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22355 Bellaire Blvd, Richmond, TX 77407

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REVIEWS OF Apple Car Wash & Lube Center IN Texas


We have three cars on a family member plan. They always greet me when i go there. They always do a great job and if they ever miss a spot they always gladly take care of it quickly without any fuss .

Chena A Karega

This is the best car wash on this side of town. Every time I go, I get great customer service and a family like atmosphere. They detail my cars thoroughly and take pride in what they do. I would recommend this car wash to anyone in the Richmond/Katy area. You won’t be disappointed. Mr. Win.

Kim Walters

I took my husband's Corvette to have them detail it. They have washed it before and did a fantastic job every time so i wanted to surprise him by having them detail his car. He came home after work and when i showed him his car in the garage he loved the way it looked. He is very picky with his corvette but these guys made him a believer.

Hugo Velasquez

Excellent service, I was in and out in 15 minutes, thank you guys!!!

Allie Cambric

This is one of the best car washes I've been to in the Richmond area! I bought the Gold Apple Wash, and my car looked amazing! The Inside was vacuumed extremely well, and the exterior of my vehicle looked great! The staff are very friendly, and the wait time wasn't bad at all. If you need a car wash I would definitely consider coming here.

Emmanuel Ayala

The new manager Safi gave me the best customer service ! Completely 100% happy with my car wash looks brand new, great job guys!

Holly Baker

One of the worst part about moving from Houston to Katy was having to be so far away from our old car wash...We had developed a routine and really loved the service and staff. However, the moment we discovered Apple we felt more at home and they take incredible care of all of our vehicles! best car wash EVER!

Roberta Doucette

First time and Manager allowed other cars to go ahead of us because a car in front of us stalled even though we had been in line longer. Instead of making excuses, Manager should have apologized and given us a free wash on our next visit! It's all about Customer Relations and well trained staff, especially Managers. Lost a customer that purchases the monthly package. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Ivan Villarreal

Excellent customer service and attention to detail. The car wash packages are reasonably priced for the wash, vacuum, and hand dry. Other car washes in the area offer self serviced vacuums, and no hand drying for the same or higher pricing, so this place really is the best deal for the price. I typically go during rush hour so I expect to wait a little while, but with the free WiFi offered I typically take this time to catch up on work. Great selection of snacks and beverages is a plus as well!

Amida Tran

Happy with this car wash every time we bring our cars...

Molly Preston

Best service from beginning to end hands down. Everyone here is nice...

Philip Goodell

I have to say my car never looked so good . they provided an excellent carwash service . staff super friendly and full of energy . I'm definitely gonna use them again .

tonya chaparro

Went in for a wash. I bought two wiper blades and was trying to change them myself but was struggling to change them when suddenly one of the manager came up to me and insisted to change them for me. Great place with great service.

abdule mosari

I had an oil change and they flushed the transmission. They did a great job and i paid reasonably.

noah coleman

I lived in sugar land and used a car wash in sugar land for ten years. I live in Richmond now for the past two years and have been using apple car wash. The quality of their wash and specially their customer service is much better than the one in sugar land.

emma fletcher

I have to say this is a honest car wash. I went in yesterday for a wash but when i got home i noticed my wallet was missing.I wasn't sure where i had left it.i went back to the car wash and asked the cashier about it.The cashier said she has my wallet and tried to call me but the phone number on file was not correct.I had over $300 in my wallet and it was all there. They always do a great job on our cars and their customer service is excellent.We will be a loyal customer.

Brian Jordan

I'm always greeted with excellent customer service from the staff and Manager Ali at "the wash" lol!! I get my vehicles washed there regularly and I'm always satisfied. Today I decided to get a wax in my car. It's not something that I really wanted to do because my car is black and I thought maybe it would be left with swirls or wax lines. However, I was wrong! My car looks brand new and I'm super happy with it! If I could give more than five stars I would..

Roy monrovia

I used to come here about 2 years ago then I stop using them.I thought I give them another chance so I went in got a gold wash and I was amazed of how much they improved with wash and timing.I am very happy since they're close to me too.

Gregory Gremminger

Stopped in to get a quick, cheap-ish wash (lowest tier external only) and barely got that. Getting stopped halfway through the wash cycle, which wasn't even soaping down my left side, and then having to wait/watch as the equipment tries to get back up to power again after the conveyor had already been started back up... and hope that it's finishes washing the vehicle correctly... which it didn't. Nor dry it correctly for that matter. I was pressed to make it to my mother's surprise birthday party so I didn't make a fuss about it... Thinking back, I should have.

Cameron Valentine

Great place, best car wash I’ve ever had. Did everything correct and by the books! Highly recommend!

demorris martinez

I have used couple of other car washes in the area but this one take the cake. It was my second time and they are great!

leslie hawk

I came in to get a wash on my car and while i was waiting in the lobby, one of the attendants walked up to me and handed me a $100 bill which i thought i had lost two weeks ago. He told me it was under the seat. It's hard to find honesty these days, but this place proved to me it still exists. My car came out very clean as well. Amazing place!!

chirag oza

This place, out of hundreds of them around where I live. The best. Their prompt service, hand wipe, vacuum everything is great. I strongly recommend their gold package. I also recommend their manager Al. Very friendly and helpful guy. Best service over all.

David contreras

So glad I found this car wash, its convenient to where I live and the staff is great especially the manager Safi. My car is sparkly and squeaky clean, thanks apple car wash

george nguyen

It was my first time at this car wash and loved the service and the staff.

Henry Segura

Quick oil change service and friendly staff. They are knowledgeable about repairs.

Rabiya Minhas

I picked up my car to find that the trunk wasn't vacuumed and there was still gunk on my dashboard and seat. I talked to the manager (not professional at all and didn't care about what I was telling him) and he said that they don't vacuum the trunk unless I leave it open. No one told me when I parked the car, this should be something the employees communicate to the customer so they know. Second he was explaining why they didn't clean the gunk of the dashboard and seat because it wasn't coming off. I wiped some of it off with my hand in front of him and it came off. He still continued to say it won't come off as he's wiping it with his own hand and watching it come off. This was not handled professionally and as a customer I am not satisfied with their customer service. Eventually it was cleaned up as I wanted it to be, but low quality service. I understand something's things can be missed, but the way it was addressed and handled was very disappointing. I would never go back here again.

Mike Vaughn

On my way to the airport with my truck to pickup my son thought to get a quick wash. They were nice, quick, and did a good job.

Cheryl McGill

The car wash did not seem overly busy, but we had to wait over an hour. The passsenger side was not cleaned properly. Spots also left on windows. Overall not a satisfied customer.

Garrison Stribling

I was presently surprised by the service from this car wash. I know this may not be a big deal but the waiting was very clean! After my car washed they vacuumed and detailed my car which I did not even know that they did! All the staff was very friendly and I will definitely be going back in the future. One thing that I would recommend for them is that they work to improve their public internet speeds.

NR Garage

Come here every week to come clean my mustang they never fail! Always make my car look amazing with the gold package and they always make sure my car is super clean before the keys are handed to me... 10/10 would recommend

Katherine Harris

This was my go-to carwash. I recently left it for an oil change and wash. Picked up the car and none of the interior had been cleaned. Sent two emails that were ignored. Time to find a new place!

Mike Espi

I bought the platinum package and my car came out absolutely awesome!

Manoj Meno

Great looking place with fantastic service and fantastic crew...

Cindy Hubbard

They need to give people a set lunch time instead of the worker stopping in the middle of detailing a car to eat. Which added at least an extra 30 minutes or more. Someone should of covered their job so the worker could eat. There are people on the phone that could be helping the two ladies at the detailing. I understand that it will take a while but not 2 plus hours.

Franklin Sosa

First class service from (by all employees) the second you arrive until the job is complete. I didn’t have much time but desperately needed a wax, I was assured by the manager not only that it could be done In my timeframe but he would personally do it himself. The job was completed 3 minutes earlier than promised. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

derek fanning

Best car wash my wife and i go to. We used to go somewhere in katy before but more quality and better service we could find here.

Justin Boudreaux

They do a decent job.

Jillian Jones

Waited 1.5 hrs for an oil change and inspection. Watched other customers (3) come in after and leave before. When I asked the worker he flat out lied and said they were here prior to me but I watched them all check in and give their information. Don’t come here! They were not busy at all.

Beth Carvier

Went in to get the headlamps on my husband's truck restored and a wash. It came out great.

Sabeeta Bidasie Singh

Paid for the Silver Apple Package which turned out to be a complete RIP off. I would not recommend this car wash if attention to detail is important to you. I explained to the guy when I pulled up that I had been to the beach and there was sand. He said not a problem. However after the car wash was done the interior of the car was in the same condition. To top it off Abraham who is the manager told me the $24.95 I paid does not cover them cleaning the doors or getting the sand out. I would really like someone to explain what my $24.95 COVERS? I can do a $7 drive through for the same service.

Chris Jordan

Fantastic customer service and top level car cleaning quality. My car shined after a visit to Apple Car Wash

Maurice Daaboul

Great service as always! Quick and efficient!

Stephanie Genenbacher

I had a great experience at Apple car wash last week. The manager John was very helpful and friendly. I will for sure come back. Thank you

Patric Shiloh

First time here and Ian greeted me. He was very helpful. Liked the staff and the lobby and the wash. This is my car wash station from now on for sure.

jake morrison

I took in my Tahoe for an oil change plus detail and they did a fantastic job. I really like the people who work here, pleasant staff.

Gifferson Romero

Excellent job !!!. These guys know how take care of my car and make sure get out of there super clean. Usually I get the super platinum package and it is worth it. Thanks guys

Alex Martinez

I have an older vehicle that I try to keep in good condition, and they treated it with kid gloves as they would a newer car...They want to make sure the customer is satisfied with their vehicle before they leave, at least that is my experience.

Frankenkarts !

Just went there and had my fusion detailed inside and out and they did a fenomenal job! The seats where all stained thanks to my kids and they are like new! I will definitely be coming back

Chad Sabrsula

These guys definitely stand behind their work and mistakes, my hood insulation was damaged during engine wash & was missing an insert to cubby hole inside of truck, I returned the next day and talk to management they took care of me and got new insulation for hood replaced along with finding the missing insert. Very pleased with the professionalism of these guys and the way they handled an upset customer. I would recommend this carwash to anyone looking for Great service and friendly employees.

jen garza

It was my first time here.My car was much cleaner than the car wash i usually go to.I found my new car wash.

Clive Lindsay

Got my car washed and the left to realize that they took my air pods out of the middle console. I just used them before I left my car. I told them what happened and they said they will get back to me in 24 hours because they had to review the tape Question: why does it take 24 hours to review 10 minutes worth of tape? During business hours!?! Don’t go here they are a bunch of thieves and if you do, make sure you don’t put any valuables in the middle console because they go through that too

safiullah zaki

They changed the oil,flushed the transmission,detailed inside&out on my car and they did a fantastic job!

Jennifer Blanton

Kind and efficient. I went during a quiet time of day and was so impressed, I immediately went home to grab the other car for a bath.

Kelsey Williams

The service really sucks. They are very familiar with us because we come often ONLY because they’re closest to our home. At this point it’s not about convenience because the wash they give isn’t quality. Then when it comes to a rain check it’s an issue about that as well. Poor staff and poor quality with ethics

Lisa Zatopek

Have gone there several times and been pleased each time. Great customer service!

Jen Ashford

Very nice place with great staff. Well done.

Carlos Davila

Apple Car wash service has been excellent for our first year. With the Apple packages, we do not worry any more if it rains 5 min after washing, just come back the next day for a complete car wash or use the express lane... just worth the money!

Oladipupo Afolabi

Mr. Al got a tough stain removed for me! I’m a loyal member! Always service. S/o to Mr. Al!

suzan mcfarlin

Too hot for my car/baby so decided to give her bath. She looks much cooler and shinier, and she loves the people who washed her!

ethan lewis

I have a nine year old car which i'm selling but the carpet and seats had stains on it.My car came out so clean that i couldn't believe my eyes. They did a great job and i'm so glad i paid to have it done.

Redraider VB #13

Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to details. Lethargic employees make me nervous. Almost every time I go, I have to remind them to do a better job with the front bugs, back of side view mirror bugs, and do a better job cleaning my custom rubber floor mats. Revise a better system to moving cars in and out (hire more people). With that said, when I do point these things out, I am looked at as crazy. I always tell my students, "We all learn MORE from our mistakes than we do in learning....PERIOD. Try learning and improving, Apple Car Wash...

Alfonzo Garcia


Craig Hyman

I went on Saturday afternoon to get a wash and I was their 45 min before the car was even put through the wash. There was only 10 cars a head of me. Then the pulled the car out and it sat there for 15 minutes. I asked someone status on the car and they said we are busy and it may be another 20 minutes before we can get to the car. You would think they would have said something in the beginning like - we are shorthanded(which they were) that the was may take an hour or so. Then someone can by and did a quick wipe down(the car was dry already). They said the car was ready. I paid 32 dollars and all that was done was the outside. Nothing inside was wiped down or anything. BUYER BEWARE. I won't go there anymore.

Tamara Buckanan

Great place to wash and keep up with maintenance of my car!

Yvette's Channel

Great xperience. I was having problems eith my brakes and they were very helpful.

Olufunso Abiola

I paid over $60 for 2 cars and after I took my keys, I had to clean the chairs myself. It was not well vacuumed, the stains that I came with was still there until I cleaned it myself using your equipments Terrible service and I don’t think, I will come back. It used to be much better.

Jeffrey Roman

If I could give less I would. 5 hrs to do a brake flush, oil change, and car wash. Took the car in at 8:30am. It’s now 1:30 and the car is just getting out of the wash. Never again.

Barbara Segun Kunle Ulmer

Very nice and efficient...

Mariana Guzman

I did a gold wash today and ny car came out fantastic!

Megan Chacon

Great car wash service and amazing customer service!! I recommend getting your car detailed here!! Best car fresheners EVER that actually last for weeks!!

molly smallwood

I've been using this car wash for almost a month now. I used to use another car wash for about 4 years which was OK but i think APPLE is better and has a better customer service. I used their lube service last Sunday for an oil change on my navigator and was also very satisfied with their service as well!

Lauren Smith

Everyone here is super helpful and attetive despite the fact that it was a hot day and very packed they made sure my car was well vacuumed. It took a little longer than I expected but definitely worth it. WILL COME BACK AGAIN !!!

Chris Ledbetter

The lube shop is amazing ..quick n knowledgable.

Uncle Larry

Don’t take your car if you’re in a big hurry, but the wait is worth it. They make my car look wonderful and the staff is very accommodating.

Sam Gee

The best service and car wash around. Amazing! they have coffee and a tv inside while you wait for your car to come out perfectly spotless. My car looks amazing after every wash. Definitely recommend.

manuel hernandez

This is the best car wash in the whole world !!! Come check it out !!!

traci heilman

Great place to wash my cars. I go in usually on Fridays to finish my work on my laptop while my car is getting a bath. I just love their lobby.

David Ewell

Fantastic job the new manager Safi is awesome very quick


I dropped off my car for a detail which would take 2 hours but was surprised when they offer to drop me at home. Not only they did a good job but they pick me up from the house after my car was done.

pamela ming

I go there once a week and they always do a good job for me.

Bilal Patoli

Best car wash i've ever been to. They actually took their time and detailed my car to perfection. When I sat inside of it, it smelled amazing. 11/10

Ray AL Mudhafer

Very convenient and prices really good. Friendly staff!

Strokyss Scorchin Souls

Apple car wash is the place I have chosen oil change right to the carwash for a detail how can you beat this.

Trenton Bell

Got my admissions testing done here! In and out real quick

Meals By Mel

Great service! Very attentive to customers and received a great car wash with amazing detail!

Saman Janati

The best place to go for car wash and oil change. The staff is friendly, and the environment is very comfortable.

ava sloan

We have a 9 year old and a 40 year old car that they wash for us and they do an excellent job every time. Sure, some times they miss a spot but they gladly take care of it when i ask them to and besides, They're much better than the car wash we used before.Their customer service is great!

Drew Hilburn

Frank was very attentive to the issues and went above and beyond to remedy the situation. This was my second attempt to use Apple carwash and both times we paid for the gold package which you would think includes wiping down the inside but both times we were very disappointed in the quality. The dashboard nor anything in the back of the vehicle had been touched. Not worth the money!

Brittany Lynch

I needed to get a car washed and detailed so it would look immaculate for my end of lease inspection. They made the car look brand new again! Flawless!! Everyone was really friendly and helpful, and they even gave me a teacher discount! I didn't have my badge, so didn't think I could get it and was prepared to pay full price, but one of the girls at the counter said they could even take my health insurance card as proof that I worked for the school district. Amazing. If I was staying in the area, I'd never go anywhere else for my car washes!

Joseph White

Customer service at check in and pay counter wonderful the cleaning of vehicles has went down dramatically over the past year my truck interior not cleaned and windows still dirty inside and out wheels and tires poorly taken care off I’m sorry to say this but don’t waste your time and hard earned money there anymore.

Sherman Hatton

Great customer service! Delia was extremely helpful. Very timely, and a great wash!

Mark LaCour

Absolutely love this place! They always do a great job of cleaning my car, and are fast and friendly. Plus you can get some work done while you waiting, with free WiFi and plenty of space.


Waited in the beautiful lobby for my car to be washed and received my car back crispy clean.


They always do a good job hand washing our company vehicles.

kim boykin

We originally had issues but Frank and Safi addressed in a professional manner.

omar alvarez

I like the quality of their wash and specially they cleaned my mats with air guns. This was my first time and i will go back again.

Michelle Gasaway

I purchased the Gold Package which includes Bug Off and Armor All on your tires...I was watching my truck being dried off, which by the way, was done by some guys with literally NO MOTIVATION in life...I understand that is not the most glamorous job in the world but it is the one you have, so take some pride in it, do a good job. This was my 3rd visit and the workers are always like this...slow and unmotivated. I also noticed that no one put the Armor All on my tires, but they were bringing me my keys...I asked the attendant if they did my tires and he had this confused look on his face. I explained that I paid for that to be done so, sent him back. That took all of about 5 minutes to get done. He brought my keys back and I inspected the vehicle. I checked the front and there were still a ton of dead bugs on it and on the side of the bed there was a 2 inch white spot (bird poo) that did not come off when the truck went through the car wash. The attendant took my truck back to where the Bug Off is done and brought it back to me about 15 minutes later. I was there for over an hour and it was not a busy day. I think someone needs to pay more attention to detail because I should not have to monitor this and make sure my vehicle is cleaned and services paid for get done.

Huy Tran

I took a total of 3 vehicles to this place since it's less than 5 mins from my house. The first time, I was impressed with the service and that was my f250. So I returned with my Nissan GT-R, I asked for a hand wash since I didn't want it …

Christine Le

It’s always something with this car wash been here 4 times never coming again . They never do things right . All 4 times I have to go back again so they can get the job done .

Calen Hamilton

Fantastic car wash to go to. Not only did they clean the outside but they vacuumed the inside and hand dryed the outside. They had wonderful service. 10-10 would recommend to someone else

emma gilliano

Took two of our cars in yesterday and the third one today for a wash and all of them came out great! WOW!

morris akeen

Its great to go somewhere to have your car washed and it would come out so clean!!!! Not only this place cleans my cars well, but they make you feel comfortable and even have holiday music playing throughout the lobby. I live about 4 miles from them but well worth the drive.

richard mason

It is hard to find a car wash with such attentive employees. I was taking out the trunk rubber mat so the guy could vacuum underneath and before i was able to take out the mat entirely out, out of no where another employee who i believe looked like a manager grabbed the mat from me, scrubbed it, dried it with air really clean, vacuumed underneath, put the mat back, and even thanked me for coming in. I have used them for two years now and they are always courteous and do very well with all of my three cars.

Tiffany sutherland

So helpful! So kind! When no one would help me, they took the time to help out! This momma could not have done it by myself and I sincerely appreciate the time and help!!!

AnnMarie George

The manager John is awesome! Excellent service! They really care about their customers. If we ever have an issue John helps us out.

Carlos Mercado

Apple car wash is one of my favorite spots! Centrally located, different car detailing packages to choose from, and I even got the crack on my windshield fixed by a super nice guy named Abraham and it was free! I'm here all the time and highly recommend this place to anyone that loves keeping their car clean!

Jennifer Byrne

Happy with availability, speed, and package choices. Staff was supper friendly and helpful. Not really happy with the vacuum job. There were several large items left in between seats. Would recommend and go back.

Ben Nowak

This place is excellent when it come to cleaning and money. Definitely recommend coming here every time to get a good clean.

Alex DeLaTorre

No matter what your car wash needs may be, simply ask about what it is you need when you are greeted by the awesome sales associates and the Apple Car Wash team will make it happen. I’m always super satisfied with the service and quality washes this establishment always provides. I will continue to bring my car here and I encourage anyone reading this to see for yourself what the Apple Car Wash experience has to offer!

Josh Chilo

Great job. Quality wash

Hayat Mubarak

I had my camera washed and the engine detailed and came out fantastic.

Tifanne Clark

I had an amazing experience! Everyone was extremely helpful and kind. John was so nice!! I absolutely recommend Apple Car Wash!

Mike Harvey

This was the second time i took my car in for detail. They are friendly and do a great job. I also like their shuttle service, very convenient.

Dan Rentschler

The Team at Apple Car Wash and LUBE were courteous and professional in caring for my vehicle. I had a complete vehicle service including an Oil Change and Car Wash. Very Competitively priced. I drove from Sugar Land because I heard this was the place to get treated right. Thank you John, Al and Frank you are First Class people.

Elizabeth Dinnn

This has been the best car wash experience ever! I spoke with John and he was very informative on the differences between the different car wash packages they offer and not pushy in any way to go for the more expensive packages. Just kind and informative. In fact I asked about the package that comes with the extra attention to bug removal (Gold package) but John told me I didn’t really need it. Wow! You mean you’re not pushing me to buy extra for something I don’t need? I went with the Silver package and it was perfect for this weeks needs of my car. I must say that my favorite part about this car wash place though, is their tipping system. I was impressed that if you wish to tip, they have a place to put your tip in. Any other place where I’ve had to hand it to a person, I always leave wondering if they shared the tip fairly. I shared a picture of their tipping system. Thank you for a great wash and excellent experience! I’ll be back!

Bill Harvey

I have two hand wash memberships here and enjoy coming here a lot. If you find issues, they are more than happy to fix them without complaining. Try that somewhere else! This company loves to build relationships, so go in with that in mind. they will strive for return business. Just communicate and give them a chance. You can only be good as your best employee. Bill

Jaime Leazar

Great prices and great service! The only place I'll bring my car to get washed and cleaned out. And they offer a 48 hr rain check!

Sean Daniels

I have been here for a full service wash a dozen or so times since they opened and for the most part things have been OK. Like any car wash, its never "perfect", but i am also aware that if i want perfect, then i should do it myself. But what has disappointed me the last few times i have gone and done the "self drive" wash is that my vehicles have been left unclean and smelling horribly inside. As an example, i went yesterday to get the bird poop washed off. Almost all of it is still on my truck. But my truck also smells like rotten stagnate water inside too. My AC was set to outside air and the wash has a very stagnate smell inside (unlike other washes that put fragrance in their soap). So, i guess its time to go back to Hula or maybe find another place.


Clean car wash! 10\10 recommended

Travis Lee

Terrible service. Brought in my one of one cammed suburban and their are employees that works their that know how to drive these type of cars now the manager on the other hand “ALI” was his name told me okay and accepted that I only wanted 2 people to drive it well then some random worker started driving my cammed car around with no experience and could have ruined the transmission. I told Ali I was very upset and decided to drive the car thru myself. Then 2nd visit I pull up haven’t even said anything yet and he tells me he will not wash my car because I was disrespectful and that I can not control who drives me car and to never come back. I will not be returning to this car wash! CAR ENTHUSIAST BEWARE! All of this could have been avoided if he let the people who said could drive my car drive like he agreed? How can he be mad at me for something he agreed to doing then gets mads at me when he doesn’t do what he said he would.... “UPDATE” so they are upholding their manager Ali if he did what he promised their wouldn’t be a problem. But that’s fine I can always just buy a monthly plan and drive it thru myself

arron weisman

This is a one stop shop and i love it. Not only i got my state inspection and oil change but i also had my car washed. They did an amazing job!

Veronica Simpson

There were four scratches on the hood of my car and they came out. They did a fantastic job overall.

Zohaib Hassan

Just got a detail on my car, I gotta say what an amazing job! The team is very polite & excellent. No complaints at all, much better than car washes around town.

Emmanuel Tabe

Safi and the staff take good care of our cars. He and the staff take care of their customers. This is a car wash I will refer anyone to. Good job safi and the rest of the crew. Keep up.

Melissa Wilson

We love Apple Car Wash! We’ve been coming once a week for about 3 years. The price per month for a membership is fantastic. The outside is always washed and the inside is vacuumed and wiped clean. The wait can be long but we always bring something to do or lunch to eat so we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Always satisfying to jump in the fresh car afterwards

B More

Clean and quick service and super friendly!

Ima Luthier

Excellent service, extremely happy with the cleanliness of my vehicle when finished. Any minor issues or incompletions are handled quickly without question and with enthusiasm, they seem to pride themselves on their work.


I bought their Golden Apple wash plus leather cleaning. Very courteous quick service. At the end the car was reasonably clean for the money although there were some bird related leavings that they did not get. I thought that purchasing …

Nathan Wilson

Amazing prices and fast service

Diana Rios

AWESOME service and reasonable pricing. Safi did a good job explaining the packages.

Henry Ogbalor

Decent service and folks....could do better though.

Sherine Titus

They have different packages for what you want to do with your ride. I got one of the mid level packages. They did an awesome job of cleaning the inside and the out. They do some hand detailing as well. After you deliver your car, you go and wait inside--and can see the car as it passes through the automatic part of the carwash. They did an awesome job. There's even a "rain-check" on your receipt--that if it rains in 3 days of your visit, they'll rewash the car for free. Sweet! Will visit again.

andrew boswell

Went there for the first time and i was impressed how clean my SUV came out. I like the lobby area and the cashier was very nice. Overall i give them two thumbs up and will go back again.

james woodard


sasha popov

They are very attentive to their customers.I love to come here.

Kevin Best

They pay attention t ok the outsides but they cheat on cleaning the insides. My seats were still dirty and the trash was still there after the golden wash. Dlgolden wash, yeh right

Martha Gibson

So i went to google and typed car wash near me and Apple Car Wash popped up and upon reading some of the reviews i was kinda hesitant to go but they definitely are wrong as soon as i pulled up i was greeted with a friendly smile the whole staff was very nice i even signed up for there loyalty program which was free of charge and you get points you can redeem for free washes. So said all that to say this 5 out of 5 stars i rarely write reviews but this place definitely deserves one!!! And my car came out perfect best bang for your buck.


Nice staff. You get what you pay for.

lisa murray

I took my truck to a shop for an oil change about 4 months back and was told my truck needs brakes with a cost of $600. It didn't sound right since my truck is a 2017 ford with only 20000 miles. So i took it in for a second opinion at this car wash at their lube station and they told me the brakes were fine, one of them even showed them to me. I went back yesterday for their full detail and they did a fantastic job. They are honest and create good service.

leah tamayo

Took my car in for an oil change and a wash. They're very nice, informative, and did a good job. Nice to know i can get everything done at one place.

sarah wojak

First time at this car wash and extremely satisfied! My car is always a disaster because of my two children. I went in with a disastrous car and left with practically a new car! Thank you!!



Irma Gonzales

Very friendly and helpful.

William Jay Henderson

Not the fastest out there but great service

Merry Studdard

My neighbor told me they do a good job so I took my granddaughter with me and headed to this car wash. We were sitting outside watching the gentleman who was cleaning my car. He did such an amazing job that I went and told the supervisor how clean my car was. My neighbor was so right. My granddaughter liked the inside decorations too.

J.Ruben Avila

This carwash is okay compared to other carwash businesses I've been to. The people drying and adding tire shine look extremely lazy as if they don't want to do it and do a not so great job. This isn't my first time coming either I've came a few times as I live down the street but they need to step it up.


We have been using this car wash for over a year. They clean our cars, do maintenance as well, and do a good job. Today they did an oil change but as iwas about to leave, they noticed one tire was flat. I told the lube manager i would put on the spare on myself but he insisted that he and his coworker will do it for me and at no charge. I even wanted to tip them both but they wouldn't take it. AMAZING!AMAZING!AMAZING!

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