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REVIEWS OF Steam Team Auto Spa /Auto Detailing/Clear Bra/Paint Protection IN Utah

John Roberts

We hired Steam Team to put a clear bra and ceramic treatment on our new 2018 Mazda CX-5. Havier was great about explaining his products and processes, offered a very fair price, and could get us on his schedule in a reasonable amount of time. When we dropped the car off to him, he again walked us through what he'd be doing and gave us a timeline for completion. He met his quoted timeline, as well as his bid (no hidden charges), and his work is absolutely beautiful. Start to finish 5 star experience, and we will be back for detailing work again.

Justine Archuleta

Amazing work! I just bought a used car and was disappointed when I realized it had a whole bunch of scratches and swirls in the paint, but after having Havier work his magic, the paint looks so smooth and just like glass! I also love knowing that they steam cleaned everything, because who knows what was left in my car and its vents from the previous owner. I couldn't be happier with the work Havier and his team did and there is no hesitation in me recommending this company to anyone (friends and family included)! We will be back!

Brady Groharing

They did an amazing job. It was a little pricey but it was well worth it.

Layne Lowder

Great work and an extraordinary crew. They can work miracles. Highly recommended!

Josh Christensen

Javier and his team are amazing! Made our 13 year old car look like new on the inside. Can't wait to have him do our other car!

Danny Erickson

They did an amazing job cleaning my van! I thought it was beyond help but steam team had it looking like new again. They clean EVERYTHING, even under the hood and in the wheel wells! Will be going back to them

Simon Alcala

I just picked up my car from getting their gold package ceramic coating done on my sti! I was blown away how good they made my car look! They did an amazing job! I’m beyond satisfied

Chaz Hullinger

My Jeep Wrangler looked better when I picked it up from Steam Team than when I picked it up from the dealership. They asked me if there was anything special I wanted done, they paid attention to every detail of the jeep, and they made sure it was up to my standards when I picked it up. Javier is very personable and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. I recommend Steam Team to anyone that cares about their vehicle and wants it done right.

Sara Snow

Steam Team was amazing!! After having ten years having kids in the car, cereal, spills and stains they got it all! I was shocked! I had no idea my Tahoe could look so nice RETURN CUSTOMER LOVE THIS PLACE! They are a great team and worth every penny. They do a fantastic job!

Michael Cady

We wanted to find a process that would protect the exterior of our car against all the elements for an extended period of time. After consulting with Havier, we selected the Ceramic Pro Gold Package. We liked the idea of having a lifetime warranty on the ceramic pro treatment. information/education we got during the consultation was eye opening to say the least. It was hard to believe the promises of what our car would look like when done but we left our car with him with hope that it would. Simply put, IT DID. There was definitely a wow factor to how the car looked. Havier delivered on all his promises and then some. To wrap it up, excellent service, excellent product, excellent outcome, worth every dollar spent. In the age of companies not providing those things as a norm, dealing with Utah Steam Team makes me feel like I sighted a unicorn.

Sara Cooper

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I was imediately impressed and then blown away. They had a corvette in the shop for a detail when I droped off my car and a different corvette there for a detail when i picked up my car. I have taken my cars to be detailed at numerous dif companies and each time I have left wishing I had cleaned it myself, because i could do it as good or better. NOT this time! My car is immaculate inside and out! None of the other companies I have seen, could have made it look this good. They just dont have the education or tools. I'm pretty sure these guys went to the Harvard of car detailing :). Seriously! Every nic and cranny is as clean as new. It looks like it just rolled out of the dealership. I couldn't find a spot that wasnt cleaned perfectly. This sparked my interest to see what it looked like under the hood. I was expecting it to be the only place they didn't clean, but I was wrong. All the parts under the hood were Clean. Shiny like new! The reason I took my car in was because there was hard water damage. There were spots all over the hood that the clear coat was missing. I thought my only option for repair was new paint . But boy was i wrong. Havier Flores was able to do a full buff and detail and make my car look brand new again. Highly recommend! It doesnt matter if you live in Logan or St George. I honestly believe there is no where better.

Chad McCarthy

If i could give ten stars I would!! We recently purchased a new car for my wife and even though it was fairly new I though I would find someone to detail it and make it look as good as possible. After googling and finding Steam Team Utah I decided to take a drive and check it out. Upon arrival I met Havier and after a check over of the car he explained what he would do and that the car would be just as it would have on the show room floor. That night I told my wife I had made an appointment to take the car in and was explaining how I had found Steam Team. I told her every rating they have is 5 star.......and that either meant he was REALLY GOOD or had lots of friends hyping his business up for him. Let me just say that i'm sure he has lots of friends because he's very personable and friendly but the five star ratings are all about his work!! CANT BELIEVE how great the car looked when we picked it up! His rating are for real, and his work speaks for itself! Thanks Havier for everything and I'll see ya in the spring!

Nathaly White

I regret not having taken before and after pictures. We bought a used car that had been "detailed" but there were stains in the ceiling, seats, carpets, and it had a horrible smell. I called Havier and he fit me into his schedule (they typically need a whole day to make sure the carpets and seats are completely dry) right away. He is incredibly personable, friendly, and honest. You get what you pay for and in this case, I feel I got more than what I paid for. My car looks like new on the inside, the seats and carpets are a completely different color! I really thought the floors were brown... They're charcoal! It smells fantastic and looks fantastic as well. I am incredibly impressed. Havier takes pride in his work and his reputation and it shows in his work. I will forever recommend his business to anyone in need of a detail!

Zie Alton

Steam Team Utah is the best place to go! I took my car in That was way crazy dirty. Many stains in the seats from my kids. When it was done I didn’t think it was the same car. It looks amazing!! Thank you so much!!! I will definitely tell everyone to go here! If I could I would give ten stars!!!!

Jade T Ming

Javier and team were incredible! I had the clear bra done on my land rover... and I couldn't have gotten a better group to do this. They took lots of care to make sure it was done clean and perfect! Javier worked with my shifting schedule to fit me in, even when I had to change days!!! I will recommend them to all my friends!!! Thanks Steam Team Utah!!! You guys rock!

team awesome

Would highly recommend taking your cars, trucks or boat to Steam Team Utah. The guys are uber friendly and their work definitely exceeded my expectations. My Explorer is good as new, and smells better than new. Thank You Steam Steam. -One Happy Customer

Becky Corbett

Steam Team Utah is absolutely awesome! I live in Wyoming and I’m happy to drive almost 2 hours to take my car there to have it detailed. I’ve used them twice and both times the results were amazing. Feels like I have a brand new car again. Will definitely be back!

Archie McDonnel

Steam Team are amazing. Javier was a pleasure to work with and gave me updates through out the day to let me know when my car would be ready. My 4Runner looked brand new from the Toyota dealership. Javier and his team got all the dirt and dog hair out of every nook and kranny. I would highly recommend and will use them again

Brian Fuller

These guys did an awesome job on my Lamborghini Gallardo. They detailed it, did a paint correction and then put the ceramic coating on the entire car including the rims. The owner and his staff was extremely friendly. 5 Stars for outstanding service. They went above and beyond my expectations.

Andy Larsen

A local construction company blew a hydraulic line all over the front of the truck I am selling in two days! Havier got me in within a couple hours, cleaned everything, and then would not charge me anything! I will definitely be taking my new truck to him. Do not hesitate to go see them!

Miles Stewart

I rarely leave reviews, but the work Havier and his team did is unreal and 100% worth a review. I had stains on my car seats that I was positive couldn't be removed. I had tried every cleaner you can imagine and nothing was removing them. The fabric is tricky and even small water spills would stain it. I absolutely couldn't believe what my car looked like when I went to pick it up. The interior looks better than it did coming off the lot with EVERY SINGLE stain removed. When Havier showed me under the hood I couldn't believe I was looking at the same car. Under the hood was completely flawless. Detailing your car can seem pricey, but when you see your car after Havier is done with it you'll quickly realize it's worth every single penny...not to mention the guy is extremely personable and easy to work with. Highly recommend having your interior AND exterior cleaned. I was initially only going to have my interior done but I'm SO glad I had both done. Highly recommended!

Jimmy Bay

I had an incredible experience with this company, and with the owner. I was 20 minutes late to my appointment due to a meeting at work, and they were completely understanding. They took great care of me, and their work was outstanding. I'm not a regular "car detailee", but i think this might have turned me into one.

Nikki Smith

Thank you for doing such an amazing job on my 4runner. It almost looks fresh off the showroom floor. So glad I found you and trusted you with my paint correction. Highly recommend Steam Team for your auto detailing needs.

N8da Skate

I have been having cars detailed for years and have been to many places. By far these guys are the best. Do a quality job and make sure it’s right. Their customer service is top notch

clay gundersen

I have been doing landscaping in my truck for years and they made the interior of my old truck look new like came off a dealer show room floor. The owner is awesome and everything about this place is very professional I’m Very happy and wished I only came in sooner. Amazing job and thanks again .

Sally Lambeth

Javier and his team did an amazing job. My car looks just as clean as when I bought it from the dealership. He worked around my schedule. Even had a car for me to take during the day. I was very satisfied and will be recommending Steam Clean Utah to friends. I will also be coming back again soon.

Nicole Alder

AMAZING JOB!!! We have a 2007 Infiniti with leather seats. It was starting to look pretty sad and worn out. The leather now has new life, and everything smells, feels, and looks amazing! Such a great job!

Laramie White

We bought a used car and took it here to get detailed because there were some stains on the seats and ceiling. When we picked it up I thought it was a different car. The interior looked a completely different color. It was clean and beautiful. The cost is a little higher than most but honestly you get what you pay for.

Sissy Lou

I only had the interior done - couple of things - they are really nice (& not cheesy salesman nice - like genuinely nice) I thought it was going to take all day - which I had blocked out time for - I was beyond shocked when 5.5 hours later it was done! K the car had stains that were gross and my minor attempt to detail my car made it worse... There is zero evidence those stains ever existed.... Beautiful job. I don't know how/why they do it... I was disgusted by the layers of dust in my own car. I'm a lifer - if I ever need anything detailed I'm not going anywhere else....

luke mckane

Havier and his team are absolutely amazing!! Quick, thorough, and great customer service. I have taken multiple cars here and have been amazed everytime. It's like picking up a new car everytime. I seriously cannot say enough good things about them. Thank you Steam Team for always delivering! I'll be back.

Ezra Kwong

All I have to say is that I am so happy with my car and service from Havier and their team. These guys really know how to make the experience simple and easy. The results came out amazing and I love the work they did. We did the Ceramic Coat and it came out great. Totally worth it and Havier took amazing care of us. Takes his time and explains to me how to take care of the car and set me up with some products to keeping my car clean and spotless. These guys are really passionate about what they do and care about not only the results of the car but also care about the customer. Pricing is great and service is even better. Theres no need to go anywhere else. Just an overall amazing experience here and will continue to use these guys in the future.

Natalie G

I am SO amazed by how good the seats in my car look after having my car detailed at Steam Team Utah! There were awful stains on my cream fabric seats and I didn't expect that they would be able to be removed but I was so surprised when I picked up my car and they were gone. Havier was also so great to work with. He's quick to respond to calls and texts and is so kind. Really impressed by my experience there!

Jared T

The only place we take our cars for the past five years. Most recent visit was after buying a car online only to find it obviously had been smoked in regularly. We tried everything to remove the strong smell -- I mean everything. From simple home remedies "guaranteed to work" to expensive store-bought treatments (also guaranteed to work). And...nothing worked. I called Havier, he took the car overnight worked! His team knows what they're doing and always puts in a level of effort seldom seen in business anymore.

Alex Lambson

Amazing work. They even managed to get out a light key-scratch that someone left in my clearcoat. Will definitely be using them again. The owner is also a really nice guy and let me rant about how much I love the Lego Porsche (he had the Lego Bugatti so we chatted about it.) The only bad part was seeing my car look so amazing and wishing I could have it always look that good.

Dylan Topalian

I have never had service like this before. I had a scheduled time to drop off my kid at the babysitter and the guy came to my house and picked up my car for me so it could get done that day. I was in a huge hurry for a lease inspection the next day and he understood the situation and did everything in his power to make sure it was beautiful inside and out AND finished the same day. Strongly recommended and you can consider me a satisfied customer.

Paul Shea

Great job on an old hot rod, was timely as well, young fella did a great job, not the cheapest in town but workmanship was great

Rick Whisamore

We spent years constantly driving 5 kids to and from, and our mini van was long over due for a deep clean. But I knew a couple teens from one of those mega car wash places would not get some of those deep stains out. Havier at Steam Team in Bluffdale exceeded all expectations. If someone could ever think they're cool while driving a mini van it's only because Steam Team detailed it for you.

Bennett Maxwell

You can’t find a more personal, service orientated business owner. From texting you updates from his cell after hours to cleaning and vacuuming the car for free, you know you will be taken care of. My clear bra had a small bubble the never fully cured and he immediately had me bring it in to fit it. I don’t know if I have ever seen a business have 100+ reviews with 100% of them being 5 stars. Trust the reviews and bring your car here!

Melissa Randall

I had to get my boss's car done by the following day from when I first called Havier. He got me in first thing the next day, came and picked up the car and brought it back. The car looks amazing! The whole process was easy from start to finish! Defiantly will use these guys for all my future detailing needs!

Mauricio Martinez

There are many businesses that call themselves "The Best". This place is the first time I've ever experienced the best! They leave nothing to chance and make certain they leave your car like brand new. Thanks!!!

Matt Olsen

We bought our daughter a car without her knowing and brought it in to be detailed before surprising her. When my husband and I came to pick it up, we couldn't believe the difference! The car looked great inside and out. The owner was personable and professional and he listened to our needs and concerns. He took great care of both us and the car. We would absolutely recommend this company and would use them again in a heartbeat!

jason passey

They were able to fit me in with short notice. And the results were amazing at a fair price. Will go back.

Trace Coccimiglio

These guys are amazing detailers. They really understand what the word "detail" means. It means cleaning all the details... The little stuff... They have fancy steam machines, and they also know how to use them! I highly recommend the steam team!

Aubrey Burns

Great guy and amazing clean! He gave me an awesome deal for Black Friday and even let me borrow a van to get my car done before the holidays when I couldn’t get a ride. He also shared how to remove pet hair in the future because my dog sheds a lot. Would recommend and will bring our other cars here

TJ Welsh

I was a bit skeptical seeing he has a 5 star rating for so many reviews. However, I gave him a shot. We just bought a 2011 Toyota Sequoia from an individual and the seats and carpet looked like they hadn't been cleaned since the car was brand new. It also had a funky smell in it, like sweat and feet. I did NOT smell like that when I test drove it. I dropped it off around 12:00 P.M. and picked it up around 6:00 P.M. Javier (the owner) was very clear why it needed to take so long so that was expected. When I picked it up the car looked and smelled 100 times better. Javier was more than thorough and cleaned everything. The engine, carpets, door jambs, roof headliner, etc. looked amazing. The cost was comparable to other high quality detailing services. He cleaned it yesterday and it still smells like it did right after I picked it up. The customer service was just as good as the cleaning. I would come here again.

Shi Riddle

Wow! These guys are amazing... Customer service is incredible. The quality of work exceeded my expectations. My car looks amazing! I've been to this location twice and will continue coming. The owner has amazing integrity, and thorough follow up. I can't say enough good things about the steam team!!! A+++

Randall Cloud

TLDR: It was an amazing experience from first contacting them until pick up. Javier is the owner and operator and is clearly passionate about what he does and loves taking care of the clients and their vehicles and I couldn't find anyone that cost less. Story time: To start, I called dozens of shop, including many that are often recommended on here. Many of these shops charge extra to wrap the clear bra all the way around the edges. Not Havier. His price for my full front of car was literally less than half of one of the big names that are recommended on here. I mean, I am sure they do an amazing job, so no complaints, just saying. Even the other cheaper shops charge the same for half the hood as Havier does for the full hood, with it wrapped all the way around. Ceramic nano-coating starts at up $2000-$4800 at other places, but Havier's 5 year starts less than $1000. Anyway, I was worried that his cheap price would lead to cheap quality finish, so I checked our reviews. Hundreds of 100% 5 star reviews, including some other tesla owners. What really got to me though was how he responded to almost all the reviews thanking them for their business. I figured this is a guy that clearly takes pride in his business. My phone call with Havier and subsequent text threads gave me more piece of mind so I decided to risk it. I already had paint for my car from a previous incident and I told him I would bring it. When I got there, I realized I had forgotten the paint. He had already stayed late for me to drop off the car and so he directed me to the drop box I could place the paint in when I brought I brought it back later that night. (He said that his guys were going to put the clear bra on first thing in the morning so the paint would be helpful that night.) When I went back at 10:30 PM to drop off the paint, he was there working alone in his shop buffing out the micro scratches on my entire car that were there because I suck at taking care of nice cars (more on that later.) Then all day, he communicated with me letting me know that I could pick it up that night if I wanted to, that it should be ready by 9 PM. When I got there at 8:30 PM, he came and opened up the shop for me and we talked while he showed me the car. He asked if the dancing tesla was real and I assured him it was and asked if he wanted a show, he enthusiastically said that he did. Anyway, so some back story before this next part. I came from a 2007 Nissan Sentra with a thick coat of salt and hard water on the spoiler to my new Tesla Model X. I didn't know much about taking care of nice cars, so I figured lots of carwashes to keep the dirt and salt off is good. I got a subscription and have gotten my car washed 3-4 times week for 3 - 4 months. It looks good, but under lighting you can see sooo many micro scratches and swirls. Apparently soft touch car washes are still touch carwashes and bad for nice cars and the micro fiber drying cloths I keep in my car are not soft enough. After Havier was done with it, it looked better than when I took delivery and now it has a protective clear bra to keep it nice. He took time over the phone, through text and then when I picked my car up to teach me how to care for the car, which micro fiber cloths to use, what kind of carwashes to get and he gave me a few cleaners and cloths free to start my journey. All in all, I can't imagine anyone making the car look better than he did, I am sure some of the other shops can match his quality, but I can't imagine they could beat it (the car looks perfect) and no one comes close to his price.

Darrell Kessler

The team at Steam Team Auto Spa went above and beyond my expectations, not only does my truck look amazing their customer service is second to none, I pride myself on customer service and I have to tell you after working with Steam Team Auto Spa, I have to kick it up a notch blown away!! You Guys Rock!! Thank you

Paul Webler

Believe all the 5 star reviews, they are for real. Steam Team did an amazing job cleaning the interior of my girlfriend's Hyundai, which was extremely dirty from our bulldog's drool and shedding. They even threw in an exterior wash for free. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for any vehicle detailing needs.

Andrea Moody

When they say that they are a detailing company, they mean that they take care of all the details! From picking up your car, to getting all the nooks and crannies, they do an amazing job, and in a timely manner. We have had a vehicle that got covered in vomit (I tried the best I could with cleaning as much as I could). When my vehicle came back, there was no smell, even when the heat came from the summer, and the clean was beyond what I was expecting. I listened to the reviews and couldn't have been happier. Steam Clean is now saved in my contacts for the people that I go to when we need our vehicles deep cleaned. We won't go anywhere else!

Kent Hastings

Fantastic! This place really knows their detail work. I had two jeeps detailed and they are now auto show quality finish. Thank you Havier and Team!!! I recommend their work to everyone. Feel like purchasing a new car? Don't just take your car in and it will be new again.

ryan iverson

I didn’t truly understand what a detail job should actually look like until I went to steam team. I will never go anywhere else again.


AMAZING. The owner is so kind, him and his team did such a wonderful job with my accent. My car looks brand new! He was able to remove all of the dog hair from my seats and floor, and get all of the stains from seats. I highly recommend using Steam Team for detailing.

Josh Scott

Javier and his team are the best. My car seriously looked better than the day I bought it. I feel like I'm driving a new car again. The steam technology they use is amazing. You will not regret choosing Steam Team.

Cayden Cazier

Called steam team last night and they were able to get me in the next day! They even picked up my car from my house and delivered it later in the day! They did an amazing job detailing my car and even took pictures of it for me so I could post it on ksl to sell it. Great service and a great quality detail. I would definitely recommend these guys.


They cleaned years of grime from my Elantra in a day. Very customer service oriented and friendly. The bottom line is amazing results for a great price . Thanks.

R Vaughn

We had our Infiniti QX56 Interior Steam Cleaned and Detailed - Steam Team Auto Spa did an exceptional job!! We were very pleased with everything - our car was like brand new inside and still smells brand new now a few weeks after the cleaning. Would definitely go back again. Customer service was excellent!! We had removed our rubber mats before the cleaning and they offered for us to still bring them back by and they would clean them at no extra charge. Great service!! The deep cleaning was well worth the cost - Thank you!!

Tyge Johnson

Javier did an amazing job! Quick turn around time and super friendly. He went above and beyond and totally exceeded my expectations. His prices were lower than all the other competition around. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a clean or detail.

Tatshiana Sanchez

Beyond impressed and extremely happy with the job Steam Team did! They were very professional and very dedicated to making sure your vehicle looks brand new! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! I will definitely be coming back.

Melisa Saxton

This place deserves more than five stores! The qaulity of my detail and the service was AMAZING! Havier was fantastic!! He comunicates via text which is much more convenient due to me working all day. Also, he works with you; I took my car in on Saturday, and was able pick it up on Sunday (which they are closed). For what they had to do, it wasn’t expensive either. A friend of mine threw up in my car Friday night, and was able to schedule an appointment online at two in the morning! Havier and I spoke and he explained what they’ll have to do to get the smell out, and was very straight forward about it and the cost. This was my first time getting my car detailed, and I absolutely LOVED this place, I will definitely be back and recommend it to everyone!

Brandon Streiff

A friend told me about this place and it was amazing!! My old 2005 Lexus GX looked like it just came off the line. Their attention to detail was shocking and their extra services are hard to find anywhere else. Oh and another huge plus was how they went out of there way to work around my busy schedule to pick up and deliver my car. I am a customer for life and send everyone I know there.

Parker Swainston

Brought my duramax to these guys because I had a whole bunch of railroad dust and little orange spec rust stains all over my truck. I was snowmobiling the next day so they let me drop off my truck the night before.They got my truck all cleaned up while I went sledding all day , I came back and picked it up with no troubles. The duramax has never looked this clean since it came off the showroom floor. Not only did they get rid of all the rust stains but they cleaned and shined my wheels really good! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to detail their car!

Parker Bond

I went there to add a clear protective film to the front of a new Tesla Model 3 before my first road trip and got great service. Will update after the trip.

Kenzie Houghton

I only trust Steam Team Utah!!! I have been a customer since they first started out, we have recently moved to Wyoming and I still bring my vehicles back to get cleaned by them because I know without a doubt how amazing they are at getting every inch of my truck cleaned, even with horses, dogs and mud they make my truck look brand new!

Memo Sandoval

Excellent service, and had some of the most polite people I have met with. Did a fantastic job on my friends car and would recommend anybody to come get their car detailed here.

Trae Richards

Javier and his crew did an amazing job on the interior of my car. I had stains from the many caterings I do for my job and he got rid of all of them In just a couple hours. Definitely recommend!!!

Scott Crowley

Havier did an amazing job with my 8-year-old Subaru. Upholstery stains that had been there since I bought it came out, and the engine bay looks impeccable. He went the extra mile and took pictures for us so we were ready to post it for sale immediately.

Shivam Shah

Honestly, I was quite nervous to get my A8 steam cleaned. However, my perspective completely changed after I saw my car detailed and buffed by Javier and team at Steam Utah. They not only did a fantastic job, but also finished the job with Ceramic protective coating. This thing works like magic! First the buff and then the ceramic coating made my 2015 A8 look brand new! Javier and team are very best at what they do. In fact I gave them three of my other cars and the results were outstanding too! It's hard to be consistent in this business as all cars vary, but Javier does a great job every time. The team is very humble and honest, super easy to work with! They also offer Valet service and bunch of freebies after your service. 5 star all year around! Kudos to Javier and his team.

Everett Floyd

Excellent service, reliable shop, quick and smooth. Reasonable cost, friendly technician, and organized places. By the way accessible places! 5 star, no hustle, on time.

Linnea Chinn

Best service ever! My 2006 Honda Ridgeline was disgusting, and now it looks practically brand new! Javier was great to work with-- trustworthy and professional. The valet service he provided was very convenient and easy. Thanks Steam Team Utah!

Tami Dickinson

Amazing job! My car has never looked so good. This is the fourth time I've had them clean my car! Each time, they amaze me!! I always get so excited when I have them take my car because I know the outcome is phenomenal!!

Sean Burton

Awesome job! Super legit crew and the car was like new.


Amazing and beautiful work. These guys are SO good at what they do. They are awesome to work with and so nice. My car has been in terrible shape, and both times I’ve gone to them they make it look as good as new!! Ive never been so impressed. They get in EVERY little crack and crevice. I even had stains on the ceiling and seat belt that they noticed and took care of. They pay such great attention to detail. I will never go to anyone else!Thank you Steam Team Utah!!

Phorynzik Psience

I've had stains in my car seats for years now. I just wanted to see if they could get them out. I had my doubts. However, after looking at the inside of my car, not only were all the stains gone, but I swear it looked brand new. I ended up getting a full detail. They really know how to take care of their customers. My expectations we exceeded so I'll definitely be going back!

Charles Kennedy

This place is great. Havier and team did an exceptional job of fixing the mess another so called professional detailer left on my paint. I would take any of my vehicles to Havier. Thanks!

Chi Choi

Steam Team did an amazing job with a car I brought in last month. I wasn't sure that they'd be able to get out the grime on the floor of my 2011 Civic, but it came back looking better than new. They were also really flexible in working around my schedule to come pick up the car when it was done. I would recommend Steam Team to anyone looking to have their car detailed.

Jeramy Alvey

Havier and the Boys did an amazing job on my truck I thought we were going to have to repaint it with all the scratches, nope, they got it looking like new. I’ll refer everyone I know to them.

Austin Cope

With a crazy busy schedule, I did not have a full day to drop off my van to get detailed! And let me tell you, our van was in DESPERATE need! Well, I called Steam Team Utah hoping there was some way we could work this out. Javier said, “Oh ya, we have a van that you can use for the day while we clean your car!” Problem solved. Not only is the customer service amazing, my car looked like new! It was incredible!!! I have no idea how they worked that magic but I am so grateful! Thank you Steam Team Utah!!!

River Tanner

Javier did an amazing job on my truck!!! Removed a million decals and went over and beyond! Super happy. Highly recommended.

Nick Hatton

Havier did an excellent job on our car! My nephew puked in it on a Sunday. We couldn’t get it to Havier until the following Saturday- but he still got the stains and the smell out! We had Havier do a full detail inside and out as well- our car has never looked better! We’ll definitely be back.

Sheena Pulley

Just picked up my car and it looks amazing! Better than when I first bought my car. I had milk, juice, and water stains on my car seats and on the floor. All the stains were removed and it seriously looks brand new. Havier was so nice and friendly. He even helped load my stroller in the car while I chased my two kids. I can't say enough good things! Even the ceiling of my car was clean. Every inch, including the outside of my car is spotless. Will definitely be taking all cars here from now on. The price is very reasonable. I would be willing to pay more for how clean it is. Also it was done all in one day which was a huge plus.

Matt Baker

This place is awesome. I've taken my car their twice. Each time they've gone above my expectations. I'm getting ready to sell my car, so the team offered to take post-detail pics for an online ad. What a cool, customer focused shop.

Megan Dozhier

These guys are amazing! Super nice fella, very knowledgeable about the products. I took my 2018 Jeep Wrangler 4-door in and got the ceramic coating. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

Ezekial Mendenhall

I have so many good things to say about this company! I recommend them to everyone cuz I'm so beyond impressed with how amazing my vehicles look when he's all done. They pretty much look brand new again. He does such a go job and goes above and beyond on customer service. Totally worth every penny!

Jesse Silcox

I usually don't write reviews which shows just how amazing these guys are! The owner is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and his work shows just how great of a business he runs. He went above and beyond what I was expecting. This is my auto detailing shop for life! Update: Just got my car detailed and WOW! My car looks brand new!! There wasn't a spot they missed on the inside and out! I am so excited about how well it turned out. These guys are awesome! I highly recommend these guys to anyone!! I'll post pics, look for the Saturn Sky

Wilson Leung

Javier and his team demonstrated amazing attention to detail. He has a smaller team that is able to proved a level of clean that is unmatched. The service was also exceptional because they will help you work around your schedule. Thanks!

Katie Tyler

Havier did an incredible job on my car. He made it look brand new. I couldn't believe the difference. We will definitely be back, It was an all around great experience. The quality of his work is fantastic. Thank you so much, Havier!

Madison Mahon

I couldn’t be happier with my experience, particularly with my experience with Havier! Never have I met a nicer person. He was quick to get my car taken care of, but most of all incredibly kind and just a happy person to be around! I had to get a light buff and shine and I think the paint looks better than the day it came off the lot. It literally looks like glass and I could not be happier! Thank you again Havier for your help and incredible service. A+ and would 100% recommend to anyone looking for any type of car detailing service!

Anne Marie Corbridge

I wanted to have my husbands car detailed as a Father’s Day surprise! Not only did Javier get me in before I needed it but he did an amazing job and made my husbands truck look like new! The work that was done was immaculate! Thank you Javier for your care and communication with our car! We will be back with our other car!

Marcus Diederich

Took my car in for a full detail, carpets and interior USE to be filled with stains impossible to get out. After taking it here it looked better than brand new. Highly highly recommend.

Taylor Geddes

I have always used seat covers to hide the stains in my car, but I was sick of using seat covers so I took my car here and now my car seats look brand new. I didn’t think I would ever be able to get those stains out, but Steam Team Utah was able to. Great customer service!

Venna Farnsworth

My sweet niece threw up in our car, so needless to say, our car had a strong smell of various cleaning products and vomit. I texted Steam Team and they were very responsive, super friendly, and had great confidence they could get rid of the smell. I just picked up my car and it has never looked cleaner inside. Their quality is top notch and the smell is completely gone! Giovanni was super friendly and did a great job with our car. I would highly recommend these guys!

Stephen Gardner

Steam Team Utah did an awesome job. My wife’s van looks better than when we bought it from the dealership. It looked new and smelled new. I was blown away. The owner Havier was so easy to work with and had excellent communication with us.

Phillip Lambson

These guys did an amazing job on my 2005 Subaru Legacy! It had a ton of spots on the interior and the outside was a mess. I couldn't believe how clean it looked after they were done. The interior looked brand new, the engine was sparkling clean and the exterior hadn't looked that great ever. I will recommend Steam Team to my family, friends and neighbors.

Caitlin Woolsey

The detail service was so great! I had just purchased a used van and it needed some much needed attention. They exceeded my expectations with how clean the car was when they finished! I highly recommend!

Chris Longacre

Took my 18 year old super air nautique wakeboard boat to Steam team of Utah to bring it back to life. The gel coat was looking badly faded and oxidized. They said they could handle it and I was blown away with the result. They used their ceramic pro product and I was pretty shocked. All of the color was back, and it honestly looks like a new boat. Also it's so easy to clean now. I'm beyond satisfied with how it turned out. Whether you have a new boat and want to protect it and make cleaning it incredibly easy or if you want to bring your old boat back to life I highly reccomend ceramic pro and Steam team of Utah. They do a great job.

Jake Lybbert

Best cleaning & detailing experience. Javier will take great care of you. Never met someone with his attention to detail. He's OCD about ensuring your car is clean and you are happy.

Morgan Sacco

I am beyond thrilled with the work that Havier and his team did with my Durango. It looked nicer and more immaculate than when we got it from the dealership. I appreciated the service more than anything. It rained the day that I picked it up and Havier told me that I could bring it back the next day (when the weather was nicer) and he would clean the exterior again so that it shined like it did when I saw it in the shop! I believe I got the biggest bang for my buck with Steam Team Utah and have referred all my family and friends to them.

Lauren Mortensen

Awesome service, perfect quality and great price. My car looks brand new - they even got sharpie out of my seats!

Megan Johnson

We brought our car here before trading it in and they did an awesome job. It was cleaner than when I first got it! Havier was super friendly and helpful and gave us a loaner car to keep car shopping while ours was being cleaned. His staff is A+. I’ll definitely come back next time the new car needs a good bath!

Traci Gundersen

FANTASTIC. Steam Team Utah does the best job for a reasonable price. I have now had all of my cars detailed and it's like my vehicles have been returned brand new. Steam Team does a really good job of getting the interior in top shape, even if it looks like it can't be salvaged. I will continue to use this business in the future and highly recommend their services.

Marc Morris

GREAT job getting all the overspray off the car and pet hair out of the seats!!

Breanna Nielsen

This place is seriously the BEST!! It was recommended to me by a friend and it totally exceeded my expectations! He even was able to get out an antifreeze stain on my windshield....miracle worker! Worth every penny!

John Magnusson

I took in a car that was in good condition overall, but the seats were a disaster. It took a couple of good shampoo sessions, but Havier made the seats and carpet look great again, and the price was good. I should do this with every car I'm getting ready to sell, as I'm sure it will increase th value of the car beyond the cost of the cleaning. I will be reaching out to Havier again.

Amber Preece

These guys did an amazing job on my husbands cars full detail. They have incredible customer service and do a superb job. 100% recommend them!!

Keilani Daily

Excellent detailing! My car was thrashed from all my outdoor activities and my dog, I assumed the damage was done. Javier and his team made my car look brand new again. So pleased with the services they have to offer. I will continue using Steam Team Auto Spa

Britnie Arens

Best experience! I had taco soup spill all over my back seat in my new Mini. They got me in the day after I called and cleaned/detailed it better than when I bought it from the dealership. They are the only place in the valley that uses steam to clean.. Which also sanitizes. We won't go anywhere else! Amazing work and amazing customer service! Can't say enough positive things about this company.

William Myers

Amazing service & very friendly staff. They did an awesome job on our Tesla Model 3 (full hood clear bra and full body ceramic coat). They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and pleased with the results.

Ethan Smith

Always an amazing result from this team. Feeling like your car has lost a bit of its luster? Bring it here. Life is busy and we do our best to keep our vehicles clean but the drive through car washes, not so clean wash tools at home and normal "wear and tear" from driving around in all four seasons take its toll on a vehicle. These folks know how to get your car back to life. Nothing like a clean and shiny car to put a smile on my face. Vehicles are a good chunk of cash and it is important to make sure it is taken care of so it lasts as long as possible. I schedule routine maintenance as well as detailing to make sure my vehicles are taken care. I can always count on the Steam Team of Utah to take care of my car.

Charami Boyter

Steam Team offers the best detailing service around! My kid spilled a whole cup of milk on our way home and when I called to see when I could cone in they told me to bring it in that night even though they were closing before I could arrive! Then the owner Javier, even arranged for a van for us to use while ours was being cleaned! The next day I went to pick up the van (late after closing and they held it for me again!) and it was INCREDIBLE how clean it was! And it smells better than ever. We are customers for life! Thank you Javier and Steam Team for your willingness to accommodate customers and top notch service!

Jessica Adams

The guys over at Steam Team were absolutely amazing. Not only were they able to remove each and every spec of dirt and scratch throughout our used Subaru, but they even removed paint from the previous owner on the leather interior! Even after they were done they were ready to do anything else they could to make sure I was satisfied. I’m not sure if it looked this good off of the showroom inside and out. Havier couldn’t have been nicer, or better at what he does. We will definitely be back!

Laura Swanson

Amazing! They did such a good job. I highly recommend them. I love how nice and clean my car is now.

Charity Browning

I went there a few weeks ago and my 10 year old car looked and smelled great. Love the steam clean! Very nice and professional! Definitely recommend. Good price as well.

Ben Mosbarger

Admittedly, I'm a bit of a clean car fanatic so I was pleasantly surprised to see the super high quality work and attention to detail. The owner walked me around my car to do a little "show and tell" of his work, which was amazing. I found myself saying over and over, "I didn't think my car could look this nice!". I'll be back for sure.


Havier and Steam Team did an amazing job of detailing my car after a road trip with my cat. Not a hair in sight and my upholstery looks and smells fabulous. I'm recommending them to all of my friends and coworkers.

Ryan Mickelson

It's important to take care of your car, both inside and out. I have tried many auto detail shops in the area, and the team here is certainly the best! The customer service and the work they do is top notch. I highly recommend a visit!

Katie Lee

I bought a used car recently that had a strong smoke smell and I finally decided I needed to find a good detailer. I chose Steam Team because of their stellar reviews. The reviews totally held up. My car looks brand new on the inside! They also cleaned the outside at no extra charge Havier even let me borrow his van because he needed my car overnight. I would recommend them to anyone! Wish I could give them more than 5 stars!

Danny Theurer

Havier is seriously a detail master! My black Mercedes has never looked so amazing, better than when I drove it off the lot! Seriously check his place out, worth every second and every penny!!!!! Love love love it!!

Ethan Howell

These guys are amazing!! I use my Tacoma daily as a work truck, I’m in construction so It gets all sorts of dirt and grime. I even had a seat that was covered in TAR! Everything came out with their full detail, you could seriously eat off of the engine bay it’s so clean. THANK YOU STEAM TEAM!

Janna Gifford

I went here on a recommendation and will go here again in the future. Exceptional work!


Went above and beyond to help me out. The car looked tip top after getting the seats cleaned. Would highly recommend definitely!

Lynn Allred

My black truck looks better now then when I bought it off the lot. Steam Team went above and beyond. If I could give more than five stars I would. Absolutely the best in the business!!!!!


Just got my 2002 GT Mustang back from a wreck having one side of the car with new paint and the other my old faded paint i had very little hope of seeing my car looking at all decent ever again. after hearing great things about Steam team from the people that fixed my car i had high hopes and took it over to Steam Team Utah and dropped it off in the morning and they had it done around 4 i have never seen my car this beautiful Havier did an amazing job i had no clue my paint could ever look that good it looks better then the freshly painted side they also detailed the inside of my car on the house it looks absolutely amazing and were able to get an old stain out of the back of my seat that i never could get off! they really did bring my old pony back to life!

Justin UIN

2/12/19 Took my Toyota Tacoma in for detail before selling. SteamUtah made the truck look amazing. First person to come look at the truck bought. If you want to sell your car take it to SteamUtah. Great work!!Thanks I took my car to Steam Utah to get detailed to get ready to sale. They did an amazing job. They went the extra step and took pictures at their shop to put on the ad. I didn't have to use the pictures as the car sold that day. The detail no doubt helped in the sale. Very impressed with their customer service and attention to detail. Highly recommend!

Josh Myers

They got some deep stains out of my tan cloth seats, excellent service. I highly recommend this place!

MaryAnn Knorr

I stopped by in fall of 2018 and Havier gave me a great price and hope for getting many scratches out of my paint. I followed up with him this spring and he had my car clay bared and waxed and it looked amazing! And his detailing guy was very friendly and professional as well. He also stuck to his word in the price he gave me forever ago. There were a couple of scratches I noticed a few hours later and asked Havier to take a look at them and he immediately did the work himself to make sure I was satisfied. I so am and I’m going back for the interior next since he was such a badass! Thank you Havier!

Melanie Martinez

Steam Team offers impeccable service. They picked up my car from my place of employment & had it ready by the time I was off for the evening! I have cream leather interior that hadn’t been cared for in over a year. I also have a big dog who goes everywhere with me, so the car was in desperate need. I figured most of it was permanently stained! After they detailed it, my car literally looked better than new. I’m floored! I’ll never go anywhere else. Plus the customer service is personable & authentic.

David Abrams

I have had cars detailed before, but no one has ever done a better job than Steam Team. My five-year old car looked brand new, inside and out. It even had the new car smell after they were done with it. Steam Team is the real Dream Team.


Javier is as honest as it comes as a business owner. Great guy, community minded. Love doing business with him!

Heather Sowle

Fantastic service! They were able to get me an appointment quickly & even offered to pick up my vehicle. As a professional dog trainer and avid outdoors person, my vehicle has taken a beating. They completely surpassed my expectations! Dog hair, mud, horse hair, red dirt, and dust are gone and so are those pesky odors! Superb job- I'll definitely be coming back!

Jaime Davis

Steam Team buffed the white paint off my new black car after I ran into my garage door. My car looks brand new again! They were very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend!

A. L.

Steam Team Utah did such an incredible job on my car! I was shocked by how great my car looked! They took my 2012 car, that had so many stains and discolored interior from grease and dirt(and 3 kids), and made it look like a brand new car! I was not expecting a lot of the stains to come out, but they got them out! My car even smells like a new car now. It is just SO CLEAN! They provided such friendly service as well. Not only did they manage to make my car look brand new, they were quite inexpensive compared to other companies I had looked into. I would not go anywhere else! These guys are awesome! Such a great value!

Rodney Collins

Bought an Odyssey with 85,000 miles that needed attention. Called & set an appointment. He was there on time and delivered everything he promised & then some. The vehicle was spotless, the engine was spotless, the carpet was beautifully cleaned. It is so satisfying as a consumer when a business values their customers & keeps their commitment.

Clarence Jessop

I had a great experience with Havier and the Steam Team. Havier is a top-notch human. I live pretty far from their space and without hesitation he offered me his van as a loaner for a day at no extra charge so that I could leave my car with him. My car had been smoked in a lot, and between the steam, high-powered carpet cleaners, and the NuVinAir treatment, they took the smell out of my car and got it smelling and feeling great. Havier truly puts his customers first–I experienced that firsthand. You won't be disappointed.


Looked pretty extensively into ceramic coatings and after much searching was referred to Havier and his team by a good friend who has also used Steam Team Utah. I was amazed at how good a job they did on my Ram 2500, the paint has that "wet look" and looks absolutely amazing! Havier was patient answering all my questions and let me assure you he knows his stuff. Doing a ceramic coat on a truck this size is a big job and Havier and his team did the most amazing job. I got the gold lifetime package of ceramic pro and look forward to years of easy cleaning and protection this amazing product has to offer. I will be coming back to Steam Team for all my future vehicle needs, my experience could not have been any better and they definitely deserve 5 stars!

Dan Wood

What a refreshing place to do business with and what a refreshing look on my Kia Optima. My car had been used by a son who came home dirty filthy from work, put his great big German Shepard in my car and it just looked like hell. I took it to these guys and it's brand new again, or dang near so anyway. Fantastic job, these guys were way more accommodating getting my car to them than they needed to be and I couldn't be more pleased. Most awesome place to get your car back in the shape it should be!!!

W. Matthew Hall

Love these guys! The owner is super passionate about cars and they did an amazing job detailing my truck and polishing my headlights. I couldn't be happier.

Jordan Bunting

This place is AWESOME!!! An ENTIRE gallon of orange juice spilled in my brand new Tahoe... it was EVERYWHERE. Literally a river of OJ running from the front seat into the cargo area! Gah! I called them and they made accommodations straightaway to get me in the very next morning (a weekend)! He called his very best guy in to do the job- again it was the weekend. They were able to completely clean and detail it in one day! My car was like new AND it didn’t smell of orange juice or of that nasty wet smell either. Seriously! These guys ROCK! I’ll be taking my cars in regularly for detailing with them!

Jen Durrant

My car needed extreme help from hard water spots from sprinklers. The guys in the shop worked so hard to get all of the spots off when I didn’t have faith that it could be done. They went above and beyond to make sure that it looked like new again. I would definitely recommend them to everyone!!

Tyler Drewitz

Wow! Could not be more impressed. First of all the part that matters the most—my vehicle was showroom quality when it was returned to me. The best detail I have ever received. Now onto the business owner Havier—he is AMAZING! Super impressed with how well he understands customer service. He picked up my car, delivered it back to me, and even sent me pictures throughout the day to keep me updated. Additionally he notice a ding on my front fender when I mentioned it was a lease I was turning in and connected me with Enon at ProDent who came out within an hour of being called and did an impeccable job fixing the dent for an incredibly reasonable price. Don’t waste your time getting a mediocre clean anything in the SLC area...go for Havier at Steam Team Utah!!

Aj Morin

This is the place. Havier and his team do a great job and provide quality work. I work for a European car shop and we send high end cars their way for detail services knowing they take care of what they work on and don't cut corners. Pricing is fair and the experience is great. Definitely recommend to check them out!

Natalya Hansen

My car was a nightmare. My 1.5 year olds milk supply cup exploded everywhere. The seats we covered in dried milk. It was on the walls, the roof and literally everywhere. They did so amazing. I will always go to them with my cars. It looks like it did when I drove it off the lot with 7 miles on it.

Ann W

Bought a used car (a lease return), and it needed serious deep cleaning, from the floor mats to the headliner -- took it to Steam Team Utah and it came back spotless. They were professional, very thorough, and very reasonably priced -- we'll definitely be repeat customers!

Steve Remund

I recently bought a used car with strong cigarette odor in the ventilation and interior upholstery. Javier explained his process of thoroughly detailing, steaming with an industrial steamer and treating the interior with an ozone generator. Though I had my doubts beforehand, the smoke smell is completely gone! He guarantees his work or will further work on his dime. He is super personable and offers stellar service. I would recommend Steam Team to anyone needing professional auto detailing and/or smoke odor removal.

Sean Klindt

Please read this review! I took a car to Steam Team a couple years ago and was absolutely blown away by how clean and brand new the car looked. Service was quick, friendly, and professional. I recently bought a car and was looking to get it detailed. I shopped around because I was trying to save a little money. I found a deal and was sure I'd get a clean car at a lower cost. I even paid a little more for extra cleaning. To my complete disappointment I got the value of the "deal". I found areas of the car uncleaned, chemical residue on the dash, and a feeling of regret. I gave feedback to the owner who promptly sent technicians to clean the missed areas. Don't get me wrong, the car was cleaner than before but this was nothing like I expected from a car detailing business. Even two weeks later I still find things that should've been cleaned. I could've done just as good cleaning the car myself, if not better. Moral of the story: for any car detailing needs, go to Steam Team. I regret not trusting my gut to go to Steam Team in the first place. With Steam Team you can trust that every inch, every surface, every crevice, and every detail will be given professional attention. You're not just getting a clean car, you're getting peace of mind. You're getting assurance that your money has been well spent. Please, don't do like I did trying to save a couple bucks. Take your car to Steam Team. Believe me when I say the value that Steam Team offers is above and beyond the monetary price of the service. I will take all future detailing needs to Steam Team and recommend them to everyone I know.

Spencer Haymond

Our Minivan looked and smelled new! After seven years and five little children our minivan looked and smelled like a public transit stairwell. Steam Team Utah even shuddered when they looked at it and told me they were not sure what it would look like at the end but they would do their best. Upon pickup of the vehicle (they had it for about 8 hours) it looked brand spanking new!!! I could not believe how good it looked. Then to top it off the cleaning agents smelled really good, almost new car good. I am 100% satisfied and I'd recommend Steam Team Utah to everyone. I've attached some after photos but they just don't do it justice.

Chris Harrison

My car looks amazing!! These guys are so good at what they do. I never felt like they were trying to nickle and dime me, infact they were quite the opposite. I was really impressed with the great service they provide with getting the vehicle to and from the shop. They were so easy to work with and deserve the best reviews. Definitely recommend them to anyone that wants their car to shine again!

Elska McKim

This place does an AMAZING job every single time they clean one of our cars! I have 4 kids and sometimes my car gets really gross in fact one time I had to bring my car in to Steam Clean Utah to get vomit out of it. It was all over one area of the back seat. When I got my car back it was like brand new and the smell of vomit has never come back and it has been over a year now! Recently we had Steam Clean Utah work on some scratches on the outside of my black car. The scratches had been there for a couple of years. I never thought that anyone would be able to get them out. Havier and his team did such an incredible job. I couldn’t believe it but they got out ALL of the scratches (and they were really bad). The exterior of the car looked like glass. That’s the only way to describe it. It looked even better than the day we bought it. I would recommend Steam Clean Utah to ANYONE! They do a great job and they are such great people too!

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