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775 N Main St, Barre, VT 05641

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REVIEWS OF Rub-A-Dub Car Wash IN Vermont

Joshua Sainz

It never quite get all the crud off the truck but still better than having to do it all myself.

Daren Madigan

I am updating this review to reflect a 1 which I feel is generous. In addition to the below, the change machine NEVER in the time I have used it taken my bills. This last time.. which did it for me, I swiped my debit card to use the wash and it never work. LOST $9... I believe this car wash needs to pay attention to the machinery it has on site. While it is not cheap to wash a car anymore, having a pressure washer that has less pressure that a garden hose and then forces you to keep putting money in to get the job done (up to $8) seems like this is rigged! People take notice of this so please make some adjustments. side note..

Lynne Munzberg

Jason Broughton

Gets the job done

Nicole Adams

It works

Stephen Ford

The soft touch never gets my truck clean and never rinses all the soap off just drys it on. After paying for the most expensive wash i always have to pull into the self wash and pay again to wash my truck by hand. In the end it cost me over $30.00 to wash my truck.

Clifton Luce

Good place to get a scrub but costly.

Amanda Atkins

Easy to use. The touch free wash work great and does a good job.


Very Disapointed... I wash my company truck in the do it yourself side. Charged me 10.00 on my card for 2:34. Big rip off...

Victoria Hudson

$2 for 2 minutes! Then, attempting to add quarters to extend time ends up with the machines (at both Barre and Montpelier locations) taking the first quarter and not crediting time, requiring the user to add more than one quarter. Rip. Off. Big. Time! I quit using these and will never ever again. Would rather drive to Waterbury and use the car wash there.... $5 gets one 11 minutes!!! And the water is powerful (at these Rub-a-Dub,, the water pressure truly sucks, too. Save your money. Go elsewhere.

Harold Lawrence

brandon cox

josiah Welch

The place screws you over...hate it

Tammy Isakson

Mike Milizia

Erika Rojas

I went to the new Rub-a-dub in South Barre where the Lazer Wash once was and this was the biggest waste of money. I paid $14 for a platinum wash (their highest grade) and my car is still visibly DIRTY. The undercarriage wash was so quick that it only hit the front of my car before turning off. The actual washing went by so quickly that I STILL HAD SOAP ON MY CAR when it was time to dry. I recommend that people do not even bother washing their vehicles here as it is a complete waste of money. I really enjoyed the quality of wash I would get from Laser Wash. This swap to Rub-a-dub is incredibly disappointing.

Alan S

Self serve was tidy, easy access and had good equipment.

Rose OConnor

Fast and easy. Car looks great.


Shannon Sweet

Cam Stewart


Second time I have used this car wash and my car looks like it was never washed. A lot of money for nothing.

dutton vought

Adam & Sarah Porter

Erin Quinn

It does the job


Stephen Conti

Touchless wash didn't rinse off my driver's side mirror, other than that, it's a nice place to clean the salt and sand off your car/truck.

Nathan Glitch

Shadi Battah

dwight lapoint

Vladislav Simonenko

Good quality automatic car wash . affordable and convinient

M.J. Jutras

scratch my sister's Jeep!!!

Austin's Problem's

good place to go to, i like it because i can wash my own car, very great place to go to get your car washed, they even got a setting for engine degreaser, but my only complaint is they need garbage cans outside by the vacuums.

Stephen Mccool

This place is a rip off, doeasnt work half the time,doeasnt seem like the owner cares about the customers,

Peggy Miller

Rip off in price, hard to get into and out. Fix your machines!!!

Lora Gaudreault

Went to touchless side and it only sprayed off one side. Too cold to go back today but definitely disappointed.

christian mortuus est

I run my Subaru through the auto-touch free wash weekly during the winter. Once, the wash cycle didn't rinse the soap away. The machine clearly was malfunctioning. I drove the washing stations to remove the remaining soap. Not being too pleased, I called the number on my receipt to let them know there was a malfunction and I did not receive the services I paid for. I received a call back from the owner. I was not mad. They were professional. They apologized and set me a coupon/code for three free washes. I thought this was fair outcome. Thank you. (ridiculous I am writing a review for a car wash.)

nicholas creamer

Streaky spotty soap&wax, pricey in comparison to the others in the area

Dan Bosco

Nice location. Everything went smoothly.

Debbie Brooks

Light touch or touch free options

Jason Batchelder

Eleanor Keeler

Always open. Cheap.

Kelli Casey

edwin nieves

Awesome place and if u have any issues the owner takes care of it thank you rub a dub for your services

Mahalia Thompson

Gets the posterior car cleaned

Nick Desjardins

Great service

Mia M. Boudreau

Has a big 80 pound machine just like the Super Sparkle Laundromat.....

Cheryl Cloutier

Great price!

Craig Pelletier

Does a great job and has do it yourself pressure wash which is great for getting road salt off in the winter. 4 stars just because its not bigger.

Daryl Martin

Mike Hobbs

David Matthei

Credit cards wouldn't work, only had a $10 bill and it only gives you quarters in change. Some washing options don't work


Hello Rub-a-dub owner, Regarding my visit to your River St, Montpelier location today, May 29, 2019: 1. you owe me $1.25 2. nowhere on the coin operated self service wash does it say "quarters only," and having put 5 quarters in, I could not get the coins returned. 3. the "end" "stop" or "finish" requirement is very hard to find and misleading; I had to press the button twice to avoid being charged more than $2 on my card. 4. I will be forwarding this note about your operation to the Attorney General's Consumer Assistance program and the Better Business Bureau, as this is the second time I've encountered misleading, incomplete and unfair practices at your business. -Bruce

Marco G

I have used this car wash the most out of all in the area. It does a good wash and dry

Matt M

Kevin Keyes

Always clean and does he nice job with my vehicle

Seth Jackman

Marcus Sweetser

Awesome car wash for 3a.m. and I thourougly enjoi NO lines!

Eric Meade

Ryan Jones

1$ a minute and no extra time when u pay 5$ place is a rip off .worst car wash in the state hands down

Steve Somerville

Curt Schneider

Place,sucks money faster put in by time get over to wash lost 1 buck easy then it shutts off need go over reset and money exchange will not work .Just a joke

K Kasle

Molly Maroney

Good carwash and vacuums but no garbage cans at the vacuum station

rose souza

Janet Hatch

No water pressure today at Montpelier location. A waste of $4.00 and no phone numbers posted to reach anyone for assistance or to get money back.

Christian DeForge

TR Staake

Decent car wash. You can do touchless, one with the scrubbers or pressure wash your own. I never used the vacuums because I gave up on them in general long ago (nothing to do with this place).


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