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REVIEWS OF Alderman's Toyota IN Vermont

Darlene Booska

My husband bought a truck here..I wish I went there before my purchase! I purchased a ford :(. Customer service is amazing! The place is beautiful and they are kind!

Joshua Howland

Compared to the pricing at Heritage Toyota in South Burlington where I live and normally get service, these folks are great. Heritage charged me $178 to clean and recalibrate my rear brakes. Alderman's on the other hand cleaned and recalibrated (again) my rear brakes, serviced one of my front brake calipers, changed my oil and a bulb above my rear license plate, and did a Vermont state inspection for me for $240 which was $37 cheaper than they quoted me on the phone when a tech had looked it over and a representative called me. Then, the very friendly service representative / cashier also gave me a free car wash voucher for the car wash out back. Fantastic. I find it a bit inconvenient to drive 3.5 hours round trip for service, but may have to start doing so for the savings and quality of service. Fantastic!

jeremy rooker

Everything is great about this dealership. They make buying a new, or used vehicle very easy and affordable. We have bought, and or leased, 4 vehicles here and will continue to return for more in the future. The service dept is second to none as well!

George Valley

All personnel were welcoming, polite and helpful. Jeff Parfitt did an excellent job as a salesperson. He answered every question and was in no way pushy. Josh Trapeni and others helped us to make the best possible decision and we could not be happier. We even have our first service scheduled. A first class operation.

allan goldberg

We recently purchased a Camry from this dealership and had an excellent experience. We were very impressed by the personalized service we received from "Z" Finn. All of our encounters with Alderman's staff have been very positive. We have been so satisfied with Alderman's Toyota that we now have all of our vehicles serviced there. We highly recommend this dealership.

Richard Westfall

Great service + fast. Garage extra clean with friendly staff.


E Mead

Matt Razanouski

Diana Lee

Jerry DePhillips

I have gone to alderman's Toyota for my last two vehicles. And I cant say enough about my experience with them. No big dealer ship feel here. My salesman Zerihune could not have been more helpfull and informative. So after I purchased a used Suv from him I decided to lease my next truck and he gave me all the pros and cons and explained everything to me. If your are in the market for something used or new, I have to say atleast give Zerihune the first shot because I bet you wont bother going anywhere eles.

Frederick Stearns

No complaints. Very friendly and professional.

Rose Mott

I love my rav4. All I have to say is do your research before signing. Learned that hard way I have been told I am paying very high monthly payments. Pretty sad my rent is less than car payment and car insurance. Can't wait to not live paycheck to paycheck.

Thomas Bryan

Proud driver of 2011 Toyota Tundra love the roominess in 4 full doors

Horatio Weaver

marie Decoff

Kayl sold me my Toyota RAV4 and I love it he was so great to work with ❤️ Marie Decoff

Martha M

On a busy Thursday I stopped for a steering checkup on my '08 Tacoma. Service Advisor John Miglorie immediately drove with me around the parking lot, rearranged his schedule, had a mechanic determine what was needed, checked with me for my ok, and had the job finished quickly while I waited. John's professionalism, clarity, efficiency, and kindness in getting the job done were exceptional. Many thanks!

Gail Lucarino

Excellent service and awesome staff

Tere Farace

aaron ashton

I currently lease a 2015 Toyota Rav4. I've had all my service done at the dealer. I can drop my car off in the morning and they'll shuttle me to and from work. They plugged a flat I had; didn't charge me; then a few months later the plug came loose and they fixed it free of charge. Great service center. The salespersons aren't pushy and I'm trying to convince my girlfriend to get a Toyota; as long as it's in Hot Lava!

Rusty Shackleford

Marcia Pierce

Great service...Steve Burke is awesome

Ed Raymond

Todd Christian

teri schauer

Service dept is clearly understaffed! Decided to try a toyota after years of Honda. Evertime I try to make an appt for svc. there is a 3-week wait! When I used Shearer Honda they were great. They would get me in, in under a week. I am having an issue with my brakes and I have to wait 3 weeks?! This is the 3rd bad experience that I have had since leasing my toyota Rav4. While the sales dept was great, service stinks. Can't wait to trade back to Honda!!!!

Judy Moscatello

Hillary Leigh Ward

Dan Roswell

timothy prior

Friendly, fast, great workmanship

Jeff Horton

Polite, friendly, promt

chris kennedy

I'm from out of town and had my car towed to them over the weekend. Monday morning called 3 times and arrived at 1230 on my way out of town only to find they were standing around and my car hadn't even been looked at yet. My appointment was for 11am..... And they had zero urgency and were unprepared to get to my appointment. 6 employees were standing around behind the counter and not one greeted you or asked if I needed help. Now I have to leave my vehicle in another state and return home 7hrs away. This is a perfect example of why I don't use stealership service centers. It was a poor choice and a waste of time and money to have my vehicle towed here.

Felicita Sofia Reyes

Rob Booska

Great service!!!!! Would highly recommend

Jerrier Atassi

Margaret vdB

I unfortunately ran over a large branch on my way over to Rutland. It was stuck firmly in the undercarriage. I drove over and they took me right away. No damage done! Thank you.

Desi Grey

Friendly salesman and clean showroom

Marcie Hoenes

Nothing good to say about this place. Brought my van in for the fifth time because the sliding doors are stuck shut. Cleaned out all that we could through the front door including the middle row seats. We're told we needed to clean out everything. We were at lunch and were told to finish then come back and clean. We did. Then we're told we'd needed to reschedule. We could have come back before lunch but we're told it wasn't a problem. In the past I was told by the service manager that the car was cheaply made because customers wanted lighter vehicle. I tried to buy a van here. The salesmen were great but management made it impossible. I drove a sienna into the dealership. I was not given even a quote until I test drove two Vans. I was very clear about what I wanted. Which vehicle. Which financing plan. The management kept quitting what they wanted, not me. After three hours I left thoroughly frustrated, and still not getting the info I wanted. I then traveled to Heritage in Burlington and bought my van in less than 30 minutes

jboggie D'znuts

I would not recommend alderman Toyota to anybody!!!! I was told on the phone that it would take one day for my car to be worked on and finished, they would get to it when they could. My car sat at their shop for 9 days.I was not called one time by anybody on their service team every point of contact was me reaching out to them asking questions that they had trouble answering half the time. The cherry on the cake, when I finally did call them to ask if my car was done they said yeah it's parked outside come and get it, and when I get there my rear window was left down in the rain!!! Completely unacceptable and unprofessional if I could leave less than one star rating I would.

ray werner

Great group of people. After visiting White River Toyota,and 802 Toyota, these guys are professional. night and day difference from the others. Thank. You

Yvonne Panarello

donald gray

muhammad bilal

Leigh Tatro

They will try to sell you anything no matter what!

Jenny McCarthy

Terrible customer service. Phil is a heartless, rich, old man who does not care about his customers or reputation.


Louise Zimmer

Nichole Hickory

Joshua Robertson

Holly Anderson

Doug is the best guy to buy a car from. Honest, relatable and no salesy pressure. Bought a car from him in 2012 & getting ready to buy another. Aldermans all the way.

Kevin Daly

This Toyota is my second from Alderman's. Everything involved in the sale was smooth, helpful, friendly, almost fun (yes, I know, fun?) The salesperson, Carol, pointed out both the positive and negative factors and went out of her way to be certain we got the exact vehicle we wanted. Overall a very positive experience for us.

B. Meadow

Not recommended. The last two reviews were correct and mirror my experience. I was scammed, pressured and manipulated. I cannot tell you how horrible this experience was. I have rarely experienced such disrespect and dishonesty from a business. I went in to look at a small SUV and do some research, which is my right. I was manipulated from the minute I walked in the door. They sold me a vehicle who's check engine light came on before I got home after buying it. They 'fixed' it with cheap parts, which did not solve the problem and the light came back on. The vehicle was emitting fumes which made me sick as I have had asthma. It had a large - not small - crack in the top right corner of the windshield, which I didn't see until after the purchase. They tried to say the windshield didn't need fixing. Joe, the Toyota used car sales manager, spoke to me in an extremely offensive manner and tried to say the vehicle did not have a warranty (it did), when I pushed them to fix the windshield. The driver's side door came off it's hinge, after I warned them it would and asked them to remedy. They barely attempted a fix and I was hours from home in another state when the door separated from the hinge and I could not shut the door, or drive the vehicle. I have had near nervous breakdowns with this vehicle. The tire blew out on the highway. At the dealership I experienced issues with some of the male staff members - wanting hugs and asking for my specific address. I do not feel safe in the vehicle I am driving, due to it's size. I needed to put myself in a car bigger than the one I had for safety reasons. Owning this car has been a painful experience. I never would have chosen this vehicle. Because I am on disability and a limited income means they will take advantage of you because they can. This is the utmost lowest a business can be. I paid the very top price for the year and model, and the car is literally falling apart inside. There is only one speaker that works, the center console is now super-glued in place, the panel that houses the window control for the passenger door is out of place and the buttons don't work, the center console storage does not close securely and my dog has slipped on it repeatedly, and more. Outside, I've replaced all four tires, brake pads. The muffler is going. The fin is coming off. The price I paid was the very top in the range for this year vehicle, and was for a vehicle in perfect condition, needing nothing. I was sold a car with a bad catalytic converter, bad tires, over 50% worn brake pads, with a very large crack in the windshield, muffler that was on it's last legs, only one working speaker, broken center console, drivers side door coming off, drivers side window not going up or down in cold weather. I am a vulnerable person, working when I am able and on a fixed income the rest of the time. I have been hungry as I have had to pay to fix this car instead of have food. My trade in was a beater Hyundai BUT - I had replaced the muffler, brake pads, ball joints, and more and it was in BETTER condition than the vehicle I purchased. So horrible. I can't comprehend. I am not from the area, or state, and can tell you, this is not the place you want to purchase a vehicle. I am used to a much higher standard, though it isn't necessary. I was just looking for honest, ethical, trustworthy, respectful, transparent and decent- in this experience. All which were absent. I was preyed upon as a customer and female from the moment I walked in the door.

Seth Miner

Always make sure you do your research before you agree to a price. This place has no problem ripping you off!!! Had my eye on a scion they want 5,000 for. NO warranty, as it. It's valued at 3700, went to start it on a cold night and I thought it wasn't going to start. Also, very shady staff. But I guess that's how they do it in Rutland.

James Lawliss

The purchases were professionally handled as was all subsequent service and parts dealings. Compared to other Toyota - and domestic- auto dealers, Alderman's really stands out in favorable light. I will return and, I have to travel about 60 miles of rough road to get there.

Rich Fritz

First experience, bad experience. Had been warned not to use Alderman’s by co workers but it’s the only Toyota dealer within an hour and a half. Dropped it off for what I thought was a front cv joint. They said it was a rubbing backing plate against the rotor. They picked me up from work and within 60 seconds of driving away I could tell it was worse than when I dropped it off. Two hours later and I’m still waiting.

scott brown

Purchased a 2004 Toyota Highlander from alderman's I'm paying about 6000 too much it books for 3500 only owned since January of 2015 subframe in front is broken and airbags are not working and they will not honor any sort of warranty or anything now was to charge over 4000 to repair it I still owe over 8000 on a vehicle that isn't safe and that I only got from the 11 months ago ugh lawsuit time against alderman's I guess!!!


Gary Makovec

Got me in on time and had my problem diagnosed. Very friendly and knowledgeable Service advisor [Roseanne]

Meg Santana

Maynard Reed

Used the car wash. They do a good job.

Michael Havens

I walked in to compare prices. I really wanted a Toyota and couldn't wait to test drive their vehicles. After the test drives, the sales people REFUSED to let me walk out the door. They admitted that it was part of their training to keep me in the building. After I left, Stacy Alderman herself chased me outside and asked why I was leaving. Very unattractive. She wouldn't let me leave until I told her that I find her business practice unappealing and would never return. The sad part is that I really wanted to buy one of their vehicles, but was too disgusted to make it happen. I went to Bennington Toyota and purchased one of theirs instead. I'll never return to Alderman's.

Louis Hall

I went by there if I didn't have to

Tammy Kelley

Val Onofrio

Angelic Davidson

I always have issues with Toyota.

Laurie Ballantine

I have gone to Alderman's for my last two vehicles. I worked with Zee and have been completely satisfied without feeling pressured. I will be back.

Allan Green

Best car buying experience i've ever had. My sales rep (Carol Kubler) was very knowledgeable on all the available vehicles, and made the whole process go so amazingly smooth. The finance department was also fantastic, and made everything very easy. it really felt, and this'll sound corny, like buying a car from a friend. I will most definitely deal with Carol and Aldermans Toyota for my next car, if this one ever even fails.

John Twardy

Bad. I call.them and say they have vehicle i want, i tell them i will be in next day. Get there and the vehicle was already sold the previous day. No communication internally causing me to drive there on a wasted trip.


Tara W

Michelle Bowen

Corissa Burnell

I bought a car from the used section of the dealership about a year ago. The staff was extremely friendly and worked very hard to get me in a vehicle and quickly ( which was what I needed)! They went above and beyond and were very patient in making sure I was taken care of. Recently, I went back to the used dealership as I am looking to get into an SUV, the staff really cared about my needs to upgrade to something bigger and once again went above and beyond to look out for me and my family in making sure that we have the right car/SUV for us.

Matt Brunelle

I have never had a better experience purchasing a car then I have with Alderman's Toyota. While going through the process, the sales team was patient, accommodating and not pushy at all! After leaving the lot with my new car, I found a couple of issues and determined the car wasn’t quite ready to come home with me yet. Not only did Alderman’s fix these issues with no questions asked, they provided me with a complimentary rental car so my life wasn’t put on hold while these adjustments were made! The car has been running fantastic ever since and I would without question recommend Alderman’s to any of my closest family and friends!

Homestyle Hostel

Let me start off by saying at first I really wanted to purchase my new vehicle from Alderman's Toyota. My grandfather had worked for many years as a salesperson at Alderman's Cheverolet and they're located close to where I live. Upon entering the showroom I was greeted listlessly by the salesperson (Josh), I must've looked like I didn't have money. When I told him the reason why I was there he conveniently pawned me off to his most junior salesperson--who'd be a middle man between Josh and I for the remainder of my short-lived horrible experience with Aldermans. The new guy (Jesse) was very nice but still learning the ropes and couldn't answer a lot of my questions, so he kept calling Josh, which as an interested buyer sullied my interest almost immediately. As I'm chatting with Jesse, I'm asked to present a form of payment to let the salesperson know I'm "serious" about buying a vehicle! The sheer AUDACITY! Just because I'm a young guy looking for my first vehicle, I get treated with no respect!? Do yourself a favor, don't buy a vehicle here. They only care about the money, not the common decency of helping a guy choose the right vehicle. I continued to gather all the information I could from these dollar-bill obsessed salespeople and I purchased my vehicle from a great dealership. Aldermans, shame on you.

dawne donnell-jackson

Friendly and not pushy salespeople

Kevin MacDougal

I have been dealing with Alderman's Toyota in Rutland Vermont for many years. I've had three Tacomas and Three Tundras over that time. I am always treated with respect and the dealership staff really tries to listen to your needs, understand your situation, and go above and beyond to help fit you to the vehicle or the car deal that you want or need or can afford. I feel like family. Whenever I bring my vehicles in for service I usually seek out members of the staff for a quick chat when they are able to find a moment in their busy day. A visit to Alderman's Toyota is always a pleasure.

Glen Senecal Jr

Patricia Devino

Norman Flanders

Awesome service with the sale of our new vehicle. Thank you Mike & Joe. Need a vehicle... ask for Mike.

Harold Start

Another excellent appointment.

Ray Bostock

I would highly recommend using Alderman's Toyota for whatever your needs may be. We use Kyle Sheridan for both our business and personal cars and have never had any sort of problems. Your experience will be quick, painless and you'll be treated like a human being rather than just another customer.

Kyle Wyman

Rita Savage

Shsdi 12345awn Hadwen

Staff was very friendly but not pushy.

Erin Trombley

I've bought all my vehicles from Alderman's, I love my RAV4. I've had the worst luck with the service department! I need to be to work at 8 AM and I dropped off my car at 7:30 AM for a "scheduled appointment" at 10:20 AM. I call at 11:30 wondering if my car is done with service and they told me it was on a "call when ready" status which means they will get to it when they can by the end of the day. So, if I didn't call I might have to wait til the end of the day to get my vehicle. They haven't touched my vehicle and it's over my "scheduled appointment" time that they gave me over the phone. They also left me a voicemail the day before saying my appointment time was at 10:20 AM. Why even give appointment times for the people who drop of their vehicle? If they are going to do that they need to explain to there customers what "call when ready" means in their terms. The customers might think it means they will call after the vehicle is done at their "appointment time".I would like to have my car when I leave work. I will give them credit for their shuttle service. The drivers are always polite and friendly.

Daniel French

Roseanne provided great customer service!

Thomas Robinson

Kayla Crosby

Car wash didnt do a really good job for the money spent on it

Ann Grubman

Keith Kapitan

john lancaster

Comfortable environment, everyone friendly and welcoming, I thought Neil Carlson my salesperson explained all of the options fairly with no pressure, same regarding business managers. A thorough and pleasant experience overall. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Alderman's Toyota!

Tom Cutter

I have purchased 4 vehicles at Alderman's and have been very happy. Both the purchase and subsequent service needs have been handled in a professional and friendly manner. I have no qualms recommending this dealer to friends and family!

Craig Williams

Honest to good deals from honest local folks

Tammy Mills

jonathan ward

George Hopp

Stacy Chelick

Brenda Coffin

It was very cold outside and I was trying to clean my windshield wipers off. The gentlemen offered to let me go inside the garage and do it where I'd be warmer. Then I accidentally broke my windshield wiper and they were quick to fix it.

Same Sun

We have purchased several vehicles from the Alderman family over the last 10 years. Their sales department is excellent. Their service department takes appointments and returns our vehicles on schedule. They are so organized and clean that you could eat off the service department floor. We wouldn't buy from anyone else!

Linda Sousis

Carol and craig were great!Very friendly!Test drove a couple different Toyotas , very honest upfront! Not pushy work with you on everything aspect. Finance manager craig was awesome very down to earth. Very quick at his job! I LOVE my 2016 Toyota rav 4! And I would highly recommend them!!

Matt Young

Roseanne in Service provides the best customer service in all of Rutland.

Will Goodwin

Great CARWASH! ONLY AUTOMATED FULL TOUCH CARWASH IN REGION! This carwash is full automated, attended, and fast. It does a great job and even scubs the tires!

B Horton

These guys knocked it out of the park. Kinda pricey, but top notch. You get what you pay for. ..

Rich Frutchey


Ted Larsen

Stopped in to check out a new model, warmly greeted by Chad, who quickly got me the info I was looking for. Certainly will return.

Barbara Pennington

Very quick service and everyone was very friendly. :-)

Logan Nicoll

Lori Wright

Last month I was driving my 2006 Toyota Rav4 when it began to make a grinding noise and ended up having engine failure due to excessive oil consumption. Upon researching, I learned that this is not an uncommon condition with this particular year. I am a single mom who recently lost her job and the concept of having to come up with the cash to repair this car, or even have to purchase another car, was overwhelming and depressing. Earlier in the year, my 10-year-old daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and I needed my car to drive back and forth to Dartmouth trying to determine the cause of her seizures and perform EEGs. I explained my situation to Roseanne, who treated me with respect and lent a caring ear. She spoke back and forth to the Service Manager and Sales Manager and even researched the cost of having a rebuilt engine. I really loved my RAV4 and felt it was a great car. Considering it was 10 years old with 165K miles, prior to this it had cost me very little in repairs: two mufflers, two sets of brakes, and of course the normal wear and tear of tires. Now I was possibly looking at $3300 - $5,000. I looked at the options available to just put that money into a used vehicle instead of getting my old one fixed, but the options were dismal at best. "Z", the sales person I worked with was young, but kind. He showed me some cars within my budget but they were pretty depressing. The sales manager came over and introduced himself, and I have to say, I distrust sales people. Sometimes I feel like they are more interested in selling you anything than actually listening to you and trying to meet your needs (hence the four stars instead of five). My confusion was why was the sales department not really working as a team with the service department? I had a broken car that I could trade, plus a little cash. I was a loyal Toyota customer. To my relief, Todd Christian, the Service Manager, helped me collect all my oil change records and submit them to Toyota. And, in turn, Toyota paid for most of the cost of my car to be fixed. Quite honestly, I really needed this - life had dealt me some lemons lately, and I certainly did not want to drive one. One of the things that I felt "saved" me was the frequency of which I got my car serviced at the dealership. Yes, the cost is probably more than what I could have gotten by some of my local repair shops, but the quality and warranty on the work gives me a peace of mind. One suggestion to Alderman's Toyota: have a drive in/no appointment oil change service.

Alicia G

Awesome experience! Found the vehicle online and dealership was 2.5 hours away. After inquiring about the vehicle I was emailed all the details immediately by Jessica Santini, who then put us in touch with Joe Phillips from sales. Joe sent us video of the vehicle, negotiated all pricing up front with no hidden fees or costs, reserved the vehicle for us and then, because of our earliest availability, set us up with another sales associate, Mike Tiraboshi, for the purchase of the vehicle. I arrived at the dealership and everything was ready to go. Mike was great and showed us differnt features of the vehicle and took us for a test drive. I then met with Tom Moore to finish paper work and he thoroughly explained the certified vehicle warranty and sale information to include things I might need for my state. I got a very fair price for this vehicle with the options it had with no hassle. All other dealerships negotiated prices for certified used vehicles that were not fair because the did not have certain options (like 3rd row). Everything was awesome! Best car buying experience I have ever had. Wish there were more places with people like this. Great service and experience! It was quick and easy and nothing changed from over the phone to when I drove 2.5 hours to the dealership!

Hannah James

very good please fixing my airbag recall

Patrick Flaherty

Roseanne was OUTSTANDING in service. I'm a tough customer. Like most of us, I don't have time, I drive too much, I don't want to visit car dealers, and worse, I'm from Boston living near a VT dealer. I pretty much expect it done yesterday. Ok fine, I'm not that bad but let's face it we all think we don't have enough time so why spend it at a dealership in service waiting? When I walked in, almost every issue I had was out of warranty, not working correctly, going to cost more, etc. Probably for the first time in my car dealership experience, Alderman's LISTENED to what the problem was, found ways to help as necessary, had me pay as necessary and I walked out perfectly happy. I'll be back there. They've been great since the day I showed up the first time. I haven't left since.

Cliff Howe

Pamela Strong

Robin Jones

Neil Carlson spent a lot of time with me helping with the transactions for the purchase of my new RAV4 and explaining all the features. My last car was new in 2007 so things have changed hugely since then so I have a lot to learn with this new "computer car". He assured me that if I have any questions or problems that I could stop in and he would help me out. Most likely at some point I will take him up on that. Thank you Neil.

sheena adams

Always take care of their customers. So kind

David R. Noel

Mercedes Laplant

I went to Aldermas Toyota with a few different options and what i was looking for in a vehicle. I was sent to Zerihune "Z" to help me. Z took the time to hear what i wanted and what i needed. He took in careful consideration of what fit me perfectly. Using his experience and knowledge he pointed me to Rav4. We test drove it and i instantly fell in love. It was exactly everything i wanted and needed. Z was terrific he never once pushed or put me into something i didnt like or need. Over a span of just a few days Z had me in and out with a vehicle that fits my every need. I couldnt be more pleased or satisfied with my experience with him. Ill be returning to him when the time comes to purchase another vehicle.

Gary Gifford

Michael Yunkelo

My truck battery was dead and they were just up the street from the hotel I was staying at. I walked into the service department and explained my situation. One of the service department guys, (I didn't get his name) said they'd send someone right up. I asked him how much it'd cost me, as money was tight. He said there was NO CHARGE! That was really nice of them. Cuddos to everyone at Alderman Toyota and THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Michael

Jamie D

Maura Quinn

Kim White

Wa Barber

Gina LeClair

This is the first time I been to Aldermans service with my new vehicle. I was concerned that with a late afternoon appointment that they would be running behind and I would be delayed for the rest of the day. That did not happen. My truck was taken right in and they actually took less than the 1 1/2 hours they estimated. What a great surprise!! As always everyone there was so friendly and helpful without being pushy. So glad to have found Alderman for our new truck purchase. They are worth the hour drive! Thanks!!


A big difference from there sister company on the hill not customer friendly when trying to buy vehicle

Ann Reynolds

Great sales team

Michael Young

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