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13589 Minnieville Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 Located in: Smoketown Plaza

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REVIEWS OF The Smart Car Wash IN Virginia

Ipsen I

Good price, decent wash, horrible wait times. Seems like half the time I come they have mechanical problems.

Khurum Mohd

Management is good when you asked then to do things otherwise they just do their job. Buy good price

Anthony Cantrell

I drove 20 minutes out of my way to this car wash because it looked like it would be decent. Showed up at 7:00PM and they blocked everything off with cones and one of the attendants was pretty rude and said they were closed. Another car pulled in to try and get a car wash and it was the same thing for them. If you close at 7:00PM update the hours and if it's 7:30 make sure your people close at the right time and not 30 minutes early.

Ahmadzai Shahi

Terrible experience! I would never go again. I paid 26 dollars and inside of my car still as before wash

Gabriel Vazquez

Never meets my expectations. They have lazy workers

Tony Mendez

Good car wash but staff needs to step up with their vacuum job, car is usually left dirty inside.

Mike Orehowsky

If your car is black this is not the place to go. Scratched my car and it's not clean... $40 for a wash... not happy with the service. Kids doing the job, with no regard for a vehicles price...

karla martinez

Had an express detail and def not worth it. They still left a lot of stains on the exterior. It doesn’t even look like it got washed at all.

Rebecca Dessez

Very friendly staff. Took great care of my Daytona. I'm from out of town visiting my daughter and this was the closest car wash to her. Loved how they hand dried my car with the regular wash. We don't have that at home. I will definitely visit this place again !!

Justin Day

I signed up for the $60 monthly membership today, July 29, 2019 around 11:30 am. I drove my car through the wash and a young man wiped it down and took it around to the other side. Then, a group of about 6 young men went through and cleaned the inside of my car. When I got my car back, about $10 worth of change in a change pouch was taken from a compartment to the left of the steering wheel and the car was not cleaned to my standards. I immediately went back to the check-in window and cancelled my membership. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager came out and stood by the office door as I was canceling my membership and asked to speak to me. Once I cancelled my membership, I had to go find the manager who was in a back office instead of him waiting for me to complete the brief cancellation form. I explained to him that one of his employees took money out of my car. He told me that he checked each of his employees' pockets and bags and that he found nothing. I asked how to file a formal complaint and he said to go on Yelp. I had the worst experience today that I have ever had at any car wash that I have ever been to, from the dishonesty of the employees to the non-chalant attitude of the manager. I will never come back to this establishment and I recommend that no one else go here neither. Honestly, I would give a 0 or negative stars if I could.

Silvia Mora

Disappointing... thought that by paying the higher fee amount of $37 they would take a little more time to ensure everything that is listed on their advertised packages would be done... none of my rubber mats were washed and scrub as they advertised no matter how many times I told them to please be sure they were done and the main reason I had considered doing the higher fee amount in the first place... My interior cleaning looked like it was cleaned by an over used dirty rag leaving residue of lent and dirty markings on certain places inside my car and the back windows were poorly done... I was truly dissatisfied with the service and cannot possibly recommend this place to anyone... I didn’t bother complaining at the time of service because as I waited for my vehicle to be done I noticed other customers complaining about their services and it felt as the complaints were not taken kindly - and that probably would have made me more upset... You cannot hold customers accountable for complaining on services that were paid for and are not getting serviced or were done poorly...

Yasser almqdashi

Nice but it you have to wait along time to get serve! They need more employees

Michael Borgos

Total waste of time and money

Rezwan Islam

The monthly option with unlimited car wash is a good deal. The heater does not work well. This could be intentional to get tips as a couple of guys use dry clothes to dry the car after a car wash. EDIT (in response to the owner): The only problem with the wipe down service is that there have always been watermarks and residues on the car afterwards. The windshield also tends to have wipe-marks. I appreciate the effort, but properly done direct blower drying works better.

Brittany Garlick

Terrible customer service! Hire competent experienced employees instead of teenagers who have no respect. Pictures look nice which is why I drove out of my way to go here. No thank you. I'll take my money elsewhere. Read the reviews and you'll see.

Vanessa Diaz

I usually don’t do this type of thing but i had to share my wonderful experience at The Smart Car Wash this morning came in at around 8:30 long lines and my car still got out 20/25 mins the staff was friendly was offered a monthly plan and I’ll be back to sign up for that $37 a month and can come everyday defiantly worth it thanks guys my car was perfect

Frank Bolla

This place is fantastic. I came in for a full detail and my car looks almost like new. The staff was attentive and made sure that my car was taken care of.

Anirudh Ramesh

This place is amazing as someone who is shy and not used to new things like detailed car cleaning. This place was nice and fast. They gave quick easy service and amazing customer experience. This place is a guaranteed win. Would gadly come back again

Danny Chase

Great place. They do a good job on the rims and put on "tire shine"

Andrew Politano

Stopped by today for a quick $5 car wash and the staff was initially very friendly. I told them I wanted a basic wash and asked if the 'basic' $5 wash would get all the dirt off my car (it was decently grimy..) They explained the levels of service and tried to upsell me on the $14 package. I was wishy washy about it and at first agreed, but ultimately at the end, decided since I typically wash my own car when it's warmer, I'd just be cool with getting the basic $5 wash. I literally said, "You know what, just give me the 'basic' wash." All I really needed was to get the dirt OFF the car and the interior was already decently clean. I know he heard me, I only said it out loud and he chuckled a bit. The message was clear enough. They ended up ringing me up for the $14 package and I noticed while already in line to be washed. I asked the wash attendant about it trying to catch the mistake before I went through the wash. He went back to the podium guys and reported that they basically said, "deal with it", in so many words. Allllright then, it's their fault for ringing up the incorrect service so "throw me in the wash and I'll take care of it later", I thought. I literally tried to resolve it right at the get go, they asked for me to come back in. So I went through the wash as normal, parked afterward and walked in. No one there to greet me, waited a couple minutes. Guy comes in and asks me if I need help. I explain that at the end of discussing with front podium guy that I said "I just want the basic wash, for now" and even told the wash guy BEFORE I went IN to the wash and they declined to offer me a service change. He goes and talks to the podium guy again and comes back. He states, "We think the packages were pretty well explained to you there when you rolled up.." and, "I was there and heard everything you said, you said you wanted that wash.." Uh, well, since you heard everything, you would have heard that I changed my mind at the end there before I even handed my card over to the attendant. They were also well aware that I wanted a change before I even got washed that I tried to rectify the situation. So he ends up fighting me about this $9 difference for longer than it would have taken to just make me happy and swipe my damn card for a return and charge me for a $5. That would have guaranteed that I came back next week. After I said "Judging by your standoffishness to issue me even the slightest refund on what amounts to a failure to change my service after asking and before service was even rendered, I can tell that this isn't happening. Thanks for your time" and walked. It just wasn't worth it, I knew the conversation wasn't going anywhere and they simply didn't feel like ***ing with it. I mean, it's $9, I get it. I also get that the attendants were too lazy to issue a refund and ring up a new one or even just change the wash service itself, that would have been too easy, right? But to their credit, the guys who are on the younger side and pretty cool, the car DID get pretty clean (the exception being some suds leftover on the trunk and hatch area) I also liked that the dry guy didn't exert a ton of force with his cloths, seemed to actually care about doing a good job (yes, they use clean-looking microfibers, horray!) when drying. I'll give them a pass for that one. Ultimately, the lack of the attendants willingness to type in some numbers and issue a service change before I was washed was at fault here. The fact that I encountered SUCH stand-offish resistance for a measly $9 partial refund at the end also isn't great customer service at the end of the day. Overall it's a "3" for me. In response to the owners' response: I know reading is hrd and I wrote a novel..Apologies. As stated, I attempted to rectify it *right* after noticing that I was charged for the $14 wash and before I got my wash. THAT is the issue. I was refused a change in service right off the bat from the attendant after I brought it up to him.

Dylan Jennings

Really great job on my detail. They shampooed all the stains out and it didn't take much time.


How smart can be a car wash ??? We paid 34 or 36 for a good service, we got a 5 dollars service :-( when I realize the service was bad, also I did realize they was almost closing, and .... maybe ready to go, so they ultra super fast my service ha ha, after spoke with the manager ...... he quickly accept to re do my service, but we set up for the next day, so next day.... the service was 36 dollars way, That is a Smart Car Wash Service The way you treat your customers

Chuck Michaels

This is the worst car wash I have ever taken my car to. I have reasons to believe that they have employees posting good reviews after a bad review has been posted. I only get my car hand wash and a great car wash in Tyson’s Corner is my first choice. However, because of the traffic from Woodbridge to Tyson’s sometime I settle for this location because they offer hand wash. Last Friday I took my car for a hand wash as I work from home so 4:20 pm is an ideal time for me to arrive at this location for a $20 ($50) more wash than Tyson’s ($30). So, I do not like to come here but come only when I have too. However, last Friday was the last time I will ever spend my money at the terrible place. Last Friday was a different day. I usually get there at 4:20 (they close at 7:30) and ask a tall White guy for a hand wash and he takes care of me with no problem. However, this was not the case last Fri. I pulled up and asked the two new young men hand washing cars (with one car almost done and one more in front of me) if they can take care of my car and they said it was no a problem so I proceeded to the customer section to continue working on my laptop. Two guys (one name Eric) came up from the both and started yelling at the young men washing cars. Eric: “What the yell is this?” Asking the guys washing cars. “Who the hell car is this?” as Eric and the other guy asked. I was sitting outside watching and waiting for them to make their way to me. To make a long story short, they told me they were not going to wash my car because I did not report to him as he pointed to the little letter that said manager that you could not see even with a magnifier glass. I said to him, I didn’t know I had to report to you. This is what I always do when I come here and there is no way I can see that you’re the manager from in the both. Even thought, I arrived 2 hours and 40 minutes before they closed, he stated because I did not understand his rule (“logic”) and how I was too stupid to understand I need to report to him and I cannot get a hand wash even though I arrived 4:20 and they closed at 7:30 with one car and a half in front of me. So, I will be passing by this car wash moving forward and going to a self service.

Anne Lane

Everytime I come there is a problem with the machine car does not look clea. Do yourself a favor go somewhere else...

Robert Goody

I go here about every other Saturday and get my truck hand washed and vacuumed. Always do a great job. It they miss something they immediately take car of it.

Walter K.

They take care of the military community. Go here.

Kimberly Shaw

Best wash around! Skip the line and get a smart pass!!

Monie Ulis

This was one of the best car wash places in Woodbridge. However, quality has slipped to the lowest which I attribute to hiring practice. While I fully encourage hiring young individuals, they must have a good work ethic!

Russell Kennedy

I am former military and have been coming here for years. There have been ups and downs but the last year has been consistently great. I have learned that you have to talk to management about what you see, what you like and don't like. …

Madie Kennedy

I am new to the area and just starting to try out the local businesses. I saw a man holding a $5 car wash sign and needed to get the salt off my car so I decided to give this place a try. I was greeted very nicely and asked about the $5 option, the young lady told me it is great, but they don't wipe down, so then I opted for the $26 option where they fully wash the outside and clean the interior. The line was short and I learned that you also stay in your car during the wash. It was great, there was blue foam that came down and colorful soap. They did a great job on the interior and I saw a sign for the monthly plan to sign up for $37 a month. They gave me back a credit for the $26 wash. The people were really friendly and I liked all the environmental signs they had up about special chemicals and water recycling. Great place!

Nolawie Alemu

They barely cleaned my car! Terrible customer service. I will not recommend.

Bradley Caricofe

Tried them for the first time yesterday. Purchased the most expensive package. Interior was still filthy after they finished. Could've done a better job myself at a gas station vacuum.

MaryBeth Love

I’ve gone to a couple car washes in Woodbridge. The Smart Car Wash has been the best value (service for money). They are pretty quick, about 15-20 minutes for a wash and full detail and it’s $26. The manager checks every car that goes out meticulously. I brought both my cars there this week and was really pleased. I normally like to go to the dealer for details which can be super pricey. This was a great alternative even if it wasn’t as intense (or expensive) as a full dealer detail.

Rhonda Hammonds

I didn't really have any issues with the staff. But I got the $14 wash called "Exterior Plus". And so as I was going through the wash, nearing the end and I noticed that there was still a whole bunch of soap on my back windshield. So I'm sure there was probably still soap on the car as well, at least on the back. But since I was in the car I could not get out and see. Anyhow, The rinse water never rinsed it all off. At the end, the guy ended up wiping it off with the rag . I think that's the most soap I've seen left on my back windshield in any car wash I've been in. Also I drove off and when I got home I looked at the back of my car and it was still noticeably dirty :/

David Keith

$5 waah is worth it

Mehar Haseeb

I had to bad experience. If they guys don't want to open the shop. So why they don't change online timing.


Poor quality. Don’t recommend

Wilson Lopez

Very disrespectful and complained because I asked to clean some spots left. Then talk smack back in Spanish thinking I didn't understand. First and last visit.

John Reginald

I came in yesterday for a wash and it was my first time here. This is the only car wash I’ve ever been to that had such great customer service. From the second I got there the girl at the booth was very friendly and helpful. Then I got to the entrance of the wash and they guided me in right as I came out they wiped the car down and told me to have a great day. I’ll definitely be back thank you smart wash.

Brittany Swisher

Purchased the platinum wash. Also asked for my trunk to be vacuumed. The lady highlighted the request on the receipt which I kept on the dash. After taking my car through the wash, I let the gentleman know that I also requested my trunk to be vacuumed and asked if he wanted me to go ahead and pop the trunk. He said yes, so I did. Needless to say, not only was my trunk not vacuumed as requested but the dash/console was not wiped down either. Since this was their “second chance”, it was not worth it to me to bring to someone’s attention (and wait longer to have the work done right? No, thank you). Basically paid $26 to have the $5 express wash done

Cody Gardiner

I went through the wash for the first time today and they did a great job on my car. The attendants were very friendly and my car looked great. I will be back.

Brian Hutchins

Hands down the best car wash in the area. Everyone speaks English, they are fast and efficient, and they are really friendly and cost effective. Strong military supporters as well!

Wendy F.

I came in for the first time for a normal wash and decided to get a complete service. Was welcomed by a nice and friendly staff. However, a complete service was far from complete. My middle seats and trunk were not vacuumed (I requested to have the trunk vacuumed to the gentleman that drove my car to have it serviced), side mirrors were not cleaned, back window was not cleaned from the inside, middle console area was not cleaned, and rubber mats were just rinsed - not scrub as stated on the package. I would have given them a one star but because of their friendliness customer service, I gave them two stars. Editing responding to the owner’s comment. I would have brought it up to someone, however the person that informed me that my car was ready went back inside where they clean the cars and there was no one else around. As my first time there, I didn’t know where to find the manager. It’ll be nice to have the managers names visible to customers, so we’ll know who to ask for or where to find them. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Michael Padgett

I use to go here on a regular basis. I had 3 vehicles on the monthly plan. Service was great at first but service and quality went down rapidly. There was always an issue with something getting missed such as vacuuming, or the windows not being clean, or wheels not being clean, smudges on paint, tire shine on 3 tires and not the 4th, etc....... I’m not overly picky and I’m not hard to please but my vehicle always looked mediocre at best!!! I guarantee if it was 1 of there vehicles it would have not looked the way mine did!!!! It got to the point I could never go here without some kind of issue that I would have to bring up to the Manager on duty. To top that all off it was never a quick in and out, I found myself being here for an hour+ just for a mediocre job. It might have had something to do with the employees that are supposed to be cleaning your vehicle but instead running around playing like kids!!! I caught 1 of them playing with my radio and just having himself a good time!!! I told that employee to get out of my vehicle and I brought the matter up to the manager on duty. I canceled my monthly membership and went and paid more somewhere else where I got quality work and didn’t have to worry about unfriendly employees that act like they don’t want to be there and want to play around like High School kids. After a year and a half my regular car wash was closed 1 day for maintenance and I decided to give Smart Wash a try again thinking maybe things have gotten better. What was I thinking!!!!!! This place is still terrible!!!!! Yeah the prices are good but you get what you pay for!!!!! Don’t waist you time with this place!!! If you don’t care about quality of work and spending an hour here only to get back a vehicle that’s not much cleaner than it was when you took it there than this place is for you!!! If not spend a couple extra dollars and go somewhere else where you get quality and good customer service!!! Side Note: There was a line to talk to the manager on duty the other day when I was there!!! Apparently I’m not the only 1 that had the same issues!!!!!!!!!

Sig Behrens

Great friendly staff. My car came out clean and faster than I thought it would take. They are also very military friendly offering a discount which is much appreciated.

Marlon Waters

I visited here today. I normally go here a lot because the guys are normally great and speedy. Well, after spending 4 hours at the Honda Dealership I decided to go to Smart Car Wash to get my car washed. But after a hour of being on the road heading home I went to get my AirPods out my arm rest, they were gone. I had Them all day in the dealership listening to my gospel music. So, therefore I called the car wash and talked to the manager on staff. I wont drop his name, but he was not helpful at all. These AirPods cost me $170 bucks. I was So disappointed in this service today. I won’t Be returning back at all. I sent the manager pictures and everything.

Nat Deese

I took two of my cars in to get cleaned on my monthly plan, and I was very upset with lack of service. The windshield on both cars had not been touched and I even moved my cell holder from the windshield. What really ticks me off is the 2nd time thru, there was 4 to 5 guys cleaning my SUV and that when undone, and one of the guys was on his cell.. Here is the kicker, when i called back to complain, "the proclaimed mgr" offered excuses, and no apologies for anything. He said since I was a monthly member, there was nothing he could. I am now shopping for a new car wash.

Melody Wong

Paid $37 for Platinum Ultimate service. What a waste! Windows...uncleaned, console...untouched, dashboard...untouched! All they did was vacuum...and not well, and wash the floor mats. What a waste of $37!!! I took my car home and cleaned it myself!!!

Laura Ratigan

Fast, friendly, and great job inside and outside. I wish they had another location.

Krl Lrk

So far, so good! I love the professionalism evident through every employee interaction. With their uniforms, I am ensured that only EMPLOYEES are handling my car. At other locations, staff wear anything, so you can't tell who is who. Additionally, their prices and features are clearly listed for a regular wash all the way to their monthly packages. Again, no surprises. I also love their ecofriendly operations. So your clean car is not negatively affecting the environment. Additionally, your satisfaction is guaranteed. So if there is something you find dissatisfactory about their work, they will make it right. And the employees are polite.

Tim Connolly

Fast, efficient, great. I was a little nervous because of the reviews but I just moved here and tried them out. Everything came out great. They even asked if I wanted a free fragrance.

Matthew Waller

I set an appointment at 10:30 for interior and exterior express detail, paid the $120, handed over my keys then went into the customer waiting room to well, wait. 2 hours later I walk out and find my car parked out front as I had brought it in. They detailed the wrong Mercedes so some lucky guy or gal got a free detail on my time. Seriously it's a bunch of kids running rampant with no regard to others time or money. Will not be returning to this wash / service again.

Eric Hernandez

First time at your wash so i can through the lobby and bumped into the manager Mohammad he answered all my questions every well told me about all the packages and gave me his card said contact him if he had any more questions...every customer service friendly proceeded down to the middle lane to get my $37 and i must say I’d like to get one of those unlimited passes

Sara Gomez

I brought in my Jeep and they did an incredible job for the Platinum. I didn't know what to expect from some of the reviews but I thought the service was great including how much time they took on my car. I didn't find anything I could point out and they offered me the monthly pass which I am considering. All in all, a great car wash.

Zia Seddiqi

Paid 26$ for nothing. My car was not vaccummed the way it should be and they even didn't touch the switch boards and Matts

Carlos Lama

Its good service but seems that the lanes are disorganized. It can get crowded

Laura White

Did a great job. Ended up getting a much needed full detail on our car. There monthly membership is a deal. Will use in the future

Quianna Freeman

I went here because my usual place had a very long line. I should have been patient. After my wash my car was still dirty and still had soap suds on top of the trunk and in the side mirrors. I'm definitely going back to my usual car wash.....even with a long line.

Mark Turner

Busy place but they did a great job. I waited 13 minutes for a full inside/outside wash. I normally wash my own car but for the $26 its worth it when its so hot. people were all friendly

Jeri Cohen

Oustanding place! The manager was super nice and talked me into a detail which they did inside of an hour. Happy I did it. The staff seemed pretty happy which is not what you usually see at a car wash. I will be back!

Muhammed Sayed

Yesterday i stopped by around 1 pm for a $26 forgot i left $60 in my middle console went back to go get it and it was gone only person i seen driving my car was an older white guy grey hair (seemed kinda old to be working for a car wash) was pretty rude when wiping down my car as well said told me come on so he can take my car around IN RESPONSE TO THE was your wash i was at white guy grey and black hair had a blue smart detailing shirt on once i find my receipt ill upload it for you so that you can see

Amanda Jones

My go to spot for a car wash always gets me done right never problems always greeted with a smile from the young lady at the booth yesterday i noticed she’s training someone he seems a little nervous but he’ll get there i definitely Recommend this car wash

Josh Waldrop

Brought my Toyota Highlander for a detail and it came out amazing. They got out all my dog hair and made it look like new, I did have to pay extra for the dog hair but it was worth it. I really didn't think it would look this good and told them I had to give them a great review.

Federico Bellini

The worst place ever to wash ur car , I paid 37 dollars for the Ultimate car wash and they didn’t even finish cleaning, the employees thru the line we’re talking and not focusing on there job, reason why I didn’t try to get my money back it’s because I was in a rush , I do not recommend this place if u want ur vehicle to look brand new again and it’s bs , don’t focus on detail at all .

Raymond Ross

This is the best car wash I have ever been to. The way they clean the inside of your car is amazing.

lou testaccio

Decent job! But the monthly rates for unlimited washes are great!

Wisam Rabeea

Bad. With $14 I supposed to have rim cleaning with power wash. After I left home I checked the tire rims. 3 not clean well and the 4th very dirty.

Kyle Whindleton

05/11/18 - Won't return for service. I'm putting this one on the management for hiring such employees. Customer service has to be a primary focus for this location to provide an excellent 5 Star experience. The guy who was pulling cars in …

Elizabeth Justus

HORRIBLE!! Two vehicles were damaged because employees couldn't drive manual but decided to try anyway and ended up rolling my truck into another car behind it. They then asked me to move my truck and yelled at me when I got out and stood next to it to make sure no one tried to drive it again since nobody knew how to drive manual. DO NOT USE THIS CAR WASH!! Employees who could not drive stick WAS the issue.

Patricia Hulbert

It's ok. Customer service could use some work.

Scott Higdon

I am done with this place. Each visit it is something else. There is no quality control. Synopsis of last few visits: Missed one entire side of interior with vacuum. Missed exterior back of car. Didn't wipe down interior, dash or instruments. Didn't clean interior windows. Didn't apply tire dressing. This is paying over $40 each time, not the express service, but full service. They corrected after I pointed it out, but that is their responsibility. EDIT: (As stated in their response, they are correct in saying the cost was $37 and not over $40. I should have said around $40. The issues still remain the same and I have no desire to seek compensation, as this is not the issue. It is the quality of the service, the cost reference is that for this amount, there is a higher expectation of quality and services performed. Those issues were raised with the staff when they occurred and corrected. I just do not believe it is my responsibility to inspect the car each time I use their service.)


We bought the $14 package and it says triple foam, but we only get one foam bath and no one towel dry the car. We waited for a few minutes and then left as kids were crunky.

Yolanda Mires

Fast service and clean. I like the foam bath thing they have here.

Claudia Picado

Careless drivers that speed off with your vehicle! Got my tire and rim damaged and Unfortunately nothing was done nor attempted to be done, not even an apology. Take your business elsewhere where you will get better services and good customer service!!

Charlotte Cohen

First time here and very friendly staff. I was offered all the options and chose a $26 full service. Looks good so far. They are running a Black Friday special today for 50% off details which I am buying as a gift.

Jessica Garcia

Ima start off by saying i was completely not too sure of this place because of the reviews but i figured why not give it a try my self 50/50 chance right but i will say don’t judge a book by its cover i went there expressed my concerns to Stephanie she assured me that if my car wasn’t done right (got a $37) to just address it to someone and they’ll fix it and that’s exactly what happened they missed a few spots vacuuming and forgot to do my mats but i went to the manager Bruce and he took care of me with a problem and apologized for the Inconvenience....i will day if something is messed up with the car just express it to an employee and they will take care of you another thing is a applaud them for even working in such harsh weather

Abdul Rahim

I took my car to smart car wash, when I came home I saw scratches on the top of my car I really do not appreciate that.

Kate Johnson

I came in today and got the platinum ultimate mainly because i wanted my floor mats done. After they did a decent job on the car they brought it out to me and i noticed a few things wrong. I asked for the manager. The Spanish looking manager came out and took care of everything and made sure i left happy. After that I’ll definitely be back. Thanks guys i found my new wash.

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