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5410 S 108th St, Hales Corners, WI 53130, United States

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REVIEWS OF Full Service Car Wash IN Wisconsin

Ryan McFarland

Christine Nelson

This place used to be decent and has gone down the tube! Bought a monthly package and they told me if I get out of my car they would charge me extra! What??? They also barely dry off your car with the pkg and never open the doors. My car last time was full of dirt spots as well Terrible service !!

Michael Schepker

Great wash inside and out.

Danny Nessman

Long time customer. Customer service has really gone down hill. Cancelled my monthly payment. Last straw was the greeter telling me to get back in my car or he’d add on an additional charge!? BYE!

Christine Falkowski

Took it back

perry p

This place is absolutely horrible I took my truck there and told them I wanted my inside wiped down and everything vacuumed well they didn’t wipe anything down at all and never even attempted to put a vacuum in my car but made me pay $30 for a “manager special” I had to speak to the manager my self and tell him to vacuum and wipe things down and it still wasn’t done right i had to leave and go do it my self.....overall horrible experience don’t waste your money

Jessikm 670

Great price and very detailed!

Mary Wysocki

They get my car very clean. Nice staff.

brian walton

Ajay J Prakash

I did a Express Detailing. It was really worth the price. Much better than spending almost 2/3 of that cost on regular full service with interior options - Express detail was excellent.

Dave Taylor

Do a great job

Tub Vaaj

The wash was decent and for a quick hand dry you can't complain. After getting in my truck, I have a Bluetooth adapter, I noticed it was broken. I usually do my own wash but since it's winter I decided to go here. I had 6 micro fiber rag inside the truck and two was missing when I went to wipe down the truck myself. Probably won't ever go back to this place.


Out standing service!!

Mario Hernandez


Govanis Autobody

Great experience

jim vallicelli

14$ wash. Car came out with a lot of dirt on the hood. Bugs on hood and windshield. Little concern by employees who didn’t do their jobs, 1/2 windshield scrubbed. Spritz of air on the mirriors ( makes little sense ). Waste of money and time. Go elsewhere.

William Wagner

Cassandra Suro

Showed up to buy a car wash Sunday at 3:00 pm. Hours posted are until 4pm but the building was shut down and no answer. Not coming back

Ella Fullerton

Jeffrey Holloway

Laira Biestaad

OMG, wonderful service! Manager, Jason is pleasant and runs a fabulous staff. Feliciano hand-washes my old car that has some rust. Jason offered that solution, rather than just getting condescending and turning me away. He even had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

Janis Schmidt

DO NOT waste your money here.The system doesn’t let you rate with zero stars, or I would have done so. The “best” Full Service car wash is NOT full service at all. $26 for the wash plus $6 to rinse off 2 rubber mats, which they put back into the car WITHOUT drying them off. Wow! The windows were not clean inside or out, they do not dry off the car, do not do anything to the wheels, and although they say it is full service, they don’t vacuum or even lightly dust the dashboard. My car was still dirty on the outside, and when I went in to ask about it, they said “the owner would tell you to get the express detail” if you want it clean. They left soapy suds in all of the door openings, which ran down the outside when I opened the doors to inspect. Why post “do not leave until you are happy”? Absolutely ridiculous! This place used to be worth the time and money. Now it is not.

Carlee Beier

Arthur Sandoval

The customer service is above and beyond !

Mike Meske

Great friendly service.

Sharon Greuel

Cleans inside and out. Including floor mats.

Alfredo Valdez

Sandra Hrovatin

Took my car in today for a complete wash and vacuum. They never vacuumed the back of the car which is what I really wanted done. Grrr. It's a new car and didn't need much work except to be vacuumed because of carrying golf clubs. What a waste.

Marsha Basta

I will never go to any location owned by this company ever again. I took my husband's car in as a surprise to get a wax and after it was done I saw a 4 inch section of paint was missing. I contacted the manager and was given the run around and told I was a liar. Long story short they don't own up if they damage your vehicle. Bad business!

Anna J

Was pretty good when the service you choose included vacuuming along with Window wash. Now it's extra, not happy.

Karen Mikolainis

Great job cleaning our family minivan with a deluxe interior detail. Very happy with the service.

Barbara Trzecinski

Latrina Cain

These people do a horrible job washing cars $45 and they had to re-wash the car including the rims and windows. Poor poor poor service. I’m so happy I didn’t purchase the membership.


Great service

Diane Larkin

Save your money! I was there today & paid for the manager's special $30 plus a 6 dollar tip. One of my front floor mats was wet but still dirty. They did not do the leather service, rims or air freshener. The interior was hardly even wiped off. The front & back bumpers were still dirty but as my car was quite dirty to start with I let this go. I have heard from others that their service is very hit or miss; sometimes great and sometimes awful. I guess I got the awful.

Vanessa Lynn Lambert

Raquel Rivas

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Jim Gaulke

Lia Mor

My family and I have taken our vehicles including Trucks,Vans and Mid-Sized. They used to do an amazing job and vacuum and clean the vehicles. The best car wash is $25, and if your paying that much the dust should at least be wiped off. They are shorting the wash more and more. Then locked the keys in the vehicle, lucky we have a keyless pad..It’s not worth the money. Note: We went an hour before close, so maybe they just didn’t want to go the extra mile. Very disappointing experience...

Wayne Howard

I did a Express Detailing. It was really worth the price. Much better than spending almost 2/3 of that cost on regular full service with interior options - Express detail was excellent.

Tony Kunkel

Good car wash but for over $20 you would think they would spray off the rubber mats, when I asked about them they wanted like $3.00 each and I'm not paying $30.00 for a drive thru car wash.

Linda Blazek

May Hyde

Very friendly staff!

Oleg Palygin

Good service.

Al Hovey

Gwyn Pokrzewinski

Love the options this place has to offer. I love that the inside and outside gets cleaned with every purchase. Customer service is always friendly!

Paul Kohlmann

Excellent service!

Daleana Hill

Quick great wash

Big Dane

Had a full detail done on my 2015 Yukon. It’s Black and hasn’t had a full detail since I bought it. Looks like new now! Great job.

Kim Niemiec

Always friendly and fixed what ever I needed done after the initial detailing.

Mike Adamczyk

Donell TOlbert

I got my car washed here for the first time yesterday thinking it was gonna be a good wash and it was exactly the opposite I paid $28 for outside and inside car was still dirty inside out and when I spoke to them about it they were rude and didn’t offer to run it back through.DONT go here this place is horrible and definitely not worth the money.

Stefani Kienzle

I made an appointment on Saturday afternoon asking when the earliest I could get my car in to be cleaned. I was told by the lady the next day, they could get me in and were open all day. I chose an 11 am appointment. I asked if there was anything else I needed to know before coming in the next day. She said no, and that she would see me tomorrow at 11 am. The next day it did snow a few inches and I cleaned out my entire car and drove to the location. It was closed. The note on the door said hours may vary due to weather. I understand things happen due to weather, but a call would have been nice. I didn't even get a call after they opened to see if I wanted to reschedule since they were closed. I went to Pro Finish Detail & Flight Shield and had an amazing experience. They even picked up my car and dropped it off so I didn't have to wait around, and also got me in right away.

Jeff Mather

I use Hales corners and they work hard to get your vehicle clean and dry. Only issue is when I want to change my pay date because of when I get paid they kept saying I had to cancel my unlimited plan then come in on the day I wanna have it taken out of my bank. This after I was told the opposite. So I've been waiting 3 weeks to get paid and go to restart my unlimited wash package.

Cheryl Edwards

The actual experience is always VERY good. However, the last time I went apparently their whole pay at the counter wait for your car to be completed and head out to retrieve it........we as patrons may need to be more cautious. I was confronted at my house about three weeks later by the police saying that I left the Hales Corners Car Wash without paying. I would NEVER do that intentionally. So the next morning I called my bank to research a debit payment to them and there it was!!! Clearly! Then I called the car wash and talked to the manager and he researched and was as confused as me. Just be careful for this to happen to you there. Not really sure how......maybe keep your receipts for a while. Very uncomfortable feeling!

Karen Prilik

Matt Kindschi

Gina Anderson

They are great here. They are friendly and take the time to ensure that you are happy with how your wash went. They do a thorough job. I've gotten a hand wax here also and have been very happy with the results.

Gina Uyhely

Not great, they rush too much and don't do a good job. I expect more for $26.00.

Lydia Tovar


Andy W.

The key to the superior job they do in cleaning your car is they have a people at each end. At the beginning they will spray down the car to get the trouble spots, front bumper, wheels... And then at the end they wipe the car down completely to get anything the wash missed and even dry the door jambs so no frozen doors.

Mayfair Mall Shopper

Ok place. Work isn’t worth price. Why did you guys go up on prices? Bad move. You’re going to lose lots of your loyal customers. I’ll rather pay a 5th grader $20 for a full wash. At least I know they’d wipe down my leather seats. Wish they opened at 6am. That would be more convenient for people who work early shifts. I only go because it’s close to home and work. Lower your prices or take your full service washes more serious.

Scott S

Tuesday July 23rd, 2019. 10:17am. Every few months I stopped here for a car wash because the car wash and service is always excellent. Things have changed a lot since I was last here! They will no longer vacuum your car for the price of your car wash. They will no longer wipe your windows off inside the vehicle. They will no longer dust or wipe off your dashboard. They will no longer dry out the door jams on your car. And now you have to sit in your car while you drive-through. Since I was in my vehicle, I wasn't able to see how dirty my vehicle was after exiting the car wash. Not until I got home did I see. I'm guessing that's why they want you in the car now… so you cannot see the finished product. My tires and rims were still dirty, and the back of my vehicle was still dirty. Their "cutbacks" have now lost a customer. But at least they still got the same $14 that they have always charged me. Several people that work for me use this carwash. I am going to put a post in our lunchroom not to come here anymore.

Justin W

A step above standard gas station car washes but steps below a full hand detail. The price is right (especially if you have promotional offer). I like that they wipe down everything. A clean dash and none of those wet streak all along my car from a regular blow-dry wash. Staff has always been friendly.

Dan Hudson

Best full service wash in town

Tracy Engeriser

Susan Sanson

I went in as usual for my 5 day rewash and young man stopped me as I did not have my receipt. Mind you the computer has the record of my last wash. I have been going to this place for years. I noticed the quality was going down and now this.... I still have washes on the book but think I will be using Mister from now on.

Bruce Konkel

Used to be very good. They don't do well on the wheels or interior side of windows.

Deloris Caston

They do a great job on your automobile!

Siki Vujanic

This place is honestly pretty crappy , I have been here a total 3 times now and every time the service is rushed and half way done, you really have to get on the workers to get what you payed for. Most of them seem to hate being there in the first place so I can’t see how they can do a good job at work when they don’t even want to be there. If you are paying 30+ dollars for a wash and detail everything better be done as advertised

Liz Peltier

vince markey

Pricey, but they get your car clean inside and out. They don't skimp on the tire shine either!

Tim McLaughlin

Jason Mattison

Best car wash in town. They actually clean the inside of your car well and I'm a smoker.

Sarah El-Ali

My initial review was good but the service at Full Service Car Wash is inconsistent. They cut corners on service AND it’s already overpriced. I took my car here to get cleaned after a long road trip and paid extra for the interior vacuum and wipe down. Not only did they nickel and dime as they tried to upsell with floor mats (each priced at $4 which is insanely overpriced for a quick power spray) they also told me my interior package is a “light” vacuum ensuring they may not clean everything. FCSW also missed the entire back of my car’s exterior. I went back a few days later for the free exterior wash and told the guy specifically they missed the rear of my car. Sure enough I get back home and it’s STILL not cleaned. Attaching pictures of dirt that was missed both visits to FSCW that I easily removed myself after paying them $44. Will not be going back here unless I am looking for inconsistency.

Mo Mo

I was hired here as a Full time, 40 hr cashier. Victor Cortes, the location manager, immediately made it clear to me "I don't need a Cashier" and sent me home early every chance he could. Well after working 60 hrs in 4 weeks he fired me... Good Luck with your super one man show Vic! I'm glad I won’t be standing next to you when that Karma comes back. And to Dave the owner: I suggest you synch up your staffing plans with your manager before you foist an unwanted new hire on him. Maybe then he won’t view it as an attack on his ability to run the wash all by himself

Annemarie Quiles

Best place to get your car cleaned right. Took the time to get everything cleaned up

Brandon Schultz

Awesome wash. Love the full service wash and vacuum. The detail service is awesome as well.

Katherine Garcia

Worst place to go and get your car cleaned. When I had told them I wanted a full detailed I even asked the guy at the front if that would be included and he said yes I came back to get my car and it’s still dirty stains everywhere. Your telling me I paid $59+ for my car to get vacuumed. If it wasn’t cuz I give birth tomorrow I would’ve done it my self. What a rip off!! Never again. And would not recommend this place to anyone!

Mike Branski

Kelly P Moore

very good experience - clean wash, mats done well. satisfied.

Russ Medenblik

Dale Winters

They hand dry the vehicles and give a rain check. Do not leave if you're not smiling.

Daniel J Lentsch

John Rathmann

Always good

Jennifer Coleman

my dad took my old car to get detailed here because we were selling it to my boyfriend. when we took it in the driver's seat was working, when we got it back it was broken. According to 2 different professionals the seat was broken by water shorting out the seat when it was washed. The company refuses to admit they broke it and lied to my father several times when he called to try to get them to take care of it. we spent 100+ dollars here and 400 fixing the seat they broke. Horrible place don't ever go there again.

Bruce Elliott

Pay for full service and every time for the last 5 trips they dont do tires and poor job on interior. I always have to tell them to do the tires. I am simply tired of always making sure things are done.They get a confused look on their face, check the reciept and do the tires albeit poorly. I live and work in Hales Corners but I cannot go there ever again.

shannon nufer

I like the 5-day free rewash and they are quick but I feel they do not do a very good job on Windows, they clean your windows inside with a damp rag leaving streaks. Once they realize this is a mistake, and change their methods, I will give them a 5-star review. Also they don't dry my door jams or open my hatch back to wipe down for some reason.

karen doro

Quality went way down and I paid $35 for the wash I use to get $28 I feel an increase yes but $7 more dollars that’s crazy!! They are not friendly like they use to be either. The don’t take cash anymore I just feel like this place is going downhill fast. I will be shopping for somewhere new.

Mark Lubecke

Good car wash, good service.

Salvador Gonzalez

Horrible service I was expecting for my car to be clean for the price I paid for. In less than 5 minutes they were done and my car look the same. Never again going back.

Emily Kerr

The manager at the hales corners location was amazing and so accommodating! I was a wreck after a small fire started in my car and he was very reassuring and did absolutely everything he could to get my car to the best condition possible!

Milagro Rubio

Todd Riley

Take their time to clean your vehicle right

Alejandra Rodriguez

Good place to take your car. What I hated is that we paid for the expensive package and they did the cheap one. We had to let them know and the workers were mad because they had to clean my tires and rims. There is a reason we paid for that and not the cheap one. Also, if you tell them to dry the car better, they mumble stuff and make weird faces. Aside that, everything is good.

Kevin Monk

Good, fast, good pricing

Tim Pias

We have been buying the packages there for a while now . They do a fine job and are for the most part very happy with this place. My one irritation with this place is that the drivers window is always streaky. In my opinion the damp towel is inadaquite and the need to step it up on this area. If they were to correct this one issue they would earn the fifth star from Mr.

Andrea Liermann

Tyler the VP was extremely rude to me very shocked I was treated this way as a customer from the VP?! Jason the assistant manager there was very helpful overall the car wash service is ok

sabrina bartlett

I am very dissatisfied with there customer service. I received a gift card for Christmas valued at $ 100. On my first 2 visits they had trouble with my card but eventually resolved it. It was a bit frustrating due to the line hold up. This week I attempted to use it again and this is where there customer skills failed. After the cashier went inside and fetched someone who appeared to be of management quality but clearly had no training with customer issues. He came to my window and said maybe there’s a problem with the bar code. I explained every time I’ve used it there was a problem but they somehow figured it out. He said well I can’t so you can pull out of Lind and contact the website on the back and see if they can figure it out. I’m like really? I don’t have time to do that. He shrugs and I reply them I’m going to West Allis car wash. He responds ok. Now I’ve spent 10 years in customer service and I know how valuable customers are. Why not let me go through due to there card error. And I can figure it out later. No! I guess I’m not important enough to want to keep.I won’t return to or refer them to anyone.


lo pe

The best

Jason Matthews

Their interior packages are a flat out scam now, new ownership has really taken this place downhill. You can get a detail package, BUT they won’t vacuum seats, wipe doors or interior. They will wipe the dash, and when they finished mine, it’s no cleaner than it was. There were still dead bugs on the interior. $4 a piece to clean your floor mats, that used to be part of the package. I didn’t have to sit in my vehicle during the wash as another poster mentioned, but the interior package is a big disappointment. $42 for absolutely nothing, I’ll never return.

Jeanne Musolf

Great wash

Hugh Kohl

Philippe Bouvier

Angela Redlin

Great Service

Ted Beschta II

The service is wonderful and you get a lot for what you pay for. Prices have gone up though, and they don’t seem to have any good specials anymore.

Joshua Redlin

greg hinz

This place does a terrible job $22 for your car to be cleaned inside and out and then having to do the inside after you paid for it to be done and when you say something to the person doing it the respond by speaking Spanish to you and laughing. So when I got home I emailed them and they never responded back to me

Trevor Stephenson

Went above and beyond

Millie Day

I paid extra to get the floor mats washed and they were not. The price is too high and the car washers don't know what they are doing. Can not recommend a place that i wouldn't go myself

Trinnie Kins

I paid almost $40 to have my car washed and interior cleaned. I got the basic, plus full service and mats.... when I drove away I saw a dead fly still on my dashboard. It looks like NOTHING was touched on the inside. Yes, they pressure washed my mats, but nothing was wiped down. I didn’t expect a full detail, but for $38, please remove the dead bug and wipe the (2 little) paw prints from my seat... I will never return to this place again.

Paul Coleman

I would not use this company ever again. First they do not do a very good job even on a detailed wash. Second they broke the electrics on the front seat drivers side so it would not move. Then the manager turned my complaint to someone he claimed was a VP of the company. First this person told me had personally watched a video of his employee at the moment the seat stopped working and he could prove with this video that all the employee had done was move the seat back and then it broke. Then when he offered for me to watch it thinking I would not take him up on it the idiot asked me when I brought the car in. I told him three weeks ago but I had been out of town and my wife had pick up the car. Then he told me they overwrite the videos so it might not exist any more. I reminded the idiot he just told me he had watched it and he had to have done it in the last three days as he was not aware of my compliant before then. He bumbled around a while and then said oh yea I will call the location and see if we still have it. Upon calling me back he told me it was erased and asked what else he could do to make me happy. I told him he had not offered me anything but if he wanted to make me happy he could compensate me somehow for the $400 bucks I spent to fix the seat that the mechanic said was damaged by water. He said it was not our fault so unless I could think of something he could do to satisfy me or prove to him his employee broke the seat that he had to go. Well buddy here is what I can do as I don't take advantage of stupid people I will just file my complaint and let the public decide if they believe you are me.

TJ Mack

They do an okay job!

Joe Meinerz

Pricey for a wash these days. Though I must admit, they do a very good job. I'm not a fan of the new pay before you walk in the building. Feels much less personal when you are standing in a room waiting for your vehicle to be done without any staff like it was previously.

Ryan Jeske

After providing my business to Hales Corners Car Wash since they opened I have decided I can no longer give them my business. Their service has been absolutely terrible. The last 4 washes (full service/inside and out) I had to ask them to redo the interior all 4 times and 3 on the outside. Today I purposely left a cough drop wrapper on the floor and guess what - it was still there when I drove away. I paid for the floor mats to be power washed - guess what- they were not done. I paid for the rims to be cleaned - yup same answer. It is unfortunate their service has declined so rapidly over the past year. Since I live in New Berlin I have choices and my business will now be provided to a place in Mukwonago which does much less volume but an incredible job. Sorry Hales Corners Car Wash

Melissa Thomson

David Iglewski

Great as always

Luis Paniagua

Good service of you get The Works or above. Full service wash is mediocre.

August Farkas

The work is well above average. It is better depending on who is working that day. The pricing is decent for what you get. They offer a ton of services that can be quick to very detailed depending on your time frame and of course how much you are willing to spend.

John Sproles

Okay could be better

Zana Gervaise

Been there twice hoping the first time was a fluke and they would be better the second time. Unfortunately no. Pretty bad job overall. I won't be wasting my money there again.

Trevor T

Worst customer service ever! They were the most rude people I have ever encountered anywhere!

jill haushalter

I visited this car wash recently and noticed the next day after paying $50 for a car wash that I was missing one of my car mats. I called three times and spoke with someone who took my name and number and assured someone would call me back. I never received a call back. Terrible customer service.

Paul Gorzalski

Always do a great job!

Kenneth Tipton

Excellent full car services

Alexis VanDeventer

Good service. Price is right with the promotions.

Neeraj Patro

Alex Herrmann

Nathaniel Alvarado

Melbourne Russell III

Anthony Psak

Would have been a great carwash had the car actually been clean...

laura tomczak

Broke my cup holder in my car and just threw it on my passenger seat. Then they denied it and said it was like that. Biggest bunch of jerks that work here. The owner is the worst.

Tom Donaldson

Debi Nelson-Donnenfield

Fantastic job both inside and out!

Rion Johnson

They stopped power spraying the cars on the way in the wash - that and the hand wipe down were the only reasons I paid this kind of money for a mostly automated wash. Guess I'll just pay the ten bucks at kwik trip from now on.

patricia karthausser

My KIA Sportage is 9 years old, after an interior detailing it looks brand new! FSCW always does an awesome job!

Mark Noller

I've been going to full service car wash for years. The 5 day rewashed is great. But lately the management must have changed, wait times and prices have gone up quality has gone. They always ask any special concerns and I say my wheels are very dirty... But when I go to get in my car the wheels are still filthy. They have signs everywhere that say 100% satisfaction guaranteed don't leave unless you are happy. I asked them to wipe the wheels off and the response is..... We'll do it this time but next time it cost $3 Extra...... I didn't want tire dressing I didn't want anything special I simply wanted the brake dust off the rims..... So if you'd like your rims washed make sure you spend $25 on the works package because otherwise you're not going to get them touched and be aware the tire dressing will end up all over the side of your car so you'll need to use the five-day rewash just to get that off.


Elmer Baacke

Long lines because of the warmer weather, but the staff was efficient and friendly, as usual.

Christina Lorino

They didn't even wipe the dash. It was worth it, but barely.

Jesse Lang

Bought truck brand new 6 months ago, with that being said I know what flaws were in my truck prior to car was, so when I got it back looked like somone took sandpaper all over my in stuck paying 500 bucks for someone to cut and buff the whole truck, and in less words told me to get lost they didn't scratch my truck....

Grant Fetter

This place was the worst. They gave me a package higher than I asked for and swioed my card and told me the price after. When I asked for the 5.00 back he said..."sorry, car is already in the wash, cant do nothin". The ONLY difference was wiped dash and windows, which they did after. This is not what I asked for! This is the same as if you went to a restaurant and asked for a salad and they brought you a steak, and said " already cooked it". Awful experience. Go elsewhere. My car didnt even get fully clean for $22.00!?!?!

Alyson Cerbe

I paid $30 for the “best” car wash interior/exterior and 2 clean floor matts. Well, the floor matts are clean but that’s about it. I could’ve gone to a gas station car wash and paid $5 for the wash I got here. They didn’t even vacuum my car. It was night time, so I didn’t check after it was done. Stupid me for trusting this place DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE! They cheat you out of every penny.

Ruben C

Very good car wash, they go above and beyond to make sure your vehicle is clean and very receptive.

Lynn Jakubicz

Tony Novinska

These guys do a great job. Every time!

Jeffrey Sobczak

Love it

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