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811 S Rochester St, Mukwonago, WI 53149, United States

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You have all the reviews of real people who are using the services of River\'s Edge Wash n Lube (Car Wash) in the area close to the state of Wisconsin.

At this moment this business gets a rating of 4.3 over 5 and that rating has been calculated on 129 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF River's Edge Wash n Lube IN Wisconsin

Dean Albrecht

Allen Kettner

Best full service car wash in the area

Brenna Kujak

I was beyond impressed with the full service detailing River's Edge did for my GMC Acadia. I got my vehicle back looking brand new, and in better condition than when I purchased it! The interior is immaculate, with conditioning to the leather and finishes. The exterior, particularly the chrome, was beautiful! Overall I am very pleased with the results, and I will definitely have River's Edge detail all of my personal and business vehicles from now on!


I have a Honda Odyssey, normally tires are $150 per tire or so. I got a fabulous deal at around $100 per tire on sale including rebate for name brand great tires. Was going to have a wheel alignment as I normally do but couldn't as one of the suspension components was seemingly worn out. The part was ordered and I scheduled an alignment. I had the car in for the alignment but Carl called and told me the new part was not needed, as the old part only needed tightening, something he couldn't see originally. He sent the new part back and I wasn't charged for it. This told me he is an honest guy, as he could easily of charged me for the new part and I wouldn't have known it. I have also taken a tire in to fix a puncture, wasn't charged and they also mounted two smaller rear tires on rims that I brought in for my lawn tractor, no charge. I will have them do all my tires on my vehicles from now on, fantastic service.

Pat McGroyne

They would have gotten at least 4 stars if the prices weren't completely outrageous. $93+ out the door for a Mobil 1 oil change? I'll go back to Wally World gladly get treated like dirt to save the forty bucks. On a side note, they were quick and courteous. Like being mugged by an English butler.


Michael Saeck

warren Ruffin

Fast oil change and great wash for the car or truck.

Jim Gamauf

Is a great place for a car wash, very happy with that. The oil change I won't be back for, they had an issue with something on my 2014 Ford explorer that no one has ever had before, was confused about that

Jenny McCarthy

Best car wash in town

Zach Schneider

Core52 Rivas

Decent place for a good wash

Maryann Carlson

Kyla H

Cynthia Wilson

Alexis Henning

Fast service, nice people. Always let me know when something needs fixing, saved from a dangerous situation when they caught a very loose tie rod. I like the car wash as well, and so do the kids hah! Been taking my vehicles here for years.

jason ruebl

Bill Payne

Good value nice folks

Faye Cronce

Fast service!

Mary Saenz

Denise Hudy

Friendly service

Sue Taylor

Staff is friendly, thorough & honest ~ thank you

Brian Grosschadl

Diann Ikeler

Scott Shuda

Bobby Wolf

Washes are a bit pricy, but your car will shine.

Heather Glass

This morning, I called and they quoted me $45.99 for a synthetic oil change. When my husband went, they charged him $65.99 for the change!!! Because my husband is non-confrontational, he paid what they charged him. I will NEVER EVER go here again and would not recommend this place to anyone. I called and asked about the price, and Chris just said "well, oil change prices are going up." What?!?! Chevy dealership only changes $39.99 and this includes tire rotation. Outrageous! COSTUMERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!

Amy Schwabe

Very fast & friendly service.

Matthew Gehl

Kristine Browne

Cheryl Hart

Best car wash in area

Eugene Blum

Great help always remembers me. Fast and efficient.

richard Severson

Thirty years of oil changes and tires.

Todd R Wage

Terry Carstens

Always courteous and friendly. Forgot my coupon but gave me the sale price. Have been a customer for over 5 years and will keep going back.

Caroline Jagmin

Kayla Jambretz

John K

Fast and friendly, do the job right

Trisha Schoof

Went here for a complete inside and out detail, and I was very impressed upon picking it up and the next several times I was near/in the vehicle. About a day or two later I noticed the salt stains on the drivers side carpet were coming back (probably not completely dry the first couple times I was in the vehicle after they shampoo/steam). I came back 3 days later and with no questions asked were willing to rectify the situation immediately or whenever was convenient for me. When I picked it up it looked great and they even game me a small gift card for the time inconvenience. Definitely coming back!

steffanie rowinski

The guys at Rivers Edge in Mukwonago are great! They always provide a timely and professional service and they are a friendly and knowledgeable group! Thanks guys.

scott nosek

Fast service and didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. Even went out of their way to save me some money.

Chris Thomas

Jamie Schuller

Awesome! Car wash is great and they do oil changes! Very quick! Great prices!

Robert Blonn

Kim Oehler

Excellent service. Great quality.

Russell Radowicz

James Jost

I have been going there for a long time but recently the service has not been what it use to be. Paid for Premium wash and interior cleaning for two vehicles this weekend and windows were wipe smeared and foggy.

Jeremy Witt


Tom Borkenhagen

Reasonable prices, good technicians, fast, free coffee, free car wash with oil change. Great place.

lydia horn

Alec Bemis

Ralinda Howard

They handed me a sheet with things they supposedly checked and besides changing the oil they did nothing Rude overpriced and terrible service. Don't u se them to do anything.

Dan Brahm

Chris Wilson

They're fast need fishing and do a good job.


Best car wash near by

Missy Reinholtz

I love having a clean car. I have the monthly membership so I can run through when I am in the area. My car is 6 years old and I am constantly being asked if it is new.

cynda seeley

Car wash yr way

Thomas Hames

Fast service and decent prices.

Biil Griep

Derek Pike

Service was fast, staff was great. However, being a new customer, $73.00 for just an oil change is a bit extreme, the dealer does $45 for oil and tires. I can't return for those prices. What caused me to stop was the $49 listing on the website. To bad its a coupon price. Service was fine. Price sucks.

Nicholas Morn

The guys always do a great job!

Michael Powell

Great staff

Zachary Kitzman

Great customer service and professional attitudes

Lisa Bunny

Best Car Wash in Town!

Todd L

Dean Hoover

Been going to River's Edge for many years. The staff always does a great job with my car, both for the washes and the detailing.

Jimmy Stewart

Fast and friendly staff. We haven't had a problem in the 3 years we have been using them.

David Pieper

Mac Parker

WAY over priced, lying to customers, rude staff!!! My mom had the belt break on her van right down the road, being I was out of town I couldnt replace it for her. They charged her $99.99 for a belt that at most from the dealer or any other part store I called was $40 and another $49.99 for a 10 minute installation. After calling to get an understanding about the pricing they claimed to have also replaced the A/C belt (which is $20 at most from listed above) which upon looking at it, it is clearly the old belt cause there are cracks in it. After about a minute on the phone with the manager, he started raising his voice at me and getting mad about my questions. He then hung up on me and as the phone was being set down I could hear a very unpolite saying expressed at me...

Elizabeth Chaulklin

Great place with excellent customer service. Will continue to bring my car here for oil changes and car washes

jamee bornstein

My car was squeaky clean. Get the coupon online.

Mary Zach

Nick Paulus


Maureen McGovern

What would a girl do without these guys? Whenever my car acts up they are there immediately to help diagnose it. They fixed the problem...and I still made it to work on time! ❤

Chris Grunewald

I always get my oil changed here and have a monthly subscription for car washes too. Today I went and got my oil changed and they were friendly as usual. Took less than 10 minutes. Then went to get a car wash and again very happy as usual. What really stands out is the fact they checked the bed of my truck and I had tools in it. Typically I have a cover on so I didn't even think about it. He helped me load them into my truck and then swept out the debris. They do this I assume so it doesn't get the mud all over and scratch other peoples vehicles. My only complaint is the hours. In the summer I leave mukwonago by 7 and don't get back till 630-7 and always miss out on getting in before they close.


Scott Myren

Very quick with the oil change, getting you in and out and on your way. Reliable service, and the employees have always been very helpful. I get all of my oil changes done there, and would recommend them to anyone!

Sean McKagan

Epic customer service! I was in a financial pinch and they helped me with a quick repair and told me to keep my money. They have a customer for life. I told my family about the service I was given and they decided to use them exclusively as a way to support a friendly local business.

Tony K

Absolutely would not recommend this business to anyone. Our family gave them 3 opportunities on different vehicles. Twice they forgot to put the oil cap back on. The first time it was winter and they sprayed windshield washer fluid all over the engine block to try to clean it. Most recently we took our sons car there right before moving him to college. Drove over 300 miles to find out they did not tighten the oil filter fully and was leaking significant amounts of oil. Unknown at this point if there is any long term damages but will have worry and risk of that on top of having to pay $50.00 at Honda dealership for an oil change and inspection days after paying this company to do it properly. Understand accidents happen but they are 3 for 3 on sloppy negligent mistakes putting each of our vehicles at risk.

Christopher Tarr

Great local business. I usually get my oil changed here, and then bring my car by for detailing. They always do a great job!

Daniel Hammond

Clean my dirty car, they sure did, friendly staff cleaned my car inside and out, great jib....

Kyler Schmor

David Kane

Staff takes time to spray down the heavily grimed areas of you car. Every wash comes out the level of clean you want from a car wash. Bugs be gone! I have the unlimited wash option, @ $20 a month, well worth it! I get a car wash ever other day!

Amy O'Connor

Del Riffle

Peter Jalensky

Ryan Z

Always great service. We continue to go here for the friendly staff and reasonable prices.

mike beatovic

Alexey Shmonov

- They declined to replace brake pads, insisting to replace only along with rotors, even WITHOUT examining the rotors - Pricey ($38 for oil change, AND I BROUGHT MY OIL AND FILTER) Will not use again.

Davinder Toor


Nova Zynski

I've been going there for years. Always great service!

Michael Gorman

Joshua Hatinger

This place just did an amazing job on a used vehicle I just bought. It was so dirty I'm so impressed with how clean they got it!

Jim Hayes

Drive through that helps bunches in winter.

Chris Topher

Fast and great service

Chad Ross

Krista Brookins

Only place you need to go for your oil change, tire purchase and car detailing needs.

Adam R

Dustin Schneider

Exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Great group of people here.

Becky Goede

Brayden Modjeska

Great set of people that won't try to trick you into buying what you don't need.

Jake Jagmin

Destiny Ellis

Madalyn Vogel

Sean DeBoth

I've given this place a few chances. This review does not apply to the oil change people--they are great. The car wash, for 30 dollars is a complete waste of money. I don't do a full service wash often but after a long drive with kids it was just convenient. There were crumbs under the mat, crumbs in the cup holders, and crumbs in the seatbelt areas. This has happened before. I took pictures but this review doesn't allow adding pictures. In short, don't waste your money.

Susan Muenter

I have tried many local places for an oil change, however I keep coming back here because of the quick service and helpful staff. The car wash is top notch with an awesome $30 package that includes a full vacuum and inside cleaning of your car.


Paid for work which was never done. Owner somehow denied any fault

Chris G

Tom Brady

Like the way it cleans my truck

Brandon S.

Very polite group of guys at the oil change location. Great service. Great suggestions. Well done boys. Car wash however, the same experience as everyone else. Rude staff. Over priced. Damaged my truck and told by staff tough luck use at your own risk. I suggest another location without hesitation.

Jerry Mane

Krista Christiansen


Josh Bacon

You get a free car wash with oil change

jeff zeitler

Great job on detail !!

Ryan Kortendick

Horrible wash on my brand new GMC. Put huge scuffs and a 3" long creased dent in my door. There was still dirt and a dirty film all over the truck as well. Will never go back.

Remington Schieffer

Knowledgeable staff, excellent service, quick turnaround. They are my number one stop if my vehicle is ticking, and they handle all of my car upkeep for me and my wife. I trust them.

James Kraus

This place is fair for what they offer and I love the free car washes when u get ur oil changed there

Ralph Hibbard

Great customer service every time. Noticed a problem they couldn’t fix and helped me find someone who could. Always friendly

Steven Skaggs

Bryana Becker

I went there with three kids and I was in a rush, but they got my oil change done quicker than I expected.

Daniel Mike

Jesse Lang

Down right horrible, truck looked better before I went there, water and soap was not on, machine was scrubbing a bone dry truck, talked to owner and he was extremely rude.

Ryan Kyburz

Lori Vollmer

Love here but they should reabile anything break on car

Bryan Groshek

Old style car wash with fabric brushes that does the job.

Stephanie Velguth

I got my 10 year old car's interior detailed here today, and was super happy with the results. It's like I went back in time and bought it new off the lot. Very happy with the results. Thank you!

Peter F

A bit pricey, and they didn't perform their full service. Asked them not to put windshield washing fluid in, and they did. They also didn't check the tire pressure, and I knew at least one tire was low from my dash sensor. Would be better off doing the job myself. The only plus is they give you a low tier car wash for your troubles.

Amy B.

I go to this car wash regularly for convenience and it does a decent job. Customer service here has never been stellar, but today was shockingly bad. I pulled into the car wash, going a bit farther in than the woman spraying cars would have liked. Rather than politely waving me back, she screamed and scowled at me, aggressively shaking her fist at me. I left the car wash upset that I was treated so rudely, but when I tried to call the company to discuss the matter, no one answered the phone. So, apparently google reviews is the only way to inform this company of their appallingly rude customer service. Finding a new car wash next time.

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