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8220 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23235

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I was told I have to comment here by one of the employers to get my refund for July since I have not used my membership and cancelled it saying the owner would see it.. I guess we will see..

Nate Lambert

Best car wash around and love the monthly wash pass!

Random Grey

A decent car wash for a quick wash and acceptable vacuums. They’re not amazing by any stretch but they’ll get some leaves out of your car. The staff is great and helpful. No rags, so bring your own.

Tonya White

Great deals and customer friendly staff.


Best car wash in Richmond. 10.00 for unlimited washes. Hell yea. The vaccums free too..If you looking for ass. This the place to be. Lol

Darin Dill

Good service

Joseph Gay III

Love to get a good wash. I bought the managers special here. Even cleans the alloy. Might need to wipe a few spots but it cleans better sometimes than real people who can see the dirt but you have to tell them they missed a spot.



Darius. Cox

Decent place to get your car washed fee vacuums are a plus

Yung Hwangpo

Unlimited car wash!!!!!

Katie Lachut

Spent $20 on a wash that didn't even get the bug guts off the windshield. Also convinced that the higher amounts you pay are just a scam, as there are so many cars coming from two directions to be able to keep track of people's selections. On top of that, the free vacuums have no suction and are completely useless. All in all a huge disappointment and waste of money. Will not recommend and will not come back.

Michael English

$4.00 car wash. Polite attendant. CLEAN Rest room. Vacuumed my car of sunflower seed shells. Car was pretty, pretty, pretty CLEAN afterwards.

Ashley Reich

I've tried other detailing companies but not one matches the quality of work that Rio does. I've been using them for about 3-4 months and have not had a bad job yet, they've done my wife's Toyota Highlander and my daughter's Jeep and the job was outstanding. The job is not done until you are satisfied, I've signed up for there new monthly program, you pay one price for unlimited washings. I've called for a last minute cleaning and they took care of it. Save yourself some time and just call Rio first you will not be disappointed!!!!!!

David Fleenor

10 year old vehicles and older DO NOT USE. They will not honor any damage claims. Their buffer made a hard impact with my on star antennae and snapped it off allowing water to enter my headlirner. They state that my vehicle is older than 10 year and not responsible. $700 in damage and it comes down to a line buried in their disclaimer that you read while in line and paid. Read the disclaimer and see if you see it. It's there down near the bottom where you run out of time to read it before you have to move forward. POS CAR WASH!!! Hit my vehicle and it's my fault. I bet they adjusted its clearance afterwards but it's my fault.

Trey McFerrin

Yall went up from $3 to $4 so I had to hit ya with tha 2 star

Tony Kilic

This is the best carwash place around. They have the lastest equipment and the best plans for monthly washes. At times it could be crowded but it is the best carwash. I would definitely recommend this place.

AW Shepperson

Definitely better than midlothian location.

Bobby Keys

Love it

Zusy Zusy


Pamela Saunders

Always good service

kelly williams

Love their monthly plans. I have a white car and go through the wash several times a week. Great value!

Pauline Felder

Great place for monthly plan carwashes

MzFly Alwayz

Cheap but good

James Tan

Workers use bad language

nate Kooldown

First time Hot Wax barely worked, the manager kindly allowed for second wash, thank you very much THAT is supreme customer satisfaction there. The vacuum I didn’t utilize as there’s no shade which sucks but it is what it is.

Wesley McPherson

Great way to save money on washing your car from pollen or rain, but don't expect to get the tough stuff out (like caked-on bird droppings) without a cloth on your part. Still, the staff are helpful and the facility is nice. Buy the monthly pass, it really saves money in the long run and it really feels good to keep your car nice and new.

Otis Humphreys

Wow. Very disappointing. I don't expect much from an automatic car wash, but this was awful. I only spent $3 and I still feel ripped off. The car only had a little grass on it from when I recently cut gras and it didn't even get that off. Don't even get me started on the vacuums. The banner at the end of the wash infers that they have so much suction they could lift a bowling ball. PLEASE! A stage 4 cancer patient could create more suction. I had to go to multiple stations to get enough to get just the big pieces up. I have used these types of car washed before. I love the one in staples mill and the one in piques on is pretty good. This one has just cost me more money because I will now have to go somewhere else. Never again

Shelby Leech

Always would go there because they were good, stopped because guy that directs you to get on the track right was dancing around and caused my hubcap to pop off on one side.

Vanessa A

Been a few times, good employees, car wash washes cars pretty fairly, but I will say vacuum all vacuums need to be replaced or fixed to actually suck up any dirt in vehicles.

thomasina hicks

Price is always right and the staff is very accomodating

Elnora Lightfoot

Rio car wash is a great deal however sometimes they don't do a good job. I paid 12 dollars to get a wax job which included my wheels and it did absolutely nothing to my wheels. I cleaned the wheels myself before going through the car wash and it did nothing to my tires. I love the free service that they off like free vacuum. They had the dirtest water, I have ever seen to clean the tires with.I reported it and they did change the water.

Katrina Butler

The prices are great but the vacuums are not.

Eric Gordon

I really like Rio Car Wash. I had the privilege of meeting and talking with the owner. I told him how much I enjoyed my monthly plan on car washes and how his staff are well trained and helpful. The next thing I said to him was my brother and I would like to open a car wash. He then said why on earth do you want to do that, jokingly of course. He provide very useful information. I recommend Rio because I can run through the car wash as many times as I need or want to any day of the week. Only issues I have is the prep station’s water and soap needs to be changed more often. I hate washing my tires with a bucket of black greasiness. Also, keep an eye on even coating for your tires when you get the tire shine option. And Ooooooo the colors. Love it. It’s almost hypnotic.

denise wilson

So fun and doesn't break your pockets.

Tammy Evans

The best!

Stephen Kandris

This place is awesome! I love the way they light up the water in the carwash. Very cheap and it does a good job!

James Alex Nichols

The car wash itself at Rio car wash on Midlothian Turnpike is absolutely excellent the car came up clean in the same time and has a blower that blows all the water off your cars and your car has a shine that's unbelievable because it has wax foam undercarriage washing the windows are great and most of all your tires are already under all and if you need to get out to wipe your car all you need to do is wipe just a little water off and you're on your way and they have plenty of spots where you can vacuum your car and the hoses are long and the suction to get the dirt and lint off of your floor is absolutely excellent I recommend this to anyone who wants to spend $21 and you can get your car wash and daily or three times a day depending upon where you are and your car gets dirty I recommend it because I am a person who you are very hard to please and I'm James Nichols

Erick Mejicanos

an incredible service helped me in the moments thanks and thanks to the manager

James jimmy

Always good and fast

John Raulerson

Need to have more vaccums open

Ros Morton

I like that this car wash has buckets of water for you to scrub at the stuff that you know the car wash is not going to get off so your car gets a little bit cleaner. The suction for the vacuum cleaners is excellent and this car wash is clean and really well kept.

Philip Chan

Good price!

Yusuf Benghuzzi

Sweet carwash

Chris Farrar

So I bought a brand new truck washed it for the first time after it was muddy no damage going went through in my 60000 truck notice the roughy sound on the right side. Got out saw scraped in swirls from this car wash was polite did a incident report only to get answer back wthwy would not repair my car because if this was the case ever car would be damaged no I think just my large truck see you in court gloves off

Sherry Poonsammy

I pay $12 for a good clean wash and never cleans clean even when I do the rims myself

Mel Mel

Cleans the car mostly but never keep tire cleaner buckets full and vacuums are old and breaking.

Karen Torey

Great car wash, staff, service and management! Quick to resolve problems if they ever happen. In my car just once

Craig Mansfield

Friendly staff and they have new equipment. The light show while you're getting your vehicle washed is great for the kids. Some of the vacuums don't work that great but overall it is a great place to have your vehicle washed.

Ann Marie

Nice quick car wash

Peter Kwok

Nice and cheap car wash for a quick and clean wash. $4.00 for a basic car wash and it only takes 3 minutes to run your car though the wash

Louise Pearce

Good service no complaints

Moni Camacho

Only thing that prevents 5 stars is the fact that it's a gamble when it comes to getting a vacuum that works. If it were better suction it would be 5stars hands down

Mia Wooldridge

I use the monthly pass. It is convenient and worth every penny!

Kazi Islam

The service I got with this money that’s really awesome. Free vacuum- I like this option. Location is also good.

Lil'keisha Allen

The management specialist the best $20 a month unlimited everything

Barbara Thompson

Fix my anntena that will get your 5 stars

Mario Garcia

They are super attentive in detail, I am very happy with them

kathy kathy


Mark Cobb

Don't forget the manager BOGO deal expires in a month

Lisa Scott-Derrah

Get the monthly deal! It is well worth it if you go here even just twice a month. You get a car wash "smart tag" and just go right through and get an excellent car wash. With the pollen this time of year, I go quite often and because of this, I have saved a ton of money by signing up for the plan.

Monica Byrom

Perfect car wash! Wheel clean & shine, was & wash! Free vacuum.

Patrice MacDonald

Great customer service! Actually let me take my truck through twice bc I wasn't satisfied with the first wash. Also I didn't have cash to buy the Armor All, was able to go inside the office and the manager gave me cash, for debit.

Latisha Jones

It was different. The belt moves many cars through at a time. I didn't like the attendant rushings me while I was trying to spray cleaner on my tires

Angel Billups

Excellent wash and tire shine. I just wish I knew I had to wipe down and vacuum my car. Not a fan of self service.

Mia Slinker

Could be better.

Ebony Kidd-Pierce

Rio Cash wash is a nice place to get your car wash. I would like for them to add one on the northside of richmond instead of them all over in southside. I would be a good travel to that location if you want a great wash. So go and check them out. You want be disappointed.

James Nichols

, I recommend Rio car wash to anyone who wants their car washed on a regular basis and enjoy having a clean car the customer service they are at Rios on Midlothian Turnpike is absolutely excellent there are two young gentleman that work there Ricky and Travis I think they are the managers they give great customer service they always smile and they're prompt and always eager to help the bathrooms are absolutely clean and smells fresh all the time and they check it on a regular to make sure that the customers is coming to get their car washed or able to use the restroom and I recommend them to anyone who is what I always always get because they will charge it to your card once a month for $21 now we're can you beat that at and they also Armor All your tires undercarriage polish and everything that you need to be done within 5 minutes

Tatyana Fadeeva

Awesome place since renovation. Get the manager's monthly special. Same price as one and it's unlimited!

Hisham Alhabbal

Very quick and reliable service although few spots remain on the vehicle mirrors after self drying by air

Blessed ToWin

OMG!! The manager was so nice He donated Mulch to me

Chris Herpel

Used to work here. Dirtiest car wash ever. I just went up the road to the one across the street from Midlothian middle school and was reminded how bad it was at Rio. We were so busy(with terrible clientele to boot) that we never cleaned the brushes. Broken parts about 10 a day and they say you’ll get a response from our “claim department” which was whoever in the store got to send you an email saying we’re not covering the damages one story that I still remember is one guy had a brand new car off the lot and wanted to wash his ride(he was an idiot to not hand wash or go to a no touch car wash) but the gravel that was stuck in the brushes because we would send pickups with gravel and soil in their bed through, scratched this guy’s car something terrible. Soooo, if you go here your probally dumb enough to deserve what you get, it’s a four dollar car wash.

Elynyand Davis

Cheap car wash and free vacuum!!!!!! I love this place

Joelle Bogert

I did the $4 wash and vacuum. Great price and quick service. They move cars through pretty quickly even though it's a popular car wash. They also have a $10/month unlimited wash plan.

Lexxis Bosslady

The best monthly deal around! Unlimited car washes starting at 10.00! Free vacuums! Friendly and helpful staff

Janice Henley

The best car wash in town

Charles Price III

Great place to clean your car for the money and they have a monthly payment plan program which you choose the type of car wash and can get monthly car washes free if you sign up for the plan; I have it myself and it's worth it plus it's automatic because of a sticker they place on the corner of your windshield. The car wash does a great job and the vacuums are free but you have to do it. Also, they have several location in the Richmond area and surrounding areas as well; definitely worth a try and I pretty much guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Love whwt you get for the price.monthly unlimited wash is so worth it

Ok Ok

When visiting grab the unlimited pass 20.00 for the works for the month

Angela Cooper

Great for the money. But the vacuum is very weak!!

Jordan Alexander

Fast and easy!! My car always looks like it was Serviced at Car pool

Phillip Staten

The $4 car wash is adequate, but not anything more than you'd expect for $4. The staff member seemed somewhat incredulous that I turned down their more expensive washes, but she didn't make a big deal over it at least.

Shawn Crutchfield

Different price for different wash. Sparkling shine.

Fredia Ponder

You can get a car wash, under carriage cleaning, tire cleaning, vacuum.


Good place to wash your car fast and inexpensive.

steven ricker

Would never bring my truck back here. Paid 12 bucks and it looks like I spraid it off with a garden hose. Looks like a 5 year old just ran his fingers all over my rims. No tire shine. 0/10. Wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy. #sucks

Brian Spadea

It's not as good as a hand wash, but quick and easy wash. Plus my daughter loves watching the brushes clean the car!

Natasha Miller

I prefer the location on Hull Street near Genito Rd to the one on Midlothian Tpke

Velma Wiley


Tah Neal

Everything you need to have a clean ride!!

Keith Norton

The management reviewed some feedback I provided and actually cared enough to change their policy based on my feedback. I am truly impressed and respect a business that shows that they value their customers through their actions. They have earned back a loyal customer, and recommendations for others as well. Thank you.

Lia J Hernandez

The vacuum's did not work well at all

bruce neiss

Awesome deals on repeat customers

Del Hardwick

Great deal good service


Nice quick and convenient

Michael Mecklenburg

Alway full good people and good service

Tanya Wise

My absolute favorite car wash and very affordable monthly program

Jay Miles

Ohh the vacuums on aug. 25 are working...

Shontrese Quarles

Good service but needs more suds

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