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4733 Spring St, Mt Pleasant, WI 53406, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rocket Wash IN Wisconsin

Cathy Riley

Great place to wash your car to have your car wash

Lee Nienas

Everything is fast Quality of wash subpar

Zack Schmidtke

Does a really great job and very fast. Free vacuums are good too.

Worthy IsTheLamb

Great place

Cassie Vassar

Very disappointed as this was assumed to be a great wash. I purchased the Jupiter wash ($15) and actually went through 2 times. I drive a white mini-van so imperfections are less than forgiving. I had pink and blue wash agents left all over the car, there was still dirt under the luggage rack on top and my rear door (near the license plate) was still filthy after both washes. The vaccume really sucked though, I most likely won’t return.

Mark Lewis

I got the Jupiter wash. More expensive than other car washes but they do a much better job. The shine lasts longer and the rain beads up longer. Even the tires get cleaned and coated.


Fast as heck. The prices are high, but it does a great job.

Adrian Koski

I take great care of my car and give it regular washes. I heard great things about rocket wash and gave them a try. I saw some of the reviews which suggested their methods may scratch your car, but their management was adamant that was not the case. Well, their wash methods have scratched the clear coat on my less than two months old car. Worse, even with the scratches, the back of my car was still dirty. While my car looked better after the wash, if offered a free wash from them tomorrow, I would decline due to the damage to my car. I would NOT RECOMMEND.

chris webster

The girls always have a smile on their face

patrick wray

Vacuum cleaner sucked. Or not enough!

Gary Vidian

Love the Unlimited Club. Great quality wash for the money. Facility is always clean. I love my Rocket Wash

John Bert

First wash was great, spent the extra money on the Jupitor club unlimted service. The second time around i was informed i could not have a trailer hitch on my truck. Had to take truck down the street to the competition.

Justin Welch

The prices are realistic, friendly staff & my car always looks awesome!!

Leigh Weidner

Speedy car wash that gets the crud off all in one pass. Love the mat washer and free vacuum.


There lines are not to bad and so far it. Summer hasn't hit but they have lots of vacuums available super convenient..

Dale Seianas

Good place to go for a fast, automatic, conventional car wash.

Mark Rossmann

Best wash in Racine!

At the Galleria '94

I unknowingly arrived after hours (8:11 pm on Saturday), and the automated payment machine immediately told me to leave or the authorities would be called and something to the effect that an alarm would sound. I’m unable to remember the exact details of the intimidating message because I was baffled by why this business would treat a customer like a criminal. I’ll go elsewhere.


Works well, Packages are reasonably priced. Wish the basic package actually cleaned the wheels, also for some reason on my sedan the back of the trunk (license plate area) does not really get washed, there has been soap left behind both times, and most of the dirt. Will have to see if this improves, or possibly carry some cleaner for that and a towel, or try something else.

Jerry D

Does the job.

Becky Closs

Best wash for price...unlimited package can't be beat!

David Marin

Great service

Jacky Chen

Nothing phenomenal about this car wash. Like other car washes better and I think they're little pricey for no hand washing or drying

Joe Knilans

Love the floor mat cleaner.

Ann-Marie Mathis

The concept is good but not excited properly with ALL types of vechicles in mind. If you have an older luxury car, YOU MUST turn off your engine so your antenea retracts, which when is extremely diffcult because the workers are hurrying you onto the converyor which starts right as the washing begins. Needless to say, my antenea bdoke off of my lexus and I called to inform them of my situation. Even though i ended the conversation with a thank you, the worker hung up, never once did i even recieve an offer to at least refund my wash.

j t

Best car wash in the area I'll be a lifetime loyalty member for sure


Rocket wash is the only place I go to get my car washed now! Super easy with friendly employees!

Kristan Noelle

Unlimited membership canceled due to visible scratches on the trunk of my 2003 Mercedes Benz. I brought up filing claim, filled out a complaint form and a manager denied any responsibility. After Rocket Washing 1x per week for 3 months this Summer, the damage is obvious. There are dozens of hairline scratches in the wax coat AND SEVERAL permanent visible wet-carpet-fabric smacked zig zagged scratches on the top of my MERCEDES BENZ trunk. And, I was not contacted by Rocket Wash business regarding my complaint. Be careful!!

Bingo Emmons

Always a great wash!!!


Always does a great job but the cost is high compared to similar carwashes

Lynn Fredrickson

Paid for highest wash, car came out still dirty. Wasn't any different AT ALL than the cheapest one. Mat washer wasn't "ready" for the day

sean McFarlane

I just had the worst experience dealing with a company. I pay $35 a month for the unlimited wash, it includes one wash per day. Today I got a car wash and when I got home I noticed I had dust all over my car. I went back and asked for a rewash. Jayme the manager had an attitude and told me "sorry no rewash" for me, even though it says if your unhappy with the wash to just come back for a rewash. I then offered to just pay for another wash. I was told my car is too dusty to wash and to come back tomorrow. They expect me to wash my car before taking it in tomorrow. I am in a wheelchair and have limited mobility thus why I get automatic car washes bc I cannot do it myself. I even called one of the owners, a mike wilkom and was told cars shouldn't be too dirty to wash unless it's caked with dirt or something(which mine was not). I offered to drive to where mike was to see for himself and he declined. He said without seeing the car himself he couldn't make the judgement call, but he refused to look at it. I also had my center cap for my rims fly off and they never found it. I told them I had it before the wash and didn't after and they told me sorry, there's nothing they can do. Scrub a dub offers unlimited for 29.99 per month, I guess I'm going to be going there from now on. For an owner to take his employees side and basically tell me to just deal with it and get it washed tomorrow is UNACCEPTABLE! I will be spreading the word about this shaddy af car wash.

Kate Brown

rude and terrible customer service

George Woodington

]Excellent car washing experience.

Ben McClure

It follows the template of other modern car washes I've seen popping up lately. It is nice, it's usually quick, and the free vacuums at the end are a welcome addition!

Elan Jackson

So modern, quick and bright...not bad six bucks for basic wash!

Edward Palladino

Wash is ok. Doesn't do the greatest of jobs and the air dry is horrible it never gets anything other than your hood dry. The vacuum does a good job though. I bought the unlimited best wash package and for the money it's ok.

Laura Andersen

Quick ride through with free vacuum use at the end!

Jeannette Keller

Best car wash place I've been to my whole life and I'm 55 years old

Lance Rodriguez

I felt l ikr I was in the 12 monkeys time machine

Jamie Myers

Dryer is not great but the wash cleans well and love the free vacuums. They staff is always friendly too.

Danielle Horenziak

Great wash! I have a large Cadillac SUV Most Automatic washes never do a good job on back window & back door! My truck always looks beautiful when I'm done! Even wheels and tires shine!

shaun hogan

Clean car

Michael Palazzola

Great car wash, but you need to join the club for any kind of deal. $6 for a basic wash. Up to $15

Felix Li

Very very very good car wash. This awesome car wash lets you go at different stages, each with a different planet name. a few months ago when it opened we went for a neutral car wash. It also includes free vaccum!

Bryon Bilger

It's a nice place but there backwards they force you to wash your car first and vacuum 2nd so that the dust from everyone's car mats being banged out and dirt from the vacuum gets all over the fresh washed car leaving you with a not so clean car definitely will NOT be going back

Vincent Candido, Sr.

Best car wash in town hands down until you get some damage in there and they tell you that it didn't happen here! Membership cancelled! It is still a good place for a wash!

Cody Adams

Really enjoy getting my car washed here! Neat design concept! Good prices. Good service. Good Wash! Also nice that the vacuums are included with the wash. Really nice setup! Just wish they wouldn't place those sleeved bags on my rear wiper! Kinda annoying and usually flies off during my drive before I can manually remove it. Not the most environmentally friendly there. Overall, a good experience.

Terrence Lau

'free' vacuum clean after purchasing a car wash. E different tiers for cleaning.

Marjorie Grenier

You also get to vacuum out your own vehicle

Dose Of Truth

Good deal for monthly wash club

Joann Payne

Fast and efficient


I like rocket wash. Granted it isn't the best . It is the best for me. I have a 2018 ford raptor with aftermarket wheels and rocket is the only wash I fit in . For that they get 5 stars.

Sally Hudec

The worst Car wash in town spend the money and go to victory car wash.

Karen Hansen


jessie Olivares

I love the free easy vaccumes

Scott Hopper

The vacuums are the BEST! The wash does a very good job as well, but you may want to relive your front plate as mine was damaged. I know that is not the fault of the wash, just a suggestion since they are not touch free. Anything that is not tight to the car is not guaranteed to come out the way it went in.

Michelle Labarre

Car wash..

Kevin Mathewson

Bad 1st experience. Went to the new Kenosha store to get my truck washed. They told me they don't except trucks with hitches. Good luck with that one, we are in Wisconsin

Terah Bossert

Great value for the car wash. Takes no time at all to go through even if there is a line.

Bern K

Prices are good and there is free vacuums and car mat washers. However I've noticed the last 2 times there were spots that still seemed to have dirt on them (did the basic wash). I'm going to try wiping the car down next time directly after to see if it makes a difference. I will still go there but am a tiny bit hesitant.

Mike L

Just finished our 3 month membership. Our little kids enjoyed going through the wash; we went a few times/week. Went one day last month while the wash was being serviced. Employee told us they’d add a day to the membership to compensate for the car wash being closed during normal business hours. So we came back the day after our membership expired and spoke with the cashier. She said they had no record of an extra day on our membership. She made us feel like we were trying to cheat them out of a car wash. We just left without a wash; left with a bad feeling about this place.


Great wash, lines move fast, friendly staff

Kelly Armstrong

My car is Rocket clean!!

Peter Fallabeck

Does an assume job the wax they use to polish you can feel. Get the unlimited it's a great deal.

david scholzen

I've been going here since they opened and always satisfied with the service! The unlimited wash for a monthly price is a great option they have. Every wash includes complementary vacuums.

Tony Kehrer

Helpful staff. One of the best washes in town

Beth Homolka

Misleading. Bought the buy one month, get one month free and they kept charging my card. Never was told it was a membership. Much better places in town to get quality service

Richard Blankman

Not a bad wash at all, but I'd rather go to Victory,they hand dry it for almost the same price

Bayan Deanparvar

Great place to get a wash

Nikolas Hufen

Pretty clean. Really fast


Best carwash in Racine.

Nathan De La Garza

PICKUP TRUCK OWNERS BEWARE Wouldn’t wash my F250 pickup because I had a trailer hitch. Waited in line for 15 min just to be told they couldn’t wash my truck. No signs of this no posting anywhere that they don’t allow a normal trailer hitch. I could’ve easily removed it but it’s not allowed allegedly.

Lawrence Brown

Best car wash in SE Wisconsin!

Joseph Medina

Did not get a wash, was asked to clean the bed of my truck....uh yeah, I’m at the freaking car wash. No there was nothing in there that could do any sort of damage to any other vehicles. Also asked to remove my hitch. I’ve never removed a hitch from my truck at any wash.

Donald Hanson

Best vacuums around

Chris Burdick

Personally I do not like washes with a hard touch. I found my mirrors were left with oil residue after every wash. Hard touch also scratched my vehicle, so I ended up cancelling my subscription. Service is great, people are nice though.

Jimmy L

Ill give a 1/2 star rating because of location and ease of access to the wash. I suggest washing your car by hand because it doesnt fully wash every aspect of your vehicle particularly back upper window areas on suv's. The mat cleaners are cool there is the other half star. The rating is because they will not take responsibility for any damage to the vehicle. In essence ripping mouldings off of the sides of vehicles that are almost brand new. I own multiple company vehicles and to date 1 antenna 1 front plate guard 1 moulding The people there are nice but have 0 mechanical ability and or knowledge and will try to tell you that the issue is with your vehicle and that the parts were previously falling off the vehicle when in all reality we know thats not the case and being that these vehicles are looked over after each and every use makes their point even more baseless and nonfactual. Further more they try not to rectify the issue and will not try to smooth the situation over in any way. Basically its sorry goodbye which honestly is good to know because I will take the 7 vehicles that I own that would go through once a week to kwik trip or another place. Not saying the people are bad im saying thats bad business because if someone was coming through my establishment/business and suffered any type of loss I would take the time and attempt to make them at least feel better about the situation or comp them in some other way. In this case I want nothing to do with this company because the gesture period is over because the possibility for an attempt was never attempted and I will personally refer my other contacts to another business as well. With that said whoever sees this you have been warned.

Karla Fegler

Nice car wash

Jenny Kerr

My husband and I both love this car wash! We both bought the Jupiter unlimited membership. I love how the vacuums are on both sides, so you don't have to bring the vacuum through the clean car. The only disappointment, is that you can only use the car wash once per day.

Samantha Foster

Affordable and friendly staff

Dave Smith

Did not get all the bird poop off but was quick and easy.

Tom Kral

Fine car wash. Fast, efficient, thorough. Variety of exterior washes available starting at $6. No charge for vacuuming or mat cleaning. Considerate crew members. No interior cleaning offered.

Eric Svatik

It's a great place to clean your car and get free air are free vacuums excuse me. The monthly membership for the Jupiter wash is about 39 bucks a month you use a twice you've already paid for it it is highly worth it I would highly recommend it. If you're one of those that like to keep your car clean if you don't mind washing in once every 20 years then don't buy the monthly plan but otherwise a monthly unlimited plan is very well worth it if you like to keep your car clean. I used my monthly pass about 20 times in a month if I were to pay for those that's about twenty bucks * 20 you do the math so the monthly pass is definite worth it they always have friendly staff.

Michael Breitzke

Great place for a quick exterior wash. I love their package deals. I like to keep my car clean so I go their several times each week, especially during bad weather seasons.

Teresa Lewis

Started out great not so good now

Jeff Puls

Great automated car wash. Cleans very well and at a reasonable price. I recommend doing an unlimited plan. Great value and I love the free vacuums as well.

Chris Henry

Great place for a wash. Clean, efficient, lots of vacuums.

Micah Rivers

The best car wash you can go to. Prices are great, employees are nice, they know what they're doing, the line goes fast, the wash is great, the line goes fast.....did I mention the line goes fast? Yeah, this one washing "tube" car wash is faster than every other car wash I've been to. If you're in the area and need a clean car, seriously, Rocket Wash has you covered.

Christopher C

Does a great wash and reasonable with free vacuums and mat wash

C. G.

Was here to get a monthly pass. The line was taking a long time but the nice girl came out and explained everything that was going on to have us wait. We werent pressed that much for time so we waited. She came out several times to apologize and see if we still wanted to wait. After about 2 minutes it was our turn. Again she was very apologetic for us having to wait. The purchase was smooth and easy. The wash works very well and is very fast. She gave us a card for a free wash for the wait..great customer service. I wish I could remember her name. She deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.

Becky Jones

What a disappointment! I really expected a great wash from all the hype and seeing the flashy building...but that turned out not to be the case. My car was dirtier after I came out of the wash. It was a total waste of $6.00 and I really wish I could get my money back. My usual place is brushless, only $4.00, and $0.10/gallon off gas with wash, so nets out to be between $2.00 and $3.00 AND the car comes out cleaner. I drive a 2 year old, white, small SUV in excellent condition, and it was NOT that dirty when I went in. We had taken a trip and I had already used bug remover at home to get off all the bugs, so I mainly wanted to get off the bug remover residue and get off what was only light dirt. When I inspected my car after the wash, I found that it had flecks of debris and small rust-colored spots all over the doors as well as a few dark marks here and there (see pics...water drops are from the wash...I don't believe the dark marks are scratches and think they will come off, but I have no idea what the orange spots are that were NOT there before the wash and I could not rub them off with my finger). I'm giving Rocket Wash two stars rather than one because there are some areas of the car that came out nice and clean, such as the front end (which I had already cleaned myself with bug remover), the tailgate, and the hood. But as for the rest of the car, well, let's just say I need a car wash now more than I did before I went to Rocket Wash. Never again.

Dorothy Ortiz

Finally a place where the vaccum has good for suction and free.

alyssa m

The car wash is alright But their automated system sucks it asked me to insert a card, I insterted my credit card first and it said it didnt go through so then I inserted my debit card and it accepted it, a couple days later I seen charges from both of my cards so I contacted the customer service and they said they will look into it and call me back.. If you go there make sure to go to the window with an actual person so this doesn't happen to you too. UPDATE! This problem did NOT get resolved so I got charged $70 something odd dollars For TWO car washes, and not to mention The Manager Jayme IS VERY Rude.. TERRIBLE customer service, the automated machines are a Joke & a scam..

Jeremy r

Went here to get truck washed and was told couldn't because truck was dirty?? WTH . All because there was dirt on my step sides.

Andrew Gompper

Favorite car wash by far you can even clean your mats for Free in the automatic mat washer!

Katherine Russo

Our favorite car wash. Fast and esy to use. Free vacuums!

Ruben Chavez

Best carwash in town, cheap and affordable prices, plus free vacuuming.

Emilly 5

Very quick service from entering the parking lot to leaving, the prices are okay. I did notice a few spots still dirty after my $9 washes but over all a nice place

Lydia Sanabria

Love it ... Washes cars good and gree vacuum

Megan townsend

Always a great clean place to go.

Bob Brackney

Fast and cars clean cant ask for more

Thomas Howard

Subpar cleaning. A cheap price for some washes, but that's result you get then...your vehicle still soiled.

Eyez High

So my wife got the car washed today and brings it home i start detailing it and i notice a bunch of rust specs flung onto my car, back bumper side panels doors wheel wells ect.. all lower of the vehicle , so i called them up went up there to show them and they total denied the fact that there wash could do that, They tried to bluntly say that basically i was by some grinding or it was because of where i lived blah blah and i told them that the car sits at home pretty much all day except for picking up kids or shopping ect.. i mean even if i ran threw some rust old puddles it would have showed up like flung tar oil on the back bumper sides near the wheel wells but i don't do anything to heavy that's for sure. I have a newer car/suv white crossroad under 32K miles always keeping it clean, heck we used to be a member to Rocket wash. So now that im back home and checking out there reviews and noticed another person with my same problem 10 mnths ago and her exact words where ( When I inspected my car after the wash, I found that it had flecks of debris and small rust-colored spots all over the doors as well, but I have no idea what the orange spots are that were NOT there before the wash and I could not rub them off with my finger) "She must have been by the same Grinding person lol" , So i wonder how many of these cases are out there, and there still denying that there car wash did this. I'm even sure as the manager was telling me that it wasn't Rocket washes fault they even knew about passed incidents considering they even replied to the other persons review. All and all inspect your cars after the wash that's for sure because then maybe they will realize it's there fault and not us the customers.So now i have to figure out how to remove this mess on my car and i hope it does not damage the paint.

Thomas Worcester

Great car wash. Very thorough

John Grimley

Who doesn't like a car wash with way out styling and fancy car washing systems? All in all its a nice, clean and good car wash for the price. There are 3 different prices depending on what level of clean and what pretty and colorful cleaners you want sprayed on your car. Like all automatic car washes, don't expect a perfect cleaning. With that said I was impressed with their drying phase at the end. Worked way better than any other place I've been.

Amy Terry

Nice employees, great car wash, but vacuums are frequently clogged which is frustrating.

Denise G

Nice wash and free vacuum after the wash

Vic Lepouce

Nice job, best car wash in Racine

karen kong

Great car wash pass is worth the money

Gerard Goetz

I've had my car for 2 years and have kept it dent free. I do a quick check for dents after almost every outing and keep it in my garage when it's home. Just tried the new Rocket Wash and heard some loud noise as the brushes went across my tailgate. Then I had my first dent. The manager insisted it didn't happen there and denied any possible responsibility. She did admit that it didn't do a very good job of washing my car though. If the dent was in another location I might have some doubt about how/where it happened but its high up on the tailgate. When I suggested that something from another vehicle could have caught in the brush she took me inside to inspect the area. There was something lying on the floor from another vehicle but she denied that it could have caused the dent. So in the end I get to pay $100 or more for a not so good $9 wash job and some dent repair.

Brenda cox

The vacuums are not good hints why they are free. You get what you pay for.

Aron Laycock

It's a good car wash but I don't feel I got what I paid for, However staff is very friendly and helpful.

Beau Grassl

Love this place. The unlimited wash club is the best thing about it by far!

Ethan’s Crazy

Wash prices were average for the average area. Wash was quick, I would have preferred a longer dry due to the super cold weather. Nice to have free vacuum included.


Not as fast as they said, but fun.

Lee Nunya

A good deal especially if you need to take the time to vacuum your car. I like the no extra cost vacuums and the great job done by the car wash. Staff are friendly and helpful. 5 stars

Diwakar Bohra

BEWARE! !!!!........!!!! Enter the wash zone at your own risk NO ONE monitor the inlet and outlets of Cars from Wash area YOU cannot control who bump in behind! Why do they have trasparent glass walls and cameras when NOBODY CARES to watch over ??? my CAR got CRASHED and damaged from the other vehicle and there was nothing I could do I was compelled to watch it happen while my wheels and lever / hand gear all were locked and jam :( My car met an accident on the rocket wash last Sunday, Oct 08, 2017 as the car behind me on the wash zone belt hit my car while it was still under wash. another car , red Toyoyta Sienna , driven by Jessica Chrisstenen entered at a small time gap. while i chose the detailed UV wash, my car was moving ahead SLOWLY on its OWN while the car (which probably chose the basic/quick wash) approached closer and closer. I could see it clearly in my rear view mirror and I honked to alert her, which she also did BUT I could not move ahead or accelerate. my Car wheels were elevated for the jet wash, the lever on gear panel was locked and I was totally helpless. i watched and waited to see that the other car's License plate clenched into the bumper and i could ONLY EXIT when that car shove me out from behind...! Since then I am trying to contact "rocket wash management "and they are not responding.Manager is not available on the site and they never respond to phone. They jut DONT CARE. The staff over there was poorly trained, NOT EVEN LOOKING at what happened! This is really a WORST experience of car wash. Fortunately enough, I thank GOD that I never met any accident on road in my life BUT i did at the ROCKET WASH I did CALL 911 and though the cop made a CRASH REPORT , they found it hilarious that SUCH an accident can ever occur Sharing here and on FB to give AWARENESS to people about the carelessness of the management and recommend everyone to be careful if you go to this place.

John Schroeder

I was not happy with the service I recieved, as I was told I couldn't have my truck washed there due to having my spare tire located in the back of the trucks bed... which would have not been a problem in my opinion ! How would have a spare tire been an issue for this company ??? I called to speak to the manager ,left my name , time ,and date that I was there and never got a phone call back . I would not recommend and I definitely will not spend my there .

Mark Weitkum

A decent wash at a competitive price, with free vacuums!

Robin Vallin

Love that they have unlimited car wash available. Also free vacuums are a plus!

chris luz

Fast, fast, fast and the prices are OK. The large vacuum area is top notch, lots of bays and a strong easy-to-use vacuum is on both sides of car.

JeNiyah scaife

I called to see if they were hiring and they did not answer. I don't know why, it's not like there busy. IT'S RAINING


Paid for the $35 monthly package and after going through the wash there’s now 4 big scratches on the side of my car. DO NOT USE THIS CAR WASH!!!

Jessica Schmidt

I took my BMW through and the rear wiper arm was ripped off and ended up scratching my back window. The compensation I was offered is up to $25 wiper blade replacement that you pick up and bring to the wash. The free vacuum is a nice perk but do note the mat wash doesn't work if you have custom fit mats. 6/8 Update! I spoke with Jayme today and there was misunderstanding among the staff regarding my situation. She has offered to review the camera footage with me and is working to resolve my repairs and concerns.

Dom Powells

I love cleaning, so this place already had a special place in my heart. It's new and just about everything is in working order. The tracks for the automatic car wash are easy to get into (no need for an unenthusiastic attendant to semi-aggresively direct you in) and gentle on the tires. The wash is really thorough, so, both my front end and my trunk got clean without much effort. The dryers actually dried my car without my needing to bring my own towels. The vacuums are free and they're eco friendly; they have a button you press for 10 mins of vacuuming fun instead of having them constantly running even when they're not being used. I'm clearly a fan. I want one in my neighborhood.

Marina Wells

It really is a nice car wash

Keith Schmidt

Wish I could give it a ZERO. I washed my 2016 Forester and I came out with fresh gouges on my hood and passenger door. I brought this to the managers attention they claimed it's all preexisting. NOT PROFESSIONAL.

Jon Frederick

Cloth not nylon

Bernie Zimmermann

New clean car wash that does a pretty good job. Perk: free vacuum use

Joe Bednar

Great wash.. much better than an average car wash

Gold Bear Trading Company

My boss's side view mirror cover came off his van after using Rocket Wash. They insist it was already broken, but it is a brand new van. Horrible customer service!

monteazul seymour

My kids LOVE it. We go weekly.

Ann Lininger

Awesome wash, free vacuums and floor mat cleaners

Gary Stewart

I really like being able to pay a monthly fee, and then get my truck washed daily for just a little over what equates to about a dollar a day.

girly sis

Haha i love this place

Joshua Johnson

Great customer service! And the car wash is the best around!

Steven Runke

Best car wash in town, plus free vacumes.

J Johnson

I have had 2 vehicles in the Automatic billing system since Rocket Wash opened. Each time we have driven in, we received a great wash and great service. Back in Dec 2018 I drove into the auto lane and the gate didn’t go up. A staff member came out and said that my membership needed to be renewed (funny since I’m on auto renewal every month). She said that I could not get my car washed until I renewed. I explained that I was in automatic billing and asked her to bill the card and she said she couldn’t. Frustrated, I left with that vehicle dirty and decided that one membership was enough. A month later I get my credit card bill and find out they are still billing me for my membership even though I was told it had expired. I think to myself, it’s a billing error, call them and they will fix it. Well that was a joke. I called and was told the only way to cancel my membership is on their website. I explained what happened in Dec and how I was refused service because my membership expired. The employee kept reading me the same was a joke. So I realize this person just isn’t being helpful so I ask for the manager. Oh he’s not here I’m told and he won’t be in for several days. I asked to have the manager call me when he’s in and was told that can’t happen and that I need to call back in a few days when he’s there. Look I wasn’t asking for much and got a bunch of horse manure from an employee. I was happy just getting my bill fixed. But after being treated that way by Kallie I decided to cancel my other membership. There are choices in town for car washes and I liked this one but billing issues that can’t be resolved and poor customer service cost you my business. I would urge others to be Leary of their monthly auto billing as they are unwilling to fix their own billing errors.

Nick Westfall

Best car wash by far. I get my car washed very often. Do not waste your time or money on other washes.

Brittany Whitnall

The wash is fine, but the last 3 times I've been there the free vacuums haven't sucked anything up. It was the main reason i went last time

Bob Maynard

I love the monthly Unlimited Wash Plan. So convenient and affordable!

Matthew Bruce

Rocket wash is the best!!

Rebecca Johnson

Car REALLY comes clean! I received a free re-wash when some heavy construction mud didn't come off with the first wash. And free vacuums!

Scott Koprowski

Good wash love the unlimited washes. Only downside is they don't have any types of packages for people with multiple vehicles

Laura Johnson

More than just the vacuums suck here. Fun fact: If you have any sort of rack on the top of your car, they don't let you through unless they can be removed. They also do not warn you ahead of time. So, you pay, then when you get to the wash entrance someone stands there, looks puzzled, then asks you if you can remove the rack. When you say no, the puzzled look intensifies. Then 4 cars have to back up so you can back up, park, and go through the process of getting a refund (in 5-7 business days). I wish I could reclaim the time and energy I spent dealing with this mess. Had there been any sort of warning, I would have happily gone to one of the literally dozens of other car washes in the area. Perhaps less pictures of cartoon rockets and a small notice to patrons about your policy so that other people don't waste their time?

Cliff Beyer

Once you've gone here, you will never go anywhere else.FYI it is NOT a touchless car wash

Pete Carranza

Great place to wash your car

Scott Boehm

I have a couple recommendations after using your wash on Spring Street in Racine. 1. Who designed the entrance to the wash? Apparently they did not measure the size of a full size pickup truck. Making the bend in one pass is nearly impossible. I see trucks backing up to realign which is a real nuisance when someone is riding their bumper from behind. Poor layout! 2. How about an autopay option that works like the ipass transponder account and adds funds when you are below a certain limit? I would prefer to preload my account and use at my discretion for multiple vehicles. I don’t want a monthly membership and would prefer the quick lane entry rather than using a gift card at the cashier lane. 3. Please have someone check the Applepay device. It used to work and now it won’t recognize my device. Meanwhile the virtual attendant repeats her payment instructions loudly over and over without delay causing even more frustration. SHUT UP!!! 4. What’s with the rear wiper condom? Apparently the wash process is so aggressive that it could rip the wiper right off my car? Maybe it’s time to go back to Scrub a dub!

Dave Claussen

Pretty decent plus free vacuum

Joe M

Brushes in the long run do damage to your paint and cause swirls. Not worth the money and the wash doesn't clean your car well. They advertise it being fast. I'd rather have a quality wash rather then "fast".


You should see my parents brand new car if you think this car wash is good. The brushes leave small scratches on the bottom half of your car across the whole side, only takes a couple times through to be noticeable.

Bob BlkCell

Fast and Friendly service.

Michelle Murdoch

An adventure in car cleaning out of this world. 5 of 5 stars. Would blast off with again. Car mat cleaner works like a laminate machine where it pulls it through one side then spits it out the back looking shiny and some how better, which amuses me.

Rick Noll

Poor car wash only washes top half of car.

sean kettledon

Clean my car great, a little pricey for full service but came out great

Jeanna Lowman

I like the services and the car wash membership, but the washes themselves are hit or miss. Sometimes my car comes out sparkling and other times it looks like it was only half washed. The free vacuums are a plus but sometimes they dont eork well either.

Phil Kenner

Fast convenient clean professional and very thorough wash. Unlimited club is an excellent value!!

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