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101 Center Ave, Janesville, WI 53548, United States

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Here you have the opinions of people who use the products and services of Sponge Spa Car Wash Five Points (Car Wash) in Wisconsin.

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REVIEWS OF Sponge Spa Car Wash Five Points IN Wisconsin

Joseph Antos

I was actually impressed with their car wash system. Really great water pressure, clean inside and out thanks to their vacuum system, it really sucks!

Cory Wilcox

Wendy Swiggum

I got the $5 wash didn't get all the dirt off van but will try again later

Jane Of All Trades

Super fast wash, traffic pattern can be confusing at first, strong vacuum.

Katie Hagenbuch

So quick and convenient and cheap! Love the location, I use this place regularly in the winter time to get the salt off!

Sharon Stefanczyk

Lynzie is amazing @ 5 points has sucha wonderful attitude & willing to helo if you need it.. she always makes me laugh & her smile lights up the place.. keeo her AROUND for a ling time..

Willie Petaia


Marc Webb

Jack Harris

Randy Cole

Decent car wash for the price

Marvin Whitson

Brad Campbell

Jordan Lopez

Best car wash in town.

jody behlke

Nice place nice people free vaccum good prices

Becky Hashagen

Tara Shultz


Best car wash in town! I recommend the monthly fast pass+

Korey L. Quade

When I showed up to get my truck cleaned that was full of dust and dirt they told me I had to go somewhere else to clean it off before I could go threw there car wash. So if you have a dirty car don't go to this car wash they only take clean cars.

tonya lee anderson

I like this car wash it got my car very clean and the brushes did hurt my car

Tim Benedict

Nice place

Jody Gumbs


Tina Marschner

Car was clean! I like how you don't have to wait long.

Daniel Kelly

Awesome value

warren Ruffin

Jeremiah Elmer

Krista Jones

Alex Per

kevin ray

J Toles

Great car wash

Robert Popian

Price was good, car was clean. Car actually came out much cleaner than it has at the other car washes in town.

Dave Pann

George Snyder

Sheryl Miller

Great value washes.

Cheryl Hernandez

Brett Tarkenton


Jeffrey Allen

Of the few car washes left in town, this is a nice one.

Alex ware studios

It does a really good job at cleaning your car

John Brennan Brennan

It’s a decent wash, but soap is left behind. They need to add some more water jets or direct them differently to eliminate soap from inside of the mirrors and back bumper area. The backend of my car is left with dirt. Don’t show up five minutes before closing time as I did and was turned around. They decided to close five minutes earlier. The biggest disappointment that I’ve experienced is that when you go to cancel your auto carwash payment, you need to do it four weeks before you want it ended. I suppose I could fight this one with my credit card, I did not sign anything in agreement to this type of nonsense practice. Vacuums at five points are the best. The other two do not compare. Over all it’s the best wash around, just needs a little help.

Breanna Tracy

Stephanie West

Luke Haseman

Laura Ritter

It was definitely unique and fun for my son to watch as he ran through it in the car, but the price was a bit steep. Otherwise, it was a decent carwash

Karen Woolsey

really clean truck.

Skip Newell

Kari Kersten

Lori Church

Does a good job of cleaning for a car wash. Free vacuums.

Susan Burke

Great car wash

dre pruett


Great wash, free vacuums and really friendly service! I am going to sign up for the unlimited program...its a great deal!!

Carol Mattison

Totally reasonable, excellent service great car wash!

Martin Polimus

Get the all you can wash deal..... Way with it!

Connie LP

Not nearly the quality of the Fort Myers wash. Complete waste of money. I honestly don't think I received the wash I paid for.

Vickie Gillett

Daniel Turner Bergh

Terrianne Jimenez

My car was pushed into the truck in front of me today and the car behind me was pushed into me. The car behind them was pushed into them. This happened until the truck driver put his car in drive and moved the vehicle himself. It was an awful experience. The truck didnt do anything wrong, but somehow it was his fault that the rollers weren't moving his car? I find it beyond ridiculous that they do not blame their machinery for not working. If a car is stuck, you NEED to have some sort of system that stops the rollers from pushing cars through. I couldn't see the truck, the car behind me couldn't see me, and the car behind them couldn't see. We had cleaning foam on our windshields. My car was luckily the only one with "bad" damage. The manager was nice but he still put the fault on the truck driver and not the machinery even though it was obviously not this gentlemans fault. The first worker to approach us was extremely rude considering we were not hostile, and believe me I wanted to be. My 1 year old was in the car. We were as polite as we could be but she was something else. I wish this didn't happen but it's left an awful taste in my mouth and this was my FIRST experience here. I'm not coming back and I don't recommend this to anyone. They push way too many cars through at a time and there is too much risk in that.

Patrick Jacobsen

Kim Ranum

Michael Bachmeyer

Super efficient. Squeaky clean. Great vacuums, they really suck!

Bryan Visser

I just moved and I am going to miss this car wash. Great prices and great service. During the summer I did the $5 wash each week with a vacuum afterwards. I did get one slight dent on the car from the wheel waxing machine, but other than that I had no issue with car wash.

Terry Zentner

New and Great Wash. Preclean bug station helps.

Kari Ellis

Best wash in Janesville. Dryers could be upgraded.


Very nice staff and car wash is fast an priced reasonably

Gordana Nastali

Clean and helpful, I enjoy going there plus vacuuming is free

codey chamberlain

Good place to get your car clean

Michael Kiefer

This is a great place, start of with treating your front end to get the bugs off. Drive through and get the car washed. After you done you can enjoy the free vacuums that have specific hoses to get in those small places in the car. Overall great service, I'll be going soon.

frank howery

Danette Milleson

tanya gapski

Best place to go. U pay 5 bucks and get a wash and vacum. Very clean

M.G. Bumpus

It's a great wash however a little expensive considering they don't do the drying and wipe down.

Taylor Hyams

If i could rate lower i would! Online it says they close at 9 i showed up at 7:55 and paid for a car wash and then i pulled around to clear out all of the water/soda bottles in my car and the worker walked up to me and i asked why the vaccums werent on and he was like they shut off at 8 ocklock with the computers and i said oh online it says you close at 9 and he said "it isnt summer anymore and whats with all this trash? Dont you have a home to throw that away at this is not the dump you came 5 minutes before close" and i didnt even know what to say i cant believe how disrespectful the workers are to the customers. I paid for my car wash just like everyone else does. I wouldn't have gone if i knew they were so close to close but now im never going there again


Douglas Wagner

Will never use them again all the cars today where coming out soap free but I go in and come out and I got soap on my rims in my doors when they where all closed and I get told all cars have soap on them but I seen one when I was talking to theme that was soap free

Samantha Olsen

Kevin Bryant

Awesome and clean n free vacuum

Tramaine Clark

Great location + Free vacuuming + Good service =Excellent business

Bruce Schoenike

Does a good job except for the wheels. Not many carwashes still around that pull you through.


Terry Miller

Al -o-wishous

Dean Hickstein

The monthly wash package is a great bargain if you like a clean car. Great customer service and friendly attendants at both locations.

Tami Watters

Gwen Kelly

Always a perfect job!!

Elizabeth Dennis

Love this car wash. Fast easy great price.

Paula Pippin

Friendly staff always ready to help. Reasonably priced

Tina Hennig

Steven Rasmussen

Best part is the monthly fee for car washes. I use the service at least 3 to 4 times a week

Sharon Schuman

Jess Button

Sean Walker

Wow. From DC Virginia. This is awesome. Vaccuums you do yourself but AMEN no Quarters. They are free with car wash. This allowed kids to participate. Recommend bringing towels or itema to do interier before wash but really novel make sense approach. Nice business concept and great service provided . Thank you

Rusty Schoon

Don't really like spending 20$ for a wash, when attendant doesn't spray off the car, needs to pay attention to package people buy.

Mark C

Jeff Pickelsimer

Convenient and inexpensive, free vacuum after washing.

Paul Remer

The $20 wash left my vehicle filthy (again). The clerk came out to confirm, but would not rectify. In past times, if the vehicle was still dirty, they would run it through again. Not this time. For $20, they should make sure your vehicle is at least somewhat clean. Complete rip off.

Vince J Demmon

Awesome wash has a really good undercarriage wash total package for winter weather salt removal and safe on all finishes

Lori VanCoulter

Very clean and well maintained. Attendant on duty. Free vacuums with a wash--but they need to direct you better in my opinion. We accidentally exited without vacuuming and then couldn't re-enter :-(. I'm giving four stars instead of five because of location, poor directions for the vacuums, and brushes that can scratch your vehicle. I'd go here a LOT if it were brushless/water jets only.

Dennis Bell

I love this carwash and the employees

Phillip Fry

Awesome place!

Alex P

Debbie Nardini

What a wonderful car wash!! I love the 5.00 wash and so does my car!♡

Jenn Robinson


I went to sponge spa and paid 20dlrS for the 2 car wash ticket used one car was on Milton ave the mechanics of the machine didn't hand me the other half of my ticket now payed! 20dlrS for a 10dlr wash never go there again!

Jeffrey Goecks

The location on Court st and Centerway in Janesville wi. Is the worst location to have your vehicle washed. It does a very poor job and it caused damage to my vehicle and they with not fix the issue. SO I BEG YOU NOT TO TAKE YOUR VEHICLE THERE.

Chris McCormick

Louis Portalski

Karen Sakamoto

Paul Bagley

Best car wash anywhere

Heather White

Joel Moore

OutoftheAshes _

Excellent service! Free vacuuming with car wash.

Paul Raso

Good car wash and has many price options but either way it cleans the car. Having free vacuums is a plus for this car wash.

Zulma Delao

Playboi Illinoisey


Tom Vogt

Pamela Good

Very nice car wash and friendly staff. Also free vacuum with every wash!!

Wp003 Drver

Like the free vacuum

Kandy Stevens

Delaney Jade

Roland Erickson

Courtnay Seager


Neat experience, and super shinny car after :)

Michael Chipman

Ryne Vinson

Pastor Luis F Padilla

Great wash for the price & free vacuum!...

Denise Atchison


Good car wash, I LOVE the free vacuums

Patrick Andrews

Half the dirt was still on the car when I left.

A Google User

Clean is good

Kathy Schultz

Thorough wash and love the no timer vacuums that have great suction!


Stephanie Williams

Candice Haugdahl

Jackie Minett

Betty Cracker

The wash is good for being auto.. but it better be for $20. The vacuums are garbage. I had to go elsewhere and pay $5 for a good vacuum. Smh

Tim P

Phil Bull

Always A Clean Car

Arina Craine

Tony Dransfield

Always do a great job

Mike Skeens

Needs better instruction

George Ruhnke

Good pizza, wish they would deliver again, would get a lot more pizzas

john toles

Great place

Gerald Sawtelle

doug mueller

Great value

Chris Roeben

Dennis Williams

Kelsey Gavin

The wash is super fast and the vacuums are free with a $10wash but it never does a very good job. None of the mud in my wheel wells was removed and the sides of my windshield are always left dirty. Won't be back

Jodi Rucinski

Decent car wash for $5. And free vacuuming


John van Dorsten

Free use of vacuums with car wash purchase.

Amy Powell

This place is perfect. The sweet out going lady working made our first visit priceless!!!

Hey Bae

Traci Gibbs

Was never there

Jason Upham

Great wash. Good price.

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