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REVIEWS OF Magic Car Wash Express- Saukville IN Wisconsin

Donna Schlenvogt

Sierra did a fine job with our truck and was friendly today.

Chris Schmit

The staff is always friendly and does a great job, especially Kim.

Daniel Holm

Great service. Fully satisfied. Kim is awesome! Always satisfied. Kim is so friendly and helpful!

Crystal ackley


susie Stone

Been going to this car wash for a few years- Both of our cars! People are extremely friendly! and they do a superb job- highly recommend this car wash! will be back for many years Sierra-


Zach Brunky

The car wash itself is good but that doesn't really mean much since every carwash should be able to clean your car. That would be like giving a hammer a positive review for being able to pound a nail. In all honesty though I'd be lying if I didn't say there are a few benefits to this place, the biggest one being the unlimited subscription. For what I believe is a fair price every month you can get your car washed once a day every day if you felt inclined to do so. The problem is that if anything happens to your car there is zero accountability. I was subscribed to their unlimited program for almost a year and loved it but noticed that my wheels were getting chewed up. It didn't occur to me that the carwash was at fault until I purchased a new set of wheels and they got scuffed up the same way after going through the wash once. I tried talking to the employees there but they were adamant that there was nothing they could do and that I should call the district manager. After calling and emailing him several times over the course of a couple weeks with no response it's clear to me that customer service is not this company's priority.

Kelly Hilgart

Love this Car Wash! Kim is always so friendly!

Forest Condon

Brenda Lammers

Always get a good wash and friendly service

Penny Dimmer

They are not anything like the previous owners. They don't take the the time to prewash, they want to rush you through. I would rather wait for a good car wash.

Kimberly Ramsdell

Love the staff there... Very friendly Great experience every time

Andrew Galvin


Friendly staff and and a good wash. The best part is the free vacuums whenever you're done.

Jim wineguy Wirsching Neuser

Our dog may not like the car wash but after a few weeks of below zero temperature the car looks great

Kat Walcott

Marcus Laster

No One

Alright nothing special

Brittany Desmondez

Wash was okay but the car wash broke my wind shield wiper off my new car.

Tara Kos


Was greeted and waved in quick. No complaints, will go through again.

Jeremie Lamine

The Best Car Wash in town.

Maurice Mckee

Does a good job on the car

Samantha Wall

I love how Kim rock's the hats!!!!!!!!

Dan Fessler

Sierra did a great job

Wesley Wahlberg

Ramond Gleason

Michael Pelczynski

You can pay monthly and wash your car as much as you want.

Vladimir Roman

Good place to get a decent wash for your car plus free vacuums that last forever.

Paula Lebeber

Nik is really good at his job!! Very helpful & knowledgeable.

Katie Gerold

Had a great experience today with the help of Kim, Eric, and Sierra! Very friendly and great smiles with customer service!

David Worzalla

Could not be happier!

Colin Morgan

Very nice car wash and friendly staff all are great. They do a good job every time thanks to all staff and Eric

bnanBernadine Ansay

Kim and Sierra have such a positive attitude. Love the dog biscuits.

Robert Kuster

My wife and I run our cars through several times a week. The unlimited package is fantastic. Wash when you want for one low price. It does not get much better than this.

Shawn Rehm

Kim is always friendly!

Big Red

Great Car Wash. Employees are always very nice and helpful, Crystal has always got a smile on her face and is very friendly. Super value - the unlimited wash package. Best in the area

Susan SmithFW

Best car wash around, and there's been a ton of improvements since Magic has owned it! Employees are always friendly and my car comes out super clean and shiny!

D Waldo Anderson

Jessica Hadac

Al Raasch

Danica Bailey

Sam Wisniewski

I have the $30 a month subscription and I love it. The employees are usually smiling and do a great job. Very happy with the service.


David Woltring

Robert Braasch

Been comming to this location for many years, something is terribly different. New owners? Last couple of times, plus today, 12/20/17 at 10am. The young fellow never even pick up the hose to spray the bumpers or wheels on my pickup. Right now I am doing them myself. Never had to do that before. Time to look elsewhere. Bob B thought I would try again, in January, same thing happened, i was at home cleaning my truck after the car wash, been comming here for years, the new owners do not care about good service.


Fabulous folks own this place. Great deal using the monthly payment plan.

Kim Schneider

Kim did a great job getting me through the line quick

cici cates

Do not go here, go to quick trip or elsewhere! Terrible customer service. I can't believe how rude the manager? was. Treat your customers with respect and listen. That's how you keep them

Carol Sellin

Ryan Shelvik

Good place for a quick wash. They have a $30 per month package that lets you get unlimited washes.

Dennis Buchholtz

Great value for the cost. Crystal is always friendly and a great representative for the business!

Mark Lammers

Good experience

Ashley Nielsen

Kim rocks, thanks for a great experience!!!

Nicki Windsor

Great friendly new owners! And they have monthly unlimited car washes. I recommend this place!

Jim Schmidt

Good wash

Jim Wilson

Jeff Arthur

Just signed up for the unlimited car wash so far it well worth it

Cindy Vitale

Richard Doherty

Kim is the best attendant around!

dan wolff

A great car wash with very friendly staff! They take the time to get all bugs off the windshield. Crystal always has a smile on her face! Overall a great experience and great wash!

Randy Hubacek

Great car wash.Everyone always very friendly. Also a great value, I especially like the low monthly package plan as I like keeping a clean truck and you can go as often as you like.If I went to other car washes I would spend well over 100 dollars every month.Thanks Magic Car Wash.

Ty Beats

Chris did a great Job and was extremely helpful! Great Service!

Jairi B

Bill Driscoll

I look forward to washing my truck when Kim is working. She is always happy and her attitude makes me smile!

James Colbert

Who doesn't like a clean car?

Walter Chamley

Best car wash around! The workers are great! I've even thought about applying myself as it looks like they're all having fun.

Chris Elgin

Chris was very friendly and the car wash is great!

Mystic Shadow

Don't waste your money. The original owners took very good care if their business but the new owners dont. I didnt get what I paid for and the vacuums hardly had any suction.

K. Martin

They do a good job of getting the bugs off in the summer. Nice staff.

Holly Karrels

Friendly staff, kim is always smiling and goes above and beyond everytime!

Travis Williams

Nice car wash! Got the monthly membership and it's worth it!

Mike Umhoefer

Chad is friendly, courteous and a pleasure to work with.

Nathan Belew

Friendly people and a great car wash. I will definitely come here again.

Dave Klement

I got my car washed there yesterday after a road trip I made to Norfolk, Fort Myers and home. The car had a lot of bugs on the front of the car. The guy never presoaked the front of the car. I mean not a drop on the front grill or windshield. Needless to say it didn't come clean at all. I don't expect that all would come off but it still needs to be washed again. This was not a case of them being busy because they weren't it's a case of not doing an decent job. Reading your response that the prewash is not needed because of all your new stuff is a scam for not doing what is needed to provide a quality wash in all cases. I will admit the sides were clean and the back was ok but the front needed a little extra and it got nothing and it showed. So it appears if you just want road dust or the salt cleaned off their your guy but if you need anything else forget it. Oh by the way I got the top of the line $17 package which even says it deals with luv bugs. Had that $17 wash before I left and now after. The bugs are nice and clean on the front of my car.


Since the new ownership my white vehicle leaves with black dirt spots all over the vehicle after every wash. What is going on? I should not have to re clean after every wash.

Luner Moon190

Kim is so cool She always makes me smile when I see her I love the car wash kudos

jimm keller

Excellent car wash and very friendly staff! Car looks amazing! My dog enjoys going too as he gets a treat!

Judy Buechler

Sierra was very thorough with the wash and friendly.


Richard Gahan

Kim's the best

George Basgall

Charles Beer

Linda Rûnkèl

A little more tender care for your care than a regular car wash.

Charlie Radke

Best car wash in the area

gary folz

Kris is awesome great welcome always smiling


Poor customer service from their employees especially their management team. Very unprofessional, highly undertrained employee which I found very frustrating. Vehicle prepping has significant dropped over the months. Car wash equipment isn’t properly being cleaned before every close which allows dirt and debris to get caught in the wraps and cleaning equipment which has cause multiple scratches and imperfections to my 2018 Chevy Malibu. Management team refuses to take accountability for the damage that has been caused. After several attempts to contact the district manager I finally received an email well over a month later canceling my account and trespassing me from all of their locations. Why you may ask is beyond me after I have been a loyal paying customer for over a year. Wouldn’t recommend giving them your business. Very Dissatisfied. Responding Back to Owner First off Magic Car Wash Management don’t threaten to sue me for defamation like you have of your business with that kind of a response to my review. You literally could care less. Your customers don’t mean anything to you but $. FYI you can’t sue someone for writing an honest google review about their experiences at your business. It’s protected under our 1st Amendment. I held back a lot by keeping my review as nice as I possibly could because I didn’t wanna start internet beef but don’t accuse me of lying when indeed it’s the owner himself. Everything I said was accurate, true and to the point. Please... your very saddened that’s the fakest emotion you could of responded back with. If you felt saddened the worst thing you could of done, you did with how you finally a month later have time to email me back when you can’t acknowledge or take accountability for the damage. If you don’t wanna look bad then do what’s right. The biggest thing you guys struggle with as a business is taking constructive feedback from your Loyal Paying Customers in my case for over a year. You struggle very much with that and I’ve noticed that reading other negative reviews as you always have an excuse for why someone had a bad experience. The customer is always right. You uphold values your company preaches but yet can’t listen to your customers and that’s not who you say you are. “We always strives for 100% customer satisfaction and always hate to fall short of that”.?? You’ve taken a major L on this one. You know as well as I do that those scratches came from your wash. Your email was beyond unprofessional. Additionally by addressing the fact that you thought it was appropriate to say that I was let go it’s completely irrelevant as it has nothing to do with the damage as I was let go over a year ago which was again against the Wisconsin Labor Laws for the reasonings you wrote me up for. I was not upset at all as we were underpaid next to minimum wage and weren’t treated with the up most respect. I was preparing to quit. Your trying to paint this picture of an upset ex employee instead of worrying about owning up to it and making it right for the customer. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if I used to be an employee or not it’s treating me like you should be towards everyone. Your great at firing back as you are is so much denial to the damage your wash did to my 2018 Chevy Malibu Redline which should be your main concern and focus instead of excuses. You claim to be a car wash expert then you should know that no car wash is perfect and is bound to scratch a vehicle at some point which just so happened to be mine. My car is garaged every night and inspected daily and has less than 20,000 miles. Don’t tell me I’m going around scratching my own car, get serious. Mind you every time I would wash my car I would park and dry the remaining water on my car. It’s very noticeable when it’s fresh, clear as day in the sun.The dirt and debris that’s coming off dirty vehicles gets lodged into the wraps and cleaning equipment and will scratch a vehicles when contact is made. There is no real pattern to a scratch with both the car and the equipment moving at a rapid pace to clean.

Josh Lange

Good car wash, manager Chad is on the ball!

Sowmya Subramanian

It was not that great.

kevin mason

Rebel sE

Had a great experience was nice and quick. Kim was an amazing attendant was super nice and friendly. Will definitely be coming back

Lauren Federspiel

Dan Worzalla

It’s been a great Experience coming here and chad the store manager well help any way he can and take care of you

Kayla Kohn

Due to maximizing the number of characters allowed I Kody am dropping part three finalizing the rest of my review of Magic Car Wash. I know for a fact the tunnel isn't being cleaned daily or at least half A** which has caused scratches and imperfections to my 2018 Chevy Malibu Redline. Don't tell me I'm wrong there because I used to work there and was exposed and seen it just about everyday. While my account was still active on my Fusion I observed the closing employee up until close as I was there for over an hour and not once did I see the employee which I was around the entire time bother to make an effort to spray the tunnel out as directed to do as part of the closing routine which upset me. Due to the employees negligence of not caring to do their job has caused damage to my car. Now as fas as my account goes I had two cars on my account including my 2018 Chevy Malibu Redline and a 2015 Ford Fusion. I cancelled my Malibu on my account as far as the Fusion goes I had came in to cancel my other vehicle as well but was unsuccessful as employee A was there who I won't name or disclose for the protection of her job or retaliation. I walked into the office and informed employee A that I wanted to cancel my Fusion on my account. I was told by employee A that she hasn't been trained how to but has been there for a couple weeks. I told her I was going to call employee B that I used to work with there that would be willing to walk employee A through the process. Employee A told me that wasn't going to happen and that we were going to wait to discuss it with the manager that I had been trying to get into contact three days prior. So instead employee A went on the register and clicked on the Fusion icon on my account to delete the car. I later went online and re added the Fusion on the Washify App on my phone so it could be cancelled the right way as it never cancelled my membership in the first place anyway which management claims she never did however indeed that's the truth on how it played out. I told employee A that that wasn't going to cancel my membership with the Fusion instead not allow the kiosk arm to lift. What do you know she doesn't listen to me and deletes the Fusion anyway. I informed employee A to keep an eye out as I was going to pull around to wash the car that I was paying for. Problem B now the gate won't lift. So I sat there a few minutes waiting and none of the employees there came out until I honked. Employee A comes out the office, the one that caused this inconvenience walks past the car grabs the hanging recipes from the kiosk closest to the road turns around looks at me puts her hands up confused as to why the kiosk arm won't lift after I just explained this to her minutes before and walked away. Never said a word and doesn't manually lift the gate. I was upset by right for the very very poor customer service. Because the gate wouldn't open and the employee ignored the situation that's when I backed up and drove around the gate to get my wash again that I was paying for monthly plus I still actively had my membership on that car because I was told to wait to discuss it with the manager that I never was able to talk with. But instead all the owner could say again to try and make me out to be the bad guy and to deflect their poor judgement with excuses by saying I was trying to get a free wash funny when I'm aware of the people that are actually getting free washes mind you my account still showed active at the time which I have proof of. Magic Car Wash canceled my Fusion and am glad as they don't deserve my money/business. In fact the email I received from them well over a month later bluntly states "were honestly quite glad you cancelled your membership" now what kind of district manger makes such a statement like that to me after being a loyal paying customer for over a year. Apparently all the money their making means more to them than the people they receive it from. The only reason I decided not to cancel sooner, I thought they would have some decency to buff the scratches out that they caused.

Hal Coffen

Nikolas Aschenbach

Singing up for the $30 per month was the best thing I've ever done. Super friendly staff always happy to help. Thanks to Kim every time I come in. And always have a great promotion going on

Chris Rautmann

CAROLYN Heatwole

Chris welcomed me, the service was GREAT!!! Everything worked, and I left with a very clean car.

rashad white

Quick and easy

Dan Khun

Be ready to waste a half hour on every visit. Have never been in and out. Employees seem to be more worried about other things than keeping the line moving. Will not be renewing my monthly service, way better options out there that prioritize you when you pay for a service.

Ray Chontos

Excellent customer service and wash

Raeden Jaffke

Very nice and clean place. Chris was very helpful and kind!

Carisa Hembel

Great job...staff is always nice!

Jeremy Reynolds

Taylor Heiden

Chris did an excellent job and my car is spotless. I definitely recommend coming here to get your car washed.

Wally Wilsnack

Great Car Wash. Chris always does a great job with the pre-wash. Love having a clean vehicle. Thanks.

Jim Nowlen

Monthly plan.

Clayton Anderson

Nice car wash and a great value with the unlimited monthly plan. I just wish they did a better job cleaning the wheels on my car. I have to clean them at home right away after going through the wash! This is also a personal thing but it seems that they changed their soap as the fragrance has changed, and not for the better.

Jeff James

Free vacumes


Great customer service, keeps my vehicle looking clean and sharp.....

Nicholas Casborn

Unsatisfactory service.

Sandra Herman

Love a clean car

Kayla Terriquez

Brad Hoeft

Always great service and wash!

William Burrows

Always fast and friendly, great deal on best wash.

Erica West

Highly Recommended! Kim is always welcoming and friendly. Fantastic wash & unlimited package is a great value.

Dave S

We have 2 of the top of the line wash packages. The last few months, my wife and I have both noticed steadily decreasing service. We both rarely received any sort of pre wash whatsoever which is supposed to be included with the package we pay for. We both started keeping track. I had 2 out of 10 washes where my vehicle was sprayed off. My wife had 5 out of 10. I did call back in December to voice my complaint and it was recieved very poorly by the manager that was on site that day. Therefore, I unfortunately am giving you 2 stars. I can't stand paying 70.00 plus dollars per month to not receive what I'm paying for. We are both very unhappy and will be looking elsewhere for this service.

izzy decker

Jackie Jentges

The staff at this location are amazing. They definitely treat you well. Thanks Chad for getting all the mud off my Explorer.

Brad Geidel

Overpriced for what you get. Kwik Trip wash does well for me. Fleet Farm in West Bend will have a wash at new location.

Nitish Bangalore

Great deal especially because of free vacuums. I do the $29.95 monthly all-you-can wash deal that includes every possible wash, wax, Rain X option each time I go through. Staff hand sprays front, back, and wheels before going in. Because it's a drive-thru, the wait time even when busy is so much less than touchless automated wash bays. Staff is very friendly.

Justin Behm

Keeps my vehicle shinny, even with all the winter salt.

Nici Tomkiewicz

Clean vehicle everytime i go through and good pricing! Great staff....Chad, Nic, & Sara!

Amber walcott

My visit at this location was by far the best that I have had and the manager Nik was very nice and helpful at directing me in

David Baumann

Kim is the best

Michelle Brecke

Great place to get your car washed. Easy location

Debra Ewig

Liked it much more when previous owners were there. Takes forever to get thru since installing the payment kiosk. Last three times I was there, I had to move to another stall to vacuum, because they don't work. No suction. I'll give them a couple more times to figure it out, or I will be going elsewhere.


Good service. Car turns out perfect every time.

Erik Swenson

Nice reasonable car wash.

Paul Mueller

Jana Steinert

Kim is ALWAYS a great, friendly, kind, hard-working woman! She makes us smile with her blue hat every time we go for a car wash!

Mow Itall

I love the service ! I'm on the deluxe monthly plan ! It's an amazing value! Kim and nick are awesome employees! I tell all my friends to stop in for a great car wash experience! Thank you so much Kim and nick Mark Allen!!

Patrick Fitzgerald

Unlimited washes. Can't beat that.

Freddy Aguila

Heidi Peterson

Love the car wash club. They do a great jo b. But I found 3 vacuum nozzles broken last week.

Joe Fleischmann

Kim is the best!

Austin Muns

Great car wash with excellent pricing, 28 dollars a month for unlimited washes. Ask for Crystal she will have your car spotless.

Nicole N

Good car wash, cheaper with Groupon. I like the new payment kiosks. I wish the dryer worked better, but the location works well for me. Monthly wash subscriptions seem expensive to me-unless you really like, and have time to, wash your vehicle often.

Tanner Donath

The new owners are amazing, they show they care and are constantly updating the wash, LOVE the new kiosks!

Eric Wilke

Marshal Westphal

Ravi N V

John Schell

Best car wash i ever had that woman with sparkle hat did an awesome job helping me have the most enjoyable car wash i ever had

Kathy Greb

Love this car wash! Have a back window that doesn't get clean in most car washes. They take care of it. Reasonably priced too!

Michael Sherrick

Car wash heaven!

Rory Revels


Fantastic, bubbly people there!

Daven Claerbout

Chris was great!

Kali Kalister

Curt Gruenwald

Chris Kristbaum

Barb L

Great car wash!!!

Donna Goins

Awesome place to get your car washed

adam allen

This is the best car wash! They have someone up front to spray down your car and get all the bugs and junk off right away! Great experience!

kimberly ramsdell

LOVE the wash and all the improvements That kim ROCKS the hats... So friendly and smiling

Danielle Magerowski

Kimberly Ramsdell is a rockstar. Best car wash in town. Friendly service. 11/10 would recommend

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