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860 Main St, Logan, UT 84321

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REVIEWS OF Green Gorilla Car Wash IN Utah

Rex Davidsavor

Went through and parts flew off the vehicle a 2017 ford explorer told the guy with a shrug of the shoulder's he said "it has happened to this model before" well why would you not tell me before I went in?!

Byron Kouf

Cameron Sparks

$30 a month for unlimited car washes! Boo yah!

Daniel Janssen

Great wash plus free vacuums with a wash.


Great car wash and great customer service. $6 for the basic wash. I do think the unlimited wash program is overpriced. I have lived in many other states and found the unlimited wash programs are normally priced between $15-$20 a month. Green gorilla charges $30 a month which seems really high to me. Other than that, I have no complaints!

Stacie K

Does not wash very good. Will be calling to talk! Leaves soap everywhere and the spot free sucks! Leaves spots all over windows and the car.

Dane Adams

Good wash. A little pricey

Anna Stephenson

I always come out with a clean car!

Still WorshipTruth

Very convenient!

Amanda Thomson

Good wash, free vacuums

Blake Bonar

Gorilla is a bit expensive considering most all car washes will end up having your car looking the same. They also have good vacuums to use on your car. Punch card recommended.

Jeff Thornton

Quality and aggresive wash. Take off you antanae or it will be ripped off. VERY POOR help, when you pull in. They seem asleep at the wheel. Makes you wonder how they find their way home.

Andrew Palomares

I understand that its more for convenience however paying $15 dollars for their top tier wash, you'd expect it to be entirely clean. I'd rather spend $5 and 15 minutes doing it myself.

Kelcey Hook

Usually great. If there is anything left from they wash they let you go through again!

Matthew Veil

Quick to get in. Employees are helpful. Free vaccums with wash. Inexpensive as well.

Nazim Uddin

Good place to have your car washed.

Shell Howard

I like that everything is one price, and my car is cleaner than at other place I have been too.

Dee Speth

They were very nice and even took the ball off my antenna when I forgot to.

Gabriel Anderson

I always use green gorilla. I wash my car almost every week there. Great price and great quality. The free vacuums are by far the best in the valley. Highly recommend their services!

Jay Thatcher

Quick gets mt truck clean

Joshua Noyce

Great service and it is a good price. They also gave me a while to clean the inside of the car. And there are free vacuums!

Chad Jacobs

Aneesa Beutler

Cost $15 and didn't really clean my car.

Caylor Hunsaker

Roger Ellis

Mechanical wash leaves much to desired

Richard Norton

Great place for an automatic car wash

Monte A Nevitt

Convenient and fast.

Dan Seibert

I was not impressed. My car was just as dirty after the wash.

Nathan Foote

Great car wash! Great service! Free vacumns

Nick Smith

Anne Pollard

This is a great car wash! The service is friendly and top notch. The prices are set just right.

Marian Fielding

Best wash in town...I always keep a punch card in every car and give them away as gifts

Chelsea Funk

Staff is very friendly ! Great car wash with awesome vacuums.

Ryan Miller

Did a good job cleaning my vehicle, free vacs are nice feature.

Andrew Rodriguez

Not bad. Does the trick.

Joseph Johnson

Great car wash, a little pricy

Jessica McGraw

The company is awful. Their machinery broke when I took my car to get washed 2 weeks ago, causing scratches and dents on both the front and rear bumpers. The manager, Phil, promised I would get my car fixed by Miller Auto Body, but now I am getting the run around from both. I do not recommend Green Gorilla at all. Take you car somewhere else when it is dirty, otherwise, you're liable to get damages with little recourse.

Omar Ramos

Sam I

Fast and clean. Would be nice to have a towel dry at the end though.

Caley Feltus

The rated are amazing

Nate Squires

Take the ten minutes to use a spray wash bay instead. You'll get better results.

Casey Wood

Great carwash! Price is good, quality is good!

Eric Jones

This is a great car wash! The vacuums work great.

Alysha Clarke

Quality car wash, free vacuums, and friendly employees

JoCeLyN HeRzOg

Amazing car wash and who doesnt LoVe free vacuums!

Taylar Holliday

Not sure the name of the guy that helped us last Saturday but he was top notch. great customer service. We will for sure be back.

Daniel Dickey

Great automatic carwash for the price. Free vacuums and a wipe.

kathy ponce


Tyk Goodey

Worst car wash! Never go here. I thought it was going to be a good deal, $6 isn't a bad price for a car wash. Wrong. The car didn't get very clean, but that's not the worst thing. About half way through, there were some clunking sounds, and then one really loud one. I got out when I was done, and there was a dent with missing paint on my passenger side back door. Horrible. Please do yourself and your car a favor, and go wash your car somewhere else!

Corey Schenk

Nice car wash good staff nice machines good place to go

Ryan Luke

Great car wash service. They offer many wash options, low to high price/wash quality. They also offer an unlimited wash package for their best wash charged by the month which really is a great price. Free unlimited vacuum service is included with all washes. And it's great that they clean and recycle their water instead of wasting astronomical amounts. Excellent service.

Benjamin Hatch

I’ve taken my cars too different car washes around Cache Valley but this one is by far the best! I always leave with a clean car.

Shelley Christensen

Best car wash I have every been to!

Adam J Rounds

Very quick, good clean on my very dirty van, the free vacuums are really nice. I would have had to pay four times on other vacuums.

Dave Bodily

Always been happy.

Dylan Bauer

Great car wash free vacuum

Amber Lasley

Mike Johnson

Lora Waloski

This is seriously the only car wash in Logan worth stopping at if you don't want to hand wash. However, I hate tire shine and normally ask them to turn it off for my car. It's never an issue and one of the guys there was the one who told me they can do it. However recently they must have hired some new folks, which is fine - but one of them is argumentative. If you don't know, fine. Go ask someone. Don't argue with the customer.

Jasmin Valdez

Their car wash is horrible. But the vacuums are amazing..

Kara Fielding

A little spendy, but vacuums are free so what's that worth? I think it evens out in the end


Really good automatic car wash. Friendly staff, good price. Free vacuums to use after.

Amanda Robinson

The best car was in Logan!

Jessica Mason

Their vacuums work great!!

Sydney Rodee

Lynne Bevan

Great car wash. Super good price and free vacuums! I won't go anywhere else anymore.

Kurt Pruhs

Just another automated car wash. Nothing special. FYI: Not touchless - they have the rag curtain and spinning rag wheels that can take your side mirrors off.

Callie Kehl

It's really hard to get in and out of this place, mainly because of where it is on mainstreet. The line was long and not a lot of space for it to go, might have just been the time of day, but it was kind of a hassle.

Cortney Andrew

Worst car wash in Logan! They turned me away because my car was to dirty. They told me to go over to millers self wash and wash it then come back. Honestly who gets turned away for having a dirty car?

Tanner Robison

I think it's a pretty good car wash, but it is a tad on the expensive side. Free vacuums

Colby Haas

Unlimited car wash for $30 per month


Great carwash, great prices.

Barbara Vanderhoof

Very organized

Patrick Bruning

Ruined my wife's new car. I understand a scratch might happen here and there with a automatic car wash, but my wife's whole hood and roof is scratched up beyond a detailing repair. It needs body work and a brand new paint job..

Ginnia Shidler- Miller

Byron Lopez

Awesome car wash and outstanding staff!

sushma alphonsa

Love this place for quick car wash. Unlimited vacuuming!

Alex Smith

New automatic system is great.

Arthur Wheeler

Good deal and free vacuums

Cameron Taylor

Not a huge fan of green gorilla. Whole wash took around 45 seconds it seemed and it just was not as through as I would have liked.

J Charles Hailes

Great place to get your car washed, fast and does a good job with free vacuuming.

Aneka Christensen

Perfect service and my car always gets a good wash. The free vacuum is a big win for me.

Christopher Massey

Fast, Friendly, Unique, Free Vacuums, Free wet cleaning wipe, Perfect Monthly Plan.

Kevin Lewis

I get the monthly option. It started as a way to have fun with my kids, now they're always asking to go through it. I remember going through a similar place with my grandpa as a kid. The clean car benefit is always nice to!!

Derick Morales

Free vacuums and a fresh wet wipe to clean the inside of your car.

Daniel K

Love this place. We have a membership for each of our car and feel it is a great value!

Barbara Fredrickson

Good car wash and friendly staff

Diana.E Portillo.A

I love it here it cleans my car really good , plus free vacuums !!!!

Sports and Stocks

Wash is great, did bend my passenger side mirror back though, popped back into place, but i was a bit worried.

karen kolesky

Hands down the worst car wash I’ve had in Logan. I purchased the $15 (supreme) Jungle wash and it was terrible! I returned a few minutes later to complain and they let me go through again at no charge. My vehicle had this strange film from all the extras I purchased and it was still bad. They would not refund my money. Several gas stations in town have better car washes for a third the price of Green Gorilla. Very disappointed.

Joseph Gordon

Not even fair. It left almost all crap on the car. Didnt clean windows well. Left water spots all over. Spent more time to touch up then the initial car wash. It is a big rip off. Do not go here. A standard car wash at a gas station or manual wash is more worth it.

Ivan Hooley

I go to green gorilla regularly and they have always been friendly Their car wash does an excellent job and I love free unlimited vacuum time.

T'Nesha Cleveland

Love the Green Gorilla! They are Eco friendly l. Also they have a monthly program where you have unlimited car washes for a affordable flat monthly rare.

Jacob Everitt

Excellent carwash! Good bang for your buck.

Jennie Granados

Eva Boothe

Nice staff. Fast and clean.

Zackary Beckstead

Absolute best place for the ultimate car wash! Plus free vacuums!

M Brooks

You will always get better results when you do it yourself, manually in a bay or by hand at home with a hose. After all what you "reap is what you sow...." Some of these other reviews seem silly to me, like they were shocked they went through a drive through car wash and got a drive through car wash! I personally think it does a pretty good job. Buy the best wash in the $35 punch pass. Coupons can be found in a val-pak, that comes in the mail. Saves the most! You also can not beat free vacs! Some have better suction than others.....use the less used ones....But all in all....they do an alright job, as long as your not expecting a good old fashion hand wash and know you are driving through a drive through wash!

Geena Peek

Great place, they a good job. I love the new updates, they REALLY need a right turn only sign as you leave.

Seneti Pauni

Very nice. Good customer service.

Terry Carleson


Ron Atkinson

This carwash does a great job

Tom Pascale

They do a good job and the vacuum cleaners are free

Maury Harris

I have taken Bear River Mental Health Vans there for cleaning and Never been disappointed with their work

Derrick Moore

Ok wash. Great thing is the free vacuums.

Garrett Kite

Pretty expensive, but they do a really good thorough drive-thru car wash. I panicked a little my first time through because I didn't realize it wasn't a touchless car wash. The brushes touching my car scares me a little, but it is a better clean. The free vacuums are great as well.

Camille Earnshaw

My favorite car wash! I have a monthly pass and frequently go to get the salt and winter grime off my bad-a** Challenger.

Justin Steiger

Decent place. The soaps smell good while your going through. The prices are decent, but I think they could do a little better at blowing the water off at the end (and a little better wheel shine chemical).

Shara Calkins

Favorite car wash in CV. Very quick and thorough. Good quality wash for your money.

Perry Wakefield

I love how clean my vehicles get with this wash. We try to get them washed every time we visit Logan.

Ryan Moyle

laura johnson

This place is a good carwash you have your choice of what you can have done and after the wash their vacumns are free

Dave Jackman

I wouldn't know if they're any good or not. They took my $35 and told me they wouldn't wash the car becasue they were too busy and my car was too dirty. Unbelievable. I get it if my car was wasn't...just dirty. I'll have to go wash my car so I can wash my car. They're great at taking your money, just not at washing your car.

Pam Kendrick

They do a great job and the vacuums are free with the wash.

Bryan Marlowe

Very particular about the level of dirt on a car before washing.

Jeremy Rose

Jason Sunderland


Michelle Cluff

I judt started going to Green Gorilla. Love them! Reasonably priced and I love the free vacuums afterward. The attendants are alwats nice and I feel like their products do a good job!

Jack Edwards

Lauriann Wakefield

We love how fast it washes.

Jenn G

1 month package for $30, best deal ever !

Lynda Jensen

I've enjoyed many car washes here. I always buy a punch card to get a good deal. The staff are always nice and I love the free vacuums at the end. I'll keep coming back.

Tyler Sadler

For $15.00 my car should be clean. Most the back end is still dirty. Also for this price should include a hand dry. Very disappointing first visit. Doubt I'll return.

Ryan Penman

Great place to wash the dust off.

Laura Van Noy

Great car wash with free vacuums! I would give it 5 stars but it does not do the best job cleaning side mirrors and my back window...leaves spots if I don't wipe it down. With that being said we use this place often.

Debbie Salvesen

Never disappointed with this car wash!


Calista Burbank

Ok until you move and try to cancel your subscription.

Ron Rosco

Nice car wash

Trevor Matheson

They had a sign for a free car wash. You just had to send a sign your number up for a texted promo code.... filled out the form in front of an employee but when the promo code didnt work the employee practically said tough luck. Pretty lazy of her.

Megan Smith

I like this place but I have also been squirted by the person manning the sprayer one too many times. I always have to tell them to wait until my window is ALL the way up.

Ryan Percival

Favorite car wash in Logan. Best value for a really good automatic car wash.

billy ogden

Love the way the people are so good to me and the look of my truck after I am done

Christina Lovett

Broke a friend's light bar and other things on his truck

Parker Bluth

It is automatic and vacuums you can use after. It is a little pricey.

Dean Humpherys

Great place to get your car washed. Fair prices and free vacuums as well.

Brady Larsen

This is exactly what I thought it would be. I take my car and it gets washed. I couldn't ask for more but there is more. After your car is washed there is a free self serve vacuum. Amazing. Thank you green gorilla car wash for being a car wash and not a rotisserie chicken stand.

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