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1510 N Van Buren St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States

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REVIEWS OF Metro Car Wash IN Wisconsin

Fada Shelbourne

Broke my passenger seat lever and will not return calls or emails. Terrible experience. Not worth $155 and the cost I'll have to pay to get my seat repaired.

Jihad Shkoukani

Lied in my face then damaged my paint. Damaged my paint job, I ordered the full exterior paint restoration. First they gave me my car without even fully washing it, the manager lied to my face and told me the car was irreversibly stained on the lower half, after taking it home. I was able to rub off the stains with my bare hands, I brang it back the next day extremelely upset and the manager then apologized when i rubbed the dirt off with my bare hands in front of him and said he would fix my vehicle himself. I dont know if they were upset or made a mistake but after picking my vehicle up it looked a million times better but I noticed some scratches. Lied in my face then damaged the paint on my restoration project.

Tom Warden

Sat in waiting room but no employee ever came to assist or ask if I wanted my car washed

Liz Iglesias

Terrance Van Gorder

Great place to get your car washed and waxed.

سليمان ضيف

In summary, the best car wash in Milwaukee.

Jay Pantaleon

Wil Emling

Huss khabbaz

Was here early today dropped my car and left to get lunch the guy told me it will take 30 minutes. He calls after 15 Minutes to tell me that they'll close due to rainy weather and I have 5 minutes to pick it up. I get there and they are still working on it. LOVED THE SERVICE BUT NOT GOING HERE AGAIN

Mike Urbaitis

Great service all around. Very professional and very thorough work, especially by Gene.

Zouzi Qi

Mikeal Luor

Did an deep interior clean and i can still see grease stains in carpet and gum or something. The interior defintiely looks cleaner but not 125 dollars and 7 hours later cleaner. Also i have a push engine car and they left my keys on the outside of the windshield. I would rather have it handed in my hand cause I totally forgot about it and drove off and realized where it was before it could get lost somewhere. I just had higher expectations especially for the advertisement, price, and time. It almost looks like they tried to clean this tough spot but realized it got worse so they left it. The only thing I really liked was the windows, the tires, and the one guy who assisted me (Rodger?).

Kennon Christian

Amazing staff that do amazing work! I'd give more stars if I could

Jessica Taylor

Nice and friendly.

Levi Vegan

Did a great clean job on my dirty cross country car!

Driana Tru

Was there Sunday morning 15 mins after they opened trying to get a car wash, so, I pulled into the car wash location and one caucasian guy approached me (very rude like he didn’t want to be there) and tells me that’s have to park my car outside and there’s an hour and a half waiting for a car wash. I can see if the guy was more friendly about approaching me and didn’t have to park my 2018 car in the street, I would have waited, but with that attitude and risking my car being parked outside on a busy street, NO THANK YOU!!. May I add, they only had two/three vehicles in and plenty of space inside for 6 cars more when I pulled into their location. Honestly, their customer quality is garbage.

Umi Conley

Eric Higgins

Best car wash in Milwaukee hands down

Michael O'Connor

Tim does a great job with my car....I would not go to another car wash!

Kim Maycock

John Wojner

This place always exceeds my expectations. I have a new 2017 B9 Audi A4 and it ALWAYS comes out looking brand new. The staff knows me when I return and are always great to work with. I take my car here for weekly car washes and also for yearly detailing. I had a pickle juice spill in my car this last summer and because I couldn't get in the same say I tried another detailer. They did a HORRIBLE job, not only tearing some fabric but they didn't get the smell out. They put air fresheners on the ground to cover it up, no special treatment foe the spill!! The next day I took it to Metro Car Wash and they did me a solid and got the smell out for a good price, they didn't charge me for the full detail and I am EXTREMELY grateful. They told me it didn't even look like it was just detailed. The next week I took it back for a proper detailing and WOW, so good. Will only be going here from now on. Fair prices, great staff, and consistently great results. 5 stars for them!!!! Side note: make sure you tip!!!! I hate it when people stiff them, they do such good work its only right to at least throw them a 5. You'll be spending more for a worse result elsewhere and it keeps the good staff happy with their job so they stay there!!! Plus its good to show them you appreciate the great work.

Katherine Pummill

Did an absolutely fantastic job on my SUV. I didn't even recognize the interior it looked so fresh!

Mike Mike

Great Shop! Perfect job every time and the prices are fantastic. Friendly, Knowledgeable, skilled, and trusted.

Lena Levy

Mauricio Trejo

Cruz Hernandez

A++ Services & Customer service

Tom Bonnos

Excellent work. Great customer service. Fair price. What more could you ask for!

Wei Lu

Mario Fiorentino

I regularly have my wife's car and my truck washed and portered here. I get consistently excellent service in a timely fashion.

Lily Ann

Excellent customer service and they always do an amazing job on my vehicle. They even point out any thing that may not have caught your attention on the vehicle and do their best to correct it. I wouldn't trust having my car hand washed by anyone else!

Cassadie Luedke

Super friendly staff, very professional. My car's carpet was horribly stained and they made it look brand new. Hands down best car wash in Milwaukee.

Jeremy Schoeberle

Awesome work great prices nice staff

Blake Jeska

Tried to get ahold of them via phone for days before was able to finally speak to staff. The staff was extremely rude on the phone and not willing to work with me at all. Do not recommend this place one bit.

Tom Morden

mike wester

Jarrett Kraus

Lily Schoudel

They do good job

Celia Tagliareni

I dropped my car off this morning and was welcomed by the Manager Tim, who was super nice. He then directed me to the Lounge, which is clean and super cozy with a flat screen TV!! My car looks amazing, and I will continue to go back here to get both of my cars cleaned and detailed!!! Thanks Metro!

AJ Kaleka

Best car wash i have been to anywhere in this country by far!

Andreas Sanaty

We had made an appointment for a Deep Interior Detail for Saturday morning. Took the car in and left it with Metro all day. We get a call before 4 pm that the car will be ready in 30 minutes. Fast forward, the car isn't ready until 5, which we were not too upset about since we didn't want them to rush their job. This delay, however, made us late for an appointment so we weren't able to give the car a detailed look before we left, which is also not that easy in the rather dark garage at Metro. When we looked at the car in the daylight 10 minutes after leaving Metro, we were surprised to see dirty air vents, dog hair on the seats, remainders of a spill on the left door (which we ended up getting off ourselves with our bare hands after it wasn't done during the detail). We left town for six months on Sunday, so I called right after we left and nobody picked up, so on Sunday spoke to the lady who presented herself as the manager on duty who advised that she needed to take my complaint to the owner. Fast forward four days, no response from the business and nobody picks up the phone after a handful of attempts to reach back out to the business on my own. Things happen, but what is upsetting is the complete lack of ownership and responsibility by the business to make good on their lack of service this day. This is not worth 8 hours without my car and $155 later. We've gotten the $38 car wash and vacuum for many years, which we never expected to be perfect so we sprung for the extra detail this time and 8 hours later we got a car wash for the cost of a detail.

Antoine Brooks

The best, hands down!!

Jared Scholz

Best car wash in Milwaukee period, they are amazing.

Dale W

Definitely glad I found this place. I'm new to the area and I've been looking for a good car wash.

Gautam Sahoo

Friendly staffs and on time service.

Jeff Mast

Would not recommend if you have a classic car. I made an appointment for a clay restoration treatment and was told to drop off my car when they opened at 9:00 am, so I left work and ran over there. Several of us were waiting outside when someone finally arrived at 9:15 to open the business. When I picked up the car later that day I immediately noticed two bad scratches down to the metal in the drivers side door. Also, paint on the rear hatch of the car was missing in a few spots. To my amazement, I was told it had been that way when it was dropped off. It had not. People who have classic cars know them like the back of their hand, and to repeatedly tell me this damage had been there previously was bizarre. Will never use again and cannot recommend to anyone who 1. cares about their time, and 2. cares about their cars paint.

Dana Atkins

James Roome

Great work, great price!

Tristan Wallace

They always do a great job!

Sheritta Williams

Always a great job

Antoine Jenkins

Excellent hand wash OD cars. Great crew working there.

Justin Cramer

This is an excellent “city” hand car wash. Being in the city it does not have good parking. I often have to park down the street, but I do so as these guys always do an excellent job and have never tried to push unneeded product or services on me. The $30 full wash is economical enough that it is easy to bring your car back week after week. Especially in the winter months. If I am not detailing my Tesla Model S myself I will only bring it to these guys.


It’s not the best. This place is kind of pricey

Jason Allen

William Rayner

Joe Hrdina

6 hours later and I got it back in worse condition than I dropped it off.

Dorthy Leonard

L. Rossi

They take forever.

Maya Her

Tried to call and make an appointment because I heard great things. They didn't pick up even though they were open, no big deal. I called back at a later time and now their number is unreachable as if it's been disconnected or I've been blocked. Annoying.

Oscar Patterson

The best in Milwaukee - seriously

Jared Frost

احمد عبدالله المنصوري

Great people

Jonathan Schroeder

I had a 9:00 am appointment for a complete detail but me and the employees were locked out of the building. At about 9:30 I was ready to give up and cancel my appointment so I talked with one of the employees and they said I could leave my truck with them and they could start when someone opened up the building. Metro did a very good job detailing the exterior, the wax and the trim turned out really nice. Unfortunately it looks like my driver’s side window tint was damaged during the detail and I didn’t notice it until a few blocks after I left Metro. There were about 20 small gouges where it looked like the corner of a tool hit the window. Most were near the bottom back corner of the window which wouldn’t have been a such big deal but there are some in the middle of the window and it is noticeable when I check my blind spot. The top inch and a half of the passenger side window was left dirty. There were also a couple of corners that were still dusty around the speedometer and in the bed of the truck. I should have trusted my gut and just cancelled my appointment when the place was over half an hour late to open, but at least I can remove the window tint to fix the damage.

Anuradha Kolarkar

David C

Samantha Tracy

It is not in my nature to leave a review, but this place deserves the credit. My car was a disaster. It was a year of a lot of travel and I just could not take it anymore. Long story short, I was so happy when I received my car today. I got the most thorough detail, inside and out, and they really delivered. I cannot find anything I'm unsatisfied with. I highly recommend this place.

New Land

Make sure you charge your phone... for the wait

Tim Gokhman

The only place I’ll take my car. Attentive, customer-oriented team.

Derek Runner

Not nearly enough effort put into the complete detail. Most of my car was still spotty and streaky after $225.

Arie Leib Porush

Best Car wash in Town! Fast, friendly, and affordable.

Hunter Coe

Super nice guys shop was very clean! Nice waiting area for customers and some really nice cars here and they are looking fantastic.

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