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3977 Leary Way NW, Seattle, WA 98107

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REVIEWS OF Brown Bear Car Wash IN Washington

Sergey V

Youll NevaKnow

Douglas Lannom

Easy access from 410.

Kyle Rogers

Good wash but the pressure is a bit lower than I'd prefer. Water is heated though which is a huge plus!

Chris Straight

I take both our cars here. You can get a monthly subscription or just get one-off car washes here. It is usually busy on the weekends and after work so try to come here before work or in the evenings on weekends.

Derek Smith

Um, well it's a car wash. Put in coins and get soapy water. There is beer near by after your Whip is cleaned up.

Samatar Guled

bill thomas

I love this place for my car wash. I will drive acrossed town to wash here.

Kevin Roberts

Gets busy when it's nice out, sometimes the soap runs out in the foam brushes. Sprayers always work, they keep the garbage emptied. I appreciate their clean streams program, and like that when you pay at the token machine with a card, it gives 6 tokens for $5.


Melinda Issakov

Always busy but has all the usual things you need.

kyle williams

Ripped my girlfriend off 7 dollars

Gabriel Hartman

Takes credit cards. Is clean and well maintained. Can be rather busy.

Lysa Cassatt

Like it way more much


Great car wash

kshitij prasad

James Auld

Adrian Wilhelmsen

Standard automated, decent price.

auzmo usa

It's a car accident, what can I say

Toto Tamberine

Sol Wagner

I honestly had a lot of fun washing my car at Brown Bear. This place is a local staple.

Annie Wilkison

Well maintained

Quentin Lundy

Chuck Fowler

Nice do it yourself car wash every is automated and works very well!

Kenneth Duhe

Great place to bathe your car.

Miss. Hacker

Maurice Jordan

Very nice place to wash your vehicle

sooz g

I love this self service car wash. It does not take very long, and I have always been happy with the results.

Jeka Pryhodko

Gets your car clean, reasonable prices. It’s a self-wash kind of place so you have to rinse, foam, etc yourself. Good choice if you don’t want the automatic washes to ding up your brand new car.

Kevin Caravaggio

Great staff, but the machines here did not clean my car very much.

Leah Bee

Shane Massey

Best car wash in town!

Behrooz Hadavi

Sarah Bennett

Matthew Lepley

Brad Carlson

catherine cougan

Lexy Jewett

Vin Colgin

Popular u wash, pretty much the only one in the area, as I only know of 3 in Seattle poper.

Winkie Chen

Kathy Blas

velimer vidakovich

Clean, shiny, and dry. On top of the it's fast and convenient.

John Henry

Christina Hendricks

Matt Aliberti

Pradyot Singh

Renee Hacker

Love them 24 hour car wash best car wash always has soap and warm water ,machine are working great job

Nathan Pharris

One time, while I was washing my car here. I accidentally bumped the bottoms that keep the lights on the car on. So, the battery ended up dying. Fortunately for me, Ned (the Brown Bear associate) was very helpful in getting my car jump started. He helped me move my car in position and provided jumper cables. I'm very fortunate for his excellent customer service.

Loren Rose

Joanna Ross

Cheri Morrison

Akshay Ram

I have identified the knack of washing my car for $2:-). Nice self service car wash.. I use the foam wash and high pressure wash alone.. that does the job

Leanna Edgell

Malcolm Beegle

Does the Bonney Lake/ Buckley location self-serve accommodate 5th wheel height?

SlowMoe 711

Cecilia I

Like the self service ability

Anna Bader


Pat Valerio

On halfway decent days there can be an unusually long wait for a stall to open up no real system and how to lineup causes confusion seems pricey you don't get a lot for your dollar but the equipment works well

Aaron Scott

Ben Kent

A great place to wash your.. (Car, truck, van, boat, siblings..)

Mehmet Vurkaç

slightly confusing the first time, but good

Zakkry Endicott

Sandra Rae Smith

Everything works like it should here. Now if only there was a person to dry my car for me! Lol

mary Blanchard

Cameron Fromong

Good cat wash. Takes cards.

Kristen Fisher

Hillel Shirman

Jamie Rene

Great place for an eco-friendly car wash.

Yarian Gomez

Mukul Chawla

Easy to understand and operate.

Jessica Jensen

Trip Edgerton

Everything usually works. Pretty clean. Not much space in the lot to wait, busy on the weekends.

Don Whedon

Roland Ma

Not a good time to wash your car at mid-night

Anas Jebreni

I love the price

Nikhil Dabhade

Steven Hoppe

James Daniel

Scott Catron

Allen Palmore

Tosha Schneider

Brian W. Rodenberg

Brenton Monroe

Good vacuums

Raymond Ochs

Robert Smith

Great little self-serve car wash. Takes cards as well as quarters. Crowded on weekends and nice afternoons, but usually a spot available. I go late at night and it's almost always empty.


Daniel Snoozy

Alex VandenBush

*WARNING* DO NOT use debit card in self wash - only credit in case of over-charge. Total was easily double the posted price/time once "deposit" dropped off (used bay #4). Check your bank statements people!!

Jenni Pratt

Peter Thoreau

Alina Stuiber

Alex Omar

Adam Dow

Good place to wash and clean your car. No drive through option available.

Steven Gebhardt

Outstanding service!!! super quick, and extremely inexpensive!! The staff was very precise with detail!!! We will definitely be back!!!


Did not clean my car.. just spotted it up

Dana Cretu

Gets crowded fast and the vacuum is expensive

Tina Williams

Nice place. Nice touch less car wash. Good staff

Matt Graham

We go regularly to wash our cars. It's typically crowded and people do that like to follow the rules of a queue.

Luke Hartsock

This brown bear is a staple in Fremont. Reliable for a car wash. Nothing automatic though. Usually recommend using your own rags or buying the drying towels though to finish to wash... The brushes & the high pressure water don't always get the nitty gritty dirt off the sides etc.

Kris Whitehead

As far as self serve car washes go, it's a good one.

Zachary Lukasiewicz

Hector Delgadillo

Nora Carroll

This is the best location. Even better than the amenities are the awesome and caring staff. I had the unfortunate experience of having my car window smashed and had to go clean my car here. The attendant on duty, Max I believe, was extremely caring and gave me suggestions of a window replacement. I really appreciated his help and his generous spirit - an A+ employee!

Valerie Ho

Good place for a self car wash. When it gets busy, however, people get confused at how to line up for the wash and the station gets crowded with cars that doesn't have much space to park and wait. Other than that, the station is kept pretty well.

Rob Lisy

Busy on the weekend, but a decent car wash

Ning Li

Sheah Brown

Steve Walther

Bryan D

Paid $12 which was the most expensive wash and after we drove through we drove to the manual wash because it didn't even touch the front of the car. Which we paid another $4 for. What a waste

rodeo jennings


steven concannon


Bob Croce

Lewis Hyman


Scott Gordon

little hard to get into at times

Terry Ladd

The gold standard for car washes in and around Seattle. "The wash is busy right now, it'll just be a minute. How about if I do a little dance?"

Geri Strong

A Google User

Usually don't have to wait in line very long for the automatic wash it's always clean and very well maintained

Dmitry Bogoslavtsev

James TS

Ben Scannell

Quick and easy way to get a thorough car wash.

Sara Bauman

Had an issue one time, they responded with an apology letter and a $10 bill witch was $2 more than the cost of my wash that malfunctioned <3 love e them to death!!

Dave Parsons

This self-serve car wash is ok for cars, but for my high-roof Sprinter van the brush only reaches one side. I have to waste car wash minutes turning around to get both sides. Also, the vacuum spots are usually all occupied.

Mary Kay Swinehart

Thomas Lakutis

It's an automatic car wash that gets your vehicle reasonably clean. That's it in a nutshell.

addie backer-corthell

Great place! I wash my car there all the time. It comes out looking great and for a great price! It has also been a good place to take my boat when I take it out of storage. Always works for me!

Tom Hyde

Water pressure was lousy and the added costs to get the car clean felt like it was a ripoff. For a place I've been frequenting for many years, I felt let down.

Jennifer Bender

Clean. Properly working equipment.

Susan Graham

Great car wash. I pay a little more for the deluxe car wash and wax, but it is definitely worth it to keep a white car clean in the Pacific Northwest.

Itsnotme Itsyou

Like this car wash

taylor ankley

Self service so not Mitch raise to say

Eugene O'Rourke

Just an ok carwash. Didn't do an amazing job, but also not an expensive wash. Wouldn't recommend over other options in the area.

Maxim Ivanov


Philip Dawdy

Deborah Nielsen

jaime curay

Too expensive!!!!!

Dave Walker

Scott S.

Easy access, clean, affordable, and a great do-it-yourself car wash option.

Duke Fu

D Hicks

Jordan Gamble

Michael Booth

B -ri


Gail Gofdon

Wendy Borg

Austin Carney

Melanie Monroe

Misleading advertisement when searching for an open brown bear at 9 pm on a Sunday. Monthly membership customers aren't looking to pay extra to get a car wash at the end of a long traveled weekend.

Andrew Martonik

Pretty nice self-serve wash. Sprayer hose hangs from the ceiling so you can walk all around the car without the hose hitting things, which is nice. $3 per 5 minutes of washing means you can easily clean a regular car for $6. Different spray modes including foamy soap and just hot water let you choose how you want to wash. I didn't even use the available hand brush and it still came out clean on account of the pretty good water pressure from the sprayer. Just remember to bring your own towel to dry the car! Was nearly full, but no line on a Sunday afternoon — I suspect that's mostly because it was the end of January.

Eric Nowacki

Jordan Lucke

Du th

Kimberly Griffin

Elizabeth Hoffmann

Alex S

Often crowded

Casey Klaus

Easy to use, not normally a wait

Christy Foster

They take coins or credit cards, but it does get expensive. I think my wash was $11

Artimas Moondonkey

Kat Stangler

Good price, in and out quickly with a clean car

Candido Susano

I really like this place nice

Suzanne Kilker

Stone Packard

Clean and all equipment in good working order. I don't much care the token system.

Jeffrey Fildey

Heated water and credit card reader in each bay.

Magdalyn Elizabeth

Craig Chester

It's a car wash. What more do you want?

Kelly Ann Colangelo

Jen Anderson Miller

Somewhat fair priced, great vending machine variety!

Dan Allison

About $8 to wash. Everything works and is well taken care of.

Valentine Mandryka

Jessica Sutton

Great car wash

Bobby James


Not the very best self serve car wash, but good enough. Clean, well maintained and well lit if case you happen to stop by in an off hour.

Lisa Greer

Hleb Makarevich

Daniel Unda

Heather Watt

The auto wash cleaned my hood beautifully but my sides of my vehicle is still very dirty. :-/ i paid for the most expensive wash.

Linda Rogers

Great place to wash my car. Nothing touches other than soap, etc. Comes out clean.

John Neilson

Debit and credit cards can be used for car wash tokens, vacuums, always a great experience!

Karin Ambur

Best touch free car wash around & price is great

Wayne W

Usually busy

Guess Who

Karin Collinsworth

Easy to use. Accepts quarters to debit/credit cards. Easy to use. Saves Puget Sound the run off!

Leidy Martinez

They have really good vacuum service. 3 days ago we forgot a package with important staff inside and Ned who works there kept it safe for us. Good customer service and very helpful!

Lee McClendon

Clean and fast

Chico Chico

No veterans discount:(

Cat Ferman

Shantrelle Pitts


Inexpensive and great vaccums!

Steven Pecoraro

Wasted 5 dollars on a self wash where there was no soap. Then waited in line for the automatic car wash and watching all the cars come out dirty, jut wet, but still dirty! AVOID THIS PLACE!!!

Stephanie McCulloch

Steven Jeske

$12 for a car still dirty???

Matthew Wheelock

I go to brown bear locations for all my car washes and for some reason at this location my car never gets clean even with the most expensive wash.

Mathias Burén

PE Slim

A Urion

Very nice auto car wash with great waxing ... unlimited monthly car washes for $40

Patrick Holmes

Justin Krupp

Drove 45 minutes to get here to find out that the car wash doesn't have a scanner for pre-paid washes.

rick sapp

Nice place

Alan Brown

Large bays. One of the few places in Seattle you can wash RV, including other Brown Bear locations. Affordable. Equipment in good condition

LeAnn Langerud

Ray Manta

They got everything you need to clean your vehicle inside and out whether you have to do that quickly or want to take your time. Its not particularly cheap, though. Depending on what you're doing it'll set you back ten or twenty bucks. More if you got something big or its really dirty. Warm sense of accomplishment when you're finished, though.

Brian Mito

Alan Essary

Melisa Graham

Love it! Cleans my car beautifully.

Alanna Whitaker

I love DIY carwashes - this one is at a convenient location, too. The cost is the same as an automated one. Also has vaccums behind the wash available.

Victorio King

Great but vacuum station is a bit dated


John Trinder

Doesn't do the best job at cleaning, but NOT the worst either.


Always the best. Love the air freshener!

Laura Brittain

Shannon Cary-Stevens

Vaccumes are the best

Victor Dearmond

Great place for getting vehicles ready for summer

Ryan C

It did everything the name implies, wash my car.

Jess Lavalley

Andy Bremmeyer

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