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REVIEWS OF Hugh & Jeff's Car Wash & Grill IN Texas

Alejandro Martinez

First time going and really enjoyed it and I recommend anyone that wants to get the car or motorcycle wash sit back enjoy a beer and some good food and watch the game this is the place

Denny Schaffer

I have been there 4 or 5 times now and they always do a great job,, I have a F250 big, hard to get clean but people tell me how good it looks after I leave there...

Robin Hall

Still here. The young lady at reception desk was honest. Said it will be 2-2 and 1/2 hours. At 4:20. Crazy thing is not one other person has arrived after us. So.... Our truck got washed and moved up at 5:00. Still sitting here. Not happy. Food good. Stop stalling ....Hugh and Jeff owners so people will buy more food and booze.

Mason C

Came in for the first time today, was taken back by the prices. Over priced for a car wash, hand wash or not. Want the customer to pay 19$ per wheel to polish and to apply a protectant. I went with the base which was at 32$. When they pulled my car around I went over it to see the work they have done and I had little brown/black dots over my car from the trees around my home, I was picking them off with my finger in disbelief that these weren’t taken off. A “manager” came out cause he saw me shaking my head in disappointment and proceeded to tell me that “the guys can’t go around picking those off”. Crazy to think the prices they charge and the wash is no better than running it through an express wash and just vacuuming it yourself. There were also other smudges on my car that came off by just licking my thumb and rubbing them off. The idea of the place is nice, come get your car washed, eat, and listen to a little music if they have it going. But super over priced and the service didn’t match the price. Won’t come back and I recommend to go some other place or run it through a car wash and just vacuum it yourself, you’ll save 20$.

Darrell McNeil

It's a very awesome place to take your car get washed and have a bit to eat or even a cold beer. The car wash crew are very professional they will get your vehicle washed and detailed at a timely manner. You couldn't ask for anything more

Jean Solet

Great place for friends to hang!

parmyman1 1985

Good food service could be better.


Great atmosphere...was excited to try the shrimp po'boy..but the bread is trash!!! Improve and will receive 5⭐!!!

Elisa Sauceda

One of my favorite places! Great atmosphere and great food.

Carrie Muehlberger

Last time we were there was when Edgebrook played .the place was packed. The nachos were really good.going back Friday.

Marcela Paz

The place it's nice, they had music going on with was good but I am Latin and very picky about the music. So, it was good but no like for every weekend, at least not for me. Drinks are good, as well service.

Cara Bozeman

Food was good and it was a fun place for kids to go on a Friday night just wish it had better beer on tap and the band started playing alittle earlier like 7 or 7:30. We felt bad having to leave 30 min after they started but we had been there 1.5 hrs and it was just us inside.

Paton Willis

Went today, told wait time ok no problem I’ll wait! Have always been happy with the job they’ve done till today, they obviously rushed and paid no attention to detail. After paying for extra stuff I still had to come home and wipe down due to the poor job done.

Joye Griffith

Went to watch a band, Kidd Six, really enjoyed. The staff was friendly and always checked on us.

Ian Vala

Opened my business and truck was neglected for 8 months went with one of there top packages. They brought it back like it was new Inside and out. We had pizza and nachos both were something to write home about. Great place great atmosphere. Our bartender and waitress tori took care of all of me and my wife's needs. As well as our 4 month year old who came along for the ride. Great local place will be back.

Construction Cleaning Crew

Very bad experience with the car wash service there, i pay over $126 plus $20 tip expecting for a good service, very disappointing, To have my car well clean But its like i went to give them my money, seats were all sticky and dirty windows everything i have to reclean it my self i would never use their car wash service anymore!!

Danielle Darbonne

I love this place. The food is awesome. The bartenders are great. Entertainment is great as well. Drinks are very reasonable alittle something for everyone. I have been coming here for over a year now and this is my bar lol love it and super rare if I ever go anywhere else!

Edward Uribe

Food was ok, they did a great job on my vehicle

joe gutierrez

Love this place! Great place

michael byrd

Really cool idea for a car wash. This place is more of a barr-ash.. it has service bar inside with great food as well. Don't wash and weight wine and dine wall your car gets anything from Ace faces wash and rinse to a full out amazing details that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.. they really do a good job and it is a very upscale friendly place, but not overpriced at all as 9 thought they would be.

Matthew Daniel

Service can be slow, but prices for drinks are good and the food is on point. Great carwash.

Amanda James

Excellent customer service and awesome car detailing

Catherene Armendariz

Fun place. Love their Tuesday specials

Mark Leonard

Very cool concept. Have a beer and get your card washed

Anthony Anders

Great place "HOT" staff.

Ms Mona

Good food, friendly environment, and awesome hand car wash. Will definitely be one of our "go to" spots.

Tanya Schmidt

Hugh you need to hire me to bartend!!!

Kelly Wayne Chambers

Very unique and cool place. Enjoy food drinks while getting your car cleaned. Later enjoy live music in the evenings. Big screens. Large stage. Good bands.

Kenny Fisher

Great place we're else can ya get good food a good beer and play games while the wash your truck? (Car, motorcycle) I guess they clean them all.

Lance E

Decent place, not a lot going on here. If you’re coming to drink, get ready. Ordered a whiskey neat....the thing had to be 4 shots. No complaints. Just kinda dive’ish for me.

Neal Pope

Kind of slow and a little overpriced but quality work and good BLT in cafe while I waited.

John Thaxton

Good food. Pleasant staff and have heard some good bands. Can't wait to have some crawfish.

Armando Olivas

Wish they would have paid more attention to my tires...they were left dirty. Otherwise I'd give them 5 stars.

Kevin Dean

Great washes and good food

Julie Atkinson

great atmosphere music and drinks.

Sean Bedford

Got a Google request to write a review, but never been there. So here is a 3 star

Clint Scott

Very good cleaning services for your vehicle. It is very popular, so make sure and get your vehicle in well before closing time on weekends.

Michael Byrd

Really awesome joint. They've turned the wash and wait experience into a wine and dine experience. Love this place

Maggie Marti

Good food. Sometimes I sit there awhile waiting for service. Other than that everything else is great

Vince Leaver

How many times have you watched your car get washed and think some one should put a bar in here? Well, someone did and it is awesome! Great food and tv's everywhere you look. Inside and outdoor bar that keeps going after the car washing is done for the day.

Minnie G

The portions were generous. The cheese pizza was delicious. The Margaritas were good. The wait staff was friendly and attentive.

Christopher Acosta

Always a great time! The people are nice and the wings are amazing. It also has the added benefit of being a hand wash car wash. If you got the time, you won’t be disappointed by the end result of your wash.

johnny vasquez

Was a good experience like the service every Saturday night had a band met people I haven't seen in years that went to this place parking is if he must get there early food is great and the drinks come a timely fashion all in all I give it about an eight.

anne Payne

Wanted to get my Toyota detailed. No one at the front desk, employees walking by didn't acknowledge anyone in line. The gentleman in front of us how long. He was told 45 minutes to 1 hour. He said he would be back in less than 45min. He was told if he left, he car wouldn't be ready until after 430p(it was 1030am). Why can't you run a quick errand? Totally senseless, they want you to spend even more money on food and drinks. They are overpriced already for this area. NEVER again

Latosha Maupin

I waited over two hours for my car wash patiently. Once I received my car it was not detailed properly. My backseat was not touched and my windshield was not cleaned. I politely communicated my concerns to the manager and it did not seem to bother him. It is ashamed that I spent over $40 for bad service.

Kevin Debes

It was great!! Beer was cold, food was delicious, service was on point & lots of good looking men & women laughing and having a great time. Ya gotta go CHECK IT OUT!!

Jerry Vandeventer

Great ppl great service. .

Stacy Warren

Great atmosphere, good food, and good service.

Ronnie L.

Nice little spot. Got drink specials. Good crawfish. I like the outside patio

Thomas Cowart

Great food and beer!

Allison Stephenson

Great UFC FIGHTS!!! Drinks a little pricey. But nice place. Great food too.


Was apprehensive given some negatives on here, however, just had an amazing cheeseburger with onion rings. Great job!!! I will eat here again when I get the truck washed.

Blessed Abundantly

I'll never give this place a 5 star due to how shocked I am at how a female owner was SO SO rude and yet nonchalant when I called about a broken part on my car BUT the only reason I return here AND have a membership is because of how nice everyone else is. The front desk attendants are always sweet, my car is always clean and perfect after a wash and they do a great job with details. The car wash manager is awesome ALWAYS. When I had the issue with a broken piece, he was more than willing to handle the problem, unlike the female owner who was as close to a rude, ungrateful snob as possible over the phone. Like I've stated before, if it were for the hard working employees, this place wouldn't make it. They truly make the place and atmosphere!

Patrick Jones

I called ahead to find out if they were family friendly. I was told yes, but when we arrived no one waited on us and we were moved to a different table twice. I suspect it's because we had our children with us. The service was slow and we were brought the incorrect food. They corrected the mistake but offered no apology. As best I can tell this is a good sports bar, but it is not a place to bring your family.

Tiffany Summerville

Hugh and Jeffs is a staple to the League City area. Not only do they do a GREAT job on detailing my vehicle - they make this feel like my hometown - ‘Cheers’ bar! Definitely recommend stopping by. Hang out on a Wednesday night for karaoke - they dj on the game nights. Come hang out and make this our next hometown bar!!

Matt Anderson

Great place to watch sports with good food and ice cold drinks.

Adam Solinsky

The service was ok and the food was not bad...wahn wahn...

terry pertuit

While they do a great job on the car wash, DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR VEHICLE. A few key items were missing out of my husband’s truck after having it cleaned. I called about these items and, of course, they aren’t there. Nothing of high monetary value, but something I needed when traveling. I don’t have time to replace it before going back out on the road. Very disappointed, but understand why my husband was very insistent on me taking his tool bag out before dropping the truck off.

Michael McKinzie

Pretty waitresses, good management, good food, cold draft beer. Only bad point is the inconsistent quality of the crawfish.

Taylor Romero

EDIT: Absolute terrible way to go about business. I later found that they broke the running light on my truck and I now have water leaking inside my cab. There is no way they didn't notice that and didn't show me. Terrible way to do business. Got my truck cleaned here. It was a busy day for me so I asked the lady how long it would be,she said 1 and 1/2 hours (Monday 11:30/12). 4 hours later next truck was finally finished. If I had known the wait would be that long I wouldn't have stayed. I also took all the tools out of my truck bed so it could be cleaned, it looks like they didn't even spray a water house in it or anything. The interior was also half a**ed. Clumps of wax left on the exterior my truck.Not very happy and won't be returning

Les Pallett

Simply the best. Great car wash, great place to watch the game and eat with the friendliest staff

Kenneth Rogers

Service has been excellent. Always greeted by several staff members and made welcome. Highly recommend.

Michael T McKinzie

Nice waitresses, cold draft beer, great management, good food, car wash and detail second to none. Only drawback is inconsistent crawfish quality.

Dolly Herron

They do an excellent job

Julianna Moniz

I'm so glad that I got a living social deal for 10 basic car washes for $10! This place is really great for quick and a thorough cleaning. I was impressed with the whole process! My car really came out clean and I loved that they give you a free vacuum token!

Rodney Herrin

While my car looked great after getting a vacuum and shampoo, it took 3 hours and it was 80 degrees inside the bar. Very long, uncomfortable wait. If I visit again, l'll be dropping off my car and not waiting on it.

Matthew Rovelli

This place had a pretty good beer selection for a good price. I would definitely go back if I was in Houston. I also hear they have the best wings.

Stephanie Taylor

My fiance and I paid $500 for full detail for our vehicles. This is a scam. They did nothing different other than what they would have for a regular wash/wax/and interior and then over charge the same services. The skipped my roof because of the roof rack and I didn't figure that out till I got home. Poor detail job on my car and now it's super oily and collecting dust 10x faster and my seats were not cleaned fully because it's still stained with only 6 months between cleanings. My fiance's truck they did even worse. They waited until the end of the day to call and let us know it was finally done. They did this because they knew the manager would be off campus because they scratched his brand new truck (2018) with the hose and now will not do anything to fix it even though they caused this. Had the onsite manager take a picture of it and now they claim they have nothing on site that will do this kind of damage (except a hose handle). Hand wash and wax sounds too good to be true and it is. Do not take your car here. Over priced and they do not stand by their work.

ben westerlin

Good, friendly people. Good food and drinks. Bring in fun bands. Excellent car wash. They really pay attention to cleaning your car.

Chancy Williams

The food is great here and the service and the people are excellent! Definitely would recommend this place for a good time!

Vanatru Baphomet

Great food fun atmosphere worth going to

Erick Castaneda

Nice comfortable place. good device ok good, great prices. I recommend

Karen Shelton

Excellent philly cheese steak sammie and the o-rings are to die for!

Stephen Thompson

Food is great, bartenders are awesome, And man that carwash is the best in town.. one of the few places in town where you leave feeling like a million bucks.

Samantha T

Car "detailing".. umm nope. I inspected my car after dropping off my sister, and there were so many spots they missed both inside and out. They also left a VERY sticky large spot of foamy residue on my trunk. My windows are now streaky, my floor still dirty and looks like there's now sand (this is a new car, I've never taken it around any sand, beaches, lakes, etc). There's also now sticky residue on my floor on the driver side that wasn't there when I got to Hugh and Jeff's. We were told it would be an hour, but it took an additional half hour. I'd LOVE a refund. Not worth the $40. The sliders were more bun than meat, and the fries had WAY too much seasoning. I'm giving it a 2 star instead of 1 because Shawna was very personable and tentative, which we were very happy with. All in all, we will not be coming back.

Stephanie Simmons

Amenities and entertainment are impressive. Music is diverse complimenting the clientel here. My first visit, but heard many great things prior. The food is quality. My lack of star resulted in the lack of detail, which at such high prices, I expected. I explained my car had been to the beach, and it needed the TLC of such. However, they gladly are tending to the areas I addressed. Also, the crawfish must be amazing here!! Everyone here has a bucket!

Andy Newman

Packed on Sundays because the crawfish prices are so good. Wish they had more parking.


Waited over 15 minutes to be served. Being a server/bartender myself I was not happy with the service that was given at all. Training should be put in place

Debbie Doyle

Fun outgoing place. Sports in outside bar Live music, DJ inside. Something for everyone

Craig Bower

Great carwash and fun place to go!

Germaine Carrington

First time going tonight. It's ok. Drinks weren't too much. Service was great actually. Not a lot of room to move in the back bar or whatever you call it. Crawfish was ok but the veggies weren't 100%. But still good.

Rusbel Garcia

Carwash while you enjoy food and beverages.

Ŕoger Crowe

Been there once. Never going back. DUMP!

Glenn P

Best place for a car wash or detailing. I take all my company trucks there and my personal. Always do a great job . Also a good place to eat even if you don’t need a wash

Jo A. Mayes

Food, drinks, and service was great except for car wash service. Checked in before lunch and checked out at 3pm!!!

Gerry Mena

The car detailing is excellent. The food is...edible (at best). The atmosphere is great. Not a bad place to hang out with friends and have a few drinks. Just don't expect much from the food.

Angela Childress

Great car wash...they always do an amazing job

vicente rodriguez

An awesome experience...staff were friendly and the party never stopped!!

Melissa Seeney

great place to get your car cleaned. awesome job

Doli Chanoa Ordaz

Good burger good music but is very busy on a Friday night

Carolle Dunn She's The One

Server was friendly and did a really good job. I gave 5 stars for her and the band!!! Still not crazy about the food but it is bar food and it is palatable. The band was full of energy and entertaining. The drummer Matt is very talented and the lead vocalist kept the crowd engaged. H&J's usually do a good job on hiring good bands. Clean restrooms and fast bar service with a smile. Reasonably priced.

Chad Beighley

Good food. Great atmosphere. Very limited parking though.

Tomi Jennings

Badass car detail and interior washing. Eat & Drink while you wait

Tiffany Perez

Great service and food is awesome!!

victor Ericsson

Rude server. Acted like I had my clothes on upside down. Had to ask for condiments. Had to ask for check. NEVER BROUGHT ME A GLASS OF WATER. Never asked if I wanted any other beverage.SHE ACTED ALOOF THE VERY MOMENT i entered the establishment. Her name on the receipt is Breanna. I left a tip just to show her how decent people behave .

Marla Moyer

Very laid back vibe, great service, drinks were very good (and that's because the bartender was amazing and obviously loves what she does!) Food was good too. We didn't use the auto services but our friends did. What a genius concept! Great experience!

debra dale

Good entertainment

Jesse Ortega

Inability to follow simple instructions IN ENGLISH!. I came in for a car wash, told the girl at the counter DO NOT OPEN the trunk. After 20 minutes or so, looked outside, TRUNK WIDE OPEN.

Sandra Bush

Not worth the time.. Very slow getting the car back.. Food is ok

Osman Qureshi

best detailed car wash in town. get there early but expect to sit and relax for atleast an hour. these guys really take there time and go over everything. you can smoke outdoors or sit indoors at the bar and have a few beers. they have a full menu with great food choices as well as crawfish after 2pm.

Brittany Wester

Great place to watch a game. All the servers were awesome and on point!

Isis Mangum

Still takes 2 hours to get your car washed. And that is with only a few people there on a good day. But they do a wonderful job.

Lyle Bechtel

The only place I go. They do a terrific job. And you can have lunch while they do it. Or a drink if you want it

Don Turbin

Only good thing about this place is the Golden Tee game.. Car Wash? Sure if you want to wait 2 plus hours every time. After about the third time of going through the wait I snapped to the business model here. Draw them in to get a wash sell them a Monthly wash deal for $69.00 then every time they come in and wait 2 plus hours they will Eat and Drink more of my overpriced sub par goods. Brilliant idea!!! Employees could give Sh!^ts about customer service other than the chick looking for a tip, the food is terrible but the one saving grace is you can dump a hundie in the Golden Tee drinking flat beer while you wait. Can't wait to go back said no one ever..

nancy murphy

Great drinks, good service

eric matthew

Stopped by to watch UFC fight ,gotta get there early to find parking or a seat, it was standing room only by 8:30p.m. pretty Poppin place

Doc Rock Stephens

The best crawfish in the Gulf Coast. Awesome, friendly staff. Highly recommended

Thomas Williams

Over priced not much to eat and doesnt feel like a restaurant


Only been there once. Seems like a nice place but they're not very good at crawfish. It also takes quite a while to get a car wash but they fi a good job on that

Karen Vaden

The band "TNT" was fantastic! They really nailed it! Hugh & Jeff's was a lot of fun too...Lol.

Richard Hulsr

Exalant food cold beer and car wash

Sheila Hobbs

Awesome Crawfish even tho the wait was over an hour. Well worth the wait!!

Townya Miller

Not near enough parking!! We have often turned around and went somewhere else due to the lack of parking!

Eric Larson

Awesome staff. Must try the crawfish. Awesome atmosphere.

Kayla Avery

I will never and I mean never step foot in this establishment again!!! I came in last night to have a couple of drinks and when I say couple I mean couple. Literally 2 drinks and I had to walk up to the bar to get them myself. I was not waited on what so ever. I was there maybe an hour if that! I had to drinks and those two drinks came out to $8.66. I tipped $5 even with no one helping me! So my total on my card should have been charged $13.66! That is what I wrote on my recipt and that’s should of what been charged!!! Come to look at my bank statement, I was charged $23.66!!! Some very unprofessional theif decided to add a 1 in front of my 5 to make it look like I was tipping $15 on a $8.66 tab! I have my receipt and even the receipt that imprinted what I wrote which on the tip line I wrote $5 and total I wrote $13.66!! Completely unprofessional and down right stealing! Check your banks people and keep your receipt! These waitresses are out here robbing people!!

Jwolverine Punchkicker

Local dive bar. Once was hot now it's not. Don't waste your time if you're looking for fun night out look elsewhere.

Marcus Ruedin

Really nice spot. Became home away from home after the kilt got shut down.

Maisha Thaxter

Beyond expectations! I am an Uber/Lyft driver and I've dropped and picked up here many of times. I said I would come here at some point so today I decided to give them a try. I called in and got pricing. I brought my car in for interior shampoo of the backseat. I got MORE. They vacuumed and wiped down the inside. The shampooing was great! I intend on going back and doing the entire car! The pricing is great and the wait wasn't bad. I recommend it to any and everyone!!!

Brittany Smith

Delicious food and drinks and service was wonderful. I hear they do karaoke on Wednesdays for now can't wait!

Tim Coon

Best car wash around ,good food , nightly special offers, live music on weekends, beautiful hostesses, what more do you want ,live TV Mma fights ,awesome place.

Heather Hebert

It’s my Cheers! Everyone knows my name and is so friendly. I love that our table is always clean because Dustin is on top of keeping things clean. Mila, Shelby and Kassandra are always there to make sure I have a drink before I sit down! Also, the food is amazing! Get your car washed too, they do a fantastic job!

Christian South

Greatest Band Texas played tonight people. TEXAS. T. N. T. Rocked the Casbar. Police responded multiple time to administer C.P.R. to Ronnie Pace's guitar . Several times the instrument was pronounced dead at the scene and somehow miraculously rose from the pits of heaven or hell to blow the doors out of league city Texas this fine evening!

Anonymous mouse

The tables and bar were kind of gross and dirty. They had a pretty good beer selection. No table service; you have to order at the bar. The live band was pretty good. The bathroom door was also extremely difficult to open and get out of.

Patrick Partin

Cool place to hang out

lacey epperson

A co-worker and I were in town for a month for work. The friendly staff made it easy to come back each time! They definitely made us feel at home while we were there. Great service, good food! I highly recommend!

Grantham Ross

So cool, such a great concept. Come in was your car, get a drink.

kenny fearneyhough

Soap and suds, never had my car washed but have been a few for drinks, Thursday HH from 6-9 50%off drinks!! Gets packed so plan ahead

Ronnie P

Nice place. Cool vibe and good food too.

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