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70 Sebring Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22406

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Matt Harding

Cheap and gets the job done. Would reccomend doing the monthly plan

Robert Curtis

Fast and cleaned the vehicle good.

Daniel Shepherd

$5 car wash is actually pretty decent. I was impressed.

Brian P

The staff here are all very friendly and helpful. This car wash is affordable and they also offer monthly unlimited washes if you really like to keep your car clean.

The DonaToones

Sweat equity: but for $20, I was able to get my car washed, tires to shine brilliantly and I used the vaccuum forever.


Fast service!

Ann Young

Quick and easy

Chris C

I'd rate 5 stars but my wheels never get cleaned well. Wash and dry $5 is the cheapest. Most vacuums work pretty good and are included, (diy).

Jim H

Having a pass I visit often. Have never seen the vacuums down. Does a fairly good wash it is an automated car wash. If your vehicle is extremely dirty and doesn't come out clean, I've seen staff allow a vehicle a second wash gratis. Yes it does a decent job but hand drying with a microfiber cloth gets those nooks and crannies a machine just cannot touch. I've been to the Virginia Beach location they have buckets with soft brushes and soap to prepare if you have tough spots. I think cause bugs and seagulls can assail your vehicle pretty bad. I would suggest this for Stafford too as bug and bird spots can be tough and if I couldn't do additional washes with the pass I'd want to have the option to "pre-wash" prior to entry.

Faranda Ferguson

Great value and staff is always helpful

Soledad Proano

I love this please. They wash my car very good plus I can vacuum my car for free no limit time. The car wash start at $ 5 dollars. They offer monthly unlimited car wash also.

Tanya Singleton

My car is always so shiny and no damage when I leave!

Mark Smith II

Best car wash around! Fairly priced and great value. Also, a good place to wash your dogs.

Yareila Malyori Rivas Villalobos

I like that place! Is the best

payman payman

Rio car wash is one of the best price car wash , the wash & vacuum is so good , I like that.

Evelyn & Randy Link

They recently renovated & upgraded all their equipment. It's nice. I have very wide tires & now they fit without the extra banging around to line up.

Jan Hart

Quick wash and good vacuums.

Felicia Smith

Decent place to have your car washed. Haven't had any issues so far.

Nicholas Harrison

Worth getting the monthly pass over paying for individual washes.

Christian Burks

Super friendly staff and helpful.

Jim M

Decent wash, great prices, and they do a good job keeping cars moving through for a limited wait time.

KJ Garner

Always great customer service here you can never go wrong with a good car wash

john lee

Great job cleani g

samuel campian

I like the place very affordable, I have unlimited wash for 20$, 610 car wash is to expensive

Gina Goffus

I was a loyal guest at Rio Car Wash on Sebring Drive, even had a monthly pass, until I obtained a big dent in my front fender. On 11/10/17 , I went through the car wash and when I exited I couldn't open my driver's side door. Although the GM, Richard DeGennaro, admits we can't see a dent on the video prior to entering the car wash, he refuses to accept responsibility. Beware friends! I won't use them again.

Carol Tindal

I went to the car wash not expecting very much considering I went in wrong and look completely lost. After I got into the wash and experience one of the best car washes my car have ever had. The car look new from the aluminum wheels down to the black top tires. The wax job was outstanding and the total look was about as close to new as new can get. I will go back. Seeing is believing.

Cindy Learn

I highly recommend the wheel option in the drive thru car wash. Holy cow, I am still staring at my car's beautiful wheels weeks later!


Fantabulous Experience every time.

Rob Turner

Great car wash station, vacuums work as should most of time. Tire shine application system leaves a bit to he desired from time to time Only complaint is the staff seems hell bent on getting you to hit the car in front of you as you pull into the wash. They get highly upset if you are not within inches of vehicle in front of you when starting wash. They dont seem to understand it will be your fault if you hit the vehicle in front. I get they are trying to get as many cars through in a timely manner. Chill out on the hand signals to rush in the wash and it would be 5 stars.

Audrey S

it gets your car clean. they staff are always friendly.

Amber Riley

Definitely get a wash pass. It's worth it. I love this place. It's easy to stop by right before work.

Shawn Wimbush

I like this place because of the size. But I just don't believe when in the car wash it's nothing extra special.

Ashley Kovach

Brand new truck, no cracks in my windshield. Went thru the car wash 5 times prior and on the 6th wash going thru at the ends near the dryer, the pressure of the dryer cracked the entire windshield top to bottom. their claims adjuster , Richard Degandaro did not once contact me to go over my claim, but yet sent a pathetic denial letter with no phone number attached to contact. such poor service with their "claims adjuster". Good luck if you get damage on your vehicle from this car wash, youll receive no contact but a email

Basil Mokhallalati

The membership is absolutely worth it

dj doxblox

Automatically awesome. Prices are great!

wallace bigelow

If you want your vehicle on point, Then this is the car wash to go to love this place


Great Deal, before finding this place I was going to gas stations and using those. I get the manager's special for $20/m it is worth it. I notice a difference when it rains. The rain repellent works. I've had several people ask did I get a paint job recently or make the comment my car looks younger. I only wish that I could get a 1 month pass as a gift for someone. Without using my card I'm very happy with the results.

Dawayne Robinson

Great deal with unlimited car washes for a reasonable monthly fee

Susan Nabeel Rao

Fast, affordable, drive through car wash with free vacuums. Detailing services available. The drive thru goes fast, is decent enough but the machine didn't get all the spots. Often I find sections on my suv that are missed. Their hand detailing services are also fast, but they do an excellent and thorough job. Very satisfied with the detailing I've had them do on two vehicles

Willie Jordan

Great carwash with free vacuuming

Ashley Wilson

The monthly deal helps alot


Awesome ! I have the monthly unlimited pass!! I'm always satisfied here!!

not_mason btw

No too bad. Wish they had detail cleaning services. Wash could have a better rinsing system.

Donald McClester

I think this is the best car wash place from Quantico to Fredricksburg

Susan Rao

Automatic car wash, gets 3 stars because while it throws water on it, it misses actually cleaning a lot of soiled areas on my car, especially the rear of the vehicle. The vacuums are free, that's nice. As for their detailing by hand, they do a good job.

J. Craig Apolonio

Good place to get a reasonably priced car wash.

Lisa Andrews

I have a fluffy dog who loves to get dirty at the dog park. My car was completely covered with white fur and muddy paw prints and it smelled funky. But their complete interior care package fixed that!! My car seriously looks like new. 5/5 would go again.

Kimberly Beahm

So glad they offer the vaccums after car wash. As a busy mom it's so nice to have it all in one stop at a well lit, up-kept affordable place.

Dylan Webb

Best spot in the area for the price, stop here every time I pass that way. Also on Veterans Day they give all vets a free wash! Also free vacuum.

Kaitlyn Kessinger

Drove through the Car Wash in my boyfriends Camaro. The wash ripped his bottom splitter off his car and they refuse to do anything about it!

Joe Neiderlander

Wish it was close to home so I could take advantage more frequently. It is a good place to take a break from traffic when heading south on 95

Kenneth Schwartz

The wash is pretty good but they don't do so well with the back of the car and the air dry doesn't work well at all. It is nice to have vaccums and most of them work . I have been at car washes that offer clean drying towels for the customers to use and that would be a great option at Rio!

Enrique Adame

Great car wash. Great price too!!!

Randy Morris

Only getting 4 stars since it never cleans one section on the back window.

Brittany Greer

I absolutely love this car wash if you didn't know about the monthly plans and you wash your car more than twice in a month You should look into its worth it


Perfect car wash with low cost options. The best part is free unlimited vacuums! I drive all the way just to go there.

M Lawrence

Best place to go for a super clean car/truck/suv!!

Jerrell Hodges

Does a pretty decent job of cleaning the car but not 100%. I get the manager special and am pretty satisfied with the results.

Kris Williams

I appreciate YOU!

Marilyn Thompson

Best place in town to get your car washed! Cheap, good, and fast. Vacuum is wonderful.

adrian lewis

Excellent place! It's fast and does a great job on your car

Debra Salley

If you're looking for a quick, cheap and still get the job done you gotta try Rio. I love this place, a basic carwash is only 5 bucks! Just enough to get the salt off in the winter, and the pollen off in the spring!

jenny johnson

I have auto wash here. I pay $10.00 per month, and get unlimited washes. Only thing I would change is they need to add buckets for bug removal. And wheel clean. Their machines do not clean the wheels.

T Man

Use the dog wash and have the 10$ month pass. The dog wash is cheap compared to the other local stores that offer one. I was able to wash all 3 of my dogs with $10. Also has Nice big room for the dogs to shake off. Wish the dog was had a monthly plan though. The $10 month plan for the car saves me alot of money. Wash seems to be good and if you still have dirt on your car you can just go again which is nice. Plus the free vacuums you cant beat it.

Rosie Vaoifi

The young men who work there are always helpdul and very friendly.

tata sylvanus

Good customer service satisfaction


Car is clean but I was not aware that I had to load onto a belt and put the car in N... this was never explained to me ...I thought I could drive thru it like everyother wash ... this a an mistake waiting to happen!!! I had the guy then tell me while the wash was going so I had to put my window down to hear him and there for my inside of my car and me was sprayed with soap... never again !

Jason Kurtz

Always fine for me. Had my rear wiper pulled off one time, alerted staff and they quickly retrieved it for me. The price is actually slightly cheaper than others in the area and they do a better job. It is a very busy place in the winter, the lines back up into Rt.17 and the side roads.

Amanda R

The wash was ok and the free vacuum was a nice touch. The only issue I had was my car not coming out completely clean. I had some kind of dried something on the top of my trunk, I have no idea where it came from, but it did not come off even with the purchase of their best wash. I was sad, because I would have just gotten the cheap wash if I knew it wouldn’t clean it. Oh well.

Liz Romasco

My husband and I got the most expensive wash and my car came out dirtier than when I went in. It pushed the dirt and break dust around, left soap all over and then got “tire shine” on my $1,200 wheels making them black. When we talked to the person working there he told us that’s how it is. Since we have “low profile” that’s going to happen. But when you’re purchasing the package does it say anything to that sort. They sent us back through “without tire shine” and it got some of the black off my white wheels, but left 10x more soap on my car. DO NOT COME HERE!!!! The employees are rude and this place will leave your car dirtier and more scratched up than when you got here. Save your money and go to Robs car wash on rt 3.

Chris Posey

I have been coming to Rio for 4 years now it is the best car wash service provider in Northern Virginia. I have tried others and have always returned to Rio. Keep your customers happy guys, you're doing a great job!!!

Robert Dunn

This car wash does a great job of keeping my truck clean. They are constantly updating their operations to improve flow of traffic. They also upgrade their wash equipment to keep all the cars sparkling and clean. The staff is friendly and helpful and always take great care to make sure they help clean the grime off your car.

Danny Hughes

Awesome place for a good quick wash. I would be weary of newer vehicles going through the wash because of the brushes may scratch your car . Just my opinion.

Nandana Silva

I have the full unlimited plan of $20/month for my vehicles. The staff is friendly. I wish some people would place the vacume hoses correctly in the receptacle when they are done instead of just dropping it on the ground so that it keeps the vacume pressure uo for all the other ppl using the place.

Travis Goodman

If you want your Car or Truck hit this is the place. They will not take responsibility for there equipment pushing other cars in to you. Their people get the Cars so close it a perfect formula for a accident.

Nabila Soofi

Very much affordable!!

Jaime Aquino

Real nice people

Robert Rootes Bestselling Author

A good place to take the car. Don't forget to get the undercarriage washed when the weather calls for salted roads. The chemicals used to deflect ice on the roads wreaks havoc with automotive paint and exposed metal.

Jasmine Carneal

Quick, cheap, friendly!

Ruben Stemple

Nice car wash. Cheap price for wash and use of the vacuums.

M johnson

It doesn't clean as clean as I'd like

Patrick M

Fair to Good carwash, Has an unlimited plan which is the best way to go. Staff is friendly and prompt. Highly recomend it , best deal I. South Stafford

J. Colt Dickman

I stopped by today because I wanted to get a monthly pass for all of the vehicles in my family. I wanted to test it with my truck which is a crew cab long box large diesel truck. I ordered the manager special which is the best wash that they offer to see what kind of cleaning I would get. The employees were very helpful at explaining the options and were very friendly. The wash however I was not impressed with. The kid who was applying the pre-wash got about two sprays on the driver side of the truck before the mechanism pulled me forward into the wash so I did not get a complete pre-wash spray of the truck. The wash itself completely missed a few areas of the truck and the windows turned out horrible. If I am going to pay this much for a wash I would definitely go to one of the other washes in the area which comes with a hand dry for about this amount of money. This wash would probably be worth it if I would have purchased one of the cheaper washes. Bottom line is that I would recommend this place only if you were getting one of the basic washes.

Maya’s World

Great place just don't like the fact that you have to go through the car wash to get to the vacuums

Yaseen Hassan

Had to become a member! Great staff and $12 unlimited a month! You also get free vacuuming and space to clean and trash all free... love it

Michael Corey

Very cheap and good way to get your car washed

Doug Menezes

Great car wash. Very affordable monthly plans.

Michael Marshall

For 2o bucks a month for unlimired washing and free vac. You cannot go wrong, wash is decent.

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