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Kaine Peter

Only place I could find to wash my 1 ton.

matt kordy

I don't know why price went up ? A lot of my friends just canccelld their plan !!!!

Michael Hagan

The people who hand dried the car left scratches on the hood and the trunk. Not major, but definitely require minor body work to remove, and entirely unnecessary and, frankly, if I knew this could have happened I would have just gone elsewhere. Otherwise, good price and wash.

Michael Matthew

Great carwash! Just make sure that your car is wiped well because of spotting. It will look a little like rust if you don't.

Matthew Windsor

This place is difficult to rate. For a basic car wash it's OK. For a premium wash where they also wipe down the insides, it's a total rip-off. The cleaners re-use towels so sorry that you'll end up with streaking all over the insides of your windows. However, their detailing service (which is expensive - it starts at $50) is actually really really great. They spend at least a half hour going over the inside of your car with cleaners, vacuum and polish. At the end the inside of your car really does look fresh off the lot.

Patrick Mulwanda

This car wash is fast and efficient. Automatic/machine wash. Very professional and I like the fact that you can enroll for various cleaning rates, including multiple visits for a flat rate!

Jeff Draganov

Good Carwash!

Jose Plascencia

Went in looking mostly for a detailed interior clean, had a piece of glass break in the trunk and some small paint stains (could be easily removed with just water). Long process with very involved on the exterior and interior and felt excited. After it was all done, I open my trunk and find it wasn't even touched, not even vacuumed, glass was just pushed over to the side and paint stains still there. Thought the extra pay for the interior would be great, but the mats were still soaking wet and I had to go back and request for the trunk to be cleaned. Probably wont come back.

Zorak S

It was a horrible experience today at this flagship car wash in Herndon. I was a regular monthly customer. Today when I went to wash my car they saod that my credit card didn’t go through, so I handed over my card to the guy in the kiosk. He charged and returned the card and credit card back and put the receipt in my car’s cup holder even didn’t not looked at it. Fortunately my daughter was in the car with me, she picked up the reciept and told me they charged $65 instead of $44 treating my car as a taxi. I told they made a mistake and will refund the difference. I went the girl on the counter and told her about the mistake, and asked for the refund. I think She called the person who charged me and told me with this vague reason that my car is set up as a vehicle for hire. I asked her how you guys come to this conclusion. The most funny answerlogic/reason was that There is a tissue paper box in my car. she reffered me to another guy supposedly a manager. This guys was a very ignorant and was seem to be willing to address the situation and walked away from me. I went again inside and asked the lady for the difference, I was still feeling myself as a customer. At that point she just canceled my membership and tried to charge my card for one time wash for $26. Then she told me the card is not going through. I just got frustated at that point with unprofessional behavior of this manager and walked towards my car to get my valet and pay and to get out of this disgraceful place. Before I I reached to my car I see the girl who was dealing with me rushed to my car, as I approached to my car I see my car keys in her hand. My daughter was in the car and the car was off in this scorching afternoon. She refused to return my keys. At this point I had no other choice except to call the police. Local police appeared and got my keys and I paid them $26 for the wash. It was a frustrating, disgraceful and un-American behavior at this business by the management. I see in the previous reviews from other customer mentiong same kind of behavior. Whenever there an issue arises at this business when they are at fault they never admit or address the issues. Stay away from this business Flagships car wash in Herndon.

Brian Metzger

Best car wash I've ever gotten. Cleaned inside and out. Highly recommended!!

Beth Newman

So fast and thorough—great staff and clearly great management! I am so impressed!! The interior was cleaned so well so quickly. I will be back!

David L Wilson Jr

They really take pride in their work.

Tony Licalzi

They do excellent work here and get it done fast! Very thorough as well!

Thomas Geery

Great car wash! Very good service and cleaning.


Be wary - doesn't open when claimed and no signs to tell you when it will. Their website and phone message says they open at 8 a.m. seven-days a week. I went by at 8:15 today (Saturday) and they were closed. Called the number and checked the website; both said 08:00. I ran an errand and came back at 9:10. Still closed. No signs anywhere to tell me what's going on. Saw someone working in a bay and asked them if they were going to open and he just said, "we're closed." Then he disappeared into the back of the store. This is my regular place and I just took a long trip with the car, so I really wanted to get it cleaned thoroughly. I tried another wash that also said it opened at 8 a.m. They were closed also...that was around 9:20. Lots of my time wasted and the car still needs to be cleaned. This is my last engagement with Flagship. The last two times i had my car cleaned no one came to tell me my car was finished and when I asked they said, "oh it's been done for a while." The last time I went I had to clean the inside ofthe windshield again afterwards because of the smears all over it.

Steven Adams

My wife took her car on Sunday . They offer her an ultimate car wash . The cleaning part was good . After coming home and checking out the car we notice two scratches on our rear window. I had been trying to contact the manager I get put on hold or they hand out the phone . I left a message to have the manager call me this morning but no one has call me at point. This is really frustrating.


Very Poor Cleaning had to Re due the cleaning 2 times to get it right. Still Dirty Interior

Obed Effa

One of the best places to get your car a quick bath


Be forewarned, there are weird games they play with their gift cards and specials they offer when you drive up. I came to get an interior detail for $65. They offered to reduce the price to $30 if I put 100$ on my "gift card", the one I handed them to pay, which I already had a balance on and told them as much. So I said sure and they then tried to charge me $130 to add $100 to my gift card and then $30 to pay for the work. Why not debit the card that I had over $140 on? Didn't make sense and they could not comprehend that I was telling them to charge the card. That being said, the wash is good as are the details of which they have two levels; a full detail setup out back and their interior or exterior mini details that come with the ultimate wash. I get a wash every week, with and interior mini every month and an exterior mini every other month.

Schuyler Cumbie

Most services are unavailable after 5pm if they are busy, so be sure to make an appointment if you want anything specialized beyond an ultimate car wash. The express exterior detail offers a good value wax of your car and an ultimate wash is included (which includes the wipe down and vacuuming of the interior of your car), however with "express" being in the title you get what you pay for. There were several spots that were missed on my car while the wax was quickly being removed. Ultimately, this location lacks the customer service required for this type of business. The manager left a pretty bad taste in my mouth after lecturing me about leaving a bad review. I had shown up the day before and was incredibly disappointed that many of the services I wanted were unavailable and that I had gone out of my way to go here, yet there was no indication that any of them were unavailable at certain times of the day. I made an appointment to come back to try to give this location a second chance but when I arrived the manager stopped me and told me that my review made him not want my business, that he didn't need it, and that he did not want to honor my appointment. I thought this was a terrible way to treat or talk to a customer. A manager should be willing to make things right, not attempt to refuse service if they don't like what the customer says about their business, nor be telling customers that the business doesn't need them. I give this location a 1/5 for terrible customer service after what I experienced, but a 4/5 for value because you do get a decent amount of work done for around $50. Unfortunately as far as actual attention to detail goes I have to give a 2/5 for the several spots that were missed inside and out of my vehicle (several items pictured here). This brings my overall score of this location to a 2.33/5. It could still be worth going for your average automated car wash, however the customer service is much to be desired, and anything beyond that requires paying a premium if you want quality that includes the attention to detail on your car.

Sean Spicher

This carwash does such a fantastic job. I purchased my car somewhere that I get car washes for free but I still choose to bring my vehicle here. The service is quick friendly and efficient and they do a great job cleaning the windows wheels and making sure little crumbs and dust are gone. I enjoy coming and checking out the other cars and will be coming back soon for a detail before winter.

Manikanta sso

Me and my friends went to flagship carwash in Herndon and requested for full interior cleaning with shampoo. The flagship car wash guy at the entrance told us, it will cost you $50 for that cleaning , we told okay for that and paid the money but when they returned the car after cleaning we noticed they didn't even clean the interior car floor under the front seats and we asked them to clean the floor they again charged us extra $10 for Internal floor cleaning under front car seats .Store employees are so rude at us, really bad experience.

Me Me

Awesome result! Messy car turned in - a very clean car got back. I'll continue using 20194 location: the carpets are washed and installed properly, leather seats are cleaned, cup holders and stuff like that is clean. Awesome job!

Mike Kenworthy

Did a great job of cleaning up a bowl of chicken soup that I had spilled. Saved my car.

Mahir Iskender

Pleasantly surprised. The cashier was not motivated to answer customer questions though. Every time I asked question instead of answering he kept showing me the price board.

Asser Elsamahy

I am extremely disappointed. I had the unlimited ultimate car wash package and I used to go once a week. They clean the surface well but they are lazy and don't want to complete their full job. For example, vacuuming the trunk is part of the package but they refuse to do it unless I actually open the trunk and tell them to. They are also supposed to dry any wet spots with a towel but they don't do the edges around the trunk and the gas unless I specifically point it out to them. I was able to accept all this and constantly follow up with them cause their location was convenient to me. However, the worst came today when I went to wash my car and there were a lot of employees that you can tell don't know what they are doing. They couldn't unlock the door for a good 3 minutes. Now my car has automatic side mirrors. I get in my car and as I am driving away I hear the sound of the mirrors opening event though the mirrors are already open. I then realized that they forced my mirrors open by hand. So I stopped to make sure they r functioning and as I expected something went wrong number with the mechanics of one of the mirrors and it was a lot slower than the other mirror to close or open. So I went back to tell them. I wasn't expecting them to fix it or anything but the least I was looking for is an apology. A guy game to look at it and after trying to look at the mirror and trying the button a couple of times which showed me he has no idea what he's doing he starts denying that there is anything. It is clear that there is a difference between both mirrors but he was denying it and all he said. Next time you can open the mirror for them and continued to deny the issue even though I showed him several different differences. I will never go back again and if your car has any technology and you care about not ruining, I don't recommend going to them at all. They couldn't even apologize for a mistake that was very clear and the car was still wet from just being there.

RajKumar Baddam

1. Price is too High; ( had to select one star to start review, if there is chance i'l give ZERO/No stars ). 2.The packages are very tricky to confuse the Customer —> Hence Customer pays more $ which is not worth for the Service @ Flagship. 3.Though you select The High Package: You will see the Dust and Dirty marks and they will ask Customers to pay more to do the Job ( as I mentioned in point 2. 4.this is the 3rd time I had service here hoping for the improvements but the Result is Same while cleaning my Car ; they removed one plastic part from my Car and they left as is . I had to beg them to fix it again ( I paid $100 and I had to Beg them for such kind of mistakes they committed)

Alex Zaman

The people drying your car by hand do very bad job. Great convenience to have your car regularly washed.

D Henley

Efficient, professional and great monthly wash program.

William M

DO NOT GO HERE. If they damage your car even slightly. They won't fix it or repair it. Also they falsely advertise unlimited car wash. No it's one a day and if you do go once a day you will be forced to pay $65. Because "they need to pay their employees.". I had minor damage done to my car but still damage. Instead of them being civil and handling it They said "they are hydrolic and they have to make contact and it's impossible for them to do that." Don't go there because they don't care about what happens to your car and they won't fix it.

Tareq Sharabi

As i was going through the car wash area a worker from there was backing up a truck as he was about to hit my car i hoonked at him, as he got out the car and flicked me off. He is lucky i did not mess up his face but if i come back to this black without that disrespectful worker being fired i will not come back again. Very disrespectful to represent a respectful car wash place like this.

Jeff Jeff

Love this place - consistenly excellent work on Express Interior ($50) plus a discounted Hot Wax service. Highly recommend this place!

Jeffrey Palmer

They do a good job. I have had the 44$ a month all inclusive program for as long as I owned my car. It's a great deal. If they don't do something right, they fix it. Cant ask for more than that!

Deb Eaves

Beautiful job inside and out

Adam Crane

They do a good job cleaning the interior and the exterior comes out clean. Overtime though I noticed I was getting lots of scratches in my paint from the machines. So I stopped using.

Lee Michael

I just got the monthly membership a few weeks ago. I'd say each time they are done I'm generally about 80% satisfied. For the price, if you go frequently enough, I'd say it's worth the price. I'm generally not blown away, but it's good enough to come back with the membership.

Gisele Cloutier

THEY ARE THIEVES! I accidentally forgot to remove my ice scraper and gloves before going through the carwash. I happened to see them take the gloves and protested, but the ice scraper (which was expensive) was gone when I got home. "Not responsible for personal items" means they don't leave them on the seat like reputable carwashes do, it's code for "if it isn't nailed down we'll steal it." And this on top of $25 for a very basic carwash?? Talk about thieves!

jasmine barnes

I got a mini detail package for like $50 they wash the car they cleaned out the inside really well great customer service and it was pretty quick even when it was busy I was there under an hour

John Rowles

I take my truck and Corvette there and won’t go anywhere else. They do a phenomenal job and have a great staff. To those that are whining about your experience, leave your entitled ego at home. This is a great establishment and I’ll continue taking my vehicles to them.

Ibrahem Alhaidari

High tech car wash, all on a conveyer belt causing the staff to rush and do a terrible job. In addition they put another cars floor mats on top it mine. Will not return.

Josh Levine

I got my car wash here yesterday. They damaged the parking sensors on my Range Rover which I notified them about shortly after the wash. They failed to have a manager follow up with me. Aside from the damage to my car, wash was average.

CeCe Holman

Car looked nice on the outside, inside nor so much. For the price they should of cleaned better.

Cory Laws

Love this place. Besides being the first LEED certified car wash in the country, it's changed the paradigm by offering monthly contracts. I've been going since it opened.


The carwash does damage your car, I never had any scratches on my black car until after taking it to this location. I would find a new scratch everytime it went thru this carwash. They should clean the brushes daily that make contact with the cars.

Yvonne Huelcher

This place has been amazing in the past. I always would recommend it to anyone, but within the last year it went down the drain. At first I thought it’s just off days but every single time I have bringing my car there since, i have to ask for the actual dirt to be wiped down on the door. I always go home and wipe down my own dashboard even though I paid for it to be done at the car wash. I gave too many chances for too long. Today the final straw has been drawn and I won’t be back.

Geoffrey Doody

I've had two experiences where I brought my vehicle to be cleaned, paid $30, and still had mud, crumbs, dirt throughout the vehicle (cupholders, seats, dirty floor mats). You will have better results going to a gas station and paying a $1.50 to vacuum your car & $8 for a drive through car wash.

imtiaz ahmad

Excellent and fast service!

David Jackson

I took my (NEW BMW) car to be cleaned at this establishment based a friend's recommendation, who also has a BMW. Water spots were left on the car, and my car interior was damaged. I will never take my car there again, and will likely start detailing my own car. It is terrible when "professionals" mess up your car when all you wanted was a car wash and vacuum. This experience is one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Messing up someone's car is a carnal sin. Don't destroy your own sanity by letting them mess up your car new or old, luxury or mainstream. Don't do it. Wash your own car.

Mark Henry

Decent. The Unlimited is the way to go. You can easily skip the lines, and it's reasonably priced.

Claudia Cortez otero

Took my suv to the trust of a good quality car wash. Disappointed at this point. Their machine crash my mirror. Destroy my side skirt, driver side. They told me I can put a screw and fix it myself. What type of answer was that. Stay away from this business.

Gloria Lazo Bolanos

Very happy with Flagship. I pay 49.99 every month and bring my car whenever I want. Staff is always professional and super nice. I highly recommend it. If you have a problem, they try their hardest to fix it, never in the 3 years I been coming here, never had a situation where a I need to talk to a manager.

Marcelino Martinez

Horrible customer service. I paid for a flagship unlimited wash and ive had it for about two months. I just recently started working for lyft. I was told that commercial vheicles pay extra for unlimited washes. I said fine, i wasnt trying to pull a fast one i just started lyft. The lady said since theres a couple days left for this month we’ll charge the extra next month. I assumed that meant i keep the flagship unlimited wash for this month at the cost i paid for and next week i pay extra for my current package. Today i get my car wash and without letting me know they downgrade me to an ultimate and said commercial vehicles dont get the flagship even though i paid for the month already. They just did it in a very arrogant snobby manner, without letting me finish my month for what I originally paid for. I cancelled my membership today and im never going back.

Jorge Calderon

Very sloppy job. I had to bring it back for them to do it right. Never take your car close to closing time, or better yet, find a better car wash place.

annzie a

My car was in desperate need of a car wash so I figured I would try out this place. So I have a few reasons for giving just two stars... It's a very small area with a long line. I was expecting to see a list of services before I drove up to the guy taking the order. I asked the guy about the free car wash deal on Yelp... But in order to get that I had to spend $100 on a gift card. So instead, I asked for a basic car wash (outside only). Once I got to the "station" to pay then only did I see an actual list of services. I didn't like that they had me sit in the car. I was directed to pull up close to the car in front of me... it was pretty nerve-wracking sitting in the car while it was moving on the belt. Unfortunately, I wasn't very impressed with the place.

John M

Total mess. Not clear where to go and they scratched my paint all over. Absolutely terrible place. After you go through the cheap automatic brush car wash they rub rags all over your car to dry it off, but since they never seem to swap out the rags all the grit from the last car gets rubbed on yours. TERRIBLE. Just pay $8 and get a gas station wash.

Omar Segovia

i went in today to get a wash to clean off the salt from the past snow storms. I left with salt still under my car smudgy soapy spots all around and salt on my trunk door. Also the machine leaves scrashes in your car paint apparently. overall not worth it the neighborhood kid would do it better for the same or less.

Douglas McEwing

I took my wife new SUV in for a wash after our recent road trip and I left disappointed. After paying $55 dollars to have it clean inside and out I was left to finish the job myself. I wrote a message to the company, offer for them to respond so that I can provide the pictures that I took. They never contacted me back. Here are some of the pictures that I took afterwards. They left an over spray of some sort, didn't do a good job vacuuming, didn't wipe down the media control panel, and left a scratch on the driver side temperature glass. Even the outside of the front of the grill and rear view mirrors still had all the bugs from the road trip we took. This SUV is not even three months old and wasn't that bad when I brought it in. ------- I have tried reaching out to them via their website and phone. NO results. ____ Today, Wednesday, Dec 19 at 3:00 Andrew made a reply. And the way he worded it was that I should have went back in line and have them do the job that I paid them to do in the first place. He also never address the scratch they caused.

Ashley Betchar

Had an Unlimited Wash package for over 2 years. Great car wash that is well maintained and has fast and and great job. I would HIGHLY recommend and of the flag ship locations to anyone. I detailed cars professionally for over 5 years and bring all my cars here!

Peter Marshall

They do a really nice job and you can get your car washed every day

Darren Parsons

Great exterior and interior deep clean for less than $50, figured I needed detailing for over $100, but completely satisfied with their less expensive options.

Yousef Ahmad

I came here because someone puked on my car and I wanted to try getting the interior cleaned as well for once. By the end my car still had trash and dirt inside of it and there was literally still puke on my car. I specifically told them that I wanted the ultimate wash for $25, but they instead charged me for the flagship which was $37 and I didn't realize until I checked my credit card and then the receipt. They still gave me the service of an ultimate wash because the third row they seemed to charge $5 extra for wasn't even touched. This was my second and last time using these guys. I called them and left a voicemail but no answer.

Nader Ghobadi

As far an automatic car wash goes, their system does a decent job. I've been taking my car through for about 2 years, and am a regular customer. HOWEVER, as I took my hatchback through last time, it broke off my rear window wiper blade. I called and the person on the phone tells me that it broke off because it was rusted, and they don't cover it. That "may" have been the case. But it broke off in their car wash. That's PISS POOR client/customer relations. But its typical. They would rather loose a good customer that pays about a $1000 a year washing cars at their location than cover a 70$ item that can easily be replaced. I guess that is "good" business.

Wise Minds

Great carwash but they higher the prices now.

Joel Smith

These guys know what they are doing.

Ajay Arjun

Went for a hand-wash and came with a new scratch!! They don't even have a fixed price. The guy at the cashier just like that comes up with a random price which is higher than the one which they quoted when inquired over phone. I paid for Exterior wash and interior cleaning, They didn't even bother to touch the interior. Pls go somewhere else if you need a professional service

Nosika Maq

I won’t recommend every time I go there for car wash i don’t see my car clean as I expect especially from inside

Matthew Smythe

Left a ton of water spots. My car ended up looking worse than when I showed up. I'm thinking their rinse isn't filtered, and the hand dry was pretty much just for show

Rafat Abu Khair

What a nice staff there!! they do what they promise. My car was covered with tree sap and the manager told me I will make it like new and he did.

Tristan Cabalar

I drove all the way here just to get my car wash. Definitely a busy yet professional spot. The external car wash was interesting, you have to get in the belt with your car. Great experience wish they had something like closer.


the maneger is rasista and a lier and thief


usually bring my cars to wash here, decided to recommend my wife to bring her car. Service was terrible! Nothing like ever before. Not sure why, but it was redicoulous! I’ve never felt so rushed to move my car and leave. Definitely will not be coming back here again.

Mark Fegani

Can't beat this place for a great car wash.

Nonya Joe

They are overpriced and do not do the greatest of jobs. I've had my car cleaned multiple times and it always remains dirty. The only pro is that you don't have to worry about Troy d clearance with your car..

Kevin Smith

I have been using Flagship for years, and they do a great job. I wanted to give kudos to Martin who sells me the services. He is always professional and kind. He has the best interest of the business in mind by always offering me a courteous up-sale. Thanks for the awesome service.

Vamshi Krishna Nagamalla

One line, they put scratches on your windshield.

Erin Kosteva

I've tried this car wash twice and both times had a very poor experience. I paid for the top level package and both times the seats and doors were not adequately wiped and the vacuum job was spotty. When I pointed this out to the staff, they disgruntledly put my car back through the cleaning process so I had to wait twice as long. I brought this issue to the attention of management, but was rudely dismissed with the comment of, "Well, nobody is perfect." I will not be going back and would not recommend this carwash to anyone else. There are others in the area who do a better job for less money and have much better customer service.

Simon Hess

The car wash was closed when it was supposed to be open. (5pm on a Monday). This is not the first time this happened to me here.

Ruchi Kapani

Good place for a carwash (brushless) and someone mentioned they do a hand one but I am not sure. However, I was dissatisfied with their wax job and told them that the next morning (I told them the evening I picked up my car as well but I also went to 2 detailers regarding the wax job on my car right after I received my car back before lodging a complaint to ensure my suspicion was correct). They refunded my money because I have to go and get my car polished and waxed now. If they make a mistake they will make it right. If they are packed however, I would suggest visiting on a different day. Also, if you are in he area, they do provide a ride to your location and back!

Nadine S.Ali

I go here often and during times when it’s not crowded. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get through the wash and get the inside of car cleaned. The prices are reasonable and it’s listed on their website. It’s close by to me so it’s convenient for me.

Kristina Sanders

They do a awesome job!

Mike McHugh

Fast and did a great jpb

Farhan Yussouf

Over priced. Demand is non stop so cant blame them for pricing. But come on now! Does decent job, like how a factory job should be. There is no time to do the job with care and time.

Matt Stevens

Excellent attention to detail. I drive a quad cab truck so I would like to see them actually hit the roof...other than that, top notch!

Brad Bauer

Usually a quick in and out. Sometimes is backs up. Usually just do the exterior because of all the dirt roads I drive on. Machines do a pretty good job. UPDATE 10/19: Had to cancel my monthly membership. I knew that a touch wash was a risk, so kept an eye on scratches and sure enough starting to see fine swirl scratches (under a strong light) from the brushes. It's naive to think you won't get scratches so I don't blame Flagship. I'll keep going there with my old truck no problem.

Jabber Wocky

Would be great if it wasn't super packed every second of the day.

Tigerlily Fresh

I originally was going to have my car hand washed and vacuumed out, especially the trunk. The staff was very friendly but apparently don't follow directions to well. Like another reviewer said they could've done a way better job on the interior. I came back after leaving and had to ask the guy to wipe off the back of my driver seat where a suitcase wheels left marks. They did not wipe off the driver side floor board and didn't even touch the trunk. I shouldn't have let them talk me into buying a service I did not want originally, and one where they didn't do anyway. I didn't receive what I paid for and won't be returning.

Donovan Harper

The BEST car wash in town! I drive 30 minutes from my house to have my car washed. They also offer a monthly plan as well. Get your car washed 30 days in a month if you please for 44$


Paid about $35 to get full service inside out for my SUV but it was still dirty inside when I approach the guy out side lil fat midget he said oh if you want this to be vacuumed u need to get details package witch is like $50 or more then he turn around and start taking to his co worker I heard him saying I don’t know why black people like to get free stuff horrible horrible service never going here again. EVER

Brianna Baldwin

Embarrassed to say that the interior detailing was given as a gift to my mother after the horrible customer service we received over the last two days. After calling ahead to see if they could get the car in that morning, it was left for the entire day and overnight. As soon as we looked in the car this morning, we could see dirt and grease in multiple areas and addressed it with one of the employees who agreed that it clearly needed more work and they could redo it today. Looking at it again for the second time, there were were still areas that had not even been wiped down. Definitely not a service worth paying for. The assistant manager who was called out was the worst part of the experience. He clearly came out not caring about the situation and his excuses were unacceptable. The main one being that over the last two days they had “other cars that actually scheduled appointments”. Why were we told to drop it off at all if that was going to be an excuse for not actually detailing the car? We ended up just leaving with the car incomplete as leaving it for a third day (what the assistant manager offered after saying this was, however, as good as it was going to get) clearly wouldn’t make a difference. I am appalled that this was the service provided and that we were treated as though we should have been thankful that they even took the car in the first place. $159 wasted and monthly ultimate membership cancelled.

Bjorn Falk

Great carwash! The prices are pretty high, but definitely worth it. They do a great job Everytime and really deliver!

Judy Smith

Like it. Reasonable prices. Just as finishing wash, problem on track, scary but did not damage car. Will go back. They do big business. Need to go when not many cars in line.

Matteo Stohlman

The interior detail is not cheap but your car will come out like new. Personally, it's worth it.

Kiran Kay

My experience with Shampooing & Interiors - I was told that the job will take 45 mins to an hour and I waited. But it was after an hour that they actually got to my car. Requested a shuttle and was denied rudely (shuttle not included in the $95 service which they didn't even start it in the estimated time of completion. can you imagine?). And because I inquired about the delay, they did a hasty job and the results were obviously very poor. Carpets had the grease spots and I was so disappointed. When asked about the poor quality of work, he blamed it on me saying that I didn't give him enough time to work on. Finally he gave me a card for redoing ONLY the back row carpet. I realized later that day the trunk was literally untouched. All the stains and dust were just there. I made sure trunk-cleaning was included when I paid for it. I called in and reported that I felt the service was not worth $95. His response was "you were charged 95 because you were provided services for that". Super rude. I went back couple of days later with the card and thankfully there was an agent who was polite and actually "Listened" to my complaints. He got the job done for me in less than the time estimated. @Flagship staff (who reads reviews) - It would be greatly appreciated if the negatives can be addressed so that customers have a pleasant experience.

Lauren R

This place is my absolute fav and only car wash I go to. I have been everywhere and my car is half washed or the inside is not wiped down properly or my tires look terrible.... Nope not here!! Every time I get my car washed here they clean 100% of my car. I live in Fairfax and refuse to pay for my car wash anywhere else... i drive to Herndon just for my car wash - plus the mini detail package is amazing! I spilt my foundation all over my seats and side panel... they got it all out - not sure how but it was great!

Kayla McCormick

Got one of the normal exterior washes for the outside and left my car for the day for the Full Interior Detail. Before I had about 3 years world of dirt in the carpets, the dash had a years worth of pollen, and well the whole car had seen it's share of rivers and beaches. I was expecting to see little dirt pieces in the nooks and crannies, but they did a great job cleaning out the interior of the debris, door jam crud, etc. The inside polish was good on all the surfaces. All my mud scuffs and seat stains were gone. Outside looked good, no new marks (I have a dark blue car with a black interior) Both on dropping off and picking up the employees were polite and helpful. But also I was polite, so that helps.

faisal mahgoub omer ahmed

They're very bad they do nosing and take my money I am never going to come back again

byso swirl

I brought my Mercedes SUV as a first time customer and suffice it to say but I will never visit this facility again. The service was terrible. They barely cleaned the interior of the car even after I paid close to $40 for the ‘flagship wash’.....what a joke! The first photo was the floor area in the second row, after they had ‘double cleaned’ the interior of my car. The second photo is the ‘cleaned second row’, and the third photo was after I had cleaned it myself when I got home. I used water and a rag and it took me all of 1 minute to do so. I asked a gentleman named Raul twice to help clean the car considering how much I paid, and nothing happened! I get into my car to leave and quickly notice that there are now cracks on the side door (See 4th photo) . I am certain these happened while at the Carwash. Maybe they were unhappy that I was frustrated with their work done and they decided to break something in my vehicle. Such a shame that this place is in business! You are better off going to an $8 gas station car wash as the quality of work is the exact same!!!

mike p

Past few times I’ve been here, the actual wash machine has broken/shut down. Leading to huge backups and long wait times.

Ahmad Kabir

2 reviews 1.0 star rating 4/13/2016 My wife and I have brought our 3 cars here for the last 6 years at least once a month. That is $100+ we have spent at this place every month for the last 6 years. Today I decided to take my sports car there for a full detail and the seats in the car do not and have never moved. This has never been an issue in the past. The manager or owner comes out and tells me his guys have to be able to reach the pedals in a very insulting manner. Keep in mind the car only has to be moved twice about two feet each time. I am 6'1" and there were plenty of 6 foot plus employees around that would have no problem reaching the pedals. Again this has never been an issue in the past. The manager/owner himself is at least 6"5'. He then continues to insult and argue. As a business owner my self we do whatever we can to accommodate or guests especially ones that have been loyal patrons for so many years. They have most certainly permanently lost my business, the business of my family and anyone else we can warn.

Rachel M

Very cheap for what you get. Would recommend not coming within an hour of close, they tend to rush and skip over parts of the interior if not. Took off a point because despite paying for the priciest was last time, they did not clean my trunk rubber part (paid for it!) at all.

Brad Newcomb

Did an amazing job inside and out! Down side? If you have a question, most of the workers only speak Spanish. What they did not know was that I spoke Spanish and they were clearly talking smack about me when I got out of my car to let them clean the inside. Overall, they do a great job and they take their job seriously!

melanie parham

They did a great job of cleaning the outside of my car and it was only $12. I will be back to clean the inside !

Joshua Drake

Paid $40 for the top of the line carwash. I got a 5year old with a hose. Exterior looks like it was hosed down... thats it. Interior was “vacuumed” but still plenty of dust and grime from the winter. I will have to finish the job at home. They couldn't even take the time to set my molded floor mats for the backseat. They were thrown and folded haphazardly onto the floor. There was also garbage all around the facility. 10/10 waste of money.

Jinny Clancy

Great staff and helpful and they do excellent work

Ankit Jain

Staff is always great. The wash is always thorough. Pricing is fair. Sometimes the towel dry after the wash feels rushed and wet spots are sometimes missed, however, overall everything is great! My #1 go to car wash. Lowered-car friendly.

Jerry Schwartz

My first time there, and my last. Had a "Flagship" wash and interior clean. At my inspection I found that the seats were not cleaned and they did a poor job on vaccuming. I had it done again and still poor. They told me that for $10 more they would do it better. I drove away. As the sun hit my car I noticed streaks on the windows. I used my house vacuum on it when I got home. Took 10 minutes to do a better job than they did. It's a big operation that needs to move fast to earn money. I would not recommend it to anyone. In response to flagship, we just moved here. Of the other car wash places we used elsewhere dog hair was never an issue. When you advertise to vacuum you don't specify that customers have specific types of dirt etc. or say dog hair is extra.

Nithiya Pannirselvam

My husband has unlimited ultimate pass with the Flagship carwash. We went for a wash again for the second time on the same day unaware of the fact that we can use the pass only once/day and the system wouldn’t let us in. When my husband got down to talk to the person in the front about this, he told us that we can use the service only once/day even though we had the unlimited pass and when my husband told that he wanted to go back, the front operator person was rude to him and said “good luck backing out with the cars behind”. People who are employed with customer service should make the customers want to come to their place for service, not rude and snap at the customers. There’s always a polite way to tell customers that they are wrong/mistaken.


Worst place to go. Rud managers.

Elizabeth Teets

Friendly and efficient staff. Worth the cost for the attention to detail. Made the car look brand new!

Dave Harper

They do a pretty good job on my F350 DRW Crew Cab, and it’s the only place around where my truck will actually fit through the car wash machine. Other places send me away saying my truck is too big. So I’m happy with the job they do.

Nuruddin Chowdhury

Bought my car here for interior detailing very impressed with the results keep up the good work

Ali Alsalahi

Stay away from this car wash. They are overpriced and when they sell you service you will end up having less what you paid for. Deceptive and not honest.

Patrick Whiteside

On March 16, 2019, I took my Ford Mustang to Flagship Carwash! This was my first experience at Flagship, and I must say.... They did a outstanding job! The whole entire staff was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this facility! Thank you Flagship Carwash, continue to make the rest of the world happy and grateful. -Patrick

Adolphus Tarty

This is my first time using this place. Have heard positive reviews from this place and I was not disappointed on my very first visit.

Ivy Hafer

I’ll probably return for a hand wash and highly recommend this place for anyone with a car that need hand wash only service. The price was great and the outcome was even better. My problem is with the interior cleaning service. I was charged extra for this and it was apparent that my backseat wasn’t even touched since my floor mats that I set aside weren’t even moved. My car really only needed the front drivers side touched up and a light dusting but when I got my car back the dust was still all across the dash and my passenger floor Matt seemed dirtier with some rust like residue. With that said, I wouldn’t recommend for an interior cleaning. Save yourself the time and do it yourself. That’s what I had to do after visiting this place.

Scott Healy

This is actually a pretty good car wash

Jay C

Never going back to this place. Got ultimate wash and people doing vacuum doesn’t even care my driver side door hitting the trash cans and towel buckets in the middle and scratched my door paint. Very bad.

Zach Pitkin

I spent $90 for the exterior and interior express details. The Jeep had mud on the interior and exterior. Most of the exterior was washed off but they still did a hand wax over mud left on the exterior. The interior was still a mess after the "detail" and looked almost to be untouched. Note mud left on floorboards in photo. No mention that this would not be cleaned with the service.

Meghan Martin

I came to have my carpets cleaned as I had accidentally spilled gasoline in my car earlier in the day. Despite being booked in the detail area and closing early because of the holiday, they still worked me in to try and help eliminate the pungent gas odor. I very much appreciated their willingness to accommodate me.


100% failure rate at completely cleaning wheels. Have been here at least 20 times and they have never cleaned them completely. These photos were taken after I requested them to come out and clean the wheels again.

jay chadha

Place is good they did excellent job cleaning and inside they asked me what to clean I made sure what stuff had to be cleaned they did very good job employees and everybody, manager made sure my car was clean I was liked the placeI didnt like waiting 1hr on Sunday, will be coming back

Ladybug Hall

They do not do a good job cleaning your windows


They do a great job of getting my car clean. I buy the monthly pass.

Ken Kaplan

Be prepared to wait, but there's a reason. They're good and reasonably priced.

Diego Ureña

Great service and even with the line is always fast

Ricky Raymond

One of the best in the area. They do get busy but they move quickly. Been going for years.

CDL Caterer

I've been going here for years but had an issue with the quality of service and the owner made it know he didn't care and I can take my business elsewhere. I am sure he has plenty of customers and losing one will not hurt him but as a business any issue small or large should be addressed with great customer service. This business does not value customers.

Sharon T

My mother went to Flagship today and had a very disturbing and upsetting experience. First, she asked for their best wash. Apparently that translates to a cost of $64 for a month of unlimited subpar washes. Quantity over quality, I guess. Also, how do you get unlimited washes when you've paid cash? And from what other reviewers are saying, the lack of quality at this business is the standard, not the exception. Then, when she gets into her car, she discovers that her newly purchased CD has been removed from the player and a CD that had been in her center console had been inserted. This means that someone at Flagship went into her center console, invading her privacy in the process. That's not much different from a thief breaking into your car to steal from you. People have the right to privacy from intrusion of ones personal effects/property. When she spoke to the manager, Andrew, about it, he showed no compassion. He even told her that her claims were "inconsequential", and said she must be wrong since "none of his employees even speak english". Not a good tactic if you're hoping for return business. Anyway, she ended up leaving after that since Andrew had to deal with the police officer who arrived to take a report of a car being wrecked in the wash tunnel.

b dyer

They stole my child's rastafarian colored ball then we turn around to go back and get it and there acting like they didn't do anything but clean the car.... Mind you my child is 2.5 so we something is missing... you better hope you find it..... people who worked there acted like I was crazy and my kid is in tears about this ball that was (misses placed in there eyes) Great was thought and clean But if you have any items that you dont want to go missing keep them out of the car... remember theres at least 20 different people in the car so if something is stolen they can't blame one person I will think about coming back!

Akshay Deshpande

Not touchless. This place shows up in Google search results if you search for touchless car wash. It isn't. However, the reason for the three stars is I wasn't very satisfied with my experience either, the hand drying wasn't done well and I noticed streaks of dried dust/water on my doors and near the trunk of my car when I got home.

Brian Phelps

Best car wash in the DMV. Consistent attention to detail!

Allen Bogart

Always enjoy the quality of car washes from this place. Great people make for a great business!

Corey Mayfield

I recently visited this establishment to have my car washed. I opted for the Ultimate Wash expecting great results. In return I ended up with a damaged vehicle. I drive a $80k Mercedes-Benz CLS550. A car that I meticulously maintain and keep clean because I worked very hard to buy it and I like to take care of my stuff. Upon inspection of the vehicle after the wash I notice a huge spot on the back bumper with very fine horizontal scratches, indicative of one of the mechanical spinning brushes sitting on the bumper in one spot spinning too long. I immediately brought it to the attention of Dennis the manager on duty at the time. After his inspection, he had me drive the car around the back to have one of his detailers attempt to compound and buff the scratches out. After this was done I wasn’t satisfied because the scratches were still clearly visible and I asked to speak to Andrew the general manager. He wasn’t available at the time, so I got his contact information and reached out to call him the very next day. After receiving the runaround in an attempt to contact Andrew on the phone, I finally got to speak with him. He stated that the compounding and buffing was the best that they could do. Then attempted to say that it wasn’t their fault. I asked, “how could you say it wasn’t your fault when you haven’t even seen the vehicle in person?”(the general manager hasn’t seen the vehicle up to the point nor did he ask to see it) I volunteered to bring the vehicle back up to the car wash just so he, Andrew, the general manager could see that damages himself. Upon his inspection, in a very condescending manner brushed it off and stated “it wasn’t their fault, it was probably somebody that brushed up against the car in a parking lot or something“ I then asked for the owners name and contact information, and Andrew (condescendingly again) stated that he is the final decision and refuse to give me the information. I will never ever visit this or any other Flagship Car Wash establishment. This is no way to treat a paying customer who’s vehicle you clearly damaged!

J-P Gilson

I got my QX80 full detailed here. I called to see if I needed an appointment, and the helpful lady told me that it was encouraged but not required. So I came out on Wednesday morning and picked it up that same afternoon. Let me tell you, it was well worth every penny. The gentleman (I forget his name, friendly average sized man) looked over my car and pointed out some of the scratches. He told me that he could buff them out for an additional fee. I was hesitant but agreed. It was well worth it, the SUV came back like new with every scratch gone! They did a fantastic job on the inside as well as the outside, clean and spotless. Fantastic job all around. I'd highly recommend them to anyone considering a full detail. I'm sure the regular wash is good too, but the detail job today April 3, 2019 was super!


Car wash is good but I’d a bad experience on my very first visit to this service place. I was happy after my car wash and detailing but when I realized after reaching home that my car floor mat was missing. When I called to the service center after second attempt they said I can come and pick up. When I went there they didn’t come and put it up in my car. I don’t have any issues to keep it in my car back that’s not the way to treat customers. I strongly recommend to the owner of the service that he should have handled the problem properly when their staff misplaced the things from the car.

Derek J. Clarke

I have been going to this car wash since day one. It is a great place to get your baby washed or detailed. The employees are always happy to see you and say hello. Couple of them even greet you by name.. Big Fan of Flagship, and the services they provide. Customer for life.


Very great car wash experience. With little time spent there, I really appreciate how my car looks after leaving there

Chris Barry

The only place large enough to accommodate my 26 ft cargo trailer for hand washing and my long bed F350 fits in the drive thru machine. Great prices and service is top notch. Always puts a smile on my face to see my equipment shine!

Maic Salazar Diagnostics

This place is good. I personally purchase the Flagship wash monthly. They clean the car really good but the windows not so much and my car is always clean. I notice last 5 times that spots are left untouched. Overall is a good place and prices are fair.

Lance Nobles

This place used to be my go to spot as they used to take pride in their work and used to do an amazing job. However after re-running my car through twice, it’s still dirty. They say the dirt must be baked in at this point (it’s a 2017 ACURA mind you). And that’s the outside, don’t even get me started on the inside. Still have dust all over the dashboard. Think I’ll find another or just do it myself and save the $25 (and be a lot happier With the result).


So, for what ever reason on a Monday morning. They have a kid that barely speaks English sitting at the entrance to tell people they are going to open hours later. On a Monday no less! I ask them if they can just wash the out and he just likes to say no... I have to ask him 5 times till he does... Then instead of asking he says, "We got a really dirty Cadillac that wants a wash". That's not what I wanted you to ask.. I come here quite often and pay full price to support the business... But I'm going to find other options because they don't have good customer service any more and I need a carwash that is actually going to open when they are suppose to be. The real reason, is their employees where not on time. I was watching as they casually walked up and they had no staff on site... Now I have to go with a gas station car wash... Thx alot flagship ==================== Everything above this line is the original Post. Take a look at the response of the "Owner" of this business. In my many years I have never seen such a unprofessional response. My response to you saying I am hiding behind a Alias, This name is will known in the Legal system. Maybe think, hmm... I wonder if they have a reason for using alias.... Funny how you also hide behind "Response from owner". To anyone thinking about taking your car here, that you have worked very hard to earn and keep up... Look at the response and think, do you really want them to clean your car? If this is how they handle a frustrated client... Imagine what would happen if something went wrong? Or the care they actually put into cleaning your car... I have attached a Photo of their response in case they try to change it.. Careful how you respond to this... Remember I mentioned Legal System.. Respectfully, Shades

Tony Medina

Excellent!! Location, service, waiting room!

Cat Primus

Go to clock tower they clean inside your car much better. FLAG SHIP NEVER CLEANS MY CAR RIGHT. I point out obvious things like poor vacuum and no tire shine especially when you pay for it.

kalyankumar goli

Zero satisfaction. Very poor service.

Ch Win

Notice how 'management' only responds to positive reviews below, not any negatives. I've been a happy customer for years there, decent car wash, fair price, probably four stars. Until their wash malfunctioned and scraped my car yesterday... that's when the denial protocol kicks in. I was stunned that the 'manager' didn't even listen to what I had to say, they will deny and shift blame to the point of ridiculousness - which is consistent with most of the negative reviews here involving damage. Ownership is non responsive also, they assume you'll just go away and not bother going legal with a couple hundred dollars worth of damage. If this happens to you , my recommendation would be to call the cops and file a police report - that way you can go after them with your insurance. Happy washing and hope this doesn't happen to you.

Josh Smith

Had an iPhone headphone adapter that was stolen when they cleaned interior

Andriy Palamarchuk

Flagship met and exceeded my expectations. On arrival they promptly accepted my order and shuttled me to my office. I ordered Interior Detail for my wife's car. When the car was ready they called me and brought me back. The car interior was immaculate. I was pleasantly surprised to find the car exterior cleaned as well. All the staff I interacted with was very friendly and respectful. I will definitely use Flagship Carwash in future.

Steny Kavalakat

Value for money

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