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4343 Michel Court I-94 Exit 329, Franksville, WI 53126, United States

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REVIEWS OF Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Milwaukee, WI IN Wisconsin

Marion Samuel Jr


name field

I really like going to Blue Beacon, but there employees at this location move really slow no sense of urgency whatsoever.

Albert Macon

Always Good but you must go when it's less than 10 trucks in the line

Angelo Previtera

Perfect a&

geoffrey rubin

This location is now closed. New location hwy k and east frontage rd. I 94 exit 329 caledonia wi

Paul Perez

This is a good place to get a truck wash or a wash out.

Vasyl Havrylyak

Raymond Henry

C. Moore

Terrible truck wash. Still had soap and wood in my trailer. Will only go back if last resort.

Trent Eckhardt

Nice job, seldom any issues

jason dunford

Quick service

Ted Sullivan

rich adams

Piss poor blue beacon .... piss poor management . been coming to this beacon for years, same nursery load same drop . Same place to wash out trailer, only this time 127.50 Never paid more than 70.00 in the past . And this load was mostly pots, much cleaner than any of the other times. When confronted was being threatened with theft of service, really . How unprofessional, the customer is never right here. And just pulling out the truck is still dirty, keep up the good work streakin beacon.

Will Hannah

Extremely slow at 2 am. There was one bay open, tricks lined up and 4 or 5 people sitting at the picnic table. Waited over an hour for a washoit.

Corey Taratuta

Brand new facility.

Anthony Cummings

Here’s a quick tip when going to any truck wash; always tell them to use the brush on the front end of your tractor or any areas that are heavily soiled. Especially if you haven’t had your tractor washed in months! I’m never afraid to tell the employees what I expect and they will always meet my requirements before I move my equipment. This blue beacon appears to either be brand new or freshly remodeled, the employees were polite and professional. The only real complaint I have was that an employee asked me not to take a photograph of my truck inside the bay, but I understand the policy and the reason for it. I’ll be happy to be a repeat customer. Merx Global IG @the_happy_trucker

Ryan Kubenik



Dwight Cameron

Fast and friendly

Truck 91

Michael Corrao

Never give there

Kenneth Cowell

Tom Carroll

Great guys


I totally disappointed with the service. I always have to walk around and point to places they have to wash. Don’t they have a manager who has to do it? Washed my truck in Texas blue beacon and I was amazed! But why I can’t have great wash in Wisconsin near home?

tom cox

Love was hours and truck washes from any blue beacon. They do good work.

Martin Blanker

Fast friendly service.

Stefan M

Beware!!!Washed my truck 2 times at this location this week alone,first time somehow decent job,after another snow/salt driving went to wash it again today,paid extra for undercarriage and needless to say that the frame and exhaust stack was still in salt when water dried out,random body panels weren't even brushed,absolutely worst wash ever,I do better job myself with a water hose only,$58 down the drain


I SEE a lot of people complaining on this idiots for overcharging . I Also had recently a bad experience with them . I called my BANK to do charge back for that transaction . They are BIG IDIOTS who don’t explain to the people all the Rules they have , and when it’s coming the time to pay they are saying this is our policy .

Brenda S

Looks brand new! Thank you!

Michael Jackson

Roger Reed

Great staff that takes pride in their work.

martin revens

Good location by truck stops. Always seems busy. Drivers have mixed reviews about beacon here. As for me was truck an engine wash . Truck was ok but wasn't great.



Beacons lately have been a better job than other places

Karl Delong

Timothy Seigler

Got truck, trailer, and washout last week here. Eric... That man deserves a raise. I came in absolutely covered in love bug from my run out of Florida. He kept going over that truck with a fine tooth comb till every remnant of those pesky things we're completely gone. Even did multiple trips around the truck having his crew hit every noon and cranny. Top notch supervisor. I'll happily get a wash here again.

Jason Taylor

Very quick and affencent

Thomas Shaffer

Peggy Stewart

Angeles Ruiz

Very bad job. The service was fast, too much fast, because they left many areas of the truck without washout, as if it had not been washed. The driver of the truck is very upset because he paid a little more for a more complete service and there he had already observed that they had not washed all the areas of the truck, and said to the employees. For him, the truck is his image and tries to keep it clean as long as possible. For he his truck clean is important and also always wash your trailer after drop. He likes Blue Bacon, and used across the EU, he tries to use this company as much as possible, but many times, like today he gets upset and finishing doing the work for which he paid. They should improve their service and be more aware of the details, because for drivers who are really professional and take care of their truck, the details are really important.

amanda strobel

Amazing wash job. Fast and friendly!

Alex Mink


gordo maldonado

The best.


Stupid young guyes work here!!! This truck wash use acidic water! Bad experience for 104$!Is a brand new truck and trailer! This is a last time in this place!!!

nick harrell

Worst truck wash ever my truck is still dirty horrible job

Ariel R

Came in at 10pm and had no wait time. Joey B. and his team took good care of Redd. Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work!

Kristi Didovic

I was in there this morning and am still shocked by the poor work ethic and idiocy of one of the individuals that was "washing my trailer". I've put this into quotes because you apparently only paying for a rinse of the trailer and soap (that didn't get rinsed out) because they're on an 11 minute schedule. As my experience goes, employee is rinsing my trailer, as I'm explaining to him that there are dirt tracks from a forklift that I need to get sprayed out, he's trying to explain to me that it's going to be extra per minute to work on those. In which my reply was..What do you mean, you have a pressure washer and you're not even spraying the dirty area. He continues to argue with me, explaining that they can do that, it's just going to be more money. I then needed to get his manager involved, Lance, whom was very helpful but then ended up doing the complete trailer was by himself...and the track marks came out w/o issues. Unbelievable.. If you have to use this facility to wash your truck/trailer make sure you're walking around and inspecting the job AS THEY GO! Good Luck Drivers and Stay safe out there.

Larry walker

This location is closed and moved in franksville Wisconsin.. 4343 Michel court Franksville, WI 53126

Greg Cross

Took my tractor there on a Sunday morning. No other trucks getting washed. Plenty of associates in the bay (7). They washed the truck in less than 10 minutes and still did a horrible job. I watched from the office and they never put a brush on either stack. So when I went into the bay, I did a walk around and said "You have to brush the stacks." So they did..... sloppily. Then half ass rinsed the truck. This is why Blue Beacon has long been called "Streakin Beacon" and will always be called such. Rinsing off at the end isn't a hard task nor should it ever be overlooked because soap suds on the truck just makes all the other steps worthless. Next time, I'll drive the extra miles to Sparkle Truck Wash in Fond Du Lac and have it done right.

Karen Myers

Not a happy camper with the wash they did on my truck!

Stefan Stefaniak

Good service

Susan Murphy

They work harder at customer service than anyone.

Robert Johnson

I have always had good results at this Blue Beacon. Better than most. Guys are friendly and helpful.

Alexandra Bardasheva

Drew G

Very quick washout, and they did a great job washing the truck. Blasted all the grime off of my wheels also. 10/10

Anthony Oliver

The only truck wash in the area, so they stay full. Just give them a little time and they will do an excellent job on your wash needs.

Marty Cvikel Jr

Prices could be a bit cheaper but besides that, they do an amazing job!

Kirk Simonis

Good wash good people

Tim Roberts

Its your average Blue Beacon. Fairly priced, decent wash depending on who is working and how long the line of trucks is outside Open 24/365 is a big plus.

Matt Manney

Half ass job no brushes on truck was dark will be back in at day light to see Manager and will get it cleaned properly.

Amber Braun

Absolute best Blue Beacon truck wash other than California!

Brandi Miley

Truck looked brand new rolling out of here. Guys bust their butts cleaning this truck after 2days of snow driving

James Cole

Nice to go to in the middle of the night if u run nights and passing thru for a clean truck. Other than that it's not the best time to stop during the day. Many times have seen the line out onto the street

Retired Trucker

Good job

Joshua Burgess

Stacey Jones

They really clean the dump truck excellent

Craig Uszak

One of the better Blue Beacons I've been to

Larry Abernathy

Too expensive. Will not go back

Emil Abd

The worst blue beacon in entire country

Gurjit Johal


Jack Castleman

Long lines on sunny days

Art T-ski

Richie Rich

Well I own my truck and I been doing business with the blue becon all over the U.S.for 20 years.After telling them to brush the paint there's still bugs and road grime. Unbelievable, unacceptable, so I pull back around in line called the Manager he came out looked and agreed TOTALY UNACCEPTABLE. So I get it rewahsed still got bugs and road grime, And paid $100.00 for this. Be CAREFUL how you spend your money here if you stop here.

Gennadiy Gabrielyan

guys are friendly but poor skills to wash

Bobby Sutton

Pretty average for a blue beacon only plus is they will pay attention to what you point out.

Booger Bear

Excellent wash, excellent service.

PAUL Dworski

They do care about customer


This place is messed up , lazy workers , overcharged , well wasted money . Worst truck wash experience

Alcazar Fer

Decent washout. Kind of slow at times.

Patrick Otero

This is the nicest Blue Beacon I've ever been to... 3 bays... 1 specifically for washouts... This is how all Blue Beacons should be.

Eileen Stratton

Nathan Koopmeiners

Awesome experience. Washed my F350 Dually in 5 minutes. Great service!

michael hatico

Kristi Batien

Brian Hunt

It was OK

Bruk S

Great wash. Love the team work of all the guys.

Vovka Zhyznomyrskyi

jason t

Despicable Me

Goddam kids are lazy , will find a million reasons to not wash your equipment properly, car haulers stay away, worst BB. Positive reviews are from tge workers and dry vans only

Randy Freerksen

Amanda Stoesser

Cornwell Enterprises

Really nice new facility! Running a little slow as the employees get used to the new facility.

Jon Wick

Im getting tired of blue beacon not doing a good job, always have spots they miss even after i tell them. I think their focus is on speed and not detail....its ok to take longer to do it right


Well... $55 wasted It was night truck was wet Next morning with the daylight break it was as dirty as it went in... all they did is hose off the dust off the top... never again... thanks guys

William Blakely

Worst experience ever! I paid to have the trailer brushed. I never seen them brush the trailer and I ask them about it. They then get in my face and tell me they brushed it! I will never be back the wash supervisor should be fired!!

Roy Nantu

Very Good service but too busy. Need more lane...

Joey Faust

One of the worst bb I've been to!

James House

The people here always do a great job and are super nice.

kosh hako

i have got good service very fast thanks

Monie Bee

Friendly staff, was a wait but, I was in and out.

Daniel Hammond

Clean and friendly staff, never a complaint here, always gets my truck clean...

Mahmoud Ali

polishamericanjunky 102

Very very mediocre. Took them not even 5 minutes to wash my truck, didn't expect it to be clean and it was not.

Mendo Trusenko

do a really good job and cheap


Best truck wash

chad mccartney

One of the better truck washes.

Alex F

No more

Antony Snow

Friendly guys,great job,fast washing truck and trailer,qualitatively,thank you!Хорошая мойка,поток траков нереальный, хорошо моют трак и трейлер,спасибо за хорошую работу и маленькую цену

Maurice King

Terrence Roberts

The system won't update new location, 4343 Michel St, Franklin, WI. EXT 329 I-94 across the street from Pilot Travel Center.

Jason Pope

Fast spotless truck wash friendly staff

Lavonne Russell

Teenagers uninterested in the consequences of doing a halfassed washout when I told them I'm heading to pickup meat. One good employee could replace the 6! that were standing around this simple task. Truck ahead of me in line also doing a washout had to send them in a second time to do a better job.

Scott B

Sparkles like new

chameron hatzinger

Some days good some days ok.

Tiffany Stankiewicz


Fast, friendly, convenient location.

Steve Milnes

jason GREBE

This blue beacon like every other i have had the privilege of using was great they do a truly great washout

Nikola Orlikj

Dont waste your time pool menagment and they dont care about the quality of the wash....the worst blue beacon

Billy Rankin

Uriel Alcantara

Este lugar es como si uviera niños travajando tienes que desirles donde laben sino dejan ls troca echa una por que ria

Linda Harnage Herrin

Real nice place

Thomas Derfus

Alex Filippov

Best one to date!!! Best attention to details!!!

Becky Hendry

Fast and efficient

Steve Fiss

Jason Sutton

Went to get truck and tanker trailer with citrus brushed on. I left the trailer was VERY it was not washed. Rims on truck and trailer and fuel tanks still dirty.....WORST WASH I HAVE HAD EVER!

Jennifer Goddard-Crain

Christine Gordy

Great washout

Lamonte Harris

Good place to get a truck washed be sure to look over your vehicle before you leave

moe m

Trailer washout only lane!!!!!A+++++ ELD approved!

Jeromy Baker

Quick and easy nice people

McKinley Mitchell

half assed cleaned the truck. I would not recommend them. stay away in fact. this was the worst truck wash I ever had and I have been out here sinve 1992.


Instant Laughs

Alex L

Friendly and fast.

Timothy Kennard

Busy truck wash.

Jeremy Johnson

24hr facility that was closed the last 2 times I visited

Jesse Soriano

Meggan Buskirk

Fast friendly service

Omar Castro

I like washing my truck here, they do a really nice job.

Robert Taylor

Great place to wash your truck and trailer.. staff is always excellent

Kenneth Kosek

Truck was still dirty when they got done . Not a very good job.

Anthony Sweeney

Truck and trailer washes

Jeanise V

Gary Stone

Been going to Blue Beacon's across the US for years, only one that charged me extra for trailer washout. Apparently dried blood is hard to clean and had to charge extra time. Wisconsin call other Beacon's and ask how to do it like your other branches who never charged me extra. I think your workers are just slow at our cost. Suggestion for other drivers, hide wallet when coming here.

niantaro naruto

Veeeeery sloooow!!! Not good

Mike Jensen

Disappointed to say the least. It was busy there today and they just started spitting out trucks not giving a hoot about quality, just profit. I feel like I just pissed away a 100 bucks. Shame on you!

James Maguire

Truck wash

Anthony Miraglio

It's a blue beacon good job fast service

Kim Myers

Brand new truck wash, only been open 6 days... Very nice set up with 2 wash bays and 1 washout bay, nice large roomy driveway both entering and exiting. Great customer service and did an excellent job on the wash! Thank guys!

Cole Warner

They did a decent job. But it took forever (100 minutes) to get in. While waiting, you have to park out on street for at least part of the wait.

Robert Archunde

Good job friendly staff standerd wait time

Russ Johnson

Bogdan Naste

Kendall Oliver

This location is closed. The new location is off exit 329 I94 across from pilot

J Ball

Truck was shiny new pretty when they were done.

Randy Lane

2/12/17 Was the worst wash I ever got there. Did not was between the roof of the cab and the top faring. Looked good when I left but about 5 miles later al the road salt came running down the cab and looked like the truck was never washed.

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