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18 Eastpark Ct, Madison, WI 53718, United States

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REVIEWS OF Suds It Up Car Wash IN Wisconsin

Kevin R

Greg Batz

Ernest Flippin

Michael Viney

Great experience. We have tried several other automatic car washes in the area and feel this is by far the best. The pre-soak by an attendant, brush washing on top and sides, lots of blowers to dry, and free vacuums if you get the wash. The only way to get it cleaner would be to do it by hand. Two downsides: one they are not open at night so have to get it washed during the day, second, the drier does not always dry it all the way..we carry a small chamois in the car to dry the areas not done as well as we would like by the dryer (usually side mirrors and back hatch). But for the money and quality this is the place we take both of our vehicles!!

Dustin Johnson

Gemayne Williams

Love this place. Best car wash in around for the price.

Ian Denton

Jeffrey Richter

Best drive through car wash in Madison. Inexpensive, great cleaning, free vacs and quick. My favorite combo!

Julie White

Great Place

Marci Conner

Great customer service! I asked an employee if he could spray off my WeatherTech mat. He did and took it one step above and dried it for me as well. Love this place!

Aaron Floyd

Best car wash value in town! Many options and price points available including monthly plans! $5 wash plus free vacuum is awesome value. Been going here for years and never had a single scratch from their brushes. Great business and will continue recommending to others! Just added tons of vacuums so never a wait.


Good place to wash car.

Ryan John

Great wash for a reasonable price. Nothing will clean a car better than manually, but this is as close as it gets.

Chris Jennings

Quick wash by the Park & Ride. In and out with no fuss and I got the dirty shared company vehicle cleaned and vacuumed in about 10 minutes for just five bucks.

Kyle Weber


Great carwash, free vacuums, friendly staff, convenient location. This is the only place I take my cars .

Jamie Preder

Love their vacuum and unlimited pay plans

Troy Kuhl

Josh Jones

Decent car wash that is close to my work but it DOES NOT clean running boards at all and does mediocre job on lower side of vehicle.


Drew L

Rich Miles

I like it. Good car wash for the price. HALF the cost of mermaid. It's attended, but you have to do your own vaccuming and interior wipe down. This is where I bring all of my cars now.

Andrew Melton

I come here very often and really, it's great! The only issue I have is at the beginning of the wash, when a person applies the concentrated cleaner, they only get some of the front bumper, the left side, and some of the rear bumper, not the right side at all. And depending on who is applying it, they either really make sure they're doing a great job doing so, or hardly at all. Other than that, it's a great place to go!

Ted Zoromski

Tina Johnson

Great car wash plus the attendant let me know my head light was out!

Lyda Sauer

The employees are always nice, the wash tunnel is fun and does a good job and the vacuums are great.

sam w

Their vacuum sort of don't suck... Recommend taking the nozzle off the hose, when I did that I got much more of a vacuum. This worked because all of there nozzels were clogged.

Ryan Colburn


Brandon B

Affordable wash menu- free vaccuums- cleaning supply vending- Great!

Doug B

Try the monthly unlimited

bumis smichele

Easy to use and seems to be a bit more thorough than a regular automatic car wash. The car moves through stages while you stay in it. Best part is free vacuums that are really powerful and have long hoses so they're easy to use- and the time is unlimited. Price is comparable to gas station car washes, but there are unlimited passes available. My sister, who recommended this place to me has one and loves it!

Sarina Brion

Have never been disappointed with this car wash. Such a great price and does an amazing job! I’ve even taken my 1972 corvette stingray through this car wash because I trust it so much!

James Thompson

The car wash itself cleans nicely. If you bring your pup, there's a good chance they will get a treat. The pre-scrub is nice. It could have been better if they had both banks of vacuums opened up. Almost all the vacuums that were on were being used and it got a little cramped. I didn't see any sign as to them being off so I pulled up to one that was unknowingly out of commission.

Tyler Greenwald

I enjoy the car wash they provide and they don’t give me any hassle no matter how many times I go through on unlimited!!!!

Nick F

Stay away from this place for a couple of reasons: 1 - dryers will throw dirt on your vehicle if you are the first one through in the morning. The owner will then try to put it off on you as if its road tar. 2 - They will bill your credit card randomly then spontaneously cancel your account and refuse to honor what you have paid for. 3 - One of the staff members looks like he shows up hung over every morning and hates his job. I have yet to see this guy smile once. 4 - The "works" package does nothing for removing snow from your vehicle. 5 - The "spot-free" rinse actually leaves spots on the vehicle, forcing you to dry off the vehicle as soon as you pull out or deal with water spots. My reasons as to why you should look elsewhere. Oh also, the cost, $18 for a premium wash??!! hahaha what a joke.

josh reno

Meghan Champion

Christopher Baron

Attendant needs to be more proactive for the membership people. I have the highest and he still barely put any pre soak on the front and pretty much missing the entire back. You could tell he just didn't want to be there.

Mike Scott

Absolutely love this wash. I would give it 10 stars if possible. The attendants are well presented and the customer service is professional. I love the new vacuums and absolutely love the tunnel wash I signed up for a 39.99 unlimited wash plan and will keep coming back. Suckers for the kids, treats for the dogs. Family owned business been open for 13 years.

Bryant Plano

Love this wash. Straightforward, rarely busy and does a really nice job. My only complaint is there isn't on anywhere near Middleton! (Request: please expand!)


Doesn’t dry the car well, and it advertises a $5 wash that basically does absolutely nothing, it just says that they “rinse” it. Then the washes are $10+ and they offer a tire cleaning for $3 extra, and this was the result


Great wash, good prices

Ayo Arowosegbe

Dale Endres

Nickolus, Sorry for the experience you had at the wash. Every night our tunnel is cleaned thoroughly from the floor to the conveyor to the walls. Also each dryer is run by 10 to 15 hp electric dryers that blow strickly air onto the car. We have run our own vehicles threw first in the morning and have not had such a thing happen. We are a little confused about the dirt blowing on your car? I am more than willing to give you a rewash. Also one of our employees is very shy and has always been a quite person we don't disciminate him for that and he does a good job for us. The owner cares about every customer and employee. Thank You, Management

Phillip Lee

Straight forward and easy to use. Vacuum stations are great and spacious. Facilities are clean and well designed. Great value too. It is not a touch free wash and it’s the type that has the wheel railing/track so if you have nice wheels you should probably reconsider. NOTE TO LOWERED VEHICLES The entrance to the car wash is haggard and super steep so if you have a lowered car, you will be scraping. You can see the evidence of plenty of cars that didn’t fair well against the ramp entrance.

Shequalah Hatchett

Gregory Conner

This is the best car wash around. Its a touch wash but they use microfiber sponges so it does not scratch the paint. I have seen them improve the car wash multiple times making it better and better each time. Also you get unlimited vacuuming after a wash. I would highly recommend this car wash.

Jeremy Goetsch

I love the unlimited vacuum and the monthly all you can wash pass! I drive for work and love coming out to a perfectly clean car. I've never had a long wait at this wash unlike a lot of the PDQ carwashes around here. Even if there are cars in line ahead of you it moves along unbelievably fast.

Sarah Maier

Love this carwash!

Bret M

Good wash, but some of the attendants are absolutely worthless.


Muneer Afifi

Justin Sullivan

This Nick F (Nicholas Henry) person who has left a bad review of this establishment, Nicholas Henry if you choose to be negative please keep your opinions, thoughts, to yourself, this business has been around for 12 years and counting. I am one person who refuses to accept people who bash businesses. No reason for it. Love this wash, been going there for almost 9 years. I choose no other wash and refuse to accept touch less washes as a competitor to these friction washes. Your losing money at touchless washes. This business is family owned from the ground up. This wash DOES NOT SCRATCH, DENT, BREAK, OR APPLY ANY KIND OF MATERIAL OTHER THAN A CAR WASH CLEANER TO YOUR VEHICLE. There is road grime when driving on roads, tar from maintenance to roads, and grease from semis, and other vehicles. I drive a 2015 Tesla Model S and have been bringing it there for a year and a half and before that i owned a Toyota Prius, these vehicles never got damaged, never had issues of any kind. I pay $80.00 a month for two lava elite washes on fast pass plan. I never had an issue with credit cards being held for payment or overcharged. My Tesla always looks amazing coming out of the wash. THANK YOU SUDS IT UP CAR WASH LOCATED RIGHT HERE IN MADISON, WI RIGHT NEXT TO HAPPY WOK, AND ENTERPRISE.

Jennifer Scianna

Lots of wash options. I appreciate the free vacuuming with car wash. It's a convenient place to clean your car inside and out.

Shawn Smith

Good value.

Sara Herr

Went through the car wash there on Friday and left with soap covering the whole driver's side of my vehicle. I will not go back again.

Priyo Gang

Micheál Ó

Very fair price on a quick and convenient car wash right in the neighborhood where a LOT of people live who must drive cars due to little or no practical bus service. A decent variety of options are offered, and there is a bank of self-service high-power vacuums outside after your car has been washed. Credit cards accepted, payment is automated by machines just before pulling up to the wash. Customers remain INSIDE their vehicle as it passes through the wash.

Madi Olson

Hands down BEST car wash in Madison!!!!!! Great experience and even better service!

Brandon Anderson

Edward Urfer

Amy Neubecker

EXPENSIVE dryers suck streaky windows , someone directs you in I thought someone would vacuum my car! I would rather travel farther for octopus

Kevin Utz

Good value and experience. Dryers could do a better job.

Theresa Sanchez

It's a great car wash and it's really nice cuz you can vacuum it out yourself. And I will be going again cuz they do a great job...

Christian W

Carol Kluever

Best car wash is a great deal. Washed my car and the same day there was a storm. Next day my car still looked like it was just washed. Free unlimited vacuum time is a huge plus.

Robert Myatt

Great vacuums and affordable car wash options.

Christopher Horst

Awesome vacuums


I paid for a $13 wash. There was still soap on my car when I left. I won't go back.

Jared Hamel

Super helpful and friendly. Will return often! A+++

Matthew N. Fuller

Fair prices to get your car very clean. Free vacuum for customers, this it worth it. Soft wash. Attendant on duty.

Emily Polzer

Great prices and love the free vacuums!

Amanda Alvarez

Elaine Griffin

I love this car wash and the fact you can use the vacuum cleaner as long as you want!!! I love going here!!!

Robert Brunner

Love this place. Unlimited monthly pass is the way to go


Edward Dotski

Jenny Brunges

Octopus used to be the place I would go because they actually cleaned the car. Since octopus closed I have started to go here. It is okay but I never feel like my car is completely clean when I leave

courtney wartner

Serene Rismeyer Schroeder

Love the package deal where you can pay a flat fee monthly

Drew Halverson

Best car wash in the Madison area now that Octopus is closed. Prices are reasonable, the automatic wash does a decent job, and vacuums are free with a wash.

Emily Chadwick

Andrew Estervig

Lots of wash options and they just updated their vacuums which are included in the price of the wash!

Karl Siekert


I’ve been using this car wash for my vehicles for a couple of years now and I’ve always gotten great service here. I’ve been to the other full service washes in Madison and this is just as good for less money! Is there occasionally water running down the back or sides of my car? Yes, so what I do is wipe it off my my towel! The majority of the negative comments made here are from people that you could never please no matter what you do for them! Try this place out, it’s great!!

Kellan Reierson

Decent car wash. Vacuums are free with a wash.

Scott Greiber

Mona Hull

Unlimited monthly washes are wonderful

Conrad Szambelan

Low monthly fee excellent service

Evanne Ellis

I like this place. Been a few times. Price is fine.

carolina d

David Key

Best wash in town

Aaron Lewis

Best wash in town

Andrew Scully

By far the most convenient and well managed car wash in the entire area! There’s never a line due to the tunnel design. And the vacuum sucks so much! Literally!

Ignacia Munoz

Xavier Casto

Great place to get your car washed and vacuumed out. Get the unlimited washes, it's a great deal.


Jay Martinson

Lesley Tomberlin

I had a free car was pass so I checked it out today. Beautiful day for a bath. Service was fast and my car came out looking as dirty as it went in but now is shiny dirty covered in wax. The free vacuum was a decimate BONUS though..

Kathy Virnig

unique shrestha

One of the best car washes in Madison, free vacuum. Only con is the location.

keerthi & suman Kondru

User friendly car wash . esply the quick 5$ wash when you are in hurry . Many free vaccum kiosks is a plus .

Andrei Resmelita

Di Jos

I am impressed with this place. I got a free wash from the dealership and tried it today. The line moved fast!! It did a great job of washing my vehicle and there was free unlimited vacuuming after! Thumbs up!!!!

olll Blac

Rachel Sloss

Charmaye Bias

My car looked so good I will always come here.

Kasandra Jones

Joseph Zitzelsberger

Best car wash I've ever been to. Always makes my car sparkle like it was just hand polished!


Vladimir Wagner

Francis Wellnitz

Eric Prieve

Excellent service and employees the little personal touch to an automatic carwash is great.

Todd Michael

Love this place!

Rob Falb

Best car wash around!

Keith Kaleas

Dented hood and roller bent wipers smashed windshield. Hiring attorney. Don't care what their cameras show. Because I was not offered the opportunity to see the video. Would not recommend this business.

Jen Griffin

Get the lava elite wash.

Melissa Haberman

Joe Thompson

So far, so good. Came highly recommended by co-workers. Bought the monthly pass, which is very worth it since I live nearby. The personal touch is very welcome. This place is a-ok in my book.

Maurice Falcon

Free vacuum and great at cleaning wheels!

Mason Lochner

Joseph Frey

Eric Klar

Best carwash around and unlimited vacuuming is a great perk

Jeff Snapp

Bret Loy

Best Car Wash anywhere !!

Greg Sampson

Great place. Monthly payment and wash as much as you want.

peggy pickhardt

Thomas Yates

Jhelen Torres

Great service

Anthony Duarte

Best car wash in town..

Andy Kelley

Cheyenne Brandt

The best car wash in the area by far! I took my car, which was covered in bird droppings, for a wash there today and after the first wash there was still a lot of droppings on my car. However, the manager wash quick to offer me a rewash and personally pressure sprayed my car before the second wash. After, he also helped me shammy the car dry! I’ve never received such great service ANYWHERE! Would highly recommend this car wash.

Chris Truitt

Love the monthly pass! Unlimited washes for a reasonable monthly price. Definitely a must for Wisconsin winters!

Roy and Courtney Blanco

Quick, inexpensive, and free vacuums when you get your car washed.

Kyle Kopczyk

Matthew Brown

Justin Hanson

Great car wash. All the equipment is top of the line. The owner Dale is great guy. He treats all employees and customers like his own family. The 13$ wash will allways get your truck/car sparkeling.

Derp Apotomus

5$ car wash. Good place to wash off the salt.

Ted Zoromski

Absolutely love this car wash! Friendly staff, great deals from time to time and free vacuum use! I just wish they would consider opening a location on the west side because the automatic car washes at gas stations don't get your car as clean and shiny as this car wash. Car wash actually brushes the soap on the car rather than just spray on/wash off.

Anton Vukoty

The best car wash in the Madison area

Eb Dabs

It’s. Cool place

jridi jridi


Reveatte Fox

Megan Storley

Love it

Lucas Newcomb

Best car wash in the Madison area, hands down!

Jeff Ligas

My car was behind three other cars INSIDE the wash. The first car in line put on the brakes and all the other cars hit each other. I called the owner Dale and he said "not my problem, you need to talk to the person who put on the brakes" and then he hung up on me. Don't go here if you care about your car.

David GRAY

Rachel Muller

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