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REVIEWS OF The Bubble Bath Car Wash IN Texas

JA Lerma

I needed my mats cleaned, but you couldn't put them in the machine that cleans them. One of the worker's (Mason) was kind enough to say he could clean them for me with the pressure washer. They turned out Awesome. Thanks again Mason. That was above and beyond your job. Wish there were more "Masons" in the World. Kudos!

Adriana Guajardo

Someone needs to tell people to move out of the way so other people can use vacuums when there done people stick around and detail there car when clearly there's a sign that says move along do not detail cars in the vacuum area. But no one police s this that's my complaint.

Carly Carrasco

Fast Car wash. Not full service

Ashley Dotson

Courteous kids working. Did a great job on my wheels and bottom of the van. Reasonable priced as well.

David Crow

I paid for the supreme wash, about $12 and was pretty pleased with the value. Car looked better than expected. Was pleasantly surprised that vacuuming was free. Just push the button to start. No quarters necessary. I'll be back again.

Severino Gonzalez

Pretty good car washes everytime and FREE VACCUMS!!!

Dawn Larch

This carwash is priced well, the staff is friendly and my car looks great

Cam Riley

The parking area is placed in an odd location when you are trying to vacuum out your vehicle. There's a high priests for accidents as drivers exit the car wash.

Chet Long

Unlimited wash plan is reasonably priced... But the unit's air dryer and wheel shine systems are not as powerful as they should be.

richard perez

I really like this place. My car looks so much better

Isabela Alonso

Very clean, with a great space to vacuum for free! The monthly passes are definitely worth your money!

Martin N

Great value, especially the $6 "Splash-and-Dash". Fast, unlimited vacuum is included in the price (a wonderful amenity, so unlike those quarter-hungry vacuums at the do-it-yourself places) , clean, effective and reliable! There's even a shallow sink and wringer provided for rinsing your chamois or other rubdown cloth.

Shannon Elmore

Love this wash with free vac.

Christopher Reyna

The go to place when you need a quick quality wash.

Shelby Ludwig

Service was quick, thorough, helpful and friendly. I'm sure I'll make the longer trip to come back to this one! :)

Tye Mcdaniel

Pressure of dryers are weak. My front and back windshields did not dry at all. I went through the machine twice because my car still had soap on it from the 1st time and the second time through left more soap than the 1st time. The customer service was good, just experienced those issues.

Abel Alvarado

It's a touch car wash which means bristles will touch your car. I am very much a fan of touch car washes. The quick wash does a good job and the others actually do make a difference for the extra money. Free vacuums are awesome too!

Emily The Goddess

Very busy on weekends, but well-priced and effective.

Jake C.

Easy process and good car wash for the lowest price package. Plus free vacuum!

Vic McClay

Great carwash great employees

Evette Torres

Love it it does an awesome job on my car I always get the 8.99 deal

Antony Turner

I have the basic "Splash & Dash" membership for basically $20/mo. This is the best deal ANYWHERE hands down. Use the drive-through car wash DAILY (Bad weather day closure the exception; and understandable). FREE vacuums! And MORE! Yes, there is usually a line but, it moves at pace. Average time from pull into line to vacuuming and done 15-20 mins. [If you want high detail hand wash service; go to those places and pay the price in time and money.] If not, come here. Skeptical? Try it for $5... OK OK $4.99 {bunch of penny pinchers in this town} and decide if it's worth $20/mo daily use. Folks working here are nice too. I wasn't paid for this review. Just impressed by a good deal (few and far between these days). This is not a touch free car wash; use with that in mind... for those of us who live in the real world.

Brett Heeres

Staff is good, although the car wash its self looking kinda ourdated in comparison to the others of this brand.

Nate Galindo Jr

The vehicle passes too quick and remains dirty and wet beyond the blow drying segment. I only recommend this place if you want a prewash.

Stephanie Dunn

Simple to use. The parking lot to vacuum was a not easy to navigate. It's a long lot but very narrow.

kids pop

They damaged my vehicle then refused to acknowledge it. The manager avoided dealing with speaking with me.

Fred Little

Wash system OK. Service weak, attendant barely brushed windshield. Vaccum system decent but no shade. paid $15.00 for best wash but only got basic. Very disappointed !

syrenity Limon

The carwash does a great job. Reasonable prices.

Javier Perez

Paid $8 to have a basic wash with spot free rinse... After driving it back to work tons of water spots all over the vehicle...looks nice and clean from 50 feet away but upclose white little water spots all over....not so good.. I'm better off washing it myself for less then $5 in quarters.... At least the spot free rinse works at most car wash's

Rhapsody Automotive

Great job everytime!

Martin Ferrara

Fast and efficient. Helpful staff and affordable washes!

Trason Echols

No attendant, no mirrors when aligning wheels but also no line. Traffic pulling out on San Pedro can be trying. I prefer the AUSTIN HWY location over this one.

Bennie Lopez

The staff here is always pretty friendly. You can notice sometimes 1 person there could be having a bad day. But when they approach you they do their best to make your experience right.

Lil Gal

Drive thru car wash Always gets my car cean! Attendants are also very friendly and scrub off extra dirt. Love this place!

Roy Nickens

after more than a year as a customer. the wash ripped my front bumper off. they claimed it was loose when I entered and was not responsible to pay. another attendant stated, because my car was more than 5 years old they are not going to pay because they consider the front bumper of a car trim. before entering the wash a attendant used a brush to scrub the bumper and did not tell me about any problem with the bumper. visit them at your own risk.

matthew guerrero

Free vacuum and exceptional pricing for the wash. A very popular place. They provide every accommodation when it come to car washing.

Shea Lynn White

My car is always clean and shining when I take it here. The gentleman that washes the front of your car for the bugs and the windows is the best. I love that clean look of a car.

Irene Arroyo

Great wash at a great price

Jerry Espinoza

Can't beat free!!

Karrii Bad

Love this place. Can't beat the price for the service!

Bruce Bryson

Bad! Purchased the top car wash option, slow Sunday morning and they didn’t even attempt to wash the bugs off the front of my car. I had to was the front of the car when I got home.

Jennifer Jackson

Experience was good until now. I come here a lot to wash more car and I always wipe down my car so I know my car by detail. Well today I notice some scratches on my back bumper. Told the manager he said the scratches are not from his machine. I’m like okay no point in arguing so I just nicely said ok I just will eat it and not come here again. He did try to smooth out the scratches with turtle wax but it didn’t help. Fact is my truck is new so I’m pissed.

Ellen Perron

Free vacuum service. Great cheap washes. I would bring your own towel if you want your car to be dried completely. The dryers aren't the best but it's better than nothing.

Doug Rabold

Fast pass! One monthly payment allows you can wash your car once per day for the entire month. Blow dryers could be better so bring along a drying towel to avoid streaks. Great area for vacuuming and self detailing.

Ben Wolfe

I have the unlimited pass here, very reasonable & the cheapest one gets my car clean every time. I do wish the dryers worked better but I think that is a complaint everywhere.

Radar SYLB

Love this place....


Quick and fast. Good experience.

Sara Jones

Decent car wash with the rotor-slappy-cloth things that scare the baby but make the older kids laugh. Did a good job and shined the tires, too.

Shawn Albert

This car wash is awesome! People are friendly and the prices are good. It’s quick and my car looks beautiful.

Joseph Dominguez

Great experience the staff sign me up for their monthly membership

Ricardo Saucedo

Great place, even though the prices have gone up a bit, the free vacuums make up for it.

miranda mayberry

My kids love coming here because of the bubbles and I like the free vacuum! Thanks!

Katy Surman

We've had the bubble wash pass for about 2 years now and we love it! The free air and vacuums are a great bonus and they even have towels you can use now too. The staff is super friendly and helpful. We purchased the top level package so I can't speak for the others but we always get a great wash every time

Jamie McDonald

I've been going to the San Pedro location for multiple years and have always had an excellent experience. It's the best value for a wash in San Antonio, especially with the free vacuums and mat cleaner. And today, the manager went above and beyond! My battery died while I was in the vacuum area, and the manager came to jump-start my car. Such terrific service!! Based upon my experiences, I highly recommend Bubble Bath for all of your car washing needs.

Pamela Huck

Very disappointed. RIPOFF. Will not return. Pictures explain my ONE star rating. I paid for the "Bubble Shine" ($12). I did NOT get a Bubble Shine. I usually take my van to the Bubble Bath on Fredericksburg Rd and get "Bubble Basics" or "Bubble Wheels". It comes out CLEAN & DRY and it takes much longer going through the wash. As you can see from the pictures, not clean. I hand dried when exiting because there was water all over my van. Also notice the bugs on the molding between the windshield and the door. Don't use the Bubble Bath on San Pedro Ave. Use the Bubble Bath on Fredericksburg Road.

Francisco Martinez III

Good wash for the price, and free vacuuming.

Stephanie Rios

They have great customer service this was my first time here the lady helped me choose a service and helped cash me out. The gentleman loading the cars helped me with the air freshener machine because it wouldn’t take my money and still gave me an air freshener so my car could smell like piña colada’s. And to top it off he helped me put air in my tire and taught me how to gauge the pressure. I have never been taught so it was a great experience.I’ll be coming back for sure.

J Andrade

For me for the price, quality and time it takes, is the best and less expensive way to get a good carwash. Car looks really clean and tires shinning!

Mich L.

Good carwash, but I have to clean my rims


Very nice

Ken Mason

The only reason I give this location on San Pedro this rating, is because the entrance where you pre wash your vehicle is too small, and the tire shine doesn't shine the tires very well. I usually gotto the one on Babcock, they do a much better job and a much bigger lot. The only reason I went to this one is because it was opened till 9pm and I was just getting back into town and my truck desperately needed a wash.

Linda Morris

I love it... good wash for a fair price

Aye Aye Irene

Free vacuums. Quick, thorough drive thru car wash. Cheap.

Nancy Olivas

No frill car wash where all the vacuums work and it’s clean. My car is always spotless.

Jasmin Coolidge

Not much room for interactive customer service at a drive up car wash but the guys here managed to do it! We pulled up and they happily jumped in to assist us with redeeming a coupon without us even asking. Complementary vacuums are a definite bonus.

Scott Coleman

Awesome car wash place

John Arocha

Awesome service... Reasonable prices.

Leeann Garcia

Great car wash...great prices...will always keep going there

Erika Lozoya

It ok if you can get a spot to vacuum your car

V.M.P Music Studios

Good car wash i recommended 100%

Dillon Meckel

Good service. Clean place to wash your car plus free vacuum and floor mat cleaning machine.


Nothing against them but great place to get your car washed for cheap. Vacuums being free allow you to really get at it more and make coming back much more enticing just because of the price.

M. A.

Great location

Patrick Castillo

I was able to wash and vacuum my car for a very reasonable price

Nichole Arias

Love this place just dont like to go when busy. Give yourself space between cars even if they tell you otherwise.

Dennis Castillo

This place is awesome very affordable and fast. Right by the mall and it has free air and free vacuuming. Would definitely recommend you try this place out!

Eli Castro

Nice care wash, affordable and clean and they offer their own towels. That is awesome! Never seen that before but it's such a great idea. No need to worry about hauling your towels around. The towels alone will keep me coming back.

Cindy Lee

They were very friendly and helpful but the wash was not done well at all. I spent $12 to get a clean that I could have paid my 13 yr old to do for me. I don't think I'll be going back.

Gabriel Cardenas

Washes cars better than other drive thru car washes. Great discounts when you sign up for text promos.

Christopher and Cristal Escalante

Thought it would be a good place for the reviews, but after the wash when we got out to vacuum there was mud all over our SUV. The vacuum worked good. But you might wanna try somewhere else for the price.

Moving Memories

Always good service

JJ Sanchez

The guys are friendly here and this car wash location works fine everyime. I Even signed up for the threebie freebie!

Ryan Cook

Got my car washed for $9, free mat clean, free vacuum and a good wash.


Good car wash

Gus Espree

Really good and inexpensive with free vacuum!


Anyone knows the old song "TINY BUBBLE'S" by DON HOE this is what he was singing about

Julie B

I'm not sure how this place has such good ratings. This was one of the worst car wash places I've ever been to. I usually do the cheapest option for the drive through car wash and I decided to do the expensive wash to treat my car and it didn't get of any of the bugs! My car looked exactly the same. All the was did was get the surface dirt off. My car was still soaked when I left and the vacuums SUCK. No pun intended. They are awful. I'm from out of town so maybe this car was is good to the people of San Antonio, but trust me, the $5 wash I get back home does a better job and there are people who hand scrub my car before it goes through the wash. Very disappointed with Bubble Bath Carwash.

Chris De Leon

Good service pretty Good wash. only issue I've had was the wash took off one of my tow hook access covers on my front bumper and they said they didn't see it on my car on the camera but 9ne guy came out with one but not for my car so obviously it does happen. After replacing it at a cost of 60.00 for part and to color match it (paint it) I went back a couple times and if not for the little tail that holds on when you use the tow port i would have lost another.

Mary Lara

Clean up good cars come out like new

Harris Schanhaut

Really good exterior only car wash. Friendly staff. Does a very nice and quick job.

Ian Neelis

It was ok. The applications of the different products seemed minimal (bought the most expensive package) and it seemed on one section it didn't work at all.

Kwabena Aikins

Good service

Alan Trevino De Arcos

I have been a customer of theirs for a year, and everything was good. Once I got my new car, I had to cancel my $20 a month splash and dash plan to upgrade to their premium stuff. The rep outside told me that he would make my first month free due to my continued patronage and make sure that my old account would be canceled as I could not just upgrade, remove my old vehicle and add the new one. I got charged for my old and new subscription two days later! I called to speak with the manager, and he fought me on this even though I was promised one thing. Said they could not do the first month free. He fixed the old subscription, but not the new one. He outright refused. Even if I canceled, he STILL insisted I pay for the 2 washes I had gotten with my new subscription. I was absolutely livid and told him to either refund, or I would talk to my bank. He definitely did not even try to honour what I was promised. Long story short, you can get a quick wash and fight with management or just go to Bath Tub Car Wash and they detail your car. Both alternatives are better than dealing with the terrible management here.


Free vacuum , can't beat that

Jose Arevalo

Went in for a quick wash once back in July 2018 accidentally became a debit monthly fee member... didn’t notice until Jan 2019 and got refund.

Jill B

Free vacuums & well maintained wash machine

carol moreno

BEWARE!!! DON'T go here, we went on 3/30/19 To get our truck washed, we went thur the first time and it stop on us, he said we had our foot on brake he even look. No brake , then we had to go back thur cause it didn't clean at all so we went thur a 2nd time, this time it pull out our lights by the license plate. AND JEFF THE SUPERVISOR SAID THAT THEY WERE NOT RESPONSEABLE FOR IT, AND WAS VERY RUDE, SO I TOLD HIM I WAS GOING TO DO A BAD REVEIW, AND HE SAID SO WHAT. HE SAID WHOOPIE, SO here we sit at Nissan to get the cover replace At Our Own Expense, $60.00 Don't go here if you have a nice Truck or Car. It not worth it go some place else . NO BUBBLE BATH ON SAN PEDRO,,NO NO NO. JEFF even found a cover from a different vehicle . Don't go there .

Kassie Green

Gets my car clean and cant beat free vacuum

Alison C

I have the monthly basic car wash. Definitely worth it.

Abby Ordonez

We've been using this carwash for over 8 months and we are satisfied with their service and speed. It's convenient. We are using their bubble pass and we have never had any issues.

LaDonna Harris

Great quick wash for my very dirty car. The machines are easy to use and the free vacuum is awesome.

Rod Rosales

Clean good wash

Roseann Almendarez

Very clean!!! Love washing my car here.

erica garcia

BEST carwash in the area. I paid $9 (including free vacuum) and it was well worth it!!! Very little waiting. I will definitely be going back! The one i went to was off of 37s and new braunfels

Ed Gomez

Fast and thorough wash!!

Melech Ha'arayot

The Bubble Bath is great. Free Vacuums!!! I always get the wash with the Wheel shine for $8.

Kathryn Casey

Great price for a monthly unlimited wash pass!

terrance white

The Site Manager was very helpful and friendly when I needed assistance at this car wash, they've definitely earned my lifetime business!

Al Guajardo Jr

Usually pretty busy but you can get in and out pretty quickly. You can pay for one time washes or get a monthly membership. Free vacuums and free towels are a plus.

Sabrina Villanueva

Got the monthly pass. It's well worth it with how often we get car washes! The drier doesn't dry completely, but it cleans really well.

rudy aldana

Very nice place. Free air free vacuums and good service.

James W.

Great value and customer service!

Rudy Guerrero

We love this place. It's an assisted-self serve drive through car wash. The guys pre scrub the nose and tail of your vehicle, then your off! You come out the other end feeling refreshed and like you actually did something. It will leave you motivated enough to turn into the free self service vacuum area and actually do something. Our vehicles always come out looking nice and sparkling! Note: if your wheels are full of breaks dust or grim stop at self scrub area and pre scrub your wheels and tires.

Patty Rendon

best deal ever! for $9 my car comes out looking great and shiny! the vacuums are free and the wash itself takes 3 minutes

Kris Martinez

Great carwash! The vacuum cleaners work great.

Dee McKinney

Always great free air for tire and vacuum for car

gaye fred

Misleading for the unlimited car wash plan. It states “JOIN THE BUBBLE BATH UNLIMITED CAR WASH CLUB AND WASH YOUR CAR WHENEVER YOU LIKE!” But when it doesn’t clean the vehicle that well and like to go again It won’t let you. The company limited one wash per day. So be careful not to be mislead by the associates that work here. Good luck

Claudia Carrasco

I love getting my car washed here. It's quick and thorough for a drive thru car wash. Even when there's a line. The attendees are friendly and helpful. I usually tip the one pre-washing my windshield at least a buck. They really appreciate it. Wish there was a location closer to my home or work. I'd go more often.

Anthony Orosco

Poor service but the car wash was convenient and pretty decent

Edmundo Rincon

Vacuum wasn't strong enough


Good car wash. I cant complain.

Make Mula Filmz

Luv it. Free vacuums and good car wash

Harold Smith

Prices went up, $9 for the wheel shine now.

Alex Salas

Canceled after 3 months and they still charged me. They tell you they will call you back but they never do. Still waiting for someone to call me about my refund. Will keep y'all posted.

Henry Pineda Jr

Great car wash and vacuum. Price was very fair

J A Gonzalez

Always plenty of vacuums to be had.

Frank Quijano

Love this place. My car comes looking great. You have to the detailing your self but the outcome is better.

April Rivera

Paid 12 dollars to get my truck washed and it didn't even clean my truck, not worth it especially if there busy because your not going to get what you paid for.

Fernando Jorge

25 dollars a month gives you unlimited carwash with tire shine. Great deal.

Transitional Housing Veterans/Recently Released

I am so freaky mad right now

Jessica Bonilla

Good quick service. Very friendly guys who work there.

GA Griffin

Car wash on ada is the best

Phillip Smith

They have the best $5 wash in San Antonio including free vacums .

d robledo

Get the pass good quick car wash doesn't scrub well if crud is stuck.guys that work there are great but miss the bugs on the car I guess that have to be quick

Cand List

Five stars for over the top service. My car died because I was playing music while I was vacuuming. Mason, the site manager, noticed I looked lost and needed help after many attempts asking others with to no avail. So, without hesitation, he jumped right into helping. Even to go so far as to grab a brand new coke from the machine to help erode some of the build up on my battery. He pulled up his car to jump mine. I couldn’t have felt better taken care of. Above and beyond is the only way to describe service I received today. Thank you so much

Maria Gutierrez

Gotta stick to Fredricksburg location

Marcos Rios

In and out, quick car wash.

Bill Bishop

the vehicle came out just as dirty as going in.. waste of $12....

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