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130 Sykes Mountain Ave, White River Junction, VT 05001

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REVIEWS OF White River Touch Free Car Wash IN Vermont

Lisa BaBy GiRl Akey

Car wash does its job. Very exspensive though. Best to wash it yourself

Vitamin Sketch

Takes forever to get in does a Decent job. Not the best though.

Bev Owen

Convenient. The coin op washers don't last long so you need to be fast. Update: I used the auto wash today. Not impressed. The change you receive is the gold dollars that nobody uses any more. The lowest wash doesn't have an under carriage wash, not even in winter. It didn't clean my car very well. There was no attendant that I could find. I won't ever go here again.

Stephanie Whitman

crystal preston

Love it good place great wash job

Tim Goodwin

Busy place but a great touch free wash.

Theresa Carter

William (JR) Lacey IV

Gerry Thomas

I used the debit card reader to get a quick self-serve wash last Friday and today found that I was actually charged twenty bucks! Apparently there is signage somewhere that tells you to push some button to stop the clock. The management offered me some washes to make it up but I think I'm just going to stay away from this place. Buyer beware!


The best carwash in the area by far. If your car really needs a deep cleaning use the self wash bays so you can be in full control and spend some extra time on hard to reach surfaces. I do this about twice a year to make sure all the salt and undercoating gunk is free from the bottom of the car in spring, and once to ensure a clean surface for undercoating for the winter. The automatic wash is better than any other available in the area on the VT or NH side hands down.

Darrell Duprey Jr

Machines are always on Point!!

eric levakis

Shawn McNew


Jay Tomko

Nice facility. Fair price.

Amanda Lemere

Alison Wallace

terry tuttle

Machines never working

Denise Phelps

John Tomko

Nice place. A bit pricey but it did the job

Šarūnas Burdulis

Jason Johnson

10 dollars for a basic wash. 3 dollars just to start self wash.

Kurt Dermody

Outdated car wash. Appears to use less then sufficient solution mixtures. You can find a better place next to Ryder down the road.

joseph michalski

Hunter Braswell

The facility itself is very nice. However, as I was sitting waiting for my car to dry I was rudely approached by an employee. In all honesty I will never come back. The employee was extremely offending and overall it was a terrible experience. This company needs to learn how to treat it's customers.

mike maheu

Quick and easy to find

Donald Mayotte

marcy Gerrish

Shayne Trombley

Machine ate my $

Stephen Gorman

Nice and clean car wash

Eric Bragg

Robert Decca

First wash that cleaned my truck perfect.

Santosh Niroula

Drew Bradley

fast service and good prices plus my car was clean the first time

Michelle Lackovic

Used their do it yourself stall for a quick wash and rinse. Fast and relatively cheap..

justbeforedawn July

it gets the job done every time. perfect place to go before returning your car to enterprise car rental or cleaning up the family vehicle. open 24 hours a day. change machines on site.

Cute S u n f l o w e r

john cook

Top of the line equipment, clean cars, attended

Emily Miller

Stacie Collins

ryan howe

Collin Barry

dutton vought

Overall nice

Fuzzel Fox

High pressure hot water with soap and "clear coat" on demand. $4.00 can't be beat.

Angel Blanchard

Adria S. Belin

Steve Cripe

Got over $50,000 in my checking account and my card is declined... won't be back, and I'll tell my friends...

Patricia Rogers

The pressure at the self service eas horrible! I had to add money twice, and still did not get all the mud off my car. I whole idea of stopping in was to clean out my wheele wells. It is mud season in Vermont, a light stream from the wand is useless. It wasnt a coincidence either because my son had the same issue a monthe before I went. Should have took his advice and stayed away.

Chris Scelza

Best car wash in the Upper Valley! Hot water, good equipment, nice soaps. Convenient credit card use for self-serve washing is nice, too.

Allen Wight

Karen Wright

Did a good job

Nihal Velpanur

Maynard Reed

Little pricey but did a good job

Tina Bearce

Josh Laroche

Great touch free car wash. Does an amazing job. Self wash bays are available as well

Gail Dimick

Bob Nicodemus

Always a good job!

Christopher B

It's expensive and cleans okay. I'd only go here if I don't have time to hand wash my truck. Car wash starts at $10 for a mediocre cleaning. The do it yourself wash is expensive too, $3 just to get the water flowing, then you're dropping in another $1 every minute.

Narasimhan Krishnan

Stephen Johnson

Very pricy touch free cat wash but definitely get what you pay for. I've been to quite a few of the ones at the gas stations and you wonder if it really did anything besides spray the car with water. Noticable undercarriage cleaning and tire cleaning and true spotless rinse. Probably wouldn't go out of my way to go there due to the price but if I was driving past, I'd definitely swing in again.

Ray P

Pretty good card reader is fussy

pablo sanch

Carolyn Handy

Kya White

Left the car wash today with light scratches all over my vehicle!!!!! :(

April Smith

Watch the potholes!! But car wash is good!

Paul Hamburg

Long wait, but best car wash ever!

Kim Sandoval

J Hamilton

Self service bay was filthy and the trash can was overflowing. Credit card reader wouldn't read my preferred card. Pre soak didn't work, nor did the foamy conditioner.

Kathleen Shepherd

Cycle finished with soap all over my car, not washed!

Kerri Papineau

Love this place. Worth the wait. Low Cost in my book.

rafael hashiba

Cassidy Turner

This is so expensive and not as great as you'd expect. On sunny days the cars line up for the longest wait of your life and you're only in the actual carwash about 3 minutes! It didn't even get all the bug remnants off my car. Very disappointed.

Rick Wolf

Dont know about the automatic spot but the self wash is overpriced for little time to actually wash your vehicle

Romeo the dingo

Jim Thomas

Amanda Potter

Great place and always open when you need it to be

Northern Dipper

charles robb

Great wash everytime. A+

Tokejuana Worlds Collide

Maybe I'm rich ? But I'm not. I see alot of people crying it's too expensive here . Is it the 4 dollar minimum ? It's $1 a minute , for hot water , high pressure , in the self service. And they also have soap selection. I always use the left over suds for free. I think a dollar a minute is a great price. Seeing how sewer went up in America. I don't use automatic washes . They do bad jobs no matter what shop you're at. They lose two star because the owner never clears the drains or cleans the bays. Lebanon's $15-20 for automated. So four dollars is cheap. I like this wrj wash.

Tonya Armstrong

Wish the vacuum cleaner worked better

Jessica Hohlbein

Expensive but does a good job

Cody Minckler

Waited for people to bucket wash there vehicle in the furthest bay, in the middle bay was a family actually washing there vehicle, and in the closest bay was a couple washing there entire supply of patio furniture. I believe they have signs about the bucket washing but what about patio furniture? Anyways I was very unhappy that people are that ignorant there. You have cameras you should try to deny service to those who make you miss out on service or delaying the service that you provide.

Sydsky Veysky

Great place for all aspects detailing your vehicle.

C.Perez- Woods

Does a pretty good job for toughness wash.

Cynthia Luks

Dave Churchill

Best carwash in the Upper Valley!!!!

Thiadosia Phelps

Easy and convenient

Scott G

Grace Williams

Elizabeth Baker

Very good car wash

Dave Fenlason

Megan Sandy

I was charged twice for an $18 car was on june 24....They will not call me back and I cannot find an attendant when i'm there.

Mary Cain

Affordable, easy to find, self wash. I go whenever the temperature allows. Cleans well. Also has vacuums.


Decent automatic carwash as long as all goes well and you don't need an attendant. One time it took my money but did not wash the car and could not find anyone to help, not even a phone number to call. Definitely is an entertaining experience for young children.

James Kurzawa

Used the automatic cleaning service - it did not clean the front or rear bumper. Still had bugs, dust, and dirt. Too expensive for such a lousy cleaning job

Roberta Roberts

Awesome place

Kevin Stuart

WJ Patry

Traci Duncan

Nicole LastnameHere

It's a nice car wash. Both the automatic and the manual washes take cards, which is helpful. The cost is fine. They open above a certain temperature in the winter. It's very very busy on those days. My biggest complaint with the automatic wash is that the undercarriage spray is just a line of water as you drive in. Personally, I'm more worried about the bottom of my car than the rest of the body.

Magic Mobile Music

Jeremy Farnsworth

Dan F.

Good location, decent prices. Wish there were more self-service bays.

Ronald Bertrand

Cheryl H.

Used the automatic car wash. A little pricey but my car got clean. I will probably return to try the vacuum at some point.

Christopher nonya

I loved it

Bonni Akers St.Laurent

Kalyn Gelinas

Chris Dupuis

Holly Murch

The automatic car wash did not work. Paid $16 just to have a second of it spitting soap on my car. Never coming here again and who knows if I'll get my refund.

Diane Anderson

Horrible car wash. Go somewhere else.

Joseph Chandler

This car wash is too small for large vehicles? I don’t get the design.. the mechanism that travels back and forth along the vehicle barely makes it past my mirrors. Its like 1 foot on either side of my SUV (Land Cruiser). It’s too powerful at that distance. It whips my mirrors around and it literally blew off a piece of my roof rack which was $90 to replace. wipers were flipping out and my hood was rippling... Definitely gets the job done though lol, but what the hell. Never been in a car wash like this... although I’ve only lived in major cities where the car washes move your vehicle through a series of steps... maybe it’s normal, idk. Pretty whack.

Jeffrey Guillette

Shawn O'Leary

Overbilled for hand washing the vehicle myself! I’ve been through the self service twice and both times my car was still dirty afterwards

India Tweedie

Lisa Clark

Walter Burkhart

Awesome. But just 1 is not enough.

kim young

Great to wash your bike

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