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REVIEWS OF White Bridge Auto Wash IN Tennessee

Justin Waters

The best

Eric Cepress

On my visit, I requested the Complete Package detail service. After several hours, my car was returned to me with damp seats and I was given impractical instructions on how to dry them. There are water streaks on my windows, obstructing my visibility outside the car. Upon handing my keys over, the service person found obvious dirt marks which he hastily, yet inadequately, wiped down. This detailing drastically fell short of my expectations for a $180 service.

Terry Proffitt

My vehicle was cleaned but I felt the charge was high. I had added a tip to my charge and as I watched I actually saw the guys wiping down my car take cash out of my console or thought I did. Later as I reached my destination I checked and sure enough all my mad cash was taken from the console which had no reason to be opened at all. I find this disheartening, disgusting and unacceptable. Stealing is just plain wrong. I most certainly will never be back. Perhaps the employees should be paid enough so they don't feel a need to steal from customers?

John Warren

Great carwash! Staff was so helpful and went the extra mile!

Geraldine Floyd

Windows werent cleanex properly and when I call back the young lady told me someone was going to call me and no one still hasn't called to this day that's been 2 weeks ago

Gregory Horton

Lot of workers but they are rushing to get so many cars done the job is haphazard. They rush you in and out so fast no time to check out the job before you leave.

Gail D

Best car wash on my side of town that I know of. Been using them since 2005. Glad they are growing.

Margaret Granderson

Their too busy talking my windows never clean completely

Allison Pulcini

Never had a bad experience. My car always looks brand new inside and out. Great value also, they could charge more for the full service clean they do especially in Nashville. Also time is money...I love being in and out without having to do anything in less than 30 min

Brent Grunfeld

I feel my vehicle always gets cleaned well inside and out. Even though they are very busy they get you in and out. I go out of my way to get my vehicle clean here

Juliann Grill

Quick and super clean!

Jason Boyd

The customer service could be more happier with customers. Signs should be updated if price has changed. I came in for leather conditioning sign reads 79.99 got charged for 89.99. The workers outside are quick and polite.

Matt Collins

Good old-school car wash with good service. Line can be long at times, but it moves pretty quickly.

Scott G

Great service, honest employees and car comes away squeaky clean!

Whitney Slade

I'm not sure why I couldn't drive my own car through the wash, but it ended up being fine.

Elizabeth Spitznagel Rose

I get #2 and it's a good solid clean, inside and out, for $24 (incl tax). They have a small army cleaning cars - it's really impressive. A small bonus - if it rains within the next 3 days, you can return (bring the receipt) for a $1 baisc wash.

Jason Patterson

Great place! They do a great job with everything. I go there at least two times a week. Great staff.

Brad Hill

I come here quite a bit and get good service. Yesterday I came in and after going though the wash my truck was not clean. I told the lady at the front and they hurried to address the issue, clean some hard stuff out of my truck bed and get it dried and ready. They care about high quality service.

Fitness Lady

They detailed the inside of my car & trunk, it looks brand new. I will visit again.

David Sivils

they put a lot of effort in. very good customer service.

Marissa Branch

Forever the best Nashville auto detailing. I will never go anywhere else.

Kayli Krasnow

They are usually quite busy on Saturday mornings, but late in the afternoons during the week, I’m in and out within 30min when having my car thoroughly cleaned. They do a great job w the cleaning!!

Sonia Pizzi

No matter what the service you pay, the $21 or $29 they still won't properly wipe it inside. Or better said yesterday they did a fantastic job on one of my cars, today everything(with small exceptions) was dirty on the inside. So depending on who's willing to work or not that day. I called and I received an explanation why the car was half dirty half clean, imagine that I wasn't happy. They always want more money, so this customer ain't coming back, avoid!!!

Stephen Davis

Extremely impressed! They are very efficient with their system and pay great attention to detail to make sure nothing gets missed - inside or out. I got the basic full service wash, and except for when it was being washed and waxed, there were never any less than 4 people working on my car simultaneously to vacuum the interior, hand dry the exterior, and hand clean my windows, dash, console, seats, etc. Everyone was very pleasant and professional, and all stages of the service are set up in a way where you can watch your car being pampered. You have yourself a loyal customer!

Elizabeth Kelly

I pay $25 to get my car washed the carpet was not very clean on the and the car was still 30 the front and I paid extra $3 for the tire being shine up and I didn't like it

Zach K

Not a good value for the money... and absolutley no consistency in cleaning!!

Aubrey Hord

Awesome customer service. Couldn’t be happier

Todd Hodges

I went here to get my interior and exterior cleaned. They left dirt on the side of the passenger seat that I will need to clean myself. They also never informed me that my car was ready. Instead they left it running right next to their cleaning station for about 20 minutes. I had to ask around to find out if it was done yet while other people were being told that their car was ready to go. The workers outside obviously did not have any customer service training as they were rude when I walked out there to get my vehicle. They also changed my radio station and left the volume on high. I never leave bad reviews, but this experience deserves less than 1 star if it were possible.

Stephen Wright

Good facility, nice people, service and product are excellent but if they are busy be calm and relax. If you are a perfectionist the $28 package is for you. Full range of services.

Michelle Kevorkian

Yeah, my car is sooooo clean now!

Al Demby

My girlfriend and I needed a place to vacuum out the back glass that had been busted in after having our car ransacked by a thief. These folks not only vacuumed the glass but provide a piece of plastics and take to secure it at no charge. They are a Godsend!!

Carla Suarez

This place is very disappointing. I had dog hair all over my floor and there excuse was “with the amount of people behind you we can’t stand there and clean for fifteen minutes.” My car was covered in dog hair and my extremely overpriced $25 car wash apparently was not worth the extra few minutes to make me a satisfied customer. Honestly, the biggest joke. I do not recommend anyone to spend their hard earned money for a mediocre job. The manager Brett/Brent didn’t seem to care whatsoever. I recommend ANY other car wash service. Do not waste any time or money at this establishment


Love it

Chandler Ross

Nashville doesn't have many options for dedicated car washes. This one has been around for quiet some time and they do a great job. I feel like they are slightly overpriced but it's not a huge deal.

Julie Herring

I have been coming here for the last 18 years .. Their quality of cleaning cars has gone down hill considerably over the years andand is way overpriced. I got the karls wonder wash and it was extra to have my seats and doors "wiped down" $4 extra for the doors and $4 to have the seats "wiped down". Just spent$37 on a car wash that looks like a 2 year old could have done better.

M Phillips

The best car wash on the side of town

Feeby Molina

WASTE of time...DON'T take your car here. Every time I have to mention places they missed to clean, once again, had to wipe my windows myself. I've been a customer for YEARS, they were super rude and lazy today. I complained to the manager and didn't seem to care. LAST time I spend a dime in this car wash. Super expensive. NOT WORTHY.

Doug Duddles

I've been looking for a good car wash around here for a while. I've got a lifted Jeep Wrangler with a soft top, so I'm cautious about where I take it. But they did a great job on it! It was quite busy when I was there, but the staff was friendly and they managed to get people through pretty efficiently. And, it wasn't a rush job, either. They took care to thoroughly clean and dry the whole vehicle, including the spare tire on the back. This will be my go-to car wash from now on.

Caroline Flynn

This place does a great job and it's usually quick!


If I could, in any possible way, rate this place slower than one star I absolutely would! I used to use this for car washes all the time back about 10 years ago. Back then it was a pretty reputable outfit, other than your typical stealing change, not vacuuming under floor mats, smearing the windows and oh yea, God Forbid they roll the windows down an inch to fully clean them the same old same old. Well upon my visit today, in a brand new to me top of the line Ram 1500 Laramie, they damaged the front door pocket on the driver side severely!!!! Upon return to me it was glaring and was not there 20 minutes earlier. Management refuses to do a damn thing about it stating that that was pre-existing. I haven't had the truck for a month and I can guarantee you that I would have known if this was there. Posting a photo! On top of all of that everybody from the cashier to the wipe down crew are rude, short with you, and none of them want to be there you can tell the minute you walked through the door! Talk about a place it's going down hill!!! I $30 Car Wash and now I've got to buy a new pocket for my passenger side door ridiculous! We've come to learn unfortunately that there's no such thing as customer service in this world anymore but I'll be damned if we have to put up with customer service -! I have posted a couple of pictures here showing the damage to the door panel. I mean if nothing else don't deny something that is glaringly your fault. I'm a very reasonable person and realize there's probably not a lot they can do about that maybe offer me a free damn car wash or something. But to flat-out deny that you did it udderly ridiculous! Sad thing is I started a business with a fleet of 20 vehicles and they just lost one heck of a potential customer! Not a whole lot of choices here in Nashville for a full-service car washes, and this place makes me want to open my own across the street and put them out of business!

Tiffinney Rhodes

They are overpriced and they don't do a very good job.

Donghuan Fu

Good but not impressed for what they charge. I chose the most expensive car wash as I hadn't done one for ages. Prior to pulling my car in, I was told that it will take about 20-30 minutes, which made me think that it will be a thorough clean. It actually took significantly less than that (around 15min). I checked after I got the keys back, it looked good as the exterior was clean. Though when I got home later, I saw hair under the mats and seats. I guess you could call me finicky, but for a 31+plus tip car wash, I expected something better.

Steve Munoz

Quick service and a great car wash. Car remained clean for awhile. This will be my go to place.

Gequita Roper

This was my first visit to the car wash and it most certainly will not be my last. From the time I arrived everyone was extremely helpful and accommodating, from the outside receptionist to the young men vacuuming and detailing the car. I have never had my car washed before and I was in for a treat. My Ford Taurus looked better today than it did when I bought it

valeria rucker

I was very disappointed. This place used to be really good years ago. The last 2 times I have visited I have been unhappy. It seems nothing is wiped down on the inside of the car. The employees are not very happy and do not take pride in their work. After I paid for the most expensive option. I will not be back

Alexis Maher

Excellent car wash! Will be back to try their detailing.

Jacob Pawelczyk

Good car wash, they have plenty of services available from washing to detailing and everything in between.

Theresa Bogema

I always use this company. Excellent service every time.

Jason Martin

I have been a customer for many years-- great product, nice folks -- but the recent price increase (17%) is too much for me. $24 plus tax and tip, and you don't even get any shine on the tires or the trunk vac'd. Too expensive.

Kelcie Hannah

I used to really like this place but I've been EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED lately. Seems they are less worried about washing your entire vehicle and more worried about squeezing every dollar they can out of you. The packages they now offer aren't even what I specifically need but they didn't care at all to help me find the best solution. My car looked ok but not great. I'll definitely find somewhere else to take my car until they get back to doing DECENT busy. - such a shame.

Shelley White

These guys are great. Fast, friendly and they do a great job. Always a shiney car when I leave!

Ian Fraser Dawe

Great service from a professional team

Peg Stokel

They have always done a top rate job

Amelia Rousseau

I wish they did a better job but I guess you get what you pay for. They always forget to wipe my back third set of windows in my hatch back and I always have to ask them to do it. I am pretty sure they only towel wiped down the outside of the drivers side because when I got home the passenger side hadn't been wiped down. So they only wiped down what I saw when i got in my car.

Nunya Business

Nothing special. Smith brothers is much better.

Gregory Mitchell

Always do a good job washing my car, however they need another cashier to cut down on long lines to pay for washing your car wash.

Luke Dixon

Great car wash. I got the cheapest one and it looks fantastic.

Jeff Norin

A little dissappointed in the internal and external cleaning. Doors were not cleaned inside and seat were still dirty. Various external spots missed, should have checked before i left.

Patricia Villalta

I stopped coming here over a year ago because the detailing sucked. I tried them again for a full interior detail recently on a very dirty truck, and the work was impeccable. I've detailed my vehicles many times over the years at various places in different states, and I was genuinely impressed with the level of cleaning and detail. I will come back and will update on whether this level of service is consistently provided.

John P. Lawless II

Full service detail shop with an automatic curtain and brush driven wash room. A wide variety of services available from interior detail to exterior buff and shines. Worth it if you want to pamper yourself. Country trinket shop on the inside where you can pay and wait.

Alfred Johnson

Good Car Wash.

Tatenda Makoka

Horrible! Dont waste your time. Outside of my car trunk was still visibly dirty and interior was not wiped down either! Paid for the highest car wash available and was extremely disappointed. When i asked the manager why these were left undone he said they’re too busy today and have too many cars. He Didnt even offer to correct the issue. So WARNING! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE that’s actually worth your money because this place could care less about doing a good job.

Tyler King

They do a great job! Friendly and detail-oriented.

Melodie Davids

White Bridge Road car wash best place to get your car detailed by far. Prices are pretty good depend on what you want done to your car. If you need a pretty clean car go see the people at White Bridge.

A s

Everyone here was super friendly and my car was detailed and cleaned up really good and really fast!! I will definitely be revisiting the next time my car needs a good wash an detail...these guys an gals get the job done right!

Carol Pierce

I didn't recognize my vehicle when I got it back. I dropped off a filthy, gross, smoker smelling, ash filled van (not mine). When I returned to get, it was amazing! There was no sign of any of the filth I mentioned above. These people know what they are doing. I will be a repeat customer.

Michael Burcham

Try to use only lane 2 and 3. Lane 1 is pretty bad. Lane 4 is by far the worst and will take you twice as long to get in the cue to have your car cleaned. So you really have to be patient if you get stuck in one of those lanes. They do a very nice job once you’re started, but it’s one step above chaos between getting your ticket and the crew starting on your vehicle.

Haskell Tidman

Getting really expensive. They do a good job.

Roger Ainley

Currently closed, all new equipment getting installed. Have been there several times before, looking forward to reopening.

Amanda Broadway

disappointed. had to go back because after pulling away i saw the dash was still pretty dusty. when i pulled up my seats in the back that fold down there was obvious debris on seats. i paid for the most expensive package - thought i’d get better quality. most frustrating thing is that my phone mount that was in my air vent is gone. i checked all around and under my seats thinking maybe it got knocked off during cleaning but it’s nowhere to be found.

Kendall Green

Fantastic job! Employees were extremely friendly and they did a great job on my suv- inside and out. I had a crazy amount of dog hair in my car and my seats were filthy. They spent extra time making sure they got everything and didn't charge more. Definitely the best car wash in Nashville!

Kelly Greer

Heard great things but wasn't overly impressed

Ron Luchetti

They do a great job, but wanted car waxed an went 3 times...each time they said they could only do washes that day

James McSnames

I went in with my junker of a car that had not been cleaned (inside or out) in at least seven years. They did an admirable job of cleaning it. It would have been easy to tell if they hadn't! They got under seats, under mats, and wiped everything down. I did not feel as if I had to wait very long given the level of service. Being an old car, the car wash ripped off the reflective portion of my side view mirror. The manager, Paul, paid to have it replaced. It seems like it would be prudent to push in people's side view mirrors before going through the wash, but if he replaced it that's all that really matters.

Russell Barnes

When I worked near hear this was the car wash I used. I had to go to Nashville today so I returned to get their great treatment.

Diana Dziuba-Wielga

Jusr got an exterior wash but it was fantastic! Quick and easy. Nice gift shop inside while you wait.

Maximilian Leuze

I loved it!

Teresa Overstreet

Ask for Richard to detail your car. He does a great job.

Van Garrett

Good Service , Good Work and Fast.

Anna Babler

After having my seats shampooed the dash, doors, console, and brand new car seat were covered with soap residue. I brought it back to be wiped down and was told I didn’t pay to have my console cleaned so they didn’t need to wipe it down. After explaining more than once that they made the mess, the man wiped down a few areas but most of the residue is still there. I left with my car dirtier than when I brought it in. Definitely not worth the money.

Nikki Boleyjack

Crappy job for $31.00. Complete rip-off. Dashboard and windows don't look like they have been touched. Clearly, they don't care about the quailty of their work. I won't be back.

charles westbrook

I work here

Stacey Castillo

Good job cleaning, but I had water spots on my car after leaving.

Ernesto Ramos

It's been awhile since I've stop by to get my car washed here and I saw a new renovations good customer service it was clean and one of the workers even help me clean some of some hard stains that were in my car I graciously thanked him with the tip

Jana P

I have been getting my cars washed here for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They do a great job. Not perfect, of course, but I haven't found any place that is. I refer everyone here.

Bill Thorsberg

Super fast service during a busy time, great attention to detail and price is right

William Kimball

Best car wash & detailing services within the Tri-State. I've been going to White Bridge Auto Wash for 20 years! Great service, great people!

Heather Bacuum

THEY STEAL YOUR STUFF. I came in for a full auto detail and interior cleaning. Their prices are quite high, but my vehicle was ready for a full tune up so I went ahead with it. The cost ended up being the least of my worries though. I get my car back, and my sunglasses, radar detector, and watch are all missing from the car!! They claim they have video cameras and saw their employees put everything in a bag to be put in the back of my car, but nonetheless they were somehow able to slip my most valuable items into their own pockets! If that wasn't enough, they broke the hinge on one of my doors, presumably when trying to clean it. This caused $150 in repairs at the mechanic. When I raised both of these to their attention, the owner told me "good luck" and that none of it was their fault. I can't believe this place gets any business with customer service like that. Other than that, the cleaning was pretty good, but I will never ever step foot within 100 feet of that place ever again.

John Fields

You have to watch them closely. l had to tell them twice to do what I had paid for: Tire & bumper dressing plus thoroughly wiping dry. Being disabled in my wheelchair, I could not get out to inspect my van completely.

Lauren E

Huge fingerprints all over my doors, there is still dog hair all over the inside as well.

M Shane Hamilton

Great car wash...RIDICULOUS increase in pricing...I guess catering and taking what the millennials will pay....Brent a great manager!!

Timothy Mena

Just a good old fashioned Car Wash like you'd expect kind of pricey but you get what you pay for.

Rex Cope

More expensive than many other car washes, but you get what you pay for. They even clean the interior and dry by hand. They also have a great detail shop, but they can be booked over a week in advance, so you have to set an appointment early.

Jay Wall

I’ve been this Carwash for a couple years now. They are quick. My ONLY problem is when you spend $30-40 for a Carwash and you pull out to leave, you have TIRE SHINE splattered down the side of your freshly washed car. C’mon guys, it don’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure this out. Wipe the tires off!! Please and Thank you!

Chesney Spivey

I walked away from my last car wash here feeling guilty as if I had stolen something. I left with a spotless car that should have cost me 3x the amount I paid. I brought my filthy and disgusting unwashed car to them covered in dog drool and lucky charms scattered on my floor boards. I drove off in my super clean car honestly debating if I should go back and pay them more for the awesome job.

Myra Broslat

Great job every time

Clara Molina

I've been taking my car there for years and I'm a fan. If you point a spot they missed they will fix it right away. PLEASE, take some cash with you to tip the guys.

Setter Read

Great friendly service. Quick with cleaning the car once it arrives out of the bay.

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