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REVIEWS OF Arbor Car Wash & Lube Center IN Texas

Cindy Vallejo

We’re frequent customers. I took my Lexus rx350 in to get detailed because we’d moved during the weekend they salesman told me for 64.00 I’d get it detailed and blow out the crevices I told the guy I’d dropped a soda on the mat and it’s sticky, ( weather mats) He said they’ll take care of it. My vehicle had Lexus weather tech mats. The carpet ones that came w car I carried in trunk, never used. I picked up my car went home and realized the carpet mats were in? I went to car wash to see if they’d pulled my weather tech mats? They show me a video of the car cleaners and it was partially obstructed so I was unable to see full video of 1/2 of the car while being serviced. They claim they didn’t remove mats ? Yet how did my carpet mats arrive in front from back? Also they put the concealer bar back that was on floor of trunk. They practically accused me of lying and will not replace or admit they’re gone. I’m very upset w this place. 200.00 in mats just disappeared , gone. So I suggest you watch your valuables. They can’t be trusted.

Steven Long

Very happy and friendly people greeted me here. So I was very happy with my choice as they looked like a good place to. Much to my surprise they wouldn't was my jeep. The told me I had to go spray off the mud first. How odd I always thought you went to a car wash to clean and remove such stuff. So only go here if you car s clean.

Phillip Simpson

not the cheapest but they do a good job. always inspect for water drops before you leave and have them wiped down. also, the lube service is good but they dont offer basic services like tire rotation

Trevor Barnhart

First time customer. Had our Hyundai Santa Fe in for a complete detail job today. Process was easy, staff was polite. The car looks AMAZING! Looks brand new! Would definitely recommend and will be back!

Alyson Murphy

I took my car here yesterday to get a full detail because I am trading it in this weekend, and wanted it to look its best. I paid $200 for the detail. When we picked my car up, my window tint was ruined. The back window was completely bubbled up and peeling. To the point that now impedes my vision from the back. Both side windows on the drivers side have a huge line all the way through them. So, of course we were livid and demanding they pay to fix the tint. We were basically told to "F" off. They took ZERO responsibility even though it was clearly not in that condition upon arrival. They sent me to a tint shop ( who they do business with), and said if they can prove it, we'll pay. How the hell can someone who did not see my car before hand have any legitimate input??? Of course the tint guy said the tint must have been failing to begin with, BUT, that they must have steamed the seats, and then left the windows rolled up, causing the curling and bubbling. Even after relaying that back to Arbor Car Wash, they said not their problem. They then said its your fault, you requested the steam clean. We asked to see camera footage, of course it was angled just so that the side windows were "out of view", they were supposed to walk the vehicle with us when it was dropped off, and conveniently did not. Even after crying my eyes out and explaining I am trading the car in, and it is now worth LESS than when I brought it there, still they refused to help. His solution was to give me a gift card to bring my new car back there.. SERIOUSLY??? Why in God's name would I bring my new car there after you damaged this one? I am just sick about this, as now I will lose trade in value. Save your money. Go anywhere else in the world. These people are dirty, dirty. Oh, and even after $200 I had to come home and clean the areas they missed inside myself. Such a horrible experience. Here are pictures of the damage.

Ariel Goldberger

Automatic, no human connection available, fast and well done for a machine

Krystal Hill

Took car here for "Ben's special" which is normally 29 99 I believe, Good thing I didn't pay and had a free coupon, they rushed my car in and out and it was still dirty when they were done, rims not detailed and car not completely wiped down. No way I'd pay 30$ for that kind of service, slow down and take your time to do the job thoroughly. Especially after knowing it rained and how dirty cars are.

Mark Hill

Come for a car wash. Inspection is incredibly slow (2 hours) when only a few cars ahead. Great wash though!

Christopher Preslar

I'll never go here again! They apparently don't let you know when your car is done, but also don't tell you that when you hand your keys over. I was sitting in the lobby for two hours while my car was just waiting for me outside.

Jozette Poole

Great place to go and they do a really good job

Sandy Durruti

Arbor Car Wash on Jollyville Rd. scratched my car and refused to accept any responsibility. They also employ one of Central Texas' most notorious neofascists, Christopher Ritchie, who has attacked and harassed political opponents and people of color often in Austin and across Texas, as well as in Charlottesville and Portland, alongside hate groups like the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, Patriot Front, Sons of Odin, Texas Patriot Network, and more. Bad form, Arbor.

April Kucharski

Fair prices. Car looks brand new when done

s s

Excellent service, always do a good job

Will Simmons

Long story short: Mechanic said coupon would apply to my oil change but it didn't. Cost me $100. Would appreciate recommendations for a place that does honest work.

Chris Creamer

There was a time when I would’ve recommended Arbor to people, but that is no longer the case. I have been a customer since 2009 and the service is no longer what is used to be. The most recent issues I found were an oil filter that I could tighten by hand and the oil drain plug gasket was destroyed because it was over-tightened. The car wash services have also fallen by the wayside as well. I did speak to the general manager and he offered to look at the issues, but these things should have been done correctly the first time, and I don’t have the time to talk about hypotheticals which remove liability from their work.

Anthony Carroll

First off- the actual "owner" isn't responding to these reviews, the Manager is, who sadly isn't very customer friendly. The actual owner is rarely at this location. My last interaction here was not great because I suggested that they honor a mobile coupon. Rather than be understanding, the clerk said, "you didn't take the time to print it out." For those of you living in 2018, you realize this is laughable. I stayed calm but explained that forcing people to "print" a coupon can appear to many people as a bait and switch. Most successful businesses understand this and have adjusted to modern age. They realize that being mobile friendly actually drives more revenue and makes for happy customers. People want convenience and positive vibes, not negativity and cumbersome hoops to jump through. Rather than be empathetic, the clerk was argumentative, dismissive, and condescending. She would ask me a question and then interrupt me while I tried to answer. In fact, several employees came up to me, rolled their eyes, and said "I'm sorry, she has a history of this. You aren't the first, you won't be the last." One employee even said he would be happy to start printing these for me just so the clerk would go away. When other employees say that, you know there is an issue. Later, the "manager" (aka the clerk) decided to use this Google review as a forum to distort the story. Unfortunately, the work here is average, they often miss interior details, especially if it’s late in the day or they are busy. I can't recommend going here. Save yourself the headache. But hey, don't take my word for it. Look at the other reviews here. They aren't good.

Margaret Lees

Great hand car wash service, they use air hose to get all the water out of tight spots and 100% hand washed and dried.

Multimedia Guy

Got to the place about 2:30 yesterday Thursday Jan 4, 2019 and pulled into the inspection lane and stopped at the cone. Looking for the person doing the inspection and not knowing where to go. One employee (shorter, older, bearded guy in the "fillup/cleanup" lanes) started yelling at me and pointing and waving in my vehicle. My first impression who is this? and why is he yelling? He had the car wash uniform shirt. I found out he doesn't work the inspection lane but just decided to come over and harass me. (0 to negative stars) I have had the rest of the day and overnight to think about this and it was and is bad. Whatever his name is. He shouldn't work there if personal skills even for a situation are less than mature or customer oriented. I will not be returning again! The inspection guy was nice and thorough got the job done and smiled as he gave me the inspection report. (5stars)

Brady Lenamon

Terrible experience. I spent 15 minutes cleaning my own car after paying them to do the job. It appears that the cleaning brushes damaged my rear window after repeatedly asking if their equipment was safe for a soft top. No one even came over to ask what was going on. I wound up getting my own keys out of the cart/basket so I could leave. Save your money and do it yourself. Maybe you only get a clean car if you get an upgrade package...

Asad Halai

They messed the trunk. The manager said he would throw in a Ben's wash on the house next time. Always best customer service.


Don't get carwashes often for this exact reason. Paid 30$ for the outside wash and vacuum inside. I don't know each individual service I got for this price but I knew I got at least an external wash and vacuum. Outside wash was meh at best. Inside was worse. Doesn't look like they even tried. As everyone has been saying lately they just don't seem to care. Keep your money and do it yourself.

Thelma Culver

Super ghetto location and doesn't look legit. BUT the service is great! The workers are super nice and try to be thorough as possible. Paid $11 for a car wash. They finished in less than an hour. Saw some dirty spots so told them they missed a spot and we're kind enough to clean it and double check other spots. Gave the dude $5 for tip and he came back to wipe a little more.

Erica Dietrich

I payed $59 and had 3 guys working no stop cleaning my car for more than a hour! Great job my car looks great. This is the second time I use this car wash ladt time they also did a great job. I used lots of different car washes this best take really good care of the cars

Brian Anderson

The best word to describe this place is "inconsistent." They have a lot of employees -- some are diligent and hard-working, and some are... not. And this shows up in the uneven quality of the work done. So why did I give them four stars? Because I've been coming here for many years (since the days when Ben was asleep under the counter) and my expectations maybe aren't as high as those of a customer who might be new to the shop. I expect a quick vacuuming job with a more powerful vacuum than what I have at home, but I don't expect a spotless interior. They wipe down the dash and console, but they're cleaning, not detailing. There will still be dirt in the seams and corners. I don't expect my car's interior to look showroom clean, and it never does, but most of the time the job is good enough. When it's not I'll finish the job myself with a wet washcloth when I get home if I think it really needs it. But since my expectations are lower, I never pay full price. My wife and I are registered with Arbor Car Wash, and we each get two coupons on our birthday. One coupon is good for a free car wash and one is worth $15 off additional work such as a hand wax. When you're getting a nice discount it's easier to accept a mediocre job. And when I'm getting a free car wash it's easier to leave a decent tip even though I know I'm probably getting a mediocre job. I'm happy to throw them a few extra bucks for cleaning my car in 100 degree heat so I don't have to. Arbor Car Wash used to have a nice Groupon deal that was much better than the anemic coupons on their web page. I'd be in more often if they started that again. Other positives I can mention: the air-conditioned waiting room, watching through the windows as your car goes through the car wash (fun for kids), and free popcorn. The rocking chairs on the patio are nice when the weather is agreeable, and the store has an interesting variety of keychains, automotive air fresheners, greeting cards, and socks. Yes, socks. Check them out.

Jonathan Douglas

Another great visit to Arbor Car Wash and Lube. Went in for the full service car wash and they did not disappoint. Car was properly vacuumed out, cleaned and the hand dry & cleaning of the interior after going through the car wash was done right. I would recommend this place if you need your vehicle cleaned.


tl;dr version: Friendly employees; you will receive an okay wash on the outside, and an okay cleaning on the inside, but only in certain areas. You may as well do it yourself since you'll be redoing their work anyway. I went back here …

Thomas Sandrisser

Ok price but they don't really clean all that well. No matter if first car in the morning or some time in the afternoon

Zain Khataw

I went to Arbor Car Wash to get a wash on my sports car that is vinyl wrapped. When I got to the car wash I was not greeted in a positive manner. I was greeted with a “What do you want?” No etiquette at all. Then when I asked if the car …

Sai rama9

Reasonable prices. I got my Ford Focus engine oil get changed here with 41$ inclusive of all taxes with one complimentary wash. At jiffy lube or Volvoline charge you 45$ for same service. People are friendly and help to customers. Prompt service. If you know how to change oil for your car then that will be great for you in saving lot of $$ since synthetic oil Change by any company charge you min 80$ which is guaranteed for 6000 miles. At COSTCO you can get synthetic oil for 35-40$ which saves you tens of dollars if you know how to change oil yourself

Christine Acheson

Had several items stolen from my vehicle when I took it for service. It surprising considering they knowingly employ violent hate group members to service your car.

Jillian Anthony

I've always had a really great experience here and the quality of the service is excellent for the price! The only reason this isn't 5 stars is my husband had his car scratched while being washed recently and they were unwilling to acknowledge the issue, which was a surprise considering how helpful the staff typically are. We are writing it off as a bad day, since weve had so many other stellar experiences.

Sarah Toombs

Fantastic Car Wash Service, comfortable waiting chairs and wooden rocking chairs outside. Personable and hardworking staff!

Josh P

Most of my life I was someone who would just wash my own vehicles, but with bigger vehicles and a busier work schedule its just easier to have someone else do it. My girlfriend recommended this place to me since she had been using them for …

James Irish

Probably the best car wash in Austin.

Jonathan Timmons

I have a membership here and it's great. Only gripe I have is the track that pulls your car through the wash doesn't automatically stop if the car at the end doesn't move.

Kathleen Bondurant, Ph.D

I paid $65 for everything but the seat shampoo. I should have asked a manager to inspect before I left. For that amount of money you expect the windows to be clean and the molding wiped down with a good vacuum of the floors. I was disappointed.

Rajen Hingorani

Too much up selling going on for services not needed. Also very sloppy work done. Something has changed.

Lamir Jojo

My every time go to place for the Carwash. Excellent service. Washing my cars from last several years now. No complain at all so far.

Janet Calhoun

They always do a good job

Sarah Thomas

I just left after going in for an oil change. Simple. After going inside I was approached by an employee that told me a list of things wrong with my car that totaled to over $280. I didn’t understand any of it but it didn’t sound good. A new air filter, an oil system clean, an engine flush and bRake fluid flush. After agreeing, I realized that I didn’t need all of these things and felt ripped off. I am a 21 year old female and felt that they were trying to take advantage of my lack of knowledge. They kindly took these extra things off, but beware of this. Not going back.

elaine zuniga

Save your money and get a better wash/detail somewhere else. This place is way overpriced for the results. They waxed over a still dirty car. The only good thing I can say is that they were accurate on their time estimate for completion. But to be honest I’d rather wait to have a job done right. Seriously, way overpriced.

Michael Gibson

Friendly staff, prompt service. Would recommend

Tracy Whiteside

I went in today super frustrated. I am leaving thw area, needed a wash and vacuum before I packed for my minimum 10 hr ride home. My AC went out today. When i went in to this car wash, I wasnt expecting much. The lady looked in my van and said "we will do what we can". I requested the $29.00 pkg. I normally do my own vacuuming and washing (I have kids that i already told would be doing it when I get home). I did not expect such a good job to be done. THANK YOU for a job well done. And thank you for the AC I sat in while the task was completed. Kudos.

Steven Olivas

It's a great place to get your car washed. Plus you can get your car filled up with gas, diesel, and even get your oil changed. They do give military discounts as well.

Willy muntu

They are not doing business as advertised. I paid 36$ and they cleaned and vacuum only the car while they explained its will be a complete cleaning. My leather's seats and some parts inside the car was still dirty after cleaning.

Kathryn Garia

They’re pricey, but very kind. Dion has helped me service my car several times now and done an excellent job. They take care of repeat customers.

Shawn P

This is a review of their detailing services, I have not used them for a normal car wash. I drive a truck and the detail job was $109 +/-. It took about 45 min, which was what I expected. They assured me everything would be cleaned inside and out, with special emphasis on the two areas I selected; shampoo of seats and a hand wax job. I was appalled by the results. There was still mud and dirt in the bed of the truck, there was still drops from a spilled coke on the center console (I wiped it off easily with a wet rag), there were still fingerprints on the touchscreen (clearly hadn’t been cleaned), and there was dirt down by the feet wells. The only thing done well was the wax job, and it didn’t look like they did the center of the truck hood because there was still evidence of bird feces on it. I’ve posted some pics as well. No, those aren’t before pics. Although there wouldn’t be much difference. Suffice it to say I will never use them again, and will recommend people go elsewhere if they value a job well done.

Amanda Virgin


Samantha Siefert

Most reviews seem to be for the car wash, but I came in for an OIL CHANGE. Coming from the perspective of someone who enjoys washing their own car and changing the oil, I'd say this place is medium. For SYNTHETIC oil, they charge you per …

Jared Progebin

They did a phenomenal job! Friendly service and a clean car, what more can you ask for!

gilbert new town

They did a great job on my bosses Lexus. Fast and efficient.

Rick Herrera

Love this place! My only complaints are: 1. The quality of the wash is hit or miss.. Just depends on who gets your car, and what time of day you arrive. 2. I really wish they would announce your car being completed from the inside waiting area. I waited an ungodly amount of time, just to find out you have to be outside to hear them when your car is finished. Oh, and 3. The second vending machine really needs a card reader so I don't have to use the tip money to get a drink! Other than that, all is good. Lady at the counter is friendly most of the time, and the dog is a super happy touch!

sam naylor

They're great! Service, wash really fast;

Chris Lee

Efficient. In and out in 10 minutes. With a clean car. Even better was using a coupon I got in the mail. There were plenty of people working to dry off the cars. Since they were able to process lots of cars, the waiting room wasn't very busy. All have in all - highly recommend.

Gwendolyn Santiago

The manager helped me with a mirror issue without charge. I’ll keep going to Arbor!

Kyle Flowers

2 stars because the guy you initially meet was very informative and professional. It's a shame everyone else doesn't take their job as seriously. Patches of dirty spots remain. Dog hair is still everywhere despite paying specifically to have it vacuumed. This is the second time I've gone here and there will not be a third. Expect this to be more of a pre-wash (even with "the works" package). If you want your car actually cleaned, you'll need to take it somewhere else or finish the job yourself.

Draven Reel

Quality and quick service for a great price. My go to place from now on.

Aro Han

I went in for a car wash and the employees told me there was a serious issue with my brake system despite there being no warning on my dash. I prefer to be safer than sorry, so they "fixed" it after charging me $300. In less than 36 hours, …

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