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Here we offer you the reviews of real people who consumed the services of Magic Car Wash Express- Manitowoc (Car Wash) in the state of Wisconsin.

To this day the business gets a score of 4.4 stars over 5 and the rating was based on 112 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Magic Car Wash Express- Manitowoc IN Wisconsin

Cassandra Raboine

Logan Wagner

This place rocks. State-of-the-art equipment. Thorough job from start to finish! Your car will leave looking like a diamond after the simoniz hot wax

Denise Kaas

Crystal ackley

Brittany Brockman

Jenna Behnke

Devin Stasiek

I was very appreciative of Chad helping me remove some of the scratches from my car although they were not caused by the wash.

Jessica Miller

T Green

Nate E

Good service. No problems.

Tammy Lamine

Love all the fun lights!!! My kids just love going there!!! My car looks amazing and it was so fast!! Great customer service too!!

Shelli Wodsedalek

Been a regular customer for over a year. I had been having an issue with my license plate getting bent by the car wash. One of the employees noticed it, and gave me a plate holder (for free!) to prevent the bending. It works great, and I so pleased with how well my white car looks since I've been bringing it to Magic Car Wash.

Jake Merten

Great value and efficient. Love this option versus others in the area.

Ryan Hunkins jr

Conner is Awesome! He is always polite and goes the extra mile. But I must say that about most of the other staff too. I have never had any issues with staff or the wash itself.

Scott Klessig

Jeremie Lamine

I have washed my vehicle at car washes all over northeast wisconsin and this is the Newest, Cleanest, Fastest, and most Advanced Car Wash I have ever been to. It cleans like a hand car wash without all the wasted time involved with getting out the hose and pail!!


BEST. WASH. EVER! Free vacuums with wash!

Jeff Figura

Ãďďýşőň Ŕőşé

Debbie Brandt

Heather Wood

Got the most expensive wash and it is supposes to wash under and I never experienced it....its an ok wash but I feel its not worth the price

Colman Hagen

So i've hollered at your car wash a couple of times already, and everytime my car comes out looking hotter than salsa valentina. I can tell you I will be hollering at this car wash many more times in the future. 5/5 will holler at again

Kyle Lee

Probably one of the best car wash in town but I would love to see improvements after the wash that leaves wet spots behind. Could have employees at the end that can dry the car with towels and have a tip jar that would help!

Judyth Ellinger


Hit and miss. Sometimes a spray down, sometimes not. The App is really terrible. Voice your concern......and be told it's YOUR fault??? Hits and misses..... ** Update ** Thank you (Owner) for contact information. I do infact intend to contact you directly.... I've dropped my rating from 4 to 3 based on the discussion I had today with a Staffer. Please clarify the meaning of 'Unlimited ' as I was advised that passes are being revoked for people who utilize the Manitowoc Facility more than once a day. For instance, snowstorm Evelyn pounded the Lakeshore. 15 to 18 inches, more if you count the drifts..... I drive an SUV style vehicle and trudged through, clogging every nook and cranny with brine and sand.... I pulled in today (4/17/18) and advised the Staffer that I had chunks all over my vehicle, particularly the underside, that I was unable to reach and clean out.... I intended to go through the carwash twice, in a row. I was informed that the Owner said not to allow this. Unlimited meant once per day. Some people come through 2 or even 4 times a day. Staff has been advised to alert the Owner and suspended passes.....? I can understand gluttony and abuse, and am not trying to defend those actions......however..... if a person purchases Unlimited, what defines this?? For the record, I went through once, yet feel compelled to inquire.....

Michelle Benish

Superior customer service and a fast quality wash!!!

Don Bruechert

I have been coming here since just before it opened and have never had a bad experience. They easily helped me work around an issue where I had some undercoating done on my truck and was told not to do the undercarriage flush until it warmed up - all they had to do was enter a code after I asked. If there are bugs left after I get out I can say something and they will just run me through again. They are also VERY responsive when you PM them on Facebook about anything. I have had the ultimate monthly package continuously since Day 1.


Nathan Larsen

The wash process hits my vehicle too hard.

sean simpson

Jessica was here

Chad Tiefenbacher

miranda propson

Jim Wilson

Awesome car wash! Car looks better than when I bought it! Friendly staff!

Larry Wensauer

Jenny Spittel

Best car wash In Sheboygan county and Manitowoc County!

Lori Koschnick

Fast. Thorough. Soft Touch. Limitless Washes and Express Lane Service with Membership (minimal monthly fee).

Douglas Brown

Great monthly deals

Cynthia Hang

Pros are it gets the job done. I get marks everytime I go but I do have a white car so I just accept that fact. Cons... the workers there are too inconsistent. I look forward to only 2 workers at my location. Some ask if you want any car fresheners or dash wipes etc, some don't.. some will give me a 1 dash wipe and 1 air freshener. Some will say I can only get one kind per visit..okay I have the unlimited wash so...go through again to get an air freshener? Again, gets the job done, workers just very inconsistent ..

Ben Heinzen

Lyle Buschmann

Tracy Franz

T Randolph

Card reader didn't work after trying two cards, each twice. Ended up feeding it cash and got no receipt. The pre -wash guy only made a token prewash effort. There are other carwash places in town. No need to return.

Brittini Huff

Korrina was the best!!!!! I appreciate all your help. Thank you so much!!!!

Ashley Graykowski

I love this carwash, all the employees are very attentive!

William Otto

C Hagz

I <3 Chad

Kristina Candlish

Farida Qazi

Lisa Konop

Beth Boho

Just wanted a car wash that's all.

Nathan Kopecky

Mary Beth Bruechert - Lipski

I heard great things about this place. I did not have a good experience, but the owner Steve made everything right. He explained about the car wash and how it works. He was very willing to work with me for 100% satisfaction. I originally rated an OK (3), but I'm changing it to LOVED IT (5) just for the customer support.

John Peak

Just a cool light show

My Ly

Love the deals and the basic car wash $21 per month however after going there five times I checked my hood of my vehicles and there were a lot of scratches... i'm shocked by all of the scratched on my hood. I guess the paint on my hood wasn't strong enough to stay on and came right off after the car wash. Sadly I would have to end my membership... :(

Susan LeBorn

Overall wash was AMAZING the reason for only 4 stars though is I was there tonight a the employee that was working took forever to come help me and didn't even look like he wanted to be there/dragging his feet. I was waiting for at least 5 min before a employee came out. I will be returning though. Like I said wash was amazing

Mark A Smith

Korrina Bullock

dan rush

Watch Out for monthly subscriptions. You need to pay for three months before cancelling. The only way to cancel is to go to the wash in Sheboygan. I was not impressed with the wax. I feel like it is not any better than wax at any other wash but costs more.

Richard Robinson

Nice friendly staff. quick car wash.

Xeng Vang

Love it! Very fancy!

Jeremy Herman

A bit expensive for what you get.

Bob Maloney

Emily LeRoy

Awesome car wash! Free vaccums!

The Gaming Legend

Best car wash in town by far! Service is always great and Always gets the Job done! Would recommend to everybody

Ron Czerwinski

Was very good! Car wash cleaned very well. Employee there today didn't look very happy but he did a good job on the prewash.

jessica blehovde

connor’s a 10/10 !!

Dennis Helke

Perla Tapia

Arnie Xiong

Swirl marks all over my car.

Alex Garcia

Jonathon Hack

Better than average clean for an automated car wash, and an attendant to give it a little presoak.. and you cant beat the monthly unlimited wash membership! You see some dust or rainwater residue, just cruise in for a speedy wash!,

Melissa Kimbro

It is a nice place to take your car and get it washed.

Sarah Musial

Bryan Scherer

good car wash, expensive though

Mike Haese

Quentin Powalish

Clayton Hagen

Best car wash in town!

Emily Ducat

I absolutely love the car wash it’s amazing. I go all the time. At least once a week. The ONLY downfall I have is the vacuum area. It’s always horrible, garbages are overflowing and vacuums don’t really be sucking. But otherwise great business.

Sarah Glebke

Best car wash out there

Ginny Bauer

Ashley LeClair

Excellent wash. The only reason for 4 stars is I was there yesterday at the Manitowoc location and the vacuums was not working, I checked 3 and all had poor suction, the garbages were also full so I had to throw my garbage out somewhere else otherwise my car came out looking nice. I will return hopefully with better suction in vacuums

William Schmidt

Keep your vehicle squeeky clean here!

Michelle Ertman

Doesn't always get the back of my truck good enough

Robin Garrigan

I am so proud of how my car looks after going through the car wash

Stephani Lasco

Sarah Bouc

The car wash is great and it’s a good deal to do the monthly package. However, The employees there never seem happy. Today I saw the car wash attendant sitting staring at their phone and only got up when they saw me coming up to the wash. I pay extra to get the pre-rinse, but every time it’s inconsistent. Sometimes they spray for ten seconds, other times it’s actually thorough and lasts over a minute. Sometimes it only the front of the car, other times both front and the back. Not really sure what I’m even paying for... the parking lot today was littered in garbage. I get that people come here and clean out their car, but maybe they can put their phones down and come clean up the garbage in the parking lot. Overall happy with the automatic car wash. Their customer service and friendliness is lacking.

Shelley DeCleene

Fast and leaves my car super clean! Vacuums need a like more suction, if possible, please

Brad Fischer

Bradley Przytarski

Does a nice job and had vacuums that actually work.

Brett Durben

Free vacuums

Shea Garmendez

I came in today for the first time to sign up for unlimited basic car washes. There were 2 people working. I did not see anyone when the door opened and I took time to unscrew my small antenna from the roof of my car. Not knowing any better I drove forward. The first worker that approached me kindly asked me to back up a little. The second person working seemed upset and told me I should never drive into the tunnel like that since it is very dangerous. He then walked away quickly. That's good to know. I asked how I am supposed to drive into the tunnel and the first worker said he needed to go get the tablet for me to fill out the new customer information. I repeated my question and he said normally there is always someone to direct drivers into the tunnel. I'm wondering, if this is a serious safety issue and there are 2 people working why was there not someone ready even if one person had to go get the tablet? Or, why isn't the tablet where it's supposed to be? I realize I could have overlooked a sign that instructed me to wait for attendant but I dont remember seeing one. I also am a bit annoyed that it is not until I get to the tunnel that the new customer form has me make a 3 month commitment rather than that being clearly stated elsewhere. The wash itself was good. The machinery looks well maintained or at least new. Because of the track design the car didn't have enough time to dry completely.

Leif Hagen

Way 2 go Jordan

Dan Biely

Staff is great and thorough

Karen Resch

Easy & Fast.

Ben JH

Steve B

Excellent! Car looks great and the wash is fun with all the lights!

Cynthia Walton

I love keeping my Car Iooking NEW

Jenn Huss

Erica Chanthavong

The wash is great but not one of their vacumes sucked up anything!!

carlos aguilar


Tanner Donath


Bob Van

Great wash!

atalo de jesus

Eric Britton

Not a bad wash .

Kassy Oliveira

Rory Revels

Car looks like it was just detailed! I'm signing up for the monthly plan. Can not beat the service!

mya maya

Staff is always friendly and helpful! Definitely my #1 recommendation for a clean car and excellent service!

Victoria Zunter

Brandon Koenig


Sam H

I can't speak highly enough about the wash. It leaves a mirror finish on the car every time. Does a nice job drying everything off as you exit the track. The free vacuums are a great extra. It's a nice all around self detail type place.

Ask Me

Have been a monthly member since June and very happy with my experience so far. Karina (if I’m spelling that correctly) at the Manitowoc location has routinely done a great job on my truck over this time

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