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REVIEWS OF Car Spa Car Wash & Detail Centers IN Wisconsin

Victor Ulloa

Bad experience!!!!. Never coming back again. I am sure the management doesn’t really care about this review but be aware if you are in the area I’d not worth it. I was the last customer/car before closing. They literally closed the door after they pull the car outside to finish the job. They just lacked to actually cleaned th car. Seats were wet and there was dust everywhere, good thing I had some napkins with me. I mentioned to a “supervisor/manager” that was waiting for us to leave and he told me to “come back tomorrow”. really?!! Not worth paying $24.10.

Heidi Zadler

Could have done a better job on my dash and vacuuming but my car was a disaster when I brought it in so I didn't complain. Very clean compared to when I brought it in.

Crystal Printz

Sarah Sukus

Reza Moez

Megan Laughlin

Joseph LaScola

Personal service and they prewash your car even cleaning bugs off the cannot get that at all these drive through self service places

David Kautzman

I took my vehicle in today. I have to add they were not busy. I purchased their $25.00 wash. That was a mistake!!!! There were areas that were not even touched( easy to reach areas) the windows had areas that were missed, the mirrors were half a!!ed done, the vacume job was crap and the whees were half a!!ed done!!!! I could get a better job done from a bunch of kids raising money for a school activity. NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I wouldn't go back there even if they were handing out 50 dollar bills!!! This place SUCKS!!!!!

Allen Bily

Barbara Mivshek

Krista Wolfe

The Car Spa did a great job on my fiance's car. I did an interior detailing, and his car was in desperate need of a good scrub. They did an amazing job, it looks and smells great! We got a good deal with a Memorial Day sale as well. Would definitely recommend the Car Spa for your car!

Robby M

Every time I have gone here to get my car washed they've done an excellent job. I have absolutely no complaints. The cashier can be less then happy to take your money, but whatever, the car wash guys are always great and do a good job.

Roger B. Goins

Justin Eltoft

This place does a decent car wash, but they can't change oil to save their life. Our last two tries with them left oil puddles in our garage. Those will be the last we ever go here for oil.

Dog Ten

Liked it better when they vaccumed your car

doug oreilly

A pretty poor job for a $22 car wash. Windows weren't clean, interior was do poorly done. I would t be back.

Steven Hartfield

Stacy Little

Joshua Yoder

This place has gone down hill as of late. Used to come here alot, but the management is no longer responsive to people. It seems to be a cash cow for them and more.

Lorissa C

raY cole

Gotta stay on they're ass sometimes.

Jim Stevens

Oil change and a car wash

Renee Stinson

Been going there for a while, until a few months ago when I realized something was wrong. A week after I got my oil changed there last, my change oil light came on. They said they forgot to reset the computer. Then, shortly after that my son noticed something was hanging under my car. I took it to Ford thinking it was something they could look at, and they said the people who changed my oil didn't put the shield on right and it was backwards and missing a bunch of screws. Supposedly they had been putting synthetic oil into my car and I was getting it changed every 5,000 miles, but when my husband went to change the oil, smoke came out and it was really thick and seriously dirty oil. Like it was never changed. I don't trust them, and I think they are not being honest. We will never go back.

Anthony Katalinich

Usually get the standard wash and oil change, they do a good job for the money.

Erica Heyl

The car wash itself is fine. The attendant at the cash register was incredibly rude. She was so caught up in her personal conversation on the phone that she barely looked at me as she ran my credit card. I told her how rude she was being to not even acknowledge a customer and she just continued on. The owners should get rid of her. Bad for business. This was at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19th 2017.

Jacob Maerzke

This place is a great value for what you spend! Full service oil change and a car wash for the same price you pay for just an oil change at other places!

David Slama

No greeting while waiting for an oil change. I get that the bay is full, but please advise time frame and awareness of customer.

Susan Stahler

Z Syed

Mediocre job on detailing. What comes to your mind when you think of detailing? 'Spic & Span' , 'Attention to Detail', 'Spotless' This is place is nothing like that. They did a job worth $50 bucks for $135 and kept the car whole day with them. Lots of stains inside the windows & on the back seats. Corners are worse. They don't even give a receipt or some sort of tag when you drop off the car, there is no front desk/office.

Don Anderson

Jose Jgarcia

Onalee Trybom

David Young

car washing was great but thought they offered vacuuming done by employees and not by myself.

Michael Gregory

They clean your vehicle very thoroughly!


More expensive than regular oil places and just like other places push you into services you don't need. Service is quick and lobby is clean. Get a free car wash next door and there is free vacuum self serve as well. Convenient, you pay for that.

chuy sation

Not the same as it once was.

Kurt Lassig

SWEET back when it was full-service. If I was gonna have friends in my car Id zip through there and for about $20 I was ready for a night out. Now its just an overpriced drive-through. Thats probably it for me and this place. First FULL SERVICE place that goes up lemme know about it and that'll be my new go-to pre-date stop

James Wennerhm

Great full service car wash! Quick oil changes with a complimentary car wash.

Mani S

Good people

Savontaye Dunn

Horrible car wash! I paid for the top car wash and my car was still dirty. This is the second time I have tried and was disappointed both times. I will not go there again.

Jen Davis

I reluctantly came back after the crew scratched my days old car and told me “we didn’t do that”. They always do a great job on my husbands car and mine was really dirty, so I gave them a second chance. Walking to the counter I noticed BOTH cashiers were on their phones:?one texting and the other, playing a game. The girl didn’t even look at me, just at my credit card long enough to put it through the machine. I asked her a question and got a three word response. She continued to text as she ran my card and when it was done she slid me the receipt and a pen, “here” she said. She clearly hates her job. I truly hope the management corrects this soon. I won’t come back, I’d rather have my kids clean my interior and wash the exterior at a gas station. Sure would save money. I only give the place two stars because the crew did a halfway decent job cleaning it.

Oliver East

I am pretty sure this is the worlds worst car wash ... granted I have not been to them all, however if rude service and poor work is what you like, this place is for you!!! It's expensive for what you get and if you want the inside cleaned to a good standard then you will for sure leave disappointed!

Maria Rosalez

They do a marvelous job...I so would never had known that water stains my seats..

Aaron Lichtwalt

They revamped the whole set up. They no longer vacuum out your car or wipe it down. It’s cheaper but the quality of wash is the same of a gas station, except gas station washes are cheaper

Norm Miilu

Dolly Martin

Several price options to choose from. Friendly employees who do a great job on your car. Comfortable waiting area and clean restroom

Sharon Buege

The owner is disrespectful and rude. Lied and has absolutely no business ethics. I'll never go back. It's went down hill since it became nappa!

Pamela Zamora

Love this place!

Latin Flyer

This place has become horrible. I went in on Friday 5/22/15 and asked for a regular wash, "please vacuum and wipe the interior, add rainx and clean the wheels" I said. Paid over $18 including tip. When the car was signaled ready, they had not vacuumed or wiped the interior, there were minor scratches on the door, a lot of lint all over the exterior and they put on armor-all on the tires but did not clean the wheels!! The attendant called an older white gent who said was the owner. He told me that I had ordered an exterior wash only, he then proceeded to show me the receipt.. I said to him, "why would I come to a carwash like this only to have the exterior of my car washed? for that I would have just gone to a $7 automatic carwash. I came here because I wanted the interior vacuumed and cleaned". He started to repeat himself,. I realized he was not going to accommodate.. to which I just got in my car and left.. Not worth the time or effort. The guy is clueless on what customer service is and even less on what customer satisfaction is. Not a good place at all.. try and avoid it if can.. This can be a great opportunity for a good businessman to open a new full service carwash here in Kenosha.. This place would offer no competition.

Jeff Zimmermann

Tom Englisz

Will never use again

Casey Jikomes

So I got my Toyota Matrix shampooed and vacuumed a few days back. Minor stains from children that could have been removed but we're still visible when I got my car back. I could have done a better job but since I have a disability and it's hard for me two do that kind of thing I need to have someone do it for me. On top of that they could have done a better vacuum job there was still dirty spots here and there the only thing that was completely clean that I was surprised at where my floor mats looked like new. I know I didn't play for a complete car detailing but still having spent $52 I would have expected a little more effort put in. Now I'm all about honest rating but the job these guys did was honestly a little half-assed. They couldn't even wipe in my cup holders and change holder for the price I paid. You might want to reconsider before you come to these guys. They also quoted me 45 minutes but I didn't get my keys until about 2 hours later, I watched several people come and go and I was still sitting there for two very quick little things. They also need to work on quoting time limits.

Joe Green

Good basic car wash

Lucian Muresanu

I like this place!

Steve Koellner

What a dump!! Poor customer service, seems like a free for all. Building run down, furniture 20 years old. No upkeep. Techs eating food in oil department. Spitting in the trash in front of customers. Management always bs ing and never doing anything. Loud and annoying!!! Car wash cleaning poor/ drying.

Juan Granados

I paid $28 plus tip to have my car clean inside out. When the car was "ready" the dash board was dusty, the front bumper was dirty where the brushes won't reach. The wheels where dirty and they only apply armorol to 3 of the tires. For this service I could go to a $9 wash and finish myself like I did anyways

Annonomous Person

Got the full detail package for my car. I walked out of there and felt like I had a brand new car again! It was super shiny again, clean seats and carpet, and it smelt great. They did a great job.

Joaquin Norniella

Friendly workers

Tim Irwin

Pulled in just to get my interior done quick at 4:15 and the guy comes too my window and say we're close, plus its going to rain.... seriously??? Your open untill 6pm.... don't bring your car here

Darci Thompson

The windows, dash, doors are streaky. I had to get the guy who was supposed to.armor all my tires to get off his chair and his phone to do that. No air freshner as advertised. Yes, it is hot but most of the guys at the finishing stage didn't seem like they wanted to work. First and last time I will go there. It would probably help quite a bit if the workers were given an awning to work under.

Joe Metallo

Came in for a full interior detail. SUCH a nice job. Very thorough.

Melinda Anderson

Oh my goodness they kept my car and locked up when i was 15 minutes late and the manager said it isn't his problem!!! that"He had better things to do" when he knew i was walking around till they were phone call..The staff was RUDE The owner was very genuine and very genuine but the staff roll there eyes and make fun of the customers...They also didn't do a great job...on top of all the stuff i had to deal with not having my truck till they opened..they said it was my fault and I only got 50 percent off lmao....You should get 100 percent back if you want to keep customers and if they knew word of mouth is powerful!!!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lived 25 minutes away and had to pay cab fare back, and there and still got charged 50 dollars!!! horrible

Joe Dubaniewicz

Terry Cosentino

Ok,price is right,could DRY WAY BETTER

Patricia Green

Used to go there because of the service they provided. Now they are just like any other drive through car wash only more expensive.

Amber Palmer

Deborah Langley

Great price

Mark Stinson

Sandra Druba

Didnt have my filter in stock had to go back. Then left a cover under my car loose.

Tina Wienke

Good place

Marlene Quick

It was great years ago, not so in recent years. The interior cleaning is lacking & dog hair? Forget it. Plan on wiping down the dash, etc. yourself.

Edwin Falstad

Well, drained my oil, then told me it was going to be $75 for an oil change....kind of had no choice to have them do it. Last time I'll come here. Price in the door is $35

Margaret Tomany

James Shaeffer

Rude employees. Trying to lecture on the amount of time an oil change should be done. Tried telling me I was over on miles when I am following GM owner's manual. After the lecture of making sure I'm getting an oil change every 6000 miles with synthetic oil, they put 3000 miles on my receipt. Like other posts, I saw the oil bay workers spitting on the floor near the door. The service cost over $80 when all was said and done. This is the first and only time I'll bring my vehicle here.

Kevin Gleason

matt masse

Cleaned nicely. Decently priced

Breonia Hlouschek

Mike Mercado

Car wash, detail and oil changed all in a day.

nancy castle

Fast, friendly service for oil change. I thought it was a bit pricey for a basic oil change on a truck.

tiffany allen

C/M Armes

Excellent service.truck cleaned like rolled off lot

Rob Fogle

L Sandoval

E Amaya


Sam H

Oil change and detailing of my car which is usually destroyed from kids. And friendly staff. Great value!

Abbe Gustavus

Kevin Tomasiewicz

They don't vacuum wipe your dash or dry your cars anymore a rip-off for automatic wash when you go to Kwik Trip for the same thing for $5 cheaper oh but there's free vacuums they think it's such a great deal

Josh Vargas

Just left the place. Paid $22, gave a $3 tip to the first guy and a $2 to the other one at the end. No attention to detail, barely wiped down my steering wheel and dash, they used a dirty rag to dry the car and ended up leaving dirty black streaks all over, didn't even open the trunk to clean it; definitely not worth the $27 I paid - not worth it at all! I will for sure never go back.

Dustin Schneider

Jeremie Berry

Joshua Campbell

Jason Koeppel

Krissi Ruppa

Janetlynn Ortiz

Tacoma SanJuan

Exceptional. I'm not sure how there could be so many reviews saying so critical of their services. Ask them questions and know how their services work and spa is helpful and thorough. Both oil change and $100 detailing was done very well. If anything takes a while be sure to look around as there are many customers being served. I made an appt. for detailing. Customer desk assistance were pleasant and very helpful. Called me at home to tell me when the van was done. The van I had detailed was very dirty inside. When finished both inside and outside were very clean and smelling great. 3-5 hours turned into 6 1/2 hrs. though that was because of the scrubbing my van needed. Spa- Thank you for great value on the service you provided! I'll be back. :)

Richard Klinkhammer

Ted Mall

Full service carwash, detail and maintenance service (such as oil change) facility with a host of options. Nice, clean waiting area from where you can observe your car being serviced. A bit pricey, but the Car Spa provides an exceptional experience. Had a car detailed here. The results were very nice. Staff is very helpful and friendly.

Matt Larson

You get a car wash with your old change so that is always nice!

Dana Barnes

They always are super eager to get my car In and out while I have a busy schedule. They go above and beyond including a car wash with my oil change. Love it here!!!

Paul Rosenthal

The hours suck. What car wash opens at 9 on a sunday?? Half my day is over by then. And even then the quality is sub par. If I pay this kind of money for a car wash, it should be done with pride. Nobody cares anymore. No attention to detail. They miss the corners and I always have to have it done twice. I dont like how they clean the glass either.

Ron Spanton

They no longer do interiors.

Mike Gergory

Don't clean your interior of your vehicle anymore!@

Andres Olvera

John Borkovec

Short Version: 1) set proper expectations and you'll be very happy. 2) the owner Mike REALLY stands behind the work his people do there. Read on... Detailed Version: A couple weeks ago I had two cars detailed a few days apart from each other. Got the full package on both. After the first one was done I had to pick it up and run. Who really has time to go over everything in detail when you pick it up? Not me, so I left. Later that day, of course, I found a few little things. Take away? It's all about setting expectations, right? A couple days later I brought my car in. Yes, the first car was my wife's (ha). Shared with Mike a couple of the things on my wife's car. He pushed to make them right but they weren't that big of a deal so I said no thanks. All of that set expectations for my car. When it was done, again, I picked it up and ran. And then, within a half block, UGH! Double UGH! In the course of detailing, they broke something on my console! What the! I didn't have time to go back and waited until the next day to have "the difficult conversation". To my great surprise the owner Mike took FULL responsibility - without hesitating. He didn't try to shift blame or push me to share in the cost. I was expecting a different person when we figured ot how much this was going to cost to fix. But that didn't happen. Now THAT'S integrity! Are they the cheapest place around? No. Did they do a good job? Sure did. Do they stand behind their work? Without question! Thanks Mike! I won't hesitate to come back.

Jessica Chappell

This is the second time I have tried going to this business and was turned away. I was looking for a car wash and interior vacuum and apparently they do not offer detailing of any kind and haven’t since November? Waste of time.

Jason Ellis

I used to absolutely love this place. Now they turned a great thing into the same as every other "cheap" carwash around town. No full service anymore. No people there to dry and wipe things out. Just some automatic bs. Thats what made you guys different! Now you are the same as everyone else. No thanks! Horrible management decision!

Caroline Schulte

Had the 10 minute oil change and car wash for my SUV today which took 1.5 hours from beginning to end. I even waited about 10 minutes before someone came out of the garage to ask what service I needed. I guess he had to finish smoking his cigarette in the garage. Never filled the washer fluid tho my receipt states added. Never greased the door hinges tho my receipt states he did. My washer fluid is empty and door hinges are squeaking loudly. I wonder if the oil and filter was changed? Vacuum and car so. Never vacuumed behind my 3rd row and I even had the seats flipped up to make it easy. A few years ago they forgot to put my oil cap back on but I still came back. Very disappointed, loyal customer. Guess I need to find a new place to get the oil changed in my SUV.

Kay Novy

I was told on the phone by (Ben) the head detailer, that my Jeep Compass would cost $200 to detail. I had their $20 off coupon, so it should have been $180 + tax. When I go to pay he says $212.10, I said you forgot to take the coupon off. Screwed! The old bait and switch game! Plus I found numerous dirty spots and dirty windows after their so called detailing! The owner made good on my Jeep Compass detailing! I gave more stars after the owner did this!

Phil Kenner

Good value

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