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REVIEWS OF Sunset Car Wash IN West Virginia

DONMAAGA I.A. Leacock-Kendall



Best car wash. Great service.

maureen singleton

Great for everything from just a car wash to detailing

Ritesh Chowdri

William Wesley

darrie slay

nice job guys!

Keith Eaddy

They do excellent work!!

Nicole Johnson

Nice but need the brush wash and not at this carwash

Brian Case

k selbi


they scratched my car !!!!

Rusty Mcphie

Just got the super ultra deluxe wash my cup holders were still dirty there was dust on my dash my rims were still dirty I had something stuck on my door. I could have spent 10 dollars for the same wash and on top of that I tipped 10 dollars cause i thought they were reputable enough that I wouldn't have to worry. Unless you have a new Ferrari or Lamborghini you won't get quality help

John Dillon

Nice large areas for vacuuming your vehicle with good equipment but the suction is a little low. The amount of time given should be enough to any size car or truck. The wash racks are covered,wide and kept clean. The amount of time is average for cleaning 2.50 gets you 4.min. I usually use 5.00 to get a complete wash including tires brush and wax.

Claudia Munoz

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Marcella Bastos

Akana Yves Bella

They do a good car wash

Barbara Paige

Stopped by on my way into work in the morning, The early bird deal (Mon-Thurs) is a great value and they did a great job with my car

Richard Hawkins

Lauren Beck

Good service. Pleasant and trustworthy staffs! Highly recommended!

Colin Wickhamnp

As Promised, this updated review is reflective of professional management, expressed with concern and kindness. Knowing that Sunset Car Wash is committed to customer satisfaction makes all the difference. Their invitation to re-wash and personally inspect my car is appreciated.

Corey Bouche

A bit pricey the end result is worth it. You get free wash after number of visit's.

anselosiya Glacmore

They do a really good job cleaning the inside and outside of your car. I like this location very much

Nation Decay

Fran Hardie

Zero Stars!

Gerardo Lopez

Randolph Maupin, Jr

Luisa Rodriguez

Rude and unfriendly guy at the entrance. How can you charge $ 20 and tell the customer if they don't upgrade to a more expensive wash that the bumper will not be clean, because of bugs. Really! Horrible service. Go somewhere else !

Osman Karahan

derrick LOGAN chambers

This is my second time coming here ! And they do amazing work !! But they take entirely to long . I find myself waiting for almost 2 hours . Either they need more man power or something .

Margarita Setiyan

Excellent!! Very polite staff, nice clean facility and great service.

Micheal Calvin

New and improved :)


Garrett Bean

Bobby Baines


Anastas Belev

This is a very decent car wash. There is some variance in the quality you get depending on the people that are working on your car. Sometimes I’m really content, sometimes they leave obvious spots untouched. It also gets really busy at certain times and then quality goes down really quickly. I prefer the car wash in the mall across the street overall.


I have used the drive thru touchless carwash. It does a good job, but it does not dry your car like others do for around the same price. You can use cash or cards. This is the only drive thru carwash in Martinsburg that I am aware of where you can get wax. The vacuums are pretty good. They also have self- wash bays.

Chaz Hall

Touchless wasn't so good but the cloth wash was great. Wish they dried also but hey.

liam levi

Left inside dirty as it was, waste of time and money

mikal capello-mcewen

I love this place. ... The guys here are so friendly. Do such a great job on my cars. The new owners make it a point to make sure your happy, and problems there on it. Thanks guys

Cody Booth

Mike Frick

I can clean my truck any time

John Perkins

It all happened so fast, I am surprised it cost $18!

Frankie Montiforte

Denise Diaz

Went in for a $30 dollar cash wash, came out with a $400.00 bill. Unreal! They took my passenger seat off the rail while vacuuming. Spoke with some steroid freak from management who didn't even care or take responsibility. I will never visit again and will pursue legally. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Samuel Gregory

In and out!

Andrew Ruiz

Great detail with wash. Inside and out

Pierre Garland II

D Harsh

Great place to wash your ride!


Clean and well kept. Touch free did nice job.

Max Bowers

Thersa Klapp

Fast service and great people! The pricing was good and place was clean!

Chris Stellavato

Best car wash in WeHo


For past 4 years i always washed my car by myself. First time i tried a car wash and it was a disaster! 130$ for car wash and results are on the pictures! Scratched entrance, swirls of dirt everywhere, trunk dirty, nice for 130$ and 1hr. of wait. So if you care about your car just go and wash it as always by yourself! UPDATE: I got a call after i left the review and the owner told me to come back and they will fix the problem, i went back and the manager said we will polish that scratch and it will go away... yep, sure, they could not do anything. She said to come next day to see the owner, came in next day and they sent me away... nice customer service. I will never in my life use a car wash to destroy my lovely car!

Cornell Miller


Subpar at best, paid for the $18 wash and was completely disappointed all they did was wash it, no other detailing as offered. Will not be going back.

Timmy Cook

Aroutioun arthur Okhkian

Hubert Lotilla

Excellent car wash. It's the first time I tried this car wash. As soon as I arrived someone attended to me right away. Even though there were a few cars ahead of me, service was brisk and efficient. Most importantly, the car was quite clean inside and out.

منصور سلوم

Gary Rose

Way better then hand car was on Ventura! No upsell!

Thomas Aitken

Pramod Setlur

They don't clean it super well. Sometimes they need to be told where to clean. I might not go back to pay $30 again. The cheapest wash is about $20

Esko Loks

awesome carwash! great job opportunities!

Vesselin Malinov

Great service!

Megan Walls

Roxanne Allamong

Kristie Bowman

Arad Vejdani

too expensive

eniko moldrich

Michele Zahniser

The brushes need replaced on a regular basis. I spent quite a bit to wash my car only to find out all the brush did was move dirt around. You're better off driving through attached car wash.

Pappy Pipes

If you want your car damaged go here... Sunset Car Wash caused $1000+ damage to my 3 week old BMW. The inspector who check the car in admitted "it was clean" to the manager. But then the unethical owner refused to take any responsibility and left me holding the bag. Sunset claims it's a hand car wash but they use squeegees on poles to swab your car. That's how they gashed my car down to the paint. These people are liars and they do a lousy job. Take your car there at your own risk!

James Patton

They always do a great job

walmenten refreg

great car wash, my car comes out looking clean every time. I really like coming here.

A.P. T

Overpriced, long wait times, left streaks on the inside of my windows, didn't clean the wheels properly... Shame on me for continuing to go back.

Bob Davis

Great location.

TheRealLibKing TV

Phil Lowe

THIEVES. Went there, payed my dues for a standard wash, car goes through - clean, duh that's their job but then I realize my RayBan sunglasses are missing in my center console when I get home. I call them and they say they will try and see if they can find them or see if one of their workers took them. They don't call me back, I call them and they proceed to tell me that they have reviewed the footage and that none of their workers took my glasses. I don't see how the heck they can see footage INSIDE my vehicle. I ask them if they checked the pockets of their workers and they continue to tell me "sir, we have signs posted everywhere not to leave valuables in your car, touch luck." I'm not kidding. The homely brown straight hair manager at the front who can't run a cash register is the manager, she gave the absolute WORST customer service, but then again this explains why she's behind a counter. Don't go here or leave your valuables anywhere, there's better washes on Santa Monica.

E&T Wars

Richard Schave

Suzanne Lovejoy

Sunset car wash goes above and beyond. A small rubber seal was missing from my trunk. I brought my car back two weeks later and one of the employees had purchased the $15 dollar part for me and installed it. Like wow! So impressed by their level of service.

Ward Odom

Used the drive through wash and was pleasantly surprised to find manual pre-wash. Completed wash was good. Also used vacuums to clean the inside of the car and they worked well. $12 for basic wash and $2.50 for 8 minutes of vacuum.

Paula Leopold

Matt J

Awesome people work at Sunset Car Wash and they have a car wash club that's really great if you wash your car frequently.

John Thompson

Marcus Gonzalez

Marlon Rivas

paula's paula

Brain and his team was spectacular! They arrived on time, and my car looks brand new. I can't believe, No Water! Well worth the money and tip.

Chris Burns

John Eastman

Worst follow up after I ordered an elite wash. They forgot to do the tire dressing even and I had to ask them to do it. Marks all over my car which could have been handled by any normal towel dry.


I was a long time customer of this carwash until yesterday you lost 2 vehicles getting washed every other day due to your poor staff you have attending this facility i pulled in with my Ranger Rover yesterday the brushed wash was down so myself and a friend behind me moved over to the none brush wash just as i paid for the wash of 15 dollars they removed the cones to the main wash I asked your attendant to please credit my money back so i could go through the main wash and free vacuum she told me she couldn't and walked away after that I went through the brushless wash wich is not very good at cleaning a car ! I drive 10 miles to wash my vehicles been coming here for years you lost 80 dollars aweek from me due to the fact you have teenager girls running the wash that dont care about the customers issues just to walk away without even trying to solve a simple problem, I WILL NEVER COME BACK !

Steel Mafia

Yessi Orell

I had my car custom interior detailed and the cleaning inside the car was not worth at all what I paid for, for one the trunk had hairs and the car ceiling had some unclean spots, not attention to detail at all !! ...when I picked up my car I saw that it looked like it wasn’t cleaned or touched at all from the outside, the hand wash was garbage ! I complained bout it but they didn’t care they argued it was washed, but I touched it with my fingers and I could feel dirt on it !!! And they didn’t air freshener my car which really pissed me off, but I didn’t notice that before I left cause I was so upset about the overall cleaning ! I Paid $159 for something I could have done at home ! I’m not impressed at all ! Look for another place people !!! they seem not to care for the job they do, they just want to get the cars out of the way as soon as possible!! .. they were quick to take my money. But very disappointing results !!! ... Don’t waste your money in this place !!

Eric Mitchell

Grant M

These guys go above and beyond.. Paid for a basic wash and noticed some scratches. Within minutes, the guys buffed out the scratches. Gave them a tip but, they did not ask for further payment. Good people and a great business

Rodney Reed

Steven Salmonsohn

Reliable and they take the time to do right.

Yael Davidowitz-Neu

Fast, through service. $20 for standard inside/outside carwash. Would recommend.

Dino Ordenali

Bad customer service super expensive they got to many cars and they can't handle it. Guys washing car have bad attitude . I don't recommend to go there specially if it's expensive car becouse they use broom yes really broom to map the floor . They washing the car with it and they leave scratch all over and they don't tack responsebuility . It's really the worse car wash you can go . Keep away from they place !!!!

Ron Zoughi

The best car wash I have yet seen, from east to west

Sharon Moran

Nothing but good car wash with friendly staff and quick service. I didn’t regret I chose this company: the price is affordable and the work is quite effective. I’d definitely come back here again and recommend this place for my colleagues. Nice job, 5 out of 5.

Janice Ramirez

The staff is absolutely lovely! Very kind and welcoming. Felt as if I've known the workers for life! Great service!

Tanner Wilkens

Perfect Car Wash. Even has a taco truck on the street so you can eat while you're there.

Eugene J Holt

Good car wash. Just don't let them sell you not planned on extras. However, they keep tabs on your visits so there's a freebie in your future.

David Berookhim

Maria Hernandez

Tom Coggia

John Hirlinger

Great car wash. They always get my car looking right.

Bernice Wells

Great staffs, really knows what they are doing. Service was great and you can even take a snack near.

Bobby R

Fast and efficient

julio moran

(Translated by Google) Very fast and efficient. Very happy for the quality and affordability! Convenient location (Original) Muy rápido y eficiente. Muy feliz por la calidad y la asequibilidad! Ubicación conveniente

RJ Franklin

Best place to wash your car

Lucas McDowell

Miles Lougheed

My car was too dirty after a 5000 mile drive to get run through the machine so I paid for a hand wash and detail. A bit pricey, but bar none the best car wash I've ever had in my life.

Mark Herrin


Love this Car Wash, always friendly staff, great service. Both of my cars are always clean and sparkle! Benito and Lalo are very helpful and dedicated to make sure that the clients leave happy. Thank you

Jay Harvey

Best carwash in town

Smith Family

Mimi Mayer

Great carwash. Thorough and very professional.

Brian Bare

Could do some work on the rear of the vehicle

Serena Dawn

koh health

Up chargers. First time I heard the dirt won’t up off with the standard 30 bucks wash and they want to charge to 100, if not the dirt won’t come off. .. crazy went to another wash before and it was all good. Never coming back.

Dan Balcaban

Took my brand new vehicle here just today to find its been scratched and chipped on the hood and door. Will be following up with this as I did notice them lingering around the car when it was being polished but didn't think that this was why.

Seth Sutherlin


Joey Dennis

They did an amazing job. Staff were friendly. There are comfortable places to wait both inside and outside. Free wifi

Gabriel Torre

They don't even wash bugs off in less you pay them an attractive $8. Bathrooms had no hand soap, and guy kept trying to up sell even after we said that we were not interested. Go to another car wash four minutes up.

Fatima Shaw

This place is worth it for your money. I use to do it myself at the drive in do it yourself car washes and it takes 3 dollars to start and you get 2 minutes. In that time i can maybe drench and soap a little over half my car. Cleaning my whole care would cost me more than 10 dollars but at this drive thru car wash its 10 bucks and you drive in let the conveyor belt take your car in and they spray and scrub every inch of your . Definitely worth money and time.

George Chow

Got here in a Friday morning before work, it took more time then I expected but can’t complain cause my car never was so clean, they did a great job.

Gregory Smith

Good service and good otice

sophie doyle


MC Ride was here lol

Don Azars

Good job on car cleaning

J.C. Starkey

One of the better car washes in town.

Marko Cvetkovic

Well, this is the last time I will be using their service. Last time I was here and was told that the next wash is for free. Came in today to learn that this is only my third wash?!?! If you are being so cheap to change statistics in your system, better don’t give those “free” services. Very disappointed. Not coming back here anymore

samntha mexicanos

yes, my care came out looking cleaner than ever. I love it

Michael Azarian

Robin Beveridge

Love this car wash! It really gets my car clean!

Douglas Blair

Hands Down best car wash in LA....Been going to Sunset Car Wash for years... and never have I been disappointed.. nice chill waiting area with plenty of room. Free WiFi .. get the Elite Wash

Vartan D

Best Car Wash in LA! A must try for WeHo crowd. Way different from everything else I've been to before! New ownership made a huge difference. Good work, guys!

Zhanibek Jumabekov

One of the best car washes around Hollywood. 5 star!!

Teresa Pyse

Quick, easy, friendly.

Yotam Ben-Ami

Terrible service, usually too crowded and with long wait times. Overpriced and with annoyingly persistent up selling. Avoid.

Jhamal Robinson

Natt Mc

Guto Fontana

Get the job done

Kelley Maria

I've stopped here three times TRYING to spend a decent buck on getting my car detailed, shampooed, and washed. I tried in the morning, afternoon and early evening and every single time they've turned me away. Once because it rained three drops and they wanted to go home early, once because they were "too busy" and another time because they "didn't have time to fit me in." Well then i tried calling and making some kind of reservation, which they don't take. This place is a waste of time. I'll never stop here again, I'm tired of trying to give you my money.


Used the touchless wash. Did great

Jenny Gill

I went thru the auto wash and what a wast of money. I would have been better off waiting for it to rain. Went around and spoke to someone at the cloth wash and she was super nice and helpful which is why I changed my rating from a 1 star to a 4 star.

victoria duvall

Ryan Lehman

linda feinstein

They do a great job!

Billy grantt

Great job with my car. They did an amazing job with the cleaning of it. I am very happy with how it came out

Keith Butturff

Just like most car washes. My only issue is the vacuums don't give you the time remaining.

Christopher Martinez

Second to none in the car wash business in the entire Los Angeles city........ I've been coming here for years, entrust these guys in the care of my car to do an exceptional job!!!! Very hard, dedicated workers who cares about their job and ensuring each customer(s) is satisfied before getting into their car. You'll be glad that you came to the right car wash to have your car wash. I always leave satisfied whenever coming here 2-3 x's a week. All makes and models of cars come here, see for yourself. Can't make this stuff up. So come and make yourself a visit. You'll be pleased as I've been. Thank you, taking the liberty to read this. Have an exceptional day!!!!!

steve rosenberger

Bussagut Comedy

Awesome job


Best car was in town

Brian Deane SirDeane

Flawless service and quick turnaround.

David Yaroshevsky

Though this place might take good care of you if your car is city-"dirty" (aka a light coating of dust), I highly recommend you go somewhere else if your car has actual dirt or mud on it. I returned from a coastal road trip which involved some dirt roads, and these guys told me it'll be $100 to wash "a Burning Man car." I told them I can't afford that and I just wanted an exterior wash without any detailing, but they absolutely refused to take it and even had the guts to tell me that "nowhere else will do it for less" to try to pressure me to accept their price. Funny enough, I went over to the Santa Palm car wash and they took my car with ZERO upcharges or reservations, and even offered to wash my rubber mats for free. I'm glad I didn't stay a minute longer than I had to at the Sunset Car Wash.

Victor Hurd

Very good service

Clyde Simpson

Natasa Cobar

I use to take my car there for the monthly wash... They got a little too expensive for my taste even with coupons...

Niehema Yasharahla

Blanca is the best!

Mike Burdick

Joshua Fields Millburn

Best car wash I’ve ever had, so I keep going back. Outstanding results every single time.


I love coming here. There service is awesome

John Taglioli

Too expensive

Elie AkL

Great spot. Great employees every time.

michael murphy

Nathaniel Reyes

gruels asdre

great job with the cleaning of my car. It came out sparkly they went above and beyond for me. I am super happy with the wash I received

Tanya McClung

Does an excellent job

Moses Sofer

While they do a good job washing my car, I am nevertheless giving them only average ratings, simply because their workers, on more than one occasion, have stolen both food from my car, as well as my identity when I had left my driver's license in my car. All this makes me go less often to get my car washed there, as it takes time for me to remove all of the valuable belongings from my car in preparation for going over there.

Sandra Cabrera

Andy S

Fast and efficient, these guys know how to get it right the first time. Facility is clean and pleasant.

Nick Robitaille

Great service, but a bit expensive.

Arsen Rabinovich

Get my car washed here all the time, grab a Ruben sandwich from Greenblats (a block away). Hand wax is a good deal!

Jessica Crandell

Pradeep Kumar Ragu Chanthar

Cleaning was not detailed even in luxury package.

Heigo Paartalu

It’s a great place to wash your car just depends who is washing it as not everyone delivers the best results.

Seth P

Ramin Fenchel

Scratched my window tint and had a big attitude about it.... terrible service

Fab S

Miles Whitaker

Shawn Gomez

Crista C

Did the basic car wash and was happy with how it came out. Came in the morning during the week and it wasn't busy. This place is better than the place on Santa Monica that only takes cash.

Frank Cicora

Patience Trader

scratched my Jaguar's new window tint badly in several places. First denied it then said they'd have a manager call me to settle this... never got a call, been over a month. Avoid this place at all costs

melissa myers

Dennis Sanders

Raised their prices again. Do a good job

Anthony Dickerson

Vuelo de Alma

(Translated by Google) Wash a total of not bad. But not all plastic is washed, the thresholds in the car and under the carpets are not vacuumed. For the price of a standard cleaning. (Original) Моют в общей сложности не плохо. Но не промывают весь пластик, пороги в машине и под коврами не пылесосят. За цену стандартной мойки.

Greta Lippos

My car looks fantastic!

William Padilla

Very quick and efficient. Very happy for the quality and affordability! Convenient location right behind the movie theater in LP. Once you know it's there, you'll be so happy you found it!

Stacey McNeal

Quick and detailed. What more can you ask of a car wash.

Carl Bender

Nice clean car wash with fast and friendly service. Also has a clean restroom available.

Lisa Ayer

Great service

gloria simmons

Almaz Irgebaev

Good enough

phil bohen

Very polite staff, nice clean facility and great service."

Benjamin BERNARD

I went there twice to get my car washed. It's fast, easy and they do a ok job but if you want a deep cleaning it's way over priced. I got a super express for $29 and the inside was barely cleaned (I didn't see a difference between before and after) the outside looked good but nothing extraordinary. I don't know what option to take to have a clean interior but the prices go up very high very quickly. Conclusion, it's good if you are in a hurry and not very picky.



Ann marie Nave

Tahirah Luck

I detailed my car 3 times for $190 and there's no difference between their detailing and their Carwash. I'm an idiot.

Kayla Smith

Shylo Grim

We went here in the wash that have the people cleaning first and we got done and the bottom had grease and the front wasnt clean at all....

Nate Mcclung


Glyde Barbey

I’ve been hit on twice by the car wash guys. I called to complain and explained that no I don’t want to go for tequila sometime and the previous time I didn’t want to give my personal phone number. I’ve also complained about the poor wash with drop marks on the car and they just tried to up sell me in response. Pretty terrible customer service on all fronts except conveniently everyone that works at the cash register.

Keren Cornell

Love this spot! It's fast, easy, and fairly priced. Knocked off one star for the traffic jams that sometimes occur in the vacuum area and the actual wash has bent my license plate pretty badly.

Manuel Ramos

Jerry Stone

Pretty good car wash. I wish they took more time trying to dry the my car cuz i drove off and it got all wet. Nice waiting area though.

pokemon bro

Last time I was here, they scratched up my windshield. I paid for one of the higher end washes, and the inside was not vaccumed, and there was a stint residue on my console. Super not great.

D dV

I've been coming here for years because it's continent to my home. It's quick, but I've always felt the interior cleaning was lacking. I mentioned it one day and they really went out of the way to correct it, but only that day. Since then i get the package that includes deep interior cleaning and the leather conditioning. It's $59 so it's not a weekly spend for me, but they do a great job when I do.

michael sousa

Could do with an air dryer/blower as it's easier to blow dry a car. Wiping dry is a nuisance

Zach Handley

Never had my car so clean until after i came here, 5/5 definitely coming back

Oleksandr Firsikov

Spotlessly clean. Good job

Lawren Atkins

Great Services great price great staff

Michelle Cole

Rodney Tekler

Bettina Poelleritzer

Friendly staff. I got a message from lyft that the car wash is $12.99 but I paid $15.99. But $15.99 is still a fair price. Car was clean outside, but not inside. Nice waiting area.

Hannotte Laurence

Gary DH

Super Service, Great Staff, Attentive Service. Love this car wash. They make a mundane car wash experience an enjoyable one. Everything is very clean, new and well maintained. My car has always been washed to my expectations too. Five stars!! Kudos Sunset Car Wash!

Jesse Choi

Good hard working hand car wash place. However, the wash was poor. Windows were not cleaned properly, bird poop was remained front of bumper, inside of door closing area were not even touched where you get your pants get dirty when you enter the car. However, I gave $5 tip since it was hot day.

Abdullah Sahrai

Great place.

TJ Manou

Christie Mann

The vacuum machines just take your money and don’t work. There isn’t a number to call and report it so it’s a rip off. :(. Very disappointed!

Angry Bus Mechanic

Their vacuums are really poor quality.

Aaron Hearl

A quarter gets you 21 seconds. Not a good deal.


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