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REVIEWS OF Clear Water Car Wash IN Wisconsin

Daniel Dillenberg

Great job

Joshua Siebers

I had my car detailed it had gotten really dirty. They did a awesome job cleaning it. However my debit didnt work in their system wo I called later to pay for it over the phone and exsplained the inconvienence of having to use my credit card vs debit card. All the cashier said to me was I could go to an ATM then stop by. Thats why 4 stars not 5

Ron j

This place is good as a car wash but skip the hand wax and rain x program. I spent the extra money thinking they would clean up the exterior but they did not remove any tar from the car nor were all bugs removed. They just waxed over the top. Windows were streaked from car wash which meant they could not have used rain x on all the windows. Even saw water streaks on doors so question if it was even waxed. Spent the afternoon removing tar cleaning windows and then applied wax and rain x myself.

chris mitchell

Just got done there. The machine broke a tab holding part of my wheel well liner in, which is not a big deal. I can fix it, what is a big deal is that I watched a kid flap it with his hand. I waited for them to say something so I could tell them it was no big deal. That didn't happen they just walked away and watched me tuck it up while I was in there bay so it would hold till I got to O'Reilly's to get a tab. First and last time there.

Ross K

It's an ok place for a car wash tho it's a touch wash and I'm preferential to touch free washes otherwise good place

Kevin Schuth

Great service, long wait

Jenna McKay

Love getting my car washed and oil changed at the same place! They do a great job every time

Dave Velguth

I have been going here for 15 years. Very friendly staff and do a great job. Top notch service.

Michael Jankowski

Paid for medium package, job was not done to well

Mike Liotta

10:05 still not open, workers standing ouyside eaitin for the boss to get here. 15 cars waiting to get thier cars washed

Ramazan Hajdini

They do grate job. I been waging my car for years and always left happy.

Perry Vander loop

Great job , thanks to Dean and his staff . They did a great job of detaling my Porsche macan Looks brand new and very friendly staff , I will return as a customer Perry Vander loop

Adam Marin

I had my oil change and a car wash here once. The car was and oil change were alright, but priced very high I felt. Though it was nice to get both things out of the way in one shot.

Jennifer Bass

Great place for a quick full inside and out clean. Will go back for detailing soon.

Bradley Sokel

Always do a good job

Brian Priestly

Makes my car clean in and out. Sometimes the wait is long but worth it. We drive past other car wash places to get here.

Tina Gandolf

Awesome! Best car wash around!

Amber Stanczak

Service can sometimes be hit or miss as to how clean your car gets during their wash. My recent visit was one of the best cleans they have ever done for my car. I brought my car here for an oil change as well, it was affordable and the man explained the different types of oils and services to me very well. He told me I needed new windshield wipers and I agreed to have them installed, however, once I left, I discovered they weren’t actually changed out, so that was disappointing. Overall good service though!

Jack Hill

... always a positive experience... very busy day so just did the external wash only. Still same great customer service.

Rod Borsche

Bring all my vehicles including my motorcycle. They have always went out of there way and made my vehicles look great!!

Jackie Jansen

Staff was very nice. Paid for The Works Plus. The outside of my vehicle looks great, the inside however not so much! My fault for not looking the back seat and inside doors down before leaving I guess...Will not be spending that much again on a half done job.

Robert Gagnow

Good deal. $40 for an oil change and car wash.

MyKayla LuMaye

A tad pricey but the employees are friendly, most of the service techs are great, and the car wash is awesome.

Debbie Reinke

They are very friendly, attentive, professional and do a much better job than PDQ

christy fritch

I bought the full package and when my car was done the Windows were never done the inside of my doors still had crumbs and I actually pointed that out to them that I wanted to make sure they got that part only good thing was they vacuumed nice I could have done it myself very disappointed all Windows on the outside have spots as well as my hole car NOT HAPPY WOULD BE GREAT IF THEY WOULD TAKE THERE TIME AND MAKE THINGS RIGHT WITH ME OR I'LL GO ELSE WHERE ~CHRISTY

Elizabeth Brunner

Quick and efficient.

Joseph Bascue

I like this place

Nancy Ermer

3 days ago. I bought what is the full package plus paid for 4 matts & carpet to be washed. The sign said these cost xtra & I cannot remember if they were or were not inc. in my total cost. Anyway I've been thru b4 & all was perfect. I don't like to complain, but when I got home & looked the vacuuming job was really not so good for the price I paid. There was grass & dirt on the carpeting by the doors & under & inbetween the seats. A large piece of candy dropped by the grandkids still under a seat. The 2 fellows working on the car were very nice & polite, thanked me for coming. I know it was a busy day for them. They actually had my car finished sooner than the last time I was there & had everything done. But that was a long time ago & there was no sinage about paying xtra for matts & carpet. So I don't know if it was due to being so busy or what, but even so a better job could have been done with the vacuuming.

Steven Novak

Being an inspector by trade I look for flaws out of habit, and I am very hard to impress but your employees did an amazing job well exceeding my expectations!!! I had the interior cleaned and wanted to say thank you to your employees that worked on my car and I will definitely be back again with our other vehicles as well as letting everyone I know about the great service!

Jen Lau

Kids love watching the vehicles go through the wash through the large windows. Helps too that we can take our large van through because it accommodates tall vehicles.

Michael Nellis

Great wash at a great price

Ron Jablonske

The only place I get my oil changed and car washes done. All in one setting and I always get in my car with it feeling brand new!

Daniel D

Most of the time they do a great job. Waited in line for 54 minutes this morning around 9 AM. $36 later I went to get my truck the wash was fine but the floors barely got vacuumed, wish there was a way to post pictures. if I was anyone looking at this Review I would turn around if it’s busy

Beth Nooyen

great prices for a car wash and wipe down

sam flynn

First time here and I must say I was very pleased with how great of a job they did on my vehicle as I am very very picky when it comes to a clean car. The staff was very friendly. Definitely will come back.

Clay Weber

Great place run by a great family!!

Derek Waldburger

employees are thieves. went into my center console and stole an electronic cigarette tank out of my device and swapped it with their empty. otherwise they do a good job. just make sure all your stuff is locked!!

Clarence Leitner

John Mihalko

Full synthetic oil change, rotated my tires and did a great job at cleaning it inside and out. If I was a car, this is the only place I'd let my owner drive to!

Jonathan smith

AVOID! I have had three bad experiences with this place. In one of them they lost a part of the center console for my van when doing an expensive detail clean. Talked to desk worker and a manager who promised to call me back. That was October still no call back. Cost me 40 bucks to replace. This last visit I asked them not to mess with my floor mats. They didnt listen and They ripped the plastic floor mat retaining clip right out of the factory carpet. This has caused the mats together caught under my pedals. Will not be simple to fix.

Derek Vanderhorst

Apparently now they charge an extra $10 for excessive mud. From a construction person that previously brought all 3 vehicles here regularly, they have lost a customer. Please be aware of this before you bring your dirty vehicle to this car wash!

Kirk Young

When I'm in town I try to get my car done here. They do great work!

Paris Drake

Excellent job-every time

Nicholas Gorham

scott jansse

Detailed our vehicle and made it look brand new

C TKCommunications

went for an oil change, pretty pricey but great service

Jerry Nienhaus

The dried my car so fast that I had to re dry it after they brought it outside

Mrs G

Karlie Schmude

Always thorough and fast!

Sal K

Expensive and they didn't do a good job vacuuming my car, which is very small. Windows are usually smeared as well.

Candy Greengrass

Excellent service

Chris Sager

Okay car was could do a better job on vacuuming and washing windows

Charles Behrmann

Great customer service, good job with wash and interior cleaning

Michelle Harp

Absolutely no one in the Valley that cleans a vehicle as well as Clear Water Car Wash does. I drive over 20 minutes just to come to this car wash. Any other place in the Valley has proven to be a waste of money in comparison. Thanks for always leaving us impressed!

Bart Thebo

Just came from there, lifted up the mats in the back row and there was still alot of popcorn there. What a kick in the head!! Dam kids working there just don't care!! Vary disappointed!!

Murphy Kranski

Lee Vandenberg

Best car wash in the area. Getting pretty pricey though.

Jenn Stingl

This place is such a good value. I consider it the best deal in the valley for washing your car inside and out (and fast!!!)

Megan Arnoldussen-Gerhartz

They have always done a good job cleaning inside and out of my vehicle. Staff is usually friendly. You have to be careful when you choose to go because the line can get long very quick and it can take a while to get in.


Always a great wash for great prices

Jeff Herrick

I have had two SUV's professionally detailed here in the last two years. We have gotten the most expensive package they have each time. Both times, I was literally blow away with how detailed and perfect of a job they did. First vehicle was a Ford Explorer, that had just come back from a commercial duty application and had the entire underside of the vehicle caked in a type of ash that was at the plant. They scraped it all off by hand, then cleaned the under carraige. I felt so bad for them, I tipped each of the guys like $50. Never once complained, never expected more, they just plowed through and did and stand up job. That truck was terrible when I brough it in. When I picked it up, I did not even want to drive it... it looked NEW. I wanted to put it up for sale and double my money... Naturally we did not do that... I just felt so suprised at the level of service, I felt bad getting it dirty. Second vehicle was recently in the last week or so. GMC Terrain, may daily driver. Once again, literally blew my mind.... absolutely shocked and I will recommend this company everywhere I can. I just can't get over it. Good help is hard to find, these guys have it! Thank you to your staff for going the extra mile... and actually impressing the consumer, rather than just calling it in... like we see all too often now. Bravo to this place!

hailey bindeer

Puts PDQ to shame. Fantastic interior detail.

Korrey Kerstetter

Be prepared to wait forever in line to get your car washed here. Also be pepared to not have your tires cleaned and shined properly even when you pay extra. The only reason this place gets any good reviews is because it's the only full service wash around. After getting my car washed here several times and leaving several others after waiting in line over 45 minutes, I will no longer be a patron.

Jodi Howard

Love getting my oil changed and car wash inside and out in one place!

Dawn LaBrec

I love getting my oil changed and coming out with a clean car!

Michael Hosket

Excellent!! They do great work!

Brenda Longmuir

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servicio

Phil Grams

I just moved to Appleton, I tried Clear Car my first week here, and the service was probably at least a 3 star experience. I asked what the the Works package included and was reassured that Armorall on the tires was included. When I got the car back it was acceptable, but not what I was used to getting in a full service car wash. I went back today, one week later and asked for the Works, when it was done no Armorall, and the car was still wet. I asked about the tires, they said it is $2.00 more and they would go ahead and do it this time, when asked about the car being wet, they said it is the best they can do, that water will continue to run out of the doors. The fenders doors, grill, front and back bumpers were still wet. When I got home, 3 miles away, door jams and car were still soaked. I basically had to redo the car. How can the expiernce be so much different at the same place in 2 different visits? This is not what I consider a full service car wash, we will be trying another place.


Best carwash on this side of town

Jean Boldig

Very helpful staff. They offer detailing and I am considering having my vehicle polished here. Good word-of-mouth about yhis business.

Sharolynn Harper

They always make me feel special. They know what I want as soon as I drive up.

Kyle Flavin

Great service and great prices. Will definitely go back

Nick Jansen

Oil change comes with a car wash. Very quick service.

Jessy Manders

$125. Oil change and upgraded wash. At home cleaning and vacuuming my car right after. Brought it to Clearwater because I didn’t have time to do this today. Going to have to reconsider going to these places if it’s just a quick wipe down on a few small parts of the interior. Very disappointed

Mike Mauthe

Dirty D

They do an awesome job at Clearwater. It does take a long time for your vehicle to get cleaned. Worth the wait.

Judy Watkins

Only place I take my car

Peyton Schmidt

Legendary place. Not even sarcasm

Wang Lee

Fast and efficient.

Skeeter Abrahamson

This is by far the best car wash in the area. They do a wonderful job. Sometimes superior. Of course their detailing services (an extra 20 bucks to underarm the inside, is come and go, depending on who you get. There is one individual, who does an outstanding job. The others are mediocre ! Basic wash with gentle inside is absolutely perfect everytime !

Brian Runnoe

Always to notch service and a perfect clean every time!!!

Irene Boateng

They did a awesome job on my vehicle, I was super impressed with the interior and exterior cleaning they did. I would definitely recommend them and go back

Kevin VandeYacht

C Larkin

After several visits I've found something gets missed in cleaning everytime (such as the interior windshield, in between the seats and console,etc). I no longer go here.

Laura Ramos

Very fast oil changes and very friendly

Aabryanah Brady

Paid $30 for my car wash. Got in my car and had to wipe down center counsoul dashboard steering wheel and cup holders because they didn’t. The interior was not impressive for $30. Something I could have done at home myself. Disappointed because they usually do well.

Vincent Udo

Dean and his staff are amazing! Great attitudes, clean facilities, and a "small town" feel and customer service to match. The staff takes pride in what they do and the ending result of their service/product proves that. Clear Water Car Wash provides a specialized detail center (cars, SUV's, trucks/trailers, boats, etc...) lube center/oil changes, and car wash. I tell everyone I know to go there if they want great service with a smile.

nba yes

i use to work there and it was a great place to work. one tip for all of u customers, if it’s busy and your very picky about your car DONT go. the dryers have to clean quickly and move between cars. if we have a picky customer we fall so far behind. a great solution is to come outside when ur car is coming out of the wash and tell us what u want cleaned well

Craig Collins

Good service, car came nice and clean. The baked on bugs are gone!

Josh Dutton

Don Bickham

I was inquiring about having my van detailed, the young man was very professional, and Gabe a very good description of what they would do

James Grice

Wasn't that impressed! Mediocre at best staff was friendly but not dedicated to actually clean your vehicle right! I've payed less and got a way better job at other places! Genie Car wash Waco,Tx will always be the best!!

Tammy Mueller


Aaron Briggs

I brought my car in for an oil change and car wash, owned it for about 4 years, never had an issue once with it. Upon it coming out of the car wash my bumper was half off. They apologized for the situation and said they would fix it which involved drilling a hole in to my bumper without my permission and zip tying part of my bumper back to my vehicle. They also advised me that prior to me buying my car that there was repairs done on the bumper and thats why it fell off even though ive drove this car a lot in 4 years without issue, as well had it brought to them multiple times without issue. I asked for the managers information (name is Dean) and he proceeds to get upset about it as if im at fault for their machines breaking my bumper off. He then proceeds to tell me that im stupid and its my fault for even buying a car without doing a full inspection on the bumper before buying it. To top this, upon leaving, im in my car with the door shut and in drive, he runs to my door and forcefully opens it and tells me to wait so he can take pictures of it. Very rude manager, no accountability for accidents in their car wash. 10/10 will not be going again. 0 stars if I could.

sheri sprung


Stacey Mihalko

My husband was very pleased with the job they did. His comment was "looks way better then the times I took it to PDQ and for a better price."


The was itself was okay, and the interior clean is okay as well. The autowash doesn't get everything 100% off, but it gets enough done. Wouldn't stop here with a show car, as its definitely not a detail shop.

Lisa Clayton

I got my routine oil change and car wash yesterday. I had personal items stolen from my vehicle and the manager told me there was nothing she could do about it. I will never go here again.

Rob Liebhaber

Always do a great job!

Sherneatha Caswell

Great job

scott bowen

Top notch car wash. Best around Appleton area.


Good wash but windows are pretty hazy. Need to clean them myself.

Rachel Dorn

Have always received great customer service here. Though sometimes they miss a couple spots.

Mike Fox

Great car wash. Fast, reasonable price, fairly good waiting area.

Adam Ditter

Always had been my go to place. Got in line for an oil change at 5:50 and was turned away. Guess I will take my $70 elsewhere

Jacob Steinmetz

I stopped here for a wash and interior clean up because I was going to list my SUV for sale, and I had heard an read good things about Clearwater. I got the Works Plus package. The wash was nice and the interior looks good on the surface, but there didnt seem to be much care for getting into some of the obvious nooks crannies. Also, I asked for my mats to be washed as well, noticed on my ticket that they weren't marked, went back to the employee who wrote up the ticket, and said it was covered. After leaving, I noticed my mats weren't washed. So that was disappointing. I also noticed a little puddle of engine oil on the rubber mat in the hatch/trunk area after I got home. I'm glad it's a rubber mat, because I can easily clean it up myself, but after taking great care to make sure I had cleaned out my vehicle ahead of time, I was disappointed with the result.

Jacci O.

Stopped in after dropping a chai tea latte all over my passenger seat. I told the worker that I had done it and needed a thorough clean. He assured me that they would wipe it down and get it clean. When I got my car it was obvious that they had not wiped down the seat or the car door. The rest of the wash was fine but I was frustrated that I had specifically stated my concern and it was ignored. I went home and scrubbed the seat, door and behind the seat myself. I am hoping I will have better luck with a detailing.

Elizabeth Bloedow

Never going back, went three times and each time they did something wrong or messed something up!

Robyn Letizia

They were fast but didn't do the best job. I had borax acid in my car to kill carpet beetles and there was still acid on my back seats and the carpeted part under the rear window. They also didn't do a good job vacuuming my moms car. There was still grass and dirt.

Rhonda Behnke

Always great service.

Verna Bontrager

Reasonably priced detailing shop. Excellent work.

Robert Nelson

Did a very nice job of wiping the car down after washing it.

Davis Maynard

They do a super good job, fast

Tim Miller

Great service

Laura Kohne

Always do a good quality job on my car inside and out. Even when they're really busy, they're friendly and do great work!

Bob Abitz

Good car wash, and nice service!!


They do a great job and stand behind their results and your satisfaction!

Drew G.

I have been going to a competitor for quite some time and or have done it on my own. I have been to this location twice now and just have to say WOW! Top notch service! Staff was very friendly and thorough on top of it! It's the simple things like not having to move my seat and adjust mirrors that makes all of the difference. Attention to detail is spot on. Your staff even took the time to remove the pet hair that gets stuck in the fabric of my seats! I am in management and am a firm believer in providing a quality service and a reasonable price, your team has all the bases covered. GREAT JOB!

Colin Hill

I like this place. I found it this summer when I first moved up here and when looking to get my car cleaned inside and out. I saw they had a decent price for a full service clean. They have been very quick every time I have gone and with it being winter they actually will towel dry your car after they wash it with hot water. The staff is always friendly and the waiting area has TV and magazines although when I went it was so quick I didn't even really read or watch the TV. If you want a quick place to get your car washed (especially to get all that salt off your car in the winter) then this is the place to do it. I haven't used them for anything but car wash and I haven't used them for deep detailing but if those services are anything like their car washing it should be good as well.

Gary K

Love this place car gets clean inside and out. Nice attention to detail. Several wash options available and they offer detailing and if you get your oil changed wash is included.

Katherine Fulcer

Sjana Van wyk

We were highly impressed with the service done here. In a serviceless world this company stand out. THANKS A LOT

Carol Van Camp

Has the premium detail package done on my black SUV and couldn’t be happier!! My truck looks brand new and the staff was very friendly when I went to pick it up!

Jeff Belongea

Oil change and a car wash for 50 bucks, can't beat that.

Jennifer Esch

Great job inside and out! Hand waxing and oil changes available too!

Brad Collyard

Clean car. Good service

markus moes

I bring my truck here every week to get washed. Waiting in the long line usually isn’t the best but for good quality work for a reasonable price it’s worth the wait.

Arthur Sims

Very nice full Service car wash.

William Harrison

Best car wash in the area

katie spaulding

I have taken my car here for 3 oil changes followed by car wash. Had reasonable prices. However, no changing table since I had my baby with and changed him on the floor. My check engine light came on after my last oil change.. come to find out they put the wrong oil in my car and practically backed up my engine. $500 later and it’s still being cleaned out.. won’t being going back now

Joe Porter

Bad detailing job, and awful customer service. I had pre-arranged to drop my car off on a Thursday, pre-paid, and although they are closed on Sunday had made arrangements to lock my spare keys in the car so I could pick it up on Sunday. I cleared that with the person on the phone who I scheduled my appointment with as well as the person who I paid when I dropped my car off. Needless to say when I returned to town Sunday and needed to pick my car up, I see it sitting locked inside their building with the door open. I called and left a message that they didn't live up to their end of the deal. I expected to hear from them when they opened on Monday. Of course, I didnt. I had to call them and didn't receive one apology or aknolwedgement of their mistake. When someone finally dropped my car off (and I had to give him a ride back) they said they'd mention it to the manager. Now you'd at least expect a phone call apologizing for the goof up, right? Nope. (Honestly, I'm not that picky of a person, but at least call to aknowledge a minor goof) The thing that bugs me the most is that they did a poor job. There are streaks on the interior of all my windows and areas that were completely overlooked. I have taken photos. I'd recommend going elsewhere.

Kim Mills

Luke Cahak

Great car wash!

Fran Jaimes

Great service

Alyssa Vandenberg

They really take their time and make sure your car is clean!

Alex Merbach

Slow. Stopped for exterior only wash and watch 11 cars go through the wash that arrived after I did, in the full service line. I wouldn’t stop unless there’s little to no line and you’re doing full service.

Bennett Van Der Loop


Larry Dorn

They do a great job on vehicles. Service is great as well

lacey kieffer

Recently needed to get my carpets cleaned on my car, I have a dog rescue and needless to say a dog in transport had a massive blow out. Even in this cold weather my car was smelling really ripe. I brought it in and they did an amazing job getting my car cleaned up. The guys were very helpful and we were able to joke around about the terrible mess they had to clean up. Now mind you I had cleaned up as much as I could but there was still alot of deep down dirt that needed to come out. Wonderful service from the time I pulled up and Dean told me where I needed to go to picking the car up.


Good, just can be a long line at times

Michael Burnard

I came in for a car wash and when my vehicle was done I noticed there was yellow paint on the backseat. I went to the manager and blamed him for the paint because I did not see it prior. The manager mentioned that it was not possible for them to get pain on the seat. I said it was possible because it wasn't there before and that the car wash did it. I then threatened him and in a short period of time I asked the last person who drove my car if they had paint on and if they had left the yellow paint, and they admitted to having the paint on them and leaving it on my vehicle. I then came back to the car wash because I felt terrible for threatening him because he did not do it. I apologized for my behavior. The manager appreciated my apology and ended up cleaning/removing the paint spot. A few days later I came back to ask him how much he would charge me for the spot cleaning, and he said the apology was all he needed. I have since come in for restoration headlights and they have done an excellent job. After all is done and said, I would highly recommend this business. They go above and beyond for their customers.

Kelly Key

Waited for 15 minutes, no human help so I left. I really wanted to try it cause I heard great things! I'll go to my normal oil change place this time :(

bradley johnson


Hope McPeake

They do a good job and have a fair price

john wolters

Great service great deal

Jeff B

Poor - Fair is even too much of a compliment for what happened to me. I went through their lube and car wash, and while pulling out, I noticed that there was a 8-10 inch crack in my windshield. I turned right around and went back and spoke with the manager who offered up every "It's not our fault" excuse in the book, everything from "It had to have been started and it just got longer" to "There might have been a chip under that [rubber] seal that ended up cracking." Now I will admit, I have a hard time believing that the cloth brushes and stuff they have can crack a windshield, but there are plenty of people who interact with the car as it goes through from start to finish that could have caused this damage. Do yourself a favor, don't even give this place a try, find a well known and reputable car wash instead.

Dale Seefeldt

I have done a lot of business here and am very happy more times than not. The prices are good, and you will find that services for the dollar exceed the competition. They get busy sometimes, and quality does decrease then, so find slower times for the best experience.

Jesse Gordon

First time here a few days ago even though I see it daily due to work. Was very satisfied with the options available to clean my vehicle being that I need extra height clearance for my truck. 7'5" is the max clearance for this facility and I just fit. Also my tires are a little wider and they were able to accommodate that as well where PDQ was not. I'll be doing my business here moving forward.

Phil Golding

Awesome place for Carwash in the Appleton/ Fox Cities area. Also great for detailing. Get my car and truck detailed yearly.

Wade Zogie

Best car wash around. Friendly service.

Samantha Burke

I took pictures of what was done and my car looked worst then when I brought it in. There was dirt all over and spots from dirty rags. There were marks everywhere and I’m beyond upset. I would never recommend to anyone

Carolyne Quella

Great job

Alex Ringmeier

This is a good car wash if you don't mind hands on "touch" washes. There's a team that washes it by hand with pressure washers and also dries your car by hand at the end which is a big plus. I wouldn't do it to a detailed car of course, but if you aren't concerned with micro scratches from towels and mitts then the end result is better than your average automated car wash as you won't have spots, lingering soap or water- they dry it well.

Heather Kohls

I have brought my vehicle here 3 times. 2nd time it was done well, but the first and third time it was not. It really depends upon who is working. Last time the outside and floors looked nice but the vertical parts of the seats and the back were never vacuumed. There were also quite dusty surfaces that were overlooked. I have 2 dogs and told them there was dog hair and paid for the highest level of cleaning they offer. I had to complete the job myself when I got home so it wasn't worth the money I paid at all.

Tracey Krol

Great job!

Marli Zane

Great Service

Kelly Smith

Fast and friendly service. They also let my dog wait with me in the waiting room. Now my favorite place!!

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