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REVIEWS OF Nappa CarWash IN Wisconsin

Stephen Kucharski

Good but Nappa 2 on Washington Street seems superior and seems to be a lot more gentle on your car. Nappa 2 also dries WAY better. I appreciate the fact they have guys dry your car at the end but I feel bad if I don't tip them, raising the price for a wash that in my opinion is inferior to their Northside Nappa 2 Washington St. Location. Their monthy "unlimited" (one a day) Ultimate pass is good at either location though and is an incredible deal.

Valeria Martinez

Didnt clean bugs in the front. Also the dryers didnt dry the far fully and my car got super dirty right because of it.

Robert Knutter

The only car wash I'll use. Great deals during the week!

Doug Williams

Great prices and love that they towel dry your car

Tony chips Chiappetta

Great place for a quick wash. Good service too, they have drying guys (make sure to tip them a buck or two). Overall nice place and free vacuums on site before you go through the wash.

Faryal Ahmed

Language Arts Skills

Tony Truck

Nice and clean ready for weekend

Daymon T

Patsy Gibson


Brenda Benish

Great car wash, very friendly and dependable car wash

Jalynn Peters

Kenneth Ferguson

Great car wash with the latest technology!!! No scratches at this wash go for the gold monthly wash you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Tom G

Nice and clean car

Erik Wilson

Quick and easy, super friendly staff, and free vacuums! Very affordable too.

Roger B. Goins

Vide Berisha

State of the art. Definitely the best car wash in Kenosha. No tracks , only belt and so easy to get in and out.

Dennis Merritt

Fast. Good 4 dollar wash.

Philip Woolman

December 11, 2017 at around 3 PM. The heavy rags/rollers caught the side mirror on my collector Blazer. The manager refused to look at the damage and casually said "The Bolt's were probably loose or the thing was glued on. I'm not —- paying for it." Businesses that attack their customer base are destined to fail. Those rags really beat the side of your vehicle....beware!

Cody Ernest

Great carwash and good deals on a monthly unlimited wash. Quick in and out and my kids always ask to go through it because it's all automated!

Bobby Mielke

Love this place

Lisa Wortman

Car was still dirty after was, scratched my car worse then what is was, all the soap did not come off and the vacuums don’t work well.

Jerry Fani

Always awesome and friendly!

Isabel Cerbantez

Max Dinan

After a not excellent first impression, the owner and employees have addressed my issues more than adequately. My windows and tires look much better the after a second attempt with dry chamois.

Joel Pollo

(Translated by Google) Leave the cars very clean. (Original) Deja muy limpios los carros.

Angel Guzman

matt krajniak

I paid over $15 for their best wash, but it hardly washed the car. Theres still mud and dirt all over my hood and rear. The spinning brushes left lots of large, black streaks on my car. Not worth the money.

Jeff Tip

Don B

This car wash does a great job and has very friendly service. I always use this place and recommend everyone to come here.

Shawn M

By far one of the best car washes in town

Courtney Christine

Jay Sampson

By a mile, the best car wash in the area. Nothing even remotely close. 4 instead of 5 stars though because of the misleading monthly membership. I'll just say that before you join, which you DON'T have to, check out their website for pricing. First month you get the ultimate wash for $15, but after that your $15 only gets you the very basic wash. The ultimate you start with goes up to $35 after that!

Rebecca Kelly

This place is not only dishonest, but RUDE as well. I took my car to get it washed an the gentleman misguided my car onto the track, and then redirected me. I was a little bit nervous that it could have done something to my car since it is lower to the ground. When I got home (not even 1 minute after since I live a block away) I checked my car and discovered that it had ripped off part of the guard under my car on the left side (where the tire track is that I was misguided onto). I can assure you that my car had nothing wrong with it before entering that car wash. When I called to tell them the damage that had been done to my car the OWNER flat out refused to accept responsibility for the damage (that I will now have to pay to fix) and told me I "could not prove" that it was their fault, and took an extremely degrading tone with me speaking to me like I was dumb. Not to mention the fact that my car wasn't even completely clean after I exited the wash (lets just add insult to injury). They have lost my respect, and my business even though I was a very loyal customer before this. I would NOT RECCOMEND this place to anybody due to the unprofessional owner, his dishonesty, and degrading tone he took with me while I was trying to explain to him that his carwash did indeed damage my car. Absolutely awful business, and refusal to assist in the repairs that they caused. I am disgusted.

Romi Almonte

Tcc Llc construction

Quick and excellent service, friendly staff and not to forget the free vacuuming.

Eddie Coolcat

Great deal I let you vacuum your own car no charge great guys working there fairgreat car wash

Jack S

Easy, automatic carwash.

Bruce Bakken

Close to home and can’t beat the price. $4 bucks for a car wash and vacuum and always tip the guys for hand drying the car. Nice touch!

veronica bosco

I absolutely LOVE the new location on 30th!! I will not go to any other car wash! I give all the praise to Johnny Marshall!! He greets me and my son EVERY time we pull up asking me “how’s your day”!! I give him 10 STARS!! THANKS!!

valedean clark

Appteciative of your visit to carwash.

Joey Kresal

Fair price, nice job, and I like that it is not touchless. I am able to get my full size extended cab long bed truck in and through no problem. If your truck is light by any amount may have some height issues as mine at stock height is kind of getting close.

Shawn Jozwiak

This car wash left horrible swirls and light scratches along one side of my entire car(Infiniti Q50). The side of the car that didn't have swirls, still had dirt and salt all over the lower half of the car. Instead of replying and saying that you use soft brushes to every person who complains about your wash, perhaps you should open your eyes and realize there is an issue with your wash system. I live close by and was excited when I saw this place opening. On a side note, I would recommend checking your grammar before you reply to reviews.


Free vacuums, quality wash, a real human actually rinses your car and guides you into the tracks, and the conveyer moves your car through the wash. This is now my preferred car wash in Kenosha. They also accept credit cards for payment.

Bailey Peterson

Good, cheap car wash. Some of the vacuums don't work however.

Angelita Pfleger

My car wasn't clean after the wash.

mareese Williams

Amber Mercado

Strikerkayak Fishing

I love this car wash, all the people I’ve come in contact with here have been a pleasure to work with!

ivy perez

Excelente servicios y empleados muy amable y pagas poco por un buen trabajo Vale la pena los servicios

Ray Steinsdorfer

Ray Guzman

Definitely wasn’t bad for the first time being there. Also was fast.

J Marshall

Nappa car wash is very helpful great staff .very clean place it give my car a great wash better than I do my self will always go here.


I am so bummed. To start, I really like this place. It's well maintained, clean and the free vacuum service is really nice. The people I have interacted with thus far have always been friendly, which makes this all the more disappointing. I recently got a new car (new to me, but a pristine 2011 Black Jetta 2.5 SE) and I wanted an option to keep the underbelly clean from salt during the winter. A co-worker turned me onto the unlimited Silver package at Nappa as it cleans the bottom of the car. Perfect! I subscribed and went several times and loved it. I went there a few days ago and after getting a wash, I checked the back of my car and was shocked by what I saw. It absolutely tore up my trunk. I have tons of scratches and marks all over it that I NEVER had before. I have had the car for a few weeks and before I bought it, I looked it over with a fine toothed comb so I know what marks it previously had and didn't have. I also have the benefit of having all the screenshots the dealership took of the car to show it didn't have these scratches on it before. I could be wrong here, but I could have sworn I noticed either more brushes than I was used to seeing so I am not sure if this could be a byproduct of new stiff brushes perhaps? There were two employees watching the area with the brushes which I wasn't used to seeing, which is why I'm wondering if maybe something around that area was just upgraded or something. Either way, I don't know what to do. I was loving the idea of the silver package cleaning the salt off the bottom of my car and it was doing a great job washing my car up until this last time, but I can't keep going back if it's tearing up my car. There is nothing I do, use or put anywhere near my car that could make marks like that. I baby it way too much for that many marks to happen by some random chance. I don't quite know what to do. I called two days ago, mid day, but no one picked up. I'm going to be out the money for the subscription, but more importantly, my trunk looks like it's been attacked by a steel wool brush. The pictures show some of what I am talking about. The only thing I did to them was black out my plate number, but nothing else has been touched. Like I said, I really like this place, but it has damaged my paint job so it's hard to recommend. I am open to speaking with anyone from the Washington location if they are interested and showing them the car, etc. I think this needs to be addressed.

Simone Napoletano

Excellent job, very good costumer service

Carolyn Preston

Great car wash. There are vacuums available, 4 different washes, and they towel your car pretty dry too.

Ada Mejias

I did the 13$ car wash, my car wasn't washed at a 13$ value. The vacuums don’t have any suction. If you try this car wash , don’t it’s not what you pay for.

sprint store

Does a aming job

Erick Saley

Good value, free vacuums!

Jeanne Prather


This car wash does a great job and is located 1 mile from house. I have experienced situations where soap was left on the vehicle but the staff was quick to resolve the issue by allowing me to get another wash. Very highly recommended

Linda Norwood

Good service

Edwin Torres

Michael Orth

No tipping at this Northside location makes it better. Unfortunately the Southside location is more convenient for me.

Dan Giernoth

Tried it for the first time not impressed didn't get the whole truck clean

Lilly Gee Entertainment

Charly Bronson

Nice monthly prices good wash it's not a touchless wash though if that's your thing

Brian Edwards

Angie Parker

The vacums are not that fuctional. The car wash scratched my car.

Manuel Morales

Jack Parise

I've been to every car wash in town and Nappa Carwash by far is the best. I recently purchased another 6 month car wash (Silver) package which I believe is a great value given my weekly visits to the carwash. I receive a professional carwash everytime along with a curious staff doing an consistant job evertime. I'll continue to pass on the closer car washes going out of my way to go the Nappa and look forward to the new northside location. Shine on!!

Emmanuel Gomez


Janat Ahmed

Joy sundstrom

I am used to going to their original car wash. This one still doesn’t have vacuums with much suction, that’s a huge disappointment. The car wash wasn’t as much fun as the original, no colored lights flashing. This has a better dryer at the end, so no guys wiping you down for a few seconds. The place is ce Lean and looks great the price is more the. Fair. I just wish the vacuums worked better.

Nickie Sullivan

Rick Stockdale

Excellent car wash! Great staff and friendly service. Would recommend to all my friends and family. They always do a great job on all my cars.

Harold Yoder

In a world where we are seeing the quality of customer service get lower and lower, That's refreshing and really nice to see a local small business hanging on to their personal touch.

Esteban Perez

Donte Gillespie

Kevin Meyer

Jany Miras

awesome job

Animal Jam Fan

Hi guys thank you for spraying and washing my new car it come out very clean especially after being stuck in the mud.

Valentin Escobedo

I was threatened by worker spraying cars entering wash Friday afternoon. I was a regular, taking my business 2 new one on 52 and green Bay.

Angie Walker

Robert Kern

Outstanding service,as always. The service provider on duty this evening did an outstanding job of removing any snow from my vehicle prior to going through the wash. He did a very thorough job and was very friendly. This place is amazing!! Thank you for your great service.

Miguel Hernandez

Kelly Berger

Sally Martin

Byron Downey

Jason Kloss

Fret Ordoñez

Ray Toren

Affordable and clean, Very helpful.

James Richard

Great wash with friendly and fast service. I like the people there and I recommend others to come try this place out.

Ken Demuysere

Great car wash! I've been going here daily for almost a year.

Tom Flentge

Awesome experience bring all the cars that get body work done from the shop here! Very cool employees and great service

Josh Sutton

Place has amaising service and a free vacuum for your car wash, it's like my go to!!

Henry Heckel

Good car wash

Sherrie Mika

Sabri Coma

This place is top notch, I was driving through Kenosha and needed to get the mosquitoes off of the front of my truck, these guys made my truck look BRAND NEW! very helpful staff !

Hasan Dabeastmaster

Good Staff and Good Service. Edward very good help

Marcus Williams

Good carwash, nothing to complain about.

Andrew Staison

Nice and clean car wash my kids love going through

Annita f

impressed with the membership very cheap and it does great job, love the armorall on the tires

Kurt Baumann

Quick, affordable, and friendly service...lot of wash options and free vacuuming. Love it that you don't have to have a bunch of quarters. I greatly appreciate the owner who is a community sponsor - provided basic car wash tickets to support youth mission trips the last two years! Thank you!

Clay Kohl

You really can't beat the value of the wash you get here

Hona Hasting

Juan Granados

Great wash but the vacuum is a hit or miss, only a few have enough suction

reree youcant

Joaquin Norniella

Very friendly good value

Sandra McQuestion

Nice, free vacuums!

Kevin C

This place will be receiving a class action lawsuit for damage to my vehicle. Scum. Dishonest.

Carolina Salas

Fast car wash and hand drying. Free vacuuming.

Shradha Patel

Great car wash, would highly recommend!!

Baba D

Great car wash! Really good and fast service.

Chris Smith

Very friendly people

Michael conley

Jessica Larsen

I was suprised that the staff still does towel dry and also they did a pre wash spray. Love the free vacuums and the staff was great. Will definitely be back and next time will get the membership too.

Willie Beatty

Bill Garrett

Nice car wash.

Peter G

Bug spray work perfect and I love the wash, only improvement I would suggest is vacuums

Sara Strauss

Scratched the door of my Jeep and didn't get all the soap rinsed off.

Serene Rismeyer Schroeder

I love car wash membership but you can smell the cigarette smoke after driving through inside your car.

Guy Warner

Very good cheap car wash.

MaryJane Cruz

Very good service

Jacinta H

Beware!! This car wash scratched my new car and did not even clean it. There is 3 new scratches on my car that were not there before entering this wash. One is so noticeable not one person in site to complain to except some young kid spraying the cars. 2 hoses did not work on the end one is just hanging there with the attachment on the ground. This place used to be nice I will never go here again. I don’t drive a junk car either I have a 2018 Lexus I never again use this place !

Property&Project Management Office 1630

Car wash is great !! TOWL DRYING IS A BIG PLUS FOR ME !!

Samantha Stephenson

Quick, cheap wash with a free vacuum and a hand towel dry if you would like. The automated wash missed the back of my sedan but otherwise does a great job.

Sean Bellinger

Frank Schulz

Good Job cleaning

Julie Twomey

Really like getting my car washed here, free vacuums out front to get your cars inside clean first, and a pretty good and quick wash through the building with comparable prices and options to choose from. I definitely recommend coming here for your vehicle washes!

Tim Grimes


If you want your vehicle possibly damaged while being washed then definitely go here. If you want free access to a vacuum then go here. If you care about your car like me and would prefer not to come out looking worse then stay away from here.

Richie Campbell

this is a great wash! I will be back soon thank you Nappa!!

Lisa Vieras

Ron Lesjak

Does a nice, inexpensive car wash. Not losing an arm and a leg to get a clean car.

lisa ragland

A good clean wash

Jaron Mulford

Thomas Plunkett


Always enjoy going to this car wash. The employees are great and my car is always clean. I love the free vacuums.

Tony G

Good service and friendly staff

Don Kozak

Pretty impressed with this new car wash. Reasonable prices overall and free vacuums. I'll be back again.

scott gordon

Ylli Berisha

Travis Herwig

Best car wash in town. Affordable and friendly service.

Auto World Deals

I have been using nappa and previously all star car wash for the last 11 years we have been in business. Not a one single problem! I use this wash numerous times a week. Staff is always great and friendly. Car comes out as clean as can be and they have guys to towel dry for you! I will continue to use them for the next 11 years.

Chris Sorenson

So today the car wash attendant walked into the middle of the road and stopped a funeral procession, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PROCESSION, just to let a customer out of their facility. Absolutely no respect.

Ismael Posada

Good price

Socorro Gloria

Lots of free vacuums, easy access, clean and friendly service. Love that they DRY off the car!!!

Sylvia Memdoza

Great services fast and friendly

gloria correa

It caused a crack on my windshield. Management refused to cover the damages even though he looked at the surveillance cameras and saw that the crack was not there prior to entering the car wash.

Christina Williams

Thank you for the great service . Affordable and convenient membership that always make me a happy customer especially with the free vacuuming.

Jammie Mokry

I think nappa does an awesome job. I love this car wash and works the best out of kenosha. :) i would tell anyone to come here. N if anything is not working right someone is more then willing to help fix ist and make sure we are satified :) car washes are very affordable to.

Jose Gonzales

Fast service good attitude nice treatment and good prices

Daniel Reyes

Gregg Schulz

Screen to purchase car wash broken and they refuse to fix it,always a long line because of that, and good luck if the screen works for a car wash purchase

Suedamone Inc

Elijah Harvey

Pulled up vacuumed car got in line for wash(Great prices) they dried the car when it came out and I was on my way.

Chanette King

Very new place in town. Gets the job done


Good free vacuum

Serena Timothy

Great wash

Sandra Walsh

Service is amazing!

Jennifer Rambi

I'm assuming the new one on Washington Road is owned by the same place. Just went threw it with a basic wash and it did a wonderful job!!! Attendent was super helpful. Definately 5 stars!!!

Carol O'Neal

Worst vacuums of any carwash in Kenosha. Had to move my car three times before I could find one that actually worked and it had very little power, barely picking up anything.

Joan Stevens

Rey Smith

Very good and fast service

Jeremie Berry

The guys here are great they always do a great job very nice and understanding and always go over and beyond on their duties I go no where else to get any of my cars washed

Ekrem Gashi

Tom Van Engen

Marie Kueny

Great carwash around, friendly staff.

Michael Huerta

U Kurti

Really nice and best quality service ever! Highly recommend

Tushima Davis

I have a renewable pass and go get my car washed anytime while they are open.

Mike Jay

Free vacuum with car wash. Staff is nice. I'd recommend them.

Jeff Yearian

Even though it's a new car wash the vacuums have NO suction whatsoever

Joseph Rice

I'm a monthly car wash member at nappa car wash and they are awesome! They are very professional and the car wash is great.

Lisa K

Nice vacuums lil pricey for area

Anthony Cicerale

My family has been going to this car wash since I was a kid. It's changed a couple times over the years to modernize, and it's always been top notch. Don't care how many fancy car washes they build in Kenosha, I will always go to Nappa on 75th!

Richard Klinkhammer

James Collins

JP Nisuas

Nice people and very fast service!!! Highly recommended!!!

Stephanie Poyner

Best car wash place in Kenosha

tgi sporrou

very nice and cheap.

R Fet

Esterlyn Durbin

They do a great job pre washing and drying your vechiles. Very clean car wash. No complaints!

Jorge Cartagena

Good car wash very friendly

tim cairo

Best, reasonable car wash in the area!

Eddie Carrillo

I love the car wash , been coming for a couple months now , cleans up very well , but recently i feel very pressured this past 2 weeks a person has been pressuring me to buy a monthly membership & now that there is 2 locations , i feel very uncomfortable & has made me stop washing my car at this location .

Yasmin Rosa

Horrible customer service! As I was vacuuming my car some dog food fell on to the floor (kibble) i picked up the majority of it but there was still some on the ground and I decided to just finish the inside of my car before I pick up the rest of it. This guy comes out and he is like "you need to pick up this mess and put it in the trash not on the floor!" I was like "I was an accident, I am still cleaning my car it will get picked up" he proceeds to say "in the trash". So obviously my hands weren't picking up the kibble quick enough so I started vacuuming it up and he starts yelling at me, and Im like well let me get your broom and dust pan, and he's like no and grumbles as he swept it up. So I went back to vacuuming my car and I start using the vacuum on the other side and its not even sucking it up. Needless to say at this point I was super annoyed and just paid for my car wash and left. I WILL NOT BE GOING THERE AGAIN! RUDE!!!!

Hooman Gion

Place looks amazing. This is defiantly a above average car wash. I use thier other facility also, they towel dry at the other facility.

Travis Lovegrove

Good price, great service and the vacuums are free so it is totally worth it your visit.

Eloyce Cosey

Sam Smith

Good wash. Only thing is that they use old towels to dry off cars.

melissa goetz

Great car wash! The best in town! The only car wash I use.

Emmanuel Hathaway

Gene K

I love the free use of the vacum. I like to keep my car clean and i collect so many small stones from ge tting in and out.

charlotte williams

Harriet Rivera

Excelent Service!!!!Recomendado 100% y buen service.....

joanna martinez

One of the coolest car washes Ive been to! My favorite part was the lava soap that changed colors as you went through the wash. The conveyor belt was super easy to use considering it was my first time seeing one. Free vacuums are available before and after the wash AND there's ample room to navigate through the lot. (I know I like to have my space while I clean my car and not have others hovering waiting for me to finish) All in all, Id definitely come back!!!!

Angela Vite

Matthew Redig

Fyi, they auto renew any package deal on your credit card. Expect a surprise charge before it expires.

Jeremy Schmickel

GREAT Car wash. Wouldn't go anywhere else in town. Free vacuum and towel dry! Car always comes out looking good.

Paul Lehman

Sergio Herrera

Es muy bueno el lavado de autos se Los recomiendo el personal es muy amable

Monique Green

Was in and got my car towel dried on the way out

Donte' Gillespie

Mike Sandwisch

Shannon Escareno

Staff hand dry your car, very nice service.

dave hall

It took a long time to get there, but this joint is worth the wait. Free vacuum, if you get the wash, which is only four dollars.


Marilyn Behringer

Karla Nelson

they do a great job I got that monthly unlimited pass figure Winters here I got to keep the salt off my new van got to keep it looking pretty and clean so it lasts

Llora Lacey

Julian Taylor

Love them . Way better and cheaper than That new rocket wash car wash or whatever it’s called !!!!

William Seibel

Good place

Doris Perish

I had very good experience yesterday and it was very convenient.

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