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70 State Ave ste c, Marysville, WA 98270, United States

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REVIEWS OF Clean Spot Car Wash IN Washington

William Gustafson


Summer King

Time for a clean

Lyle Johnson

The self service bays are always clean and operate well. The I've never seen a drug addled street urchin hanging around like other local car wash places.

Daniel Lewis


Vacuums' are broken and so is the vending machine of cleaning supplies.

Philip W

It's a good place to clean the car but it needs to have everything working, some vacuums don't work, and the shampooer. There use to be a guy that worked at night and kept the place really nice and clean. He would clean my floor mats for free, and he kept the druggies away from the place at night.

Ryan Rogers

This is a great little car wash. Conveniently located next to the Chevron. I come here for all my routine wash when in need. Only $2 to start and they give you plenty of time if you know how to bust out a wash.

Cynthia Mum


Jon Blocksom

Great car wash - not busy - easy in and out - friendly staff that helped solve a problem when we stopped by for a clean. Would recommend to anyone.


Alisia Martinez

Jonathan Dartnall

Rachel Pohli

This is my go-to car wash now. Much less crowded than Captain Dizzy. And the results are basically the same, without the scratches to my car's paint.

Carrie Lee Sherrod

Does good job most of the time

Samantha Orozco

I used the automatic wash and paid the $14 for super. There is still bird poop on the hood of my car. Definitely NOT worth the money.

The Reeds

Troy Hines

The self serve has better equipment than Brown Bear.

Katie Grimsley

I like the update place now. Ten times better than It used to be! The place was very kept up and clean. The touch free car wash was better than I expected for a 24/7. I got my moneys worth from the wash setting I chose. Very clean. Garbage bins where not over flowing. No trash piled up in the vacuum stations. Vacuum pice is one of the best. There is a three choice sent can use while your vacuuming. I went in the night. Place was very well lit. Lights are posted sporadically through the place. I felt ok/safe to be there. There is a gass station in the same parking lot as well. Open throw the night.

J'aliyah Flores

brian benedict

Hands free car wash. Pressure washing that does a good job cleaning my car. I like the under carriage wash as I drive in. No cloth straps to scratch the paint.

Ella Van Tassel

Bernice Delgado

Wish it was a little wider at exit so I can get my SUV out easy. Kinda tight.

James Bremer

Love this car wash all the equipment works great

Douglas Winnie

This is the best car wash north of Seattle to the Canadian border. And I know because I’ve tried all of them on my classic car. The young man that works in the evenings is super nice; His customer Service skills rival that of Nordstrom! Seriously, seriously, this is the best car wash. Seems to me a carwash technology would be pretty stable and common from place to place, but for some reason this one is the best. The young man that works in the evenings is super nice and really cool! You got to use this car wash to see what I’m talking about!

Joe Daub

Chuck Busby

Fun entertainment for the dog.

Troy Gordon

I love washing my car, but after downsizing from a house to an apartment, I no longer have the convenience of just washing my car in the driveway. This place is a great alternative and they even have different modes on the sprayer. So you can wash and wax. But of course it costs money. Also, watch out for the coin operated machine, they tend to occasionally eat the tokens. I've lost maybe 5 dollars total out of the last 3 times I've gone here. You're better off using a card.

filthe Fithen

This is my new place to wash.

Jeannie Houston

Over all the car wash it's self was not bad, the equipment was good, my issue is that getting off work late and going to wash the car shouldn't be reason for the Marysville police to approach and interigate me while I'm vacuuming out my car. They had driven thru the parking lot several times and saw me washing the car first. His reason I for stopping he said was it is a high drug area and I guess that means washing the car alone means that you are either a drug dealer or user. Cleaning the car gives them the right to stand there with a flash light and look thru all the windows. I mean really? I don't feel that washing my dirty car at a car wash that is open is a reason to stop me, take up my time questioning me about what I'm doing when it's obvious to anyone, and visually search my car in hopes to find a reason to justify the violation in the first place. If this car wash is in a area that bad it shouldn't be open 24 hours in the first place! It's bad for buisness if the police are harassing the customers. I will not go back to this car wash again because in of it.

jeepgirl wrangler

Enjoyed the car wash but unfortunately found a machete and needles and had msvl police come collect

Tina Lyle

Great place to wash my car I always go there..

Lisa k Collings

Blissful Home Services

Washed and vacuumed my SUV and it looks damn good. Only complaint is that the change machine ate one of my $5.00 bills. Going to call customer service and lets hope I get a refund to keep my experience a positive one.

Ivan Tuttle

This place is a hidden gem! I have a very expensive car, six figures worth and the I HATE CAPTIAN DIZZY'S JUNK WASH here in Marysville because those brushes ruin your car plus, their equipment doesn't work well unless they grease your car down with TOXIC DEGREASER SOAP. Clean Spot Car Wash is EXCELLENT!!! My car came out beautifully and much cleaner than stupid dizzy's ever did. This place cleans the car perfectly and nothing but soap, water and wax touches your car! My car looks BRAND NEW!!! THANK YOU CLEAN SPOT CAR WASH!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! (Look at my profile, I have over 14 million views just on my photos and I am a Top Reviewer for Google, I won't stear you wrong!)

Kimberly Okerson

Car is clean

Katrina Lee

My go to car wash for work since I'm a professional driver & my car needs to always be clean

Devin Eleven

Please get softer brushes and fix your vacuum cleaners

Shelly Willis

Great car wash ,no scratches

Shine Tyran


Aaron Bullis

Everything seems to be working great and prices are reasonable!

Jordan Werley

Used the automatic car wash, absolute worst car wash ever. Paid for the upgraded “Super” wash, only to have my car come out dirty. Would give 0 stars if I could, don’t waste your money.

Mike Dunn

Usually prefer Brown Bear, or the Captain Dizzy's down the street. I try it out every once in a while and I’m always disappointed. Couldn’t pay with cash (as it was broken), I had my card so it was fine. I tried to get a towel as they have no people to dry off your car and I couldn’t do that! No way to get an air freshener or anything! Lol ✌

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