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1108 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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Kenny Harris

Seemed like a good deal tried for three weeks had 5 washes. Woke up one morning noticed a new scratch on my car. I suspected it was from car wash but couldn't be sure so inspected my car for scratches only had 2. Went to Rio car wash on lynhaven afterwards inspected my car had 4 scratches. Filled out a claim was denied I asked to see the video was denied they obviously didn't review my claim and don't really care about there customers would never recommend this place to anyone that cares for there car

Asian Bear

Could use better people to guide you into the car wash. My boyfriend found what looked like destroyed traffic cones in his wheel well after going through.

Tankersley's Tribe

Very affordable, clean, free vacuums that actually suck the dirt off the carpets.

Said Laghrani

Great affordable car wash. Free vacuum.

Angel Guzman

Great place to go. Car wash ( add more if you want). Vacuum cleaning machines that actually have enough suction power !! Keep up the good work.

Amy Dugger

I wash a vacuum my car here every week. Nice, clean and safe.

Arcilio Diaz

Good car wash my vehicle comes out clean. The blowing dryer could be extended another 15 seconds. Too much water still left on vehicle to dry.


I love their free vacuums. Car washes are relatively inexpensive and the monthly membership is a great deal

Stan Noomoore

Did not like my experiences here very over priced. Very rude. Very condescending when I tried to work it out with manager. Ran by rude children who lack manners. I will not be going back here. My bad experiences here led me to a better car wash down the road.

Karen Swaney

My Wheel was damaged by the tire shine machine it pushed into the car very hard when I was going through the wash. I spoke with Demetri who was quick to dismiss the incident. I cancelled my membership on the spot and will be seeking legal remedy as well. I do NOT recommend Bringing your vehicle to their establishment.

Run-A-Way Bill

Virginia Beach, Virginia —- Found me a new VB car wash - friendly staff, great $4 wash option & FREE do-it-ur-damn-self vacs. “Rio’s” is a “Flo” & “Run-A-Way Bill” FAVORITE “Run-A-Way Bill” & “Flo” were here! 04.17.19

kyle mapstone

This is awesome i just got a new vehicle so i love to keep it clean this place makes it very possible i clean it everyday and te unlimited car wash deal definitely helps save money!

Kerry Kavula

It is a good low cost car wash but I would really like it if the staff would stop harassing me...I know what wash I want and I don't need you to try and sell me anything!

George Andrades

Surprised Efficient

Elias Vazquez

Great, if you dont mind getting swirls on your paint, not touchless.


The monthly rate is great and I love the free vacuums. Friendly service.

Thomas Tozer

Cheap good service.


$3.00 car wash!!! A great place for a quick wash and vaccum comes free! They offer subscriptions as well and it’s great that they don’t shove it in your face right off the bat. Definitely a place you would want to go to.

Oldskooldigger Me

Three bucks and free vacuum. can’t beat that. I wish they would change the red buckets for pre-clean more often but it still gets the job done. No complaints from me.

Lisandra Lezcano

$3 for a car wash sounds great to me. I come here for the days my car isn’t too dirty or when I just need to use the vacuum and wouldn’t mind paying three bucks. Vacuums offered have great suction by the way, sure helped me get my kids trash out of my car.

Debralee Garrrels

I love this car wash u r in and out quuck with no waiting i went there this morning @9 4.00 with free vacuum and tire cleaning...

Diana Bogert

I love this car wash. For a basic wash it's only $3 and they have more detailed washes for more if you like and a low monthly rate for unlimited washes. The vac is free! Great place to clean your car!

Sarah Garza

My dog vomited my back seats, these guys completely removed the seats, washed them with shampoo and made sure didn't smell anymore. Also the car washer gave me his own dog cover seat! Excellent customer service!

Becky Horstman

Love this wash... especially the unlimited wash deal. Roll thru there all the time....

Ryan Jones

Love the lynnhaven location. Total 180 from the Indian river location.

mario veale

I love Rio need more space to vacuum cars out


Great service, I had no troubles just wish they would have offered the towels and bottle cleaning spray like other places do. Overall great experience.


I was visiting for the week and needed to have my car washed. A coworker recommended that I try Rio out, and I'm glad I did. I wish we had one like this where I'm from.


I typically only come here for the vacuum, I prefer their competition next door for the wash.

Brittani Schlimgen

You can't beat the price

Ocean Grand

This car wash rocks and you can't beat the price at $3 and free vacuums. This place is awesome. Wish they would give us a little wax for the $3.

James Lucas


J Webb

Love this place

Briana Fuentes

Best bang for your buck. Quick, easy, and unlimited vacuuming time! Much needed with 3 kids! This is where ill clean my car every time!

Lilith Strange

$3 Car wash. $9 Unlimited Basic Car was for the month. Free Vacuums. Simply unbeatable price. Thanks guys. They put a Fast Pass sticker in your window so all you have to do is drive straight on up and the gates open for your wash. You can upgrade or cancel the plan anytime by calling.

DH Hairston

Thorough, fast and convenient.

mark mcdaniel

Low prices! $3.00 car wash available with free, unlimited vacuum. They offer unlimited monthly car washes plans as low as $9.00. They have a do-it-yourself bug and tire cleaning station before the drive through wash. Extremely worth the price!

Cheryse Cox

Awesome car wash and awesome workers! Super friendly!!!

Lind Canino

Excellent car wash and registration for monthly fee is very good

Brittany McCaskill

My husband loves this place. The staff is usually friendly, we've had good experiences so far!


Worst service ever. Car had a scratch and owner refuses responsibility. Never go there again. Cheap $3 is worthless.

Brittany Gwin

$4 for a run thru & FREE vacuum Just $9 a month

Lester Hawkins

Need to go back to $3..

Brian Davis

Dont go here that way Scratches ur car up real bad

Brenda Ransom

They do a great job

Rykee Rycado

The wash is always superb!!!

jamie campbell

Best spot to date last car wash spot that is similar to this that me and my husband went to scratched his last car and ripped the water seal clear off this one was ten times better and the vacumes are super strong. Definitely coming back here again

Stephanie McKinney

Love this place. $3 car wash and free vacuums. The $3 wash does a great job for daily road dust and bird droppings. They also have great monthly rates.

Jaime Krause

My boyfriend and I pulled into your carwash today in hopes that y'all had pressure washers neither one of our vehicles are allowed through a regular carwash we pulled to the side to regroup in a spot with no cars so we could figure out what to do...your "security guard" or carwash attendant proceeded to cross his arms and give us a stare down we both had enough respect to not even attempt to use your carwash we didn't deserve or need the security guard attitude from your attendant I would suggest better training like maybe approaching your would be customers and asking if they need assistance...just a suggestion.... wouldn't even come back to vacuum out my truck at this point

Suzanne Kucera

Good wash at reasonable price and no waiting! Nice to have free vacuum!

Mary Feltzer

My fiancée goes to this car wash often and the most unprofessional thing happened to me. Long story short we had pulled in and went through the car wash like normal. Came out and used the vacuum. But when the guy that goes by “joey” walked by me he reeked of weed. He had came from behind the rio building and smelt like he just got done smoking weed. This is truly unprofessional and something needs to be done about this.

Alan Boeck

This car wash on Lynnhaven is very good. It's quick and convenient and free vacuum. Sure beats car spa down the street from them.

Victor Rios

Rio Car Wash does a good service of having your car clean. But customer beware, they find anyway of not taking responsibility for damages caused by their equipment. They have you fill out a claim form to then have a determination made in …

Christopher Skipper

They advertise a $3 wash which exists but then they make it really hard to find on the order screen and instead try to sell you $20 washes and annual packages. The $3 is decent, better than I could hand wash, but it still missed several big areas on my vehicle


Usually a long line. But well worth the wait.

Bernadette Petalcorin

They always my to go car wash and i love how they work.

Antwain Moore

Good employees and Great prices

Victoria Shackleford

I come here on the regular and I love it, my car just looks so good after every visit, and I will just say that when ever I do come if I have any questions or concerns about anything the staff are quick to help! Especially Alexis (I think that's her name, shes the one with the light blonde hair) any time I have asked her anything she is so quick to help and she has always been so bubbly and nice, its definitely a breath of fresh air to have someone who is so genuine about helping customers. I will be returning for sure!!

John Kaufman

Love it great unlimited plan.

Nihru Clarke

Rio car wash is an essential tool if you are ride share driver. Their subscriptions are actually hard to beat in the city of Virginia Beach and possibly in Hampton roads. I had a $20 a month subscription at Freedom wash on Independence boulevard and that was for just a basic wash and dry. For $20 At Rio you get The works Which includes wheel cleaning and tire shine.i I don't know what kind sorcery/ Witchcraft they are using that actually gets my wheels clean but it does.The vacuums are All-powerful and will get your carpets clean. The only downside is they're not open 24 hours A-day like Freedom wash is. But however after 7:00 p.m. there are no people operating freedom wash as it is truly fully automated. As a ride she had driver you find out the downside when the wash malfunctions at 3:00 a.m. and is no one there to help you rinse your car. I had to pay for the hand pressure wash just to clean the suds off my car. So for $20 a month it is best to work into your schedule to get to Rio at least once or twice a week and you will leave with a clean and shine that will keep your passengers happy.

Jessica Liljegren

Cheapest place I've found anywhere for a car wash. Quick and simple and didn't have anyone pushing anything higher priced. It didn't clean my car completely but I got the simplest car wash and my car was literally encrusted with salt everywhere. I would probably have to go through any car wash a few times to get all of that off.

Kim Deeley

So I went here because I won a gift card. The washes are cheap starting at $3 and going up to $20. The vacuum area is tight and they seem to be super busy all the time. There's not enough room and you have to be careful of people and cars. The vacuums leave a lot to be desired.

Kristen M

Not a fan. There are a ton of transactions completed daily. Your car is just a number. Take time to do the work yourself.

Vicki Anderson

Cheap car wash. Their machines cleans your car. The blower dryer is not as good as I would like. Service is good. Free self serve vacuums are free as your car wash.

Christopher Mummert

After an 8" snowfall and my SUV being covered in salt and mud, my ride was desperately in need a good car wash. So glad I found Rio by doing a Yelp search!!! This is hands down the best automatic car wash I've ever used!!! It may very well be just as clean as hand detailing but without the super high price!


Great deal on unlimited car wash packages. Doesn't always get rear bumper clean though. Bug wash station prior to entering has a nice set up with awesome brushes . I use then to clean my wheels

Nikkia cobbs

If your looking for a fast and inexpensive place this is it. We had to perwash our car ourselves but hey we only paid 3 bucks

Jeff Zegers

This place has great customer service and the washes are excellent. Check out the subscriptions, totally worth it.

Moises Aspres

Basic cheap wash is 3 bucks and vacuum is free. A basic utilitarian wash. Fancier options are available too but this is a good el cheapo wash.


I call this place cheap entertainment for my kids. Why they love driving through the car wash is beyond me but I get my car clean, happy kids and free vacuuming.

Cody Jane

Great prices, free vaccums and an amazing wash! The staff is very friendly as well.

Mary Tebault

Their vacuums need to be repaired, many can barely pick up debris, poor suction

Grateful Pens

DO NOT USE! Awful car wash with even worse management! Richard the operations manager is fully aware of the negligence of his staff and equipment. This car wash does a terrible job, is unethical and has management that could care less. DO NOT USE!!!

Derek Taylor

Was still as much dirt on the car after I went through the wash as before.

jean falcon

This place is absolutely horrible there machine broke my passenger side mirror and because my car is 10 years old they refuse to fix it i would do my buisness at this car wash they dont take responsibility for the damage they cause

Diamond Wilson

Nice Job

Nina Banks

It's convient. Quick n easy. Plus free vacuuming

Jon Asher

Best car wash, best prices in the city

Julio Izaguirre

My family and I have been going to this Rio since it opened. Everything was fine until this past Sunday. I paid for $12 car wash and noticed that the tires had not been sprayed with tire shine. When I told the Manager of the issue, he was less than cooperative. He was nothing short of arrogant. I'm usually very easy going,; not one to complain or write reviews like this one. However, this incident merited my taking the time to write this. That said, my family and I have decided to forego this place and go to Autobell instead. Good luck with these nasty folks.


This is a new carwash facility and it is great for the price!

Sam Lovelace IV

Best wash your car can get besides a hand detail. This is definitely the best automatic car wash in the area! I wish they would open a location in the Princess Anne area of the city.

Tony Minozzi

Bent my windshield wiper arm all to pieces. The attendant on duty didnt known what to do about a claim or damages so I just left and figured I'd have to fix it myself.

Christina Johnson

Awesome car wash, people are friendly.

Kelly Rourke

Friendly workers, fast wash, free vacuum and my car was sparkling

Chris and Katie Newcomer

I love this place. It's so convenient, they have a monthly subscription so you have a low payment and you can go through the car wash anytime. They also have free vacuums after the car wash, it's super nice!

Sandra Harper

Free vacuums $3 for the most basic car wash you certainly can't expect perfection but wow what a great deal

Kerri-Leigh Grady

The monthly rate is a super great deal if you hit the place more than once or twice a month. It doesn't quite get all the spots (the back of the car is a little neglected around the license plate), the dryer freaks me out a little the way it buckles my hood, and sometimes they have us nuts-to-butts in line, so it's just a matter of time before some bumpers kiss in there, but...well, worth it, I guess. It gets most of the schmutz off, especially if you use the de-bug-my-grill pre-treat area at the entrance.

Mister M

3 dollars and you get a wash and unlimited time at the vacuum machine, you can't beat that.

Jz Lo

They offer Unlimited Carwash for only $20/month...

Clara Camp

Friendly staff, and no issues with the car wash.

Mandii Campbell

Became a fast pass member after using their $20 free car wash code for sending your email in. Great car wash. fast, clean, and professional. Love it. $9 / month for a basic wash unlimited package!

Lauren McBrien

All though my antenna broke off , my fault completely, i went back the next day to see if they had it and they didnt but the young gentleman offered to help me take out the broken piece of antenna that was stuck. He cared deeply about helping my mom and i fix our problem along with making sure we do come back which we will! Awesome place awesome prices awesome people :)

Charles Wray

Great place to clean your car, for only $3.00 .

Brandon Martin

Great service

K Kidd

You have to pre scrub your car with a bucket and brush (they provide) in order for it to get clean. Might as well do it at your home.

Ghjjj Ggjjj

Their website is extremely slow. If you can’t maje a good website do have it smh

Michelle Crescenzo

Purchased a membership and I'm very happy with the convenience. Great business!

Victor Rodriguez

Great service with a very good customer care

Alexander Vamp

Sick place, service was great and the staff was pretty chill Alexis was very helpful and I think I’ll return should I remember to get my car washed

Leydi West

Great service. Appreciate their fast and efficient work and of course how fast they handle any type of discrepancies.

Cindy Olson

Had membership for less than a month and my $120 bolted on, OEM bug deflector was tore off my Tahoe. The car wash almost claimed my side mirror, luckily I still have that. After inspecting my suv, I have also found many new fine scratches. We will not be returning with any of our vehicles, and our memberships have been cancelled. We will be recommend them to anyone.

crystal coley

Paid 15 for a car wash that left my car dirty


Works pretty good to my expectations but beware it made mt front tags come off. It might damage your vehicle. I wont renew my membership here.

Ryan & Christina Boyce

Cool car wash gives you a party Vibe when you're going through it will all kinds of neon colors and does a good job cleaning the car including tires which is hard to do or a drive-through car wash

Joseph Franzese

Unlimited carwash for a small monthly fee. Vehicle comes out spotless and the tires are armouralled during drying.

Brenten Brooks

I was completely disrespected at this car wash after being told to drive back through the wash 3 times because it wasnt giving me my wax that I pay for. The employee named Dylan was unafraid of me contacting corporate because of his attitude. That's okay. I cancelled my membership, contacted corporate, and will never go back to these people. They are a bunch of children that dont know the meaning of work and are arrogant. I have been a customer of this service since they opened and have all sorts of issues with their service, their attitude, and their machines failing to work correct. This was the last straw. I recommend to never go to this establishment unless you just want headaches.

Milton Archila

Super inexpensive car wash.

Susan Young

I had bird droppings on my window, hood and roof. None of them came off. After I vacuumed my car i stopped and spoke with the attendant Jeff. He said there was nothing he could do "what do you expect it's a $3 car wash". I asked which one should I get. He replied actually even our $20 wash won't bird poop clean. You have to wash that by hand. Not to mentioned his tone and attitude was worse than terrible. This was at the Lynhaven Pathway location in Virginia Beach .

Chuck Y

Car is never fully dry.

Carly Purvis

I love this place! Great washes and vacuums, the super nice employees and manager Kennedy has always been so helpful. ☺️

Sam Clements

Awesome $4 car wash! One of the most inexpensive car washes around and always has your car nice and clean. Staff is always very friendly and the vacuums at the end are great

mineinglovesit gamer kid gaming

Does a great job for a drive thru car wash along with free vacuum.

Ryan MacMartin

The place offers $3 basic washes but they have their employees standing at the machine trying to pressure you into buying the unlimited monthly washes. It gets very annoying to go through every time you come. Also they provide buckets with soap and a brush to clean your wheels before taking through the car wash however they take those away 30 mins before closing. What's up with that?!

Nick Papageorgio

Great service and a great wash!

Ron Brooks

Awesome value. Very convenient for me to stop in anytime. Get a quick wash and free vacuum for just $20 a month. My Car is always clean now and that always makes people have a better mood.

Leydi n Carter

Got a membership. That should speak for me

N. P.

Get the membership!! Free vacuum and great value for a quick wash.

Carsyn Brownell

First time here today, and I am very very impressed! Great customer service, and very efficient! I usually avoid getting my car washed at all costs because of the hassle but this place is amazing. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you!

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