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920 N Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22802

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REVIEWS OF Dukes Full Services Car Wash IN West Virginia

Angela Drummond


Tyler M.

All the negative reviews are completely justified. These people put no care into their work. My car still had brake dust on the wheels and bugs on the front bumper after I specifically asked for them to be removed. I also tipped well

Lori Brooks

Took my college son's car here as a surprise... It was interesting. Like maybe some parent bought a building and gave it to his teenagers to run. None of the kids seemed particularly interested in actually doing work. "Oh....well. OK. Yeah....its not exactly clean looks like we missed some things." "Can you re-do it?" "Let me ask."...." yeah, we'll send it back thru." Another 20 minutes passed. Car comes out. It's still not vacuumed. Windshields still streaky on inside. They didnt towel wipe the door jams. Weird experience. They really didn't seem to care, or mind that the job was shoddy, had no interest in doing it right. Can we say: Millinneal Syndrome Someone got too many participation ribbons! Lol

Simon Hoffberger

I went on a 65 degree day in February 2013 for a car wash. I paid $21 for their "Gold Exterior) package, which includes: "Presoak, Exterior Soft Cloth Wash, Towel Dry, Undercarriage w/ Rust Inhibitor, Wheel Cleaner, Clear Coat Protectant, Tri Foam Conditioner, Repellant, and Tire Shine". First of all I waited in line for a long time for the wash, and that normally would have been understandable since it was a nice day in February. However, the reason it took so long is because they left a car sitting in front of the wash with no one in it, when they were supposed to pull the car into the wash. Next, after I finally get up to the machine, the guy guiding me into the wash doesn't give me clear instructions of how much to turn so that my wheels line up. Because of this, their machine took two nice chunks out of two of my wheels! My wheels are matte black so it really stands out and bothers me, especially because they are expensive aftermarket wheels that weren't even three months old at the time. Also, I was supposed to get a tire shine in my package. The guy who was supposed to do it at the end of the wash shined about a four inch section of ONE of my tires. The rest of the wash was average at best. I expect to get what I pay for, and for $21, this experience was horrible. The sub-par wash and shine is one thing, but going here ended up getting me a couple hundred dollars worth of damage to my wheels. I'll stick to washing my car manually from now on.

Christopher Price

I used to like this place but it has gone down hill . My most recent trip here one of the employees guided me on to there broken track . She didn't line the car up right with the track so my wheel rubbed up against the track and now I have a damaged wheel on a brand new car which isn't cheap to replace . Needless to say I'll never be back . A 12 car wash is gonna turn into a couple hundred bucks because of there mistake .

Joe Huitron

Waste of money, terrible cleaning job, employees are terrible. Maybe they should visit a Auto Bell in NC or SC for professional tips.

Alishia Sampene

Deer Suicide

Full service means something else at a car wash

Ashok Kunver

Canessa Collins

Did a nice job on cleaning my car.

Barry Vrable

Want get job part time

Andrew Royer

Mikah Vaughan

Tie Dye Dan

Honestly your money is best spent elsewhere, or to just clean your car yourself. Their outside wash is fine, but every time I have done the interior cleaning here I am disappointed. At a glance it is up to par, but on the drive home you'll notice that they always miss little details making it a half done job. My dashboard (which is a component of the package I paid for) still had dust on it, and my seats still had dirt. This is the 3rd time in a row that this has happened. The staff is very nice, but to me that's not enough to warrant spending $36.

Rahma Al Ali

This is dirtiest car wash service, DO NOT waste your money there.

Brandon Atkins

Joseph Perrone

They do a reasonably good job, not exceptionable. However, I would plan on being there at least one hour or more if they are doing the interior. If there are a few cars ahead of you bring a cot to sleep. They are excruciatingly slow.

A Shreve

Patrick Putman

Best for underwash and tough stains. Highly recommend.

Rick Pennington

You get what you pay for here, very happy with the Jeep looked great for quite some time

Jerry Martin

I needed to wash my truck and I was real close to dukes. I hear the adds on the radio all the time about dukes so i figured I would check it out. I drove up to the Manuel wash bays only to find non if the bays were functional, a lot of the stuff was broken, weeds growing up through the pavement and it looked like an abandoned old building. I didn't even make an attempt to wash my truck, I just left. I will be sticking with miracle car wash.

Randy Mauzy

Best in town !

david white

kingnowa Patrick

They were very nice and polite

Jessy Cruz-Rivera

Joel Smith

Shailesh Shirole

Teddy Hensh

Wonderful place to get your cleaned inside and out. They offer a nice place to sit while they take care of business. Snacks and coffee. All around very nice place. And if you think that it's a little High on price, think bout how dirty your vehicle was. Ill go back

Kim Chervenak

Excellent car wash!

Arega Eniyew

It is okay

Shawn Treichel


Jordan and Phillip, great job guys!! Posted over my previous review on my truck. I'm the guy that had the rental car today interior only. Great job on my truck too! Won't let me give you two five star reviews.

Laura Parrish

The ONLY place I trust with my "beast" (Suburban!)

csaba narone

Frankie Garcia

Left my car dirty

Vicki Meadows

Love the owners

teddy hensh

Chris Merrill

Their track was broken. Had to hold my break down the whole way through the wash which I was instructed "should take about 2 minutes". Upon existing for the towel dry I could actually hear the 2 employees talking about a broken part inside the wash. I wasn't sure what they were talking about until I got home and observed that I had 2 uniform chucks taken out of my black, after market rims on the driver side. The was was beyond subpar, the staff was incredibly unprofessional (both looking and acting), and my vehicle ending up with about $1200 in damage. Wish I could give it 0 stars.

Christopher Neil

The self serve car wash completely sucks. Broken vacumes disabled hoses and brushes. But, once there and find out it'll be a waste of money to wash your vehicle . They offer a hands on wash and detail service.

Tim Kinsella

Excellent car wash service. Great value for the price. I wish I had some extra cash to tip those who provided an excellent service. Next time, I will make sure I have some extra cash for tipping.

Jason Merica

Great staff great prices

nathan whitaker

Can't speak to the full service/interior but it's the only drive thru exterior wash I found in harrisonburg. Worked well and was pleased. You have to drive thru with throttle (track isn't powered). I'll be back. I wouldn't take a car with low profile tires to this (or any) drive thru car wash.

Guy Holstein

Very poor car wash. Paid for the Gold which included hand drying and cup holder cleaning, etc. Fender wells never touched, cup holders still full of dirt, car was to be hand dried was dripping ALL OVER with water asked older man with salt and pepper hair about hand drying he said rudely "it is dry"

Linda Scott


Sarah Malay

I've been taking my cars to Dukes for interior/exterior cleaning for about 5 years, and I always have a good experience here. They do a great job. It's well worth the money. And they always give me a coupon for $ off my next car wash.

Wayne Wilson

Lindsey Martin

DO NOT take your vehicle to Duke’s Car Wash. My husband went to have his car washed and came away with a half-done job for the services he paid for AND damages. He takes meticulous care of his car and was already hesitant in taking it there and this experience confirms that he will NEVER go back. The same day of service, he asked to speak to the owner to fix the situation, which was simply to have his money back. He was told he would need to come back on Monday in order to do so. On Monday, the owner gave many excuses as to why they would not refund my husband and would not take ownership of the shoddy workmanship or the damages. Their suggestion, by the owner, was to take up the claims with our insurance company. PLEASE take care of your car and do not visit this establishment.

Emily Blake

The prices are great, and the outside was fine, but they missed several areas of the interior that should have been wiped. They did wipe the plastic cover over the speedometer, leaving scratches on it. I went back to talk with the woman in charge to ask if they could offer any discount on another car that just needed an Express wash (so we wouldn't have to worry about any wiping), and she did offer to do the Express wash at regular price and throw in the floor mats for free, so I feel like they made up for it, but what an awkward conversation it took to get to that point. To their credit, since I brought a different car when I came back, they didn't get a chance to look at the work that was done on the first car, so it was my word against theirs. Not a nice situation for them either (sorry guys!), but even before any of that, when I first arrived and was trying to ask where to go to pay, she answered in a tone that felt like she was mocking me in front of the other staff for not seeing the entrance. Everyone else was great and super respectful. And the prices are great! If you have a thick skin and don't need a very thorough cleaning, this may be a great spot, but I'm feeling really embarrassed and sad as I sit here waiting for car #2.

Ali Keyvanfar

They're very nice people and they also do a great job. I'm highly satisfied with their service.

Triple Tree Biker Church

Taya Whetzel

Awful place to get a car wash I feel bad for the employees that have to work in such a pig sty their furniture is worn down and the track and all the buffers have black muck on them

nicole lloyd

william mcdorman

Angela Kean

EXCEEDED expectations for a simple $10 wash! Donna gave extra attention to my beyond dirty car. Surprised the time spent on basic wash and making sure it was dried nicely. Polite, thorough service I quit going years ago but will now come back to DUKES! Brightened my day.

Pearly Sue

Don't buy gift certificates here. Once they get your money they don't care to help you use it. No info on website about times for shampooing. You follow what they say and you still can't get it done. They don't answer the phone. Very poor customer service. Gave up and asked for money back. I will go somewhere else where you can call and someone will answer and you can ask for a time.

David White

Jordan Meadows

I'm always pleased with my experiences at Duke's.

Garrett Turner

Great place friendly

Tondelya Washington

Had my SUV cleaned inside and out ,wonderful job.THANK YOU !!

Kristin Herring

Good service and fast

Erlan Rodriguez

Worse place ever! The staff looks like they hate their job. Paid $65 and it took them 7 minutes to wash my truck.

tim c

Jaimie Bland

Tiffany Kennedy

Tanya Denton

Worst car wash EVER. Total waste of money. Will never go there again. They did nothing I ask. Car still full of crumbs. Bugs still stuck all over it. Looked different when I got it back tjan when I left it.

Natasha Steinhall

Wow! Wish they had car washes like this in New York. They were about four or five people who had their hands on the car by the end of it. A lot of attention to detail and great service.

David Harrison

Friendly staff, both of our cars get their baths st Dukes.

Kris Vass

Baard Grindal

Do a good job, will re-wash for free if not satisfied, friendly staff.

Aaron Gray

Angel love

Great service and nice people

Lys S.

This place is TERRIBLE, don't waste your time or money! I took my car there for the full detail, as well as the carpet and seat shampoo. It cost me $130 and took them 5 hours to do. When I got my car back it was clear that they did a half-ass job. There was still so much dirt, dust, and residue on the interior, as well as a dirty shoe print on my "supposed to be" clean seats. On top of that I had to stop about a half-mile down the road, after leaving because my floor mats were not in the car on the floor, I found them in the trunk. I went back and VERY NICELY (apparently more nicely than i should have) explained to the manager that I did not feel satisfied with the job, and that for the amount of money I paid, I thought the car should be near perfect. I proceeded to run my fingers in the center console, the inside of the doors, inside the door handles, etc. just to show her EVIDENCE that the job was not done correctly. There was so much grit, and dust, and dirt, it was clear they hadn't even TRIED to wipe down some of the interior. Then she proceeded to argue with me, telling me "you've obviously never had your car detailed before" AND "well at least it's cleaner than it was before" ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I am fuming. Not even the outside of my glove box, a very large panel (not even a nook or cranny) was not even clean. She said she "scrubbed it herself" and she could not get the dirt off. So I took a sponge and a rag and proceeded to finish the $130 job MYSELF, showing her that she obviously did not try that hard because I could get all of the dirt, grit, and grime off VERY easily. IN ADDITION, they don't even hand wash your car, they run it through the automatic wash. I could have done that myself at an Exxon for $8. I COULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB MYSELF, FOR ONLY THE COST OF CLEANING SUPPLIES. What makes me the most angry is that instead of taking ten minutes to fix the problem, she ARGUED with me when it was very clear, and I even showed her dirt and dust as EVIDENCE that the job was not well done, and then proceeded to let me clean the rest of it myself. So needless to say the is NOT a well run business, the manager is RUDE, my car is STILL dirty, and I am livid. I DO NOT recommend this place whatsoever.

James Kelly

Jim T

This is exactly what I posted to Duke's on their feedback link: ----------------------- This is one of the worst car washes I've had. The wheels were dirty, the chrome on the running boards looked as though it hadn't been touched, and every other piece of chrome had smears that wiped right off. The outside mirrors were dirty. What did I pay $65.00 for?? I recently moved down from Maryland (between Balto. & D.C.), where I got a showroom-fresh looking car wash for $26.95. I figured Duke's must be a *really* nice place with prices like theirs. This is a true one-stop car wash. I stopped at it one time, and that'll be the only stop I'll be making there! ----------------------- This was a true let-down experience. I SHOULD HAVE READ THE REVIEWS FIRST!

Glen Stoltzfus

Great car wash. The owners are there every day and help to make sure you receive the best carwash possible.

Virginia Scott

Michael Perry


Patrick Hecht

Slow, prices dont match what is advertised on website.

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