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REVIEWS OF White Horse Auto Wash IN West Virginia

Melissa McDonald

Cleaned, waxed and mini detail better than any detail I have ever paid twice as much for!! Even more amazing is the staff! Davey Goes above and beyond!!! Best customer service experience I have had in years without question

Kristie P

Love Whitehorse! Jon is super friendly and nice and does an awesome job!

Brittany Hendrickson

Couldn’t ask for a better place to bring my vehicles. The facility is awesome. The staff is amazing and always so friendly, especially Russell :). They always do an excellent job! Would definitely recommend!!

Sherrie Johnson

Meticulous cleaning today was amazing, they were just opening and it worked out well. My Honda is ready for the 1400 mile road trip me and my husband are going on,. Will be back after the trip! Thanks again to you all

Kelley Johnson

Wonderful experience! In and out in a decent amount of time. Garrett and Russell went the extra mile and really made the whole experience enjoyable. Highly recommend White Horse. Very personable and extremely friendly.

Shanna Winston

They are horrible. My husband always have to redue it when I bring it home! Do NOT recommend!!

Dorothy S

Very friendly and helpful.

Laura Gagliano

Love Whitehorse in Warrenton. Couldn’t ask for a better staff. Garrett, Kenny, Russell and Jon always do an amazing on my vehicle. Great job

xXgatchalifeXx gatcha!

Went there last year. Had something missing from my car when I got it back. Maybe honest mistake but wont return. Heard similar complaint from my neighbor.

Angela Berry

Okay. Had better service at other places.

Krystal Pittelkau

Disappointed! I paid for a mini detail on the interior which was $60. The description stated it would get out dirt, food. I left the place annoyed and frustrated. My Durango doesn't look any better than when I arrived. Still dirt on floor, milk stains on back seat. My third row wasn't even touched, still dirt on the cupholder arm rest area. I expected more. Would not recommend paying higher amount if it's going to be same quality as basic interior clean.

Tamara Henry

My 2011 Cadillac really needed a major clean which I wouldn't be able to do. I read a few reviews of White Horse Auto Wash and decided to make a full detail appointment. It was very easy to make the appointment online I followed the directions , dropped my car off and within 3 hours my car look brand new. I was able to meet Trevor who accompany me to my car and said that he was the one that cleaned my car. I was so impressed that I plan on returning many times.

Nancy Kerns

The car wash itself is great; however, each time I come the wipe down service gets slower and sloppier. I'm a monthly member and considering cancelling. They are not friendly either, except for the two girls at the check in who are friendly and efficient.

Ali h.

I highly recommend Davy and the team! Nobody judged my Mom car! It was so spotless I kept thinking it was the wrong car! I brought my other car to them a few days later. Amazing value for your dollar and s fun spray station for kids!!

Kayvan Shahrzad

I work right next door to White Horse and take my cars there multiple times per week. Not once have I been disappointed with their services, yet they are always working harder to provide a higher level of satisfaction. There is always a manager on duty who inspects every last car before they leave the wash, making sure everything is perfect -- Davy always takes care of you. Meticulous and efficient.

Pam Davidson

Always a pleasant visit and I leave with a sparkling clean car and it is ready in minutes! What's not to love about that! Today, Daniel cleaned my car and was very polite. Great job done as always!


Brought my car in to have it shampooed. They did a great job, the carpets and seats looked much better afterwards. See the manager Davy if you need anything, he was very helpful.

Sam Coats

Excellent service and amazing employees!

Michael Goddard

These guys are great. Fast and efficient.

Michael Daugherty

Great car wash! Great service and a great car wash. I also recommend checking out their express details, got my wife's car done and it was well worth the price and the brief wait for the full detail.

saskia paulussen

The best car wash around- been on the unlimited plan as long as they’ve offered it and it’s the best deal around. Live on a country road and they never fail to make the car look great. Super friendly staff! Russell is awesome.

Mara Seaforest

Davy Bass is my knight in shining armor after an experience I had today at the White Horse Car Wash (Warrenton) that went way beyond their usual high standards. His attention and kindness in resolving an icky crisis for me were exceptional. I was equally impressed with the young woman who greeted me at the entrance and sympathized with my need for extra help. Her suggestion to ask for Davy at the end of my drive-through was spot on. This place is really wonderful.

Wes Clayton

Great service as always. Corbin has been awesome to work with. Nice to see a company that's goes the extra mile, and cares about what they do.

gerardo guzman

First time trying this car wash shop and i got to say there Friendly's and great fast services got me and all my 4 cars coming back for more services, thanks to there great interior detail my kids are riding clean!!!

Sara Glover

Highly recommend this place! My car hadn’t gotten a thorough cleaning in over a year, and Jon did a great job in making my car sparkle!! The inside looks as good as when I bought it. So happy I found this place!

Drew Eckert

Friendly service and when you come back they remember who you are, fairly fast service detail wise 8 outta 10 Corbin does an excellent job every time

David Hartman

Had a great interaction with the Manager Garrett today. We was courteous and very helpful. I highly recommend using them for your auto detailing needs.

Dan Obarski

These people are always professional and thorough. They do an excellent job consistently, regardless of the incoming condition of the vehicle. Additionally, they are trustworthy and honest. During a loss of focus, I dropped my wallet on the ground in the wash bay. When I notified the manager of my error, he took my information so he could investigate. They crawled through all the gunk and grime in the wash pit that comes off of the vehicles, retrieved my wallet and the manager called me to inform me they had found it. When I returned, I found my wallet with all cash and cards in tact. Thank you to Garrett and his team for going above and beyond to exceed this customers expectations.

amy meier

Looks like the rag used to clean the windshield was dirty and left streaks, also missed large coffee spill on shift cover. Overall car looks great!

Gene Dietrich

never again....just had my car "half washed"......the fenders, & front still had dirt marks on the car.....i took it back around to the lady who 1st checks you in, told her, look at it, it's not clean ( I took the 2nd tier package...$24).....she said, yes, you can go thru the wash again.... Now why would I go thru it again ????? clean it right the 1st time.... I replied back to your headquarters post via e-mail to you....if someone in authority wants to see what my car looks like, I can meet them today at White Horse, if your serious about doing it right....

Jon King

They took great care of my car. Customer service was excellent, and the staff was very helpful. I was in-and-out in a matter of minuets with a spotless car.

Ashley Harris

Hands down the best! The guys/girls really take the time to thoroughly clean and detail the cars! Our Tahoe always looks so shiny!!

Nicolas Shipman

Go see my man Davy, he will hook you up! Great Service!

Will Hubbard

Never written a review in my life. Just left this place after spending money for the pleasant colony wash + $20 tip because I generally respect work like this... however, when they said it was ready, the whole back seat area was still dirty. I also managed to have ~$300 sunglasses stolen from the front center area under the stereo. They claimed that sometimes items like these get blown under the belt..?! Regardless of whether that's the case, the location the sunglasses were, makes it nearly impossible for that to happen. Anyway like I said, I never review because I usually give the company the benefit of the doubt but not in this case. If they don't contact me with the info given to them and have the sunglasses replaced/refunded/found then I'll leave this review up. UPDATE: They did return the sunglasses. However, small annoyance... they were stretched and shouldn't have been stolen in the first place. I'd just YouTube how to wash your own car to be honest. Good luck.

Lloyd Brown

Great attention to detail. Got our dually washed and waxed this morning and it was top notch. Will be returning with another one soon. The paint was neglected and it is almost NEW now! Thank you Ruseel, Garrett and Alexandro.

Ron Tassa

Best place to take a car for auto wash inside and out

Scot Farquharson

The t i t s

Kadeem Short

Great place very detailed don't believe the negative reviews if your every in need of a wash this is the place to go they got the job done in a timely manner excellent service will recommend to others

Martha Cross

In late September 2018 I took my 2017 Ford expedition for a car wash. I have been to this location before so I was overall happy with their quality. Shortly after entering the car wash I heard a grinding noise and felt several farms on my left driver side front side area. Prior to that I asked the staff if I could expand my retractable runningboards and they said yes. Huge mistake. After I got out of the car wash I immediately contacted the employees and told them what it happened what I heard and I showed them that my Runningboard had peeled like a banana a couple of inches. They made me file a complaint/claim and told me that they would get back to me. Now I understand people try to scam them and try to get repairs out of them but this is my brand new car that I've had since it has 0 miles I normally wash it myself every weekend but he had been raining a lot and I wanted to treat myself. I went and got a estimate on the repairs and it was gonna cost a total of $1600. When I contacted the car wash they were very nice at first, they said anything less than $5000 and they most likely will take care of it but they told me that they were reviewing the cameras to see if they could determine if any damages have been done. I was very skeptical at this point because how is a camera going to see with all that water and soap and a brush going under the car, how will you see that ? Well today I get a lovely letter from them, Karen Nalls, the director of logistics at Whitehorse auto wash, pretty much calling me a liar and they will not be helping me out. I am certain I'm not the first and won't be the last person they screw over. I just wonder how many honest people are going to have to be screwed over like this, do they ever take responsibility for anything? I am going to try to put this story out to as much as I can to warn others about their business practices. I just hope I cost them at least $1600 but I am going to file with the Virginia state attorneys office, the Better Business Bureau, small claims court, and as many reviews as possible. They should not be getting away with this! Update, today I picked up my car from the body shop after the car wash send me a check for the amount of damages that it cost to repair my Runningboard. They apologize for how I was treated and are going to use my experience to teach their employees on how not to treat a customer when something like this happens and hopefully it won’t but it’s a morning lesson for that. I’m very thankful that they did the right thing.

Lee Grove

Per websites recommendation, I scheduled a car wash online for the interior detail. I drive a small hatchback. Estimate stated would be $99. Received multiple emails going through prep. Remove all trash and park your car when you arrive to go through any problem areas in particular before leaving your car for an estimated hour and a half but that a more accurate time duration would be given upon inspection. Sounds great. Cleaned car out, when arrived was hurried out after depositing keys. No walkthrough on problem areas or time estimate. Google event scheduled by website for two hours so figured it wouldn’t be longer than that. After three hours received a call. Was apologized for length and advised receiving a discount and only had to pay $99. Was also told could not put car mats back for 3-4 days. Car was detailed for a long trip the next day and need to put mats back. The time for rugs to dry would have been nice to know prior and in addition. Areas that needed attention were left undone and dirty. Sadly had to clean windows once home to remove waxy streaks. Tried to get in touch with the main office but on calls go to voicemail with options to also leave voicemails with specific locations. This business was incredible when it first opened and doesn’t seem to have skills or customer service anymore. Not sure what happened. I would recommend trying somewhere else

Sandra Matthews

They do better job than the other car wash in town but i do have to ask them each time to go over spots they missed!!! I figure as long as i have been going, they would know by now!!


Always great service from Davy and his guys!! Davy ... your folks did a great job today!! About 1045 ... the greeter at the front was attentive and positive and the young guys at the front gave more attention to the prewash ... appreciate that a lot! And then Mike on the way out did a great job wiping down the car ... including the fingerprints on the inside of the back windows ... great attitude also! You are running a great place and the folks are representing the company in a very positive way!! Well done ... great leadership

Bryan Gibson

This place is awesome, customer service is top notch

Tyka Johnson

So upset it’s hard for me to break everything down that happen. Took my Lexus suv in today for my first time ever at this location. Very surprised at the lack luster service and total waste of my time and money. EVERY bug stain and mark that was on my car when I pull up is still there as I pulled away. I was so frustrated telling the guy get this spot.. you missed that spot. It looks like no one even wiped down the inside of the car at all...not to mention the guy sprayed solution all in my damn face. Be VERY cautious before dropping $36 for nothing

J Dog

Just went through on super trifecta. $35.00 interior/exterior bugs left all over the bumper and license plate. Interior dust on the dashboard seat control wasn't wiped, door panels the same thing. Mirrors are dirty the list goes on. This on my es350 Lexus. I hardly drive this car. I stopped coming here years ago for breaking antenna, and same quality. Never again.

Susan Eaves

I stopped for service not realizing they we're getting ready to close. Davie and Brennan did an amazing job and provided excellent customer service even though they should have been closing up. Thank you both! If you haven't stopped by White Horse Auto Wash before, I highly recommend you give them a try!

Luke Kersey

I’m a regular customer at this auto wash and I can’t say enough good things about it. All the workers are always happy and looking to provide the best possible customer service. I’m never dissatisfied with the end result and have made myself a monthly plan member as a result of their continued brilliance. Corbin helped me out a ton with deciding which washes were best for me depending on what I was looking for and my baby came out looking like a new car again!!! Highly recommend this location to anyone!

Gavin Clark

Thank you to Russell and team for an excellent job done! I’ve had a membership for a couple of years at Warrenton White Horse and am excited for the new facility coming in Culpeper

Diana Duane

So I came in here with a new van and came out with a still dirty damaged van.... Some kid working here moved my vehicle to the vacuuming area with one of my sliding doors not locked open or locked closed. The door was sliding while he was driving. I get to my van and load up the kids only to see they dodnt even bother vacuuming the backseat. I made a comment it was cleaned. Then I get out of there and the door that had been not properly closed while he drove it made a grinding noise so I've had to take it to get service at my dealership. I called for days and got a call back from corporate that we're great and found the video tape showing everything I said and so she transferred me to the manager of this location. He just keeps saying sorry and explains how he just got back from vacation and this is the first thing he is to deal with? I said we'll is there anything you're going to do? He's like I can give you a free car wax. My car is new that is not necessary... he offers to refund me and cancel membership. So I agreed and I got a refund. Looking at my account today he didn't even refund me the full amount. I'm tired of dealing with this place and really annoyed and bummed for the whole experience. I don't recommend coming here. Especially if you care about your car and don't want some kid driving it lol.

Chris Aycock

I could not be more disappointed. I live near Culpeper. I have been to the Culpeper facility and was pretty happy. I was considering enrolling in the 30 day package. Then today I visited the Warrenton facility and got the largest package 36.00. Upon being advised my truck was ready, I approached and immediately notice much uncleaned dirt in slant of the hood. I pointed it out and the attendant quickly detailed the hood. Then I spotted bugs still on the grill and front. I had to point that out as well. Inside, it looked okay at first. But when I got home I realized the following: Under the floor mats was not vacuumed, there was hair on the seat, the instrument panel had not been touched, not the doors. Further, I saw that the rear of the truck (by license plate) actually had dirt everywhere. It was as though I have simply driven through the Exxon car wash - in fact - that would probably be better. First, the force of the auto clean is quite limited and the flapping scrubbers do little. Second, the pre treatment from the kid at the start was very much unimpressive. Finally, the detailing is very minimal. I would very much avoid this location and personally, I would like a refund from the management.

Pamela Scott

Most experienced staff quality work while all do well Warrenton is the best I have been to culpeper Warrenton and Charlottesville locations


This was my first time using White Horse. What an excellent experience. My truck was in horrible condition. Spoke with Garrett and he assured me it would come out looking like new and it did! Thanks again! I will be returning throughout the winter and will recommend others to due the same.

Megan McGhee

Always excellent service and management is awesome! Need to fix tv in waiting room and get more seating that is comfortable. Maybe more entertainment for the kids while we wait.

Brett Schall

Just moved to the area and took my Corvette in for a wash. Garrett the manager personally oversaw the detailing of my vehicle and ensured it was cleaned to perfection. If you love your vehicle and want it done right...take it here.

Thane Foster

Great customer service, clean facility & extremely professional. Garrett has always taken care of my vehicles for me whenever I'm in the area. Highly recommend this location if your ever in the area! A+++++

Eryka Hackett

I love WH

Anthony Secombe

They state they are open till 7:00. So when you arrive at 6:45 you expect service. To be turned away from having your car vacuumed because staff want to change times mandatorily is very annoying and leaves a poor impression of your business.

Robert Davis

They wrecked my car and could care less don't go their

Kaitlin Propst

Guys were awesome

Mark Toone

Great deal!!! You can pay $35/40 a month and get your car washed up to 2 times per day.... a great car wash for a great price!!!!

rachael stephens

This is the best car wash in warrenton and Russell does the best job pays real close attention on my Mercedes. I always leave happy recommend this wash to everyone :)

Kyle Taylor

This place is great! First time getting a detail was today, had such a awesome experience I brought my other 2 cars in for detail. The DM Garrett is hands on and willing to help, I was changing out my tail lamp before detail and he stepped in to help. I would recommend to everyone I know.

D'Andre Prysock

I went here for a wash called the pleasant colony and the people there did such an outstanding job that I decided to buy the monthly plan. The employees are courteous and polite and they always do a fantastic job. Worth the money. Excellent job everytime.

Apryl Nalls

Excellent customer service, always filled with friendly faces!


Did a ok job but for 35 bucks should have been better. Windows not cleaned the best. Wheels not wiped down.


I never had any issues with White Horse Auto Wash, is the best auto wash in the area. I like the fact that they have a unlimited wash membership, plus you get the discount if you want hand wax or any special treatment for your car. I will recommend this for anyone that wants their car clean and in good hands.

Jordan Hinson

I love this car wash. Not only do they do an amazing job with my car, but they are super friendly and helpful. You guys are the best!!!! Thank you Russell, Jon, and Garrett!

Kristen Paphitis

Absolutely the best!

Wendy Sapp Edmund

I bring my vehicle here at least once to twice a week on the superfecta monthly plan. It's been a great way to keep my vehicle looking sharp inside and out. They do a great job. Daniel was especially helpful today and even took the time to …

William Steele

Excellent customer service! Always go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. I took my classic show truck to them for a hand wash and wax. Excellent job at an excellent price.

Mark Lail

White Horse was great when it first opened. Unfortunately the quality and service both have become less and less over time.

Peter Chang

Exceptional level of customer service. I have been using this car wash for quite some time now, and have been please with the willingness to make the car perfect in my opinion. Recently I got a exterior detail on my car, and it really made the paint gloss. Well worth the extra money, and it stays much cleaner in between cleanings now. Hope to see one of these a little closer to Winchester one day!

Camillia Lykins

They are so quick and do a wonderful job. Doesn't take long at all to have a sparkly clean car.

Melinda Frazier

They are absolutely the best car wash in town!!!! They go above and beyond keeping my car looking great. Jon and Russell are such fine young men that honestly care about the work that they are doing and make sure every vehicle looks good before you leave. Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!

The Bass Family: Our Joyful and Blessed Journey

I highly recommend going to this car wash. Very good service and attention to detail. Employees and management are helpful, respectful, and hard working. My vehicles always look amazing!

Mariah Beatty

I love taking my car to White Horse. They are all so friendly and my car comes out so clean! They even go the extra mile. Russell and Jon are incredible and friendly!


The best car wash I’ve ever been to. Always a pleasant staff and my vehicle is always left spotless! Can’t say enough good about this place!

John Sweet

Sometimes you have to ask for more elbow grease, but they always oblige.

Rob Jenkins

Great service, first time experience....spoke with the manager he personally hand washed my truck because the dual wheels wouldn't fit through the wash! They did a professional job inside and out and even went around the truck twice when finished to be certain that nothing was missed or looked over. The manager even provided his personal number in case of any issues or questions in the future. Would honestly recommend this service and will be a repeat customer myself!

Martin Yacoub

I am on a monthly service plan with white horse. It is a great service. However, you can tell when the employees don't care. I had my truck washed and they employ a father and son or son and uncle (regardless, these 2 are family members . Older gentleman and a young man). Apparently there were some words exchanged and the younger guy through a bottle of cleaning solution in the direction of the other gentleman, it hit something and than hit my truck (luckily there was no damage). I wanted to cancel my subscription in that moment. But there was a manager ( I don't know his name. But drives a lowered BMW, usually parked inside) who I spoke to and was awesome. He was the reason I continue my service payments. You can tell when there is a disconnect between managers and staff. Unfortunately, not all the managers care. I have waited for my truck to get dried off and taken care of many times as these young people stand there talking to each other. It's a shame, I had to go get there attention to address my truck. A great service can definitely be brought down by employees who do not care! When I see the BMW I know that the good manager is working and I pull through. If I drive by and don't see his car, I continue driving.

Jacob Clopton

Great experience! I arrived a half hour early for my appointment and they took my car immediately and began to work on it. Facilities were clean and well maintained. Staff was polite and helpful as well! Would definitely recommend

jerry archer

Excellent job by Corbin Goglmann. Thanks.

Jim Jonas

Much thanks to White Horse and especially Garrett for the great job cleaning my new Sonata's upholstery. After an oil change mechanic left grease marks all over the seat and console, Garrett got me right in and steam cleaned the seat and the floor carpet. The stains were removed and the charge was minimal. I highly recommend this establishment for their competence and courtesy.

Anthony Piselli

Awesome place! Committed to high quality service! Garret was great to work with. Highly recommend!

Randall Hughes

Wash is great. I used to go to Flagship since I live in Gainesville, but the service there was inconsistent. Gave this car wash a try after having lunch with a friend that lives in Warrenton. I have to say the cashiers smile was very …

Celena Landry

Wonderful car wash experience! My car was beautifully washed and detailed inside and out. Thank you for the terrific customer service I was given. Russell was super helpful and made my car shine, thank you!!

Jaysen Yochim

The decided it wasn't clean enough after the first wash and asked if they could send it through again. Surprisingly good customer service, it isn't so common anymore.

Chip Mills

We have two cars on the monthly plan here and visit at least once a week. They do a very good job keeping our vehicles looking shiny and new.

Mark Schmidt

These guys are great in every way from the moment you pull in until you leave!! Great customer service, highly recommend!!

Samantha Frazier

Great job! Thanks Russell and white horse auto wash! My car looks great!

Stephanie Kindel

Did a great job..

Francisco Garcia

Great car wash. I've had a great experiences with my recent visits. They detailed my F-150 with ease. The staff was great to deal with. I recommend it highly to anyone who loves their car.

CJ Lauber

Quality of the wash is usually sub par from my experiences, definitely not a good place for SUV's and pickups. If I go there it's usually because it's too cold for me to do a good hand wash. This last visit really put a sour taste in my mouth. Did exterior only and setting there to get the truck wiped down and no one came over, even had an employee make eye contact with me. Knowing it's a sub par wash I just left, considering I'll be doing a hand cleaning on it when it warms up

Michael St.Onge

We have visited White Horse Auto wash in Woodbridge several times in the past and were happy with the service. Yesterday we decided to visit the Warrenton location because it was a little closer. We drove 30 minutes each way specifically because of our past positive experiences in the past. To be fair it was the very end of the day and maybe the staff had a long hard day but we paid for the full package for both of our cars and we were quite disappointed and surprised to get our cars back in the condition we did. Other than having the tires shined, the outside looked like no different than the automatic carwash you get at many gas stations. The interiors looked like a pass had been made with a dry rag to get the worst of the dust and a vaccum had hit the high spots but they lost the crevice tool. They they decided to call it a day. Not worth the drive. I will just do it myself the next time. Disappointing.

Christine House

Best service I have ever had at a car wash! One of the employees, Jon Bardell, really went above and beyond with helping me with some detail work I severely needed on the interior of my car!

Andrea Vargas

Best car wash in warrenton!

Tom Bennett

A little pricey for a place that you got to tell them to Finnish wiping down my car all the time I'll probably go to the other place in town

Barbara Stapleton

We went today. They cleaned everything in our SUV, except the windows and windshield. I guess they don't clean those. Very disappointed as much as they charge.

Jennifer Walker

I went through this car wash and when they were wiping the water off no one bothered to say that bugs and dirt was still on my car. I took it through again and still same problem when I came out. Waste of time and money. Same problem occurred with my husband's truck. I called the corporate office and they asked for a reciept number and told me they would send free car wash coupons in the mail which I still have not received !! I have called corporate offices 2 more times and no one has called back. This happened back in December 2017. Never again. I wouldn't give any stars to this car wash but in order to post you have to give at least one star. It's just sad when businesses lie to you. Also very sad that their employees can't be honest when wiping down your car and see it's not clean but don't say anything!!

Ronnie Brown

My car looked amazing great work Russell and Garrett. Keep up the good work, i will definitely be coming back for monthly washes. I suggest everyone go there for great service and great people.

Cindy Walker

Horrible job Saturday, October 5th...(And also the last time I went there months ago but my options were limited yesterday so I tried them again)...Finger prints all over my car, inside was not wiped down, etc, etc. BUT the biggest issue is that THEY DID NOT PUT TWO OF MY FLOORMATS BACK IN MY CAR!!!!!!!! (I didn’t notice at the time...I was on my way to my daughter’s wedding!! )These mats clearly indicate the make and model of my car and I don’t know how they could have misplaced them...I drive a hybrid and they are way too small to reasonably put in another car and think that they fit. To replace them is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I called the car wash, yep you guessed it, NO answer. Whomever answers the phone works bankers’ hours and I had to leave a message. Now I’m driving to Warrenton to see if I can track my floormats down. Meanwhile, save your money and go elsewhere because you will not get a quality wash and it’s possible your car wash will end up costing you way more than the $35. I’m hoping the business owner will remedy this situation and I will update my review accordingly. *update: Asst Mgr Corbin was on site today and he located my front driver side floor mat. He said he will order the rear floor mat and I should have it by the end of the week. Upgrading from one star to two stars. Update 10/18/19: I went to pick up the rear mat last Friday evening (10/11/19). The mat was supposed to be an original equipment item ordered from a dealership. It was cheap garbage ordered off of eBay and completely unacceptable. My mat that was removed from my car during the car wash was original equipment and made from quality materials. I told the gentleman on duty that they must replace the mat with a new mat from THE MANUFACTURER. The one they removed from my car was not a cheap plastic knock off from eBay. I am paying hundreds of dollars every month for my car payment and will be doing so for the next 5 years 3 months. That car payment includes my rear floor mat that White Horse removed from my car two weeks ago. I am STILL WAITING for the manager to call me to let me know when the new mat comes in from the dealer. At this point I have no doubt that they have not even ordered it! I have given them the name and phone number of the closest dealer in Chantilly and I know that it takes two days to get the replacement from them. IT HAS BEEN TWO WEEKS. I do not recommend that anyone allow the interior of their vehicle to be cleaned here. It’s absolute mayhem and disorganization and they throw your mats out on the shop floor and can’t keep up with what they are doing to your property. And the management thinks that offering a few mini details and some cheap junk replacement is okay. It’s not. I do not want any “free” mini details. I don’t want them to ever touch my car again. What I want is MY PROPERTY returned to me or an EXACT REPLACEMENT of the item that they took. Updating my review to one star, zero stars is more appropriate but not possible.

Bryan Trapp

I do the monthly car club there and I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. These guys and gals work very hard. I am amazed at how clean they make it look inside and out every time. I am Very pleased.


Their Attention to detail is above the 5 stars given. Came in for a carpet cleaning, due to some melted butter spilling all over my back cargo area. Spoke to Davey who assured me they can take are of it for me, both him and another employee came out to see where the spillage was. The guys worked diligently and were able to get the stain and smell out for me. Will definitely return for all and any interior needs, as well for exterior needs.

Michelle Thilking

Charged me 36.00 to leave mid smeared on my car and yelled at me to move into a double parked position. Nope not doing that again.

Amanda Foote

White horse auto was most helpful tonight..The car wash was very good... except with the summer coming the bugs like to really stick around the front of my car, so I asked if Davy could take care of it and there was no hesitation. Great customer service!

Dac Brown

Did the hand wax. Totally worth the cost

Kassandra McMahon

Davey was fantastic, great customer service, very thorough. I would definitely send people here and I'm now a repeat customer for life!

KM Moore

Decided to try the wash once again, as it had been a while. This time the cashier charged me for the Superfecta $36 showed up on my credit card, when I specifically asked for the Trifecta $26 wash. Was told the only difference was my rubber mats get washed off? Honestly is my last straw, the cost does not represent the service. No Fragrance offered, none added, although paid for. The extra $$ account for them wiping down door jams? It truly has become a scam on how prices just went up for less services. Last time I stopped was due to the excessive use of tire shine that once I left the wash would spray all over the side of my car as a result. Thank you but no thank you.

Amy Loveless

This place was a huge waste of money! We paid for the Secretariat auto wash service on a 2 week old pick up truck, that was nearly still in show floor quality. Due to the recent rain dirt had collected in the wheel wells...following the …

Brandon McGuire

I have been 4 times. Each time I leave I feel disappointed the service. I kept going back thinking that maybe it was just the staff for that particular day. The outside wash is always good but the interior clean is awful. This last time I went I got back in my car and dash was still dirty like they just took a cloth and swiped over it once and said "done!" The steering wheel was still dirty, both driver and passenger doors and the middle console. I know they say that elbow grease is free but when you're paying almost $40 I feel the most basic of parts should be cleaned. I stopped saying anything because honestly I felt like I was being mean because I had to say something EVERY time. Clearly I won't be retuning but hopefully someone will read this and make some changes

James B

I thought it might have been me just being picky, but it is obvious that others share in my frustration with this company's service. It is poor. Many, not all, of the workers don't seem to take pride in the work they do. More often than not, the windows are still streaky, the dashboard is partially clean, and the grill remains wet. The onus is on the customer to make sure he gets what he paid for. I would like to trust that when I spend good money on a product or service, I can rest assured that the product will work, or the service will be done correctly. I don't want to have to reinspect the entire car to make sure it's clean!

estrella bonilla

I had an incredible experience with White Horse. I personally had my car cleaned both interior and exterior, and the results I came back for were fenomenal. I have had my car for about 7 years, and I thought It could never look like new again, but when I came back the car looked like it just came out of the dealer! I would like to recognize Gary for his amazing work on my car. I am definitely coming back, and would recommend.

Al Pena

Always a pleasant experience here. Good staff, hardworking and always ensure my work truck is 100% perfect before I leave.

Scott Davis

usually really good for external wash, but took my truck in today for external and interior. Asked the girl at entrance suggestions due to my truck sitting for 6 months having black gunk on hood, etc.. she said the carnuba hand wax $20, so i spent $56 for wax, outside and inside...been almost a year since its been washed really good. Took it through, they forgot to wax it....on the receipt i showed the guy who the interior....they posted receipt on windshield, no one looked at it. I asked guy who it, what about the wax, he said oh sorry, drove it around, brought it through again, they sprayed it with a white can, whipped it down and said here you go. $20 for that? Carnuba hand wax? I don't think so....i asked him about it, he said oh yea well its smooth right, i said no, not really, and it doesnt smell like carnuba wax?...he walked away...NEVER PAY FOR EXTRAS!!!...i never will again...waste of money rip off....i hope the owner or mgt sees this

Sam Rogers

I have been coming here since they opened. Customer service is always great and they always do a great job.

John Perdue

Great friendly staff! Junior did an excellent job on my Meticulous clean and removed all the dog hair. Will be back for a regular wash soon. Thank you to all the people that got the car so clean.


I took my 911 Turbo here. Only car wash I will trust with my car. Very attentive and friendly staff, and did a thorough job on my baby. 100% would recommend this car wash.

Gail Ritter

Ken detailed my car and did an excellent job. He was respectful, informative and so professional. Garrett did touch u p paint on a couple of spots and did a great job. I have and will continue to refer people to Whitehorse Car Wash for their excellent service . Superior and gets 5 Stars . Thank you Ken and Garrett.

Ryan Loreno

I just visited this location for the first time. I recently moved to the area and needed a new local shop for the relatively frequent detailing services I enjoy. As pretentious and absurd as this is going to make me sound, I'm always apprehensive about handing the key to my Mercedes to an untrusted/unknown facility. I must say that I was incredibly impressed with the quality and speed of services here. I got a full detail and a hand wax for $78 (prices may vary) and total elapsed time couldn't have exceeded 30 minutes. The quality was almost on par with a detail from the dealership. All surfaces we're meticulously cleaned and treated, and my thorough check of the 2-3 spots that are always missed (even at the dealer) - behind the digital display at the top of the center console, the silver ridge behind the airbag, and the top of the glovebox that is covered when it is closed - showed that they were all finished back to par with other immediately visible surfaces. The exterior waxing is phenomenal, wheels and tires look great, floor mats and carpets are blemish free, and the dash finish is even and consistent. For $78 I consider this to be an outstanding value, with quality at 9/10ths of what you get at a dealer for 1/4th of the price. They also offer monthly subscription packages that will likely be value town. I highly recommend this car wash to anyone looking for something more than an automatic or no touch wash.

Brandy Maso

They did an amazing job! My car looks brand new!

Hamilton's Baseball

Pull in to get a detail done and I'm immediately told that I need to call to set up an appointment and that they only do those Monday through Thursday. I would have expected them to attempt to set the appointment up right then and there. Tried calling, left 2 call back. Called the following day, left a call back. Why doesn't anyone pick up the phone??!! Guess what?? There are a few competitors locally that would value my business. Also, when you go there to get a car wash, don't be surprised when no one comes out to wipe your vehicle down. This happens to me about half the time. Time to try another establishment.

James Williams

Went there for the last time again. Seem to be disappointed every time I go with a lack of attention to detail of things they miss with the car when it gets washed or primarily if you're just doing an exterior quick wash you always get Left Behind when people don't want to come out to your car to do the tent tire detail.

Sara Heflin

I had my car detailed here a couple of weeks ago and it still looks new! The team did an awesome job. They addressed all of my concerns and took their time. I was really worried about getting a pet smell out, so I purchased the 'deodorizer.' I am SO happy I did because there is not lingering smell! I definitely recommend going here for a detail!

Steve Anderson

It’s really frustrating to continually try to use your company and continually get bad service. I paid 40.00 to get this supposed really good car wash with a fabulous interior cleaning. All I got was horrible detail job that looked like Helen Keller washed and detailed my car. After pulling away I stopped went back and immediately requested it get done correctly after watching another lady go through the same issue and then another customer I realized I wasn’t being difficult. This isn’t my first time with problems here and according to all the complaints online apparently its continual. I get my cars all of them detailed some time with you some time with flagship. However that ends today. Never will you get my money for doing nothing more than hiring bad employees. This is nothing more than fraud in my book. I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and my credit card company to get my money back. Companies like you should not be allowed to steal money from hard working people.

Rex Taylor

Love coming to this place! Always very friendly staff and always a clean car after leaving. I usually just do the exterior but the few times I got the interior vacuumed and wiped down it has been great.

Michael Chappel

A responsible car wash. Their unlimited package is a great deal and they don't mind putting in extra work to hit the details. They also offer full detailing packages and wax/clay bar/polishing services. My car has never looked nicer. One time their wash lightly damaged a piece of my trim. Garrett the manager gave me his contact information and ordered me a new trim piece for my car! I love a company that takes responsibility! I'll definitely continue to support white horse!

Rebecca Kelly

Really love this place! Great staff with welcoming attitudes and happy to do the little extras that make it worth the time it takes to have your car shiny and clean. Best value for the monthly plan, convenient and fast! Thanks to all the hardworking folks at the Warrenton location for taking good care of us and our vehicles!

Anabella Eltrapolci

I just came back from Warrenton and the job is terrible I pay $26.00 for a terrible job. I wouldnt recommend this place at all

Charles Collins

Excellent car wash. The time and attention they spent on my interior detail today was second to none. I was in and out in under 2 hours. I will continue to come here for not only washes but also my detailing needs.

Gay Bass

We never have a long wait. The car wash does a thorough job but the great feature is the detailing by the staff, inside and outside. Our vehicles have never looked so great! We highly recommend! Take advantage of those monthly service plans!

Eli P.

Fast, quality car wash. Car looked great inside and out. They do everything from a basic wash to full interior and exterior detailing. I had never been there before, but the manager Davy was very helpful explaining what they offer and even worked on my car himself! Will return.

Toby Weir-Jones

The mostly-automatic conveyor wash experience is fine, not really much different from other similar facilities elsewhere. I have had inconsistent results with their policy on whether or not they take competitors' coupons. Generally they do a good job with the interior cleaning but if it's very busy your car may get rushed through a bit. The hand-detailing guys work hard and do a great job if you can spare the time and extra expense. Your car will thank you!

Miranda Haywood

Great car wash! Quick and friendly service.

Francis Roges

Did an amazing job this morning on my F150. Impressive for a $26 dollar wash, cant wait to use you all more often. Nice building, first time in lobby and it is very cool looking.

Carol Elizabeth Reformed girl

I think they have no respect

Paul Esquivel

Best Car Wash in Warrenton, VA. I usually come twice a week and the staff is so friendly. From Andrea, always with a smile in her face at the entrance to the car wash, to the people that dry off your car, you’ll be happy with the outcome. …

Kenny Guilliams

Did not go here.

Amber Butler

Jon did an amazing job on my car my kids made a huge mess in my car and he went the extra mile to clean it !!

Rosemary Moretti

Just wanted to compliment the team working at 8:15 this morning 7/24. I accidentally pointed to the wrong choice for my wash and got the Trifecta. This was fine, my car could use the extra care. The team was very courteous and my old Toyota Van looked like new again when they brought it out. I am very pleased with their effort.

David Robinson

Love this place!

Renee Culbertson

When they first opened I was pleased with the service and recommended them to friends and family. I even purchased the monthly plan. But recently my experiences have been disappointing. They rushed me through and the level of attention to …

Lydia Blackwell

We are giving a 5* review because we said we would for the free hand wax, but honestly White Horse is not worth the cost of any of the packages. We just go there because we live very close. Today we got the "Meticulous Clean" for $50 …

Zach Smith

Excellent car wash. Very friendly people. Would highly recommend.

Katelin Hays

We have always had great service at white horse. Davy has always been very helpful explaining what services they can provide to make sure our car is clean and in excellent condition inside and out. It’s our go to place for a quick wash or a deep clean for our cars.

teena stevic

Intense spring rain storm and open winodes left my car a mess, an hour and a half at Whitehorse and it looks like a brand new car on the show lot. Every nook and crevice is shiny. The floor and seats look brand new. Highly recommend their detail. Worth every penny and then some.

Gia Ather

I used to love this location and was a loyal customer. The folks here are so friendly and I even referred at least 5 people who have used this location. Now I am unable to trust their staff and management. I had a bag of groceries sitting in the back seat on the floor that was either taken or stolen during my last visit. I was told the camera footage showed that no one had taken the bag. The money I spent on those groceries was the least of my worries -- it is the principle that a member of their staff mistook a perfectly good bag of items as trash or decided to steal it. Now, they're not all such bad people. They paid for body damage done to my door and are always nice enough to go the extra mile for me when I didn't even ask for it. But because of this incident and ESPECIALLY because they will not admit to it (just because it was not caught on tape), I cannot come back to this location and wish for others to not visit this location either. There is a brand new wash opening in Gainesville in August of 2019, I have already messaged them and plan to use their unlimited wash services once they open. It's too bad White Horse lost a long time loyal customer over a $30 bag of groceries. And I BET someone from management will respond to this post and state "we have checked the camera footage and found that no one took your bag", well guess what? You cannot always rely on footage. Some things can be missed. Especially if someone was intentionally trying to be sneaky. Also, please note that I work in customer relations at a different business and I would never treat customers this way, especially loyal customers. I have had customers lie and try to sneak their way into getting reimbursed for things that were never taken, so I would NEVER ever do that to a business. Especially a business that has been nothing but nice to me.

Rodney Wyss

First time at this carwash and service was excellent.

Katie D.

We love this car wash as they do a thorough job, but don't plan on getting your car washed when it is below freezing (32°F), I tried getting my car washed on a Thursday late afternoon and they weren't open, even though their hours on Google said they were going to be open until 6:00 p.m.

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