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REVIEWS OF Main Street USA Car Wash IN Wisconsin

Thomas Chefalo

Paul Hefner

Reasonable and usually not crowded.

Anthony Nyck

They even have hand dryers for self washing.

Joey Schaffer


Great place to get a car washed inexpensively

Alec Pacourek

I used to like this place. Now the water seems hard (even spot free rinse) the Shammies where out, and the Dyer that is built in sucks. And $1.50 to use the vacuum is ridiculous.

David Aruguete

[This is in response to the owner asking how they could earn better than 3 stars.] I came to this car wash on recommendation from a friend because the auto lanes don't have the rails that tend to scratch up wheels. I paid 12 dollars hoping for a wash of the frame beneath. I think that spray got half, maybe 2/3 of the car. There's nothing to let you know you're going too fast or slow for this wash as you drive in. After the remaining car was washed, I exited hoping the blower would remove the excess suds that the rinse had missed; in fact the blower brought up any hidden suds and spread them about the cars windows and body. Issues: 1) The chassis (undercarriage) was is hit or miss. 2) Better rinse is needed. More volume of water instead of more pressure and for a longer period of time may be needed.

Steven Krappe

Very good pressure and very modern. I will say i was impressed with the pressure and soap. I will continue to use this carwash and urge others to come here. Im not from the area and just moved here and decided to make a quick stop to wash off a rental car. I will come back with my own vehicles to wash instead of washing at home. Wonderful discovery.

Linda McKown

William Murphy

A clean looking car wash. The hand held air dryer seemed kind of useless.

Jeff Hoffman

I visited this car wash 2 weeks ago. I opted for the new IQ soft touch wash. Here are my thoughts: 1.) Overall, the remodel of the place is nice. The new IQ wash is nice, but it's slow! (I purchased the $8.00 wash - Brilliant) It's fine if the car wash isn't busy, but if it were, you would be waiting a long time. However, the soap and other chemicals seem to be of good quality. 2. The dryers at the end of the car wash are a complete joke! You get almost no time to dry your vehicle, and no matter how slow you go, your car still comes out soaking wet. My car gets dryer when I run it through the tunnel wash (which is faster) without having it hand dried. 3. This place should have attendants that dry your car after the car wash. It would be a nice post service, and would allow your car to be somewhat dry when you leave the car wash. Last, the car wash was ok, but I still prefer the soft-touch tunnel washes. They're faster, wash the car just as good, and dry the car at the end. Additionally, I feel that I can get an "IQ" car wash at Kwik Trip for cheaper (they use the same foam). If you're in the area and the temperature is above 32 degrees, give it a try! Otherwise, your vehicle will freeze!!!!!

No More

Robert Wincek

Absolutely great looking place, great bright lighting, and nice high pressure system. Also uses a lot of soap in the wash setting. Went at 8:30 to wash my wheels and the high pressure worked significantly better than the wash in Twin Lakes. I'll definitely be using this location from now on!

Dave Goodlander

Now they take credit cards. Much better than using quarters. Spray wands are powerful.

James Doucet

Jim Scott

Nice place and we'll kept. Has a bay for washing a semi also.

Mike Vona

It's a car wash

dwasifar karalahishipoor

Automatic wash doesn't rinse completely, leaves soap on car.

Michael Garcia

Nice clean place and everything works as it should

Yineth Lorena Plazas Carreño

Christine Cieri

Efficient, quick, and friendly! I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and they couldn't have been more kind. The wash itself turned out great- overall wonderful experience. I will be recommending this place to all my friends!

Brian Schluter

Ashley McCann

Gary Sisler

Great car wash

Scott Shipley

Equipment needs updating

Jordan Butler

I always go here to wash my car

king Swanton

Best car wash ever take my charger there and it's perfect after. Also air blowers last a long time so you actually get your car dry. Only place a go to

Karen Lynn

Claudia Martinez

Lava bien los carros no es barato pero los deja bien

Dan Kuhfal

They gave a care work in out in horrid below zero temps. Our SUV was covered in ugly from the roads and left clean. We did have to hand dry it fast. But it was worth it

Kaitlyn Pence

Travis Garrett

This place is easily my favorite car wash near home. They've got all the latest tech to a point I immagine some might find it frustrating. No worries, they've got two automatic bays that will handle any quick time needs.

Army Wife

Great car wash. The manager is fantastic.

Jay Klopack

Raymond Trayes


Robyn Eisen

Aaron Mac

Rob F

Jae Chong

Self car washing

Rich M

I came here recently because I -thought- this was a touchless car wash. It turned out that the wash had been upgraded to a new brush system, and since I was in a hurry, I figured I would give it a try. Unfortunately, when I went through the wash, my car emerged still covered in a yellow liquid, and a lot of the bugs and dirt had not come off. The attendant allowed me to go through again, with pretty much the same result. Finally, she provided me with paper towels and gave me a few minutes in the self-serve bay to try to get my car clean. So my experience in trying to have my car cleaned quickly lead to me needing to go through the wash twice, then having to basically scrub it myself. Making things even worse, I discovered a DEEP scratch in the paint when I got home--going down all the way to the body. I reported this to the owner, who felt that the scratch could not have come from the car wash because there is no contact with the metal arms and the foam brushes are supposed to be self-cleaning. However, when I was given the opportunity to inspect the brushes, I noticed that there was mud on one of them. Given that the car wash was clearly not working correctly when I used it and leaving yellow liquid on my vehicle, and that I could clearly see that the self-cleaning brushes were not even clearing soil completely, isn't there a chance that some debris was stuck in a brush and scratched my car? I think so; it would have to be a pretty big coincidence otherwise. So there you have it. I paid for a premium wash and had to clean it myself, and now my car has a scratch on it that's so deep I haven't been able to cover it with touch-up paint.

Shaun Kelly

Had a bad experience with the old man that worked there, bad attitude and a total idiot, car wash dose a good job, giving it a one star because of the old man,

Dan Singleton

Nice if you can fit in automatic wash. Hand wash closed for some stupid reason

Wilmer C.

Tracy Brock


The car wash is great and I really like that I can use my card (or phone) to pay. Only problem is the birds.

Rose Williams

Vincent Rizzo

Good clean facility, accepts credit cards, very convenient .I go frequently.

Louis Zankl

Greg Chapman

Drdan Kuffal

We visited this place and had our SUV washed during a below zero issue. The car came out clean and mostly dry. We wiped out the doors and weatherstrips. Our brand new truck was free of Salt and ice. Thanks

Jason Foster

Great car wash. I always use the self serve bays.

Jill Willey

I just wanted to say thank you to Jim for understanding my frustration with the wash I had today. I always use this car wash and am extremely happy however the last 2 times including today my car was just not cleaned to my liking. I actually could see swirl spots both times. This time I confronted them and Jim was extremely understanding and informative about the difference in the stalls that they have. He recommended me using the other stall from now on and gave me a free wash. My car now looks great!! Thanks again. I will continue with my monthly package with you guys (by the way totally worth it) and continue to refer.

Kimberly Yates

Alexis Mickler

Mike Poe

Now this place knows how to take care of your car when it comes to self serve.

Tim Green

Cynthia Nichols

Better than average, well kept

Carl Marquez

Overpriced auto wash due to the fact it barely cleans the outside Update 8/26/2019 Contacted via review asking that I contact them. Yeah, you can do the work. Too many car wash places to bother with your automated response

Ronald Riggs

Decent wash.

Harry Whitaker

Kristy Herbon

Google G

Jeffrey Canterbury

Newly revamped. You can now use a credit card instead of quarters for the manual bays. The manual baus also have a hand held druer hose that you can use at the end, which is a definite plus. Also the automatic baus were redone to include a no touch wash for one bay and a soft touch with cloth briches for the other bay!

Mark Tarkowski

Good car wash, they use a lot of soap! Nice!

Joe Walsh

I like that you can choose from touchless or soft touch washes. Both do a good job, although soft touch understandably has an edge. This place is a regular stop for our cars, year around.

Ryan Mondus

Great people, nice facility and good prices.

Donna Populorum

hamza mohammed

Sheree Donlon

Not inpressed

Peggy Arquillo

Brian Daniel

Jackie McCaulley

Adam Heelein

The new wash did a great job on my truck. I have a very large truck and it covered every inch of it.

Juli Go To Juli

Aaron MacArthur

David Cerer

daemon woods

State of the art facility!

Ronnie Belcher

Ripoff alert, went home with a soapy car to finish....just way too expensive

Amanda Zurek

mike matos

isalie cintron

Alan Damask

Vincent Guzman

Have been coming here for more many years. Still awesome with great customer service.

dawne pohlman

Phil B

Jack Duburg

Mary Schuerman

Miriam Garcia

Love the new carwash is really nice

sabrina muellemann

There should be a refund option, there has been multiple times when we've paid for the genius wash then wait for 10 minutes and the light is still red.

Garry Sandoval

24 hour services

Kristina Wargula



Bob Beyer

Nice place


Best car wash in the area hands down

William Kessel

After driving through a muddy campground I stopped at Main Street USA for a car wash. I didn't know if the wash would be successful at removing mud that was halfway up the car and now dried from sun. I was very impressed with the results. After inspecting the vehicle there were no signs of mud and the car looked great. This was my first trip to Main Street USA and not only did the car wash exceed my hopes it was a great experience. This was the genius wash, which I recommend, as it went over the car several times and to my daughter's and my surprise the carwash was like a light show with soap that illuminates in yellow, blue, green which was quite fun.

Alex S

$8.00 wash was enough to remove most of the debris and to leave a glossy finish. (2) problems 1. There was a lot of soap left on my car at the end 2. Dryers didint do a very good job, side mirrors were soaked. Not bad overall.

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