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REVIEWS OF MILES Express IN Tennessee

Matthew saad

This is a great place to go they give out cleaning supplies to clean your car most car washes don’t do that, also they have a free vacuum

jack shook

Pretty good carwash. Gotta open at 7am. Some of us are early birds. 8am open time is like opening at 12 noon. Open at 7am and you get 5 stars.

Daniel Hobbs

The attendant today (4/27/2019) noticed that I had a lot of bug marks (a few recent long trips) so he spent extra time on them before releasing my car for the auto wash! Nice Man!!!

Will Goodwin

Great monthly subscription deals

Austin Wilburn

Marcus Baucom

Brandon Allen

Be cautious of taking your truck through this car wash! Or better yet DON’T! The truck came out clean enough but the “Buff & Shine” wheels also ripped my wiper blade off, shattering the plastic part of the blade. Not only did it ruin a 2 week old $30 Bosch Envision wiper blade, it bent the wiper arm and now the drive side wiper blade rests about an inch and a half to 2 inches higher on the windshield glass. It happened 2 days ago I just haven’t had the stomach to pull off the cowl cover and see if it actually messed up the wiper drive mechanism, stripped out the mount, or bent the actual arm but regardless it pretty it is pretty screwed up. I was irate but I have fought car washes over damage before and unfortunately the customer really has no recourse, so I just gritted my teeth and wrapped the now metal on glass wiper arm in paper towels and went to buy a new wiper blade. A $19 car wash cost me $49 plus God knows what is actually damaged in the wiper drive mechanism.

Jenna Mac

John Kilgore

Amanda Shaw

Easy to navigate. They have all purpose and glass cleaner available for use. Pleasant experience


Kyle Calvert

Not so great. They had to run the car through twice, and it still didn’t leave clean. The staff said “they get a lot of complaints on the $10 wash.” I’m sorry, but when did a $10, exterior only, wash become the ‘value, get little for your money’ wash? Any wash should at least get the dirt off all four sides.

Elizabeth Capps

Really good carwash. Got the works for $20 on my husband's car and it was DIRTY! It got it really clean except for some sap spots, which is understandable that stuff is like cement.

Rachel Powell

A nice do it yourself wash. Loved that they provided towels, vacuums, and cleaner for the interior of your vehicle. Thanks for making a task I hate doing so much easier.

Orestes Hernandez

Left my car a bit dirt

Katya Klein

Caroline Hughes

Great experience every time.

Robert Giffin

Neely Ford

Great car wash run by amazing people

Albert Pryor

Best car wash for the money, purchase the unlimited month for $19

Dasoji Revanth

this is the first time i went and had worst experience ever. My side Mirror broke. My Mercedes emblem almost got bent to the core and scratched my bonnet. and the worst thing is the manger (kenny)asked me to drive without driver side mirror for 72 hours until he reaches out to the claims dept. and for surprise they denied it saying it is old car and that is the reason mirror is broke and there are few scratches around may be this is one on those. 0 customer service.

Howard Falcon

Car was not clean could have just used a hose at home and done better. Went to vacuum the inside and the curb in front scrapped the bottom of the front bumper, car next to me had his dislodged. The full service place is great but didn't want to wait over an hour

Brian Kissee

Friendly and affordable car care.

Daniel Mangrum

Great place

Emma Statz

My car has not looked so good in years. It’s pretty old so getting it to shine isn’t always easy. I got the basic $10 wash and wow does my car look beautiful. Very happy with the results.

Matthew Mayer

Great wash, reasonably priced, long line that goes fast.

Steven Bliss

Jon Coonce

These guys have the carwash business figured out. You cannot ask for a better experience!

Hank Gardner

Jennifer Chapman

Best car wash around!!


They don't even wash your car before it goes in. They only spray one side. They don't even give me what I pay for. When I go in they're all on their phones. I mean it's good for them. Getting payed to play games.

Charissa Daman

Overpriced for the product delivered. I shouldn't have to rewash my car after a wash.

Bradley Smith

Easy to understand pricing and options. 2 pay lanes. Very quick and can sit in your car.

Mike Souders

Jenna McCarthy

Clean facilities and monthly subscription options


Jeff George

Tom Perry

Daxtyn Cook

Gives a good wash, easy to work and maneuver. The free vacuums work good as well

Rick S

Great place for a wash. At this location they give you a basket of rags and cleaning supplies. This is a much better location then the Franklin location in Cool Springs which is an Express.

EOD Gear

Great staff. Love having the unlimited car wash membership. Truck always looks great!

Frank Brown

Krista Hancock

JK Sims

Great wash good value

michael Roaden

Steve Wellmann

Mac McCabe

Love this place. I wish the attendant walked around the front of my vehicle with the power wand. Small concern. I still go once a week.

Andrew Barnes

The staff are very friendly and love cars as much as I do. I just wish the people who towel dry your cars would take a little more time to check for water spots after they are "done" drying and shinning your tires. I'm not upset by any means but $20 is alot to spend on a car wash if I still need to use detailing spray to remove both the water spots on the paint and the excessive amount of tire shine that is left on my rims after the fact.

T Maxima

Diana Mueller

Average wash, but love the detail cleaning stuff they give out.


First time at this facility and I got the basic wash for 10 bucks which is pricey compared to others that I utilize regularly. In all, my car is clean but soap was still on the vehicle afterwards and my windows were barely touched and still dirty. The facility is clean and employees were nice. I also like that they have a 48 hour raincheck as well. Unfortunately though, I have to spend another 7 bucks to rewash due to soap and dirty windows.

Steven Dycus

Time for a long overdue car wash. I chose Miles Car Wash in Franklin off of Royal Oaks Blvd near the Home Depot store. Wait time/line to pay/select my wash option was very short. The place is clean and uses more contempory modern equipment that communicates to you the various "treatments" being applied to your vehicle. I opted for a more expensive option this time around, and chose the "mist-wax/hand-buff" drying at the end. There were several other cars ahead of me, but still a relative short wait time. At the conclusion of this stage, I also opted to take advantage of the self-vaccum station. They offer baskets with window cleaner and towels for you to complete the inside of your car to your own level of satisfaction.

Larry Peck

Nice new car wash... Expensive ($10 for basic wash) cleans ok except for the wheels... Really lousy on the wheels even if you opt for the extra wheel cleaner... Had to wipe them down by hand... Vacuum that I used was pretty weak but most of the others seemed to be working fine

Lynda LaPorte

Jo Rainwater

It's the best in the area. I've been going to miles for at least 10 years and never had a problem. The equipment is always modern and working

Seth Ford

Easy, affordable and convenient.

Ken Kauffman

Been here several times in my car has yet to get clean I agree with the previous person where a hose at the house would get your car cleaner

Rex Cope

Let me walk you through what a visit here is like. Pull in through the back--I mean front--entrance, and you are presented with two lanes with self-service kiosks. Pull into either one, and you have one of those terrible 90s era resistive touchscreens that you must bang on to get it to work. After saying "No Thanks" to some half a dozen ads that really want you to give up even more money for some reason, you eventually get to choose which grossly overpriced wash you want that might make you think this is a full-service car wash based on the prices that are typical for those. Pay, and you get a receipt that has says in small print to show it to the attendant. Of course, if you must go through an attendant anyway, using a self-service kiosk makes no sense to begin with, but let's just move on. Pull up to the car wash, and there is one lane. Oh hey, another thing that makes no sense. If there is one slow lane for the car wash itself, what's the point in trying to save people time by having two lanes to pay before you enter? Anyway, after the attendant waving you through tries his hardest to get you to rear end the car in front of you without even really looking, he finally has you roll down your window, so he can give a cursory glance at your receipt, just so he can make a note of which tier you paid for. He doesn't do anything to mark that you already used this ticket, and tells you to put it in neutral. So, you enter the car wash proper. Inside, some disgusting brushes slather some of the dirtiest and stinkiest soap you've ever seen or smelled on your car with enough force to push your foldable side mirrors into your car, which can't be good for your vehicle and ensures you will have to pull over and pull them back out once you get out. It then lightly sprinkles a tiny bit of water in a rinse cycle that no one will ever accuse of wasting water. As you approach the exit, the "Go"/"Wait" sign tells you "Go" the entire time you are still on the track and not done yet, then switches promptly to "Wait" when you're finally done. Because backwards signs are the new black, I suppose. And naturally, with as incredibly eco-friendly as the rinse cycle was, you're still completely covered in soap, with suds pooling in the crevices. Yep. Seems like a wonderful place that is definitely worth return visits to me.

Jonathan Crone

James Phillips

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