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REVIEWS OF MILES The Auto Spa IN Tennessee

Jeff Sowell

About two months back, I had a terrible experience at the Baker's Bridge location. The manager reached out and offered to re-wash my vehicle. I was so put out by the lack of detail, I just did not go back. Well today, I returned to have yet another "lackluster" experience. I got an M2, which costs right at $40. The vehicle goes through and then some maniac floors my vehicle to go about 20 yards. It sets there, in the sun, and never gets toweled off (maybe that is extra). When they finally get to me, it is sun dried, and no attention paid to the fender wells, the windows are streaked, etc. PLUS...the floor mats have not been touched. I asked and was told that was an extra charge....hmmmm.....$40??? Oh, and the dude racing vehicles out of the wash......he did the same to a Cadillac SUV while I was waiting for my vehicle and must have stopped and slammed it into park so hard that something dis-engaged. It would not go into gear and remained there as I left. started out great, but it is obvious that your growth has made you not hire the right persons nor pay attention to the details that made you successful in the beginning. Heck, for not much more money, I can have a mobile unit come to my house and not waste the time and gas to get to your location.

Emily Kirby

My husband and I recently went down to one car, and I was less than excited about driving his messy car around. The staff was very helpful in their recommendations about cleaning the interior, and now I feel much better about sharing a car.

Brent Cummings

Good wash. Wish they weren't so backed up today because I really needed a full detail, but I'll get it next time.

Tom Daniel

I purchased a used car and paid 130 for the M5 detailing. The outside looked ok but the inside was horrible. I could have gotten the same service for 16 bucks down the street. Do not recommend.

Avery Allen

Best car wash in the area! We've been going here for quite sometime now and we've always been pleased with their service.

Gabriel Sterling

Over priced and very little attention to detail.

AskdrVictoria Hart

Always helpful. Love it!

Zoe Alexander

Paid for full service inside and out. Friendly staff but i felt rushed and i asked about the dog hair that was in my car doesnt look like they did much .. And he acted like he didnt wanna clean the reamining hair out, but told me what i could use to get it out. I didnt pay the amout I paid for you to tell me what to use to get it out..helpful but not what im paying the business to do. Also there was splashes of drink that i personally spilled and doesnt look like they wiped it down at all. Only thing positive about this was my windows were sparkly. Other then that, not impressed. I will not be returning.

Daniel Whitmer

No self service vacuums! All I need is the cheapest rinse and be able to vacuum my car. I bought the cheapest thing for $10 and I couldn’t vacuum my car.

gary reid

I have been a member since it's opening and they are by far the best in town. I pay $69 a month and I go as often as I want, which I do, by the way... Lol. However I sometimes wish they could minimize the 45 minutes to an hour turnaround time...But sometimes it's worth the wait to get it done right


Not happy at all! Was told a 30 minute wait and took 1 hour and 15 minutes! I know they were busy but to top it off I got in my truck and there are hand prints on the windows and water spots all over the truck. Had to get the kids or would have said something. Second time being there and will be last and will NOT advise anyone to go.

Brandie Colson

I just wanted to let you know that I frequent the location on Mallory Station and Mr. Alfredo Hernandez that works there is AWESOME!!! He does an amazing job detailing the car after it has been washed. Every time that I go by there, I hope that I get him to wipe down my car and dress my tires. You can tell that he really cares about the job he does and it shows as well! Kudos for having such an awesome guy working for you all! Thank you Miles and Mr. Hernandez!!!

Vladimir Kovtun

They use the automatic wash. Even if you ask for hand wash. Also they scratched the wheel, right after I asked to be careful with the rims riding on the automatic rail. Now they are telling me it was there before. Didn’t even refund the money. Sorry you just lost your business. Would defiantly not recommend. Come here if you want extra scratches and dings at this place. That’s just not how you do this business.


This place has gone down hill with there service. In my experience this place has been a waste of time.

Carol Anger

I have been there 3 times and have had wonderful results. I had one minor issue involving windows that had film on them when I had left. The next two times I mentioned it to those who work on my vehicle when it goes through the cleaning process. The results were perfect..My philosophy is that if you don't make mention of what displeased you, I am doing a disservice to the whole. Once I explained what I was not happy with a particular work (with respect ) they were totally complied and took care of it. I will happily continue using Miles Car Wash.

kevin shamonsky

I pull up to this place at 1PM on a Saturday afternoon to get a detail committing to pay no less than $70 mind you. I tell them I am fine with dropping it off and leaving it until they close at 6pm (5 hours later). They tell me they are "too busy." Wait a sec...isn't this the business you are in?....and don't you close at 6pm? I work for a large company of 1,000+ people less than a mile from you in Cool Springs...I'll be sure to share all my co-workers what a disappointing experience this was....Very disappointing!

Kim Argentati

Awesome car wash! Definitely worth the price!

Jay Wasack

I have been going to Miles for some time and overall I'm ok with the service. In the recent weeks I have noticed that their "turbo dry" blowers were not removing water as efficiently as in the past. I just brought my car to be washed and this one is a dark color. The car looked terrible because of all the water spots left on it. I had to clean it up. I suspect this is to entice customers to use the more expensive service which includes towel drying..... I think I'm done with them.... UPDATE: Ownership sees their reviews and cares about their customers. Owner reached out, created a solution to my problem. Way to go Miles Auto Spa.

Richard Harvey

Great customer service and management. Many options available including wheel and dent repair. Excellent detail shop.

Mustafa Mohammed

worst experience, I asked for M5 service - cost $105 - waited for 2 hours but the car was not even washed properly, when asked they said with M5 service this is all you get. When I asked about all the services included in M5 they said everything is done including waxing and buffing. I came home and have to wash the car myself to remove simple dirts. I paid $105 for nothing. Not allowing me to select 0 rating

Eryn Crawford

Really like Miles, especially their big buffer at the end of the wash!

Kenneth Coleman

Maybe the third time I have come to Miles to have truck detailed, that the "detail" guys had left for the day. This time I had my mom follow me in order to get hers done. So, at 5:00pm on a cloudy/rainy day the only people who can detail have disappeared once again. So after I cleaned everything out of cup holders, back seat, under the seat, etc. and loaded the baby up in order to have inside detailed, their "detail" guys are gone. When I mentioned this has happened before, the girl at drive up said it was first come, first serve. Now, there is no one else waiting or in the lot (raining). When we walk in, (because we drove 30 minutes from Spring Hill to have insides cleaned) I counted six guys sitting at a table around what I assume was the boss. I'm guessing those guys have not graduated to detailing yet! I assume they have such a thriving business that the $35 (the last $35 from myself) and the $35 from my mom was enough, even though we had both came planning on spending three times as much. I normally don't take being burned this many times to change but will be finding another detail place or will do it myself. And, I never waste my time with post like this, but after getting everything out of my truck, picking a day I knew they would not be busy (rain), having my mom follow me, packing up the baby, and on and on and on.....I had a few minutes to kill while they ran my truck through the car wash! And, it just keeps happening!!! The truck looked good after the standard wash, but I can definitely see where the 2.9 rating comes from!

Katrina Myatt

Great place to have a carwash, staff is wonderful

David Zopf

My 2007 Honda Odyssey went through the wash and somehow lost the side view mirror. There are signs that say 10 year old cars are not going to be repaired but they hooked me up with not only a new mirror but two more washes for free. Top notch customer service for sure!!

Chris Wall

Only great experiences having our family cars washed here for years. Cars always come out super-clean and stay cleaner longer than other places I've used. I only had one incident a few years ago with a rear wiper arm and they were quick to respond by buying a new arm from the dealer. I've not used their detail service, but love the drive-thru wash at both locations!

Mark Greunke

Miles did a great job making the inside and outside of my car look brand new. They took the time to talk and determine the best package to fit my needs. I wanted a focus on the interior and boy did they deliver. I was honestly amazed at the attention to detail and obvious level of care they took while cleaning my vehicle. I will be back for sure.

Natalie Ewers

Love Miles Auto Spa!!! Ive been taking my cars here for years and they never disappoint. Great customer service and my car is spotless. Best staff in town. They work so hard and clean so many cars daily I really appreciate Miles Auto Spa and the staff here -- will continue to support this business!!

Keith Stancil

On May 22 2019 I dropped my truck off at Miles Auto Spa in Brentwood, TN to get detailed. At pick up there were black spots across my dash (which were n0t present at drop off) where finish had been rubbed off. It appears they use a harsh agent that rubbed off the finish. I filed a complaint with, sales manager, who said he would present to owners and I would get a call. Never received a call so I called back on June 21 2019. He said my complaint was declined and they would do nothing about it. I recommend avoiding MIles Auto Spa if you don't want your car damaged.

Brian Diggs

Purchased the M2 package with extra wash on floor mats.Terrible vacuum job not to mention the entirely missed area. You could tell the entire job was done in extreme haste. Missed wipe down on areas of dash. Waste of 50$. They also decided to steal a cable from inside my car and blew it off as if the cable never existed. Won’t be taking my car back.

Talley Bookkeeping

Went in for the express interior and I added a carpet shampoo. Was told that it would take 4 hours. I was fine with that as I had brought things to work on. SIX hours and 45 minutes later, the car was finally finished. I mentioned to the cashier that it took almost three extra hours, no apology or anything. Inspected the car and there were visible items that they did not vacuum up and the cup holder was dirty. The exterior windshield was also dirty. Will not be going back.

David Jungquist

Quality detail service at reasonable prices. Website needs to provide details regarding making appointments.

David Arnold

Great value! Staff is attentive and courteous. I recommend MILES to my friends often.

Eric Hall

First time customer. Payed $25 for MX 4. Was supposed to include a towel dry And a hand buff wax. After the wash I set in line for about 10 minutes before someone came up to the door and told me I was in the wrong spot. By this time I already had watermarks on the windows as well as the car. No one ever hand dried my vehicle nor did I ever receive a buff wax. A guy came came over an did shine the tires however it look like a very sloppy job to the point I stopped at Walmart on my way home and got some under armor tire shine. Upon further expection of my vehicle I did find several dead bugs spatters on my revere mirrors as well as the front grill of my vehicle. Again this was my 1st time to this location an could been a complete miss reputation. How ever it will properly be my last time going to this location an time in the near future.

Mary Rosten

Great placw to get your car cleaned when you don't have time to do it yourself. Reasonably priced!

Jonathan Annis

If you are looking for a great place to get your car washed in Williamson County then go here. The staff is great, the guys are always attentive and walk you around your car to make sure that everything is done that you needed done. They do get a bit busy but its an affordable price for all of the services they offer. I have not tried the coffee bar but I have helped myself to looking around the shop and a coke. The sitting area is nice and cool, or warm depending on the weather outside and is a nice break from the standard car washes. I also trust the workers, some car washes I hide everything or take it with me. I left money under my seat and the guy actually brought it to my attention! Great place!

C A Stilwell

Great job and efficient. Good atmosphere for waiting on the longer or more detailed jobs. If you pay for additional services, you get your money's worth. If you want an express service, you can add on little items - like towel dry, tire shine, etc. Everyone we have dealt with has been friendly and courteous. Definitely worth the trip to their locations.

Alan Douglas

Paid $250 for full polish and wax and interior cleaning. And I honestly could have spent an hour myself and would have had a better looking car. And the wash tunnel is ok for an occasional clean but overpriced compared to other washes in the area.

Martin Kuhn

Bought the top detailing package as I wanted carpet cleaning for an old and a bit dirty car (dirty as I bought it), and I have to say, it's worth the money. I'm happy with the job, thank you guys! Maybe it would be nice, if you would be able to to select which works shall be done, as I din't too much care for exterior, for an example - something like build your own pizza :).

Josh Wick

I don't know what could make a car wash better. This place has everything you could ask a car wash location to have and then some! They thought of everything and then thought, "Let's add a shopping area for customers to pass the time easier while they wait. We'll also offer food and drinks and a large screen TV with moderately comfortable chairs. Yes, that sounds good." Need a Yeti cooler? They sell them. Need some fresh new wheels for your car? They sell them. What about a spray-in bed liner, truck bed cover, garage organization solutions, a cigar? They have all of that too... And it's in a clean, well organized facility for your shopping pleasure. Sorry no pics right now...


Great place to get your car washed in Cool Springs. Try to go when they open. Wait times can be 45 to 1 hour during peak time.


Best car wash in town

Zach K

Great service.... but almost always inconsistent!

Scott Gillis

Great amenities and very clean facility. However, the past 4 visits, I ended up waiting well over an hour and it appears that there are staffing issues. Not enough workers so the lines get backed up quickly.

Scotty Saffold

The customers are great and we as a miles family are grateful and appreciate their patience and time. A clean car is a happy car.

Robert Childrey

Nice staff, terrible wash services. Absolutely do not waste your money.

Scott Maclaughlin

Just got my Nissian Frontier washed inside and out M3 package. Not happy with the quality of the wash at all. Wheel wheels still very dirty, bugs, dirt all over the front of the truck and mirrors and dirt around the back wheels. Will not be going back for 40.00 dollars. I could have done a better job with my garden hose. I told the attendant that it looked horrible.

Matt Leddy

Haven't used the detailing services but the express wash still leaves your car pretty dirty when you're done.


This is a review that has been a long time coming, but is finally coming after a few more BAD experiences with this place. A STOLEN HANDGUN, right out of the CENTER CONSOLE in my car that was locked - September 2013. This happened as I received an M2 wash. Someone forced the center console open in my car and took my Sig Sauer handgun, then tried to cover it up by moving items around inside the center console to conceal the theft. Upon bringing this up to the co-owner/manager, the first sentence out of his mouth was, "Well, we have a lot of turnover." I was FURIOUS. This is not what I wanted to hear. He was skeptical that I was telling him the truth until I got Franklin Police involved on-site, and then provided proof of the firearm via serial number. I have never gotten any other information for the recovery of this weapon, and am absolved of the responsibility for it based on my police report - but this stings. I lost $634.00 that day to some CRIMINAL that was in the employ of this place, and there has been no effort to even say, "I'm sorry". I received a gift card for less than one half of the firearm's value (after I pressed, HARD, for reimbursement) and not so much as a "Thank you for the business." Never again, Miles Auto Wash. Stop employing FELONS.

Howard Falcon

Usually pretty good and got the Max. Got home and found that nothing was done to the interior in the back, not even vacuumed out. Very disappointed for $35.

Sean Allard

Rude, incompetent staff. Could not replace my membership card (which was stolen from my car, not even for a fee. Told me I would have to come in to the office every time I wanted to wash my car. Avoid if you value your time.

William Hartman

Reasonable pricing. They do their best to satisfy customers. Good car wash.

Elaine Stuessi

They are awesome! My car has never looked better!! Will be a permanent customer and now that the Express has opened up, it's even more convenient!

Bob Hutchins

Love this place! Great customer service, attention to detail, and their waiting area is a great place to work or relax. I wouldn't take my care anywhere else.


Paid for the M2. Supposed to be full service inside and out. They didn't even wipe everything down. I could've done a better job with a Swiffer. I would NOT recommend this business to a friend or enemy.

Zachary Bates

I was just fooled for the second time. I purchased a more expensive wash thinking it would improved but was not the case. All four wheels were still filthy. Dirt and mud was still around the wheel base. Windows were dirty. Seats were not clean. Just an overall lack of detail. This was completely not worth almost $50. I would have received the same result if I just had run it through a gas station wash. I will not be going here anymore.

Joe Cooneye

I waited one hour and a half for a M1 car wash. I'm glad it was a free birthday coupon. The completed job was terrible, but because it was a freebie, I did not complain, but I would never, And I mean NEVER go back there and pay the ridiculous price that they offer. This place is a rip- off for people who have more money than sense.

Gregory Johnson

Review update: I thought this place was awesome but last time I brought my car here it was not completely clean (some windows still dirty, water marks from not being dried, didn't completely vacuum interior). I normally wouldn't care too much but this place is expensive.

Lee Cline

Really bad no self serve vacuum you have to buy a detail pkg If you have lots of money and time to kill this is a place for you for the regular Joe looking to get his car vacuumed and washed this place is horrible

Sarah brinson

Worth your time- you need to allow at least 46 minutes!

Hank Gardner

Always good service. Just check before you leave. High volume, but miss basic details sometimes, but they will fix.

Brad Curry

1 star because I can't leave 0. Paid for a hand buff & wax, received a spray on; ok you got me. But SEVERELY scratched my Jeeps hood and doors. Even after showing them pictures from 2 weeks ago with no scratches, all I got was the scratches aren't "signature" for their equipment. I showed them IMMEDIATELY. Do not trust your car to these people. "Do what you have to do" was the final answer. I wish I could add my pictures here. Waited 2 days on the promised call from the owner, never happened.

Lydia Bianchi

Never Again! I've tried, twice, to like this company. I've been to 2 different locations in the last month and have had the same result - I have to go home afterwards and rinse off my car. I don't know what the problem is, but their formula to rinse the car isn't right. I end up with soap still on the vehicle and streaks of dirty/clean. I asked the gentleman today before going thru and he tried to say it was because I wasn't paying to have the car wiped down after going through the machine. Right... Then when I told him I wasn't buying that he said it was because the dryers weren't able to blow in every direction so there would be spots they miss. Nah... When I wash my car at home I don't do anything other than let it air dry and I never have a problem like this. Go somewhere else, folks.

Mike Souders

This place is legitimately nice. The individual washes are probably twice as expensive as they should be but the monthly unlimited is a good deal. Locations all over Franklin and Cool Springs. Highly recommend.

Beth Ezell

Wanted to get my car detailed. Went by there on a Tuesday early afternoon they said it’s drop off only come back in the a.m. Came back the next morning..same story. Who has people on call to just come pick them up at a car wash in the middle of the week?? They either are under staffed of just don’t want to do it. I think it’s the latter; they can get more customers in for a quicker service instead of using their employees on something that takes more than 30 minutes.


Great service and prices! Young lady wit glasses at checkout could’ve been friendlier. Everyone was nice but her. Deduct 1 Star for that.

Angela Waters

I was very disappointed with the service. My new car got blasted by birds during the day, so I took it in immediately after work. I was told the Full Service was the best option (my first time here). When I was told my car was ready and taken to look it over, there was still bird droppings on the top. They wiped more and I thought they got it... when I got home and in a different light, I could still see remnants from the birds on top and also on my hood. I also noted my wheels were not fully cleaned and there was a empty snack bag left in my floorboard. Based on the website, I was expecting more. I could have simply went through the express for 1/2 the price and gotten these results. I won't be back and would not recommend.

Brandon Sanders

Great looking facility, upscale rates for an upscale appearance. Quality is just as good as any other car wash, even the a la carte professional services. You pay for an upscale appearance car wash with a hand towel dry. Worth the price if you get unlimited washes for $30/mo.

Rob Chalfant

Don’t come here for a quick wash and vac , I paid 15 bucks for wash , underbody , tire shine. When I pulled around there were about 5 open vacuum stations but they wont let you use them...I got my driver side done and a guy comes over and asks if he can help me, then tells me the vacuums aren’t for customer use...zwhat? I wasn’t in anyone’s way and could have been done in about 2 minutes. S’pretentious , you’re a car wash...let people use the vacs if they aren’t in use for detailing; I’m not trying to steal air. I get that its geared toward detailing and higher end services but have vacs available for people capable of cleaning their own interior. 1st and last visit , ga gunk

Know Your Heart

Since they changed management a while back things are back to the good old days when they 1st opened. They do a great job of cleaning my car inside & out. They're very polite. You can get a good cup of coffee and watch TV comfortably in their chairs. Only negative is it is a dab pricey but work is great!

Hollie R

Completely terrible job detailing my car, Paid Over $300 to have my SUV detailed before we went on vacation, when we picked it up it looked OK but had a weird smell inside. We departed on a two week road trip the next day and every single day for 10 days a residue from whatever product they used on the interior kept becoming more and more apparent. A white sticky greasy residue is everywhere, you could see where something was sprayed ran down the door panels, into the handle areas, down the sides of the seats- everywhere....After a week on the road I called Miles and was told to bring it in - which I did the day we got back. The detail manager Donovan told me they don't have any wrong products and that we probably smeared sunscreen in the car- NOT! They "did me a favor" by wiping down the car - and still it's a mess. There is wax on the exterior that has dried, and i'm going to have to go back over their mess again on the inside- it keeps growing. Yes that's right over $300 for them to mess up my car and then tell me it was sunscreen, I am sure there are many fantastic detailers in the area who will take the time to use the correct products and use them properly.

Karen Morvai

I have had my car cleaned at Miles for some time now & they have always done an excellent job.

Jennifer Kim

Zero stars. car damaged in express tunnel. We called and sent an email. No return call (not shocking, given the abundance of 1-star reviews on multiple sites). Owner sent a self-righteous email, never admitting to anything ("we reviewed the video.... Blah, blah, blah"). I have no idea if there ever really was a video recording- kind of doubt it. Prior to this, I'd taken my car to Miles with mediocre results. The exterior was usually fine but they always missed significant portions of my interior. Just not high quality service. Unfortunately, I continued to use the service because I was too busy/lazy to clean my car myself. Lesson learned.

Sandra Dobbins

The wait is very long 38 dollars for a wash and car still not clean.

S Howard

Miles is too expensive for what is provided. I can't think of a time where I did not have to point of several corrections to my vehicle before leaving. I only patronize this place when I am extremely short on time. Cactus from Atlanta should open up shop. Miles would be a thing if the past.

Jack Brown

Truck wouldnt fit in the automatic wash. So they did a mini detail. Supposed to be inside and out. Inside was only about half done.

Ric Domenico

Usually a very long wait.

Krys H

I was excited about coming here initially after reviewing the website. I decided to get my car cleaned inside and out and didn't expect a miracle but I expected the surfaces and windows and surfaces to be wiped down. I immediately noticed the dirt if thedrink holder still there and politely asked for them to wipe it but as I got in the car, I noticed multiple dirt spots that had not been touched including half cleaned windows. I will not be returning and very unhappy with the results.

Kyle Robinson

First time here and very impressed with cleanliness and quality compared to other car wash places.

Gerald Cook

I had the monthly package for 3 months and it got worse every time. Careless interior “wipe down,” no pride in their work, and half effort.

Brenda Ervin

Perfectionist cleaning. Friendly accommodating staff. Great gift shop and snacks. A bit expensive. But, worth it.

Tim Shaner

Warm and welcome customer service. Great job on my car. Comfortable waiting area - love that they come and call your name, instead of watching for the guy spinning the rag. Reasonable prices with lots of options.

PJS 8200

1st time trying them. Just paid for exterior wash. Don't waste your money, the self serve car wash at Home Depot does a better job

Jc Caamano

I took my Mercedes there and paid for the M1 which explained it was for the Interior and Exterior....I received my car and the seats still needed to be wiped down and there ws still Debris in the crack of the seats. I was told this was an "extraction" and I had to show the attendant this was called wiping down my leather seat. My would grain panel still had dust on it from where they did not take the time to just flip it down and wipe the dust off. It was $25 with tax....worse $25 I have ever spent on a car wash. Place looks great when you walk in but not satisfied at all with the was. And I forgot to mention my wheel well still had rain mud behind the tires.......I believe this is part of my cars exterior. I didnt notice it until I got to work. Will continue to go to Smith Brothers. $25 looks like a dream there. I give it one star...the lemonade was good.........

Susan Kelton

Love the prompt, courteous service and great attitudes! And the good cleaning job too!

Mara Tyler

This place is SLOW. Also, please turn off the god-awful country music that plays LOUD and ALL THE TIME. When you wait over an hour for a car wash and have to listen to this it’s misery.

Ron Krasinski

I'm a regular customer. ..they do a stellar job. Grant Burnside and his staff are polite and helpful. I can count on their professionalism.

Kevin Rogers

There awesome, recommend getting the membership it's just more cost effective and they have 2 locations

Jerry Guel

This was my first and last time that I will use this place.... I paid $41 for a terrible wash and interior cleaning. We do have choices so don't waste your money on this place.

Kyle Decker

Great customer service and fantastic car wash! I would definitely consider the monthly membership if I lived locally.

Randy Stephenson

Excellent car wash and great people! The staff is very friendly and the environment is wonderful.

Jesse W

This past weekend my wife took our SUV to Miles Auto Spa and purchased the Full Service Plus (M2), which includes "vacuuming, ..." for $31. Once my wife arrived back home, I walked out to look at the clean car. We were both very surprised to see crumbs from our 3 year old still in the seat, inside door handles, floors, and feathers from a comforter in the back of SUV. It was though they didn't even bother vacuuming. My first thought was "we got someone on a bad day. I am sure they will make it right", so I called them. The gentleman that answered the phone quickly informed me that they DO NOT vacuum the seats, inside the door handles, cup holders or under the seats with the Full Service Plus. If I wanted that done, I would have needed to get their $60ish package. I told him that was miss leading and not sure how they will stay in business with that philosophy. That apparently hurt his pride because he only cared about telling me how much business they do. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO MILES AUTO SPA!!! Take it to one of the many other car washes around Nashville that offer a true exterior/interior wash at a reasonable price. Paying $30 at Miles Auto Spa is the same as paying $7 at a drive up carwash that offers free vacuuming. The only difference is you have to vacuum it, but at least the whole car gets vacuumed.

Kevin Goughary

Bad experience! Don't fall for the email from Miles Auto Spa that promises a free $25 gift card with ANY detail purchased. After having the $130 ($119 plus tax) exterior/interior detail done, I was told that "the owner" will not allow gift cards to be given to customers unless they purchase the "Ultimate Detail", which is of course over $200. The manager didn't care that the email expressly promised the gift card for "any detail purchased", nor that it is illegal to mislead consumers in this manner, nor that I promised to file complaints to the BBB and the TN Attorney General. Don't support people who use false advertising as part of their business plan!!

John I. Lillie

One of the better car washes I've ever used.

Pete Shook

Wasted $50. Terrible job of cleaning the inside. Didn't even sweep behind the seats or wipe off the doors or console. Will not be going back.

Robert Goodman

One of the worse car washes I have ever been too. No one seemed to care about anything. The guy up front taking your order was nice. But that is where it ended. Asked a few questions at the cashiers and the best answer they had was, "I don't know." Took 45 minutes to wash outside and clean interior and it was done horrible. I went to walk around the car to see what all was wrong and maybe they could fixed it. But the person helping me just handed me the keys and walked off. The seats didn't look like they vacuumed at all. I paid extra to have the mats pressure washed and it looked like they just wiped them off. Then stepped all over them again to make them dirty. The inside of the front window didn't even look like they tried to clean it. And the outside had a little tree sap on it. They just left it on there. When I got someone's attention to ask for a manager, they just said sorry I don't know and walked off. Guess the sign there that says you get your money back if your not happy is just a lie.

Justin Alexander

My dog is going to be so confused this afternoon when I pick him up and he doesn't see any of his hair in my car. This place is amazing.

Lauren Cramer

Horrible experience. I brought my car in to be detailed on April 8th. I paid $315 dollars and they scratched all four of my inside door panels. Of coarse they say it was like this before and they did not do this. But nobody rides in my back seat and all scratches look the same it looks like they took a brillo pad to my door panels and scratched them. The scratches are going horizontally on the entire door. I am selling my car so not only did I spend this kind of money to have my car cleaned but they ruined the interior door panels on ALL 4 doors. This is a one owner car that was in excellent condition before I left it with them. I may have to take less for my car now because of what THEY did. Only thing they said was our guys would not do this and it was like this before you just didn’t notice. I know for a fact those scratches were not there! I will never bring my vehicle back here and I recommend anyone getting the full detail to make sure and look your car over extremely well before you leave and take before pictures so you know! You can’t see the scratches bad until the sun hits it and it is horrible. I can’t post pictures on here and of coarse I didn’t have pictures before I took it in to prove so I can’t prove they did this. Don’t use this place if you want your vehicle to be taken care of. I will be filing a claim to review the videos of them cleaning my vehicle.

D Rhino

A++....Amazing Job and Customer Service. I had my car fully detailed with the full shampoo. Wow!. I left with a brand new car. The inside smelled amazing, clean and every surface was immaculate. Great experience, as I waited for my car, I had a cup of joe and read the paper. Everyone was super friendly and you could tell they want you to leave happy. Mission Accomplished! I definitely recommend having your car detailed at Miles The Auto Spa......


Staff is always friendly and courteous. The work performed is acceptable.

Larry Sampson

Joel and Carl are phenomenal! This place really knows how to clean a car.

Matt Murphy

I dropped my car off 9/25/15 for their best wash/detail. It was $250 which I typically would not spend on a wash but I'm getting ready too sell the car. I was really nervous because I happened to read other reviews AFTER I had just dropped off my car, and they were not all that positive. Anyway, they said they would need my car for 5 hours... No biggie. I went home and when they called me around 5pm it happened to be raining so I asked if I could pick the vehicle up the next day. "No problem at all" is what Damien told me. When I finally made it to the wash the next day I was walked out to my car by a manager and together we inspected the job. Honestly, it was the best wash I have ever seen. My car truly looked brand new in the interior. I have no idea how they got the stains out of my tan floor mats. There were a couple of items that I wanted redone and they immediately took care of it. Highly recommend.

Madhu Yelameli

They do a decent job. Once I got upset they did not clean the trunk but that was their policy I did not know about. The owner was really patient and explained everything and waved the charges at that time. There is really no other similar service around here to compare. Nice business model. Hope they succeed.

Melissa Harris

Unfortunately I had a poor experience here and won't be returning. The employees were very nice, but my vehicle was still very dirty even though I paid for an interior cleaning and shampooing. In addition, the area under the seats that are easy to access were not even touched. The seats themselves weren't vacuumed either. The dash was the only area wiped down well. The back seat area has quite a bit of trim with cup holders, bins, etc that wasn't cleaned at all and was noticeably dirty. The whole middle console was dirty as well. They were willing to vacuum more when I showed them the missed areas, but when I got home I noticed even more that needed to be vacuumed and cleaned. Disappointing to say the least....

Kevin Smith

I love the monthly subscription express washes. I can almost always get in and out quickly and it keeps my car looking new all the time.

Lee McCroskey

They do a good, thorough job. Expect a 30 to 45 min wait

Stephanie Marks

I cannot say enough great things about this business. The facility is amazing- coffee bar, nice waiting area, even a small boutique very nicely done. Each employee is extremely courteous and helpful. They will make ANY PROBLEM RIGHT!! This is how a business was run many years ago when integrity mattered. It can be done! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you experience Miles Auto Spa. Stephanie Marks

Joe Salacki

So far, the best full-service car wash I have found in Spring Hill /Franklin area. They have a very nice waiting area with a coffee bar and some unmanned kiosk selling various products. All in all, a nice waiting experience but I waited too long! It shouldn't take this long to wash my car.

Marshall Healy

gas station car washes do a better job, and I got the $20 deal, which is supposed to be the higher end service. No worse feeling in the world than paying for a crappy car wash.

Michael Scott Burke

Great service, full coffee bar, comfortable seating and gift shop while you wait

Suzanne Hicks

I just received my first car wash at this auto spa and was very disappointed. First, after releasing my vehicle, it was as expressed to me while paying at the cash register that it would take 50 minutes for my vehicle to be ready and when it was, it was a very poor job. I have a puppy who rides with me on occasion and when I advised the associate that there was still dog hair all over my carpet and spots that were not clean, he said it would have to be blown out and that would be an extra charge. He expressed he would be yelled at if he did this proper job of actually presenting my carpet clean. The dash was also still not clean. For the high cost full service car wash plus they did not keep their word and the commitment of great customer experience obviously is not true.

Bansir Shuruf

very disappointed. paid over $200 for detail and when I came to pickup I still had bugs on front of car and it looked like someone had walked on my back seat. Doorjambs were not cleaned and back window was not washed inside. Poor.

Lloyd Buchanan

$10 basic wash on April 27. Car not fully dried so water spots. Wheels dirty. Back of SUV dirty. Poor quality and overpriced. Buckaroo

Ed Fulcher

If you're retired, or not on the clock, or have a good book to read, it might be worth it to use MILES car-wash. I was there for 30 minutes and was encouraged by how quick the car was washed but when paid my $27 and got stepped out there …

Frank Jordan

I came by last Saturday at 4pm 2hrs before close to get a car wash, upholstery shampooing, and vacuum. They weren't able to do any more upholstery jobs for the day. I came back this Saturday at 1:30pm 4.5hrs before close - same thing. Guess you have to get there early to give them business for a full clean? Seems strange.

Allie Anderson

The only reason that there is a star here at all is because it is required to put one for a review. Went to this place to get my car detailed and they told me that there were not enough people to do it. At the turn of spring I would think that they would have their building staffed appropriately but I guess I am wrong. I will not try this place again because they were rude and the guy that "helped" me had rank breath.

Jeremy Christensen

I don't mind the wait because of the waiting area. Very nice.

Aaron Tomberlin

Yeah lacking. Used to be better. One week I had my Chevy emblem ripped off the front from there main wash. I went in and asked if I could go look for it, and no apology, they just said they’d call me if they found it. Then the next week later bought a used car- Lincoln MKX, took it in for a $125 detail, then spent another 2 hours of time my cleaning it more. Before coming in, I asked over the phone if they had a disolvent (simple vinegar works) to get gum out of a mat, and they said that type of question can’t be answered over the phone. Went in, paid the money and still told me “that’s gum, there’s no way to get it out.” So I spent $1 on vinegar, went home, and did it myself. Fool me twice. If your profession is “detailing cars”, it should look that way, and you should be able to get stuff like gum out of a mat. Sorry guys. Done with your business.

Heather Pinckard

They always do a great job at a fair price. Highly recommend!

Dylan Baldridge

Don’t waste your time or money here. Got the package that is supposed to include tire shine and my tires looked like they did before I got the wash once I was finished.. if they aren’t using tire shine what else aren’t they using? Not to mention it took 45 minutes to get a wash at the “Express” location.

Rick Kloete

I remember when Miles had the idea for this place. Bought my wife the monthly plan and get all my detail work done here. Great service, team, quality (Scotty is the bomb) and worth every penny. You get what you pay for, and I do @MilesAutoSpa Great place to get your car done right! Rick & Jenni Kloete

Werner Mendoza

This place is hit or miss. The wait time can be long and I can understand considering the volume of clientele. What I don't like it's having to point out everything that is still dirty or that needs to be wiped down. For the amount of time that is spent on my car I should be able to go from the lounge to my car.

Nav Snipe

The Staff does not hesitate addressing any issue you may have concerning your vehicle.

R3 x

Great place and does a good job with car cleaning

Stephanie Wilson

Probably the worst car wash I have paid for. I have recently moved to the area and found myself disappointed with this place being my only option other than a quicky drive through, I waited a while before giving in and going here because they already have such bad reviews and I see now why. Not only did I waste my money on the car wash, it also cost me an additional $50 for the headphones that were stolen out of my car here. So if you dare bring your car here they mean it when they say remove all items bc they are not responsible (& they will likely be missing once your car is 'clean')

Bradley Gooch

I have been going to Miles Auto Spa for 8 years now with their monthly membership. I have always had a great experience there. Grant and Rocky and the detail service team are amazing. I just bought a new Truck and took it through the wash. There were some paint chips on it and Grant noticed it while it was being dried. It was not from the car wash but something that i did to it when driving it. I was crushed that my brand new truck wasn't new anymore. Grant looked it over and advised me on how to make my new truck look new again, and promised i would be pleased knowing how OCD i am about our cars (they get washed 2-4 times a week). I dropped it off at the detail shop the next day skeptical it would never look new again. The detail guy spent over 7 hrs touching up paint and another 2 hrs waxing and buffing it. Also cleaned the interior to make it look new again. When it was finished you couldn't even tell there was paint chips and the truck actually looked better than it was when I bought it new. They did an amazing job on it and i couldn't have been more pleased. The way Rocky and Grant worked with me to handle everything was nothing short of 1st class and top notch. If anyone is looking for a great place to have your nice vehicle taken care of then Miles is the Spot to go. They always handle everything professionally and make it right no matter what. I don't let anyone else ever touch my wife's 15' Tahoe or my Ford Raptor since the day they were purchased. And they look as good as they did the day they drove off the lot. The only place i would ever go!!!!

Darren D

Nice carwash but beware it's not touchless

Dwane Crews

Almost 2 hours for a car wash. Always under staffed. Wast of money and time. I won’t be back.

Riley Labarge

Extremely slow, took 1 hour 30 minutes to get our car washed. Manager sat at his desk and played with his phone the whole time. First and last time ever going there.

Eric Frame

Couldn’t get a free wash because no one was out there by the pay gate to assist. Pulled into the wash and put the car in neutral but service attendant yelled at me that I didn’t. Won’t be coming back to be treated like that. Was about to do 2 cars of monthly washes too.

Trevais Otey

Good team of guys

Martin Beech I like this place without question. I have a membership here. Great value. The only issue I have is with the automated kiosk when I first drive in. It's impossible to use and causes a poor experience as you start the process of getting a wash only. Not sure of the cost of replacement, but making a change at that kiosk would certainly make the experience better and drive more efficiency in the front of the house.

B Nice

Amazing!!! These lovely human beings are quite flexible and accommodating when communicated with in a manner that precisely describes what your expectations are!


This place is horrible. Don't waste your time or money. When i pulled up they saw my car and I requested the m3 interior cleaning service to which I was told would be nearly 2 hrs for and they recommended the m2 service which would be 45 minutes. The m2 service wasn't listed on there info board with what all it provides. They saw the inside of my car and I said It needed vacuumed mainly from pet hair. Then 30 minutes in they come and tell me sorry we can't get the dog hair. It would have been nice to know they can't meet simple expectations up front or atleast make some sort of compromise since they fell short of there job. Not only is there stil dog hair every where but the attention to detail is pathetic. My gear shift boot has crumbs and hair all in it still, my back seat has dirty paw prints on it. I don't see how they can stay in business with such poor service.

Chastity Kessler

Had my first visit here last week and they did an amazing job! Extremely detailed and thorough - got the M1 package and was very pleased with the results for the $23 price point. Professional, friendly staff from start to finish. Will definitely return.

Bernadette Montour

Went to the Miles: Auto Spa in Franklin and was really amazed at the great service. There are also recliners and a bar to grab a beer and watch TV. Did an amazing job on my car as well. Got all the small details. Will definitely refer to friends.

DaisyLiz 432

I am always 100% satisfied when I go to Miles. Also very comfy atmosphere while you wait and it makes time go by faster.

Steven Lerman

Inspect it before driving off. They are good about fixing missed spots, streaked windows etc. Love the free wash guarantee if it rains in the next 48 hours.

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