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Oksana Podorovskaya

Went their twice. First they cleaned it so hard that they damage an emblem of Volvo on the steering wheel. Moreover the work was done bad. Lots of dirty parts. But we decided to give this place second chance and came today again. Paid 35$ for inside and outside cleaning. Again bad job!!! Never again

Derek Reinhard

After a great first experience, every return trip gets more disappointing

Julie Murphy

Took FOR EVER. And magically, when my brand new car comes out, there is dark, dirty spots all over it. Call these to the attention of the manager, he says that they were there before I came in and that his car was didn't magically make spots appear. Then, told me if I went to a body shop and got proof that it was caused by the carwash, he would pay to fix it. Not to mention the fact that there was still bug grime, debris, and etc all over the interior and exterior. Don't go here. Don't waste your time or your money on their half assed job. Avoid at all costs.

Cynthia G.

Great service Great rate for express detail.

Samir Sahgal

Definitely not the quality of Flagship. My car didn't get clean with their new equipment and supplies and they refused to make it right. They wanted me to pay extra just to get grime off the vehicle. Even my exterior Windows weren't clean and they said that they wouldn't clean any more. I will never go bald there again.

Bardiya & Sanaz

I have an old minivan that our children make into a mess. I got the $24+$2 service for interior and exterior cleaning... better job than I would and fair price for my extremely nasty car so thank you

Jim VanDyke

Fast service, consistently good inside/outside cleaning. Highly recommend the unlimited Platinum service plan. You go ahead cost-wise on the third visit each month. You will love having a clean car all the time. People could be a little more friendly, but that doesn't really matter, your car is going to look good when you come out.

Neal Patel

Junk wash. Car still dirty. Employees cannot communicate. And when I told them the problem - they basically ignored me!

Cindy Binette

convenient place...great job!

Dennis Marquez

Half cleaned, had to clean the car myself after they "had already cleaned the car" If you want poor quality cleaning this is the place. This is what the most expensive interior/exterior gets you.

Tanim Chowdhury

They do an amazing job and well worth the price

Adam Brown

The level of service has definitely declined since I started using this carwash six years ago. I paid for the "Platinum" service which includes cleaning inside and outside of the car. I was surprised at how quicklythey finished up... until I got home. Upon opening the back door I immediately saw several things that should have been picked up during vacuuming (see photos) and it looked like they hadn't even tried to wipe down some of the hard surfaces. I usually have my toddler in the backseat so I wasn't expecting them to make the interior look brand new or some other miracle, but I did expect them to at least vacuum it properly. Add to that the pollen that was still on the car and this was just an all around disappointing experience.

Marwene Scofield

5 cars came after me, and get washed before me. WaaaaaaW I loved this service

Alissom Miranda

The worse service I never had,the only care about be fast,dont to be quality,I never back there again,because a work hard and every body deserve quality when we pay for something

Jaydeep Diwan

Very bad car wash service.Don’t go here.Its waste of money.

Jennifer Lee Lim

Low.quality of service. Absolutely not coming back again. Wasted my $$

Mohammad Chowdhury

They didn’t wipe the car properly. That’s why the water spots on the car.

Ibrahim Imam

Chose their MiniDetail option; below par result

Lawrence Hornbake

I’ve been taking my car here for years. Always looks great. The extra spray wax coat applied during the wash keeps the car looking good for a few weeks.

Jason Dechant

Thanks to them I lost frickin $80. Someone while cleaning my car stole money that was hidden in my car. Then had the audacity to not respond to my calls. What? SAD.

Christopher Kubicek

Paid for a wheel and tire shine. Did not receive a wheel and tire shine.

Reony Tonneyck

Best car wash, period!! Great detailing too

Brian Collins

Good and efficient

Mehadi Hasan M

Their monthly membership... Convenient but recently they became so useless. They don't clean my car properly today they didn't do tire shine in my car. Its feel like i am paying money for nothing. I am gonna cancel my membership

Christopher Stephans

Annandale's best car wash.

Lonnie Finch

This is one of the sorriest carwash I've ever been to. Need like brand new staff who has customer service skills and take pride in there work. Never going back.

Linda Chor

I use to love this place when it was known as Flagship. Wasn't the best, but for the price of their monthly membership, it was worth going to. I lived down the street, so I was basically here every other day. This new company raised the prices on everything, which I don't understand why. I would keep the membership if they didn't half ass cleaning my car. The inside just never looked like it was cleaned and my mats were never clipped back on. Come on now. The employees from when it was Flagship was great. Can't speak about now. Can we have Flagship back or at least the prices?

Sharon Moten

I am not happy wth them they never clean my SUV clean.My husband is cancel the pay at the end of the month.

Kyle Irvine

This used to be flagship, and it was awesome. Switched ownership to soaps and suds maybe 6months ago. It's horrible now. The people working here are animals. They will whip your car at 30 mph around the corner with the door open and their legs hanging out. They sit around eating watermelon and then clean your car while eating. I had the car lighter door broken and the decal on the truck ripped off while they were cleaning. I even came back a second time to give another shot. Same experience. Flagship... why u sell!?


For a $35 wash you would think they would clean that brake dust of the wheels. Lessons cost money and I just learned mine

Heather Pressler

Great value, by hand interior detailing! Came here after Mr. Wash refused my business and tried to force me to sign up for a monthly plan.

Darlene Carter

The staff seems to be selective to certain vehicles depending on who the drivers are as to how good of a wipe down your vehicle gets. They are short staffed more than not lately and for the cost we pay they need to treat all customers equally as we pay equally.

Yadi Yali

This car wash is the worst car wash I have ever been. I live in one mile radius, so I sign up for monthly membership, it totally doesn’t worth the money, they don’t clean the car properly in and out, and when you complain, their customer service is not professional at all. I decided to give them one more chance. This time , I can’t believe it, they broke my window controller, I was so desperate but the manager didn’t care at all, and they tried to avoid the responsibility. I finally canceled my membership. Take my advice don’t use any of services they provide!!!

Ashley Kriss

Pulled up... no one approached me or anything. They cared more about eating. A good 7 people standing around doing nothing. Pulled my car out and left. Won’t be coming back.

Mohamed Selhabi

Not too bad, but don't go in the morning, they are too lazy in the morning.

Mike Pietri

Soap & Suds did an excellent job on my car's exterior. Weeks worth of dirt and salt came off cleanly, with very few water spots left behind. The interior cleaning was good, but nothing to get excited about. The price is a little higher than other local car washes, but worth it for a quick wash while you're in Annandale.

Jesse Turner

This was a flagship car wash. Not that they were perfect, but this new ownership has decided to raise prices, reduce service and remove discounts for veterans, senior citizens, etc My car was half-assed vacuumed, hastily wiped down, floor mats are and the exterior now has dried up soap all over it ... and the windows left hazy and streaked I do not recommend, will not return , paid $26 for crap work

Stretch limo DC

9/26/15Went for a wash on a busy Saturday morning, limousine came out with a light scratch. Management took care of the issue right away, no questions asked! Excellent customer satisfaction. 10/10/2015 New ownership. Same exact issue occurred . New manager claimed not their fault.

jay Sim

Horrible car wash. Avoid this place

Latania Berryman

The absolute worst!! This was my first time and my last - I even signed up for there little membership service where you get a discount on your birthday and something after 10 visits. I purchased the $24 package not only was the service horrible the staff are rude and don't give a ...... When I tried to complain they kept saying the manager is busy - So the service when I got home I realized they only vacuumed my floor mats an didn't even bother to vacuumed the seat. (never let you speak to the manager in person or over the phone!!! I would not recommend this place to a snake crawling on his belly...... Beware service bad, customer service went out the window .

William Benjamin

Completely satisfied with service

Eric Langford

Hit or miss type of deal. One time car super clean, next time may not be the same! Just okay especially if you are feeling lazy and don't want to wash the car.

Chris Nolin

Not sure why all the negative reviews. My car was really dirty and the staff ran it through twice to get all the dirt off. Very pleased with the service.

Happy Face

Very poor customer service. Cashier was extremely rude and nasty. Outside of it been expensive; they don't care about the customers.

Carmon Choice

Apparently people only leave reviews when their bitter. Most people anyhow. And I'm guilty of the same. But this car wash location is the only one that I use. The only one I allow my wife to use. It's the best in the DC area! And I've tried a few others, including the flagship location in DC. This location does the best job by a mile. I'm a loyalist. I don't get my car washed anywhere else, because everywhere else I've gone have done a poorer job. This location has set the standard. And I hope and pray they continue to do quality work to make my drive from Capitol Heights, MD, worth while!!!

Carmen Hernandez

I paid $35 for my car and it was not what I expected. The water was still dripping from the wash, water marks, I found dirt still in my interior, smeers on the windows, simply careless ☹

John George

Great experience. Excellent 30 min wash and wax.

Jenny Nguyen

Omg that is a bad experience ever. Never come back. 24$ for dirty work and they finished my car abt 10m. And the customer service ‘s awful.


Very lazy employees, poor management and lousy wash......definitely will not be a returning customer.

Katie olivia

They used to be great, but now they are always busy, and really couldn't care less. I would always pay around $30 for inside and out. They left all the foot marks from the snow, did not even touch the trunk when I asked them to (They ask u to request this if needed). I usually don't leave Google reviews, but as I noticed lots of trash still there under my seat, I got so upset that I had to leave a review. This is also my 3rd time that this same thing happened, so I will be driving a few extra miles to go somewhere else. I wish there was an option to post a picture of how dirty they left it.


I just ask for clean windows and paid but staff took the money and they didn't even clean.

ixel morales

The worse Carwash ever...!!!!! Please don’t take your car to this greedy unprofessional people expensive and poor service and wash quality is super bad the crew there is super un respectful of you tell them to do it better they get mad at you and even cursed at me this time.. I regret every singe penny I paid this people..

William Palko

Parked under a tree and the birds made an unbelievable mess of my car. Paid $10 for an outside only wash and was very disappointed when the car came out of the wash with half the bird droppings still on the car. The attendant refused to address the issue and walked away from me. Took the car to We Care Auto Wash and had immensely better results. Paid more but the results were well worth the difference in cost.

123 123

they are doing great job

Chris SCM

Even on a busy day, Flagship moves cars in and out very quickly. Not all machine washes are created equally, but this one is well-maintained actually does get my car clean. There are a number of different car wash packages to choose from but the service is professional and the pricing is competitive.

Pham Hanh

Don’t ever come here for a car wash? Waste of money. Only the machine work right. All the people there working in your car are useless. When you look it seem like they cleaning & vacuum your car but after pulling out you look at your car it’s still dirty inside. Everything are like 50% job. If I have the option to give zero star I will definitely give to them. DON’T COME HERE FOR A CAR WASH!

umar aksan

The customer service is absolutely trash. I had to wait around and wait for him to finish his job and kept asking him to dry the inside of the door .He only did the left said and said okay done . Very disappointed.

Henry Lampazzi

I have never paid more. I have never gotten less.

Nicholas Cavis

I use the platinum service and must always have them redo the service because its not properly cleaned.

Ali Albaghdad

They are good they make a car really shiny nice clean very well

javier cortez

Never coming back

raghad taki

This location used to be Flags ship and they were great and honest, they had good services. Now it is sold to Soap and suds, which it would be better if they change the name to SOAP THAT SUCKS(Korean lady), because guess what not only your services sucks but attitude of management is bad plus you'd better check your car before you go out if you were doing full service( cleaning inside of car) they switched our weathertech laser customized floor mats worth $180.00 with other color and no brand on it and when we went to see what is their solution for the problem, that Korean lady went into racist comments what led us to call police on her, but by the time police came in she disappeared from the scene. This is to bring attention to all regular customers for Flags ship old owner, now you have to deal with Kim Jong-un instead, for me I'm taking my car somewhere else(waste of money and spare headache) UPDATE: after police gave us phone number so they can look at their camers, the guy says changed his mind cause we gave a bad review, good managment would try to fix issues and drive more customers in, but with a very low manors and bad attitude you lose customers. Anyway deserves -5 STARS for everything, but this would give you an idea about the GANGSTER way people been treated there.

Sophia Tan

Definitely not flagship service n value anymore...wont come back...


Don't ever consider going there for their lousy service that is not worth a dime. They lie and they cheat you on the payment for service requested. I wish I had read their reviews before wasting my time and my money. For the amount of money that I paid any body could do a better job for simple cleaning services for much less price. It was 1st time there yoday. I was approached by a guy name Frank who was in charge of services. I told exactly what I need and agreed the top dollar for the service I requested. Which cost me $100 for 2 hrs job. When I came back after 2 hrs to see my car, I 1st though perhaps it's not finished yet. But they said It was done and ready to go. I wish I could take pictures of the spots that were still not cleaned, vacuumed nor was polished upon our agreements. I pointed out all missed spots that were still dirty. Not only he refused to clean the missing spots, but he was so argumentative that was tring to make me feel guilty of my dissatisfaction. I asked for refund or get it done again for the amount of money that I paid, but he totally refused to do either. So, I called my bank to suspend the payments for low grade service I received. My bank is now working on it. Please take my advice and DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME OR MONEY to receive any service at Soap &Suds in Annandale.

Carolina Pardo

Courteous, but did not wash well. Not detailed enough for a car wash. The inside was not wiped well at all

cameron coles

So I bring my car here one or two times per month because it’s a company vehicle and I have to keep it up to standard. I always purchase the platinum package for about $25 and every single time I receive basic quality work. The windows are always half cleaned. My screen monitor is hardly wiped. The doors don’t even get me started. I’m just saying if I purchase a platinum package I should get something better than what I received. Needless to say I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over this year alone but still waited this long to write a review. I can’t be the only one that’s had these issues.

talha kausar

Careless, always put scratches on my car. put $3k brand new Rims and they scrached the rims when filled complained she said they are old rims and dont want to listen to me at all. I have been going there since 2015 when it was flagship. New owner dont even care. if you really want to do please take pictures of your car before you handover to them. because that what i have been told by owner TO TAKE PICTURES.

Digital Caribbean

After paying for the most expensive option ($37), my car got watermarks every were, and worst, clear coat scratches, when claimed for responsibility a very challenging person came in a very non friendly attitude assuming not responsibility, hard to proof in legal process though, since I got no pictures to show a before and an after, avoid this place for your own sake, they have prooven to have the potential to highly devaluate your car in a record time.

Bella Deng

If you want to pay 26 dollar for drive through car wash, then you can come this unprofessional place! After wash my car still dirty! I don’t know why they can survive

Lo Ann

This place is a RIPOFF DO NOT USE THIS CAR WASH!!!!!!!!

Ali Khan

WORST CAR WASH PLACE! Their machine ripped the hood ornament off my car. The guy at the counter tried to fix it and told me that it was a little loose. I walked up to it and touched it and it fell off. He was ready for me to leave and not admit that he couldnt fix it. They also ripped the leather of my drivers seat. I will never go back to this place. PLZ DON'T GO THERE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR VEHICLE.

Cristian Marrero

It was well done and fast! Couldn't ask for more!

Gladys Monroy

Okay so when this location was Flagship i LOVED it but i decided to gice this new place a try anyways. HUGE mistake. The service is terrible!! They dont fully do what they say. There was still dirt stains on the inside of the door like where it closes. They did the job so fast, i think its because of the employees, they were all new. i dont know why they changed owners :(

Sam Gray

Horrible. Still have tons of bird shit on my car. Got the silver package and burned $13. Now I’m going across the street to the automated one because at least that one is not 30 seconds

Beverly Greene

This place is not worth visiting. We used it for both of our vehicles when it was flagship and it was the best. The new owner doesn't give a damn about customer service obviously or decent care of vehicles. The employees are rude and unhelpful. In fact, I'm not sure they have received any training whatsoever in car cleaning either along with their lack of understanding about customer service. I am definitely not going back and cannot in all good conscience recommend this car wash to anyone.

Quin Phan

Horrible experience with this new ownership! Employees appeared not to care about the customer. It was a sloppy job and employees have bad attitude. It was expensive for basic service $18. My car was still dirty. Tried to talk to manager but was not available. The place was empty on a NICE and SUNNY day only two cars with many employees standing around. My experience was surely proven why the place was empty!!! No way I will come back to this place. With last ownership this place was always packed.

Issam Dabaie

Quick and easy, decent price.

Arnoldo Romero

I do not know because people say it's bad, it's the fourth time I come, and they do a great job. I recommend them, they will not regret it! ️! ️!

Chris Herzer

Took my 07 tundra in....they snapped my antenna and scratched my hood. They did buff out the scratches and offer to buy a new antenna.

David A

Went yesterday to get my girls' car washed with full service(what a joke). We pulled up and the employees just stared at us, the 'manager' did the same and barely spoke the native language of English American, ya I said it. They hassled over how dirty the car was, but got started on cleaning it. We waited, and waited. Car was pulled out of the the wash bay and 'hand cleaned' inside and dressed. They said car 'ready', so we go to the car to find that nothing has been touched inside, the doors, cup holders, steering wheel, door handles, side holders nothing was touched. So I went up to one of the employees asked for a rag and did it myself. Yes they saw me cleaning my girls' car after they 'completed' the FULL SERVICE wash. And no manager said anything to me or my girl so i Went to grab the 'manager', he took a quick look and said sorry I'll get someone on it. So the same guy that JUST did the interior comes back and 'wipes' the interior. We waited again...He than says OK done. We go to the car and guess what??!! It's in the same exact condition!! You would think after a FULL SERVICE car wash I wouldn't see the fries in the door or the jolly rancher, especially after asking them to do it AGAIN!! Yet my girl was kind enough to tip them, Really wtf kinda business is this? And to make it even better they, the employees stared at us like we did something wrong after all is 'done'. In the end DO NOT GO HERE! DO NOT SUPPORT THIS PLACE!! Oya, the other reviews on here are fake btw

David Woodhead

Service is quick and staff are friendly at this popular, reasonably priced facility. If additional spot drying after the car wash is needed, staff always happily comply with my requests.

shuan Harrelson

Make sure you bring your own towels, they aren't the best with making sure you car is dry. If you come here enough, you see the lazy work they do!

Peter Watson

The machine broke and allowed my car to hit the large van in front of it. It then pushed the van half way through the machine before a worker stopped it...after taking pictures on his cell phone. In addition to that, the machine also left soap suds all over my car.


This place is terrible. I have gone twice, and both times, immediately after the wash, I was able to see clear dirt on the outside of my vehicle remaining. The employees make no effort to completely dry the vehicle and miss large section while hand drying almost as if on purpose. The first time I went (and paid for the most expensive comprehensive option) they failed to vacuum my trunk at all. The second time I went, I specifically asked for the trunk to be vacuumed and even opened the trunk as a reminder. The woman who greeted me and took payment said no problem it will be taken care of and yet nothing was done, and the trunk was closed untouched. I suggest no one ever use this service. Driving in a light sprinkle will clean your exterior better than they will, and a small fan will move the dirt in your interior around approximating their level of 'detailing'.

Brooke Hill

Just visited on a Saturday, expected a line. I didn’t mind waiting. They moved quickly, however I do think that this car wash is more so worried about quantity than the quality they are putting out. I got the #2 which is the inside outside. It was $20. On the sign it said $2 extra to vacuum trucks (I have a SUV) I go inside and it’s $22 because my suv was considered a truck (okay fine). So I get in my car and drive home down the street and notice how besides being vacuumed it’s no cleaner than when I came in. Dirt still on the door panel, dirt on dash, bugs still covering the front. My vehicle was not overly dirty, just normal shoe dirt from when it rained that I just easily wiped off myself after getting home. I don’t expect it to be spotless, but this is NOT a $20 car wash.


Do not come here unless you are willing to risk your car being damaged. I was shocked when one of the workers took off driving my car with the driver door open and one leg out. Also, the interior wasn’t even cleaned all the way.

Daniel A

I have been useing Flagship car wash for 4 years & they has been the best in this area My car is shine all the time! But under new mangment is a joke, because they start cheating the customer by using cheap chemicals, since they started my car start getting dirty never get cleaned, when I complean and when all other limousine driver complean now they deside to suspend all limousine not to give monthly deal, when I went deferent place my car start getting shing again! Do not go there you will get bettter deal worth your money other places.

Julio Mendieta-Arauz

The service was fine but everyone there kinda stared at us when we entered and took a couple minutes to actually ask if we needed help instead of greeting us and asking what we needed.

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