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615 Hillwood Dr, Morgantown, WV 26508

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REVIEWS OF Sabraton Sudz IN West Virginia

Bill Tennant

Worst car wash I have ever used. First lane I tried to use wouldn't even try to read my debit card after many attempts. Switched lanes and the card reader worked but the wash was a complete waste of money. Only sprayed soap on half of the vehicle leaving one side of my truck almost as dirty as it was when I went in. I realize now why is wasn't busy at all. I definitely will never waste my money here again!

Christopher Boyer

This car wash misses whole sections of my truck. It's been out of soap twice.

Pj Iingo

Great service and friendly staff!!!!

Erica Benton

It gets the dust off. The dryer doesn't do anything, it quits before the entire car gets threw. I'll go again, because it does get the dust off but that's about it.

Jenny Ault

Ben Thompson

Jenn Nedrow

This place is absolutely terrible! Completely wasted $11.00 and my truck was still dirty. The machine definitely did not do everything listed in the description. I won’t be going back, this place is a complete rip off!

nicholas filippelli

Paid, pulled in, told me to drive thru the dryer. For $13.

Brian Barnett

Better job than a lot of other touch less washes around for a below average cost (for top tier). Good pressure and angles plus undercarriage spray lasts long enough to do a decent job. That being said, touch less is good for a quick clean, but if your car is as filthy as most of these review pics, maybe u ought to find a place where u can step out of the car and manually wash it. Excruciating, I know.

Nancy Summers

Was a little pricey. But it was worth it.

Kristine Knott

Joshua Foster

Jeffrey McDonald

MKay Stephens

My car really wasn't dried. I had to wipe it down because water was dripping off the car.

Fredrick Shunk

Albert Taylor JR

Insu Hong

This place is getting worse. I paid $12, which include “panel wash”, but I still see like half of the dirt in right side of my car after wash. Blower turned off quickly and it’s very hard to get the car into under carriage washer in right timing. Most other cars completely missed under carriage wash, I saw them while I was waiting.

Jim McArdle

Broke 2 passenger side mirrors. Guess Ill see them in court. Its the 1 by Wendys ..BEWARE

randi drake

I will never go to this place to wash my at again. 11 dollars for a wash that left my car still dirty. It looks like it hasn't been washed at all. There has to be a car wash in Morgantown that isn't automatic somewhere. This place is horrible! Oh and the change machine is broken so I couldn't even clean out the inside.

adam seaberg

Very unimpressed with this carwash. It didn't do a very good job cleaning and then dripped stuff all over my car. I think my car looked worse after the car wash.

Mya Brown

What a RIP OFF!!! My car looks the exact same as it did before I paid $12 and went through that WHACK car "wash"! Don't waste your money.

Taylor Mason

Billy Vincent

Matt Chipps

As far as a car wash goes this is easily the best one without going across town. Actually cleans your car, vacuums have worked almost every time ive been there. Ok Well they always work just one time didn't work well. This place is obviously maintained regularly.

Keegan Sybesma

Paid...pulled in...the machine spit soap all over the car and then stopped working. Pulled around, paid again at the second bay, this time the car was operated correctly until the dryer didn't turn on at the end...paid double got half.

Kevin Tipton

Got $12 wash and didn’t get all services. Dryers didn’t even turn on. Won’t be going back.

Joe Peters

Quick in and out

Adam Bibbee

Debbie Suhre

Car was still dirty after washing, will not go back. Found a pretty good one elsewhere...lesson learned!!

Joseph Hauger

The $13 deluxe wash did a good job of waxing the dirt. There is no rinse between the suds and the wax, and while I was vacuuming, I watched the dirt become visible again as the car dried. Even the windows were still dirty.

Sean Bell

Shawna Bair

The worst car wash ever! Just completed a wash and car is still dirty! Missed the whole bottom. Waste!

Matthew Stewart


I paid the high price of $13 for the total package car wash. It got through to the foam wash, and then it stopped and told me to pull through. I had to reverse and pay another $8 for the basic wash so that it could rinse off the prior wash. There is no number to call to ask for a refund. Sadly, I will not be returning, unless a refund can be made. At least have a phone number to contact to report issues like these.

Tammy Kitchen

Matt Fowler

Poor wont be back

Roy Drake

Got the best wash they had. Still dirty! Not going back.

Alison Staggs

Tom Macaluso

I went to Sabraton Sudz today 11/23/2018. Choose $8 wash pulled car in as directed and when finished pulled car out and it was only washed on the upper have of my car and missed the front and rear of the car. The lower half and wheels were not even touch.. How do you get a refund?

Heather Boyce

Car was still covered in soap, but all done. Thanks for blowdrying soap dry. Awesome. Now I have to find somewhere to go wash the soap residue off and hope it doesn't affect the finish.

Steven Snyder

This is the aftermath of the exorbitantly-priced $13 touchless car wash. Dirt, debris, and dried soap everywhere, including on door sills. I've had better $6 washes. The system apparently fails to wash OR rinse, and doesn't clean the wheels or the back of the car. I've never been so tempted to dispute a charge on my credit card... The car seemed cleaner before the wash.


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