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2311 Etchepare Dr I-25 Exit 7, Cheyenne, WY 82007, United States

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Here you will be able to see the reviews of people like you who consumed the services of Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Cheyenne , WY (Car Wash) in the state of Wyoming.

At this moment the firm gets a rating of 3.8 stars over 5 and the rating has been calculated on 134 reviews.

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Where is Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Cheyenne , WY?

REVIEWS OF Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Cheyenne , WY IN Wyoming

Jesse C

Nick Holzwarth

Zack Wingard

They took there time truck was filthy from me neglecting to keep up with washing it they did a very good job manager took very good care of my tanks and wheels had to scrub trailer after them pointing it out will be back again

Brett Gregory

Jaime Maldonado

One if the best blue beacons!!

Mr. Shank


Peter Ruddock

With 2 bay's open, been about a 2 hour wait so far, for a washout. It looks like they were trying to wash cement of a cement truck's . These places should be built with a escape exit so if you wait more than a hour , but once you come in your trapped.. 2 hour wait for 15 minute washout.

Carlos Carminati

Excellent work! Thanks a lot !!

John Zagoda

Not as good as most Blue Beacons. I got tractor, trailer, undercarriage, RainX on both. They rushed me through in half the time most Blue Beacons would spend. They didn’t even pressure wash the most visible parts of the frame, my wheels were still dirty around the lugs and the mud flaps were still dirty. Slow down guys! There weren’t many trucks in line.

Misha Hrokh

Bad washing

Gary Rickard

Michael Bucklen

Mando Kasa

Standard Blue Beacon. Can't complain.

Doug Danson

Pammy Macmillan

The Flying Trucker

Did a good job

Elmer Reyes

This guy's are great, I love when people are happy with their job.

Sterling Downard

Michal Kisiel

My truck and trailer was done in record time (around 10 minutes tops). The quality of the wash was poor. There were numerous bug splats left throughout the front and top of the truck.. I probably won't be back here.

Deep Gagan

Sirra Bande ne Yaar Ehh

Young Choi


Jewel Tierce

David Armes

I had my truck washed, great, no they miss a big part of my truck, I brought it to the ladies attention and she replied to me " we are not a mitt wash " I make my living in this truck I been to MANY BB most are all the safe the staff is terrible but my truck normally gets cleaner than this, stay away from this on like the plague!

Sylvester South

I've been here twice in the last ten days. Both times waited well over an hour for a wash out. Tonight they only have one bay open and a line of trucks including bull racks and hoppers getting full washes.

Richard Gee

Arjinder Kaler

Mark Laughlin

Made my RV look great again.

Richard Wallace

Ashley Brown

Chris Stuart

Ivan Huerta

Jama Wilber

They did an awesome job of cleaning the truck. It had not been washed for quite some time and it was very dirty. They took their time and did it properly. It was even double checked by using a flashlight to make sure they didn't miss anything. I was very impressed and will stop from now on when I am routed through that way!

Richard Bibb

Good truck wash, little expensive for mud removal

Gordon C

Angeles Ruiz

Good service.

love me money! !!!!

Long waiting, you will have no chance of changing your mind and leave. Guys look at the line before entering their long blocked drive way where you can only go out trough the wash bays. Oversizes over lengh do not bother coming in. Turns are very sharp. Decent wash being that its newly opened and still many are in training.

Michael Weston

Navpreet Singh

Don D

What can I say? They did a GREAT JOB! Very Nice Crew, Very Friendly folks here


$140 for only trailer wash??? R u kidding me? I normally have wash for $50-$60 I would not use this wash service, if they gave me rating info clrealy. it took only 15-20 minutes and said it was washout. My first & last time using this wash.

Paul Zimmerman

Did a nice thorough washing

Katie Joyner

Blue beacon never disappoints

chris inglett

Decent wash, but slow af.

Matthias Rollert

Too long of a wait

Harveerjit Singh

i wash my truck and trailer then wax and rainex they didnt clean tyre rims and cat walk , and refer fuel tanks .Thats my first time in blue beacon

Patrick Roberts

robert barncord

Unbelievably slow. I hope you have 3-4 hours to kill if there is a truck in front of you.

Carl Spackler

The little sales guy was frustratingly pushy

Curtis Schrepel

lynn poulin

Truck wasn't clean! Smoke stacks still had bugs on them!

Keith Smith

I always get my truck wash at blue beacon they sometimes do better than this piss po 75 buck wash..Would like to get that money back..

Dave Weaver

T.J. Nielsen

Didn't do a very good job at all. I've been here before and they did fine, they came and looked out in the parking lot at the j when it was dried and didn't say a word..

Jesus Quintana


Judy Blaha

Friendly crew! So easy & a professional job.

Sheri Foster

Great job on the 5th wheel and Dodge 3500 Truck, even got all the brake dust off the front rims. Thanks

Robert Fulton

A pretty good line at 9:00 AM. Brandon met me and explained Svc’s available. I had a 45’ RV and 30’ trailer. My rig was full of ice and salt. They did a great job of removing it and making my rig look good again. I was only there for 90 minutes total


Shot out to 'Q' for lookin out for me on the $0 .13 i was short with. Nice Good Decent Service

Paige Wilcox

They treat their employees poorly - ignoring family and medical needs, even go so far as to request that employees buy items (like snacks) for customers out of their own pockets, or threatening to make employees work the whole shift without a lunch. They fail to recognize that the culture of abuse leads to a high turnover rate. Automate your service if you want robot laborers.

joshua scanlon

In and out fairly fast but the streaks on the truck left something to be desired after spendin $100+ just to get the dirt off

victor malone

Hit or miss to be honest...better to double check their work before leaving the bay

Misha Sprindis

Edo Habibic

Worse truck wash 10 min for truck and trailer wash

Julian Smith

All Good

scott groth

Great job on the truck guys!

Nikki Sixx

Giovanna Tojeiro

Parker Freeman

Great service. Fast and cheap.

Ron Derr

Bradley Thompson

They don't do hopper washouts booooooo

Paul Farnsworth

Grant Kimsey

Awesome nice staff!

Kahraman Karacaoglu

They are professional and very friendly

Colin Brown

Another great wash. Fast and clean. Keep up the great work!!!


They used to be quick, now is taking too long to wash a truck. They used to take 20 minutes now it is like 45 minutes per truck.

Paul Kamber

I used the gas station next to it. I'm sure it's a fine car wash! I'll be back!

Karla Krei

They do a great job

Alexandru Zavoianu

Very fast, profeesional, they put a lot of accent on washing the truck which was done very well, I asked for trailer wash also(stepdeck), and it was mediocre...Good thing I asked them to wash the load a little bit as it was full of sand and dirt from the roads and they did it without charging extra.Price was also good.Overall, I will be back.

Hunter Sirrine

This is the truck wash!! They were super fast and my Rig came out like a gem. Not sure how they got it so clean in 20 minutes but...Thanks! I would recommend this place. Impressive!

diomande abou

Aidrey Lowe

Jeffrey Daniel

Drew Littel

they do a great job but you are going to be sitting there waiting for a while

Brian Saunders


Terrible management

James Estes

Nathaniel II

Jamie Wiley

Very friendly and efficient service

Steven Wolfe

Andrew Orlando

Friendly service. In and out pretty quick. No long lines


Really fast. Probably to fast cause my chrome was streaked

Craig Riehl

Pretty good

Juanca A.

Awesome service, David and Brenda looked after so well, even though I was the last truck of their night shift. Great job guys! Truck and trailer look great!!!

Dustin Cooper

They drug test employees and do quality work

Gary Jordan

Long wait!!

Edward Archuleta

Melody Woods

Fast and very nice people

West Texas Sinderella

Andron Marginean

I payed $106.27 for a trk wash, trlr wash, and trlr wash out. I didn't get a chance pictures of the trailer doors, they look like they've never been touched. I had to take the slugs out myself b4 I got loaded. This is what I got... how do I get my money back?

Brandon Scott

Did a ok job on my truck/horse tailer but seemed to just rush me in and out there were still spots that had been missed

Julio Perez

michael jackson

Kenneth Kelsey

Mud and dirt still running of tractor. Asked for trailer to brushed and was charged and did a terrible job. Charged for rain ex and was not applied.

Becky Sowder

Slowest Blue Beacon anywhere! They only have one person washing trucks! I realize they run a skeleton crew on the night shift but this is ridiculous! I had 2 trucks ahead of me when I got here and an hour and a half later the same 2 trucks are ahead of me!!

andrey bondarev

Jerold Nott

These guys have always done an good job when I've been in before. This time is an exception. This may be the worst Truck Wash I've ever had at any Blue Beacon. I spoke with Clayton, the operations manager and he promised to make good when I come back to their location. Thanks for being so professional Clayton. Update; They made good on their promise. Great truck wash this time. In my book they went from a 2 star to a 4 star. Thanks again everyone at Blue Beacon, Cheyenne!

Ismael Santiago

clayton connell

Great place

Colin Wood

Another excellent job and a timely fashion. Keeps me coming back even if i have to drive further to get to them.

Bob Borowiecki


As beacons go not the best but trying

Tyler Brown

William Polk

Great wash, friendly staff and quick!

Daniel Clark

Great job on the truck wash thanks.

joy jenkins

Good job they do

Leslie Pixley

Ryan Kerby

Possibly one of the worst wash jobs I've ever had. Got charged for 14 min of de-mudding when it took them about 8 min to wash it off. Missed bugs and road grime on stacks. ( Not scrubbed) management really needs to review their employees at this location. I won't go back.

Aleg Boxxer

Good price. Fast service

Victor Turcanu

These guys are doing such a great job. They are friendly, they are working fast and the results are incredible. I'm very satisfied with this location and their staff. My truck became a head turner after them :) Thank you!

justin barto

Best truck wash ive ever been to. They had one guy walking around inspecting everything to make sure nothing was missed. Highly recommend

What did iDEW

Kendrick Jones

jeremiah brooks

This is the model store. These guys were on point. They are very organized. And hustle.

Cody Aery

Washes pretty well. Good set of crews. But they will bite you on cost for de-mudding.

Ken Saylor

Good job. Friendly personal. Best service from the Cheyenne crew.

jose origel

I just paid $55.65 for a truck wash and rain x. Well I learned today that Blue Beacon does not care of the the truck is clean. After I pulled out of the bay I did a walk around. Noticed some missed spots. I called Xavier, the lead man in that bay. I told Xavier that the passenger side was worse than the driver side. Xavier jokingly said it was because the passenger side was the side the "girl" worked on. (Yay misogyny) The area by the clearance lights was full of bugs. Xavier explained that the area was not brushed because I had not requested for it to be brushed. Then what about the other missed spots? Well if the hoses can't clean it then oh well. So today I learned that the Blue Beacon does not care if your truck comes out clean or not. That is not thier job. The Blue Beacon is about water and air pressure ( also keeping misogyny alive). So there you go. Just a simple misunderstanding of what was meant by the word "wash". Nope don't recommend this place.

Nicole Stuart

A Mora Trucking

Brad Biggar

These guys rock . Best wash ive gotten in a long time 3/4/17

Lorene Hines

Constantin Babac

Julius McKinzie

I'm still here in line, no problem waiting. Only truck in line here. For some reason, they shut their door when they seen me here. Another truck pulls up 30 min later, they open the door let him in and refused to acknowledge me. Since they don't want to service me, I'm leaving. Racist, idk this is Wyoming! All I wanted was trick trailer and engine, but they rather wash the everybody else, so I'm gone I guess.

Edward Wills

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