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REVIEWS OF Curt's Carwash & Emission IN Utah

Carissa Brunson

Very friendly quick and outstanding service wouldn't hesitate to come get work done by the gentlemen again 100% pro

Adam Alsuri

Great service!

Michael Brown

10 minute inspection. Literally from walking to leaving. And a very friendly young man working the desk. Much appreciated.


The prices are reasonable, complimentory drying towels are offered

Lauren Stallings

Fast, friendly service. They cleaned my car after emissions for free. Front desk girl was funny and sassy! It was great. We didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes. Lobby was very clean. Location was easy to get to.

Joe Snow

Great place to get it all done. Vehicle registration should only take place once in a vehicles life time, but Utah gouges us every year and Curt's is where I will be going from now on.

Brian Young

Love this place

Isaac Lopez

The automatic car wash didn't wash my car very well, for the price I should washed it myself.

Frank Johnson

These guys are fantastic. Easiest experience I have ever had with Safety and Emissions. Best price too with Groupon. I will be back with my other cars.

Jamie Murphy

The automatic car wash literally leaves your car looking dirtier than before you washed it. What a waste of 10 dollars.

Britnee Fairclough

Kevin Martin

Fast and clean I love it

E.G. Kohan

Soapy! Large space for big vehicles. No time delays when switching to soap or rinse.

Michelle Nielsen

This place is great they give u towels to dry off your vehicle for free

Bryon Elwell

It was fast and a good experience getting the IM test and registration on our car especially on a Saturday.

Lisa Rockwell

He was awesome!! Was very nice and worked very quickly!!

Ashley Wolf

The price was great. The woman working was less than friendly. She was very short and rude. From all of the other reviews I was extremely surprised. I understand she was busy but it take a less than thirty seconds to be friendly and warm with customers. Everybody just seemed like a problem to her and she was not happy to be dealing with them. Also she was taking personal calls during all of this... so I mean it makes it seem like she wasn’t that busy.


Do not use the automatic car wash service here. It fails to clean.

Roy Lindhardt

The gal behind the desk was sometimes very curt with customers, but service is very fast and efficient.

walker van Uitert

Great place for a good carwash towels are provided on site for making sure car and glass are completely dry affer.

Ms. Amann

This place is a great value. You can't beat the online price for the emission and car wash. Christina is a professional and works hard. If you want fancy go someplace else and pay alot more. If you want the best value in town go here.

Sly Dust Bunny

Went in today for an emissions test and tag renewal. It was so fast and the guy that helped me was super nice and awesome! Also thank you for the little Valentine's day goodie bag!

James Thompson

Great place to stop and hose the crud off your rig! Decent do it yourself car wash. Also offers fully automated wash. Place is kept up and well maintained, the do it yourself value is good and it's a convenient location.

Jeff Prelip

These people are great and know their stuff. I bring all 6 of my vehicles here. Fast, close to home, and cheap. Also the employees are normal hard working people who get to deal with those who think laws can bend for others above the law. Thanks for keeping everything honest. You guy are awesome. Don't forget the free wash!

thomas card

Great to get all that mud off!

Keisha Ding

Briana and Loni were both superb and awesome! Briana is seriously on top of it and is CONSTANTLY working as hard as she can every second. It's refreshing to see such quality service and makes all the difference to us.

Lewis Warren

Great place to get your State inspection and emissions test done. In and out. Great value, service and courteous staff.

Carlos Perez

People are good there

lisa georgalos

Great drive through car wash!

Trevor Christensen

Quick and same day emissions. Easy to get in and fairly priced.

Todd Copeland

Update: Good self serve car wash. THE place to get your emissions done. Very inexpensive and the service is some of the best.

Trisha Hughes

Bought their Groupon which was an amazing deal! I called in to let them know I would be in first thing Saturday morning for a safety, emissions and registration sticker. Told them I had the Groupon and what it was for. They said to come on in. I get there, the front door is locked. Someone screams to go in through the garage. I go in through the garage, then inside the office to meet a dog walking freely, barking and growling at me. Waited at least 10 minutes for someone to appear in the business. They then explain to me and two other people, that they don't have the DMV stickers because someone stole their safe a week ago. Why wasn't this mentioned when I called in ahead of time the day before? Ended up driving to one of their sister companies to get the job done. Groupon was still honored there. Not a good experience.

Usurped Thoughts

Best place to get a touchless wash, wont scratch your paint! Check out thier monthly deal.

Dan Miller

There was only one person working with several customers and she got my emissions done very quickly along with the other in front of me

K Marie

Extremely pleasant in customer service. I just left with so much of a negative feeling though. Went in for rock chip repair. They started over a second time because 'person before did not clean equipment' by just wiping the resin off. Rock chip somehow looks way worse than before and wow you apparently get what you pay for. They do not offer warranty on service - rather they have you sign your rights away. They do not UV cure their rock chip repair. Could see and feel divett in glass after repair was finished so I had to ask for additional help. Cured somehow to catch the light more so it's way more visible and appears to have an air pocket as well. Wish I had gone to a professional glass shop.

Amber Gray

This is the second time I have come to this establishment. It was decent enough that I chose to come back a second time, although I wasn't left with " great" feeling after I left last time because of a conversation I had with one of the employees. This time around I came in on a Friday to get my safety and emissions done, and sat for an hour, only to be pulled up once they got my car and told that nothing needed to be done on it since it was a 2012. With the new law change I knew I didn't need to get safety done, but figured I still needed emissions. Nope! This should have been communicated to me when I handed them my paperwork. There is no reason I should have sat there for an hour.

Richard Frost

Dan Wright

Great place to get your car cleaned. They do have credit card readers as well.

c mercer

Went for emissions/inspection. Took 45 minutes on a Thursday mid afternoon and got through it fairly unscathed. It is cheap but it's apparent that they need to drug test their employees and provide them with training in good customer service. They're just very unprofessional, rude and have bad customer service. Most of the employees look like they just got off a 'bender', or are still under the influence. If you don't mind taking a few insults from disheveled looking employees who are arguing and fighting with each other, loudly complaining about other customers in front of you, using bad language, mixing up customers cars with one another, you might not mind this place, however with service like that most people wont come back. I know next time I'll spend a few dollars more and go somewhere cleaner that treats you better.


I went on a Saturday and was expecting a long wait. Good thing for me it was in and out! Great Service, the guy that helped me out was friendly. Highly recommend!

Bruno Martins

If you don't have anything else to do, go waste your time over there (safety and emissions)

Cade Tyrell

The automatic wash (touchless) did a subpar job on my car (Subaru Forester). For $9, it didn't wash all the soap off, rocker panels still dirty, dry time is good though. Feels like I wasted money today. Edit 12/18: Super fast, friendly, and well priced emission service. Will be back!

William Purden

Kristina was awesome and did a good quick job on my windshield..I'll be back and refer more..thanks

Jeff Russell

Great place. They even have towels for you to use to dry your car off.

Jordon Sargent

Drove here from Eagle Mountain cause it was the best deal I could find (Groupon). I arrived at 5:32. I was glad to have arrived 30 minutes before closing. Well.. turns out they don't service cars after 5:30. I briefly plead my case. I am writing a 5 star review because Buster was the man and decided to take my car in even though he didn't need to. Much appreciated!

Krystal Price

I found this place using Groupon and I was really impressed with them. They did a great job and got me in and out quickly.

marie graziano

Good customer service

Charlotte Waterbury

These guys were fast and efficient. I was pretty impressed overall especially with Lonny who made the process easy breezy. Definitely recommend!

Lee Anne Jackson

Couldn’t be more pleased with the service. The woman at the counter was so pleasant and helpful. In and out in under 5 minutes in a Saturday. Provide test, sticker, and on the spot DMV pay right there! Took adavantage of Groupon for $22. Will be back!

Josh Roberts

I like using this place to clean my cars. They offer drying towels during business hours. I have been using them for DMV renewals too, they get it done quick.

Dave Bresnahan

Nothing fancy here. Just great customer service with low cost inspections and car wash.

Chris Cowan

Best carwash around, they have towels in the summer!

Tony Sorto

Friendly Desk person, nice lady!

Steve Rose

Inexpensive smog and car registration service, lightning fast. Car wash has always worked which is great -- broken down car washes are tedious.

Pushpak Sahu

Quick and easy. Used Groupon.

Darrin Freeman

Best do it yourself wash around. Clean and reliable. COMPLIMENTARY TOWELS. Amazing!!!

Rob Williams

Although grease monkey draper were apparently jerks to my wife. Curts car wash took care of the voucher that was purchased online with no problems.

Donny Osmond

Best deal around for emissions testing. Fast and friendly service.

Michael Lee

Very friendly staff. Moved everyone along quickly and effectively

Adam Griffee

I got my emissions and inspection done here. They were friendly and had good customer service. I went in without an appointment and waited for a little while and was done within 30 minutes

Veronica Armenta

Michael Nasella

Great do it yourself carwash. Automatic brushless wash also available. My favorite thing about this location is the complementary microfiber towels that they provide during the daytime.

Jason Ostler

Best price in town for safety and emissions, not very busy in the middle of the day. Close to home makes it convenient. Would recommend!

Ryan Jensen

Solid service! They did my safety and emissions test on less than 10 minutes. These guys are great and have fair prices. They offer discounts on Groupon which is how I learned about Curts Carwash.

Jayne Robbins

I've been going to this car wash for years. Something must have changed. I just left there and had to go ask the guys who were both on their phones for drying towels. Apparently o did not pick the right one for that. If I was going to tip you before the wash, which I did. Would you not assume that I thought you were helping me. I pointed to the wash in the board that is the tire shine and what I thought was the works. The actual car wash I liked for the money not the service continues to get worse.

Shalynne Orth

Don’t go to this car wash if you want to pay with a card....the car wash is fully automated so an actual human doesn’t work there, and the card reader doesn’t work. I’d rather go somewhere more expensive but functional. *edit* the owner responded in less than 24 hours and said the credit card problem was fixed and offered a free car wash. I went back and they actually gave me two tokens so I could get one super nice wash or two of the cheapest ones. So I added a couple stars because they were soooo nice. Still wasn’t a fantastic car wash though or I’d give five stars.

Naresh Kumar

Fast and friendly service. Give them a try!


Pretty quick service.

LaDonna Cooper

We love this car wash! It is always so clean and we love the dry towels!!! We will not go anywhere else. :)

Matt George

Quick, easy and inexpensive.. :)

Rob Haertel

Friendly service

Sallie B

We got our emissions done, paid our registration fee, and got a car wash for $22 and it only took a total of 15 minutes. Very courteous, competent, and friendly staff. I was impressed with the very clean waiting area.

Cristina Clerico

Great service and they even pre sprayed my undercarriage. Unfortunately, I had a lot of mud in my wheel well and I had to take it to a self wash place, to do it myself.

Angie Henson

4 self wash bays and one auto wash. Emissions and I assume if you need it saftey vehicle inspections done here. Easy access if your headed north on 1300 E and not bad to get to if going south on 1300 E. Has all you need to wash your car plenty of parking to towel dry and vacuum after you wash. Takes credit cards and quarters, change machines on site. Well kept, not run down

David Rock

Love it. They have lots of micro fiber towels to help dry as well as glass cleaners

Carol Ann Wagley

They offer discounts which is how I found them as well but their services are not to be recommended. I have no idea whether or not they do good work because every time I go (I work full time to I've tried to go in the evening, which shouldn't be bad since I get off at 5pm and they close at 6pm) they turn be away because they aren't taking cars anymore. I understand them wanting to get out at a reasonable time but an emissions test takes probably 15 minutes tops so it's frustrating when I drive all the way from Provo to Draper and then they turn me away (twice) because they are closing early.

Matt Hale

Great prices, friendly service. Come here for emissions, registration renewal and a car wash. They also do rock chip repair!


One automatic and a few self-serve car wash bays. They have the vacuums, vending, and even a bin of clean, folded cloths to wipe your car down after its wash. The drying cloths is a nice touch. I used the do it yourself bay, and everything was as expected. Credit card payment. Several dial options to select the type of spray. It’s a nice location, and also has an emissions stop and a doggie wash on-site.

Daniel Farah

Went to Curts car wash to manually wash my car. I swiped my credit card and I had a running clock and was charged per minute. I only spent about 5 minutes washing my car, and the total that it said on the screen was about $5 dollars. I then look back on my card and I had been charged $10. This happened to me twice! I thought the first time was just a glitch and wasn't going to be upset over a couple of bucks. But then it happened again! I guess it was my fault for going back. I called them to ask what the deal was and nobody had any answer and told me that's the way it is. I know it is just a couple of dollars but it's the fact that they are scamming their customers that gets me upset. Slimy and dirty company.

Jay Nicole

I visited Curt's for my emission testing and stickers - this is by far the best place to go - super fast, polite & no unnecessary upsells to avoid! Highly recommend.

Jennie Twitchell

Had the vehicle emissions tested with in the spot renewal. Super quick. The place was very clean. They even have a Keurig to make coffee or hot chocolate while this wait, as well as a treasure box full of suckers for the kids. We took ours to go as the car was done by the time the hot chocolate was made. Only tip I have is that it's easiest to access heading north on 1300 East. If you're heading south you have to make a u turn which is near impossible in heavy traffic. During the day it's easy though.

Cristine Brimley

Brent Horrocks

Get the monthly car wash pass...el cheapo but great quality.

Nick Hurd

great, fast for emissions. waiting area has place for kids to entertain, etc.

Robert Barker

This place is the best for getting you in and out and on your way.

Jenna Holt

The automatic wash does nothing. The employees aren't that nice either...

Paul Swett

I had a group on for emissions and a state decal. They did a great job. They were friendly, fast,and efficient.

Lee Tibbitts

cynthia litster

We come from out of the area to Draper several times a year and always try to stop by for a wash. Best service at a great price!

Darla Baty

Dave just fixed 2 rock chips for me. He greeted me when I drove up and is amazing.... exceptional customer service!

Garrett Marshall

Fast and thorough service. Everyone I spoke with is polite and informative. Thanks!

Jessie Ballard

Went in at 5:20 for emission and safety and they said they are closing. Really in 40 minutes. Super rude as well.


Good people, emission done quick, helpful staff, and clean car wash, self service and automated. Also a Pet Wash xx. Great enclosure for pets and a place to wash them with out having to shake/ wash and soàk your own home. Pet vending machine for treats

Hunter Tree

Rude, snappy workers. Got the Groupon and it was a good deal, but with service and attitude like the experience wasn't worth it.

Adam Walker

Fast and simple emissions with on the spot renewal.

Eder&Wendy Orona

Alex Rands

Helpful, fast what else do you need in a safety or emissions

Taylor Howe


DC Mugleston

Super fast! Very friendly! Great value! I used to take my car to the West Jordan Speedway for emissions because it took less than 15 minutes. Here it took only 5! The waiting room is kid friendly-with toys and a little playhouse. My three year old was entertained and especially enjoyed the candy bowl. If you buy online, for $21 you get the emissions test, on the spot renewal, and a car wash. This is an amazing deal! Now I will only bring my car here.

spr solar

Super fast and courteous. Good competitive pricing, but super fast and nice people.

Trae Clark

While the "spot-free" rinse wasn't entirely spot-free, it was included in the online deal for the emission inspection and registration renewal, so I'm not gonna dock y'all for that. Plus, there was a wonderful dog! He was so well behaved!

G .Matusick

Brand new equipment great service very convenient family owned I'll be back I like this place

Sam Phlong

Fast service for an emission test! Went to the Sandy location and I was in and out with my 3 kids. Got a great deal off their website. $22 for emission test, car wash, and waived fee for on the spot renewal!

Daniel Lay

Good wash, only $2 to start.

Clayton Dumas

Jim Johnston

Went thru drive thru. Food was normal their sprite machine was soda water only , didn't notice till I was back on road.

Mark and Marian Smith

Fast and well done.

Juganu Chhabra

Just need more polite customer service

Leron Putnam

Michael Cox

if you go use the store app and not groupon save more

Matthew Sand

What a disaster. There is a single young gangster lady that was struggling. She was hanging in there but the negative review is on the company.

Rebecca Moeai

We looked around and found the best price here for emissions. My emissions and on the spot renewal were done in 15 minutes with a car wash! 5 stars here

Trevor Jentzsch

I hate this place now. Ever since they took away two of the self serve bays I will not use this car wash. I like the self serve because they are cheaper and you can do a much better wash yourself then with a machine. I will find other washes to use from now on.

Marshall McKinnon

Got here at 8:40 so we could be first in line. They did the saftey and emissions but the guy that signs off on it and does the paper work was late and not it. So we are just sitting here while he is fumbling around trying to figure out what to do. I asked for a Carwash and put the token they gave me; it didn't work. So I had to go back in, but the lady had to answer a phone call that took 10 minutes. WORST EMISSION/CARWASH EVER! And she said she doesn't want to get yelled at by the owner, so she isn't going to say anything about everyone being late this morning. It's is now 10:42 and I'm still not out of here.

Jaimee Flores

I found Curt’s car wash online looking at good deals. This place was amazing. I’m and out, little play house for the kid, and super friendly. Got my car emissions done, registered, and a free car wash token for a super good deal. I would recommend this place to all!

Nick LaMay

kristina burris

Even more awesome

Matt Nowacek

More than a car wash; propane, smog and safety checks too. Friendly people and always appreciative. Thanks.


While Curt's Emissions is a convenient place to get your emissions done they have a real ethics problem in how they treat their employees or future employees. I personally know some one who was offered a job, on the spot, when getting their emissions done. They committed to an hourly rate and even said they would provide training so they could run the emissions part of the business. Upon showing up on the first day of work, they were already demoted to a lesser paying job as the position was given to someone else. Wow. Take your business somewhere else. I am.

jair cardona

Brett Mathison

Great service here. Great guys at this place. Waiting area is very clean, there's a small play house for children, free bottled water, comfortable chairs and a tv playing. I recommended this place to all my friends and family for safety and emissions testing as well, the guys there do a great job and my mother commented to me what a wonderful experience she has had here with her 2010 Chevy Tahoe.

Parker Fillmore

Always clean. Pleasant place to go. My class A motorhome fits great.

Kristi Straw

Always super friendly staff. Very quick service. Love their deals for emissions on Groupon.

Manuel ORDAZ

They offer towles for driving vehicles.

Jacob Deklerk

Found this place on Groupon for an emissions test. It was quick and easy to get my vehicle passed and registered. I was told not to buy the groupon next time since it's the same price with a free car wash. Good information but the technician made it sound like I made a mistake buying the groupon. It was also odd that she left her toddler running around screaming while she I inspected my vehicle. They also have a dog sleeping on the carwash rags. Not a terrible place, but definitely odd.

Denys Mueller

Fast, quick, and easy! Place also looks great! Efficient service too!

Kami Budge

Went here for my safety and emissions and loved it! They had a playhouse that my kids loved in the waiting area. I did have to wait about an hour with two cars ahead of me, but I kind of expected that. When they got to my car it only took about 10 min. As an awesome bonus, free car wash and an air freshener on top of the great price. Will definitely come here again!

TJ McLelland

I stop here a ton! They have some pretty good soap and sprayers. Hidden gem.

John Bryan

They were very quick with their rock chip repair! I used the Groupon and that's how I found out about their place. They had pawn Stars up on the TV while I waited and I love that show! I was in and out in about 20 mins. Works for me!!

Dan Clegg

Kind service, great value for a great price.

Nicolas Forshee

I had never used Curt’s before for my annual inspections and registration renewal and purchased a Groupon to check them out. They officially have a customer for life. Trevor was at the front desk and he made me feel absolutely appreciated and respected as a customer and made sure that my experience was a pleasant one. I watched him deal with several other customers during my time there ( which was only about 15 minutes ) and I don’t think I saw a genuine smile leave his face once. He was incredibly helpful, kind, and a face to remember and his customer service skills were off the scale. I will be back again and again and again with the level of service I received. Way to go.

Raffi Kureghian

I go here frequently, I never pay more than $10 to wash my car or truck. Normally only end up paying somewhere around $5-$6 depending on how dirty my car or truck is.

Shelby Bogdin

Katie Wertman

I had my emissions and registration done today at the Draper location. I was apprehensive when I pulled up and saw the exterior of the building, but their price was good so I figured I'd go with it since I was already there. I'm glad I did. Both the girl working the desk and the guy who checked the car were super friendly and prompt. They were quick, professional, and kind. I will be returning. Their online price for the emissions test and $5 car wash was great. I will be taking my husband's car next.

love t

The lady (the cashier) was extremely rude!! I was disgusted. I would never go there again!!!

Michaela Crabtree

This place is a joke. I wouldn't want anybody to be in the position my husband and I are in. If I were you stay far far way from them. We went to Curt and he flat out told us to take him to small claim. Like really that's it no help just those word. Wish whoever goes here luck. Sent out my BBB complaint.

Shulamith Webster

I went there for a emissions test today. They are fast and friendly. The wait area is clean and they have a spot for kids to play which was great. I’ll definjtely go back. They have coupons on their website.


Friendly staff that work well together. Very fast service time! Discounts on their website.

Wontak Kim

Scott Tenney

I had my emissions and renewal sticker done at the Sandy location. This place is top notch with customer service. They had me in and out of there in 15 minutes. David did the check in and emissions test. He has always been courteous and really cool to work with. He is all about the customers. I use this carwash now exclusively and will do all my emission tests here as well. Great customer experience.

Dylan Riddle

Couldn't take credit cards.

Tonya Rose

I went in on a Wednesday after work around 4:15 Had my emissions done by Grant. Was in and out within 10 minutes, was given a car wash token. Went back on Sat. They have on hand towel cloths to dry off your car. Great experience. I'll be back

Sierra Spring

Definitely saved money on my emissions this year!

Tercia Jarvis

travel monkeys

I think the people who work here don't like their jobs. Pretty efficient, though. Only 30 minute wait for emissions and inspection.

T Fro

Great place to get your VIR done and carwash left my vehicle spotless. Thanks to the helpful staff again. Thank you

Canyon Plante

If you go to their website emissions with on the spot renewal costs 22$ and you get a free carwash. So far it's the cheapest place I have found.

Rebecca Mcgee

Will go again


Curt's ROCK'S, The Staff and Service's are top of the line, They get FIVE STAR'S I'll be back! <><

Jon Duncan

Some what nice place

Jake Bell

Car wash does a TERRIBLE job.

Chad J.

Very nice people, fast and efficient. Will use this place again.

Mark Robie

Rachell Reid

Groupon had a wrong opening time for them so I showed up about 30 minutes prior to their actual opening. The gal arrived early that morning and was super helpful and willing to get me in even though they weren't officially open. She was super quick and friendly. I appreciated her going out of her way to get my emission and safety test and registration done and me on my way. Thanks for the great service!

Jessica Henning

Purchased the emmissions discount on their website. Fast and friendly service that was incredibly refreshing! UT state took down their website for maintenance on that Saturday so I had to come back to finish my renewal. The staff during the week was happy to help too. Terrific service, will be back! Poor form by Utah state to do site maintenance on a Saturday morning.


Curt’s Carwash and Emission boasts exceptional service and competitive pricing; I stopped by the Draper location, about 30 minutes before closing time, and asked for an emissions test. Trevor asked for the keys to my car and then started the test immediately — the test was finished in less than five minutes! Also, I mentioned a Groupon promotion and Trevor promptly offered to match the price. After explaining that I did not need the license plate tags that would come with the Groupon promotion, he offered me a token for a Carwash in lieu of the plate tags. I could not be happier with my experience! Trevor is a great ambassador for this business, Curt should promote him or at least give him a pay bump. In summary, if you appreciate timely service, exceptional customer care and competitive emissions test pricing (their ‘everyday’ price is $10 cheaper than all three shops I called!) then Curt’s Carwash and Emissions is for YOU!

Joshua Lampropoulos

I am normally a strong advocate for Curt's Carwash. I was a very loyal customer until about a week ago when I paid $10 for their carwash and my car came out looking the exact same as it did going in. I was very disappointed. I hope we can work something out because I at one point loved to wash my car here.

Holly Shearer

Fast. Car wash with immission.

Marci Olson

I have been here twice. Once to have my van tested for emissions and another time because it needed to be retested (We had replaced a part and hadn't driven it enough afterwords). They were quick, nice, & knowledgeable.

Lisa corriz

Great place to wash your car the best customer service ever I had put my credit card to wash my vehicle you had charge me twice I had .contact Curtis and he refund me in full. You guys are awesome thank you one happy customer

Brad Hammond

I love getting my safety and emissions done here. They are fast and friendly. A little secret, if you go to their website you can get a discount on it.

Daniel Rodriguez

Great pricing, quick service, interesting automatic car wash system. Sign could be bigger as I did miss it the first time around.

Timothy Osborne

I came here for the emission/inspection. They offered fast, friendly service. They seemed genuinely interested in our business. They were quick in turning around vehicles ahead of ours; we didn't have to wait long. For being an exceptionally hot day, the waiting room/lobby was very cool and comfortable.

Joe Lachacz - NOAA Federal

Michael Twede

I went for my emissions and ended up with a free car wash too. They were quick and helpful.

Suraj Dagar

I visited the place for my car emission and sticker renewal, It was really quick and cheap. You can find some coupons on Group on or their website.

Laci Hulinsky

Paid 8 dollars for a car wash, the dryers didn't even dry the car. And the car looked dirtier than before we went. Tried to call and it went to voicemail .. left a message and no return.

Scott Kirk

I've gone here multiple times for emissions inspections. They're quick, down-to-earth, and helpful (plus inexpensive). Great place to get your inspections done!

Roman Brock

Poor customer service. Unprofessional.

Mike Brink

Richelle Gutierrez

Free car wash with my emission test. Good comunication. Simple, easy.

Karloz Posada

Amanda Bock

I went here a couple weeks ago to get my emissions test and DMV sticker. I was really impressed with the cleanliness of the shop as well as the speed of the transaction. I think I sat down for maybe 5 min before my vehicle was ready... I will definitely be back.

Wendy Juarez

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