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REVIEWS OF PDQ Car Wash & Express Lube IN Wisconsin

Tania Phillips

Forrest Fthagn

I've taken my car to PDQ many times, but this was my first - and last - visit at this location. They changed my air filter after I told them that I didn't want them to. They didn't vacuum any part of the passenger side of my vehicle. In fact, the interior was hardly cleaned at all. The body looks nice, though. Lesson learned: I'll continue to change my own oil, and will not take my vehicles to this location again.

Fred Zaug

The most thorough car wash

Alvinn curiel

Completely horrible experience. I left without having my car fully washed, i could not trust them to finish washing my car. I gave specific instructions to the first attendant not to clean, wet, or slide the windows, simply do not touch the inside of the windows. Then i proceeded to tell the girls at customer service remind the employees do not touch the inside of the windows i just had them tinted. They can not be wet, washed, or slide down. She responded, " that's no problem we already notified everybody". As i see my car pull up in order to be finished being washed I spot an employee sliding my windows down and wetting them. That's when i asked for the manager. I explained the situation to the manager and he replied, " it's just water and proceeded to wet the inside of the window and wipe it down. I said" what are you doing i just told you not to dot that and if they mess up you are paying for the ruined tint." He the said. " good thing we are not liable for aftermarket accessories. I just jumped in my car and left, if the manager can not follow simple instructions i would expect the rest of the staff to be the same. I suggest the manager take a course in business law so he familiarizes himself with what thier sign that say they are not liable for aftermarket product damages really covers.

Ross K

Prices have changed however they did a really amazing job cleaning the car and doing the dash and doors/seat protection i was there when there was only a few other cars in line and they took a good 5 mins getting the car nice and dry/ clean I think for the price you pay u should get a better freebie air freshener but that's no big deal either I will say that I was impressed with this wash and will come back again

Alex Hellweg

Good quality car wash. Occasionally gets busy during obvious hours, but even then they do a great job of keeping everything moving. I personally like to do the express wash for $7 and use the vacuums they provide for free to clean out the inside of my vehicle myself.

Anastasia Skoviak

Dog friendly! :) I've gone here a few times, never had any problems. Only ever get the basic wash with the oil change. The interior isn't spotless, but it's always been wiped down. Price is comparable to the other quicklube places I've been to, and you get a car wash. Brought my dogs by today and they had no problem letting them sit around in the store while we waited.

Jade Moore

Super awesome polite and friendly staff all around. Fast service and a good job.

Michele Van Rossum

Sculptress Artist

They the zipper broke on my spare tire and they said they have no machine that could have possibly a broken zipper I was at the tire place earlier that day and we couldn't get the zipper plus they have two young guys pressure washing the whole car before it Go within automatic wash so tell me how after I came out the flap was down several people told me it was down within 5 to 10 minutes after the car wash the manager was supposed to have his owner call me after three conversations about how he will not be responsible for my zipper wall those back zippers cost over $100 to put back on how are I going to be reimbursed for this it is silly they don't want to take responsibility and at least offer me something now they get a bad review

John Current

Very great place to wash ur car Sara the mgt shes real nice

Steve Anderson

Jay Miller


Jessica Miller

Larry Gyrion

I am not interested in talking about this dirty and said that you please respectfully disagree with the other side of the global climate stuff in Wisconsin

Justin Frese

Great Service

Philip Gabrielson

Best car wash in town.

kari roth

console and doors are never have smears

Julie Van Dyck

They miss an awful lot. I hate to go back and complain. Can't we just get it done on the first visit?

Becky Vertz

Jamie Lynn

Staff seemed burdened by customers. Lube oil filter was not done adequately. One example of the experience is: No air was put in tires though extremely low pressure light was on and I had indicated to them to please fill them when I brought car in. They insisted they filled them and indicated that alot of cars lose tire pressure before they leave there; it happens all the time. I went elsewhere to have it done (and they haven't lost pressure since-hmm). I could go on with other issues, but will spare it to keep this short. Obviously, I will not return to PDQ.

Christina Aniol

Wash and oil change great... they need to pay more attention to what they are cleaning inside

Buddy Myer

Good wash sometimes it will take a while if they are busy

Lisa Strobel

John White

Good service, but a bit costly

Matthew Lor

Have not elected for a detailing but in the market for it. Went with a Manager's special twice now...first time it didn't get the windows properly cleaned super streaks on front windows...if back windows wouldn't have cared so much...second time the driver window inside and back window inside were not cleaned properly or at all...residue blotched windows...cleaned myself. Vacuum between the front seats didn't happen, perhaps because a bag was left there but they vacuumed everywhere else at least. In and out pretty quick. Staff was super friendly. Maybe there is something going on...because it's not like it used to be...but can't beat the unlimited wash packages they offer especially during the liquid salt eating away the vehicles body months...

Jacqueline Jaeger

The staff did a great job on the inside of the car but the exterior wash left a number of bugs and bird poop remnants.

Cindy Grunert

I have to watch what they wipe down at the end. They don't always wipe the entire car down, inside and out. Front of car is not always brushed off (bugs on front) very well.

Heather Combs

Fast and freiendly. Always do a great job.

Matthew Zarda

Nice place. The cleaning crew did a good job on my car but the oil change was pricy.

Greg Gramenz

They do good work and they are careful and pollite.

ryan pflughoeft

Robbie Johnson

LOVE the Northland Avenue crew! I am a part time Uber driver and spend $42/month (with tax) for the CleanFreq program. I run my 12 year old car through at least 5 times per week at this location or the one by the Mall, depending where I am when I have the downtime. On days when the roads are really bad, I go through once in the morning and once right before close. There is definitely a difference in locations. Although they are both exlent car washes, the Northland location seems MUCH more meticulous in everything from the initial service upsell (which I totally understand is a necessary part of any buiness) to the vacuuming and then the final wipedown. In particular, I want to thank Megan for the outstanding vacuum jobs to clean up from my occasionally messy passengers the day before. And definitely a HUGE shout out to Carly. She is always friendly when she works the counter but I have also repeatedly watched how she conscientiously does the tedious wipedown job. She takes the time to do it right. Because of this care by the employees here as well as an occasional single spray of the Scent Bomb spray air freshener I purchased there, I receive numerous positive comments from my riders and many 5-star ratings as a driver. So, today I want to make sure PDQ gets 5 stars as well for helping me provide the best experience for my passengers. For me, it is totally worth the monthly outay.

Michael Kranzusch

Quick and easy-to-use

Ryan Jay

I paid for the most clean wash inside and out, they didn't vacuum anything inside like they said they were going to, nor did they even wipe the dash down. The truck bad water spots in areas where it was obvious they didn't touch. For as much as I paid, I would have thought to have a better job done. I won't be going back here.

Dennis B

I thought I received a average oil change. until I decided to see what was making a noise from my engine. Checked the oil and it was 2 and a half quarts of oil over. Getting a mechanic friend to take a look to see if any damages because of their inability to properly measure units of oil to engine size…. Someone is going to pay!!! From Dennis Bell

Tracie Baxter

Love this place...they do my oil changes and clean my car which includes drying and the inside. Got a little backed up the last time I was there but it was the first warm day after 2 weeks of bitter cold. Their forgiven

Leighle Donohue

They always forget something. And my car always needs to be touched up.

Shea sternhagen


Frank&Brianna Vivalaraza

They always leave areas undone

Flashback Submission Subscription

Clean facility, friendly staff

Emily Smits

Had an oil change and they were super nice and super fast

Man Mar

Hugh Mann

They always do a through job on the car wash, and they have a nice selection of air fresheners and car mats, wheel covers, ect. Oil changes are a tad expensive, but not to where I wouldn't recommend it, and after your first time, you start getting coupons for free car washes for when you come back.

linda mctighe

Love a clean car.

Stephanie Borkowicz

Normally they do an ok job, a good enough job. And I hate cleaning my car so I'll pay for the service. Today however, they did a terrible or job. I think because they were busy. However, even when busy they should have more thought towards the product they sell over how many cars they can send through as fast as possible.

AnnaMaria Seipel

Great car wash

Ryan Hawkins

Great service.

Soul Crusher

Molly Soto

They could offer information on your options. They don't really let you know what you will get when you drive in. Also-they offer nothing for loyalty.

Erin T

Poor cleaning. Window cleaning not down well. Still streaky after. Talked me into buying 2 car washes/ detailing so now I’m forced to go back again!

penny graham

I had the oil changed in my vehicle, the guys were soo thorough.

Gary Baumann

Chris Dowds

I paid $100 for an oil change/car wash with new windshield wipers and air filter. When we got the car back they did not vacuum the entire interior and trunk nor apply the air freshener. When my wife brought the car back they told her they would fix it. She waited for a while with no help. She finally used the vacuum herself. I would not recommend this place. The staff is unhelpful.

Mike Krubeck

David Guillen

I have their cleanfreq pass. Well worth the money for unlimited washes

Rory Collins

Always do a great job taking care of cars. Get then really clean to. They have a nice tidy comfortable waiting area.

Justis Herman

Staff acted like they HATE customers, TERRIBLE customer service & even MORE TERRIBLE JOB CLEANING my vehicle. I drive a brand new Jeep & just wanted a simple clean & I still had to go back around twice! This will be the last time I'll ever go to PDQ. Just terrble. 2/16/2018.

Brenton Eliason

Jeremy Hassinger

Lube center will upcharge you for more expensive oil and refuse to lower the price, and will way overfill your tires.

Joshua Dutton

I would prefer to give this location zero stars. The attention to detail is the worst in the area. The customer service is atrocious including interaction with the location's manager. It would make sense that the "managers special" is as deplorable as the store manager (Brendon Smith) himself.

Jo Markham

Only carwash nearby.

Shelley Feavel

Great service

Jean Boldig

Best car wash in the Fox Cities area - I've tried a LOT of them.

Chuck Stertz

Fast oil change, rarely has a line. Excellent hands on car wash following the oil change.

Ethan Vang

Jessica Franzke

Worst cleaning job I have ever experienced. I paid extra to have my car mats cleaned and truly that was the only thing that even got cleaned. I had to ask to have the car vacuumed after I started the drive away and the manager even said herself it didn't look like anything was cleaned. I stood in the parking lot while they attempted to clean it and even confirmed it wasn't perfect but I could not be refunded or any kind of coupon. I just got home and realized the windows weren't cleaned either. I cannot believe just how terribly my car looks right now, will never recommend this place.

johnny man

This is a great place to get you car washed I have been going there for years and that do an amazing job

Larry Sternal

Good wash fast services

Wang Lee

Very fast and efficient.

Drew Wilz

Paid for manager special. Was suppost to come with "custom wheel cleaning". Barly looks like they touch them. Inside was missed in many places.

WILMA Gizowski

Mike Pearson

Silia Hurula


Thomas Marten

Very efficient.... I thought(?)Also a nice place to go(!)

cesar martinez

Christen Brandt

Poor service, went there and had an oil change, 1 week later I discover a leak and went back there and was treated like crap by the manager, said it was only a dirty filter and wiped it off, that was his fix, there is a reason for the leak I said and won't be back again, he said good we don't want you back, that was the response I got, great service!!!

Jim Meyer

Great interior and exterior cleaning

Mathew Cornell

Car still dirty after wash

Nichole McBride

Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

Ashley Olds

They forgot to actually clean everything we paid for.

shea sternhagen


Phillip Beaver

Top-notch service. Includes under body wash.

Paige Wurzer

Joshua Sanders

Great people. Good service. Super confusing. Just wanted the car wash that came with my oil change. Started punching in code on my receipt and said invalid, after having confirmed process. At least you won’t have to worry about me returning. So there’s a plus.

Merle Breiland

Expensive and slow service with marginal results.

Andy Arnoldussen

I would give 0 stars if it were an option. Brought two different vehicles in for detailing and paid for the most expensive service. I even told the employees that I would not be back for a few hours and that they could take their time to do a good job. Both vehicles were left half vacuumed (to the point where there was grass and even a couple of crackers left on the floor) and cup holders were left sticky and were noticeably not cleaned. Many areas of the cars were unacceptable and I had to ask the manager for a rag and cleaner so I could clean the rest of the car myself. What a waste of money and my own time. The whole reason I brought the vehicles there was to not have to clean the vehicles myself. Instead I had to pay over $150 just to go back through and clean the vehicles myself. Very dissatisfied with the service. I will never go back and will tell the story to everyone else I know that goes there or is thinking of going there.

Cathy Brooks

I like this place but for the price they could be a little more attentive. I get the managers special. Oh and a bigger air freshener.

Becky Tweedale

It was not good. All I have to say os they must not like there manager.My friend and I were there on 7/ 13 we paid for the manager special and a oil change. They did such a horrible job on both of our cars. They barely cleaned the inside of our cars. I definitely would not go back or recommend this place to anyone

Chris Go

Every time I bring my car there I have to detail it myself when I get home. How hard is it to vacuum the floor properly or get the crumbs out of the seats?

Buck Toother

I was dissappointed with the quality of the job done. You can get your car detailed for not all that much more. I took it there so, I wouldn't have to clean my car. I didn't expect to have to clean the car of everything they didn't. Expect a once over, or a 1/2 to 3/4 over. You're better off going to a self service car wash.

Lindsey Burrows

Jodi Stein

Great place

Will Keizer

This will be my last time here, again. I used to come here but the entrance guy (the one who gets your order and tries to upsell you) was always so rude when you just got the basic wash, that I decided to stop coming. Well, it's been maybe a couple years and it's a different guy but just as rude, if not more so. They must train them to act that way. That suggests a systemic problem to me. Also, they've raised their prices from $12.99 to $16.99. For a basic wash! That's a pretty big increase in a couple years.

Jon Doe

Did not clean under floor mats or floor under back seat. Dash was half wiped off. Would not recomend this car wash. Go somewhere else even if it out of the way at least I will get what I pay for. 30.00$ down the drain at pdq

Debbie Slagle

Frequent flyer.

John Jacobson

Depends on crew some better than others

Kevin Santry

A little pricey but does a good job overall

Mary Ann Wepfer

Andy Kluck

Very nice full Service car wash.

Nancy Hernandez

Luke fronczak

Great service!

Kris Ott

Fast friendly service

Tim Curry

Matthew Hawkins

Didn't even bother to vacuum! Worried more about drying the door jams then cleaning my dash full of dog drool. 1st and last time customer.

Dave Wicker

Zak Mittlestadt

Came in with my interior unreasonably dirty and had a coupon for a managers special wash. Staff was quick getting me and my vehicle in the building and quite pleasant. Veronica at the end of the line was the star though and went above and beyond cleaning the center console of gunk I've failed to get off numerous times. Thanks y'all!

Thomas Pressel

Clean much

Heather O

Didn't pay any attention to the cup holders (which were empty) or the backseat floor mats. They barely touched the dash and left smudges on the windows. Very disappointed in the kids "cleaning" abilities. I understand they need to go quick but they need to pay attention. I had cup holders empty so they should have been able clean them easily. Definitely will not be back to this particular PDQ.

DeAnn Klein

Inside of car could have been done way better

Geoff Hilgen

Jennifer Soltau

Yes yes yes!

Jessie Rose

Good got best wash. But windshield was not clear. Maybe, because after spray finish over entire car, the window was NOT cleanned. Ugh!

Larry Krueger

Bought my wife the $54 Managers special where you can come back as many times as you want for just a quick drive through car wash or the full inside and out treatment. Vacuuming was terrible. They left sand/dirt that should have been cleaned both front and in opened rear area. Rinse job terrible! Soap left on rims and other places if body. Dried streaky soap residue left on front side windows because girls didn't wipe down good. Windshield inside was all streaks from them not cleaning good. Wife had to redo almost everything we paid them to do especially the inside windows! The worst was we paid them extra besides the special to wash just the front floor mats. They washed them and while still dripping with water, they put them back in on her brand new cars carpet!

Christopher Hughes

Clean, friendly and they know their business.

Tim Rudie

paid $55 for the top wash interior and exterior. I had dog hair in the back seat and when i jumped in the drive off, I noticed that they did not even touch the backs of my seats with a vacuum. super disappointed in the service... yes, they were busy, but come on.

Ramon Sanchez

Expensive and need people to pay more attention to detail.

Scott Beck

They do an excellent job in the car wash area, better than any other PDQ around! Lube Center prices could be a bit lower. If you like to get your car washed a lot, purchasing the clean-freq is the way to go!

Sean Heusdens

This is the best full Service car wash, which I had They Air blow your lock in winter time. Once in while there are issue with towel drying with new employees, but ask them they will correct 99% if the time. I move to Milwaukee gone this 3 different full service car washes, Auto spa very poor service but owner gave a full refund To bad his employees screw up the bosses business He very nice guy I went just prorated refund. Royal car washed constantly scratch my car and poor towel drying in the winter time. Lastly West Allis full service car Wash very hit and miss. Service. An owner with attitude making threat to keep my 3 month if car washes payments because I made complaint to the Better Business Bureau for refusal to refund a prorated amount of the rest of my car washes due to poor service. Even after walk the complaint as far back as could for him. He still grudge against me in an attitude. I miss PDQ did a great job compared to my other experiences

Jilleen Brumm

Good job guys!

Robert Fischer

Great service. Cleaned car and made it like new for a fair price.

Berequias Silvestre M

Bad super bad

Yaj Nyiaj

Great car wash of all

Lee Krahenbuhl

Average Car Wash

Brooklyn Beyer

First time going to PDQ, paid for the best wash/interior clean possible. I went home and realized only one of my back floor mat was in my car, the cup holder had not been wiped out, you could see where they did and didn’t wipe on the inside...overall paid $60 for a terrible job and lost 3 floor mats... Would not recommend going to this location. The employees spend more time talking/flirting with each other than they do doing their job.

Fox Valley Cab

usually very good service

Preston Flaker

Luke Cahak

Jake A

I like going to pdq

Tokyo Tim

I am a Clean Freaq customer where I get unlimited washes for $40/month so I go to PDQ often. I find the staff to be pleasant but quiet. I was told the location I go to is slow but I have never experienced this myself. Sometimes, I have found the detail lacking in drying off the vehicle but when it is busy I can understand. They are drying a lot of cars. Overall, I do not know what more I could expect from PDQ so 5 stars!

Jack Harris

Simple, fast and inexpensive.

Donna Breneman

Good location, you can vacuum your car with set up vacuums. I found twice now it did not dry my car when I run it through and it did not clean it, a film was in it.

John Lizor

Laura Linssen

Always fast and friendly and show my car some love!

Craig Olig

I will never go here ever again. It took them so long to get to drying my vehicle that everything had already dried. I asked some lazy big boy to wipe up some dirt on the plastic on the inside and he mussed 90% of it. And I'm a Manager's Special Cleanfreak subscriber. Stick to the location by the mall. They do a much better job. Kudos to Shannon and his staff.


Nancy Engelhardt

Outstanding job!

Charlie Pikalek

This place is amazing. Especially in winter!

Kevin Brown

Nicholas Friebel

Brought in my own oil and filter since they don't carry the oil needed in my car and still got charged an extra $42.00 for an oil upgrade when I brought it up I was told by the service Mgr there's nothing they can do besides give me $5.00 off. So I paid $30.00 for my own oil and $42.00 for oil they didn't even use. Floor mats were still filthy after the wash and dust everywhere in the car. Never again. Update: was called back and refunded the 42.00 and they will be looking into how they train the employees because it is wrong.

Brooke Shogren


Drive in car wash. Very weak self service vacuums.

Collin Gaines

Expensive but one the only full service provider in town

Julie Fischer

Sanjay Jain

Was quiker than usual

Kasey Lawson

Terrible experience.. when I got home from pdq I looked in my back seat and they forgot to put my floor mats in. Now I have to drive 20 mins to go get them and they didn't even apologize.. plus they forgot to clean my whole center console it was still dirty and sticky. Never going back! Paid 40 bucks for 5 or 6 different guys cleaning one car and they forget my mats and it was still obviously crumby and dirty. I would have done a better job by myself and saved a lot more money! But I take the blame on this one should have went to a self service wash..

Jessica Hooker

Laurie Remter

Need more attn to detail

Obaidur Rehman

Had oil change done here

Luis Saucedo

Paid over $40 for superior interior and they still miss a lot of spots! Wouldn't return that's for sure!

Bee Yang

They do a great job cleaning tour vehicles in and out

Judy McKendry

Nice service


I'm a regular here

Roxy Curry

Crystal Roberts

Ralph Neely

Good, quick service.

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