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3405 Austin Peay Hwy, Memphis, TN 38128

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REVIEWS OF Car Wash USA Express - Austin Peay IN Tennessee

Beverly Goliday

Do not have to hand wash my car

Alonzo Scullark

Get a great wash and free vacuuming. You can't beat that! And a staff that cares.

Stephanie Jones

So much dirt still left behind. Overall I'm still satisfied because it's still faster than hand washing.

Tanya Jackson

Michael Savage

It wash the car clean that had been cleaned in a while, but the vacuums suck

B. Walker

Lots of problems....very very very long wait for three minute car wash.

Nick Gray

Mickeal Evans

Ashlie Wilson

Love this place great wash program awesome vacuums

nate blake

Loved it

Constance Faust

The attendant Nic was very unprofessional. His attitude was very negative like he was upset about being say work and having to actually work. Because of the glare of the sun I couldn't see to line up my tires and he provided no direction then seemed pissed that I was too far off and had to back up to get lined up. He was very rude. He kept talking to himself I guess.

Mario Gee

Thinking about the $35 unlimited car wash but I dint wash my car that much..

Jerry Mcgowan

At least 1 or 2 times a week

Teresa Weir

Larry Dallas

I like having my car washed every week for one low price a month. Free vacuuming and free hand towels to wipe the water spots off your car. You are in and out of the car wash within 3 minutes. Attends are always friendly

Edward Pollard

There when I need them!

Samuel Quinn

charles lampkin


Eric Coleman

Best 5-minute car wash in the vicinity!

mark johnson sr

Nice workers

Xunan Preston

Claudine Lamont

Great service

Qua Cobb

Great service and staff

Angela Clark

tonie lopez

My truck had SCRATCHES all over it&& broke a piece off of the top of my luggage rack....Very dissatisfied,VERY! IV ONLY HAD MY TRUCK 2WKS,but the SCRATCHES&the broken piece makes it look AWEFUL! I saved for Ever just for my down payment&its not even paid off because I have only had it 2wks,This is just SO UPSETTING TO ME! I'LL NEVER GO BACK OR RECOMMEND ANYONE WITH A NICE VIECHLE GO THERE!

Christine Dunn

Took advantage of coupon for free car wash. Plan to go back. Tool less than 5 minutes and I didn't even have to get out of the car.

Charles Lay

Heather Winkler

Benjamin Johnson

Quiet more than others. You don't feel rushed to get done with the vacuum.

Rick Mannon

thank you!

George G

Erica Humphrey

Caleb Roe

Got my vehicle washes here.. the people and service were great but for 10 dollars my SUV was still rather dirty when I left here.. I had to go back and hand wash parts of my SUV.

George Morton III

The worse Carwash Usa i have been through. They were lazy and the wash left black streaks all over my Red 2018 truck . Attendants were in slow mo. Typical Memphis natives wanting something for nothing work wise. Visit was on Sat May 12 around 4 p.m.

Leroy Newby

I have the unlimited service so sometimes I have to drive through twice to get my tires and wheel as clean as I like them

Katy Day

Love the attendant here, I forget her name but she is really sweet and always has a smile for me when I come thru. She offered me the first month for $15 and it's totally worth it! Vacuums weren't working that well that day but are better since I've been back. I wash my car about every other day now!

Theodis Cunningham

King Brumley

Great value!

Darryl Anderson

donnie wheeler

carlena chambliss

Charles Phillips

Sonya Lynn

Great service

Randall Smith

Have a great wash. My car is clean.

Wield Man

Steve steved

brittany williamson

I got a good car wash!


Nice quick wash.

Mrs Garcia

Janice Mullins

Charles Graves

Bob Reid

Pleasant attendants a good car wash

Wayne Hibbard

love it

Zina Walker

Carlena Chambliss


Alita Bell

Jessica Boyce

Wash car free vacuums

Yulanda Tolbert

Jilanch Williams

Rose Parker

Don't usually get all the dirt off my truck. Windshield never gets spot free. Wind blower, at the end of the wash, never dries my truck completely.

Charles Gutelius


Had a great experience yesterday...the staff was so helpful...i will come back

Mell Mane

Great car wash

Kortney blair

Deborah Jordan

I like the way they wash my car!

Sherry Wright

If u want a clean car, go here

Jerry Bodish

Great place Great wash

TJ Jefferson

Employees are courtesy and helpful.

Don Settle


Judy Simmons

Phoenix TheDiva

SaDonna Henderson

(Translated by Google) awlful (Original) Awlful

Ursula Martin

Good place to visit. Only wish that they would spray your car all the way around and give you at least two blue towels with a full size vehicle

Steven Russo

DO NOT GO HERE. The wash in Ohio scratched my whole front and side of my car up and when I tried to get them to do something about it they used their cameras that couldn't even pick up the OLD scratches to tell me they weren't there!!! They will damage your vehicle and not take responsibility for it at all. Supposedly it's more logical that my car acquired a thousand scratches in the couple hours after the carwash, LOL. Use this company at your own risk!

Isaac Young

Ripped off my mirror and when i tried ro contact Colin Richmond he ignored my calls and blocked me. Never going back. Terrible place of business and extremely unprofessional.

Ray Sykes

On 8/25/2018 I made the mistake and stopped by the USA Car wash at 3405 Austin Peay Memphis. With a Fast Pass I pulled into the right lane but the left lane gate went up. I pulled toward the curb to reach the help bottom. Out came Mr. Attitude. I was asked what the problem is; Ray Charles could have seen that I was in the right lane but the left lane gate was up. Tried to explain to him what happened but he wouldn’t stop talking, as a customer I’ve never received a tongue-lashing from anywhere like I received from USA Car wash attendant. With the sticker on my windshield it shouldn’t matter if I drove into the right lane upside down; that’s the gate that should have open. Instead I received a tongue-lashing for USA malfunction. I purchased my fast pass for a car wash not a lot of lip. There are businesses in Memphis that prey on and or mistreat the elderly.

Oscar Pita

Very nice and clean

C Hill

Must go

Sherry Lane

My car got stuck halfway through causing the car behind me to hit me. They swear they are the only people on Earth with equipment that NEVER malfunctions. Imagine that! I was told it's impossible for this to happen but it happened to me. Offered free car washes which I said no to and on top of that I'm not through with them yet. I had gone through this car wash over the past couple of years with no problem until the day I had one. They showed me a grainy video & tried to say I came in with scratches...really??? I could defend myself in court against any lawyer with that evidence. This isn't the first time I'm sure.

Tameka Davis

I literally decided to vacuum before I washed and a big black burly looking guy comes out and tells me that ain’t no vacuuming for free. Proceeds to go off on me....Before before even deciding to see if I’m a customer. Yeah... I’m definitely going back to Zips Express. If I could give no stars, I wouldn’t. I’d still just give a lesson on customer service. It is 8 In the morning. I can go anywhere but unfortunately I decided to start my day here. It’s a car wash. Ironically, he didn’t even think to look at my visor and see the sticker.

Tommy Edwards

everyone is super helpful. Always a smile and wave

Thomas Hill

P Elayne Poston

Great deal!!

Beth Iradi

Nereida Ortiz

Marcy Marcus

R Macklin

As expected

Power Mathmatic

Great service

G Taylor


cleveland davis

Stan Burrell


Esperdrone Smith

Not to expensive and I feel safe there

Mario Wallace

Best price

Mrs Rob

quick service o.k. wash. Fast pass is a good deal when used .


Vacuum cleaners are very weak

Tony Knudsen

20 dollars then had to come home and hand wash my car,and vacuum this place is a waste of money

Sherri Bowen-Green

Customer service was great considering I had to return twice and still unable to to use carwash due to wreck.

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