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104 Lakeview Dr, Charleston, WV 25313

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REVIEWS OF Sheetz #612 IN West Virginia

Dustin Price

Great food plenty of choices, almost anything you could want.

Steve Giese

Love Sheetz

Pink Zebra

Good grub...employees have the personalities of rejected popsicle sticks tho...

Aleta McKemy

Very friendly employees and competitive prices! Lots of parking and easy to get in and out of.

Angie Reed

My smoothie had too much ice in it and the wiener on my hotdog was not cooked enough. I guess it all depends on who is working that day. I have had great smoothies at Sheetz before. I love their pretzel hotdog buns.

Kayla Skidmore

Service is quick and the food is good.

d R

Decent place clean prices are getting to high

miss lea

best coffee drinks EVER!!! it was worth the $4.97 !!!!

Jason Edwards

Great chain. Takes care of its customers

P Brogan

Great location, needed a gas station here. New place but bathrooms are not kept up too well. The music is

Matt Ashley

Food, gas, and cold drinks all in one spot. Gotta love it.

David Beaver

Went to get a small coffee breakfast sandwich and hotdogs so my fiance could eat before work. I get a disgusting pair of hotdogs that looked overcooked by 2 hours, raw bacon on the sandwich, and could really tell no one here wanted to work. Lazy cooks who need to learn to cook maybe check to see if they have food handlers cards.

Brandon Pack

Great gas prices, great location. However the car wash is broken down 75% of the time you want to use it. I don't understand why they have so many issues with it?


Clean, good food, great service. 4 stars because Arizona teas were $1.69 instead of $0.99

Stesha Lanham

Great well maintained store just feels like a Walmart threw checkout

Nick Nunnery

Love this place

Corky Caryn Clark

Love it when I go there and stay there for a while,, play with my Stratches Off Tickets

Jerry Campbell

Free air only sheetz

john miller

Nice and clean, the place is brand new.

Zachary Bernard

It took 20+ minutes to get 4 hot dogs and they are cold

Al Day

Scott is an excellent employee, always friendly and makes you feelbat home. This sheets was the second to come to our area and by far the best in part to employees like this young man. Scott keep up the good work buddy.

sarah rutherford

Always good.

Gu orKathryn Gullettt

Alot one my favorite place to especially get milkshake lol

Noah Vance30


cindy holley

Very friendly. Great service and food

Alice Ferrell

Greatest group of employees.

Ciara Lewis

Very nice!

Lil temp

Love the food ❤

Christopher Jones

Had ID to get juul pods they turned me down because they could scan my ID. It's a stupid rule and I went to next gas station to get product. Disappointed

Robin Gibson

Stopped for gas on our way home.

Larry Leasor

Its a gas station

Martha Parker

It has a dining area a great variety foods , beverages and freshly cooked meals and they have so many extras. Like a lounging area,free WiFi , charging outlets , usually at least two tv's to watch while your eating they have an out side eating area and very well mannered and respectful people who work there

Terri Frances Justice



Good like any other Sheetz. Modern setup with front and back doors.

Miguel Melendez

So professional and curteous. Love this Sheetz!!!!!!!

Spangler B Excavating & Landscaping

Sheetz is amazing. This one is still pretty new, and still looks it. Most of the employees are friendly and outgoing, projecting a positive feeling about Sheetz and their work. I've been there at least 100 times, and not a single bad service experience. Also, the food and drinks are great. My only suggestion: don't neglect keeping the ice cream toppings properly stocked -- good in-stock and full-presentation drive better sales.

Vasile Dorojan



Friendly service great food and a very nice area to dine or kickback and relax for a minute after a long drive

B. Smith

Glad to have one in Cross Lanes.

Shawn Clark

Neat and clean. Quick service. Car wash is excellent.

Jonathan Lucas

The newest Sheetz in the area. Has a drive thru and car wash. Best gas station food around.

D Nelles

Very clean as it's relatively new. Accessible for if the dog track and casino are your destination as it's only gas a straight shot whereas all the other named gas stations are the opposite direction.

Damon Steger

Really good peanut butter shakes

Rick Mullins

You like a variety, Sheetz has it

Wendy Hoskins

Very clean and helpful

Gary Bryant

Gas, snacks.

Jody Ball

create your own it

Kay Chapman

Very nice and clean.

Devin Porter

Robert Mason

Gas and health food choices! Best ever!

Carl Landers


Justin Turner

Clean store, great food, friendly employees

Evan Hinkle

All around great place. Always clean and stocked. Great food, AWESOME STAFF! Very well managed!

wes _____

Fast to get food


Love Sheetz.

Jerry DeWees

Love my Sheetz discounts, got to get the card

Matthew Hudson

Friendly staff

Roy Key

Clean and neat

Jimmy Nichols

Brand new and very professional and clean

Feminarch 1

Crowded and hard to get in and out of but there is a drive thru

Peggy Murray

I love Sheetz


Reasonable prices, best air machine around (just set, connect, and wait for the beep) plus it's FREE, decent menu, 24 hour operation, good selection of merchandise, and they have the best ice!!

randy atkins

Great as always

Kyle Waugh

This place is the bomb

Star Ronk

I would leave a 0 if permitted cause i was COMPLETELY DISRESPECTED by the Cashier and manager. My wife and I went back to Sheetz after going earlier to get beer... No problems the first time, no one asked for my wifes ID because I was carrying beer because it was MY BEER. Then we go back because some friends came over and we ran out. They wouldnt sell it to me because my wife left her ID in car at hotel... They said no, can't sell it without her ID... I AM 35 YEARS OLD AND LOOK OLDER. I CARRIED BEER SINCE IT'S FOR ME...THERE IS NO REASON WHY I GOT DENIED!!!! I WILL NEVER GIVE MY BUSINESS TO SHEETZ AGAIN AND I WILL SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Cherie Dunlap

Clean store and restrooms with friendly knowledgeable staff.

Lindsey Thomas

Clean, fast and friendly service, has a variety of food choices

Doug Curry

Great service and have what I need.

joann pudder

Good food great price

stephanie kirby


Adam Marshall

Best gas station in the world.

Arindam Mukhopadhyay


Love their tea, and burritos..

Everett Bailey

great place for fuel and eats

Michael Gibson

Amazing store so many options .

Marx Groucho

Always fast and efficient.

Sam Mcguffin

I stopped in here in a frantic manner because I was in need of something. Cassie S. helped me out so much and really shed some light in my situation. Thank you so much! This sheetz rocks!

Leonal Washington

A great place for road tripping reasonable price s

Dorian King

Love the food

Kosh Shan


Rodney Williams

Renita Bryant

Quick service

McKenzie Stewart

apparently it's more important to mop the floor then to make coffee I come in and every single one of the coffees are empty. A girl rather mop the floor than make at least one pot of coffee for guests. got to say I'm very disappointed and upset because I was craving some of your coffee I don't get to come by as much but when I do I want some of your coffee and I wasn't able to get any because all of them were empty and I really think that's ridiculous.

Brynn Goff

Great food, fast service.

Tina Mitchell

Nice convenient store

Chrisann Capshaw

Love there frozen coffee

Tim Tuttle

Always clean Sheetz!

Rhonda Maynard


Maxine Hedin

I love me some Sheetz!

Rick Black

Always a huge selection of food, snacks and beverages. Even the menu is all available to order 24/7, perfect for those working the overnight shift like I do.

Giovanni Rocket

Generally fast food preparation.

Jennifer Haney

My son and stopped at this Sheets on our way from VA to IN and the service was so good and the grilled cheese was great so we made so to stop at the same Sheets on our way back. Very friendly staff and the best grilled cheese.

Lester Crabtree

Charles Manning

Great place to get gas

Terry Lilly

Love this place, didn’t even know that it was so close to the apartment I moved into earlier this year, within walking distance!!! The food is amazing and the service is always great, very friendly staff!

Carol Shelhammer

Good food.

Michelle Moore

Best food! Fantastic drink selection! Always clean!

Jessica Nicole

Made me very sick as well as my boyfriend! Also very crowded!

Becca Turner

Love it here

Kimberly Price

Jeff Davis

Everything was clean and the breakfast burrito was amazing.

Darrell Jividen

Get what you need, gas, food, ice cream, beer. Lottery tickets

Jason Thurston

Disgusting bathroom. After seeing it, I didn’t stay to check out the food choices.

n2it c13

Free air!

Patti Meyer

free air for tires is available here

Neil Meischeid

Friendly staff.

Crystal Sharp

Karen Biser

Good or great car keys of .


I love this place, we always come here to get milkshakes here and there good. Also we get donuts and pepperoni rolls.

Jessica Campbell

Always the best service

Andramada Thomas

The burger bar customer service and friendliness was great

Brian Johnston

Very good food

Patty Miller

Like sheetz and their food options.

Sean James

This is a new store, very clean and with out new store jidders. Only downfall is traffic although close to on and off ramp to interstate.

Mike Beaver

Great food

Jonathan Miller

Excellent Sheetz!

joseph roncaglione

carmen alley

Love the different food you can buy

Cassandra Perry

I've been here countless times and today I'm deeply upset with the staff. Specifically a female behind the counter. She was making fun of what people were ordering and calling them stupid extremely loud. She gets paid to do a job, and quite frankly she's horrible at it

Leona Washington

Fast service

Richard Lentz

Service is fast typically.

Mr. Anderson

It's a gas station.

Grant White

Always the best

W.B. Craver

Sheetz is great for a quick gas fillup or to get drinks, gum, snacks ect. I use their "club card" to get three (3) cents off of gas. They have enough pumps so that there usually is one free to speed thing up.

Brian Crone

Good food, fast service, very clean

Michelle Smith

Jason Lilly

This is the brand new Sheetz, so as of now it's one of the nicest in the area. Sheetz is the hipster of gas station convenience stores with great coffee (for gas station coffee) and friendly service.

Lindsey Garner-Lucas

Has a great coffee&ice cream cafe

Mike Todd

One stop for everything

Megan Jenkins

We usually go there for food. It's always delicious and correct; they're just a little slow sometimes.

Pamela Copen

Fast friendly. Great food

Jonathan Wilson

Pretty decent sheets. Slow service

David j Reed

They take care of law enforcement

James Tench

Excellent customer service. Cleanliness was excellent. And they're made to order food section has some of the best food around.

stacey mcdaniel

Amanda Selby

Rei Hawley

Food at this location is great, but getting any blended drink like their creams is a risk. I seriously wonder if the workers are told to skimp on additives to save money because it's nothing like any other sheetz in the area. Got a cookies and cream and it tasted like just milk that you've previously dipped cookies into and was white with a few flecks of cookie even after also paying for extra chocolate.

Katie Walls

Poor service from the Made-To-Order counter. I ordered a milkshake, paid up front, and then waited near the counter. The server placed a milkshake on the counter without acknowledging me, nor announcing my order number. I let it sit there for several minutes in case it belonged to someone else...watching it melt. I stood closer to the counter to see if they would notice me...nope. I eventually had to lean across the counter and ask the server if it was mine. I'm not asking for a fake smile or a sappy "have a nice day." All I'm asking for is some communication, like "here is your order". Don't just leave customers hanging without saying anything. It's super rude, and should not become a trend.

Layne Ebert

Jordan Wozniel

Friendly and fast!

Major Hillbilly

Always impressed with how good the food is here. Also have a good selection of snacks and healthy options.

Tana Burford

There great.

Erin Garnes

Perfect location. Very clean. Fast service

Kari Gregory

Just like any other sheetz clean, convenient, and nice. Staff are pretty nice as well

Michael Hines

Great place to get fuel, quick lunch, and get on the road

Beverly Brown

They were very helpful with directions to another place we wanted to go to. And they ask me if I had a Sheetz card. Very nice.

Chris C

I really like this Sheetz, but the entrance and exit are a pain in the backside. I would have thought it could have been laid out better. Otherwise, stop here grab some gas and MTO! Best prices in the area!

Jennifer Bill

Clean store and quick service

Ziggy Z

Good food, cheap gas and awesome employees

Ross Runion

Clean everything one stop

Jennifer Mitchell

Nice store! Love the sundae bar and seating area!

Rebecca Reed

While on vacation had to make a "bathroom stop". Bathrooms were very clean. Cashiers were nice and inviting.

Harry Hood

It has gas

jonathan smith

Love my sheetz

brandon christy

You can get so many great things at Sheetz

Ross Galloway

Love the name

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