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REVIEWS OF Freedom Wash IN Virginia

Christine Brown

vacuum dont take change or tokens

Preston Harimon

$7 to was my car. Nice place

harum burnham

The people are nice and its like a car show all the time

Riviere Noir

Come for the cars. Leave before the drama.

steve S

This is the best place to get your car washed in Virginia Beach. Occasional you can see some very nice cars getting cleaned up. Tuner cars to super cars.

Good Kat

Great place for pre and post car show meet ups. Get your ride fly for the roll out. A great place to network the car scene

Robert Bohnhoff

Horrible service, the employee act like they dont want to there, came in today. Good facility.

Mayra Garcia Gutarra

The monthly membership deals are great, I've been a member for the last three years, so far I've always been able to get my unlimited amount of washes a month per their package.

Thomas Claycamp

I went there today for the first time and used the drive through wash cause I was short on time. I went through the first time and the wash stopped I went through a second time my car covered in soap, so much so that When I hit the blow dryer the second time through just blew all this soap from under my spoiler all over the back of my car (I drive a hatch) so after I paid 12 dollars for a wash I had to turn around and spend another 6 on a bay for probably 30 seconds to wash the rest the soap off, on top of that my car know has dry spots cause while I brought rags to wipe it down after it was so wet after using a bay I needed a towel.....this place really needs a QA person standing out side the drivle through wash cause this was a waste if time and money

Z Ryder

Best place to wash your car!

Jodi Ryder

Don’t waste your money with the $49 a month, they almost never are around to do your tires and when they do it’s half $&@

Peter Lee

Janky equipment, leaky hose connections and broken vaccums. I had one of the pole scrub brushes fall on my SUV after I put it back in it's holder.

Joanne Zysk

The higher end washes with wax come with tire spray, and that was applied with no regard to tire size. It's always missing a swathe. That's not even the issue, however- it messes with the brakes as it's sprayed in by a machine, not by a person. Once it's hit the brake pads it's there to stay, unfortunately. My ceramic brake pads now squeal every time it rains, but there's nothing to be done about it except take them apart, degrease and reassemble or replace them despite being fine otherwise. I even got a second opinion- they are fine. I wish I hadn't gone there. It was pleasant to not wax my own vehicle but ruining good ceramic brake pads doesn't make it worth it.

kev the best Kevin

I filled out for a job I have a felony from when I was 18 and now I'm 30 they made me feel like slime everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance no one is a saint in this world I'll never recommend a car wash or anyone get a job there very judgemental

Angel Pla

Great place to keep your vehicle clean. The trash is picked up frequently and the equipment is kept in good repair.

John Cutrone

As far as car washes just by the customer service Freedom beats others hands down. Then add the actual car wash facility....score one for the good guys. I will continue to take my cars here knowing if I have a problem they will make it right. Good job knowing how important your customers are!!!!!

Joshua Wehmeyer

I love this place. Has several bays, and a credit card reader so you don't have to have bills/quarters. I have never had an issue here. Expect a big delay if it had rained and finally stopped. This is a very popular location.

Christian Gates

Honestly whats the point? This is the first car wash I've ever been to where you physically have to drive through it while the machines were going and it's pretty scary. On top of that decline job was so awful we had to go spend money again to clean it elsewhere. The only good thing about it was the young boy who clicked the buttons for me. Apart from that my car looks exactly the same from when we got there. Not worth the money or the hustle

Kait Smiddy

Had to try 3 different vaccuums before finding one that worked!

Jason Lamb

It's really convenient to drive through the car wash as many times as you want for $20 a month

Sewell Baskett

Everything but the foam and tire brush worked. NO ATTENDANT AROUND! I had to call on my cell phone go get an actual attendant. "Shaquila", told me she was going to get an attendant, then hung up without explaining anything. By the time an attendant came out, the soap had dried up on my car. She gave me enough time to just rinse and not even re-scrub the dried soap! Needless to say, as soon as my car dried up the dried soap showed. I've been going here for years without any issues. 2 days prior, I used the same car wash and there was barely any soap coming out of the foam brush. I'm certainly an idiot going twice in one week. I will no longer use this car wash and highly caution everyone that does.

Mike Wade

Not a bad place ro get a quick wash

Tyler Furman

Went there 2 different times and used 2 different bays. Both the vehicle scrub brush didn't work. The wheels/tire one worked fine on one but the other bay it also didn't work.

Judy Sharlow

I'm changing my review to five stars because the one little complaint that I had which is basically it's pricey for some of us less-fortunate folks that the management replied back and offered a solution not necessarily would work for me but the point is that's shows great customer service!!

Stephanie Osborne

Wash was decent but having to get tokens for the machines was a pain. Make sure to have cash.

Katelynn Whipkey

Love washing my car there and seeing friends!! Wish the nozzles were consistently good tho.

Cameron Strickland

They offer an unlimited wash package, you really need to read what’s included with your package. They offer free vacuum with the wash (make sure you hit the green button and get your token before the wash) it’s only 6 mins so vacuum fast!

Kevin Williams

Great place to go and take care of your vehicle.

SteveO CanAm

Great place to wash the car , nice helpful staff.

Luís Lugo

Quick and simple clean

Penny Morgan

Easy to use and there was no wait.

Jerryd Chaney

The workers are friendly and will make sure the job is done perfect to your terms. But it is a little pricey for detailing.

Briana Fuentes

Good and easy car wash but a bit pricey. Lost $4 in the car cleaner vending machine. No worker around to let them know.

Fatherpat 44 Games

I like this place. To throw trash away from you car is free and its a nice environment. They have vacuums to use and they are pretty cheap to use. You can also vaccum and have a nice scent left in your car its nice.

Kenneth Melton Jr

Took my car through the machine wash. I was not happy. Still had dirt on my hood and roof.

Bryan R

Paid way too much. Hose wasnt working, vaacum ripped me off. Dirty water left spots even with spotless rinse. Seems run down.

Brandon Arbogast

Car wash has gone to sh*t. Spray Hoses and brushes leak everywhere and just went to 5 different vacuums and none of them worked. Go to a different car wash!!!

Richard Engel

Good, quick service from a helpful attendant for a thorough wash from above and below at $12.00.

Rasilind Hall

Very clean car wash. Vacuums worked great

Roy Miniel

Find another place to wash your car half of the machines work people won't give out of the Stalls there detailing their cars in the washing stalls you have to wait forever there people won't ask those guys to go into the detail place where the vacuum cleaners are and do their detailing you can waste your time your money you can spend an entire day there find another place to go this place is horrible

Josue Ramos

Efficient but the prices are wierd. I have the basic monthly subscription but it apparently does not come with the air dry as it does on the one by military circle. So I paid the extra 12 to get their highest payable wash and it too did not have air dry.

Philip Mcgreevy

Great car wash lots of options

Joseph Hammer

I go here quiet a bit. It's reliable about 70% of the time. As much as there are people working there. If you are missing an item on the self cleaning, then why not tell people. If there is no soap then put it on the dial. Time is money! Other than that, well lit, good location. Friendly staff!

Kim Bentley

Decent wash, but hate when the attendants try to push the buttons on the touch screen for me. It's not high technology, I think I can figure it out.

Alicia Morneau

Love having a convenient place to come to and wash my car

Bathory Synystra

After losing some tokens at the Rosemont location, I called customer service and spoke to Darlene. Pete, the service manager, graciously upgraded me to a better wash at their Independence location for nothing! I couldn't ask for better customer service, and I will use Freedom Wash again! Thank you, Pete and Darlene!

Hayden McGhee

I always go here for a good, thorough cleaning for my car. The employees are always very professional and polite. If you ever find a spot that needs touching up or that just may have been missed (which are few and far between) they employees are always quick and happy to rectify the problem. I've been going here for years and I've never left displeased. Just do not be surprised if you come on a really nice day after poor weather and there's a wait. Everyone and their uncle know this is the place to be so it can take a short while.

Alexander Baum

Great place to meet up with ooter car guys.

Nun Ya

The auto wash does not run correctly. There is always something that doesn't work right.

Amanda Ayala

Love you get a vacuum token with a carwash

Kel Cokonis Papineau

Love this place. All equipment works at all times and it's well lit

Erin R

I recently purchased the unlimited monthly membership. We are having construction in our neighborhood so my car is covered with dust ALL THE TIME. I figured since I always wash my car here why not just purchase a membership. Right? First, the guy who came to my window rushed me through and I didn't get the add on i wanted. When I did get to add them I guess he didn't mention it to the person who processed my membership because I didn't get my add on. However, I did not get charged the additional fee so whatever but I wish he would have slowed down so I could get what I wanted! Then after a full week of going (about five times) EVERY SINGLE TIME THE MACHINE BREAKS DOWN! My frustration is through the roof!! I went there today and the machine soaped me up but never rinsed! Then I went through again and it barely rinsed and then shut off again so there is soap all over the car and spots. To top it off when I rolled my window down to restart the wash the soap got on my (brand new HAVENT EVEN BEEN WEARING IT THREE HOURS YET) sweater and stained the crap out of it with the pink soap! So there goes 30$ for the sweater....:-/ it would be nice if just once in a while I could buzz through without it shutting down. I bought the membership for the convenience. I've always washed my vehicles here (about eight years or more) and this is just disappointing. Update 11/1 the stain came out of the sweater. Also went through the auto wash and it actually worked from start to finish. The water spots were still bad but at least i didn't have to go through twice! Update 11/8 I was contacted by the manager who rectified the situation fully. The way the company reached out and handled the situation shows they truly care about the customer. I will continue to do business here for as long as I'm in Hampton roads. I feel like if I ever have issues in the future it'll be handled promptly and professionally. Thank you!


Went through the automated wash. I spent $24.00 to get my tires cleaned and the pictures below show how they came out.

Brittany Outlaw

The place to go whenever I'm home in VA

Kimberly Verville

Shortly after using the vacuums I noticed a really strong and unpleasant odor (similar to cat urine) and I haven’t had any cats in my car.. The smell is really overwhelming to the point where I’m borrowing a friends shampooer to deep clean my carpets tomorrow. My commutes are 30-45 minutes normally and I thought this would be a quick and cheap wash after work. The perfect way to end a work day is driving home in a nice clean car, right? The price point was ok but for $15 more dollars I could have gone to another car wash, have someone else do it for me, and not have a headache from the terrible smell. $15 more is a lot for a car wash but I guess it’s true that you have to pay for quality. I’d rather go to the place down the street and use their free vacuums. I just came here because of the time of day and it seemed convenient. Needless to say- I’ll never return and I’m normally not the kind of person to leave negative reviews on anything. It was an incredibly bad experience for me.

Howard Schwartz

Monthly wash deal is hreat.

Schröer Engineering

Equipment tends to be cut rate. Misleading giant signs lead passing motorists to believe vacuums are free here. They made it visible from Google maps, so I drive 8 miles there and...lo and behold.... Freedom Wash Vaccums are not free. The require you spend six bucks. at the wash something and pay for them outright. Freedom Wash shouldn't lie to con people into giving up and paying for cut rate vacuum that doesn't work half the time anyway. Plenty of syringes on the ground and trash littered all over. All around, not a good spot to go to if you value your safety or money.

patrick hoff

Great self service carwash. Takes debit/ credit cards. .powerful with lots of soap.

Andres Trejo

I went at night and had plenty of time to vacuum and detail my car without worrying about a line. Decent facilities with plenty of space

Nathaniel Alexander

NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! I am sending this review after having had my 2015 Nissan Altima scratched on different spots (after going through the auto wash tunnel) at this location today... after coming out, I noticed all of the scratches from the hood to even my passenger rear window. I attempted to locate staff to report this and not one person was available at the time except for a guy who wasn't even staff, doing some form of maintenance work. I went to two other car wash locations after, who told me that the scratches "could not be buffed out because it was too deep and showing metal". I am furious, especially since having just bought the vehicle. I have already reported this to my insurance company as well as left Freedom Wash both an email and a voice mail message...

David Flunory

Good staff. Free vacuum with a car wash.

Domenick M

Used many times and was happy. Then I got some scratches but the company paid to have it repaired.

Joe DeBeasso

Usually great place to go wash your car. Can get overrun with "boy racers" in their imports who are more socializing then washing, so waits can be unnecessarily long at times and you may have to tolerate bad thumping music depending on who is working and if they are enforcing the rules.

Andrew Bossola

I thought the location was clean and the staff pretty nice and helpful. I've been using Freedom Wash for a long time and if any issues ever do pop up, they help me out quickly and have always been more than helpful. You can NOT beat the prices for sure.

Bijan is Gucci

Nice car meets in the back lot

Rich Parks

So. I get to the automated pay center to pay for my car wash and theres an attendant there that tries to upsell on everything. Then the wask leaves a bunch microscratches all over car . The wash puts a ton of soap on your then drive through a shower to rinse car off. I had to wipe excess soap off .

Brian Kerr

Paid $39.95 for a unlimited car wash package. Worked for first day only. Was charged another $21.00 the next day for no reason and they will not refund me my money. No answer after leaving 3 messages on their voice mail. No one is there to help me after i get off work. NEVER USE THIS CAR WASH!!!!! I hope they get shut down or fail and go bankrupt!!!

Stan Fridman

If i could give minus 10 stars i would: The good: Absolutely Nothing except for good friendly kids working there The bad: 1. The car wash scratched my car 2. The car is not being dried after the wash, basically after the wash its all wet, and there is no one to had dry it. 3. I had to run it twice through the wash to get the dirt off the vehicle. 4. The rim cleaning and tire shine is waste of money, the rims are not cleaned properly and the tire shine, what tire shine. Paid $25 for all american wash, and all I got is a hose wash and $25 less in my pocket!! Now I am done!

Nihru Clarke

Subscription car wash keeps the ride shiny

Joy Hooks

Very good place to go for car wash, employees great, service great

Johnny Denizac

Clean area well lit

Sharon Smith

I'm not even giving one star (I take it back) but it was the only way to give a comment on Google. I went into the independence Blvd. Va. Beach location automatic car wash on June 30 2018. There were no instructions and no danger sign for the so called wheel cleaners at the end. They are heavy and stationary. There is also no pulley to guide your car through it so you have to drive in yourself and hope you can see through all the purple soap. I have a low car with new running boards. My car ran into the drivers side piece of metal and got stuck. I beeped and beeped and no one came to help me. I didn't know what I had hit. I finally put in reverse and got out of there. I finally got someone to come over and found out the running board fiberglass was torn at the front. He filled out an accident report and said someone would get back to me in 48 hours. Long story short I finally heard today July 10 after I called them. They are refusing to fix it and are blaming me. I read a comment where a man had gotten scratches on his car and Freedom "fixed" his car. I am very very upset and will let as many people on facebook and social media know to Never Never go to this awful car wash. It's the worst. I hope they go bankrupt. Oh yes, if you change your mind and want to do the right thing by me you can contact me. Sharon Smith. They have my number at customer service.

Fred Gutermuth

Well kept car wash.

Cody Phelps

A much better option than the drive through car washes at gas stations. You can clean the inside and outside of your car, with the ability to pressure wash the gunk off, which is what I needed. I was able to clean my truck like I was never able to before. 20 minutes cost me around $13.

jesus saenz

Friendly service

Miles Zugelder

Everything was going great and looked like it was doing a very good job cleaning my truck after mudding however once I left and it mostly dried I could see a surface of the dirt still on the car even after I washed soaped and washed again. The prices were not too bad but I will probably not be coming back unless I absolutely need to.

Chase Eliason

Great vacuum and washing services. You switch your money for their own coins.

Russell Lee Gitlitz

Lots of bays. Solid place to wash your car

Antonio J Cerra

Very good place

Michael Bartley

Needed an automated car wash to clean off some campfire ash unexpectedly received during a 4th of July bonfire. I wish there were more of these around!

Damon Smith

Customer service is very on point

Marcus Jones

Best place in town for a wash and dry.

amanda barnett

Best car wash I've been too that actually fits my husband's truck!

ally higgins

Don't recommend unless you have exact change. They DO NOT GIVE CHANGE. So if you put in any bills, just make sure you are going to use every minute. Put in a $20 bill and got 33 mins. Only used about 12 mins and lost the rest of my money. Manager argued with about me about giving change because it's not stated on the machines. Dont recommend. It's not worth the money.

John S

Used the automatic wash last week and there must have been some grit on the brushes because my 2016 Altima now has very fine to medium fine scratches on the doors that I KNOW were not there prior to running through this carwash. Hopefully, it's just a matter of clay-barring the wax coat on and doing some minor polishing. Nonetheless, I've learned my lesson. I'll stick with hand-washing with CLEAN brushes/buffs. So frustrating!

Lameka F

I liked the way my car and rims shined from the drive thru will definitely be back!!


Awesome place to wash your car. They even have a dryer!

brian hines

good carwash

John Bennett

It's a car wash. Noted that water jets we're not strong on one side when we went through the automated side recently. $25 for the works wash is a bit much, but even the basic wash is not cheap. No one was around to inform. In the hand wash bays, soap pressure of the tire brush is ballistic. Otherwise, it's good. I use this car wash over others in the area that are worse.....

Daniel Marcelo Gonzalez Diaz

used to be good but brushes need replacing. Last time i went there i got a lot of scratches on my truck. Last time I go there.

Taylor Adcock

My husband and I brought our vehicle here, I was expecting the vehicle to be clean when we drove out of the drive through wash. I get out of the car and notice there’s still soap all over the car and there’s still dirt all over it. I would rather do a self service wash and wash it myself because I know it will get clean and I will rinse all of the soap off of it better than this place. Completely disappointed.

KushLit Supreme O

I love this place and the background story about it

Alyssa Ross

I was stuck in the wash tunnel for about 10 minutes with no direction and unable to move my car forward or backward without the signs honking. The signs were not helpful and there was no belt and no person to help direct me. I eventually was able to get out of the tunnel by cleaning off my own windshield. There was soap residue on my car when I left the wash.

Box Tops Bimmer

I love this place to death! The even have airfreshing fog machines to fog the car #WorthIt! They have it all it is car washing paradise!

keith P

really dig that you can blow dry your car dry.keeps it from getting swirls

Kristina Arnold

Little crowded. Several of the selections on the self wash we're out of solution. The vacuums worked well, though, which I find is not typical, but was happily surprised on this visit.

morgan bayse

What a great experience here today on 12/2/18 joush was awesome from the moment I pull up he greeted me answer any questions I had .he went over and beyond to help me . Wtg joush

Thomas Huston

I've been a member of freedom wash for a long time and will be for awhile the quality if the car wash is superior to the other automated washers on thing that helped me make up my mind was a few years ago I was washing my police cruiser we had to pay and keep our cars clean. This particular morning I was washing and had finished in the parking lot I was buffing the car dry a using the vacuuming system a man approached me and asked me how I liked the wash fine i said then he noticed the radio in the console and extra antennas. He asked where I worked and I explained that I had the monthly plan on my personal vehicle but the government car was on me. Then he said that he would help me out he called the office and had the car added to my account no charge I was wonderfully surprised. Turned out he was the owner Chris was his name. But I thought that was awesome and I've been going there ever since.

Alex Sedlacek

Good car wash.

David Nicholson

Easy to use equipment very very spacious

Jessica Norman

Not impressed. The outside of my car is clean but it's just priced too high. I also couldn't figure out how to get the vacuums to work. After driving around the property I gave up and left, and vacuum is the main thing I went for.

Jeremy Code

Best place to wash ur car

Wyatt Bell

One of the better car washes around town. My car didn't get cleaned thoroughly the first time through, so they gave me a second pass for free.

xXUseless EditorXx

I only like the car show on the other side

Mike Vick

Great. only place I go


Great car wash. Accepts credit card. Spot for the local car scene and small car meets.

Jerry Parker

Nt the best automated wash, doesnt shine tires.

Sheila Nilsen

I always use the self service at this location as I have a rack on my car. I’ve never had an issue except with the change machine once but that was corrected immediately by the staff. I went there today (the busiest day of the year I think) and my car died at the vacuums before pulling into the bay! As you can imagine I thought I was going to be shot by the masses but I could not have had this unfortunate event happen at a better place! I was pushed into the bay where I was able to wash my car and when it was time to rinse they jumped my vehicle! I also got some tips and a hand washing the car. No one was delayed more than was necessary and although they already have my business, they get this kickin review! Your assistance really helped me today and I can’t thank you enough. You ROCK!!!

Christine M

Quick and easy. Free vacuum.

Don Larson

Convenient Location. Decent Prices. Great self-serve and automatic wash. I have the monthly membership and it's great!

Chris Powell

Great place to clean your vehicle and they have a blower for the leftover water. The blower is awesome

UWK Sparks

The vacuums work great here!

Lisa G

Good wash. Not brushless. It's those felt-type brushes. No guys pre-brushing wheels and bumpers. Individual washes are pricey, but monthly plan is competitive. Don't know if they recycle water.

Tony Blanco

Use once as emergency it’s bit price $$ compare with other car wash around the area.

Andie D

I really like everything about this car wash. It's attended all day, but open 24/7, and well-lit in the evenings, which is great if you're stopping in after dark, when most car washes close. They have a membership card called a Freedom Card that you can load with money or buy one of the various packages they offer, and they often give rewards for use, like extra funds added when you load it up the first time. They randomly offer special discounts, too, and I like having it because I often end up there at night, and I don't need to bring any cash. If you don't have a Freedom Card or want one, though, you can also use cash, credit, or debit. When you pull in from the Wawa side, you're right next to the long row of vacuums. Each one is mounted next to a trash can, on a concrete wall that allows only one vehicle, so you have your own little station, in a sense. This leaves plenty of space to park and clean out your car without waiting for a vacuum or worry about anyone crowding you. The machines also have carpet shampoos and optional fragrance sprayers, with several scent options. In the center is the attendant's building with vending machines offering soaps, towels, air fresheners, and various other supplies like Tire Shine and Rain-x. That's also where you get change and/or order a Freedom Card. There are individual do it yourself wash areas as well, and each includes a typical sprayer as well as a tire scrubber brush. The sprayer offers several choices, such as a bug-blasting high pressure spray, and a final wax rinse. They also have a drive through/automatic option if you're in a hurry or don't want to wash it yourself, and at certain times, they have attendants available that will detail your vehicle for a fee. (Not sure when; it may only be available at specific times.) Overall, this car wash is the best I've used, and it's the only one I go to now. Readily available supplies, easy access, bright lights, and highly visible location make it a comfortable, safer option, day or night.

Amy Weiser

I used the self serve bay. All the equipment was up to date, but the machines are not able to make change.Lost several dollars as a result. Plus it's double the price compared to the self service wash on Va Beach Blvd.

Bill Wary

Cleaned road trip off of truck

Tim Mchugh

Good car wash

Amanda Powers

Would give ZERO stars... I pulled into the bay FULL OF NAILS... no soap at all, just a dirty mess. I have used Freedom Wash since I have lived in Va. This by far is one that needs to be closed down. If you’re not going to have people there to clean it, then close it down. By far worst I have been too.

Connor Tiemann

Greatly located with multiple entrances and exits it is more than easy to get to. It's also conveniently located right next to the wawa and the park and ride. The staff is quite friendly and willing to help with whatever you need. The prices are fairly reasonable for a solid personal car wash and even if you go into great detail you won't spend over $20 even on an SUV for a good exterior wash and wax with a great interior vacuuming. The facility is overall in good condition and they change the brushes more regularly than most washing locations. Even on a super busy day you shouldn't be waiting too long with how many bays they have open. I can't speak for the automatic machine wash, but I always see multiple cars in line so I'm assuming it does its job. Overall a solid location to clean up your ride and keep it looking its best.

Name Hidden

Sometimes I dont get the foam stuff that is included with my membership plan. Please make sure it stays full guys. Not a good feeling to have to go through the wash soon as I come out, regardless of it being unlimited.

Aaron Graves

Lost several dollars at multiple machines. Otherwise fine.

Reckless Garage

Everyone is always cool out here and the actual wash has a lot of good aspects

Harun Omar

Used for the first time and didn't like it. No one to help you and direct you. Accidently I purchase a monthly plane but needed only one time wash. After wash was done my car was still had some spot that need to wash again. Machine doesn't do good job. After I found a worker and explained about my purchase. They were keep telling me that they can't do anything about it and only cancel my membership . But I will still get charge full price for the membership today. But I got charged $20 for $9 wash. And there vacuum is only free for 6 min. Where all other car wash offers you unlimited vacuum time.

DJ Cantero

none of the vacuums seem to work. They need to rinse their soap brushes at least a few times, but it always seems as if the dirtiest car was washed just before i pulled in.

Alexis A.

We just went to use the wet/dry vacuum for our car. Worked very well. Didn't take long to dry the floor of our vehicle. Less than 10 minutes, so you won't waste your money or time coming here for self-service vacuuming.

Wayne Wilborne

Love the rain x

Asia Love

It's cool love the lotion

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