Cathy Gilliam

It's the only carwash I use. It has 3 bays to choose from if you want to do it yourself. Or choose the automated touchless option.

Ranjit Nath

Steve Buzzitta

Tight lot not a lot of pressure. Does have credit card timer

Janice Torrance

My car didn't get completely clean.

Mary Bain

No place to get change not very accommodating. Expensive.

Gary Howell

Laurie Hutchinson

The only car wash that I can take my Dodge pickup 2 and know that it will have hot water and soap all the time. High five to the new owner for keeping up on this place!!

William Whitmore

Robert Moore

Expensive but really didn't clean my vehicle.

Vanessa C

It's a nice self service car wash. They take cards as well as cash. It doesn't seem to busy.

Matt Anderson

George Nuhn

Good place fair prices

Michael Smiley

Great car wash

Dean Velikaneye

Everything worked as planned, a little annoyed with the minimum time requirement on self serve wash.

Trey McDonald

Shareen Muldrow

Structure needs fixed. Automatic car wash doesn't do great but gets the job done. Hand/spray wash and brush works the best.

Jeffrey Greene

Andrew Woodman

Pretty decent and well-maintained. It is cash-only.

yvette fuerstenberger

Convenient. Always open

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