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1641 Shawano Ave, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States

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REVIEWS OF PDQ Car Wash & Detail Center IN Wisconsin

Diane Ziegelbauer

Exterior was awesome! Interior was good, but a little extra care was needed.

Timothy Salamon

Jamie Veeser

Broke seat on brand new car bought for my wife's anniversary. Never called back when I called them they said sorry we have more pressing issues. Proceeded to tell me to make a claim on my insurance and nothing they could do.

Chauncy White

Tammie Hussin

They get your car really clean inside and out!

Jeff Charles

Rich Rogers

If they smash your car they'll try to shoo you off the lot before you notice. Beyond dishonest, if you use their service check every inch of your vehicle before you leave the parking lot.

Omar Akari

Aaron Brunette

Rick King

First time going through one of these car washes. Got the managers special. Vacuumed mats and truck. Guess washing mats extra. Then washed outside and cleaned windows and dash. Towel dried truck when done. Not a bad job but thought I would have got more for my money. Think I'll save my $30 dollars and clean myself next time.

Marla Kone

Took my van in for detailing and for 200.00 wasn't that great. Lesson learned. If you want something done right do it your self.

Sandy Seymour

Love PDQ on the east side of town workers are so nice and do a much better job than the west dide.

Wendy Kroening

Slower than a turtle!! That blond vacuuming cars is a "real go getter". My 6 year old grandson could do better and faster!

Charles Burton

Could have done a better job of cleaning the engine.

Travis Starr

It's a in and out

Kyle Milligan



Always a good experience with great service

Adam Blodgett

Good job, as expected.

sally wheelock

People were doing a good job in this weather.

Kathy De Cremer

Had the Managers Special. Employees did a great job cleaning inside and outside my SUV. Better yet, the price was included when I utilized their Quick Lube 2.5 months earlier. I definitely will be back#

rebecca haen

Close and quick. The full service wash is never quite right, something is always missed. The detail shop always does a great job.

David Fairbanks

Always a good stop, did have an issue with the pay gate, free vacuum in the express wash.

Diane Orr

I stopped to get the manager special after a weekend of camping. When I got home after the car wash I looked in the hatch back and it was still all full of grass. The next morning when I was leaving for work I noticed that they never cleaned the cup holders out. Also when I got to work I noticed that the inside of the doors still had dirt on from the kids shoes. Not happy at all. Never going back. Don’t go to the PDQ on Shawano St.! Poor service!

William Graser

Worst job and price in more than 50 washes anywhere.

Jacqueline Pate

I am so glad to have a carwash , although it's expensive for disabled people it's awesome

Barry Harris

Every time I go there they always forget to clean the 3rd row seats. That just goes to say that a good job is hard to find.

Jennifer Gilbertson

Sierra Roses

Janell Zak

Enjoy watching my car go through the wash. Friendly staff.

Michael Brunette

Emily Kwaterski

After I pulled out I noticed mud on the floor and still dirt everywhere. I've never had a problem before . Only this once.

Tanner Rupiper

Took my car through the wash for the first time ever. They chipped my front bumper in multiple areas with proof and are negligent on liability in the case. They do not want what is best for their customers and do not care about the well being of their vehicles. Just a bunch of kids that do not know how to maintain a vehicle. Extremely disappointed in the service, I would not suggest going here with any vehicle you care about! (not to mention they did the worst interior cleaning job I have ever seen in my life)

Robynn Marie

Melissa Broberg

Great car wash for the money.

Kate Dewick

The do a great job cleaning the interior windows. It's the only reason I go here. There staff does not do a good job of vacuuming, wiping down the interior & drying off the exterior of the vehicle. Their prices keep going up & the quality of there service keeps going down.

Nancy Tomchek

Wonderful service!

Raghuvar Vadrevu

Vacuum could have been better for a 40$ full service...

Wencil Konop

Quick, and well done from start to finish.

Peter Smith

fast and good

Billi Dequaine

Vehicle as dirty after the carwash as it was when I entered.

Armen Naircee

tulum 2010


Give ok washes,good vacuum cleaners.

Jayson Bechle

Michael Kranzusch

Quick and easy-to-use

James Trieb

Very good!

Dennis Vaile


Patrick Young

Friendly employees...make sure you walk around your vehicle to make sure Italian. If it isn't they will gladly run it through again. If you go home and find it dirty it's your own fault.

Eric Zimmerman

Rick Basche

SJ White

As part of my new years resolution I decided not to get taken anymore with the superior interior. Basically I am getting a two for one because I exploded at the poor quality for over $40 wash and demanded a refund. Well I got a voucher for a free wash. Sunflower seeds in the center counsel, one wipe would have completed the doors, and dust on my dash for the superior interior. From now on I will throw 5 bucks my kids way and get a better job.

Ben Johnson

Overpriced and truck still dirty after every wash. Stopped goin there cuz I had to was it myself after every time I brought it there anyway. Wayyyyyy overpriced. Years ago they were ok. But now they charge you 15 to 50 bucks to just smear the dirt around that's on your truck.

Jessy Geurts

Do a good job and get my baby of you go when they are not so busy, gets you a better job done. I have the clean freak membership and use all the PDQ in Green it!

Mike Martin

Chad Beerntsen

Good value

Ryan Carriveau

dj garrison

Lazy kids wont go there again

Elaine Snyder


Scott Crevier

Bengt-Erik Hellgren

Decent value.

Ruby Jones

Matthew Pope

Terrible job. Paid for the ultimate wash with the extra specials and there were streaks on all of the windows, dust on the dashboard, and armor all marks on the side of my doors on the metal. I recommend going to the car wash at a gas station over this place, whatever happened to pride and quality in the service you provide? Feel like I was conned out of $67.


Steven Patske Jr

You get what you pay for, BELIEVE IT!!! I have been there and seen it and i will always go back because nobody does it better when they clean it, BELIEVE IT!!!

Jodi Kinner

Some vacuums r bad. But they r free. N i always go here for the $6 car wash.

Angela Johnson

Good vacuums cheap car washes

Kyle Ness

Scott Joiner

They did a great job on my car

Kimberly Harmon

Best Carwash in Wisconsin!! Thanks for all your hard work

Mike Gerondale

The Ooey Gooey Shop by Kayla

Didn't wipe down inside good

h s

They don't do what needs to be done to wash a car

Dottie Pacheco

Great job cleaning van

Nicholas Gilligan

More Expensive now then I remember. Good cleaning though.

Renee Draheim

Long Thao

Its way worth the money...I'm on the xpress freq. Clean monthly plan...I wash twice a week....the machine clean good...just gotta find a way to remove all the water..

Carrie Phillips

Amir Nouri

Excellent job cleaning my car

Kurt Nordbeck

Brandon Shehow

Terrible exterior job. Won’t let me attach pictures but not even close to clean. What a joke.

donnia watkins

Good Service

Niko Meurett

Worth it just to have someone else clean my car top to bottom

Kevin Rosenthal

Justin Knitt

Great place to get your car cleaned.

Courtney Oshaughnessy

Horrible job on my car I wont go there ever again I feel like I just gave them the money and my car looked the same as when I brought it so never again it was.horrible

Christa Busse

Love this car wash! I use this one along with the other ones in Green Bay. I pay for the clean freq membership monthly to have unlimited interior and exterior washes. I travel alot for work so my car gets dirty daily. I have my car washed a few times a week. Staff are friendly and I think they work hard to make sure my car is clean. Alot of work to do it myself which would take me a few hours of time I dont have. Best to go when they are not really busy for the best service but that's true with any place!

Jackie Darling


Colin McKean

I should have taken before and after pics, but good Lord, the interior looks brand new. Got the detailing done. Stains are gone and everything looks amazing. 10/10, will come back.

Lorrie Wickman

Don't go close to closing time, they do a fast job. Windows were dirty, mirrors not wiped off and neither was center console area.

Nicole Holsonback

Stuff is fine. Environment is clean but didn't clean my truck and lost a magnet on it.

Casey Chrudimsky

Nice thorough job washing inside and out.


All the employees are great for This type of business

James Hill

Bill Luchterhand

Excelant complete car wash. i especially like the new instructional graphics for entering the wash area.

Tim Beyer

Jason Williams

Юлия Алексеева

People do not waste your money on "Elite exterior wash" because it doesn't worth it at all!!! You will receive the same result of the regular automatic car wash from anywhere in town for much cheaper ( $10) than this "Elite" one, which costs $16. Strongly do not recommend!!!

Mangajeri Deprey

Main Street facility is the best one!

Scott Meverden

Trudy Cruz

Always satisfied,if not they do it right

Brett Mastey

Did alright job. Went for the exterior only.

Susan Bickett

Erica Kaye

Poor quality service

Marci Beck

G C4

KatieLynn Sw33tness

Scott Austin

I know these folks can do a better job of cleaning my car than I can. Very convenient.

Chad Ebert

Love them

Sam Schumacher

terrible place. waste of money. took my truck there for $23 cane out covered in water spots, not to mention they broke my power folding mirror and did nothing to remedy it. Will never return ad suggest you save yourselves the headache and do the same

Thomas Schlender

Shiny Sunshine

Alexis B

They do a poor job for the price. They're supposed to do a fast job but it also needs to be a good job! They go so fast they do a crappy job! I have to re-clean my car every time! The self car wash is good though.

CLDesignsGB CL

The manager literally yelled at me for pulling ahead too far behind running in front of my car and banging on the hood!!! When I rolled down my window to ask why he thought he could slam his hand on my hood-then he continued to scream at me-yes scream. I was SO humiliated in front of the workers and customers. I then told him with his aggressiveness he has now upset my 6 year old daughter-he said, “good”!!??!? What kind of human says he’s happy he upset a child. Then I let him know I would be canceling my subscription and again said good, then took his arm and swung it into my car (swore he was going to hit me!) to try to take my sticker off my windshield!!!!! Wow, not I rolled up my window to get away from this man and he continued to literally slap my car. The most terrifying experience-just for a darn car wash that I pay for. If this place doesn’t rectify this by an an employee (which this man is a manager), then I will continue my crusade of letting people how they are ok with-upsetting a mother and daughter on their only shopping day together before my children’s Xmas.

Kirk Hanna

Miriam Calaway

Jason Granius

Debra Loveland

Davis Maynard

Probably my favorite carwash in Green Bay for just a quick wash. They do a great job inside and out. They are looking for speed though, so the interior "detail" is more of a quick clean.

Thomas Carlson

Decent place to get your car washed, but sometimes leave more to be desired. I primarily go here to get my oil change though, which is quick, easy, and they do a good job.

james54235 milliman

Car is nice and clean. No waiting.

Sara Greenwood

Poor quality for the price. I selected the $45 superior interior. Overall they spent maybe 20 mins on my car. It was not busy the afternoon I was there so it seems like they focus on speed rather than quality. There were multiple spots on the dash that were missed, dirty wipe mark streaks, poor vacuuming, dirt remaining on the door and around the floor panels and bugs remaining on the outside of the car. They provide a five day guarantee for the package I purchased so there was no hassle when I went back the next day for a re-do and they were open to feedback about what I wanted fixed; however, that should not be necessary. Second time around was much better but still lacking quality for the price, I will unlikely go back and next time Opt for gas station drive thru wash and clean the interior myself. Disappointing.

David Wiskow

Car wash good but cleaning inside car not so

Mick Augustyn

Get the clean freq pass

Mike Boyea

Great place for a quick wash

Cheryl Webb

Tina Ferguson

Pretty darn quick? Yes -- Pretty darn clean? -- not so much. This place is scammish -- for $20 they said I would get an interior clean -- I asked how long it would take, they said 20 minutes -- sounded good, right? Less than 10 minutes later they were beckoning me to my vehicle -- the car wash is NOT even as good as the ones at the service stations, and the inside smelled like they had sprayed a deodorizer, but there was still spilled tea on my interior door, and the rear seat had not even been touched (leather interior, easy to clean) -- when I complained to management he tried to make excuses -- SORRY, I was visiting the area - wasn't interested in a coupon and demanded a refund for the INTERIOR portion, I did pay the minimum $7 for the car wash -- don't waste your time on this place --- a gas station car wash will suffice

john f

The best fastest most complete drive thru car wash I've ever been in.

Dianne Holznecht

Good car wash. Friendly staff.

Brookes Papineau

Westside girl.. Gr8 ppl..

Dan Rader

Great place for a wash and cleaning

Karen Wirth

$30.00 later and the car is still dirty....

Crystal Brudie

Very friendly staff

Audrey Morris

Booo just left after a full service. There is still bird poop on my hood. Doesnt look like they vacuumed at all, and didnt wipe down back seat area at all. There is even still leaves in my backseat. So thanks for nothing, well actually you did stomp your wet foot prints all over so thanks for that.....not. Go somewhere else and clean it yourself, itll be twenty dollars cheaper and get done right.

jim white

jacob hill

My favorite car wash place

David Lessmiller

Great job on our car

SickSickPunk Failure

Did ok job. To expensive

Michelle Jaimes

Hate the place they never get my truck clean. When I call they tell me to come back and they will redo it and say I do and they still did a terrible job!!! This happened twice I will NEVER go back...


Good for a quick wash. Not so good on customer service.

Alicia Puga

Exelent :)

Pedro S

Love this place.

Yaj Nyiaj

Matthew Boom

Best carwash in town!

Lisa Loch

Didn't get it clean the first time 2nd wash was much better

Betty Person

Very friendly and fast. Definitely going back again.

Ben Lom

They always do a good job for the price!

Jamie Gavin

Would recommend going there to get your car washed inside and out the staff there is top notch

Lisa Daniels

Bob Garfinkel

PDA did an excellent job on the outside, dash, and floor of my car. I was disappointed that the seats were not wiped off. When I got home, I filled out a complaint online. Within a few days, a free car wash of equal value was in the mail. Excellent customer service!

Yong Peng

Ashley Blackwell

Love Free Vac

Jeff De Bauche

Great place have your vehicle washed and cleaned inside and out. They do vehicle detailing. Usually they don't open until 9am most days. They do special packages. The Clean Freq unlimited washing from month to month is very popular. Love this place.

Eric Macklin

Cassie Kadletz

Took there time didn't miss a thing

Nick Heintz

Jean-Baptiste Cochenet

Todd Tahlier

Manger special is $30. I would expect they wipe down the doors and the dash. Terrible "cleaning" of my vehicle, it's like this more often than not the last few times I've been here. They have lost my service.

Packer 2026

Great employees and service. Disappointed in the rain protection I upgraded too.

Sarfraz Ahmed

Friendly staff. They provided good service but they missed a few obvious spots on my car and I had point them out to be cleaned.


Was stilk some spots that weren't cleaned

Laura Bunker

Marissa Siem

Honestly didn't clean out cup holders in back or wash down the doors when paying for the managers special. I went back and asked and they did do it then. If it's over $25 dollars how is that not standard? The vacuum job was not good. I had wood chips in the car and lots of them were still left. I gave a 2 because the service was speedy. I don't know if I will go again for this price. Very disappointed.

Sherry Mathey

Does a great job!

Hillary Golden

Super fast, great service

Sandy Gutting

Great prices


Very bad cleaned inside, 85000 dollars car. They treat like junk. They didn’t even wipe good. I clean better. I will never be back

Dylan Masse

I've been going to the Main st. PDQ my whole life. Was hesitant to try this location because of the reviews, but since I recently moved it was more convenient so I figured give it a try. I've recieved countless PDQ washes through the years, but my interior has never been so clean. Extremely thorough. I had a long day, and my mind was shot, so it was most helpful when the girl working the desk helped me pick out an air freshener. The Main st. PDQ location is great, but I don't ever intend to go back with this one in town.

Chris Hronek

Fernando G

I visited the PDQ on Shawano and I bought a $36 package which was the Full Wash with the "Extreme Shine" package. I honestly didn't see anything special done. But the bad part was that there was still dirty places on my car and wasn't even dried off all the way. How was this package better than their regular $10 car wash? I have no clue. I only feel ripped off. I should've figured because it only took like 10 minutes for the whole process. Apparently this is the best package they had. If this is the best then this car wash is probably one of the worst if not the worst. My advice is to check your car as soon as you go out to pick it up so that you don't go all the way home and find out.

Kiernan Johnson

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