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REVIEWS OF Qwikwash America IN Texas

Jeff Guleserian

Great place to get my car inspected and then washed. Of course, they always do a great job. The only complaint is that I never get clear instructions from the employees what to do, where to leave the car, when to pay, what the process is. Clearer communication would certainly augment their already great work on cleaning and detailing.


When I opened the drivers door it did not look like it had been wiped off at all door panel still has dirt down inside it and manager assured me they would clean. Interior was not clean and front mat still had milk shake on it my grandsons had dripped in it!! NEVER GOING BACK!!!

Shane Simon

Great car wash - the crew know us and always do a great job. I get all my vehicles Zaino waxed here - staff is skilled and careful. They give veterans a discount - great place!

Derrick Tucker

I just got serviced today. The exterior clean was great . The interior not so much. I could have vacuumed it better myself and faster. The overall service took far too long eved for it being a Saturday afternoon. After I recieved my car. I noticed they placed my coffee cup in the passenger seat where it spilled and they just left it sitting there spilling. Which then spilled on my military cover. Luckily I had a cover for the seat which is now I n the trash. But I'm really not thrilled about the overall experience

Gerardo A Cueto

Great car wash. A little slow but that’s cause they take their time doing it right. I did find a spot they missed and they took care of it right away. Price is a little steep.

Sean Scott Sutherland

Reasonably priced, quick through the wash but clearly understaffed to handle full service customers. I was told first come, first served based on the timestamp on the receipt. Makes sense, but there was no clear organization and no obvious supervision, although the manager offered to check the video camera(?). I'm not sure what the camera would show us beyond the lack of organization and supervision. And who has the time to review a recording? The manager might step out of the office occasionally to conduct some actual customer service instead of laughing it up behind a partially closed door.

Chris Shaw

This crew has to be the slowest I have ever seen, they go around each car to see what needs to be done until they find the easiest one. No management on staff , 8 cars deep expensive and waste of time and money

Auto Hail Pros

These guys do an amazing job. The prices are low compared to what you get. A regular wash is like getting a detail. Highly recommend their team.

Kevin Kotchavar

What a rip off. Told the guy I wanted just the inside cleaned. He said for $12 we will go in wipe off dash and steering wheel another $17 we will do seats as well. Got in and my seats and steering wheel were still dirty, got the manager and he said for $18 we will do the seats. He said sorry I must have misspoken. $60 after tax and didn’t get even get washed. Do yourself the favor and drive the $5 mins to Allen or Plano. I get outside and everything inside for less than $50. Place was a joke.

Kenny lee Barrix

Always a great wash and Victor is the best always helpful and knowledgeable.

Chris Lander

Their pre spray caused blotches on my clear coat. I took it back about 15 minutes later and they reluctantly agreed to wax it to remove the blemishes. I was told it would take 20-30 minutes so I took my family to the jimmy johns next door and had lunch. By the time we were done it had been about 45 minutes. I was livid to find out they hadn’t even started waxing my car. I drove off and won’t be back.

Jason Cotton

I live in Oklahoma and always stop here to get my car washed and detailed for Uber and Lyft. Love the veteran discount. Always happy when I leave here.

Henry Ehart

I was very impressed I had my car detailed I live in the mountains I get a little rocks and dirt in my vehicle they detailed it was excellent job $165 inside now would recommend this place to anyone the people were really on the ball there

Yasha D.

Im on the monthly plan. I love being able to go as manyit times a month as I want for one price! My car always looks good after

Devin Lowe

I have taken my car here MANY times and have always left happy. The last time I took it through my wiper arm broke. The manager (Landon) immediately spoke with me and told me he had already order a new wiper blade and arm. They called me a couple days later when the part came in and the manager personally put it on himself. Even changed both my wipers. Great service, will definitely be back.

William Jones

Great service, grabbed a car inspections with a free wash! Great deal and they wax your tires too! Looked like brand new car.

Mark McKinney

Been a regular customer for 3 years. They sold me a $170.00 Clay & Wax job. Did not touch 1/3 of my truck. When I went back, was told they would re-do for free at a later date. When I went back today and ask for it, was told no. Never again - They lost a very good customer today.

R Bu

They are awesome. Even cleaning your rims while you wait to leave the parking lot. They really have a great employee base, super nice and efficient with a smile. Bring one of these to Garland please.

Jennifer Nix

I waited for a wash and vacuum for over 2 hrs! Run from this place if you have stuff to do! I understand being short staffed, but let people know so they can choose if they want to stay and wait!

Pegues Danelle

They do an excellent detailed job !

Reno Romanin

I got an inside and outside wash. I got in my car to leave and the cover of the ash tray had been knocked off, the cupholder was stuck closed because they smashed the lid down after puttig the key fob in there, and they broke a back seat vent so it can't be aimed. This was ONE visit. The "manager" told me I should come back the next day to have it looked at by the owner. There was no way in hell I was just leaving with all of it broken. Unfoetunately I didn't notice the vent until the next day. I doubt they'd do anything to fix it, though. Do not EVER go here unless you want your car interior shiny and broken. Even after I asked if they used any shiny, high gloss cleaner on I teriors, and was told no, they used a shiny, high gloss cleaner. This is possibly the worst car wash in Texas. Steer clear.

Dovetta Forbes

No signs with directions and it's not organized. Not sure how to tell when vehicle is done. Had to walk across incoming traffic to pick up car. Was here for over an hour and I told the attendant I wanted a wash and vacuum was all. Work was good.


Always good service. LORENZO always on top of things.

Steve Holder

Great service.cleaned truck very well.

Cheri Mitschke

Excellent car wash! They are very detailed. Every nook and cranny of my car was spotless. I will go no where else to have my car cleaned

Da Retarded Turtle


Vasily Dubrovin

Washing quality is okay.. will be trying a different place

Tammy Hart

I had no idea they did State Inspections! They had me in and out very quickly. Great service!!

Rylan Huges

Always space and its clean

Tony Gauthier

Prices are high. Going back to Trademark in Allen. Update: I originally gave them 3 stars prior to going through the tunnel mainly because of their high prices, but after going through the exterior wash and being told that it would take 30 minutes before they could even get to my interior I immediately refused and asked for a refund. The manager had a cavalier attitude, shrugged his shoulders and just stared at me. Didn’t apologize and said I’d still have to pay for the exterior. No offer of a full refund or something to try to make me feel better as a new customer. Was the absolute WORST experience I’ve ever had at a full service car wash. STAY AWAY if you value your money and time!!

L. Jordana Ullmann

Asked the attendant for a thorough internal cleaning, he clarified "do you want a detail?" I said no. He stated that for 45 bucks I would get a full vacuum, wipe down, windows and armour all on all surfaces. Steep, but I agreed. After a while, which I assumed was for a solid job, I get my car back and I notice my car mats are filthy. I ask the folks who were doing the wiping down about it, and they stated that I had to specifically ask for my mats to be wiped down. Can you say Nickle & Diming you?! For 45 bucks, I can't get my mats wiped down? I won't be back.

Pam C

Updating my review....been back like 3 times since the posted review below and each time got the American wash ..each time my suv was super clean.. all that comes w the wash was executed

Jacqueline Penson

This facility provides top notch service and Lorenzo treats each customer with quality service, friendliness, and Godly humbly. Visited 3/17/2018 as heading back home to Houston. Thank you Lorenzo with Qwickwash McKinney.


The inside of my car is NEVER clean when they are done. So sick of it I finished the job as best I could. I’m paralyzed and not one employee offered to help!

Angela Colbert

I had both headlights restored and they did an outstanding job. I can see a 1000 times better at night. I would highly recommend.

Amanda Blue

I thought I would give them a try since we recently moved to the area. I am a big fan of Trademark Car Wash in Allen, which I know at one point was this location. Qwikwash is always busy when I drive by, so I assumed that was a good sign. Boy was I wrong. I got in line at 1:22 pm and left at 2:30 pm. Most of that time was waiting for the interior. They are definitely not a well oiled machine. And as I was pulling out to turn onto the service road, I notice my CAR KEYS SITTING ON MY WINDSHIELD. If I hadn’t spotted them, they would have been lost to the road. As a pregnant woman, I would not be able to get out and retrieve them on such a busy road. For as long as I waited, and for getting the most expensive Interior/Exterior wash I was shocked to find so much filth left around my parking break. I’m only not giving one star because I don’t think anyone deserves that.

Lone Star Overland

Good overall wash on my truck. Could give more attention to the bugs on the front of the truck, windshield and mirrors. Also the detail on the wheels when applying the “armor all” could be better as well.

Heather Higbee

Just left this car wash. It took 2.5 hours to vacuum and wash the car. For 20 minutes, my car was done and no one came to inform me. I had to step outside and ask before finding out it was ready to go. When I went to get in the car, I realized they didn’t even wash the interior of the car. I showed them that I paid for the upholstery and carpet cleaning, so they told me it would be another 10 minutes. After 25 minutes, the car was completely cleaned. I asked to speak with whomever was in charge, and just let him know what happened. His response was, “I’ll talk to them. I’ll let my boss know.” I suppose I expected some sort of apology or something indicative of such. I’m so disappointed that I wasted so much time and money at this establishment.

Jonathan Cook

Getting the Jag buffed out and they are doing a great job! Looks like a new car!

Joaquin Herrera

Very convenient but does not have detailing services. Good prices and self service vacuums

Ricky Reveles

I always come here every weekend and service is great! Shout out to victor for his awesome customer service and hard work.

JR Robert

The fabric of this Car Wash ripped off my antenna, That was not the problem the problem was the way the man in the cashier treated me he has no style to treat customers he told me that they were not responsible for this he told me that I had To go down and remove my antenna if I didn't want things like this to happen

Melanie Melanie

They did a pretty bad job. Watch out for the scammer who tries to sell you a windshield.

Larry Parker

They go out of their way to keep the customer satisfied.

Big Rig

Great job for the money. A must if you want a great car wash.

Glennietta Day

Gentleman at kiosk told me after sticking his head inside my car,” We can’t clean the inside of this car..” stunned, I replied, “ I beg your pardon.” Then , he said curtly, “We can detail it for $199.90 and we will have to have it 4 hours.” I told him to just do a regular car wash as there were cars behind me and I couldn’t back out. I came home and so far it has taken me 15 minutes to do inside windows , dash, doors. I’ll go to do it yourself car wash and vacuum . I’ m not sure where coustomer respect has gone, but this place has lost it.

DR McKinley

Hot car inspected. And cleaned.

Carl Fleming

Spoke to Doug today about having Zaino wax applied to my black car by hand. He told me they WOULD NOT apply it by had even though I requested it. He then told me his machine would not leave swirl marks in my black paint. As a former car wash owner, I can tell you Doug you’re 100% wrong. No wonder your company has such low reviews.

Michael Petrik

Extremely complete and comprehensive car wash job!

james hughes

Decent car wash kinda get what you pay for but worth it

Jason Wilson

I purchased the $23 car wash, assuming it was one of the best washes, and was told afterward that the self vacuums weren’t included??? This makes absolutely no sense, considering at every OTHER car wash, vacuums are included in the CHEAPEST $5 wash, yet I spent $23 to have spots all over my car that I had to buff myself, and then not be able to vacuum my own car out? I’m just in shock. Maybe I was misinformed but if this is a true statement, I won’t be returning. I refuse to pay $23 to just get an exterior wash and half done towel dry, especially when there are tons of other car washes in the area. I am quite disappointed.

Kathleen Sessums

Paid $7 for a carwash but I couldn't vacuum out my own car. It cost extra, but was told by man when I first arrived that I could. The manager said you didn't ask me, I said I talked to the other guy that went to get you. He said, well he's special. Really? I told him that every other car wash included vacuuming that I could do myself. Those cost $5-$6. He said, not here. I told him I won't be going back. $7 just for a car wash! Every other thing is extra. Didn't get to vacuum out my car. Just checked and my car still has dirt on the sides and especially the front and back trunk lid. You can see the white chalky film right above the emblem. That is from the de-icer from the roads. If they think that wiping it down after the wash, people standing outside the exit, would clean it, it just moves the dirt around, it's not washed.

Garry Ellis

Over priced under staffed and too slow. Quality...soso

Jeff Francis

Arrived from Colorado to visit friends with the dirtiest car imaginable. LORENZO is the best. Took care of the mess and made our baby shine. Even pulled the weather tech floor mats and personally cleaned them himself for us.

Kirstin Emershaw

This place is awful!!!! They rip you off. I made the mistake of letting the guy talk me into a hand wax. They charged well over $100. The person doing the wax spent about 5 minutes on the job and left wax smears everywhere. The 2nd time I went here I asked for a basic wash only and they tried to charge me $60!!!!!!!! I will NEVER go here again. Total RIP off!

MovingNsilence 42018

So I came her a few weeks ago spent over a hundred dollars here. I use this place regularly but this last time I didn't notice that my mirror that was normally in the back missing. Tried calling to find out if it was mistakenly left by workers and of course nobody has picked up or returned my calls. Will not be using this place any longer. I'm sure Infiniti will tax my for a new mirror.

Danny DeSimas

Great wash

Richard Smith

I paid a lot of money, maybe twice the cost of most places to have my car washed, and vacuumed. The wash went fine, then I parked the car in line for interior cleaning and wait 45 minutes. Only two cars of four cars were finished ahead of mine. I got in my car and pulled out of line and left without waiting further. Most of the time, the cleaning staff stood and talked or did nothing.

Kendra Braswell Parks

Been going here for years. Won't go anywhere else.

Lance Awe

During the vacuum the guy stole $15-$20 of change from my console. Passenger side was not vacuumed and windshield was not wiped down. I realized the change had been stolen when I stopped 10 minutes down the road at a self service car wash to vacuum the car and clean the windshield. I immediately called Quickwash in McKinney but no answer so I left a message detailing what happened. Never had a call back so that tells me this is an acceptable practice at this business. Not only do they charge an excessive amount for a terrible service it is probably the SLOWEST carwash I've ever been to. My cost on April 14th $33 for wash $ 5 tip $15+ stolen from console $ 2 re-vacuum $55 total and almost 2 hours out of my day Needs new management

Alexandra Stair

This car wash place is awesome!! They are all very kind and work hard to make sure you are satisfied with the cleaning. I have kiddos and they wreck havoc on my car and I feel so happy to know that I can come here and it will look good as new!! Thanks Qwikwash

p m

Guy at the register charged me $15 just to go through the wash. No wheels or anything. Assuming he just pocketed the other $8. I didnt have time to argue it as i was in a hurry and frankly its not worthvmy time. However, you guys lost a loyal patron. Not going back to a business that scams its customers.

Aaron Taylor

I pull up and the first thing they try and sell me is the most expensive wash package... then I have two guys bombard me with wanting to get a “rock” out of my windshield that won’t cost “too” much to fix, and then try to sell me on fixing a dent that I have on my roof. I have never in my life been so pushed to spend money. There was absolutely no rock in my windshield... as for the dent, I can fix that at home myself for free.

cuneyt sarikaya

It is decent comparison to some, not the best. Service is quick. I usually get exterior wash. Quickest way to get it done.

C A Andrews

Very nice people but very slow. My car looks awesome! However, even though I understand wanting to be thorough, 45 minutes for vacuuming and cleaning the inside windows seems to be excessive. The Qwik Wash in Frisco is much faster and they do an amazing job as well.

Maritssa Rivera

My favorite place to get a car wash! Especially our favorite Victor he’s always so helpful and always meets beyond our expectations! Highly recommend!

Thomas McDowra

If you want to pay 35 to 50.00 for a cursory cleaning go here. Last time here.

Melissa Kimberlin

Best place to get your car cleaned

Tandra Eros

I think the thing that stood out for me was excellent service, it was yes ma’am, they opened doors, I had two people check on me while waiting, fast service, I will definitely be back!

Sherri Stephens

I'm sorry to say I'm not impressed. Paid $45 which I thought was high but did it anyways. Biggest disappointment was that my windows are streaked, side view mirror left with spots, some of the door frames not wiped down, trunk was not popped open to clean tracks (maybe it's not included but it should be), strip on my dash behind the steering wheel not touched and inside STINKS (smells like something burning... HORRIBLE). I will shop around for my next detail.

Clarron Berryman Jr

Good car wash place was busy

John Martin

Overpriced and they leave your car dirty too many cars not enough employees. There’s a coin wash down the road do yourself a favor and wash it yourself it will come out cleaner


Paid for wash and detail. Had a2 hour wait and they did a very poor job on the detailing. Just did a cursory wipe down. Everything looks shiny but dirty. Really disappointed for as long as this took I'll never be back

robert holden

I bought the $33.00 vacuum and wipe down. Car still dirty. The manager wouldn't do anything about it. I've been a loyal customer for 15 years. I wont be back


I went there for a basic wash, but after I got into line, the employee said it would cost extra for "mud" (my car had splashes of mud) So, an $8 car wash cost about $20. I wanted to get out of line, but there were cars in front of me and behind me.

Annissia Stirgus

Came to get my car wash and specifically told the cashier I wanted my car washed outside and inside clean. After getting the outside clean I waited and was told I was only charged for the outside only. I told the guy I told him inside and out if someone does not understand what that means the need more training. Car was not wipe down well and tires were not done after paying $23.This will be my last time coming to this car wash.

jesus gamboa

Don't come up here on a Sunday if your car Is all muddy because it'll hold up the line when they're not even busy since I came up here on a gloomy day

Chase Upchurch

This place does a very decent job, better than most in fact. The exterior wash is a little pricey, but it is very well done. Doing a full detailing on the interior does take some time but honestly they are more thorough than most other places I've tried, and the car looks brand new when it's ready. I've been coming here year after year because they do great work. The only failing I've ever experienced is a common one in the car detail world and that is that occasionally the windows have a very light amount of oil residue on them from the cloths they use. I can forgive that because its really easy to fix. My rating reflects both price and quality of work.

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